He stabbed his wife 250 times–in front of his 4-year old daughter–and gets “15 years to life”. But all agree he didn’t eat her liver.

This cockroach got 15 years to life. He’ll be moving to your neighborhood one day.

Yes that’s right, this freaking savage animal got 15 years to life.

He stabbed his wife 250 times. In front of his 4-year old daughter.

This cockroach got 15 years to life. I needed to repeat that.

Think about this. I’ll wait….

This means this freak will be out on the street again one day. No wonder gun sales to women is on the rise.

He may be a savage killer – but he’s no cannibal.

A Queens man sentenced to 15 years to life Thursday for stabbing his wife 250 times was hit with an unfounded claim that he ate the victim’s organs.

The lawyer for Mohammed Solaiman was forced to deny the allegation, which prosecutors also said was untrue.

Well that’s a relief!

He swears he didn’t eat her liver,and even the Prosecution agrees,  so I guess that warrants a 15 year to life sentence for “Manslaughter”.   Yup, that’s right. In the USA you can stab your wife 250 fucking times and get away with pleading guilty to “Manslaughter”. Poor poor Mohammed, this is so unfair. My biggest regret for him is that he didn’t commit this disgusting crime in Texas, where they would be frying up his ass good and crunchy like the cockroach he is.

The sister-in-law of Shadida Sultana blurted out the macabre scenario during an emotional victim-impact statement in Queens Supreme Court.
“Why did he kill my sister?,” she asked the judge.

“I don’t know why he did this to her. He cut out her heart and her liver and ate it. He drank her blood.

Oh cripes, settle down, woman. He didn’t do any of that. All he did was stab her 250 times. Give the guy a break!

But then again, it was just a woman. Obviously, she asked for it.

America has gone crazy and our system of justice continually releases pedophiles, rapists and and woman-killers back onto the street to come back and get more of us.

If nothing is living proof that we are on our own, it’s this case.

h/t McNorman. I think.


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  1. Guess it’s open season on women and children. Truly disgraceful, disgusting and horrific.

  2. they have no problem torturing and killing women and girls. In this country they wind up with 3 hots an a cot. We put down rabid animals in this country, I do not see any difference between them. It should be either life and one day with no possibility of parole or the death penalty.




  3. Yes, but his BMI is good. And Holder says this isn’t radical Islam, so all is well.

  4. I guess this is why we tippy-toe around the term “radical Islamists.” We might hurt or bias a case like poor Mohammed’s, so unfairly accused of eating his wife’s organs or drinking her blood.

    Love this line from the Daily News:

    “Scarpa [the attorney] claimed that Solaiman snapped and suffered through six years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his 32-year-old wife.

    “She was not a saintly woman,” Scarpa said. “This man exploded after many, many years of abuse.”

    Well, that’s it. She wasn’t a “saintly” woman, so obviously this was justified. Poor, poor murderer. He just reached the end of his rope. And the justice system should have made that rope a reality. But, of course, didn’t.

    Then an act of barbarism committed in front of a 4-year old. Another life to write off. But hey, she’s just a girl.

    The beat goes on. Disgusting!

  5. Peggy Sue, if she had done it to him, they would be giving her life without hope of parole.

    Forget the death penalty in NY state. We have it on the books but they prefer to breed these animals as much as possible.

  6. …if she had done it to him, they would be giving her life without hope of parole.

    Or the chair.

  7. Oh God, someone astroproject this cockroach to Texas.

  8. I consider it uncontrollable rage when a man stabs a woman 2 or 3 times and kills her….but 250? Think about it… 250 times.

  9. 250 times


  10. Dear April:

  11. April – I was doing just that. She would be dead by 10, definitely by 20. And this Islamopsycho just kept on, and on, and on, and on and on.

    So, once she looked like hamburger, he had probably worked up a good appetite and was pretty thirsty. But Praise Be To Allah, he refrained from eating her liver and/or drinking her blood.

