BP’s live (and not-so-live?) stream

Here you can see what BP is doing to our ecosystem 24/7  for going on 36 days now.

But that’s not the only thing I want you to look at. Blogger Monkeyfister is keeping a diary of  what’s going on at BP Ground Zero. You will find a youtube video of a bot being pulled up from the deep  and this comment:

I believe that something big happened ~8am CDT, and again in the early afternoon. Some of the other, later events may have easy answers, and I am giving folks way smarter than me some time to pick at what we saw.

What we DO know, and there are screengrabs to prove it, is that after the big events, and the pulling of Our Favorite Bot, switched to a mix of previously recorded “loop” and live footage, basically randomly distributed to the various authorized feeds. Throwing chaff. It would seem that BP just can’t help their PR deception…

BP– look at it this way: You’re not the Music Industry. Only they get to sell us a “Live” recorded video. YOU were ordered to provide REAL TIME streaming video. So, please stop fucking around.

And show us the BOP in Real Time, please.

BP doing funny stuff? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah that can’t be possible…….

h/t Senneth, Susiepuma


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  1. Thanks for h/t but I took the link from Senneth – so thanks but credit is not mine………………………………..

  2. Wonder what all the stuff in the water is – dead fish?, crystal hydrates?, pieces of the tube? – hard to tell

    Ya know what is really pissy about this? The 11 oil rig workers who were vaporized when the rig blew up – the fraud has never mentioned them – neither has BP to my knowledge – but then again, these are not beltway elitists or left coast or east coast elitists either – just a bunch of redneck cajans working for a living like most of the people in this country do – of course, after hearing what the POS said about Daniel Pearl being decapitated, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised……..cold assed narcissistic sociopath straight up….

  3. Thank you Senneth. Great catch.

  4. Repost from downstairs:


    Up above post by NES – I wasn’t so concerned that the American Populace will rise up because of the Oilsoc-Oilslick-BP disaster, but because of ALL THE SHIT DAY IN AND DAY OUT these greedy mofo’s are throwing at us. It never ends, and people have their breaking point.


    If POTUS has given Federal Disaster Declarations to Florida, Alabama Mississippi and Louisiana, that is a great big deal. Perhaps the inordinate number of USCG Helo’s today were indicative of what they know, and we dont.

    If they think they an let this thing go til August, they are real.ly, really wrong.

    Also – any engineers out there know the answer to this…..

    Don;t they USUALLY back pump sea water into these wells when they are taking all that oil out? I am just curious. Being the wonderful Doom & Gloom Monger that I am with earthquakes (and I predicted a Gulf of Mexico EQ before all this started) – it seems if this hole is not being refilled with something, there will be one hell of a void SOMEWHERE.

    Let’s just hope the source of all that crude is right under 1600…

  5. Uppity – saw this really cool pic at Logistics Monster but can’t get the damm thing to copy here……………………….


    shows an eagle with a US flag across his eye & the slogan is We Can See November From Our Houses – thought it would be good here since that has been noted several times……………………………………….. it’s available to send viral…..

  6. FF – I thought of earthquakes too especially if they decide to bomb the hell out of the well………….

  7. If there were to be a major Gulf earthquake, my coast would be toast. The continental shelf is VERY wide on the west coast of Florida and very shallow as compared to the deep water where the oil spew is.

    Shit – I just bought Renter’s, but not flood OR earthquake.

  8. Hi Uppity. Glad you posted that link from monkeyfister which I got from The Confluence. I am just so saddened that so little is happening to help the Gulf Coast and its inhabitants – people as well as sea life. There is no leadership – none. We are all f****d.

  9. I know for a fact that Atmore, AL HAS an active earthquake zone too. I was in one there.

    Mapquest it.

  10. ff,

    they do pump seawater into the voids. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on no one talks about.

    This junk shot, for example, uses “old golf balls and tires” because they are petroleum-based products and won’t disintegrate in a big pipe full of crude oil. I would say that we should be dumping concrete down there but the sea bed may be collapsing due to no replacement in the void from the spewing oil.

