Uncle Jay Explains–July 5, 2010


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  1. That was cute! Uncle Jay does a better job with the news than our media.

  2. there is always a creative way to get around government laws.
    You just have to have a congress critter in your pocket. and they come pretty cheap today.


    It is like a big shell game with our money.



  3. It’s too bad that Mississippi doesn’t have one with the proper ties.

    McClatchy reported:

    A morning flight over the Mississippi Sound showed long, wide ribbons of orange-colored oil for as far as the eye could see and acres of both heavy and light sheen moving into the Sound between the barrier islands. What was missing was any sign of skimming operations from Horn Island to Pass Christian.

    U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor got off the flight angry.

    “It’s criminal what’s going on out there,” Taylor said minutes later. “This doesn’t have to happen.”

    A scientist onboard, Mike Carron with the Northern Gulf Institute, said with this scenario, there will be oil on the beaches of the mainland.

    “There’s oil in the Sound and there was no skimming,” Carron said. “No coordinated effort.”

    Taylor said it was a good thing he didn’t have a mic in the helicopter, because he might have said some things he didn’t want his children to hear.

  4. Taylor’s a Democrat. Tell him to call Joe The Golfer to be reminded that he doesn’t give a shit.

  5. And we’ve got that useless EPA jerking off “Testing” The Whale. Like as if it needs testing because using it would be worse than doing nothing. Jerk offs.

  6. Absolutely pathetic. These people are without conscience.

  7. China ignores Obama and puts American in jail for 8 years. Lots of influence there, Barack! Heckuvajob!

  8. What the hay? I thought everyone loved Barack?

  9. But nobody respects him.

  10. I just found this and thought it was a keeper.
    live blogging the writing of the Declaration of Independence from Phila in 1776. What a great way to teach kids what it must of been like back then.
    it is in three parts.


  11. http://rightwingnuthouse.com/archives/2007/07/page/4/

    please understand the only part I wanted was the three day blogging of the continental congress and the declaration of independence.
    I do not care about the other posts if they show up. I do not know how to isolate the 3 days. What a good teaching tool.

    This guy did a live blog of the Battle of Gettysburg also.



  12. This will make your day. Posted on Big Pink and brought to you by the Nation that Chairs the Committee on Women’s Rights at the UN. Uppity – you had better be sitting down….

    (CNN) — An Iranian human rights activist warns Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, a mother of two, could be stoned to death at any moment under the terms of a death sentence handed down by Iranian authorities.

    Only an international campaign designed to pressure the regime in Tehran can save her life, according to Mina Ahadi, head of the International Committee Against Stoning and the Death Penalty.


  13. Whoever lives in Oakland and added to the Photoshop fund – I don’t know who it is


    thank you!


    I should be able to order it this week! YAY!

  14. I think I posted a video back when they gave those bags of shit a place on the Women’s Rights Commission over at that useless corrupt UN, of an Iranian woman who put her life on the line to tell them just how bad Iran really is to women, but of course they ignored it, just like they ignore all other abuses of women, because to the goat fuckers in the UN, women are not part of human rights, as they aren’t humans. So they are going to kill another one. What else is new? Until we dump that fucking UN and all the abuser nations who left their homes where they milked goats to act like big shots at the UN, we will get nowhere with this issue. And this is especially so now that we have the biggest sexist misogynist pig in the history of the White House sitting in the oval office.

    Women in this country are truly stupid. NOW is stupid. All of these “women’s groups” are stupid, and they are helping prepare the fabric for their own burqas. Too bad other women will be dragged along with them. I give up on the women of this country FF. THey are their own worst enemies and I can’t help them and neither can you. As a second wave feminist, who marched in the rain and snow at a time when people COULDN’T just appropriate the word “feminist” as their very own while bastardizing the equal rights of women, I see only one feminist surviving who is Real any longer and that’s Phyllis Chesler. Unfortunately, she is older now and is very wrapped up in the plight of Israel. The other feminists ostracized her long ago when she warned them of the very thing that they are getting closer to and they didn’t like it. They would far more like to pretend that Islam is no threat to them, so fuck em and let them eat a vibrating cell phone, because they helped to give us this pig of a president.

  15. These “Women’s Rights” groups who do nothing should all have a by-line entitled “Goat-Fuckers for Allah” .

    the CNN Story chills me to my bones, makes me want to ry, and makes me sick to my stomach that this goes on and on and on. And Barry plays golf and flips off women.

