It was bound to happen.

Yesterday, Ronald McDonald, left, was carted away by the Food Police.

Charged with aiding and abetting obesity and a myriad of diseases, as well as for his part in the Eating of Meat, Ronnie is in deep, deep poop.

In addition to the criminal charges, the American Bark, Arugula and Seed Eaters Association and the National Dangerously Thin But In-Style Society,  the Stop Exhaling CO2 And Save The Earth organization, the My Carbon Footprint Is Good and Yours Is Bad Association (Al, Gore, Board Member), the Toxic CFLs Will Help Kill Them Off society, and the Anti-Cow-Fart Coalition have all filed civil suits against him. But by far, the largest organization to join in on the action is the Clowns Creep Me Out Club, boasting a membership consisting of  most of America ever since  Stephen King’s “It” and John Wayne Gacey appeared on the scene.

PETA was too busy to join in, however, as they are having a very busy season unceremoniously euthanizing a full 97% of the dogs and cats they lure people into bringing to their “shelters”.

It’s just as well though. McDonald’s pushes crappy food anyways. Except for their french fries, which are sprayed with that special scent and flavor made by the chemical company in New Jersey that can make just about anything taste sooooooooo much better than it really is. Almost like real food!

Monsanto could not be reached for comment other than to say they are watching our Food Problems very closely, with an eye on Fixing The Problem. “We’re going to fix things but good”. See ya, Ronnie.

Geeze, I have this sudden craving…..


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  1. Hi gang ! I am still alive and kicking and still smoke free. Seriously it is not tough at all putting them down if and when you are truly ready to do it. I have had numerous things going on in my world that would cause many to crack yet have to say having your mind set does it. I just got back from a long road trip and must say not smoking is really paying off. I feel 150 times better. I was overall healthy to begin with but man what a huge difference. Can’t say taste or smell has changed haven’t noticed that at all but just feel more energy. Now those who know me well think that is a curse lol as I had far too much to begin with rofff. So since I am not ” killing myself” from smoking now I think I will get on a mission to rescue Ronald and have him build me a super sized big mac and not with any of that crap lean hamburger either I want the full artery clogging kind. Oh yes and must have boat loads of 100% cheese on it too ! Cripes these special interest goons are going to kill me seriously. They ought to all be taken out and boiled in their own stupidity. Again I say leave me the hell alone and let me live my life as I choose to live it. If you do not like what I do get the hell away from me.

  2. great news, Utah. I’ve been working up to quitting, so it’s good to hear all the positive aspects. Welcome back.
    Uppity, the post is sidesplittingly funny. Hmmm, feel a big mac attack coming on.

  3. Maybe the “Hamburgerler” can spring Ronnie from the hoosecow. I have to say, McDonalds does do a lot for children’s charities, especially Children’s hospitals and the “Ronald McDonald House”. As for their toys that “lure” unsuspecting children to eat their food….haven’t companies done that for a long time? Cracker Jack? Cereal boxes? Even Ovaltine gave away secret decoder rings if you sent in labels or something (before my time but I saw it in a movie). I don’t see the difference. When I was a kid we rarely went to fast food places, even on road trips. When we did it was really a treat. Now people go all the time. It’s not the fault of the fast food company, it’s about the choices we all make.

  4. Congratulations to all who have quit smoking or are serious about attempting. I smoked for 40 years, tried many cessation methods, but quit only when I saw how seriously my doctors were taking that suspicious spot in a really tricky place of one lung. It seems made me feel guilty. The fact that the biopsy could not be scheduled for two months turned out to be a great thing, sinceby that time the spot had disappeared.

    UW: I wonder if these do-good organizations you mention will take up Ronald’s responsibility toward the Ronald McDonald Houses. Or if there will be counselling for those children using his homes when Ronald is convicted.

  5. The FDA can not find e-coli or samenella if it bit them on the a## until it has affected people. But a bunch of people who have no life think they can tell me what and where I can eat, I DO NOT THINK SO.
    My daughter told me once that I would look the queen of England in the eye and say ” Up the Rebels” People do not like to be told what they can eat or what they can do.
    I very rarely go to Mc Donalds but I will make an effort to do so.

    To all of you that have quit smoking or trying to quit smoking YOU GO PEOPLE.



