Happy Days Are Here Again!

Wasn’t that great?!

Here I Am to Save the Day!

After all we heard about how great things were going to get for the Good Old U.S.A. when Barack Obama got selected elected, you would think we would all be rolling in dough, we would have gotten caught up on our house payments, found great jobs, not be afraid we would get killed by an Islamofascist Wacko while we were out to dinner or a movie and we could actually save some money. All in at least the first year.

The World, who had grown to hate us because of the stupid and awful disgusting policies of George II and the Nasty Republicans, would suddenly love us once again because we had put a Hip, Post-Racial and Eloquent Half Black Man in the White House.

The Islamofascists and their ilk who had murdered over 3000 Americans

Who Loves Ya, Man!

and who constantly called for the Death of Israel would stop dancing in the streets and would turn to embrace us,  because our President lived in Indonesia when he was 7 or so and understood them well. After all, 7-year-old kids know so much about U.S. Foreign Policy 36 years before it is important.

The Oil Cartels, the Healthcare Insurance Gamers and the Financial Playboys would all be cut down to size and there would no longer be a revolving door with K-Street and the White House.

Government would be accountable to We The People and the back-room special deals would be a thing of the past. We would have the Most Transparent Administration Ever.

We were told we would get to the Promised Land.

That is what we were told.

So, fast forward 16 months, and this is what we bought…

Happy with the purchase? Oh, nevermind. It’s close.

So, lets take a look at the Promised Land, shall we? A few headlines will assure you, as a nation, we didn’t buy a new pony, but instead, a bum steer. We bought a hologram. We bought a person with no leadership qualifications, no core convictions that we are allowed to see, and no skill to finesse the difficult and dangerous places we find ourselves in as a nation. Let’s take a look at the news.

US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England

US faces one of biggest budget crunches in world – IMF

Fed expects unemployment rise into 2010; GDP to fall in 2009

CBO: Health Care Bill Will Cost $115 Billion More Than Previously Assessed

Afghanistan: Still Getting Worse Before It Gets Better

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan Make History With Length of Service

Pentagon Defies Congress on Fort Hood Probe

4 Million Foreclosures in 2010? It’s A Real Possibility

Obama scolds executives, federal regulators for spill

Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

Obama Sets Demands for Financial Reforms

Obama Fundraising off Google Searches for Goldman Sachs

Feel better?

Feel Better Yet?

How About Now?

Well, neither do most Americans. Doubt me? Just use any search engine but Google and type in the words “Americans Lack Confidence”. There are just too many to cite. Healthcare, the economy, banking, insurance, housing, jobs, terrorism. The lists go on and on. Why you ask? We were Promised So Much.

I guess we didn’t understand that the promises were made, not to us, but

"Damn, what's taking so long?"

to those who now run the world, or think they do until we all own pitchforks and torches and gather in the streets and the polling booths and scream “Enough!”

I guess we didn’t understand that when they promised to clean out up Government, that really meant they would not leave one thin dime in the Treasury.

Obama cleans up Washington

I guess when Obama promised to take care of the Oil Companies’ obscene profits we didn’t understand that meant giving them to him as campaign donations.

I guess when they meant they would “make sure” everyone in America had “access” to healthcare, we didn’t realize that the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service would be reaching into what is left of our bank accounts to take our money to give to the Big Insurance Companies and only THEN would we be able to learn what type of access we could have. I guess when they promised to get the cost of prescription medicines “under control” it meant Government Price Fixing so we could not negotiate these crushing costs or buy them from Canada.

But the doctor told me I was supposed to have a WHOLE pill...

When they promised they needed a $787 Billion Bail Out for the Banks Country to make sure people could stay in their homes, they meant the Bank Presidents and Hedge Fund managers could stay in THEIR homes. Not us.

As for the Islamofascists, we didn’t realize that the Promise made that they would “understand and embrace us” more would be because we would have a Justice Department who was instructed to not annoy them, and a President who was golfing when Iran was murdering their own citizens who simply wanted freedom. The “understanding” was we would do nothing, and the “Embrace” was from us, not them.

The Promise that The Two Wars would be brought to a close will be fulfilled, eventually. But I guess we misunderstood that would happen just as soon as the Military Industrial Complex lets us know when it is alright.

Lining up to leave

And the Promised Change to race relations in America would not be because we had a leader who would make us proud of the first Black President in our history, but instead would be set back thirty years because that Leader and those around him would constantly throw gasoline on every little thing and examine it in the hot sun with a magnifying glass.

Now, I understand that everything that has gone wrong since Barack was selected elected has been George Bush’s fault. That’s what we are told. Type “the previous administration” in your favorite search engine to see.

