Hurricane Season Opening Day Open Thread

We can't look either.....

So, what do you think will blow in on this month’s ill winds?


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  1. Monkeyfister has a depressing map from FSU showing the possible tracks of Tropical Storm Agatha (Alex if it crosses into the gulf) here

  2. Also, a 6.1 in Costa Rica. Too close for comfort on the Caribbean Plate….

    I’ve been worried about St. Thomas, but with this void forming in the Gulf from all the oil billowing out, I hope we don’t get this…..

  3. I can’t keep up with all this…..earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes, sink holes (whoa! that thing was huge), the oil gusher/slick/plume……Mother Earth is mad too. Which world political crisis first….North Korea? Iran? Gaza vs Israel? Oh yeah…..wars in Iraq, Afghanistan….geeze-louise! Oh, and most important, where’s Barry gonna go on vacation next?

  4. This is really bad. Who knows where all that oil will go in a hurricane? It’s hard to imagine that that this disaster could get any worse, but predictions for an intense hurricane season is just not good.

  5. At this rate, it seems the Mayans knew what they were talking about! LOL

  6. I am lurking in the background- the computer is on its last legs- so trying to conserve the little bit of life it has left.
    I read all the posts- some of the stuff going on in the world (and around the blogs) makes me so mad I could spit. Did an FCE last week- which laid me flat out again for three days- what part of I am NOT FAKING THIS do these assholes not understand?
    Memorial Day is always a tough holiday for me- it was my Dad’s birthday- and we miss him still-
    the good news is that my daughter in law made her next rank! Which is wonderful news- coming home to the States is going to be a big decrease in their income- making rank will help make some of that up.
    The header looks great!

  7. I HATE hurricane season!
    The past 2 years they have been way off on their tea leaf reading so I’m hoping they are wrong this year too.

  8. This is an interesting fact sheet on hurricanes and the oil spill.

  9. Is that picture from yesterday? For the first time I kind of felt sorry for him, fumbling his way through words yesterday in the thunderstorm. Somebody should juxtapose his picture with the umbrella to the majestic setup and Biden at the Arlington Cemetery. He missed his big photo op.

    {A joke I read was that his TOTUS had windshield wipers.}

  10. hm, this video posted at Deadenders blog juxtaposes Biden’s beautiful sunny day remarks with Barry’s downpour event……it’s quite humorous!

  11. HM, no, the picture was from last year, I think, but it fit.

    I ALMOST felt badly for Barry too – for the Country. Despite anything, he still is the POTUS, and I believe Americans want to see their POTUS do well on occasions like this. He was probably miserable when he got home. I did hear a bit of a speech “in front of dozens of service people” he did back at Andrew’s when he landed, and he still flubbed the lines.

    Poor Barry……

    Karma is a bitch

  12. Sorry, I have no sympathy for barry at all. That’s the final play by a narcissist, pity. It’s just another form of manipulation if all the bullying, threatening controlling behavior doesn’t work.

  13. The first think I thought of when the rains came before and during obama’s Memorial Day speech, was that even God doesn’t want to listen to his BS anymore and times the rain just so!

  14. Kathleen – my thought when I saw the skies growing dark with rain was he was stalling til it came.

  15. I think God was telling Barry, “You’ve Got 99 Problems….And Here’s One More”

  16. Why? Don’t they have weather forecasters in Chicago? Where was their plan B?

    I agree with freedomfairy — he didn’t want to do it which is why he ran off to Chicago. The thing is his speech is his magic bullet(so he thinks) and he does not want to waste it on a mundane annual event like the memorial day.

  17. We in S. FL are sooo looking forward to, what will potentially be the most active season on record, with a president who can’t decide if he’s fired someone or not.

  18. Those three AM calls just keep on coming. His answering machine in getting filled with messages but he has more important things to do,
    Do not interfer with
    His golf game
    His basketball game
    His vacations



  19. I think God was telling Barry, “You’ve Got 99 Problems….And Here’s One More”

    ROFL! I like that. Indeed, that is probably exactly what She was telling Barry.

  20. FF
    That is great. Do wonder which one of his enablers stole the 3



  21. Aww Helen – you gave it away! LOL

  22. FF

  23. Heh – that’s ok….

    I’ll live

  24. Interesting topic…..Al and Tipper Gore just announced they are separating after 40 years of marriage.

  25. BP, not Al and Tipper – although that would make sense too

  26. On breaking news article at politico

    Al and Tipper Gore separating after 40 years of marriage.



    Did not see your comment before I posted sorry.