  16. Addendum: NOW is useless and foolish, with the exception of Marcia Pappas, of NOW NY, who Gets It.

    And, Phyllis Chesler married an Afghan in her younger years and was trotted off to Afghanistan, and had to escape. So she knows first hand what animals these people are. Her sisters couldn’t stand the truth. Thus they needed to get rid of her.

  17. FF, hooray! Isn’t it a kick to find out you have so many fans?

    Vis a vis your link to the case of Ashitiani, I found the comment from the state department to be really weak.
    “We have grave concerns that the punishment does not fit the alleged crime, ” Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley said Thursday. “For a modern society such as Iran, we think this raises significant human rights concerns.”

    the punishment doesn’t fit the alleged crime? Could they not have come up with a stronger statement, something along the lines of the caveman mentality that enables these monsters to impose these types of penalties? Religion of peace? Stoning? Of course, it’s mainly a penalty for women. Funny – my neighbour is a Muslim from Palestine, and her husband is a Muslim from Kuwait. They are a lovely couple, but totally immersed in their (what I believe) backward ways. I’ve helped them out on a number of occasions, and one day she decided to try to convert me. I heard about the religion of peace, and if only I would read the Koran, I would understand. Stopped her dead in her tracks when I advised that I had read it, and the bible also, cover to cover – was familiar with Sunni, versus Shia, versus Sufi, versus B’hai etc, as well as the various sects that make up the Christian umbrella. And, horror of horrors, I was an atheist. Haven’t heard a proselytizing word since.

  18. FF, these organizations fall into the same category as AARP. Using the name but should be forced to stop using the name….considering they no longer do what they are supposed to be doing. In fact, they are part and parcel to the very problems that threaten the people they are supposed to represent.

  19. So you reached your goal then?

  20. Because if you haven’t reached your goal, you know I will sell my body and make it up.

  21. HT – the fan base is very humbling. VERY.

    I too have a family of Muslim neighbors. She is a delight. I finally met him a few months back at a big Plant Show where they had a booth (The have a store called “Treasures of Morocco”)
    When I introduced myself to him, I put out my hand to shake, and he only nodded his head. Maria, the women, told me he does not shake hands nor touch other women. “It is not his custom”

    I have driven past their house numerous times. The kids (and there are many tho I am not sure they are all theirs) are often out weeding the lawn with Maria and another woman, and there he sits with other men. She wears the hajib, as do the girls. She is SO NICE and very friendly. He seemed like a – well – like a Muslim Man of the 6th Century.

    It makes me want to kidnap her! LOL

  22. Don’t count on the state department to fix this. They work for the president. If women wanted to fix this, they should have elected the woman for president, not the poster boy for the 57 states.

    He’s meeting with Netanyahu tomorrow. We shall see. It will determine whether the USA helps them or they go it alone, because I have no doubt that Israel WILL go it alone if they have to. They have been threatened and holocausted before and they have no intention of allowing it to happen again. They wlll all die first, but not at the hands of anti semites rounding them up again. They will wreck havoc upon the savages of Hamas, Iran, et al first. And the time is drawing near when we will all find out exactlly what barack obama is instead of just guessing.

  23. Happy Day after the 4th –

    The news today is just as depressing as the news was yesterday – was flipping around the blogs & in my travels – found this on utube – for all of us ‘old small’ people as compared to ‘young small people’ – you might enjoy or at least bring up some happy memories


    hope it works ………………..

  24. I just heard on the news that the fraud and his minions are really gonna go all out for Netanyau’s visit – big dinner, photo op, the works – my question is why? what changed since last visit when he didn’t even get a glass of water?

  25. okay – that link didn’t work – someday I will figure out how to embed the whole thing

    see if this one works………………….

  26. Uppity, yes, it will be interesting – I don’t subscribe to the opinion to the closet muslim scenario for BO, I think he is a man who has never held an oppinion unless it is of benefit to himself. Funny, if he honestly thinks that the Imams in charge would consider him an asset, he is sadly mistaken. He is a useful tool, but he doesn’t live a supposedly muslim life, so he is an infidel – useful tool.

  27. Uppity – “Have I reached my goal yet?” Depends on several things:

    Somebody (ours) sent me a link to a site that sells It for less than Adobe and it SEEMS alright, but I want to make sure it is the NIB, with the books and disks, unopened and registerable and upgradeable legit version – and not just some download of a program or something else. I want the REAL DEAL. It is far too much money to hit “send” on Paypal and get a “Sorry Sucker!” memo in my inbox if something goes wrong, or if I someday change computers. I have written to them and am awaiting a reply.

    The other site I saw was the same deal – and I wrote to them with no reply.So screw them.