After all, Bush made a really big mess and it needs to be mopped up. I also understand that just as soon as the Really Important People are taken care of, some politicians will get back to campaigning might turn their sights on the American Middle Class.  After all, weren’t we the ones we had been waiting for?

But how long are Americans willing to wait for The Change?

In my opinion, we are on our own gang. Really, on our own.

However, there are those who Believe. My friends who are Fans-of-Obama, they say we just need to give him more time. He really will work on jobs, affordable housing, corporate profits and the like. He really will. He is doing the best that he can. But Bush made such a horrible mess.  This isn’t about him, it is about us, they say. But it’s hard. They lament to me that even though he is trying, Barack probably would not be able to accomplish much of anything at all substantial for any of US for, say, another six years. After all, Bush made a terrible mess of things, they say. After all, he is trying. And he Promised.

But that is not what they told us then.


I think we should listen to Obama’s words, and take heed, because HE fed America a line of Bullcrap.

So how long do we wait before we DEMAND REAL CHANGE?

America needs Honest Leadership. Not Lies. Not Hype. Not Promises.

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  1. Freedom Fairy strikes.

  2. FF
    great post.
    How many headaches do think there are among the obots now that the champaigne has turned to vinegar?

    They country is hurting too much to even take any pleasure in saying ” We Told You So”

    Now we have to start in November to begin to undo the damage one election state by state at a time.



  3. I am just so disgusted with this lying sack of crap and the media and the congress that I could spit.

    I have a dear friend who has been a flight attendant with Continental for FORTY THREE YEARS. Now, she is United, and will probably be downsized and screwed out of her $230K lump sum pension. She got taken badly on a re-fi of her home, and just went through the “Obama Plan” to lower her $2500 a month mortgage with Wachovia. She paid $1875 for three months and could handle that alright, but it meant flying SO many more hours. She will be 65 in November. Wachovia wrote to her to let her know she would only get a $200 “discount” on her mortgage now under the Obama Save Our Homes plan, and that in doing so her payments would be longer, and there would be a large baloon at the end. In 30 years. When she is dead.
    She has decided to let it go back to the bank, or do a short sale. She is moving into a $400 a month apartment over the house of the mom of a friend of hers.

    She is living the American Dream – Bush-Obama style.

  4. FF. You go girl!

  5. We ARE on our own. Make no mistake about that.

  6. Great post FF! As for Obama & Co…..they WERE words JUST words. Could’ve had a doer, instead we got a talker.

  7. we were uppity and pissed off in 2008 and we are not over it.

    On your first diary here, great job and congrats to you , FF. Hope uppity doesn’t make you clean Bill’s litter pan now!

    Seriously, as always a big thank you to this site (and others like it) for giving us a place to hear the truth and speak our minds.

  8. What a debut, FF. A stunning post.

    Agree with you and McN. We are on our own.
    Forget the pitchforks. Remember Kent State?

  9. UW,

    In addition to your sheer brilliance as a blogger Puitzer caliber journlist, you have gifted us with another taleted, insightful, articulate writer. Thank you.

  10. Here’s another crazy story: “Dad” (and I use that term loosely) leaves 5 week old baby in the oven overnight…. not to worry though, baby okay

  11. imust, I was going to do a post on that numbnuts father who should never have been allowed to spawn., maybe give him the week’s cockroach award. so many candidates, so little time.

    Hey mary, geeze that fifty bucks I gave you to say nice things about me really paid off! Hee hee.

  12. FF,


  13. FF
    5.8 EARTHQUAKE 58 miles south of San Juan Puerto Rico.

    West Coast pretty quiet a few little rumbles



  14. article at NewsDaily

    US and China set 2011 rights meeting in ” candid talks”. Lot of talking , not much accomplished, people still held sounds like backtrack and his bunch.



  15. Here’s a kid who is accused of having sex with a donkey. Cripes, if he were in the USA, I would bet he’d be a netroots member.


  16. Sex with a donkey UW. He’s lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked. Or he’s lucky his ass didn’t kick his ass.

  17. “Hey mary, geeze that fifty bucks I gave you to say nice things about me really paid off! Hee hee.”

    Gee whiz, UW. you blew our whole act. Sheesh.

  18. I do not usually go to huff and puff , but when I saw this story I wanted to read it,
    Susan Rice refused to speak out against Libya’s election to the Human Rights Council.
    Get rid of the do nothing , no show, waste of time and space person and get someone in there that at least looks like they give a damn.
    She was no where to be found when Iran was put on women’s council. Now she will not stand up and speak out against this.
    I am so sick ot backtrack’s lazy, incompetent, fellow travelers being put in positions and then doing nothing but taking a pay check..