    I noticed that there aren’t anymore BP Beyond Petroleum ads on TV now.

  11. You’re welcome McNorman. 🙂

  12. I live on an island, in a bay – near the mouth of Tampa Bay.

    God Forbid – but I don;t know how fast we could get to “high” ground. There isn’t any, really. And I would have to get Charlotte and the animals.

    Crap. Something new to worry about.

    and 15 – i KNEW they filled up those “holes” – and this one may well be collapsing in on itself.

    Maybe Charlotte would like a nice trip to the mountains…..maybe a nice middle class vacation to the Breakers or where ever it was – like Michelle & Barry

  13. Yeah – BP used to be real big on the green- used to use a big sunflower or something in their ads – they shut those down – making money hand over fist is more important than the environment – course if the coast get all screwed up – where are they going next? Hope Brazil is ready………………………………………

  14. Hope Brazil is ready………………………………………

    They are Susie – Barry gave Soros a nice big loan for Offshore drilling there

  15. God, why did I have an “ha HA!” moment when I typed that…..

    EVERYTHING now has conspiracy written all over it….

  16. Gotta go to bed gang. I have to go buy life jackets tomorrow.


  17. Bleah I gotta go to a wake tomorrow. I honestly do not know why people continue to display dead people. And then somebody always says how they look “good”. Dead people do not look good to me, they look dead.

  18. LOL uppity – I’m with you – I don’t like wakes – I’ve requested to be creamated – not sticking me in the ground………………………………

  19. Me too Susie. I want to be cremated and I don’t want anybody seeing me dead and pretending I look good. lol.

    We do have a family plot though, so I guess they can just dig a hole there and throw my urn in. Creeps me out seeing my name there on that monument with my birthdate and a dash. Jesus. I’d rather be used as fertilizer for a cherry tree.

  20. Although this guy just MIGHT look better dead. Drank himself to death anyways. I alternate between feeling sorry for his wife and rejoicing for her. She might actually have a decent life now that he’s dead. Sorry but it’s true.

  21. I think we should bitch slap NES for having salt and pepper hair for free. It seems fair.

  22. UW, did your husband get screwed out of ajoining locations or are you going to cram his ashes in with yours?

  23. switched to a mix of previously recorded “loop” and live footage, basically randomly distributed to the various authorized feeds

    Ohhhhh! Soooooooooooo not good. Where is the outrage on the national level?

  24. Can fix it, UW???

  25. Just out of curiousity – was the dude Irish? Before anybody gets outraged – chill – I’m part Irish –

    I want my ashes thrown into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in No Mn – guess that was the area I lived the longest so feed me to the fishies……………………. I hope they don’t get sick…………………………

  26. Hahahah 15. Nope, he’s all set. Extra plots of course. my mother was always thinking ahead. But now that you mention it, I kind of like the idea of mixing up our ashes and having a go of it one last time.

  27. No actually I don’t think he was Irish, susie. Kind of a mix of things. He was really a nice guy when he wasn’t hitting the bottle and a real beast when he was. Got himself cirrhosis and then drank even more. His father was an alcoholic too, I think. He was only 52 and he really did kill himself.

  28. I just read an article on Count Us Out – that fucker in the WH is now sending our National Guard troops to the Horn of Africa – WTF? What the hell are they gonna do there? Shades of Blackhawk Down – did I ever tell you how much I absolutely loathe that fraudulent POS? I’m almost to the point of hatred which is not good for me……………………………………

  29. Your wish is my command, Crier. I really should just pop your blog email into my Users file so you can edit. Is the email you use here your blog email too? Has to be a WP blog email.

  30. Damm – that is so stupid – sorry but I divorced first husband becuz of booze & I find I have little sympathy for them……………………………………….. he was one of those people couldn’t have just a drink – if he had 1 might as well have 50 – couldn’t put up with it…..

