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  1. Funny! I see he’s put the oil spill on his map behind him. Making McChrystal into a tiny fly that Barry swatted away was brilliant!

  2. Excellent.

  3. Oh Joy! Oh Joy! Another HISTORIC Speech!!!!

    Obama Immigration speech Thursday
    Posted: June 29th, 2010 01:14 PM ET

    From CNN White House Correspondent Dan Lothian
    (CNN) – Sources with knowledge of the plans tell CNN President Obama is set to deliver a speech on the need for immigration reform on Thursday.

    The speech is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. ET at American University in Washington, D.C..

  4. Uncle Jay is a satirical genius. How he gets away with looking so innocent while turning the screw is brilliant.

    imust, not another one. What is happening that he hopes to deflect attention away from?

  5. I dunno HT, what MORE could happen? Opps, you’re never supposed to say that….[cue thunder and lightening]
    I suppose he’s tired of Governor Jan Brewer going on TV and telling him to DO YOUR JOB! Time to turn her into a fly and swat her away I guess.

  6. imust- is there where he reveals he has given blanket amnesty by executive order?

  7. Perhaps PMM. Details are sketchy about the speech. Only the date and time.

  8. There is so much that Barky can spew and hurl about PMM. It’s a coin toss.

  9. Details are sketchy about the speech.

    That’s appropriate, considering the speech will be sketchy too.

  10. A little bit more now from AP news on the latest, upcoming, most historic speech evah!

    The White House said Obama would deliver a speech soon on “the importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform” but didn’t give more details.
    Given the difficulties of achieving a comprehensive bill, participants in the White House meeting said there was also discussion of attempting to pass smaller pieces of legislation — such as a bill focused on agricultural workers, or one that would help illegal immigrant youths attend college.
    Obama is to meet Tuesday with Hispanic members of Congress.

  11. More redistribution of wealth?
    “one that would help illegal immigrant youths attend college.”

    Let me see- oh yes- I think I might have to wash my hair Thursday night.

  12. One disaster visits another:
    Biden visits gulf spill area

  13. Just what they need, a real pick me up chat by our VPOTUS. They should stick it to him and ask why the skimmers are not being allowed. Surely, the VPOTUS can cut through red tape? I do hope Uncle Jay will work on the new retirement age.

  14. mcnorman, thanks for the link. I particularly like this quote from the CG commander
    “While we have not seen any need to waive the Jones Act as part of this historic response, we continue to prepare for all possible scenarios,” Allen said. “Should any waivers be needed, we are prepared to process them as quickly as possible to allow vital spill response activities being undertaken by foreign-flagged vessels to continue without delay.”

    Note the use of “historic”. Definitely this is historic, but I quibble with his choice of words. Should it not be “historic non-response”?

  15. Ah, a Very Important Speech!!!!! More Important than the last Important speech, even!!!! More Historic than the Last Historic Speech, even!!!

  16. HT, I don’t know if the fumes are doing something to the CG, but I am astounded by that statement.

  17. Great ‘Uncle Jay’ clip–as usual.

  18. you know I often wondered why it was that I heard so much crap spew out of D.C. but after being in Southern Cali for short of two weeks I now know just how it is these ass heads got where they are and are able to do what they do. I am really thinking a brain enema is strongly needed to the most of the population out here and those who have stayed in this cesspool who still use their heads for something other then to hang a hideously tacky hat from might stand a chance of saving one of the prettiest states in the union. I will not hold my breath however. I swear to you that going out in public is like watching a rerun of night of the living dead. I doubt there is much in the way of intelligence out here. I know there is but I think they are hiding to keep from being absorbed by the Nancy, Boxer, Obama, and Reed followers. God save me I hate it here and hope I am not here long.

  19. utah- never been to California- never plan on going to California. Earthquakes, Ronald Reagan, Arnold, more earthquakes, legal (for medical of course yah right) marijuana, did I mention Reagan? Nancy Pelosi, Boxer, etc etc etc.
    Nope- nothing out there for me. Oh did I mention my younger sis who went there, met a scientology creep and had to join the Air Force to get away from those people?
    Stay strong- not long.