  19. A fish.
    A fish.
    A fish starts to stink at the head. Next time you are psised off at someone for action or inaction, remember this.

  20. Excellent post FF! Right on target, and great lines. I think we’re all thinking the same thing…what next? The future is so uncertain.

    btw, we love the mkb hat! Its very cute & very comfortable. Laker agrees with me that his cousin will probably confiscate it for herself when she arrives in a few weeks, so I will enjoy it til then. Also, I really love my Uppity Woman hat, I wore it to Dodgers again.

  21. Whats the point of the UN anymore? A waste of space and $.

  22. helen,

    I don’t think it’s laziness or incompetence. I think Rice is following oilsoc’s first commandment: You shall, by your silence, endorse the muslim take-over of the UN and the US.

  23. Don’t know if it was commented on in any other/older posts but have y’all seen Barack’s Bullshit Bingo?

    Gotta check it out here:


    It would probably make a wonderful drinking game also! :-)

  24. Great post, FF, and right on target. Obama Is a Lying Sack Of Crap! (Thank you DE for this wonderful moniker.) I truly cannot stand the man. And yes, we are truly on our own. We could have had Hillary or the old guy.

  25. I love Gov Janet Brewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gateway Pundit has a post.
    In a speech today she asked is obama
    the commander in chief or the comic in chief.

    This lady has grit.



  26. Love it, helen. I’d say, criminal-in-chief

  27. Good one, Fredster.

  28. http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/05/gov-jan-brewer-on-obama-its-fair-to-ask-whether-he-intends-to-be-the-commander-in-chief-or-comic-in-chief/

    I am home now so here is the link to Gov Brewer’s speech



  29. UW & FF – a stunning combo
    Holder’s taking more heat:

    An obvious but muzzled truth: Islamist terrorism
    Holder, who last year called America “a nation of cowards” for refusing to talk frankly about race, plainly didn’t want to say what is plain to everyone else, that Faisal Shahzad, back from five months in Waziristan, launched his terror attack because of his Islamist beliefs.
    Holder is not the only one who wants to shield us from this obvious truth. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, questioned about the bomber’s motives, said he might have been acting out of opposition to the health care bill….

    www dot washingtonexaminer.com/politics/An-obvious-but-muzzled-truth_-Islamic-terrorism-93816304.html

  30. Excellent debut, FF!!

    mcnorman Said:
    We ARE on our own. Make no mistake about that.

    I’d be okay with being on our own, if only we could be left alone. I am getting rather pissy about being set back, booby-trapped, obstructed, and obstacled out of my rights at every turn.

  31. Still, almost 50% of the country thinks he’s going a good job! Go figure.

  32. Sorry I can’t join the Jan Brewer love fest because she made one good zing at BoBo.

    She canceled the benefits of gay state employees:

    Why? Because, as she said:
    “God has placed me in this powerful position as Arizona’s governor”

    Anyone who uses their religion to control the rights of others raises a big red flag for me. I don’t see much difference between radical Christian fundies and Islamo-fascists.


  33. I wasn’t aware that gays were illegal too. I saw a snippet of Brewer’s speech and to be very honest, i thiought she was on something. No kidding. At first I thought she was trying to be funny but then I realized, she was kind of ……well………mean.

    I still maintain and will always maintain that religious zealots are dangerous things in a really big way.

    This governor is on a bulldozer roll and that will be her big mistake. Arizona took a stand that was needed for the country, to force the fed to fix a huge problem we have. But she appears to be on a spite roll ever since. And she’s looking pretty gnarly over it all too. She doesn’t appear to have s Stop button. Just saying.

    Jesus was a really good guy. It’s his followers that worry me a whole lot more than he does. I maintain that the only major difference between rabid Islam and rabid Chrstianity are laws. Else they would be killing people too. History bears this out.

  34. Thanks all. I’ll try and do the next post when I am not so pissed off at Oilsoc and His Friends.

    So, that means my next post might not be until January 2012….

  35. OH I see how it is- wait til the crabby bitch goes to bed and put up the new Righteous Rant!

    Excellent post ff! I had missed the fundraising off the goldman sachs- figures- never waste a good crisis.

    We just have to (can’t use hope anymore) ensure that we teach as many as we can- as often as we can-
    It’s up to us- truly – we need-
    a government OF the People, BY the people, FOR the people. Will we get one ever again??

