Mockingbird turns 50 years old today

On July 11, 1960, Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird, was released in print.

Lee kept her fingers crossed  It was her first book and she hoped people would like it and it would do well. At one point during her writing, Lee  actually threw her drafts out the window.

They read. They liked– Enough to win Lee a Pulitzer Prize. To Kill A Mockingbird has sold over 30,000,000  copies and has been printed in 40 languages. Most of us read it in High School. Some of us later taught it in High School. Mockingbird lives on.

Harper Lee lives in Monroeville, Alabama.  She is 84 years old. Nobody has had the opportunity to interview her since 1964 and she does not do public speeches or appearances.  She doesn’t need to. She wrote To Kill A Mockingbird.

There was one place she appeared, though. In 2007, President George W. Bush had the good sense to award Harper Lee the Presidential Medal of Honor. I wonder if Barack Obama even knows who Harper Lee is, to be honest with you.

Harper Lee wrote one book and only one book. Let’s face it, what’s left for a person to write after she’s written To Kill A Mockingbird?

It’s been 50 years. If you haven’t read To Kill A Mockingbird, or you only read the Cliff Notes, it’s time to pick up one of the greatest pieces of  life-impacting American literature ever written.

And then there was the movie.

….and here is the original movie “trailer”.


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  1. Oh man I loved that book. You’re so right about not needing to write others she could never top it and the impact it had.

  2. I read the book but the scene in the movie that always makes me blubber up is up in the balcony when the reverend admonishes Scout to “stand” in deference to her father. Gets me everytime. A beautiful piece of literature along with a magnificent movie that will remain forever one of the classics of all time.

  3. ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!!!!!!

    It is 8:51 AM EST. Those of you who can, tune in to FOX now as the movie that was made in 2008, documenting the caucus intimidation and lockout of Hillary Caucus people in many locations will begin being aired. This is a lenghty movie and will probably be shown sequentially over several days, in parts. It should start during this hour. They announced it.

    Freedom Fairy, you were right and I was wrong.

    Also, the movie I saw in the past must have been the first part and the rest must have been produced since then, up to now. Because the total is four hours. Four hours of torture and harassment by the Obama camp against Hillary caucus people.

    Update: No, it’s the same video, she is telling Megyn Kelly that she tired to get CNN, FOX etc to do something with it but they wouldn’t bother. I hold this against FOX as much as anyone. THey got plenty of LIVE videos mailed to them or caucus abuse and threats and DID NOTHING. IT”S TOO LATE YOU F**kers, now that it serves FOX’s purpose, they are “Interested”.

  4. I love the scene in Failure to Launch where it’s described as a manual for killing mocking birds.

    “Don’t Judge Me!”

  5. One of the few movies that didn’t disappoint after reading the book.

    Fast forward to post-racial:

  6. You can see the entire movie at, according to Allysson, but I can’t find it. FOX has the crudist news sites I have seen since the 90s. Hard to find a damned thing, no useful search system. Bleck. Old farts.

  7. Well Fox gave it some coverage- unlike any of the other supposed news orgs. Went to their site- there is a link to the We Will Not Be Silenced website.
    IMO – if enough folks click on that link- Fox will continue the coverage- and maybe the other assholes will follow along.
    Off to church- bbl

  8. But it’s too late. This should have been exposed in 2008. They refused. They all refused. So now it’s just a case of look at all the horses that ran out of the barn, let’s close the door.

  9. Aug 23, 2008,
    Aug 22, 2008 “Caucus thug stories”
    Shirley Jackson Lee harassed by Obama thugs (I had a video up have no idea where it went)
    Poll worker intimidating voters (“Video has been removed,” but you can see her face and already get the point)

  10. This is obama’s house

  11. Cheating at the polls

  12. Republican poll watchers kept away from polls all thru New Hampshire.

  13. April 2008 protest against media biased and voter suppression. at msnbc

  14. we will not be silenced..never..

  15. Agree, foxyladi. POTUS is no longer a blank slate as he claimed (ha, ha).

    UW, I remember these clips too well. My job right now is to forward them again. People didn’t look at or listen to them then, but the worm is turning. It’s too slow for us, but I’ll take it.

