Breaking: 10 Russian secret agents arrested in USA

I guess they looked into Obama’s eyes and saw a fool.

WASHINGTON – Ten people have been arrested for allegedly serving as secret agents of the Russian government with the goal of penetrating U.S. government policymaking circles .

The Justice Department announced the arrests Monday.

According to court papers in the case, the U.S. government intercepted a message from Russian intelligence headquarters in Moscow to two of the defendants. The message states that their main mission is “to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US” and send intelligence reports.

Two of their targets included a former legislative counsel for Congress and a “Prominent NY-based financier who is active in politics”.

You can read the rest here.


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  1. I’m of two minds – one is that the G20 didn’t go that well, and the Gulf gusher is still gushing, so nothing better than a Russian spy ring, right? Shades of Ronnie Raygun and the cold war.
    The other mind wants all the salacious details – “known as Cynthia Murphy, “had several work-related personal meetings with” a man the court papers describe as a prominent New York-based financier who was active in politics.

    Several work-related personal meetings? Shades of every man who has cheated on his wife. At least Spitzer only fooled around with an American “escort” who was not….oh wait, is it Spitzer’s girlfriend?

  2. Did I get caught in spam?
    Uppity, I’m not a drive by left or right winger. It’s me, HT of the aching muscles from rebuilding the bleeping pond – those rocks are heavy.
    Please release me, let me go…….

  3. There you go HT you’re free.

  4. Looks like Obama hit the reset button for the cold war.

  5. Not the Russians he thought he knew.

  6. but, but, Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and saw a trustworthy man who he would invite to his ranch. Guess Obama saw the same thing. Fools both of them. Mededev is under Putin’s thumb, and Putin is former KGB, former FSB (the successor agency to KGB) and at one point he was in charge of intelligence gathering – if old rumors are true, he set up a former rival of Yeltsin in a sex scandal to discredit him. People at his age, and with his past history don’t change, so why anyone thought that the cold war was over is beyond me. It just went under cover of a friendly detente, but the enmity and rivalry has always been there. This is no surprise – it’s just surprising that it’s taken so long to uncover something like this, and that the timing is serendipitous for Obama to take attention away from his domestic problems once again. I wonder which Czar he’ll appoint to deal with this?.

  7. P.S. DE, thank you for letting me out of spam prison. There were some very evil smelling people there. I really didn’t like it, so you are my hero!

  8. Here in the Boston area we are kinda chuckling: Wow, it took the FBI this LONG to find some Commies in Cambridge!?

  9. Murphy, that is really funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

  10. Murphy- Being from Boston I know what you mean- they won’t find Whitey Bulger until his funeral!

  11. Has there been any links here to the story about the US carriers, Truman and Eisenhower and 12 warships heading through the Red Sea and some already hanging out off the coast of Iran? Some business blogs have been discussing it for a few days. They were given a chart of ship positions and they presume the US is ready to back Israel in its attack on Iranian nuclear sites. The rumors this past week have said Israel has the permission of Saudi Arabia to fly over them.

    If this is true, bobo better grow some bigger balls and fast. Wasn’t it Carville who said Hillary could lend him one and then they’d both still have two?

    I’m going to curl up in the fetal position and say la la la over and over. Wake me up when it is all over, k?

  12. Please be connected to Soros. Please be connected to Soros.

  13. Several sites have picked up on it.

    I don’t think this link works directly.

    you can click on this link from “before it is news” and then click on the above story at zero hedge fund from it here:,_As_Israel_Allegedly_Plotting_An_Imminent_Tehran_Raid.html

    Spooky stuff. I need pie!

  14. Remember Hillary during the debates and her hard line stance when she was asked about the then soon to be new leader? He was so new she wasn’t sure how to pronounce his name, she stumbled slightly on Medvedev, but she knew she wouldn’t trust him and that he was following the old party bosses.

    And she said she would obliterate Iran if they used a nuke against Israel in those debates too.

    She saw these times on the horizon. No doubt.

  15. ROFL Murphy, that’s because Cambridge is so far commie, they probably couldn’t sort through them all to find the real actual spies.

    I’m crying here I’m laughing so hard.

  16. karen, read the zero link and while there are some disturbing elements to the buildup, perhaps it’s just a show of strenght to discourage the Iranians, rather than an intent to support an Israeli strike? Mind you, if the Iranian theocracy as half as crazy as we think they are, they could take the initiative by shelling anyone who floats into their territorial waters, which they have done before. I just think this is a standoff. I’m probably wrong, but I just cannot see the U.S. and Israel risking a direct attack, without Russian and Chinese approval. (both have huge investments in Iran).