  36. Will we get one ever again??

    We’ll know in November. But don’t imagine this will mean we will get a government of, by and for the people back then either. The Republican arrogant assholiness will emerge again and we will once again be facing extremism on the other side. the very best we can hope for at this time is at least if the Democrats lose a house, they will cancel each other’s arrogance and meanness out. But make no mistake, they are the same coin and of, by and for the people is not high on their list.

    Everything In Moderation has never been more poignant a saying than it is today. This country needs a sensible government and we aren’t going to get it from these two parties because they have been hijacked by absolute crackpots of the worst type. Look at Arizona. They might get rid of the pandering John McCain but Hayworth is absoutlely insane. Probably certifiable. And not too bright. Sorry, but that’s how I see it. Death by Fire vs. Death by Drowning.

  37. Preach, FF! Can I get an amen?

  38. Sophie, on May 16, 2010 at 8:24 AM Said:
    Anyone who uses their religion to control the rights of others raises a big red flag for me. I don’t see much difference between radical Christian fundies and Islamo-fascists.

    The opponents of Christians tend to still have their heads attached,

  39. “religious zealots are dangerous things..”

    They are. And I don’t like the American Taliban wanabees. However, there is a huge difference between radical Islam and US fundamentalists. One group would like to blow you to smithereens, and frequently tries to. The other group simply believes God has appointed them to their positions where they can write laws and pass bills. There are two completely different methods of operation going on here.

  40. yttik, I still maintain that the only difference is our laws. Here in the USA, so far at least, it’s against the law to kill women and gays, for example. You end up in prison for life or you take the needle. So far. If not, I believe very strongly that Christian religious extremists would be riding roughshod over everyone, forcing their beliefs on them. It’s our legal restrictions that keep us moderately safe, else we would be fearing them in the same way Islam is attempting to instill fear in us. Like I said, history does bear this out. You, yttik……not to mention I…….would have had a rock tied to us before they threw us in the river to see if we floated. But that was before the laws….

  41. Great post, FF. and thanks for the Barbra-Judy clip, one of the best TV moments ever. I got disenchanted with Barbra for her O&Co support, just as I share disappointment in Brewer over gay rights. Women have GOT to extricate themselves from party-line mentality. Both parties would gladly tolerate and promote Sharia Law if they can make a buck out of it. “On our own”. Definitely.

    Meanwhile, I disagree, UW, that Brewer is becoming too mean. I think ‘mean’ is the only language Obama understands.

  42. Ani, she responded to dissent by going after the cultural classes. Not that they don’t appear to be out of keeping with assimilation into America. But she could have held off while she dealt with the MAJOR issue. But nope. So what might have been dealt with in a timely way was done in a way that looks spiteful. Now comes the gays. She just shot herself in the foot. You watch. When somebody looks like a witchhunter, they can never win in the end. So I think she just really ruined what is an important and bravely handled issue by tossing more gasoline into the fire. Very bad strategy. Crash and burn. Scortched earth. You watch. Let’s bet.

  43. The people of the country get the government they deserve, collectively. Honestly, why should Republicans run another moderately conservative guy like McCain when he lost the election? Obviously, the Democrats haven’t learned much. The ones running against incumbents in primaries are usually more far left than the current occupant.

    Here’s the good in the 2010 elections. More than any time in recent memory, anyone can run this year.

  44. 15 you are right that this is a time when anyone can run. But when I see them attached to one or the other extremes, I find no real hope other than the old switcheroo again. Chances apiece destroying America.

    And John McCain isn’t moderately anything. He is proving himself to be a panderer, takes any side that gets him the most votes.

  45. New post up.

  46. UW, those laws were written by Christians.

  47. 15, please don’t make me roll my eyes. Laws burning witches were made by Christians too. And my assumption here is there wasn’t a single jew or agnostic in government when those laws were written. Until church and state go back to where they were 40 years ago, there will never be anything but a mess in this country.

  48. I went through my entire public schooling without saying one single prayer. So I do not understand the concept of “putting God back in the schools”. God is supposed to be in the home, not the schools. I have seen zealots pretend things were taken away that were never here.

  49. Actually, the benefit change also affects unmarried couples and adult children 23 and 24 who are still full-time students. The same-sex partner benefit drop is the one that gets the press.

  50. 15, I don’t think kids that age are kids any longer and they should be hauling their own asses. The problem here is so many of them are waiting for The Big One. They won’t start at the bottom, they won’t take jobs “beneath their station”. Quite frankly, when I graduated from college the first time, I was expected to go to work and there were no jobs, just like now. I took a job in a stockroom in a department store till I found a decent job. But I wasn’t allowed to hang around till I was 30, figuring it out. You do what you have to do, but I think you know that. College does not get you a trophy. It just gives you a ticket to the game. I just think her timing is HORRENDOUS.

