A baby with a bong, a great (expletive) Mom and a terrific future under her guidance

This is and 11-month old baby.

Scrap that. This is an 11-month old baby with a bong.

Baby and bong showed up on facebook.

Baby’s 19 year-old mother says the bong has no drugs or tobacco ….make that ‘tabacco’ in it, so it’s no big deal, really. Apparently, Mom saves the real stuff for herself.

“If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the TABACCO pipe,” she responded, with grammatical and spelling errors. “And i took a pic to show one (expletive) person and it was a mistake. I would never ever ever let him get high.”

So basically, Mom says there’s no harm done. It wasn’t real. It was just practice for later. Baby has a terrific future learning how to use a bong from Mom. Learning spelling, grammar and punctuation from Mom does not appear to be a possibility though.

Baby’s name has not been disclosed because baby is a minor, to say the least. Naming him will be saved for the future after he gets better at using the bong and is indicted.

In the meantime, Mom might find herself indicted right now. Even worse, Mom doesn’t even see what the big deal is. Make that the (expletive) big deal. She can’t understand why anybody would do this to her over this silly thing.

“Do you realise how serious this is? i can go to jail and he can be taken away from me. WHY would you do something so (expletive) stupid?” she asked. “i know what i did was stupid but i would NEVER put by baby in harm. im so nice to everyone idk (I don’t know) why you would do this to me.”

Somebody needs to explain to Mom that everyone indeed does understand how serious this is. Soon, Mom will understand as well.  As a side note, though, she should be very grateful that having horrendous English skills  is not also an indictable offense.

Baby will  probably get to watch Mom be indicted and declare herself a victim– and then Baby can learn how to be an indicted ‘victim’ right along with how to practice using a bong. He can store that knowledge away for use in his promising future.

With any good luck, Baby will be living somewhere else soon.

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  1. Druggies, pot heads, whatever you want to call them really seem to lose touch with common sense. That is if they ever had any to begin with, this mom appears to have been lacking to begin with. Sadly these kinds of things happen all too often.

    I was in charge of an anonymous drug usage study/survey in our school system. Our area was about average as far as student drug use. What was shocking to me is that fully one third of the students that used drugs listed their parents as their source for drugs. I knew there was some of that, but had no idea how much.

  2. Please oh PLEASE take that baby away from this girl!
    Nuff said?

  3. She doesn’t deserve the title “mom”. I don’t know what to call her, but “mom” isn’t it. The baby deserves better.

  4. Absolutely disgusting!

  5. Another thing this shows is how stupid people are with posting things on facebook. All these facebook postings will come back and haunt a lot of kids some day.

  6. As a mom to an 11 month old baby myself, I am disgusted, shocked and angry. This woman should not be allowed to continue raising this child. She should be sterilized.

  7. This is true imust. young people are just plain dumb when they use the internet. All that they do is there forever and will come back to bite them. Things are fine now, while they are little dependents, but one day they will be forced to be on their own and that is when their regrets will set in.

    Today, 25 is the new 15 in many cases, and here we have an obviously immature 19 year old with a child. A mature mother not only wouldn’t have thought of posting such a pic, but wouldn’t have that paraphenalia is her home/ Obviously, that bong is not being used as a vase and that is not lost on authorities. She’s in deep trouble and that child is in a harmful environment if there are bongs hanging around. What’s frightening is the mother has already made it all about Her. How can YOU do THIS to ME. Scoring high on the Narcissist scale is not a good idea right now.

  8. Kina give that baby a hug for us.

  9. Once you become a parent, you lose the right to be an a@@hole. It is up to you to protect and teach them. Can anyone do it perfectly , I doubt it. But you do it to the best of your ability.
    This girl has not learned that lesson and until she does the baby needs to be taken to a safe place.
    I am the last one to ever say place children in foster homes but sometimes if there are no other family members with common sense to protect the child , it has to be done.



  10. Here’s another heartwarming “parent of the year award” story:


  11. Same story…with photos!

  12. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention….even the inmates at the jail thought what he did was horrible and the beat him up!

  13. Good for the inmates too bad they didn’t save the taxpayers the money for any trial and rid society of this asshole.

    Jaysus trying to sell his baby for $25. Hopefully the authorities will find a good home for the baby.

  14. Is anybody else listening to Pat Leahy blow his smoke and go on and on and on in his opening for the Kagan hearting? Do you not hear this man slurring his words? Do the people who vote for him over and over and over and over again not see he has declined? It’s like listening to someone recovering from a stroke. If you close your eyes, you will think you are listening to an old old man in a nursing home. Is this going to be yet another person taking up a seat in congress, owned by his sponsors over the years, who will remain there till he dies of old age, shortly after they wheel him in for a vote?

  15. Well, if he lives as long as Byrd, he’s got about 22 more years in Congress to go.

  16. Just read the link on the baby seller- he faces FOUR YEARS in jail? THAT”S IT? FOUR YEARS???? For child endangerment? How about human trafficking?
    Where the hell is Darwin when we need him?

  17. A sack of groceries is worth $25. This is one screwed up world. Is it drugs? Is that what is making everybody insane? Were these crack babies who have grown up to have children of their own?

    Society has pumped out a whole lot of trashy people.

  18. […] This is and 11-month old baby. Scrap that. This is an 11-month old baby with a bong. Baby and bong showed up on facebook. Baby's 19 year-old mother says the bong has no drugs or tobacco ….make that 'tabacco' in it, so it's no big deal, really. Apparently, Mom saves the real stuff for herself. "If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the TABACCO pipe," she responded, with grammatical and spelling errors. "And i took a pic to … Read More […]

  19. This is what pro pot folks dream of! Now where is this future basement troll’s granny at? Baby Bong and Granny Ganja!

  20. No joke, John, you are going to end up supporting that kid when he grows up to be a lazy assed head.

  21. Great, I will be paying for his shirtless ass to get tazed at the trailer park with his stoned momma screamin’ at the cops to “get the hell of my lawn!”

  22. I tried to post this on the other thread, but it was closed. This is for all to enjoy…where’s my Keystone?

  23. Oh God, Conway Twitty and loretta Lynn. My ears are bleeding. SOmebody shoot me now. What’s he got stuffed in his pink pants?

  24. A whole lotta Hello Darlins in those britches! You be nice, I posted that Mozart dude for you before! Be nice to your pet hillbilly too!LOL!

  25. Oh baloney! It’s a sock stuffed into really bad fitting pants.

  26. Or maybe it is baloney….his baloney pony.LOL!

  27. Uppity I see you got yourself some Conway Twitty to go with your BOX of wine!

  28. Yeah I so pleased imust, I don’t know whether to kill myself or go bowling.

  29. Whichever you choose, I’d take a swig from the wine box before I’d do it if I were you.

  30. imust, maybe I’ll wait for the boxed set of Hee Haw reruns first.

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