    If I don’t feel right about any of these places, I will go through my sister – send her the money – and have her order it directly from Adobe with her teacher’s discount. I just have to call Adobe first and get their bottom line and learn what sis has to provide to get it. (Paystub with Board of Education, etc on it)
    ALSO – that it can be loaded on my computer – that is, not one she has to give a serial number for or something that would make it NOT load on mine. So, some research still to do. If I an get it from the cheaper place, I have the funds. If I have to order from Adobe with her discount – I am close. Very close. But if neither of these two options work, then I have a long way to go! LOL

    I’ll keep ya posted. And again, thanks to all! If I can get the Extended – we can have 3-D and animated headers! LOL (as soon as I figure out what the hell I am doing!)

  28. “we will all find out exactlly what barack obama is instead of just guessing.”

    an opportunist of the Highest Order

  29. 4.7 off of eastern cuba

  30. ff – if you can wait for another week (if possible) I will have some extra money & could help with purchase of software for you………………..

  31. FF, if it is associated with a computer serial number (and I’m not familiar with any software that demands that upfront), then have you sister give them your computer serial number. You are, after all, a resource that you sister depends upon, right? I’ve bought software many times – most have a three computer stipulation – I.E. the software licence applies to three computers that are owned by the licensee. For example, I buy Norton 360 every year. I don’t have to provide serial numbers, they just track every situation that is associated with my serial number. Hence, my daughter and her hubby get to download and protect their computers, although they don’t live with me. How can Norton prove otherwise, unless they spend a great deal of money to track it down, and realistically, if they did that, I would never buy Norton again. BTW, I bought my daughter’s and her hubby’s computers, so technically, they are mine.

  32. But nobody respects him.

    That is what happens when you are a one night stand.

  33. FF
    Ahoy Matie!

  34. IMO – all you need to know regarding human rights in Muslim countries is – ISLAM SUCKS………………… and that there are no ‘moderate muslims’ – their koran preaches that they are superior and that their duty is to destroy the infidels by whatever means necessary – lying, etc. – nothing is forbidden except pork, dogs, – jeez there must be something else – alcohol? nope they booze it up, drugs? nope do that too – don’t know don’t care but I will do everything I can to make sure that ISLAM sucks does not get a firmer toehold in this country – nobody but nobody will make me a wear a burqua – no Sharia law either – if they don’t want to abide by OUR customs and laws – go back where they came – this country assimilates other culturesbeliefs etc – they are not to be set up as separate little state/countries – inside of our country……………………….

  35. susiepuma, on July 5, 2010 at 3:40 PM Said:
    I just heard on the news that the fraud and his minions are really gonna go all out for Netanyau’s visit – big dinner, photo op, the works – my question is why? what changed since last visit when he didn’t even get a glass of water?=============
    Good questions susiepuma. Our relationship with Israel has deteriorated under Obama. I think he’s trying to repair it to help his own falling poll numbers. That’s the reason he does everything.

  36. HT – I really don’t think there will be a problem with sis’s buying it. The licenses, as you say, are usually for 3 computers. So all she needs to do is tell them she has a laptop at her “vacation home” out-of-state and is it ok to load on that one.

    Susi – THANKS!

  37. What I want to know is WHO are these “Muslims” Barry want to make feel better about themselves? Is it a country? If so, which one? Is it the Whole of the Muslim World? If so – which sect? If this is now NASA’s MAIN MISSION, I am sure the Israelis are delighted to know our years of research and technology will be handed to these barbarians who stone women to death.

    The Women of NASA need to stand up against this.

  38. better relations- hmmmmm – I have an idea- send them all to the farthest reaches of the universe-without women of course- can’t have unaccompanied women- and LEAVE THEM THERE!

  39. FF

    Adobe generally tracks the serial number of the computer (and other wonderful tidbits) from the computer on which the software is installed and ACTIVATED. It is the activation process that sends them all the info on your system.

    If they do ask up front – HT is right make sure you give your sister YOUR computer’s serial number.

    Example 1:
    Boss had notebook stolen at airport. Had to buy replacement. Adobe – since it was not the original computer and I had not “DEACTIVATED” they made me wade through and verify 15 years of upgrades (serial number for each version) as well as the original serial number from the first version (save those codes!) Four hours later – I did have Acrobat reinstalled and working without nasty warnings from Adobe.