    He’s gonna be SOOOO Popular in prison, where we are breeding Radical Islamists like rabbits. Maybe he will even get to be President of the Sharia Club.

  12. Hey do you think we could come up with a half dozen people to give him his sentence and save the state some money? They could put him in a sound proof room, chained to the wall. Tell you what, I’ll toss in my dog as an ‘observer’. She loves raw meat.

  13. Uppity, Uppity, Uppity. You know this “man” deserves some understanding. After all, he suffered many years of abuse. I mean, he probably had to keep telling her to walk 10 paces behind him EVERYWHERE. You KNOW how that can get on your nerves.

  14. OT – California (Downtown LA) has had some decent sized shallow quakes today, and the San Andreas and a few other faults are pretty active. It would not surprise me if today or tomorrow there were some larger events.

  15. Yeah FF and his face looks so scarred from all the beatings she gave him, like the women we have seen look by the time they get to trial.

  16. This is what that cockroach “bridge builder” in Buffalo is looking to do in his defense. He cut his wife’s head off and claims he was the abused one, the fascist bastard. And the prosecution was TOLD not to go for the death penalty with a Muslim. this is bullshit. These people need to be executed as an example for the cockroaches just like them. This special treatment shit is going too far. Too bad for Mr. “Bridge builder” that she recorded everything he did to her and sent letters that she feared for her life. But still, we will end up paying for this swine’s incarceration for life. If it even IS life.

    Here. Read this.

    And this, her divorce affidavits.

    The filthy swine.

  17. So, according to the defense of this guy, every abused woman should murder her husband/partner, because they were driven to it? Mind you, it would certainly cull the herd of abusive battards. In line with what Uppity typed, if it’s a woman doing the killing, it’s different.

    RYAN J. FOLEY, Associated Press Writer
    AP Worldstream
    Dateline: HARLAN, Iowa
    A woman who shot her abusive husband, then left his body in their home for more than a year, was sentenced Monday to 50 years in prison by a judge who said the mandatory sentence was unjust.

    Dixie Shanahan, 39, must serve at least 35 years under the state’s mandatory sentencing law.

    “The mandatory minimum sentencing structure imposed on this court is in my opinion wrong,” District Judge Charles Smith said at the sentencing. “It may be legal, but it is wrong.”

    She just shot the sumprick. She didn’t stab him 250 times and bring their children out to view the dead body, but she’s a wimmen, and killing menz is bad.

  18. We need some way to eradicate the world of Muslim men. Say what you want but they are either fucking nuts or super fucking nuts.

  19. We need to get politicians with enough guts to call it what it really is. A HATE CRIME. There are laws on the books that cover hate crimes. Start treating these killings as such.



  20. We couldn’t even get an ERA passed, that’s the message to us. We are not equal, and they will never call hate crimes against women hate crimes. We won’t be equal till we MAKE them do it and we can’t make them do it until women unite, and not by party, but gender. Plenty of men support us, WE are the problem.

  21. Every violent crime is a hate crime. It doesn’t matter what you are if a crime is perpetrated against you the perp should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  22. UW is that one of those Mama Grizzlies that Palin’s going on and on about.

  23. DE either that or her husband was very Italian.

  24. DE, although I empathize with your anger re muslim men, it is not all muslims. I happen to have some muslims living in my neighborhood who are quite rational. Mind you, if one of then decides to murder his wife and children, I might change my opinion. It is radical islam, the men who subscribe are 4th century cretins who can’t make it in the modern world and want to turn back the clock, so they can be cock of the heap.
    Back to my original comment – with women, it’s not just muslims. It’s every man who thinks we are subservient – every man who needs a punching bag to relieve his feelings of inadequacy.


    Mind you, the statistics are from 2004. My point, agressive men kill women. Some women kill men in most cases it’s self defense, however, there are female serial killers.
    Religion does play a role, but is not the problem in totality. The problem is that humans do not recognize the right of other humans to be free from being preyed upon. Unfortunately, women and children are the main targets, because…..well they are easy targets, and the perpetrators are subhuman, so go for the easy score. Just my two cents, however, with so many women and children going missing across the NOrth American continent every single year – it’s not just muslims.