  6. imustprotest

    Thank you , I love history and learning the story of how things happen is so great. I was so misinformed that I thought Hamburgler had escaped from jail.



  7. I’ve pared down my fast food eating. I remember when I was in HS, eating bacon cheeseburgers with onion rings and a shake or the summer when McDonalds’s had 49 cent cheeseburgers and Burger King had $1 Whoppers.

    Now I go to some of the other chains less frequently, like Wendys and Subway. There’s also a Five Guys Burgers and Fries I want to try around here. Better get to it before Communists and Socialists in the Public Interests closes them down.

  8. I knew it would only be a matter of time before they got Ronald. M0 is working hard to get our youth into shape. 70% are unfit for military service. They can’t keep all these wars going if we don’t have anyone to fight them.

    Good for you utahwoman. It’s been almost 3 years for me. I tried for years to quit. You have to want to quit, it’s the only way to do it.

  9. First they come for Ronald…….then they’ll come for Barney the Dinosaur.

  10. uh-oh….looks like we’re gettin’ us a scapegoat.

    Admiral Thad Allen, who heads the oil spill response operation, also said he trusted BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward at a time when U.S. government and public criticism of the company and its executives over the spill is mounting daily.

  11. Quitting smoking was the easiest thing i ever did. It was so easy, I did it about 15 times. lol.

    It’s very dfficult but I am also living proof that it can be done. Permanently. Still, I do think if they told me I was going to die in 24 hours, a cigarette would be high on the list of one of the last things I would do.

  12. Mmmmmm. Five guys burgers and fries. Talk about your greasy burger joints. Man, they are so good.

  13. Utah it’s good to see ya girl. There were a couple of shout outs to you from members while you were gone, so there are folks here who are glad to see ya, mostly because they love torture. j/k.

  14. More from Admiral Allen:

    Given the lack of a solution so far and the doubts over BP, Allen was asked on CNN’s “State of the Nation” show on Sunday why the U.S. federal government did not completely take over the spill containment operation from the London-based firm.

    “What makes this an unprecedented anomalous event is access to the discharge site is controlled by the technology that was used for the drilling, which is owned by the private sector,” Allen said. “They have the eyes and ears that are down there. They are necessarily the modality by which this is going to get solved,” he added.

    Too bad we don’t have a Red Adair type nowdays who we could call to fix this.

  15. For the record, I know Utah’s stellar dog. Utah has an ACD who really should be doing magazine spreads for his briliance and willingness to be anything Utah wants him to be, from a pirate to a hooker, in full costume. This dog is awesome. twice. A testimony, I found out, to a woman who rescues hopeless ACDs minutes before the needle visits them, and rehabilitates them — no thanks to the assholes who originally owned them.

    People, please learn about the breed of dog you want BEFORE you get one. Impulse dog possession is a lot harder on the dogs than it is on the A Holes who end up abandoning them. And for Chrissakes, if you are going to get a strong dog, at least get him trained intelligently. This does not include tying him to a tree in the yard for a year and pretending you’ve “trained” a guard dog. Don’t get more dog than your brains and time can handle. Dominant dogs need a leader. If they don’t have a leader they respect, they BECOME the leader, and it’s not going to be pretty. A member of your family could lose a face or worse, and then it’s off to the humane society with your “beloved” dog, for his appointment with Mr. Needle.


  16. Interesting that Red Adair’s “Lieutenant” nickamed “Boots” started a competing company called “Boots and Coots” which was bought by……..wait for it……Halliburton in 2007 under questionable terms of the deal.

    It always comes back to Dick Cheny!

  17. Opps, I was wrong, it was bought by Halliburton April 9, 2010. This was 9 days after the “Coots” of Boots and Coots died, March 31, 2010.

  18. Looks like cribs are next. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Inez Tenenbaum has pledged to ban the manufacture and sale of drop-side cribs by the end of the year with a new standard that would make fixed-side cribs mandatory.
    www dot

    Do you suppose they’ll include a hoist to assist mom for babes who have not learned how to stand?

  19. No imust they’ll go after Cookie Monster before Barney.

  20. Halliburton. It seems every time some major screw up happens, Halliburton is involved. Thanks to the Bush administration they have a hand in everything.