  16. Uppity it is never too late. With the ever increasing masses now looking for things and tuning into fox getting this message out about voter intimidation and fraud is great ! It most likely is what these goons plan on doing yet again in November and hence why they are so smug and going forward with what the majority does not want. I am betting by airing this fraud for the increasing numbers to see it will not happen again !

  17. getfit,the REALLY bad ones were removed from youtube. I had some REALLY bad videos of these people harassing and intimidating people.

  18. What about the one where they literally LOCKED hillary caucus people out of the building.

  19. Uppity – alot of PUMAs took screen prints & copied vids to their sites – just in case the obots did a cleansing – which they did

    I bet if we again got all of the stuff together – a big fire could be started

    I have several folders of stuff – emails, vids, etc. that I saved – especially after 5/31/08 – I should probably put it on flash drive in case my computer goes to hell and I lose it – PUMAPac has lots of stuff on file……………………

    Too bad that nobody cared but us until this DOJ shit happened – which reminds me – we also did prowls about this when it happened…………………… to everyone & I’m sure it was all deleted into cyberhell becuz no one thought we had anything important – lazy ass bastards – we did all the work – all they had to do was report on it – we would’ve provided all the back up needed

  20. Good girl Susie!!!! Why don’t you just send copies to Fox?

  21. great news about the voter fraud finally getting some attention, albeit way long after the fact. It took this long for media to figure out they can take off the kid gloves and let the freaking fraud have it.

    The fox site is having issues getting up the segment.

    Maybe the obama tech crew who used to visit all the hillary sites on primary days is on duty again?

  22. They’re talking about the documentary on fox again right now.

  23. Talking texas. Hillary 51 and obama 47, and then something went wrong at caucus, and they had obama participants who didn’t even belong there. Out of state, no id’s confirmed.

    If you recall Hillary beat obama 51 48 and then obama ended up with MORE delegates. They cooked it at the caucus.

  24. “anyone wearing a hillary button was told they could not vote that day”. Caucus.

  25. One of the greatest movies of all time…

  26. THIS is what bothers me. From the Fox site:

    Sunday Morning
    by Alisyn Camerota
    Hi Everyone,
    We have a great program today. You’ll meet a documentary filmmaker who says she has evidence that the Obama campaign commited widespread voter fraud during the 2008 primary. It’s alarming stuff that you’ll only see here.
    Sorry i won’t be able to comment until wordpress fixes the placement problem…

  27. It’s almost like the Republicans wanted Obama to win. Did they know he would do so much damage??

  28. Exactly, imust. I can’t tell you how may things we all emailed to them. How many people tried to get them to cover it. Videos taken live, living proof.

    Now they wonder how a guy got away with the billy club in front of the polls? But then, they were already empowered. I have no respect for fox for pretending this is news to them. They only are interested because they want to tie it into the DOA decision to let the billy club black panther go free.

    They sent obots by the busloads to caucuses in states they didn’t even live in.

  29. imust it’s just like that jackhole Hannity. We were emailing constantly to him for months about the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the day after the election it was Breaking News.

    FOX was as complicit in getting Obama elected as the rest of them.

  30. imust both sides just want to be able to blame the other without fixing anything,

  31. They registered goldfish, dead people, entire football teams, cartoon characters. In several states. Remember that one guy who said he registed dozens of times? How about that guy they caught in PA who lived in NY? It was endless and Fox didn’t give a shit anymore than MSNBC did. And that creep Shepard, that freaking jerk was the rudest bastard of them all to the people who appeared there to talk about these things. That asshole. I can’t stand his voice as it is, he talks thru his freaking sinuses. I see that creep and I want to barf.

  32. It’s only news (and the root of the word news is “new” btw!) when THEY say it’s news. If it fits into their agenda, or narrative then and only then will they report it.

  33. Yes they wanted obama, imust. They thought they could beat him. They knew Hillary was smarter, better and more capable and experienced. SHe scared them. Let me tell you, if Hillary ran in 2012, the same republicans who embraced us for Mccain would turn on us like junk yard dogs.