  25. HT they are all backwards men. They don’t respect women period. Just because they don’t want to blow us up doesn’t mean they consider women equals. But then again that statement would encompass 90 percent of all men.

  26. scott, I am assuming that when you type “They don’t respect women period. Just because they don’t want to blow us up doesn’t mean they consider women equals.” you are referring to muslims. My point – violence against women – and children is not religion specific. Women and children are the future of any country, yet they are the killing grounds of every country.
    Granted a lot of men support women, yet how many of them have chaffed at having a female superior in the workplace. Believe me, I’ve been there. Loves women, hates women having any kind control.
    I’m probably the worst commenter on this issue because 35 years in a multinational corp, in middle management tends to jade one. And BTW, this is not sour grapes, I was being groomed to be the Barbie front to satisfy media surveillance (when there was media}. I refused. Yeah I know, I lost a lot of money, and believe me it would come in handy today, but I retained my integrity. I know that sounds like someone who did nothing and that’s okay – scepticism is good.

  27. I go to the grocery store and I come back to find this…lol.

    I can’t believe that this pathetic excuse for a human got time.

  28. Original topic.

    Check out this chart – scroll down to see it

  29. HT I’ve had a superior woman above me for the past 21 years.

  30. Scott, then you are one fortunate guy.

  31. Elena Myers made AMA Roadracing history by winning the Supersport race at Infineon Raceway in CA.
    The 16 years old was aboard a Suzuki GSX-R600.
    That’s a big deal.

  32. My point – violence against women – and children is not religion specific

    I think the level of violence is religion specific.

  33. Call me an old fuddy duddy- but as long as parents encourage their little girls to do things like this

    They are perpetuating the idea that women and girls are valuable for one thing and one thing only.

    These little girls should be out jumping rope and climbing trees. Dance lessons are great- but it is completely inappropriate for 8 year olds to be imitating a stripper’s bump and grind. Wonder how many pervert pedophiles have watched the you tube video of their “routine”? I did not post a link to the video as I WILL NOT give it any traffic- I saw a clip on TV and that was enough.
    And they wonder why there is no outrage? UW is right- women need to band together- by gender- and say ENOUGH!

  34. “It’s much more common for children (girls) to be sexualized today than in previous generations, says Tracy Dennis, associate professor of psychology at Hunter College.

  35. my comment in parens

  36. I just flipped the dial and CNN is doing something Jihad. LEt’s donate Prime Time to showing an American guy turning Jihidi Al Qeda , so we take the focus off the REAL AND PRESENT Problem

  37. Don’t call them Men McNorman. They are not men. They are 6th century savages. They are cockroaches. They are freaks. But they aren’t men just because they walk around on two legs. These freaks are throwbacks from many centuries ago.

  38. Mcn- I agree- disgusting- especially considering that it is HIS sperm that determines the sex of the child. Stupid savage killed the wrong person.

  39. ff- is CNN showing a how to be a home grown terrorist? Figures- stupid bozos. Don’t they realize the more publicity they give these freaks- the more copy cats they create?

    Can we have them arrested and charged as accessories before the fact? Aiding and abetting? Giving material help to terrorists? Something?

  40. you got that right about CNN. A bunch of bozos. There is never a time when I care to watch them. I think they are a bunch of fools playing “News station”. I don’t see a lot of brainpower at CNN, to be honest. Just a bunch of Also Rans. Even Anderson has lost his touch. He’s gotten lazy. To think they dumped Aaron Brown for him. Brown was the only one at CNN with any real brains and then they gave us Cooper 24/7 and now he’s stale.

  41. MOM do we expect a savage who thinks nothing of setting his wife aflame or kiling his daughter to bother with intelligent details like which parent determines the child’s sex? It’s always the woman’s fault with these beasts. I’m telling you they are connected to DNA from another century long ago. Their entire lives revolve around rape, pedophilia, subjugation and murder of women. Even their heaven involved a large number of virgins to rape. This is what a convoluted religion that elevates it’s deranged inventor does to people. This is a classic example of religion gone wrong. It’s the Inquisition on Sterioids.

  42. it is HIS sperm that determines the sex of the child

    PMMl, when will these jackanapes understand that simple concept?

  43. Their assessments are not based on science, it’s based on what mohammed would think. or what their cleric says. It is based on age-old uncivilized culture. In this culture, men are not responsible for anything. Genes and chromosomes aren’t part of their picture. You don’t hear Imams talking about chromosomes. Nope. She’s not having a boy. It’s obvious. It’s her fault.

  44. UW- Is this the DNA you mean?


    Among the findings, published in the May 7 issue of Science, is evidence that shortly after early modern humans migrated out of Africa, some of them interbred with Neanderthals, leaving bits of Neanderthal DNA sequences scattered through the genomes of present-day non-Africans.

  45. We all have DNA that dates back to neanderthals, MOM. But if a culture never moves forward, they tend to act like early ancesters. And if a religion gets imprinted into a backwards culture, well you have something that looks a lot like the Taliban, Hamas and khomeni. the real point here is this is a backwards culture. And I do mean backwards.

  46. Backwards is right! And while we are at it- let’s not forget our bankers over there in China- where the government has created a culture that kills baby girls or exposes them to die- because- they are girls.
    You can bet that the upper echelons of the Taliban, Hammas, Hezbollah and Archie Mini mind and khomeni ALL are very aware of the “facts of life”- they just choose not to educate their bombers in training. Or their women.

  47. I really wish if they are not going to use the death penatly that they would at least put these pigs in solitary for life so they have to live with themselves. This would also keep them from spreading the word of their messed up religion to a population that already has a higher than average probablity of having anti female leanings without being exposed to zealots trash.

    Because he is a guy that Palestinian will probably be encouraged get himself a new wife (the saintly kind of course – and likely about 11 years old) and unless she is lucky she will end up the same as wife number one becuase husband will not move from the dark ages and accept that if baby is a girl its becuase he passed along an X and not a Y chromosome.

  48. I had a very long day today- so I am off- but leave you with this- because this Girl got it done!

    Aussie Teen Completes Round-The-World Sail

    by The Associated Press
    A 16-year-old Australian who spent seven months at sea in her pink yacht sailed across the finish line of her round-the-world journey Saturday, becoming the youngest sailor to circle the globe solo, nonstop and unassisted.

    What a courageous young woman!

  49. As to the First Fatty and her crusade, it occurred to me today that this could possibly trigger an alarming increase in suicides as more children are categorized as being fat (and many can be classified as such even if they are actually thin – becuase BMI is as accurate as global warming data). Everyone is going to know who got tagged in school – it will be all over those Facebook walls. I also see an attempt to ban home schooling on the horizon becuase parents might have too much – well – parental control.

    FLOF wants all the pie. Is she going to publish her BMI because having seen her in person and not photo shopped beyond belief she needs to quit making comments about anyone’s shape (and fun of her kids) and realize her pear shaped mid aged body – although normal – is not thin at all and is in fact quite over sized in places.

    On a couple programs I ran across late last night when I could not sleep they were discussing the very odd disparity between the First Reader and First Fatty’s crusade and their own behavior and the fact the obliviously these rules they are pushing are only meant for the peasants. I was surprised to see anyone on any of those channels questioning things at all but perhaps the late night brigade may be figuring out that their pie is next. That is why they are buried in the wee hours.

    I also caught that video of the “dance recital” and there are no words other than we are dealing with a culture that is now giving college credit for pole dancing.

  50. Hey gang, Freedom Fairy strikes. She has a post up.

  51. Dear INS,

    Thank yu for allowing this muslim mofu into my country. His multiculturalism adds so much to America.

  52. What did they think those fava beans in his pockets were for????

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