Justice Thomas, sometimes it has to be your turn in order to “Get It”

We’ve discussed times when it was pretty clear that people have been inappropriately tasered. For example this 86-year old disabled, bedridden woman. This was in response to a 911 call for the woman, who was having trouble breathing. They also stepped on her oxygen hose to calm her down.  Nice people to give tasers too, hey?

If I were to check the internets, I know I could find countless examples of this abuse of tasers. Let’s just call it, “Tasers gone wild”.

Uber-Conservative SCOTUS Justice  Clarence Thomas never noticed these cases, though. They were all those ordinary tased people who are just so annoying to people like Clarence and Tony of Mussolini Party family roots.

But Clarence is noticing now.

It seems that hospital security tased his nephew when he refused to put on a hospital gown. His nephew was there as a result of a suicide attempt and he is also an epileptic. So after they tased this kid, he had a seizure. Nice people to give tasers too, hey?

Derek Thomas, 25, was admitted to West Jefferson Hospital on Thursday after what some news outlets described as a possible suicide attempt. When orderlies asked Thomas to put on a hospital gown, he refused and tried to flee the facility. That’s when security guards stepped in, and a scuffle ensued. Details were reported by several news agencies.

One of the guards punched Thomas, pulled out his hair and them shocked him with a Taser, the patient’s sister, Kimberly Thomas, wrote in an e-mail to ABC News. Because of the fight, Thomas suffered a serious seizure, she said.

“Security contests it was under doctor’s orders to Taser Thomas as opposed to sedating him for restraint even after prior knowledge of his epilepsy,” the e-mail said.

Well, Justice Thomas is taking time out from the top of the ladder he kicked out from under himself once he rose to the top, and he’s traveling to his nephew to find out what’s going on.

Nice of you to notice, Clarence. Took you awhile. You see, Clarence, in spite of the fact that your air is now rarefied, plenty of people’s nephews have been tased inappropriately. And this might come as a surprise to you, but other people’s nephews are just as important as yours. You see, sir, if they had known he was your nephew, they would have never tased him. My nephew? Well, he would be Shit Out Of Luck.

Nice to see you come down the ladder a bit and see how the real world is operating. Just saying.

I’ll just bet we see a case about this suddenly reach your court sometime in the near future. And wow, it’s a good thing there’s no tort reform law in place to block that lawsuit, Your Honor. Because that doctor and hospital deserve to have their asses sued to the nines. I wish you luck with that case.  Wink…Wink. Perhaps next time you think about your party’s tort reform fixation, you will consider the details wisely.

Hopefully, smug doesn’t look too good to you right now. I’m sorry that this happened to your nephew and I’m sorry it happened to that old lady who was bedridden too. Maybe something good will come of this. That is, if you don’t hop back up to the top of that ladder and kick it out from under you too quickly.

Be sure not to yell, “Who put the pubic hair in my coke!,”  while you are down here with the commoners. That might remind people of Anita Hill. Not that some of us have forotten….


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  1. Just cruising around the nets- and it is all so – so- so- FRUSTRATING!
    Makes me want to bang my head against the wall- IMHO this is not the governance the founders had in mind. We were not supposed to have a ruling class.

  2. Was talking to a neighbor who was questioning the leadership of this administration and asked “where is Obama?” while all this corruption is going on. Indeed.

    Where is Obama? Golfing, keeping up with his date nights, flying all over hell and creation in yet another “campaign mode”. This leaves plenty of time for the Party of No to continue undermining, plotting, planning and obstructing the process while doing absolutely nothing for the nation as a whole.

    In times like these where people are truly suffering as their livelihoods, homes, and quality of life erodes in favor of corporate interests and useless politicians, the “leadership” that promised “hope and change” has essentially all but disappeared. Withholding unemployment benefits as an example and calling those unable to get a job “lazy” is enough to send the average person into a nervous breakdown.

    Yet no one seems to give a rat’s ass. Better to say “no” so that when November comes around “gains” can be made by elevating the same corrupt people whose only difference is the political initial after their names. Discouraging.

  3. When has Thomas made a pro-Taser decision?

  4. Glad you put leadership and the slogan in quotation marks. I knew way back when that that fraud was a front man, con man- whatever- I knew he had absolutely no leadership qualities.
    We survived the Bush years- just barely. Not sure we can survive the next two. For sure it will all crumble if this nonsense keeps up. How many times can we lose 1/3 of hubby’s 401k before it is all gone?
    As for the party of no- IMHO that is yet another catch phrase. Seems to me that the Dems have had control of Congress for quite some time. I remember how wonderful I THOUGHT it was when a woman became Speaker of the House. That is not working out so well- she of the “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”
    Both parties suck. (As it was so eloquently put by another more brilliant mind than mine.) There is NOT ONE politician representing US!
    Retirement is off the table- we don’t have the nest egg anymore and they keep pushing the retirement age back. I feel like if I ever get back to work from this back injury I will be working until I drop dead- like my Great grandparents. JFG. Back to the future.
    As I said earlier, the best we can hope for is to create gridlock in DC- so neither side of the nutjob equation can do anymore damage.
    I used to be a Democrat- until they became the social engineering party from hell.

  5. Come on 15, you know exactly what I mean here. Now go fuck yourself because i am sick of your shit.

    When I put someone’s link up on my blogroll and send my friends to read about Monica’s blue dress, there has to be something wrong with me.

    And I didn’t appreciate you attacking one of my members and you know exactly who I am talking about.

  6. There I fixed it. You’re out of here and anybody who wants to go with you, No hard feelings!

  7. Yet no one seems to give a rat’s ass. Better to say “no” so that when November comes around “gains” can be made by elevating the same corrupt people whose only difference is the political initial after their names.

    My feelings EXACTLY. We will replace a bunch of facists with a bunch of facists. The only difference will be their method of abuse. Their sponsors are the same.

  8. I remember the Thomas confirmation hearing all too well. Joe Biden making speeches, Ted Kennedy on mute, Arlen Specter, Alan Simpson and the rest of those slimeballs, bowled over by the “systematic lynching” comment that had them ducking for cover as Anita Hill sat there and took the crap from both sides of the aisle.

    Since he was appointed to the bench, he has continually sided with big business and has passed over the civil rights of those who have petitioned the court from a distance that is too difficult to measure.

    Sorry about his nephew, but as you said, this stuff goes on all the time. Just that this one has hit home for once.

  9. I will pop in and out today- I am (obviously- sorry if I offended anybody) very cranky. I was reading a piece about the IMF telling us to increase taxes, get rid of the mortgage interest deduction and oh yeah- increase the retirement age for SS. It really got my Irish up. When the IMF gets the French and other EU countries to up their retirement age to our 67 and a half- then they can come and look at ours. Until then, imo, they can go take a long walk off a short pier.
    Here is a link to the piece that pissed me off- sorry I took it out on you guys! Truly sorry! I am going out to hunt berries and clear my head!

  10. MOM, you could never offend. This wasn’t about you at all. Not in the least. If you want, I will mail you Bill.

  11. Joe Biden at the Thomas hearings:

    “Women are like that”.

  12. ….throwing Bill in hole-poked box with a pound of catnip, taping it up….

  13. Anybody who thinks the savings from tort reform would be passed on to us “small people” is living in la la land.

    I really want a taser gun, though. I ask for one every Christmas. Nobody will buy me one. Go figure!

  14. Is it me or are the current candidates and those already “serving” becoming dumber and dumber as each year rolls along?

    It used to be that we assumed those seeking higher office were at least somewhat smarter then the rest of us but lately, when listening to the dialogue, and paying any attention to the up and comers, I get the distinct feeling that we are looking at third stringers or C minus students at best.

    Maybe it is just me but looking over the political landscape I come away with the distinct impression that few of them could be considered “smarter than a 5th grader”. No offense to 5th graders by the way.

  15. So tell me how do you keep the top of your head from exploding when your neighbor is singing Obamas praises daily ?

  16. But, but….the company that manufactures tasers and sells them all over the world says they are completely safe….so they MUST be or the big company wouldn’t say so right?

  17. More misogyny from our “Democratic leaders” anyone?
    BURBANK, Calif. – Vice President Joe Biden had to convince a skeptical Jay Leno on Friday that the United States didn’t get a raw deal from Russia in the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.
    Leno asked Biden during a taping of “The Tonight Show” why the U.S. was sending 10 accused spies back to Russia while getting only four in return.
    “That doesn’t seem fair,” Leno said.
    “We got back four really good ones,” Biden reassured Leno. “And the ten, they’ve been here a long time, but they hadn’t done much.”
    Leno then showed a sultry photo of alleged Russian agent Anna Chapman and asked: “Do we have any spies that hot?”
    Biden’s reply, in a mock-serious tone: “Let me be clear. It was not my idea to send her back.”

  18. I really want a taser gun, though. I ask for one every Christmas. Nobody will buy me one. Go figure!

    People are so cruel that way, aren’t they Swell?

  19. Uhm- Thanks for the thought UW- but remember I am on worker’s comp? I can’t afford Bill’s nip habit and besides I am still restricted to lifting less than ten pounds!
    Pat- I agree- they are getting dumber- and of course senility and dementia are setting in in the dinosaur incumbents.
    Perhaps the remodeling of the educational system was designed just for this- so the average American would not realize that the big companies had bought a bunch of sock puppets and plugged them in to DC.
    Give me back the old school system- you know- the one where teaching and learning actually took place? Where an “A” was earned for excellence? Sorry, but there was nothing wrong with dividing the kids in Junior High into divisions. (That’s what is was called in my town- division 71-79 and 81-89) The smartest kids were placed in the highest divisions- and taught at a pace that prevented boredom. The lower divisions learned at their pace. No dumbing down. When we went on to High School further divisions took place- college track, business track, general track and an option for the trades at the Vo-Tech. (Where students still had to take the requisite 4 years of English, 3 History, Math and Science plus the trade courses.)
    The best and brightest go to the big companies to make the big bucks. The sneakiest, sliest, most conniving bullies (IMHO) are the ones who go to politics.
    How the hell did we let this happen? And how the hell do we fix it?
    Term limits! If they won’t vote it- we have to impose it!

  20. Gee, did I miss something? I read all of Mom’s comments and there wasn’t one that struck me as off.

    I also remember the Thomas/Hill hearings and doing a slow burn more than once at the way she was treated by those macho jerks – disgraceful conduct on their part.

  21. I was so upset at what was done to Anita Hill, I called her office at the University of Oklahoma and left a message of support. I hope she got it. The nice woman who answered the phone assured me she would 🙂

  22. I’m not sure where it was mistaken but I can’t find a comment to mom that would imply a problem.

  23. The old school system? You mean the one before the federal government stuck their nose where they don’t belong? The one where you learned stupid silly things like how to read, speak, write and do math? The one where if you acted like a shithead kid, they called your parents and they took care of it for them? The one where parents were responsible for their own kids and the purpose of school was to LEARN? The one where you made your own lunch and brought it to school and if you forgot, you didn’t eat lunch? The one where, if you failed, you didn’t pass? The one where you were……..gasp…….expected to respect the teachers? THAT old school system? Naaaaaaaahhhhh, that didn’t work, right?

  24. So tell me how do you keep the top of your head from exploding when your neighbor is singing Obamas praises daily ?

    Easy. Don’t talk to your neighbor. He’s probably on some government program anyways. Face it, anybody on an entitlement program loves Obama. Except seniors. He hates seniors so he’s wanting to cut them off so they die.

  25. YES! THAT school system! (Though I can do without the rattan- my older sibs told me about that- enough to make me behave until at least 6th grade! lol)
    (earlier I was apologizing for my early morning crankiness- not fair to everybody else!)

  26. I wonder who has stock in the company that makes tasers? Looks like most of them are made in Arizona. Think Thomas might be hearing any cases involving Arizona soon?

  27. If had to listen to someone singing o’s praises all day- I would probably start smoking again!
    Barring that or murder- figure out what kind of music the neighbor hates and play it- loudly!

  28. Yeah Mom, THAT school, the one where you weren’t sure what was gonna happen if they had to call your parents, but you wouldn’t take that chance.

  29. Yup they will be hearing Arizona I’m sure. I hate to say this but the federal law is very clear. The federal government is ignoring its law. Now if they want to ignore it, they need to change it. This has been going on thru many presidents both republican and democrat, so it’s up to congress to either change it, and if not, it’s up to the president to enforce it. So at this very moment, the federal government bringing a case against arizona is tantamount to admitting they aren’t enforcing the law. That wouldn’t work too well at the SCOTUS, so they all need to figure out this issue one way or another pretty fast.

  30. Now it’s the opposite Uppity. The teachers aren’t sure what’s gonna happen if they call the parents….and they wonder if it’s worth the chance.

  31. I somehow don’t think Uncle Clarence is going to be *that* concerned about the nephew. After all, if he was, would the kid be going to a 2nd tier regional college in LA? He’ll probably fly in, talk to the people at West Jeff and “tsk tsk” a bit and leave.

  32. Uppity said “the one where you weren’t sure what was gonna happen if they had to call your parents…..”

    I was absolutely positive what would happen- and I had no desire to eat standing up for a week nor did I wish to write an apology letter or have Mom accompany me to school so she could MAKE SURE I read it before the class. Nope, uh-uh, not me! LOL
    I distinctly remember being told to mind the teacher and my manners. Phone call home- not good. Note home from school- also not good. Knew a kid once who got handed a note to take home and he “lost” it. Mhm, that was a dumb dumb move. When the teacher got no reply she called the kids Mom to inquire – of course the teacher called while we were at recess I imagine, so the Mom had all day to stew. That boy was sorry for real the next day.

  33. Apparently nobody ever told potus his JOB is to enforce the law- not campaigning or golfing- enforcing. But hey- he should know that being a professor right? right??
    Back out to the garden- it rained all day yesterday so it is weed and slug heaven again. Of course there are more zucchini out there and a few cucumbers. Of course the cukes do not want to climb- they want to run- bbl

  34. Ah, I remember well the days when the business of education was – well – educating. My parents made it clear to me, in no uncertain terms that if they received a call or letter from the school, I better have a darned good reason, and witnesses to boot. They also told me, and my siblings that if we were punished at school, that was nowhere near the punishment that we would face when we got home – good times. They never hit me (well maybe once or twice) but the groundings, the denial of special treats, and the additional chores were enough to convince me.
    Funny, I gave my kids the same lecture when they started school, and I followed up on a regular basis to check their progress – never missed a teacher meeting, and fortunately, never had a problem with either one. That’s not to say they were browbeaten – I never hit them. Actually, the gruesome twosome (all of 21 and 23) tell me they would have preferred being spanked – apparently my lectures were pure torture and the day that cable died forever, was probably the day they realized I was deadly serious.

  35. Do you remember early in the primary, before Obama cracked the knees of all those superdelegates who were supporting Hillary, how he said the popular vote was more important and the people should make the decision………and there was ole Donna Brazille threatening to quit if superdelegates pick the winner. Oops I guess they changed their mind and had to crack those knees instead because he lost the popular vote.

    I guess now they are thinking ahead again, figuring the supers are having Knee-Crack remorse.

  36. Funny you should mention slugs, Mom. I had to run out and buy beer. It rained here too and they were all over the land early this morning. You just can’t get rid of them all, but you can detour them from your garden with beer. And kill a few hundred a night in the process.

  37. Exactly Uppity. That’s how Obama has “won” anything, he eliminates the competition. All those who say that he’s gonna just bow out in 2012 and let Hillary have the nomination are going to be really disappointed. He can’t be a “one termer” like Carter, got to have another “historic” election. Oh and Bill Clinton got 2 terms so Barry can’t let Big Dawg have more than him.

  38. Funny about the superdelegates. They’ll all start turning on each other soon. They probably already are, behind the scenes. Barky’s poll numbers can’t be sitting well with a lot of the old timers.

    We picked up laker yesterday, and they did feel that earthquake. Laker said it was scary & the director called a “roll call” and they had to meet in the center of the camp for a awhile, til they decided to let them get on with their day. I was wondering if earthquakes were felt that high up (over 5,000 feet), now I know. Anyway, he had a great time at camp!

  39. Tend to agree, imust, gosh forbid the Big Dawg has a bigger “historic” presence. If only he realized, he’s going down in history as the king of the oil kill, the man who stood by and watched while the gulf was destroyed.

  40. Good news about lakerwade socal, thanks for the update. HT, he’d probably like the title, anything with “King of” I’m sure would be fine for the Ego-in-Chief.

  41. Socal, weight off the shoulders about Laker. I’m glad he had a great time, and that he wasn’t put off by the earthquake experience. What a trooper he is!

    imust, somehow I don’t think anyone would want to be known as King of the greatest marine tragedy ever, but then again, he would be First.

  42. Of COURSE Laker is okay. We demand it!

    socal, many of those superdelegates are up for re-election and not sleeping well.

  43. “…up for re-election and not sleeping well.”

    Ha! Good! A lot of them deserve to lose, although I wish it was to Independents and not Republicans.

  44. ya know, we have the same problem up here in the great white north, with one difference. Because we are a parliamentary system, we actually do have other parties that we can cast our vote for. Right now, there are 5 parties in parliament – and the leading party is in the minority so has to tread carefully, in case the other parties band together to throw them out. I know folks from other countries think this results in chaos, yet which banking system was regulated to the extent that it didn’t collapse and is now recognized as the most stable in the world. We have some quirky glitches, and frankly, since Trudeau, we haven’t had a really charismatic strong leader (although Cretien was close, and if Manning hadn’t been such a right wing ass, he could have been a contender) but you don’t appear to have the same choices, or perhaps it’s because the voting public doesn’t recognize that it does have choices. Which is it. Surely there are people who want to serve the people….aren’t there?

  45. Serve the people? Sure, sure there are HT:

  46. […] at lying directly and look like he’s truthful. A little over a month later, a comment on a Clarence Thomas post got me […]

  47. See that pingback from an old UW member, P4Palin AKA 1539days? He has a post about being banned here and declares it’s because of a clarance thomas post or some such crappola. This is a baldfaced lie and a huge sin of ommisssion. He got banned because he and his other CDS sidekick would not stop attacking imustprotest personally in her absence, and like two little malicious children on a playground, even after I warned them to stop. It was base, malicious and downright sinister and he was circling the drain very quickly from that moment on, as was the other person who was banned. I should link to the thread actually. I am sure imustprotest will remember the incident as it almost drove HER from this blog. imagine the nerve. Neither of them lasted long after that.

    It’s insignificant, though, since people rarely read his blog and he spends most of his time trolling Democratic blogs and wondering why he doesn’t last, but I just thought I would set the record straight. You can wait for imustprotest to appear to confirm. After that incident, he stepped up the obvious right wind bloviating crap besides.

    Alas…the comments were so toxic I deleted them, but I do think I have copies in a file somewhere. It was inexcusable toxic crap from both of these CDS people. Imagine faking you don’t have CDS on a Hillary blog. What kind of person does this?

    This is a far right guy who shows up at democratic blogs for some needy reason, who generally doesn’t have a thing to say anybody agrees with but you tolerate him because he forces himself to hide his CDS. However, on his blog he has no problem talking about the Clintons like they are dog shit, yet shows up all fresh and innocent on a blog like mine. Incidentally, I recall a post of his awhile after he was gone from here calling PUMAs stupid besides. Poor innocent sweet baby! So unfair being banned! Fuck him. Like he’s a genius and the rest of us are stupid. And they wonder why we will stay home instead of vote for them. Speaking of STUPID, the far right social conservative nutbags are so STUPID they actually drive us disinfranchised Democratic voters away with their drivel. It’s as if they are brain damaged and can’t help themselves.

  48. Sadly, I remember that post and that night Uppity. It was just as you described. As for P4P, he did try to hide his CDS and would slip in a zinger when he could. He went from here to TC and had them fooled and then moved to Crawdad’s place for a while. Weird as you say how he hung around Hillary blogs instead of Right Wing blogs. Sorry this had to be dredged up again.

  49. imust he was at Riverdaughter’s before myiq got him. He didn’t last too long there I don’t think. What they did to you was unconcsionable. Period. You have NOTHING to apologize for.

  50. The other thing I caught him doing was referring to one of my posts in one of his posts, but snatching it off of NQ intead of hear, imagining I wouldn’t get a pingback, which I did. I guess I am so “Stupid” it’s a wonder someone like him would bother referencing one of my stuipid posts. lol.

    When I part ways, I never bother the other person again, I treat them like a dead person, but if you are going to be sniping at me, expect buck shot back.

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