  20. Hi Utah, hang in there girl!!! Brain enemas, LOVE the idea!! But I prefer we start the procedures in DC…….no sense rocking the boat you know those DC critters expect the best and latest in medical treatment anyway so why stop now, LMAO!

    PMM California is a beautiful state and you really should see it. Nobody says you have to stay but if you get a chance go check it out.

  21. Hey. I live in California and I think my brain is just fine thank you very much. I wouldn’t want to make blanket statements about the people of any state.

  22. imust, are you sure about your brain? Seems to me, it has an unnatural attraction to Penguins and Pie. All that said, I agree with you. There are loonies everywhere.

    NYSmike, that is one very troubling article. I wonder ….. It would be a terrible shame if Community Banking died.

  23. oops, must check before posting. really meant “are you sure” not “as you sure”. It must be all that banging head to desk I’ve been doing lately.

  24. HT- head banging seems to be catching lately!
    imust- your brain seems to be in good working order – must be the anti dote affects of this blog! 🙂

    I just seriously have had a phobia- unreasonable as it may seem to others- of going to California. And I might have stuck my toe in once when we went to Reno. I get all panicky inside even thinking about going where there are big earthquakes.

    yes- there are loonies everywhere- maybe the ones in California get more than their fair share of attention what with nancy drawing all the media flies.

  25. And does anybody know what the hell happened to the summer? It is definitely fall weather here today- cool and breezy- even the sky is an October blue!

  26. uthawoman, During the primaries we saw the media and the obots attack whole states with slurs like you did above. I hope you just wrote it as an exaggeration, to let off steam.

    imust is one of the sharpest people here. Intelligence is not regional and knows no borders.

    btw, It is Harry Reid, not Reed.

  27. Pie for imust! you know I love you and all the California Uppityites!

  28. Utah is in a state of high agitation. She has relocated to care of her mother, leaving husband behind. She grew up in California and just doesn’t like it there because of the cost and taxes and handout mentality, so I’ll just ask that you consider that. imust and socal must be two of those people she can’t find because they are hiding. lol. Oh, and NES. NES is there too. Well not right now. Right now she’s in Europe.

    Anyways, I know of Utahwoman’s mission and I guess that’s why I didn’t mind her blowing off steam. Utahwoman in California is like a fish on a bicycle.

  29. Mom, we had the same weather today, north of the 43rd parallel. Yesterday it was over 90, today it was 65 to 70 depending on the time of day. Normal temperatures around here at this time of year hover around 75-80. Bizarre.

  30. well if it cools off much more the tomatoes will quit growing- I might have to give them blankets!
    Got a handful each of red and black raspberries today! 🙂

  31. Yup Mom it’s a bit cooler here too today. I like it, to be honest. And my motto is, as long as I don’t have to shovel it, it’s fine weather.

  32. I think we ought to ship Utah to New York City and record her nervous breakdown.

  33. Wall Street would love nothing more than to force community bankers to do business under their theiving umbrella. Yum! That’s why they put it in the law. I have banked with the same local community bank for years and I’ll be damned, I’ll put my money under a floor board before Bank of Ameria, HSBC, etc. etc. gets any of it and then charges me for the “pleasure” of keeping it there.

  34. well it is 63 here right now and going down to the 40’s tonight- damn it! I want my summer back!

  35. Uppity, your forgot the Mamas and Papas – California Dreaming. Guess you were just a curmudgeon in training – not that you’re a curmudgeon – that’s my area of expertise.
    Mom, I thrive in cooler weather – hate cold and extreme hot, which seems to be all we get lately. The 40’s at this time of year is unusual, but I’d have all windows open – ah sleep, which I don’t get enough of when it is 80 degrees.

  36. Aww..no harm done. Thanks karen, PMM and Uppity. For the record, California picked Hillary in the primary. I didn’t vote for Arnold or Reagan and Nancy is not my congress person. I love California. It is a beautiful and diverse state. As for the people, some of my favorite people live in this state 🙂
    I might add that we are a large state with a population of over 40 million people, so there’s bound to be a few…different personalities. Compare that with say….Utah for example, population is less than 3 million which is actually less than the population of Los Angeles. Utah is a beautiful state as well as is Pennsylvania, and New York, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere but California.