  17. GEE!

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev must have
    turned down Obama’s pass!

    Snark Snark!

  18. @HT: I wonder which Czar he’ll appoint to deal with this?.

    A RUSSIAN Czar no doubt! LOL!

  19. **BREAKING** I found a video of two of the spies…

  20. Hey I added a pic to the post.

    I am very disappointed one of them wasn’t named Boris Badinov.

  21. Hey HT, I just heard one of them is still at large, living in Canada. Go find him for us, will ya?

  22. Here DE see if the reset button says “return to the cold war” LOL!

  23. imust. Rocky and Bullwinkle were great.

    Krugman is calling this the third depression. We might be going to war with Israel against nuclear Iran. We are in two wars and have a giant hole in the sea that is a mile deep and we don’t have the ability to plug.

    Thanks Barry, heck of a job.

  24. Here’s their secret plan:

  25. karen, well at least Barry can finally fill up his resume with something!

  26. OMG I just looked at this video and there’s Boris!!!!

  27. nah imust- barfy needs the easy button!

  28. Boy imust, you and I are definitely seconds apart in our thoughts today.

  29. Breaking again!! One of the spies is a penguin!!!!!

  30. Scary huh Uppity….don’t worry, it’ll pass.

  31. For Barry PMM:

  32. I see McChrystal has given notice he is retiring- or they say he has given notice.
    Please write a book! OH please please please tell us what REALLY happened last week!

  33. GREAT Graphic for this UW!

    But which one is OIL-Bama?

    snark snark

  34. Oh don’t worry, he will bring us to war. He needs a draft to get all of those bloodsucker obots out of the way. We’ll see how happy they are to go fight for him. They’ve already drastically lowered the standards for boot camp so they can make it through, what with how spoiled, lazy and out of shape they all are.

    War boosts the economy. Production starts up, aerospace hums. Money. Money. Money.

    Oh yeah. He will make war.

  35. lol Buttered. BOTH of them

  36. Canada better shore up that border. Obots are going to be trying to leave the country.

  37. gee Uppity- hubby and I were just talking about that the other day- Canada better get ready for the 21st century draft dodgers.

  38. Oh yeah Mom, they will be scattering like rats.

  39. Hey Mom, they’ll want their parents to take care of it for them.

  40. I don’t think the Canadians want them. Maybe Mexico will take them?

  41. imust, you made me laugh so much, I had to go and attend to other duties in the ladies room. Russian Czar and Boris and Natasha – perfect juxtapositioning.
    But honestly, there weren’t a lot of Russian Czars that were decent human beings – most were a lot like Obama. Oh wait, that is what Obama would want, so why not Catherine the Great. She saw no need to reduce the power of the wealthy to help the poorest – sound familiar? But she was a woman – a ruthless, coniving, cutthroat woman. Perfect for the job.

    Uppity, why did you forsake me? That time in spam, those other commenters, what did I do!!!! Tell me and I promise I’ll never do it again. It smells bad in there.
    Insofar as one Russian agent loose in Canada – that’s news? We have agents from all over the world from countries that can afford counter intelligence, as do you. It’s ridiculous to believe that the G8 or the G20 or the United Nations put an end to spying. If it’s not spying on the intelligence side, it’s even more active on the industrial side. Why does every new innovation that happens in North American result in an almost immediate launch of a cheaper product somewhere (not as good, not as safe, but cheaper).
    Back to Boris and Natasha – Natasha should have bopped him on his expanded forehead, many times over. both failed as spies, but were absolutely fabulous as entertainment. Unfortunately, they lulled people into thinking that foreign spies were just as inept. They aren’t. Another thought, as long as LGBT issues are not addressed (yet again) any politician who is on the downlow is subject to blackmail, as it was, so shall it be, until everyone is equal and there is no public shaming.

  42. HT bill did it for attention.

  43. Uppity, then his tee goes in the laundry tonight, with double wash, double rinse, and no gosh darn fabric softener. Tell him, the little devil. I’ll send Zeke after him – it’ll take Zeke’s attention away from plans to kill me. I’ve got Stewie Griffin in cat form, and he’s dangerous – tell Bill.

  44. From the spy article:

    They were allegedly part of an operation where agents posed as ordinary citizens, some living together as couples for years.
    That must have been the tipoff….together as couples FOR YEARS

  45. More…..

    Many of the alleged spies, referred to in court papers as “illegals”, were given false names and citizenships.

    hmm…..any of them named…..Obama per chance???

  46. Thanks for both posts Uppity. I have been laughing and laughing. Love the vid of the spy vs. spy and Boris and Natasha. Loved Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  47. Laughter IS the best medicine, Senneth.

  48. imust, omg, johnny rivers – secret agent man – with the Russian Czar comment among so many others, I have now dubbed you as Queen Intelligentsia of Trivialitis of the uppityites. I love it – and I understand it all. I just wouldn’t have thought of it, which puts you head and shoulders in the innovation department. Want Pie? You deserve a dessert!

  49. Did someone mention PIE?

  50. shhhhh……
    Secret recipe for Russian Apple Pie…..shhhhhh!

  51. The above link will self destruct in 10 seconds…

  52. When we were young…….

  53. Yeah, can you tell we grew up during the Cold War?!

  54. Don’t say cold war around the bots- they will think you’re insulting the goricle.

  55. ROFL!

  56. Remember this show?

  57. that was fun! Night all!

  58. I remember! And the only truly smart one was- ta da! The woman!

  59. Mom, you are so right. Night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.
    Night all, I’m following Mom into dreamland (I hope) Take care.

  60. “The timing of the arrests was notable given the efforts by Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev to “reset” U.S.-Russia relations. ”

    Yep, everything barky touches turns to crap.

    btw – Kos is in the top 5 most overrated blogs of 2010 from Time Mag. Time should include itself in that list.

  61. Bedbugs! Yikes! Spies, bedbugs! How will I sleep!?

  62. I’m confused if the Russians wanted to get inside the circles of power why didn’t they just send their spies to work for Goldman Sachs or SEIU??? They also could have set up a K Street firm and nobody would have ever questioned them so long as the kick backs rolled in.

    The Russians have never understood us.

  63. I agree Somebody. And with the Keystone Kops of this administration, all they’d have to do is crash one of Barry & Meeshoe’s Wednesday night parties. Easy as PIE.

  64. Geez, trouble with Russia all seems so, I don’t know, QUAINT now, doesn’t it? I mean Russian Spies? Really? Havent they heard that it’s the 21st freaking century yet??

    Didnt know you had Boston ties Mom — that’s pissah!

  65. Yep you got it imust

  66. A wicked pissah Murphy, LOL!

  67. Only 10? I mean I live right near the NIST campus – they could round up ten times ten spies without even breaking a sweat.

    Well Medvedev did make that snide remark about Barky’s choice in eating establishment as being a rather unhealthy option. MOO probably told BOO that he had to take action against those commies trying to undermine her latest failed attempt at relevancy and of course a chance to funnel dollars into yet another hidden fund.

    Then there were the dirty looks MOO exhibited when she saw Mrs. Medvedev staring at MOOs bras straps – as in “these two are easy targets – this one cannot even dress herself with 22 attendants”.

    Really – I would feel safer with Bullwinkle and Agent 86 in charge. Plus they have Rocket J Squirrel and Agency 99.

    The old MI team could gaslight the entire BO gang and the WH would never know what hit them. Then they could take out all the international syndicates and move onto the cartels.

  68. Are you guys speaking Bostonian or Russian?

  69. I agree Mt. Laurel….where is that MI team when you need them?

  70. Either I got moderated or I forgot how to post a comment. Probly the latter, which is sad because my brain is too fried to remember what the heck I said.

    Suffice it to say that is was really frickin insightful, witty, and on point.

    (love you Uppity, and Uppity bloggers — you all make my day every day!)

  71. Every where Biden goes, weird things happen. He was giving a speech in KY and a GE big wig keeled over on stage:

  72. Just curious as to how one tells a Russian spy from the ones serving in Congress , White house and in the Senate can someone enlighten me ?

  73. My readers love YOU too Murphy. I get a boatload of hits from your place, which tells me they read you before they read me. And one of those hits is my own. But I’m not so sure we can hang out with you any longer annaconta you are probably living next door to a Commie.

    I remember in 2008 when the bots would howl with laughter if somebody called them Commies. I mean “Commie”!!?? Come on, you old farts, that’s so…….so….old!

    Embedded video follows….

  74. Hey pissants! Have fun because Everything Old Is New Again!

  75. Just curious as to how one tells a Russian spy from the ones serving in Congress , White house and in the Senate can someone enlighten me ?

    Silly goose, that’s easy! Russian spies don’t call attention to themselves and blow smoke out of their asses everytime there’s a camera around. They also tend not to steal everything that’s not nailed down.

  76. imust, the guy keeled over in Kentucky because Biden sucked all the air out of the room, a trick he learned from Barky.




  78. Loved the Ruskie piece and the thread. Y’all are tonic for one’s mental health.

  79. NES, sorry I missed you, girlfriend!

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