  51. The same-sex partner benefit drop is the one that gets the press.

    And it damned well should. dropping 23 year olds is sensible, since they should be on their own. Dropping gays and lesbian partners smacks of her religion.

  52. So you agree with her when you agree with her and when you don’t she’s a crazy fundie.

  53. No I didn’t say I agree with her when I agree with her. I say I saw her speak and I have some concerns about her. And I have said repeatedly I beware of somebody appointed by Jesus, so they say. What I am saying is she looks very very mean because she has taken futher actions when she already has to deal with a a major issue, and it looks 1)spiteful and 2)like a religious zealot is on the loose and 3) like two shots in the foot after tangling with illegal immigration, which could harm the entire cause.

    The woman is on a collision course. Let’s just watch. When somebody decides they are appointed to power by God, I automatically know we are in for a fundie ride.

    Illegal immigration is a standalone move and it’s HUGE. Tossing in removing cultural classes looked spiteful. And now pulling the plug on gays is a pattern. She’s spinning out of control. Somebody needs to pull her off with a hook before she destroys the only chance america has to finally get the government to deal with illegal immigration one way or the other.

  54. 15 Said: Actually, the benefit change also affects unmarried couples and adult children 23 and 24 who are still full-time students. The same-sex partner benefit drop is the one that gets the press.

    The unmarried straight couples have an option. They can legally get married.

  55. Sophie, I didn’t even think about that. You’re right.

  56. The gay couples can get better jobs that offer partner benefits or move to a state that legalizes gay marriage.

    Another quote from Brewer:

    “The problem with having a political agenda is that we give the impression that we have God’s truth,” the governor said.

    “We think we can convert God’s truth into a political platform, a set of political issues, and that there is ‘God’s way’ in our politics,” Brewer continued. “I don’t believe that for a moment, any more than you believe that God’s way is exclusively the Lutheran way.”

  57. The gay couples can get better jobs that offer partner benefits or move to a state that legalizes gay marriage.

    Unfortunately, this speaks volumes of you, 15. I’m not even going to dignify it with an answer.

    “We think we can convert God’s truth into a political platform, a set of political issues, and that there is ‘God’s way’ in our politics,” Brewer continued. “I don’t believe that for a moment,

    This is a seriously bipoloar remark from a woman who just said God gave her this powerful job, and therefore I think i will just cut off those queers.

    In both my quotes here, I rest my case as it speaks for itself.

    All I can say is it’s a good thing you right wing christian zealots don’t hate jews right now, they wouldn’t have a chance with you and Islam together. But you are both ragging on gays, so it’s not good news for them, that’s for sure. It’s just one of these two extremes comes out and admits what they would like to do to gays. So far.

  58. love your post F.F. waiting anxiously for more

  59. uppity, you’ve said it a bunch of times but it needs repeating – they need to stay the hell out of our bedrooms.

    The world changed, a paradigm shift, after 9/11. We are still heading in a tangential direction out of need. We can no longer say Freedom of Religion if part of that religion is to blow us up and to wear clothes that can conceal a freaking rocket launcher and hide the face of the terrorist.

    The belief net now, and I say this as a Christian, is to have freedom FROM religion. They should keep their hands off my uterus and my bible and who people chose to partner up with.

    I’m not ever going to be gay, (in this life-time) but I sure as hell think they have the right to be or the right to an abortion or the right to worship or not as they please. If we don’t have equal rights as citizens then we shouldn’t pay equal taxes.

    In a hurry, gotta run. no time to edit… hitting send.

  60. karen, i know exactly how you feel. As for being gay, I’m not either. But my life has been richer for the gays and lesbians I have known and I am not saying that lightly. Many of them are far more human and caring than some of the fervent religious people I have known. This is bullshit. Leave these people alone. They aren’t our problem. They aren’t marriage’s problem either. Homosexuality does not ruin marriages. Divorces do that, and it’s ironic how high the divorce rate is and how frequent the mulitple marriages are among the most religious people I know. Marriage IS in danger. It’s in danger from the very people who purport to protect it.

  61. BP announces successful insertion of syphon tube. I’m surprised they didn’t do this sooner, since they have been very successful at inserting tubes up our asses for years.

    They are NOT sure this tube will work.

    For ways they are now considering to stop that leak completely go to Alfin’s place. He has an easy to understand scientific explanation, as usual.

  62. FF ~ this is a great post. I can only echo many of the comments above.
    It’s been a bad week and a bad weekend, and this is the first I’ve been online since Thursday, I think. Life continues to get in the way.

  63. Uppity, yes, yes, yes to everything you typed.

  64. Good going, FF!

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