  37. 40 million? I had no idea of the number of people in California. Wow, that’s more than in my entire country (which is larger than yours) and it’s almost 25% of the population of the U.S. Impressive, and definitely, the volume makes homogenous ideas impossible. That begs other questions, such as percentage representation, but it’s none of my business, being a Canuck and all. We have the same issues up here to a degree vis a vis representation.

  38. Yeah but we have to face it. Every year, they tip the country sideways, they alternate which side they tip it on. Then, in rotation, all the wierd people fall into California and New York. But that’s what makes it fun. Unfortunately, we not so wierd people end up paying for the not so productive ones. HOnestly, I could never live out in Utah either. Without room service, I’m hopeless.

  39. not that you’re a curmudgeon

    Not that I’m not.

  40. HT I sleep with a window open in winter. I like my air.

  41. that’s sweet imust. Watch Utah read the first post from Karen, go ballistic and I’ll have to start all over again. lol.

  42. imust- CA citizens picked the right candidate- as did many other states- the problem was the asshole superdelegates that were supposedly created to keep the party from going over the cliff- they totally went against the voters-
    We all see how that’s working out now don’t we?

  43. Sorry, I overestimated CA population @ 40 million. For the record (as in I looked it up) as of April 2010 = 36,961,664

  44. Yes PMM. California was Clinton Country. Bill and Hillary. And curse those super delegates.

  45. LOL- I closed all the windows because it is so cool out! HATE cool weather- reminds me winter is inevitable!
    I have a sweatshirt on and I am still chilly. Turned on oven- roasting chicken for dinner.

  46. Mom, California is nice. I like it. For visits. I like my seasons. And I’m not too fond of earthquakes. And even less fond of the kind of creatures that enjoy California weather. Ditto for Florida. Family home down there for decades. I sold it. I just don’t like my sneakers sticking to blacktop in summertime. I hate snakes. I hate alligators. I hate crocks. And I hate those cockroaches the size of Brooklyn that they euphemistically call Palmettos. And most of all, I hate the flat land and the missing foliage, like maple, pine trees. I like hitting the Adirondacks in the fall just to see all those trees for miles and miles and miles turn all those GORGEOUS colors. Granted, sometimes, it’s too cold but i am used to it. Yeah we have to shovel, but I don’t have to do it so who cares. I have this theory about blood viscosity. The reason why so many New Yorkers retire in florida and die shortly after is that their blood viscosity is set for NY winters. So they get down in florida and don’t change their oil so to speak and then they croak. My parents loved Florida though. They lived there from October to May every year, but me, I enjoyed the break in winter but no way I wanted to be there in August.

  47. HT fixit fairy visited your comment….re “are you sure”.

  48. imust, did you remember to include octomom’s family in the count?

  49. close enough imust, still more people than we have in all of Canada, which by the way, is a wonderful country full of contradictions – same as the U.S.

    Uppity, my window is open all year, with the exception of the worst storms – rain and/or snow. My windows are wood, and they are 37 years old (you can’t find wood windows anymore, without custom ordering) so I take care of them. Funny thing though, when I give up the ghost, the next owner will have them replaced with cheap vinyl covered pressboard, however, till then I lovingly paint them every two years, and repair them ….gosh, I’m sounding like an obsessed person. I’m in need of therapy myself. I still have the parquet flooring from when I moved in – 37 years ago and there are no replacements, because the quality of wood, and the size of tile are not compatible…..okay, I’m gonna check myself into rehab
    Did I mention my furniture, most of which is over 100 years old…..I really am in trouble. Help me! I’m an obsessive compulsive personality – but I do enjoy my obsessions.

  50. blood viscosity! LOL!
    Though I think you are right- our blood thickens and thins with the weather- I think that is why so many people get sick if we get really warm weather too early followed by more cold. The blood can’t keep up.
    Spent a summer working in Augusta GA- not one day under 100 from Father’s Day to Labor Day. TOO HOT!
    The city was beautiful and well located- but damn- 100 is too much even for me!