  34. …..and the truth is, John McCain ran the stupidist, most useless, most amateurish campaign I ever saw, including at the local level. He was pathetic. It was embarrassing.

  35. I’m not sure if they even wanted to beat Obama in the general Uppity. Either they knew he was Bush III and would continue his policies or figured he would be soooo bad they would beat him in 2012. Or as DE says, never really want to get anything done—just pit people against each other to win elections.

  36. Uppity – everything I have was already sent to every freakin’ news channel & to as many talking heads as there were at the time –

    what really makes me angry about this is that all of them did little news alerts & did the obligatory interview with someone speaking out against the fraud – but there was never any followup – never – these ‘news’ people have forgotten the basics of investigation – who, when, where, why, and how – if you don’t cover all of it – why bother in the first place –

    Now that Fox sees finally that the fraud is truly the fraud – perhaps we will see something happen – what that will be I cannot say – what I hope it will be is impeachment – but I’m thinkin’ I’m a little too old for fairytales……………………………………………..

  37. If I remember correctly susiepuma, when they did their pathetic attempts at interviews the interviewer would seem to be mocking the person they were interviewing. Trying to cast him/her as a “bitter clinger”, etc. Often their would be some discussion after with a “panel” of Obots who would also mock and dismiss what the person had said.

  38. susie, because of their special interest now, that’s why i think its a good idea to send them the same stuff again.

  39. I’m watching that freak axelrod talking about the oil leak. I’m telling you, I am not going to eat seafood from here. They are going to lie to us. They’ve kept the damage and the death and sickness under wraps and they are already pimping that “acceptable levels” of crap in the seafood routine. Like they did with melamine. Acceptable levels of plastic in baby food. Oh yea, that’s a great idea.

  40. millions of gallons of toxic dispersants just to do a coverup. And they expect people to ingest this?

  41. Ironic that we are recognizing a Pulitzer Prize winning book from 50 years ago. A story about a black man with the cards stacked against him because of racial prejudice and injustice. And most of this thread is about having the cards stacked in favor of a man because of his race….and injustice.

  42. imust, yep the tie that binds them is how injustice prevails both ways.

    Those of us who saw it will never forget and we cannot forgive it. We are doomed to keep repeating ourselves until the obots all crawl out of their infested crevices and apologize for stealing the election. Which will be the day we don ice skates in hell.

  43. imust, a truly perceptive comment – and that goes for the DOJ who dropped the case against the Black Panthers.

  44. uppity. i don’t eat much seafood but last month i bought a stock pile of tuna. Provisions against getting tainted fish. The news story saying it is safe to eat the fish in the gulf talks about the TEST they did, not the tests. It is singular.

    One test. They ARE trying to kill us.

  45. karen I stocked up on seafood I like too. But after that, I’m done.

    A lot of our tuna in cans does not come from the USA any longer anyways.

  46. karen, I used to eat fish at least once per week – far more than meat. But today, maybe twice per year, not only because the price of most fish is now as expensive as meat, but also because of the pollution in our oceans and freshwaters that is causing toxicity in fish. The gulf catastrophy will only exacerbate the problem. I miss my occasional fresh halibut, or shark (which we can’t get here lately, due to – you guessed it, toxicity)

  47. Love all the comments here today. I did go to fox and sent them a nice tweet and an e-mail asking them to continue their coverage. Can’t hurt.
    Amazing isn’t it? We did all we could during the fake fraud filled primaries to get some news org- ANY news org- to check it out- sent them videos etc- nope, no interest. I remember the most awful video of the obots throwing a voter in a wheelchair over the railing of the handicapped ramp because the person had Hillary sticker or button.
    Where were they when it was happening? I agree- Fox has to take their fair share of the blame for bringing this travesty on us.

  48. And what does the POTUS do when there’s a crisis?
    Why take another vacation of course!

  49. Wish we could send the fraud on a permanent vacation……………………………..

    oops is that SS area? don’t really give a shit – just want him gone………………………….