  31. Few people annoy me more than a drunk, susie, so I understand. I feel badly but still, he put his wife through so much crap, I actually see this as a break for her. Sad but true.

  32. Crier, there could never be national outrage over that because the vast majority of the nation doesn’t even know what the H a live feed is.

  33. I’m glad she’s free…………………………………………..at last

  34. Just saw a floater or whatever it’s called across the bottom of tv screen – Patraeus is sending special ops troops into Iran, Saudi Arabia & Somalia to ‘disrupt’ terrorist actions – WTF? Maybe that is the fraud’s notion of jobs – get all those unemployed into the military & send the overseas to be cannon fodder for their stupid shit – do it the quick way – Drop a nuke on the gd idiots starting with ISLAM SUCKS – works for me……………………………………. get the women & children out first

  35. Yes she’s a great person, young enough to enjoy life, has a great career, kids are grown up, so I would just love to see her have a good time. Everybody who knew them is thinking the same thing right now.

  36. I think if he didn’t die on his own my husband was going to kill him anyways. Hahahaha j/k. He couldn’t stand the way he treated his wife and had a couple of tiffs with the guy. Man if he were my husband I would have killed him in his freaking sleep.

  37. UW, maybe if people had the BP oil spill blowing down into their homes and streets at that rate, more of this country would be outraged.

    There just seems to be a lot of foot dragging by BP. And not enough pressure by the feds to get an action plan out to control the gusher.

  38. Like I said crier, they are pretending they are digging two other wells to “relieve pressure” but my money is on they are digging them to keep their golden goose. And since they can’t finish till August, this gusher will go on till then. Then they will blow that thing up while saving their stash. They could do it now but you see, that’s loss of profit. SO they will contaminate the entire eastern seaboard for their holy grail. Money.

  39. Crier. It is obvious that gusher cannot be “controlled” or plugged like a leak in the dyke. It’s all bullshit. We they start asking people for ideas, you KNOW they can’t do it. There is only one way to stop it and that’s to destroy it.

  40. Like I said susie, D.R.A.F.T.

    All the draft boards are set up. They were all set up during Bush’s last term. I know because I was asked to do it. no way I am going to be on a draft board and send kids to die.

  41. I would not mind immigration of ME women. I wouldn’t mind helping them out either. Then we could just turn Afghanistan into a freaking parking lot for Pakistan or something. Then we’ll see how brave Achie and his Fascist puppetmasters feel. I believe most of the ME can’t stand Iran’s leaders anyways. They aren’t shy about saying they want to take over the Middle East.

  42. Yup, UW, why blow the thing shut, when there’s a lot of $ to be made with siphoning upstream? Protect that investment. At all costs. Easier to let it leak and nail all the shrimpers in LA along with the sea life, and the rest of the gulf based economy, than seal the well. All said sarcastically, of course.

  43. Whaaat???? No one wants to become formalin-ized before being entombed below ground?

    Well, at least ashes can be returned to the earth. And bodies of water, as susiepuma notes.

  44. I’ve seen embalming. No thanks.

  45. Oh LOL Crier. You kill me. I was thinking of doing a post on that some day. Crazy.

  46. Ya gotta admit. That Italian dude was a genius.

  47. interesting thread……death, wakes, ashes, tombs……embalming……earthquakes, bombs
    Really, we are in some serious need of some PIE here!!!

  48. I’m eating popcorn. I am well again.

    Mary, promise them a pony and they will believe anything.

  49. Pie. Ummmmmmm. Lemon meringue. Key lime. Hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some fresh rasberries on the side.

  50. At breakingnews site
    congress passed a nonbinding agreement exempting the auto industry from consumer protections.

    It just keeps getting better and better NOT



  51. Yeah gotta make sure those car salesmen can screw you.

  52. yum. popcorn

  53. “Mary, promise them a pony and they will believe anything.”

    Sorry, UW, as a friend of Miggs, I promise no ponies.

  54. no mary, that was barack’s job

  55. Popcorn. With a cup o’ salt and a gallon butter.

    Nope. Without salt or grease. Air popped. Only a hypertensive could learn to enjoy. In a way.

  56. “no mary, that was barack’s job”

    Thn Miggsie and his brethren are doubly safe.

  57. Crier you know me. I watch what I eat.

  58. Everything in moderation. Popcorn is great! With or without salt. With or without butter. Another most excellent snack enjoyed in these here fine United States since the pilgrim days.

  59. Crier I eat popcorn maybe twice a month. I have to be thinking about it first. I buy the no butter, lite salt one. It’s pretty good. my dog thinks so anyways.

  60. At Newsmax site
    Administration tries to dismiss VA healthcare lawsuit.

    they are amazing



  61. They’ll win helen. They buy judges.

  62. Yeah, helenk, they will say anything to try to get the suit dismissed.

  63. UW, try the blue or black popcorn sometime. Novel change. Tastes same though.

  64. Ok will do. why is it black?

  65. Saw this and thought: Well it usually takes the women to get things done.


  66. Black popcorn. Blue popcorn. When kernels pops, it becomes white. Actually with a hue of black or blue.

  67. Fredster, code pink loves to protest topless and stuff. They know it will bring a ton of male photographers from the press. bunch of hookers in the figurative sense.

  68. Code Pink? They better be wearing sunscreen or else they will be Code Red.

  69. Whatever. They have no respect for anybody, including themselves.

  70. McN,

    If Chrissie Tingle and Carville are criticizing oilsoc, I’d say the bastard is being given a yellow flag. I can hardly wait for the red one.

    And speaking of wakes, that Carville gives me the screaming meemies. He looks like the poster boy for Death.

  71. What normal person with self-respect and dignity do you know who would march ANYWHERE topless? Naked it reserved for certain people, and any man or woman who could do this has no dignity and no self-respect. Call me old fashioned or whatever, I don’t care. I don’t take my clothes off for a crowd. And certainly not just to get attention.

  72. Whatever caused the blowout in the first place, the failure to cap it after a month, with BP being given carte blanche by oilsoc, stinks to high heaven of collusion.

    A crisis which on which Rahm is sure to capitalize many times over.

    Look for morw disasters in other Red states.

  73. No normal person, UW. But remember, Code Pink loves oilsoc, so we’re talking off-beam to begin. And of course their leader just loves her, her Abadabajabber.

  74. It figures.

  75. Well they can’t be *that* happy with obie at this moment. Well it got some media attention.

  76. Well, UW, it’s been on my mind, and it’s time for me to confess. I don’t are for pie 😮 , and I can’t stand popcorn (it squeaks in my teeth). 😈 . May I still come here?

  77. I’ll have to think about it Mary.

  78. Real interesting post at fitsnews.com
    I guess Nikki Haley is ahead in North Carolina and now they are saying she had an affair with a blogger.



  79. Transocean Deepwater Horizon Memorial In Jackson Miss – Live Now:


  80. Sorry if someone else mentioned this upthread (I haven’t looked yet):

    It’s hilarious and richly ironical that “bots” are being submerged for live feeds. Something fitting about that.

  81. UW @ :35 am: Hey, that’s not what your college mates say!

  82. Ok Ok! But it was just that ONE TIME!

  83. Maybe Obama can throw all those unemployed bots in and let them absorb the oil. God knows there’s enough of them.

  84. Incidentally, I was horrifed to find out what those toxic dispersants are really for. They relocate the oil to below the surface so nobody can see it. That is all.

  85. I would nevah evah turn down a “bitch slap[ping]” at your hands, UW.

  86. That would definitely be something new, NES.

  87. Loved the idea of the SpongeBots. Toss them in the drink!

  88. Shake em off, put em back in!

  89. Send them down in submersibles and crash them into the spilling-well-font. Bots may provide the missing sealant material everyone’s been looking for.

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