  21. Haliburton. Funny, that.

  22. Dick Cheney shouldn’t even die before he goes to hell. He should just be sucked down bodily. On national TV.

  23. They can take Barney, but if they lay one hand on Kermit, I’m marching.

  24. DE you are so right, the Cookie Monster first of course.

  25. Oddly, I play this for myself every time I lose a beloved pet. Somehow, it comforts me. Leave Kermit alone!

  26. Good one, Uppity Woman. You’re better than Molly Ivins, may she rest in peace.

  27. Not the Cookie Monster. First the arrest Dora the Explorer for illegal boader crossing, then Ronald McDonald because parents think it’s easier to hit the drive through then have to plan a meal. Who’s next? Sponge Bob, for not sucking up all the oil in the gulf.

  28. I don’t think you have to worry about Kermit. He is, after all, green. All he has to do is scream, “racist” and they’ll leave him alone. The reason I think Barney is in danger is because he’s kinda….fat. Big Bird too. They’ll probably cart of the two of them as “bad role models”. And don’t even get me started on the Teletubbies…tubby is part of their names poor things.

  29. Flora. Gawd, I don’t even know what to say, except I am flattered beyond belief.

  30. Dora will be fine, Eric Holder will see that she never even has to show her ID.

  31. Flora is right. I don’t comment here often, but I do stop by all the time to see what you have to say. You’re good.

  32. Hey where are the cops dragging obama in that picture in the article?


  33. ………sputter……

  34. OT

    This article blew my mind. My taxes go WHERE?



  35. I am sorry I thought that the story about mohair would come up first. scroll down .

  36. helen that is funny. Smells a rat, and theres his picture. I did scroll down, so many of our tax dollars are wasted. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  37. I know this is just political grandstanding but wouldn’t be funny if the public outcry worked for a change. The American public are not happy campers right now and many are broke and government waste is a touchy subject.
    I would love to see the public get a line by line veto of where taxes are spent.



  38. It would be nice to see things go our way for a change. We’ve had to tighten our belts, it’s only right that the government should do the same. The sad thing is is our government is stupid. It’s been going on for a while now. Who starts 2 wars and cuts taxes to pay for it? We know who. Too bad B0 is just like Bush in alot of ways.

  39. Uppity Woman, on May 23, 2010 at 12:52 PM Said:

    Utah it’s good to see ya girl. There were a couple of shout outs to you from members while you were gone, so there are folks here who are glad to see ya, mostly because they love torture. j/k.

    ROF yea well talk about torture I am about to embark on a journey into hell as you are well aware of. I will however need Freedomfairy to keep me apprised of impending earthquakes so I can make sure I am not there but my famdamily is right in the center.

    Loved your piece on adopting dogs. Please please anyone who feels they must own a specific breed do a full research and then do one more thing go to a rescue and take a look at what they have because most of these are trained and or the rescue knows what is wrong and even if you do not find the one there that grabs you talk to the folks and get good leads on people in your area that know the breed. Not all breeds are equal. My breed of choice the ACD is one with a bad bite record now and deemed to be aggressive which they can be but that is due to piss poor breeding and ignorance widely spread on the internet. They are a handful as puppies as are most any but these a bit more however they are not as is spread over the net that way all their lives. My two do a fantastic job of holding the sofas down.
    So now I pack to leave my beloved Utah to head to the communist state of California. I wish it was not so but alas it is and God willing I will not be there too long.

  40. Well I imagine those mormons are pleased as punch to get rid of you for awhile, what with all your cussing and monogamy and shit like that.

    Just take a careful trip and watch out for those ground faults! Try to travel close to one of those Vivos shelters I wrote about. Not that they will let you in but hey it’s worth a try.

    Hey you could stop by and pick up my diva dog. SHe’s dying to go to California and become a star. Well that and she tried to kill the FedEx guy again so I have to get her out of the state.

  41. Upps, good points re dog ownership. Btw, thinking of rescuing a greyhound or two after retirement. I love that they’re reputed to be “45-mph couch potatoes.”

  42. Forgot to add, UW — any opinion on greyhounds?

  43. They make wonderful pets NES. They are remarkably calm dogs. Tend to be on the shy side but super friendly.

  44. We used to live by the Hollywood Greyhound Track so lots of people in the neighborhood adopted them.

  45. Thanks DE. That’s what I’ve heard.

    Btw, Upps, thanks for giving me an unholy appetito for McD french fries!

  46. Utah! Congrats on your quitting! That is definitely an achievement and something to celebrate! Uppity, hilarious post. You are a better writer than Molly (RIP). Funnier and more creative.

  47. I used to work at a McD’s when I was 16. Also, while I am normally suspicious of organized charities, I think Ronald McDonald House is very worthy. I know families that have stayed in them during critical periods of their kids health. They are a godsend to many families with ill or disabled kids.

  48. Gov’t subsidies for mohair. Hmm. Lakerwade has long wanted to have a goat or two for pets…where do I apply?

  49. NES I know several people who adopted rescued greyhounds and they are marvelously calm pets. After racing and getting their butts dumped, they are very grateful dogs, indeed. Yes, they do turn into couch potatoes. I have witnessed this. They do need walks and some exercise though, to keep them limber, but there’s nothing more fun, I can attest, than jogging with your dog. Keeps you in shape and they are guy magnets besides. But in your case, babe magnets. But they are not the racers you see at the track any longer. No no no. They Retire well. I think you would do well with one.

  50. socal, apply to the UN for goats.

  51. Lovely to hear, UW.

  52. yes socal this is true of the R Mcdonald houses. I have a friend who owns three Mickeys and I know for a fact that the franchises all contribute to the houses. They have done many wonderful things, their penchant for causing hardening of the arteries notwithstanding.

  53. Wow all this Molly treatment is making my day.

  54. NES, do you not wonder why those sticks in grease can possibly taste so damned good. I mean if you go to the super and buy a bag of shoestring potatoes, how come they just aren’t as good? Well you can thank New Jersey.

  55. DE the hollywood track always pissed me off. Poor things chasing a rabbit on a rail and then just being dumped in the woods IN CAGES, left to die when they lost a race.

  56. NES I believe every woman should have a dog that is bigger than a breadbox.

  57. Here ya go, the story of why those fries taste so goooooooooood.

  58. nes, thanks but not interested in two-legged goats!

  59. Or four-legged sexually traumatized goats either.

  60. All with you on size in dogs, UW. Ditto, toned bodies and handsome profiles.

  61. Hilarious Socal. Glad you added the second comment before I did!

  62. 🙂

  63. LOL socal! When I think of these taliban goat f**kers living in caves, I always think of that scene in that old movie, Everything You wanted To Know About Sex. The one where the guy has an affair with the sheep and buys her gifts and his wife keeps telling him he smells like Lanolin.

  64. Poor goats! Disgusting pervs!

  65. I read the article about the chemical flavorings. Bizarre. I’m beginning to wonder if all these chemical flavor enhancers (love the way they can call chemicals “natural flavors”) are one of the culprits in the alzheimer boom.

  66. ………among other things, socal.

  67. I had the most wonderful portobello mushrooms today. Sliced them thick and sauteed them with red and white onions, garlic and ginger. So good. My second favorite after Shitakes.

  68. Uppity
    my brother in law was dating an ex nun and on the first date he took her to see the movie Everything you wanted to know about sex and were afraid to ask. You had to know him to understand.

    I keep telling my daughter to send me a box of Jersey dirt so I can have good tomatoes. There is nothing better than a Jersey tomato



  69. Do you want the Jersey dirt w/ or w/o the remains of Jimmy Hoffa?

  70. Whoa, not a nice thing to do to an ex num.

  71. The mushrooms sound great. Does anyone have a good recipe for stuffed mushrooms?

  72. Utah! Good going! I am still smoke free as well! Glad to hear you are sticking to it!

    Re dogs- all of our dogs have always come either from shelters or were abandoned.
    Aladdin lives outside- He gets morning and evening exercise where he has the run of the fields. TWO dog houses, up to date on shots. He does all the obedience commands- but we never could get him to calm down. (Border collie mix) He decided early on that he is an outside dog- and that is all there is to it. Seriously- he ruined a floor and a door trying to get out one evening when we were out- (we discovered that something had been trying to get in to the chicken shed.) Can’t have dogs trying to break out- broken glass and dogs don’t mix very well.
    During really bad weather- thunderstorms, ice storms etc he gets to go in with the chickens. He likes it perfectly fine outside where he can alert us and destroy vermin.

  73. Just so the dirt is not from Tom’s River, I understand that is were the mafia buried the bodies. Plus my ex-son in law is from there.