    Example 2:
    My hard disk failed on my old Dell. Ordered new drive from Dell and installed all software – including Adobe products as usual without a hitch. The installer sent a verification after the software was loaded and “pinged” Adobe and was activated automatically. Adobe keeps all that info and it “recognized” the computer (and connected to all my info such as email address) even with the new hard drive and therefore I did not have to go through hours on the phone with some tech person just to load and use the software.

    Any software that uses a direct feed to register or activate your software has far more info on your computer than you think. Adobe is annal about it.

    And yes – go for DVDs (I believe almost all of Adobes on on these now) not a download. It is much easier in the future to have the disk and materials.

    Extended” Oh My!!!!!

  40. Mt.Laurel, ain’t it fun. You pay many hundreds of dollars just to be treated as criminals when you are hacked.
    I think I once recited the experience I had with a chap teaching a course – the chap being the fella that hacked the DOD and Hewlett Packard – he’s very wealthy now. While I understand the lesson he taught, it appears that it didn’t last, and the rest of us pay the price.

    Insofar as the Muslim issue, I understand the normal Muslim who ascribes to his prophet, but I condemn the violation that is prevalent today – that has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with power and control. Same as the a&&holes that shot those doctors who were kind and compassionate enought to help women by providing abortion services – the killers weren’t muslims, and quite frankly they weren’t true cristians either – just men who felt their power was being diluted, so chose to terrorize women and doctors and anyone who didn’t agree with their world view. What is the difference between the muslim extremists and the xian extremists? They both hate women, they both want control, they both hate anyone and anything that challenges their effort at control.
    That’s one of the major reasons I’m an atheist. It has nothing to do with a god, it has everything to do with power and control over others. Just my opinion of course, so ignore this if it offends your sensibilities.

  41. FF,

    Is Photoshop tied to something you use for work? It seems like there are many other cheaper photo products out there.

    Then again, I use Windows Paint.

  42. I related some of my personal expereinces with unemployment for my blog post tonight.


  43. Thanks Laurel. And I figure I might as well bite the big one and go full borewith extended. There are a LOT of real-life things I can use that for in my work – and as always – I am planning ahead. Those little Genners (whatever iteration) may have been born with Photoshop in their cribs, but I have an atual work-ethic and am not distracted by text, twitter and a social life (sigh)…making me a potentially valuable commodity should I learn this inside and out.

    HSN is right down the road! LOL

  44. 15 – Photoshop is Industry Standard, and it is what I know – although I can learn more. I have never seen an ad for employment that read “Must be proficient in Windows Paint”

    just sayin’

  45. Understood, FF. I kind of assumed that, anyway. I keep fighting having to learn Microsoft Access. I use OpenOffice at home, but I have to use Microsoft at work.

    I don’t think you can be proficient in Paint. It only does 4 things 😛

  46. Yeah! FF! Now UW doesn’t have to sell her body!

  47. FF
    One more thing, the online direct “ping” style activation (not to be confused with registration with Adobe they are separate functions) started with Acrobat 8 (they are on 9) and Dreamweaver/Fireworks last version before current . I assume they have the same for the newer versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. ( I am assuming your dead Photoshop was an older version before Adobe got so carried away with things – I blame wi-fi and their ability to really track computers easily). It only lets you install on a single computer (the one that gets “activated”. You have 30 days to use before activating. After than it shuts down. They are not as picky with Photoshop Elements – but it is not $700 – $1000 per license. And of course it has its own proprietary format that is “not quite Photoshop” so it misses the mark in the professional design setting.

    Sorry for the info dump – having learned the hard way about the limitations Adobe now imposes – I think its best to be forewarned.

    Yes, nothing like asking for a pound of flesh along with those C-Notes just to get software. I do prefer the approach of Norton, McAfee and Corel. Load it up to 3 computers. (Plus some let you add more computers for a very reasonable fee). Not Adobe. They seem to have gone backwards in time (yes I am old enough to remember when Word Perfect dominated (not Microsoft Word) and Dbase III was considered the geek darling for data). Adobe knows it products are the industry standard in many of the web and design areas and you pay the piper if you want to work in those areas.

    NASA & Outreach to Muslims
    Does not compute. The comments under that article are interesting. There are actually people trying to say this a wonderful things and the rest of us are just – well not worthy of BO.

    The pictures of the Balcony speech
    What can I say. Put the photo in black and white (the outfits, the hand positions for both Barkey and Mrs Barkey, everything is just shouting the inmates are running the WH) and have Rod Serling come back from the outer limits to do an lovely intro about the dictator and his wife.