  51. I’m nerbous. My cat has to go to the vet tomorrow for teeth cleaning. I freak when I have to put a cat under. They don’t handle anethesia very well. Anyways, I have arranged to pick him up early, while he’s still coming out of it, so he feels secure with me. I will close myself in the den with just my boy and me and stay with him till he’s got his land legs back, make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. I’ve seen cats come out of anesthesia very depressed. Would have lost one if I hadn’t done what i’m going to do tomorrow. As it is, he hyperventilates at the vet he’s so scared. he hates leaving the house. So I aim to make this as easy as I can for him. He’s muh boy. My dog will be freaked when I come back home without him. My dog and that cat are inseperable. So she will help with him when I bring him home. Gah, it’s a good think I don’t have a kid. lol.

  52. LOL Mom, you remind me of my mother. She got the hell out of NY BEFORE the temp dropped and didn’t return until I could tell her it was at least 70 three days in a row.

    I have all the windows OPEN. I LOVE air!

  53. Larry KIng hanging up his suspenders for good!

  54. Well yah Mom, it’s like with the oil in your car. lol. NO WAY I EVER want to live where it reaches 100. I start wilting at 80.

  55. HT parkay costs a fortune now.

  56. OMG Thank you Jesus! Larry is leaving before he dies on the set. They must have took one look at him when he was doing that Obama interview and freaked. He was shaped like the Letter C.

    He’s been shabby looking for awhile but he turned decrepit almost overnight.


  58. Uppity, your cat will be fine – he knows he’s loved and that is the most important thing for any animal (human or otherwise) – with the exception of Zeke. I would posit that Zeke is the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, except, Alexander loved his mother. Anyway, you are a terrific animom, and the anikids know that you are always there for them.

  59. Live from NY, it’s Larry King Barely Alive!

  60. UW- Is this the same cat you took hyperventilating to the vets just a week or so ago? The poor thing!
    My two grandcats will be going to Louisiana by Christmas. By Christmas I say! Wait til my son gets a peak at the monthly bill for the prescription kidney food and the flea treatments! That boy SOOOO OWES ME!
    I will miss them- but will be glad when they go home to their own Mom and Dad- I live in daily fear one of them will keel over and my daughter in law will hate me forever!

  61. OMG, that clip – now I understand why my doctor is insisting I take tons of calcium every day. My geebus, his spine appears to have collapsed – Larry King of course. Obama never had a spine.

  62. calcium every. My geebus, his spine appears to have collapsed – Larry King of course. Obama never had a spine.


  63. Re: King. He also was saying some very wierdly stupid things on his show from time to time, which made me think not all his cans were in his six pack any longer. The one that comes to mind right now is when he was talking to Sharon Tate’s sister and brought up Roman Polansky. He said to her, don’t you hate him, after all, he killed your sister.

    Um. Duh.

  64. UW- Is this the same cat you took hyperventilating to the vets just a week or so ago? The poor thing!

    Yup, that’s my big Chooch. He’s a big big cat and it’s so sad to watch him be so scared like a kitten. Tomorrow I have to LEAVE him. I haven’t left him at the vet’s since the day he was neutered. Oh man, I’m gonna be a wreck.

    I had to take his food dish away. he’s like WTF???????????????????????

  65. It appears he’s quite frail and his wardrobe people are not helping the situation. At the very beginning of the clip notice how large the shoulder pads are in his shirt. Those huge shoulder pads give him even more of a hunched over look.

    BTW I saw a woman at the grocery store today with the same shade of lipstick as POTUS, LOL!!

  66. Yeah his suspenders kind of accentuate the shoulder pads and his “hunchiness”. Maybe that’s why POTUS wants to be interviewed by Larry, (aside from the softball questions) because next to Larry POTUS looks almost buff.

  67. OMG Somebody, how did you control the laugh?

  68. Here’s the commercial for Barry’s new line of lipstick:

  69. McNorman did Billy ghost write that song for Bambi, LOL!!

  70. Not quite in Europe yet, Upps. Leaving tomorrow. Bummed that Portugal didn’t win its match today — was looking forward to seeing a quarter-final involving Portugal in Lisbon.
    Hello Uppityites, apologies for my overlong absence. Did lurk tho’ and missed you all.

  71. Hi NES!

  72. Hiyas imust!

  73. I hope Uppity gets back before you leave. She may be tending to her cat. What’s your opinion of Elena Kegan?

  74. HT, your house sounds superb. I really enjoyed living in CA the first half or 2/3 of my life, but the last several years, its gotten insanely expensive (although no ones wages ever increase–hard to figure that out) and so crowded. We are trying to decide where to go from here, I would prefer seasons, but hubbie likes warm. btw, we are also having a strangely cool summer. No hot days yet, and today was quite cool.

  75. Yes, I want to hear everyones opinion of Elena.

  76. June gloom socal. Cleared up late.

  77. Me go balistic ? LMAO no not even California is going to do that to me. Listen I can speak of this state as I am a native to it. Born in San Louis Obispo in 1954 and left it in 94 and for darn good reason. It no longer was the state that I grew up in. It became nuts in it’s nanny stuff. As I said if you read it I know there are good peoiple here and I do know a few and yes there are some trying to change things and yes there is a ton of people and that is where the problem started. Too damn many people here. Too many that fell they should tell others how to live. Listen when mom dies I will not let the door hit me in the ass on the way out. I sold some very valuable property I owned here for over thirty years a few years back and took a loss due to the nutty renter rights laws. They have more right to stay free in your home and tear it to hell and you get to play in courts and pay a fortune to get them out. Then you can pay a fortune to repair it for the next set of dead beats. This house I am in now is on the coast and it will hit the market the day after mom is gone. I loved Calif I truly did and feel it’s lunatic policies drove me out and many I knew. Cripes reading your pay check stub and what you donate to the ” underprivileged is a ficking nightmare. I ran a business here for a great many years and well I got sick of this state robbing it . Having lived in other states and seeing it was not done there and they are managed better well you get the picture. What the heck happened to the Cal trans crews did they stop working all together ? These roads have more holes then swiss cheese. I do hope the smart folks that are left will get it together and save this state but as for me well I will get the hell back out asap. God save me because the nut next door is a Obama lover and is always singing his praises I want to commit murder. I was at the store and some guy was on a cell bitching about having to be finger printed and it costing him $ 70.00 and he does not get that kind of $$ on welfare yes I am serious and they should pick up the cost. Then went on to say how his home health aide is getting cut because he had a charge of child abuse on him and now could no longer get paid by the state. Bear in mind this man was on a cell walking in the store with no help and bitching about his welfare and home health aide worker. Imagine my anger, my dad worked here for 40 + years , paid taxes and had left mom on a fairly good pension and she gets 0 help so I have to come and give up my live to care for her. Fat chance she gets help.

  78. And as for NY Uppity as I have told you in the past nothing would get me to live there lol. I mean nothing.

  79. Well. I’ve lived in CA most of my life and I see things quite differently. You can have personal and financial problems in any state. I don’t know where you drive, but I don’t see pot holes everywhere. Cost of living is high, but it’s a beautiful place to live with many advantages and opportunities. From sandy beaches to majestic mountains. Cultural events in large cities and county fairs in the rural areas whatever suits your fancy. A drive up hwy 101 and hwy 1 is a wonder. San Luis Obispo, as you mention is a gorgeous place to live, I lived there for a while myself. We have some of the best Universities in the country. Silicon Valley, Napa Valley (Wine Country), the Entertainment industry and more. So you had some bad experiences while living here? Could’ve happened anywhere. Name a state and if I wanted to, I could trash it upside one way and another….but why? California, like all the states in this country is a great place to live. Anybody can trash a place and find fault, just ask Barry Obama and his Spiritual mentor. My family is here and to me, home is where your family is, so CA is my home.