    My brother in law could make you laugh for hours. My youngest daughter can do the same. You laugh so long and hard your face hurts.



  74. Helen, funny story abt your bro-in-law!

  75. I guess I don’t much of a sense of humor then. You’ve seen the movie right? So you can understand why I don’t think there’s anything funny about showing an ex nun this, for example. And golly, this isn’t even the worst scene.
    Remove parenthesis and put the link in your browser.

  76. Check out the priest at the end. I find the movie still hysterically funny while very perverse.I would think an ex nun would be in shock 15 minutes into it.

    Let me know you’ve seen it so I can remove it. I don’t want Laker clicking on this.

  77. Hi Mom, how ya feeling girl?

    Oh man, Border Collies are really high energy. They REQUIRE a job! and are Very smart. They are the dogs you see most in the shelters. Well that and poorly bred “Doodles”.

  78. BP has used 735,000 gallons of chemical dispersant.

  79. I’ve stuffed them but I never used a written recipe, Mom. I usually use bread crumbs, garlic and onion salt, salt, pepper, parsley, and romano cheese. You sautee the stems of the big mushrooms. Big button shrooms. Chop the stems up if you use stems. I find them woody so don’t always use them. Chop them really fine. You can also use fresh garlic minced and chopped onion, but sautee them in butter first. My cousin makes them with brie in them sometimes too. you can add pretty much anything to the mix too. Ground beef, etc. Then just pack them, put a dab of butter on top.

    Then all you need to do is put them in a low oven, like 350, for about 15 or 20 minutes. Watch them.

  80. I’ve also had them with balsamic glaze drizzle on the plate. You make that with balsamic, brown sugar, a whole crushed garlic clove, sprig of rosemary and bring to a boil and reduce it. take out the garlic and rosemary and let it set in fridge to cool. Then reheat it. It thickens to a drizzle that way. I use this with lamb too. It’s great with lamb and LOOKs really cool too. If you are serving mashed potatoes, it’s heavenly with them.

    Edit; Here’s my recipe
    1/3 cup balsamic
    1 tb dark brown sugar
    2 garlic cloves smashed good
    two sprigs fresh rosemary. Don’t waste your time with dry.

  81. I enjoy Ronald’s new frappes.

  82. omg! What a bizarre movie! Uppity, you don’t have to keep the site pg for laker. I don’t let him watch stuff online that he shouldn’t, don’t want anyone to feel censored cuz he participates now and then. He’s thinking about his next movie review for you, btw. laker does some lessons online & looks at sports. He’s not into facebook or myspace. I’m always around when he’s online & he doesn’t have his own computer.

    btw, some friends have a doodle and the dog is very sweet (& huge), but he has the oddest prominent bone ridge on his head and down his spine. I hope he won’t develop some weird bone disease later in life.

  83. Yes, balsamic glaze is great with mashed potatoes. Once I saw a recipe for it that had tarragon in it, which sounds interesting. We just had some stuffed mushrooms at a party last Sat.

  84. socal it’s simply a normal reaction for me to take it down. I don’t mind and I’m sure nobody else does either. We love Laker and we look out for him like he’s ours too. I just wanted to show why I didn’t think it was funny to show that movie to an ex- nun on a first date.

  85. socal doodles got very popular and that’s always a bad omen. When that happens, unscrupulous backyard breeders throw two dogs together without regard to the dogs’ genes or temperament. The result has been some very sick dogs and dogs with very ill temperaments. Unfortunately that’s what happens when a dog gets popular. Doubly dangerous with doodles because they are mixed breeds to begin with. People don’t realize that most real breeders of the dogs use 1st generation purebreds in their mixes. You keep throwing two doodles together and then two more and you get defects and recessive problems.

  86. I like the glaze with rosemary socal. Try it sometime. Good with pork roast too. A little goes a long way too.

  87. Okay, that’s sweet of you Uppity!

  88. well it’s true. We love us our Laker Dude.

  89. Uppity
    I am sorry that I upset you. You just had to know my brother in law. He would tell stories like that and we never knew if he was kidding or it it was for real. I never saw the movie it was not one that I wanted to see.



  90. 47 mins till LOST!

  91. Yeah, I would never wish anything bad or unpleasant for a nun, ex or not. DE tell us what happens in the end.

  92. No you didn’t upset me helen, sorry if you thought so. I just thought it was really cruel of him to do that for a laugh. Seriously, it’s horribly obscene, even for today. Let’s hope he was kidding.