  48. NYSmike – I only saw her threats – I didn’t see any offers

  49. So laurel – lemme ask – if Sis buys the program for me at her discount, and has all my Serial Number stuff or what ever else she needs to buy it – and then she sends it to me unopened, and I install, the ping-back will be my IP and all will be well? So long as I communicate and register it in her name?

    And what if I get a new omputer? Certainly folks do that all the time and cannot be expected to dump these big bucks each time.

    Could she own up and tell them she was buying it as a gift to her daughter?

  50. My old copy of CS3 was, well – um, an old COPY, and Microsoft finally thew some downloads “updates” at me – which i often refrain from doing – and zap – no more COPY. With a message that told me a library file failed to load and “Please install the disk”

    uh….I know it was around here somewhere. NOT.

    But it lasted five years.

  51. I OWN a copy of elements, but it really is only an editing/catalog program and isn’t at all right for what I do

  52. Anyway – I’m beat and have a long day tomorrow

    Pray for Texas now too – they have tar on the beach in Galveston

    I’ll check back for more info in the AM. It might just be a lot less painful to scrape up the cost of whole thing. These discount places make me nervous and I don;t want to go to Adobe Jail

  53. Don’t worry FF, if you go to Adobe jail DE can photo shop you a file to escape!

  54. freedomfairy01, on July 5, 2010 at 10:00 PM Said:
    NYSmike – I only saw her threats – I didn’t see any offers


  55. FF, let us know if Adobe demands the serial number of the main computer, cause that is in my experience, totally specific to Adobe. For example, I can walk into any computer store and purchase a copy of the latest Window product. The store does not demand I provide my computer serial number. When I install, the software demands that I provide the OEM number or whatever serial number that is provided for the software I have purchased – it does not ask for my computer serial number, although once signed on to register the frigging software, I’m sure the company scans my computer to determine the serial number, however, I do not provide it. If it were otherwise, then I could not purchase any software to give as a gift, because I would never be able to provide the serial number of the person to whom I was giving the gift. And I don’t think any software company wants to be in a position of denying customers the opportunity of purchasing their wares as a gift. Hope that makes sense, cause I am trying to ease your concern about purchasing under your sister’s discount. Your sister could just be helping you out by purchasing the product and giving it to you as a birthday present, and realistically, would Adobe have a problem with that? Not likely – at their prices, they are probably just happy to have sold one more licence.

  56. FF
    Microsoft Updates fight with everything!

    The activation “ping” sends info about the computer (not you). Make, model and serial number and other technical info that links the serial number for Adobe with the serial number for the computer. I seriously doubt you have to have the serial number of the computer beforehand – its just once the program is installed they like to be able to find you (neighborly really – nosy neby neighbors who watch out their curtains).

    On the Help menu one of the items is Activation. There are two options Activate and Deactivate. If you have activated as part of the install process only deactivate is available and vise versa.

    In a perfect world, if you know you are getting a new computer, you Deactivate in order to move it to another location. Once installed – you Activate on the new computer and it then matches the Adobe serial number to the new computer’s serial number.

    Yes – they have made it this convoluted (well old fashioned – as in 1980s approach to software licenses). I will keep my fingers crossed that perhaps they have not yet inflicted this process on Photoshop and you can go along as before. DE might have more info specific to Photoshop.

    I think they still offer the the computer option (home and work – as long as they are not in use at the same time sort of thing) but I know to do this for Acrobat I had to call them to have the program activated on the second computer. The two computer option should also work for a new computer (just say new one is for home – work -on the road). Wireless broadband has made it much easier for vendors to keep track of products being used on more than one computer at a time.

    As I said I have had to reinstall under less than perfect circumstances and its best to just keep all materials.

    Elements has more going for it than Paint but its far from Photoshop . Corel is closer for finishing maps an such but still not quite print house standard.

    The Penguins and DE will keep you safe (and Bill on catnip wold probably scare the heck out of Adobe – they would not dare put you in Photoshop jail if the PAW talks).

    I think you are fine. I am sure you will be providing your sister with work you create using the software.

    Can you make the academic amount directly from Adobe’s education store? It would take away the fear of unscrupulous vendors. Those sites can look very – undependable. You might want to look at a couple university sites – they may have lists of vendors for students and faculty ti use .

    Studica has been around for a quite a while but some prices are no better than vendor direct.

    OK my inner geek side has talked more than enough.

  57. NYSmike – I only saw her threats – I didn’t see any offers

    There was a time when I could have raised that money really fast if I wanted to.

  58. 15 – Photoshop is Industry Standard, and it is what I know – although I can learn more. I have never seen an ad for employment that read “Must be proficient in Windows Paint”


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