  80. socal, my opinion of Kagan is she is very smart, very charming, very disarming. Unlike the rest of that court, she appears to actually have a personality. I cannot judge (scuse the pun!) her on anything else because I have NO idea what she is going to do. They are pushing her as a moderate in some cases. I hope so. I think the SCOTUS is out of a control and nothing but an extension of two crackpot hijacked parties. When America has to worry about a decision based on how much of the court is “liberal” or “conservative” we have lost our way with a SCOTUS. I have lived long enough to watch plenty of these silly circus confirmation hearings to know that whichever party the president belongs to is the party the next SCOTUS member will come from. I have watched the “other side” do the same dog and pony show over and over and over again, all they ever do is swtich sides being assholes. They are all assholes. I hate these two parties. They serve no one but their own dogma and agenda. Neither of them represents anybody real and all of them are in it for their own gain. So this time the democrats “win” the scotus. I don’t know what the big production is anyways, all she is doing is replacing another Democrat on the SCOTUS. Our SCOTUS isn’t worth spit any longer. Their only goal in life is to twist the constitution to bend to the agenda of their party. Nothing more. They call it “interpretation”. Bullshit. It’s so obvious it’s pathetic. We get screwed either way, so this is all a big yawn. Even these two crackpot parties admit it all in their own way. The old 5 to 4 routine isn’t obvious or anything is it? The most amusing part of it all, if one could even call such a powerful body funny, is that both sides pretend that when they like a decision it was decided ‘correctly’. And when they don’t like a decision it was decided on “politics”. Face it, everything except the very mundane decisions on that court revolves around a policial party’s agenda. Now that’s pathetic.

    I liked Sandra Day O’Connor. I hated to see her grow old and retire. The rest of them are seriously skewed one way or another. Frankly I think several of them are insane, or as a minimum, drunk with political power. I don’t think smarmy dictatorial vice presidents should be hunting with SCOTUS members either. But basically, all that was was an In Your Face confirmation of what we already know.

  81. On my malicious side, I also understand Elena is a lesbian. I find that delightful and can’t wait to see Fat Tony stroke out over it.

  82. utah,

    Those of us who have gone through the aging and death of our parents know what a hard ordeal it is even with support and under ideal situations it is still heart wrenching emotional.

    You’ll be back home someday and comfortable again in your surroundings.

    I was in NY for 47 years and now live in a log cabin in the woods. I love going to cities still but am now bothered by the air pollution since I’ve been breathing clean air for 7 years now.

    When I’m walking in a city and a bus or truck sends up clouds of smoke, I used to walk through it unscathed but now I cough and my eyes water. We get used to climate, noise level, etc. of where we live and we become adapted to it.

    People are another whole thing. There are good and bad everywhere. I was down in VA last month and ran into the most clueless prius driving aging hippie obama praising woman. She was a worshiper. She had her car proudly filled with hopey-changey bumper stickers. She lit up with rapture at the mention of his name. The nuts didn’t all roll to California.

  83. Karen , No not all the nuts are here because the rest went to NY lol. With the large population counts you can safely say that is where the vast majority are. Bear in mind that as long as I have been alive it has been the trend that as California goes so goes the nation. I too at one time used to think that Californians were the most important in the USA as do many Californians and that is until I realized that not everyone wants to live just like them nor do their laws work in other places. Hell they do not even work here and it is clear to see. When your taxes are the size of a mortgage payment on todays market and yet the streets are riddled with tire eating pothole and cars are spewing black clouds of smoke it is clear to see smog control works in less populated states but not here and roads are not fixed with the over priced taxes collected from DMV.
    Southern Cali seems to think it is entitled to tons of water while the rest of the western states like Utah and Nevada conserve. I know because I lived there and watched the lakes drain andcame out here to see broken sprinklers pouring it out on the freeways. Lawns are lush and green here but in Las Vegas you have to go to zero scape to save the water, the same water Los Angeles pumps in vast amounts. LA drained Owens lake and destroyed many farms and people out by Lone Pine and when they lost it all then someone intervened and made DWP replace the water. But that is only after so many lost their livelihoods and I lived there and had to breathe the dust from that dry lake for years. The lush forests that were kept that way by logging are now dead and for what saving a bird that lol has gone anyway and now they are full of bug killed trees that would have been cut down and not allowed to spread.
    Los Angeles school district was the top in the nation and now look at it. I would go to jail before I allowed my kid to attend a school here. I am not upset about my moms condition trust me I am not but I am more upset with her selfishness and her ability to rob a child of a life and having to listen to how she is entitled.
    I am upset that I have to now pay high dollar for things grown here when it was cheaper elsewhere and they were shipped from here. I have to breath this darn foul shit smelling air they charge you big bucks to keep clean and wonder when the hell they are going to get started. This state unfortunately tends to lead the nation and it is because of population and it scare the hell out of me.