  93. Oh Nose. Another lost fan.

  94. DE gets lost in 47 minutes.

  95. LOL spoils it for you right?

    Speaking of doodles, I think the goldendoodles are the cutest. And big!

  96. I already can tell you annie
    Pamela Ewing wakes up and it was all a dream.

  97. Oh man, I see they are turning the Tavern On The Green into a freaking vistors bureau and retail outlet. Cripes. If only they hadn’t served such shitty food they would never have closed down. The place is historical and the central park location is almost sinful. ah well. What an ending. Might as well just shoot it in the head.

  98. That is sad about Tavern. An institution. We went there and the one in Bermuda. I wonder if it closed down as well.

  99. Why Ronald was really arrested.


    If anyone here lives in Fla please be careful.

    We used to go to New York on day trips and see a Broadway show and have dinner. Several times we went to the Tavern on the Green. I always thought it was so pretty. All the lights in the trees made every thing seem magical.



  101. socal, Tavern closed down earlier this year. It’ll be a Gap soon, maybe even a prestigious Talbots outlet. lol.

  102. FF, HAHAHAHAHA. Little sh!t.

  103. Helen – just great. And thanks for the link. Dengue was a big deal in the Caribbean when I lived in St. Thomas.

    Good lord.

    Well – now if we don;t die of oil in the water and diesel-like fumes in the air, we can just go sit in the garden and wait for the chills….

    (but seriously – thanks for the heads up. My guess is if it becomes a public health issue, the Obama Administration will screw it up anyway)

  104. Who Uppity?

    Me, Ronald or the kid?


  105. Come to think of it, all three of you.

  106. Check yer mail FF.

  107. heh. I feel better now.

  108. Cripes I forgot I put a biscuit in my shirt pocket earlier today. Thought my dog was making a pass. lol.

  109. I did Uppity – and thanks. As a matter of fact, and believe it or not, when you type in the main search term of the subject matter –

    you get Ronald slapping a kid about three pages in! LOL

  110. Cracking up here.

  111. Help I’m LOST!

  112. I gather the Tavern on the Green in Bermuda closed a long time ago. It sounds like the one in NY went downhill.

  113. Yeah like we needed to be told.


  114. Poor DE! Well, enjoy it while it lasts…about 20 more minutes.

  115. 1hr 20 annie.

  116. socal, yeah well it helps if you make capital improvement investments instead of just letting everything rot.

  117. From Freedom Fairy

  118. I wish to hell I had done that one! LOL

  119. ROFL!

  120. He does touch his nose a lot. I think it’s all the coke.

  121. If this had happened to BoBo it would have been an assassination attempt and we would never hear the end of it.

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Connecticut state police say a van carrying former President Bill Clinton was hit from behind on the freeway while he was on his way to deliver the Class Day speech at Yale University.

    Clinton told WTIC-TV on Sunday that the accident was “just a fluke” and that he is fine.

    State police Lt. J. Paul Vance says traffic on the Merritt Parkway was nearly at a standstill just north of New Haven because of another accident when a civilian vehicle struck the Secret Service van carrying Clinton at a very low rate of speed.

    The van continued on to Yale, where Clinton gave his address to Yale seniors. He made no mention of the accident during his speech.

  122. Uh-oh….Ronald McDonald in trouble again.

  123. Poor Ronald! imust, that pic reminded me of something I haven’t thought of in years. In the 70’s, my brother & one of his friends were in a McD’s that got held up & they picked my brother to hold hostage with a gun to his head while they waited for the money! My brother is the type of person that everything bizarre happens to. Now that I think about it, the McD’s I worked at was also held up, but I wasn’t there that night. Why pick a McD’s to rob? They don’t have that much money, even in the all cash days. What losers.

  124. Sorry socal….didn’t mean to stir up bad memories. Small time crooks usually steal for drug money….enough to get their next fix.

  125. No, no. Its not a bad memory. My brother tells it like it was something funny or something, but he’s a macho guy. He’s very lucky. We live in an area that has very little violent crime actually. Not much ever happens here, fortunately.

  126. When the McD’s that I worked at was robbed, they made everyone take off their pants (around four teens & a mgr in his 20’s) & locked them in the basement.

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