  28. Ah you saw the news too Helen!

    FF let’s all collectively cross our fingers this works!!!!

  29. Obama probably arranged it as another distraction for the Media

  30. So who is going to keep Alvin’s Goricles warm now.

  31. I supported Al for years until I found out what a con artist he is. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. That’s what they all get for supporting obama. All of them got the obama curse going on. Bad karma from hopium.

  32. I think the Oil Kill will be at the top of the list all month though the government and BP seem to be doing their level best to continue an information blackout. What news we are getting is going from bad to worse to worst case scenario very quickly. And frankly, the scuttlebutt on sending a nuclear bomb down the hole is freaky scary. I hope that’s just idle chatter. Doesn’t give me much confidence that any of these people have a handle on the situation. If the rumors and growing stories about a mega leak 5 or 6 miles from the original rig site are true then BP has unleashed the Furies on the Gulf coast and maybe the entire world.

    One interesting tidbit I picked up over the weekend that may point to why the Obama Administration seems so reluctant to lean on BP is that the company is the Pentagon’s major supplier of fuel and has been fueling our exploits in the Middle East.

    I really hate reading the paper anymore. The news is beyond grim.


    How ironic, after all the priggish tsk-tsk’ng the Gores did about the Billary marriage. And, yes, I’m sure there’s no “affair” involved — and pigs will fly at noon today.

  34. You Uppityites are doing a great job!
    Someone has probably already posted this, but flying over the Gulf is now restricted.

    Re Al and Tipper, 40 years and they decide to amicably separate, but want others to respect their privacy – NES, I suspect that you will be seeing those flying pigs momentarily unless……
    And yes you are correct, isn’t it amusing that the Clintons are still together, stronger than ever, while all those that stabbed them in their backs are being picked off one by one. Karma really is a beotch.

  35. What will June bring?

    Ratings dropping faster than the wildlife in the Gulf.

    Political allies doing the same.

    Gray hairs encroaching faster than they already are (the office ages its occupants quickly anyway, but he’s sliding fast).

    Honestly, I think Barry’s going to have a full-bore nervous breakdown before his term is out. He’s completely out of his depth and he’s managed to alienate all but the ones getting rich off his crap.

  36. Ha! Did Uppity join the teacher’s union? Silly me, I thought the four day weekend was over today, so I was all prepared to send the kids off to school. Ooops, it’s another non student day. No school Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, and now Tues. These people work as much as congress does.

  37. HT, yes that area out in the gulf is my husband’s air space and they haven’t been allowing flights over that airspace since this all started. The restricted area started off rather small, but has grown to include most of the gulf. That messes up flight patterns around there, but ATC was given orders and they are following them.

    When he comes home I can give you the exact square mileage of airspace that is currently restricted.

    BTW can you say Pravda??? If W had shut down such a huge swath of airspace to keep the media out, they’d be screaming from the roof tops…..Obama does it and you hear a few squeaks.

  38. Somebody, that’s outrageous. Pravda? Somehow this seems worse, more like the Stasi. The press is totally impotent, they just think that they are relevant. It’s a sad time.

    In addition to all the Gulf depressing news, people are still watching the banks foreclose on their homes.

    People want to work but can’t find jobs. In all my 60 years, I cannot remember a time so dire in the impacts to the average joe/jane. It’s disheartening.

  39. Why is this man still in uniform?
    FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — Wearing his Army uniform and sitting solemnly in a wheelchair, the psychiatrist accused of gunning down 13 people at Fort Hood made his first courtroom appearance Tuesday and won a delay in his case.
    Maj. Nidal Hasan, who was paralyzed after being shot by two Fort Hood police officers, only spoke when answering questions about the proceedings with a soft: “Yes, sir.”
    His attorneys sought a delay in his Article 32 hearing because they needed more time to review reams of documents they recently received and still lacked other key documents, including the FBI ballistics report and a government review on the Nov. 5 shootings.
    The Article 32 hearing, similar to a civilian grand jury proceeding in which a judge hears witness testimony to determine whether the case should go to trial, is set for Oct. 4.
    Hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the worst shooting on a U.S. military post.

  40. Because this is the United States, and he is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Although I believe the conditions for a military trial are somewhat different. None the less, he cannot be tried in a military courtmartial if he is given the boot from the military.

    I say keep him in uniform until they hang his murderous Jihadi Ass

  41. It’s official. Holder launches a criminal investigation against BP.

    Funny, that. The Obama Administration gave them all the permits – or waived others.

    I see Salazar heading for the bus stop…..

  42. And that story about the airspace is evil. It’s OUR airspace, and we have a RIGHT to see what they are doing to the Gulf.

    Where the hell are the environmental groups? Guess they don’t scream when it’s Obama’s stuff.

    Fuk them.

  43. He’s the terrorist Obama and the media try to keep hidden. Extremely little coverage for 13 counts of premeditated murder, 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.On a military post.

  44. Pretty interesting video of them cutting through part of the riser

    The destruction of the Gulf aside – the technology they are using with these robots is pretty amazing.

  45. Hey guys – I have to teach tonight. I leave in about 20 minutes and won’t be back til after 8. Could someone (DE or Imust?) watch the blog please?

    I know you all will play nice – and I have a feeling Uppity is not so far away she wouldn’t be able to shut it down if things get out of hand! LOL


  46. You all are both the funniest and the smartest people on the intertubes. I came here because I just heard/read about Al and Tipper and wanted to share. Instead, I read the greatest comments that bit of news and everything else under the sun.

    I see Salazar heading for the bus stop…..

    I refuse to give up anymore room here. Let him find his own d*mn bus. 😉

  47. PamelaofthePoconos, you ask a very good question. It will be a military tribunal that will take his case on. I don’t understand why we have to pay for this turd’s upkeep. Not only has he murdered, but he’s racked up a nice medical bill as well. Sick!

  48. Why is this man still in uniform?
    So they can court martial his sorry ass.

  49. A little music for a Tuesday afternoon. I liked these guys for their harmony, innovation and the meaningful lyrics. My Dad thought they were hippie freaks intent on formenting rebellion and sedition. Ah, if he only knew, that takes men in suits with Ivy league education and no scruples, empathy or leadership, backed by multibillionaire oligarchs

  50. I guess the female talent at Al Jazeera didn’t like to be told that they were showing too much…

    Five female Al Jazeera presenters have resigned after being accused of “dressing immodestly.” The five presenters— along with three others who are currently still at the network — filed an internal complaint in 2009 accusing deputy editor Ayman Jaballah of harassment over fashion and modesty issues.

    But, as is all too common in the Arabic-speaking Middle East, the misogynists came out on the online comment boards soon after news of the scandal came out. There was this gem on ArabianBusiness:

    I really appreciate the actions taken by Jazeera. Muslim women should know their values rather than pretending other norms.

    I am not against the non muslims because that is their way of life and I also supporting providing all necessary freedom to the Muslim woman, but, always we have to remember traditional values are important at the least to public. You are free what you want, but, don’t spoil the others.

    Yes, it’s hurricane season alright.

  51. HT……great listening to the moody blues again……beautiful perfect comment too!
    thanks to you and uppity today!

  52. FF — Thanks for hosting us today.

  53. …..and I have a feeling Uppity is not so far away she wouldn’t be able to shut it down if things get out of hand! LOL”

    Oh NO! She’s having sex (and eating ribs) and lurking, all at the same time? Do we get a prize if it’s our comment she’s reading when she starts feeling really, really good? lol

  54. cackicoo, I was not in any way responsible for the site and the continuation while Uppity is eating ribs and doing nefarious stuff in her garden.
    The heroes are Freedom Fairy, Deadenders and the Uppityite regulars who are too numerous to name. It’s an army of outspoken, funny, caring, concerned people – all of whom are individuals. There are some conservatives, some liberals, a bunch of independents who all manage to get along! A great group, and it’s Uppity, Freedom Fairy and Deadenders, and imustnotforget Imust who post and ride shotgun. The thanks are to them, and I second it. Thanks to all of them for being here.

  55. I second HT.

  56. oh imustgagmewithaspoon, I forgot mcnorman, who also posts and rides shotgun. Forgive me mcnorman, I’m senile. If my head wasn’t permanently attached I’d forget it when I walk out the front door. Thanks to you too!

  57. For those who inquired, I believe Barry and Company are scheduled to take family vacation # 2321 down under to Australia and New Zealand and some points in Asia later this month (after the girls are out of school).

    He already had to face down MO on a previous postponement (you recall that whole Indonesia problem where they basically said do not show your face here – so MO took off for NYC instead). I am sure that nothing will get in the way of their summer get-a-way this time especially silly things such as as oil leaks that could have been avoided and those pesky people saying that the buck stops with him. Not to mention the nasty people pointing out that he was celebrating with the Getty family and that Rahm was having sleepovers with BP officials.

    I wonder if he understands that whole hemisphere kind of stuff. Nah – why bother with such mundane information.