  50. I’m taking fish oil supplements now in preparation for the removal of seafood from my menu.

  51. MOM, OT but you can’t IMAGINE how many slugs I drowned in beer last night.

  52. Question, if the Obama family visit Acadia Park for three days, does that mean that they will close parts of the park to regular vacationers while he is there? That would be a real financial detriment, and this is their prime tourist season. P.S. I’ve been, I loved it – beautiful country, great seafood places, pretty nifty B&B’s, and the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain is brilliant.

  53. That’s an interesting question HT. They may close parts of it for sure.

  54. Slug killer you! The new chickens seem to like slugs! Unlike the old ones who turned up their beaks at the slimy things! I managed to clear a lot of the weeds – but am paying for it today. The slugs seem to attack only the bok choy, cauliflower and broccoli so far- we harvested most of the broccoli. After the rabbits drinking the beer I just hand pick the nasty things – the first day they came out this week I threw them to the new chickens- man oh man- you would think I was throwing gold! So no they parade through the garden at will. We will see- I am keeping an eagle eye on the tomatoes- they are just starting to blush- looks like good weather for the next few days- so put a ring of diatomaceous earth around the tomatoes. It iss blazing hot days but cool cool nights- not good for the tomatoes- and the dew is heavy enough to draw the slugs.
    We battle on!

  55. hostas, mom. it’s the hostas. wherever hostas are, slugs are. I am preparing to dig all of mine up and get rid of them.

  56. After the rabbits drinking the beer


  57. Unfortunately hubby loves his hostas.
    I am also going to try ringing the plants with coffee grounds- and I think the slugs are hiding in the asparagus bed- nice tall ferns now- they can hide out in there and just wait for the rain. Bastards!

  58. I put the copper strips around all my tomato plants. So far, it works. But they are everywhere. I’ve seen them and they could hitch a ride on the plants from the leaves that hit the ground.

  59. egg shells crushed works too. they get cut on it and won’t crawl over them. but man you gotta eat a lot of eggs to get enough.

  60. Geez, I really am not a violent person, but slug trails make me wild. All of my vegitables – this year I planted in containers, and put them on a “greenhouse” bookcase to get them off the ground. So far, no problem with them, however, the columbine have slug trails all over their leaves, so as much as I love columbine, I’m digging them out. Maybe I’ll plant them in containers next year.

  61. I have a huge hosta garden with rose bushes behind it, and it’s right near my garden. I am digging it all up and putting it in a pile at the far end of the land. Then I am going to let the little bastards nest there and when i’m sure that there are as many as possible there, I am going to set it aflame.

    I also realize now that if you salt them, they burn. The hostas I mean. Rock salt. I rock salted a patch of them and then they were easy to remove. No digging, you just rake. lol.

  62. I hunted high and low around here- even Home Depot and never could find any of the copper strips 😦 No more credit so can’t order on line.
    The chickens are all laying- but I am not eating that many eggs! So – the coffee grounds is the same theory- they won’t crawl over them because it cuts them.
    I will let you know how it works. I figure I m just going to go all the way around each plant beyond the drip line. Then around the tomato bed as well- double line of defense! Why can’t the stinking things eat weeds?

  63. Japanese Beetles are making their appearance now as well!
    Bonfire at Uppity’s Woo Hoo! S’Mores?

  64. PMM you can use paypal lots of places online.

  65. Coffee grounds are good? I didn’t know that. I drink a pot per day, so that might be a good way to go in my tiny garden.

  66. Only in for a few- hubby switches back to third shift tonight- saw that Gibbs has admitted the Repukes might gain control in November? What are the bastards up to now?
    White House: Republicans could win control of House

    From your lips to God’s ears Gibbsy!

  67. oops- HT- I have been using coffee grounds against ants for years! Ring around my foundation every spring! It was easier when I was working – I could just collect all the coffee grounds in the restaurant for a few days and presto! Done! We rented a place years ago and the yard was full of ants. A friend told me to dump coffee grounds right on the ant hills and they would de-camp. Works every time!

  68. Heeelllllloooooooo!

  69. Looks like DE forgot the deodorant again.

  70. Attention everyone. I got this email address from Murphy’s pad. Send voter fraud stories to

  71. Hi gang – Sorry I missed you all yesterday – the yard had me captive too. Then hours trying to make the DVD, VCR, