Rep. Pete Stark. Stunningly snotty.

This isn’t about whether or not you agree with securing the border or not.

It’s about just how stunningly snotty and  Fuck-You arrogant our Congress Critters have become.


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  1. He’s been an idiot for a long time. This is o/t UW, but worth listening to. I remember when we all were screaming about this and the msm coverage——move along; nothing to see here. I would like to hear what Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP have to say about this. Then again, maybe not.

  2. Wow, that’s a Congress person who is dependent on the voters and has managed to really PO most of the people in his audience?

  3. I saw that getfit. It figures. I hope everybody is enjoying this ludicrous party because it’s going to end and lots of people aren’t going to forget.

  4. It’s going to be a great party, Uppity! The people will get to have all the fun and the congresscritters will be the ones suffering the hangover.

  5. It reminded me of the video where Barney Frank insulted someone who was asking a question. Very passive aggressive, much like our POTUS.

  6. What an asshole! Great title, stunningly snotty! Hope he gets voted out and the Independent guy gets his job. On both sides, I think a lot of the reps have nothing but contempt for all of us.

  7. This is the same creep who told us ‘ to get the fuck out of his life’ when we were faxing, emailing, etc. all of the superdelegates before the Denver fraud convention – isn’t he just a winner & think – he’s probably somebody’s father or brother or son or uncle – what a wonderful example of the male gender – BTW – I still have the email reply from him –

    Plus he obviously doesn’t understand that HE works for us – hope he’s up for re-election soon – he obviously needs lonnnnnnng vacation….

  8. yttik, what we are going to replace them with scares me as much as they do.

    Reid’s opponent opposes abortion, including rape, incest and endangered life of the mother. We are about to see some REAL Far Right arrogance again. Back and forth. Back and forth. Assholes, replacement assholes. Anti gay, mean, social meddlers, religious zealots. Beasts, really. They are the reason we have Barack Obama. To get rid of them. Well don’t think for a minute they will change. They will be the same assholes they always were and turn on us like junk yard dogs.

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  10. Uppity said: “Assholes. Replacement Assholes. Anti gay, mean, social meddlers, religious zealots.”

    And that’s the whole problem with ping-pong politics. Sharron Angle is not a credible candidate. But Reid is so hated, people would vote for anyone or anything to get him out of office. Rand Paul??? Please.

    But then, you have this jerk, a smug, arrogant Congressman with the 5th worst voting record in Congress, talking to his own constituency as if they’re a bunch of morons, declaring our borders are very safe. Really! Who will he be replaced by? Mussolini?

    It’s crazed and warped. I don’t know how you stop the merry-go-round. But I’m expecting more of the same, only this time there will be a “R” stamped on everyone’s butt. And within a very short time, people will be howling again. The whole damn system is corrupt. It’s working for the Wall St and DC/corporate crowd. But not for the average American. We’ve been left out of the equation.

  11. So true Peggy. And so discouraging.

  12. Okay remember the snake discussion? Remember i posted a clip from the movie, “Snakes on a Plane”? How about MAGGOTS on a plane…but it’s not a movie, it really happened!!!

  13. ………….shiver……

  14. He obviously not only drank the Kool-Aid, but he’s back for seconds and thirds. In fact, he’d like to pour you a glass of the stuff if you’re interested…

  15. Somebody in that room would have probably loved to hold his head under a pool of it, Unk.

  16. He’s been in Congress since 1972. These entrenched assholes are the snottiest bunch of all.

  17. Simply disgusting. He must be very proud of himself.


    I was having a bad day today and was totally discussed with our so-called government and their lack to balls to do any thing to help the country.
    When I saw this story I had to laugh. I guess it not just our current government, it has been lacking for years.



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