  58. Every day I watch and pray- it’s all I can do anymore- the man has NO CLUE. Of course I remember back when we tried to tell them he was unqualified and inexperienced, that he voted ‘present” 130 times because he never wants anything to come back to bite him in the ass, never wants to be responsible.
    Nah- we are/were a bunch of racists- or old bitter knitters- menopausal hags that Donna said the party no longer needed.
    It doesn’t even feel good anymore to say I told you so-
    My daughter is off to Yellowstone for the summer- and enjoyed the trip out there- cuz God help me I taught my kids to love this country- I taught them to see and love “Purple Mountain Majesty, fruited plains and Sea to shining sea.” Corny old hag aren’t I?
    My son and his wife will be home in August from a four year overseas deployment- my grandsons are 10 and 6- will there BE an America for me to show them? Can I take them camping and show them the wonders God has entrusted to us? For the Record- they are posting to Louisiana- how is that for a cosmic joke? My family comes home and gets posted to a toxic waste dump- courtesy of Obama and his buyers.
    So- I pray, and pray some more- and dig out the old pictures- because it might be all my grandchildren ever get to see of our once great country.
    Meanwhile- Barky and his family go on vacation. Can we just buy him his own little island nation and get him out of here?

  59. PMM! I found the perfect place to send Barry & Co.

  60. imust- perfect! now how do we lure him there? and then embargo the place!

  61. PMM, how wonderful for you to have your son and family home again. As far as BHO is concerned, can he be put on an icefloe in the Arctic? I’d suggest Antarctica, but he’d find some way to screw it up, and then we’d loose the big whales and the penguins. Of course, if the Gulf keeps spewing oil ad infinitum, that may be a moot point.

  62. hmm… to lure him there? Could tell him they were naming the island after his greatness and he needed to attend a special ceremony and make a really important speech and afterward there would be a celebrity golf tournament in his honor!

  63. Thanks to everyone for all the nice words about Uppity’s sidekicks.

    And thanks for playing nice. I expected no less. I’m home from school now and have to take a quick spin around the intertubes (loved that line Leslie!) to see what havoc has happened to the world sine 5PM. BBS

    Oh, and we shall need a new header for tomorrow…..

    The START of Hurricane Season only happens once a year.

  64. I had to be my own fixit fairy! My “c” key is sticking…

  65. To Al and Tipper “we’re not having affairs” Gore:

  66. imustthankHTforthekindwordstoo!

  67. I’d like to see “Survivor” do a whole season of version “Narcissist” Island with Obama as a “star” participant in 2010. It would be the ONLY “win” Obama was really qualified for. They could use Grand Isle in the Gulf for the location.

  68. Good evening all, love the intertubes comment too. Mt. Laurel great idea about the island!! PMM glad your son is coming state side even if it is to LA.

    HT so you think Uppity is lurking while eating ribs and having sex huh??? I wonder if she’s also sucking on a bone… a rib bone, LOL!!! Better yet she’s doing it all from her garden, wow!

    I hope Uppity is having a wonderful and relaxing time, maybe she even got a massage. Perhaps at this moment she sipping on some of her favorite scotch.

  69. Hey FF whats gonna happen if we get a TS or even a hurricane over the gulf sucking up all that oily salt water then raining it down on land.

  70. I thought about the same thing DE. Good grief think about how many crops that crap would rain down on. Of course there is also the giant oil slick storm surge. It all just boggles the mind.

  71. I guess we’ll have to wear “slickers” when it rains…..sorry, couldn’t resist.

  72. What a wonderful, wonderful header, FF. Thanks to all of you for keeping the site up and going. Uppity hope you’re enjoying yourself.

  73. Here’s an article about the hurricane oil slick problem.

  74. DE: “Hey FF whats gonna happen if we get a TS or even a hurricane over the gulf sucking up all that oily salt water then raining it down on land.”

    I dunno DE – Ask Obama. He knows how to handle everything.

  75. I”ve tried but he’s not taking my calls, even when I call at 3am.

  76. Well Hell DE, I know you saw his clock! That’s the problem!

  77. I was watching cnn, something I haven’t done, on purpose, for a long time. This guy they were interviewing was saying something like, Obama came out swinging today with the announcement of Holder filing charges against BP and using all of the environmental statues. Basically he was saying that Obama was managing this better now. Is that all it takes? He’s been botching this thing for more than 40 days and he comes out with some legal charges that are probably as weak as the health care “reform” bill or the credit card “reform” and all is forgiven? Is the public that dumb……nevermind, don’t answer that.

  78. Well Daddy still hasn’t plugged the hole and it’s going to keep on spewing for 3 more months.

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