  84. well, utahwoman, life isn’t what it used to be. I hope relief and peace is in your future and for all of us. It sure is a rough world to live in in these modern times.

    If we could just reset the world and go back in time and do it all the right way, what a wonderful world this could be.

  85. Karen , No not all the nuts are here because the rest went to NY lol

    That’s not true! Okay, it’s true…but Geeze!

  86. Thanks Uppity. That’s what I thought also. It would be nice if we could have a scotus thats above party politics. btw, I am still looking for my Dads recipes. I got his last box out of storage and they weren’t there. I’m asking my sibs, but haven’t heard back from all of them yet.

    Utah has a lot of good points. Calif seemed terrific to me when I was a kid, but now has gone to hell in a handbasket. And she’s right that we pay more for food grown here than the people in other states where its shipped to pay. Unbelieveable how much food costs here.,

  87. I respectfully disagree with you socal that CA has gone to hell in a handbasket. We do have a higher cost of living here and a higher cost of running business. A grocery store in CA has higher costs than the same store in another state. Profit margin for grocery stores is not as high as you might think. California, like the rest of the country, has changed. I’ve visited states recently that I had visited years ago and…..surprise….they had changed! It’s a matter of opinion that CA is is bad as you and others on this board are saying….as a resident myself, I happen to disagree.

  88. imust- you need to run for ofice out there! Obviously you care very deeply for your home!
    Hubby tells me I actually have been to Ca- We went to Reno some years ago- and visited Lake Tahoe for a few days. It was gorgeous- and we went to a tiny little church that was exquisite! (The only reason I would ever go back is to bring you pie and stick my toe in the Pacific!)
    I left my home state of MA- got way too far left for me- and now I am in Specter/rendell/Ridge country- talk about out of the frying pan!
    OT- was it you who got the e-mail about applying for some oil spill compensation $? I got that e-mail today.

  89. Well PMM, I might hold you to that PIE and I’d be happy to go to the ocean with you as well! I didn’t get the email on oil spill compensation, I did get one from John Kerry asking me to help fend off the mean-ol’ Republicans who want to reverse all the “good work” the Obama people have done in 18 months (excuse me while I puke) Okay, better now.

  90. Well we will take a look and see attitude here with CA. I know states like ND, WY, MT, ID, Tex, Ut are standing firm on not bailing it out. I wish to hell that AZ would pull the power plug to LA and funny that some here in LA wish they would too. I am still pissed off about the PG&e power scam. I lived in Las Vegas at the time there were rolling blackouts in Cali because they needed more power. Nevada Power sold them power for as long as the demand for it was there and what did we get ? Our power bills tripled because PG&E did not pay for it. So Nevadans got stuck picking up the tab for power supplied to Californians for the next three years. Some here will disagree that are Californians and as I said I would have too many years ago until I left and saw it for what it really is. California because of climate and population tends to feel it is the USA. I speak to several from here daily on a message board who have lived here all their lives and they too want the hell out because they know it will never go back to what it once was. With all the numbers here who are not working and drawing aid I wonder just how long until it collapses ? It is close now. Am I mistaking that they had to pay with I.O.U.s and then the stores and companies that were taking them stopped due to lack of payment ? I am right above 2 large refineries and they are operating because I am cleaning the soot from them and smelling their stink daily yet gas is how much more out here ? Jaysus I need a bank loan to fill my truck. Oh yea according to my neighbors I am an asshole for driving it in the first place and should get a small car. After that comment I pointed out that in their yard sits 7 small cars and they all run daily. Kids to school etc. Hmm who is the gas hogs ?

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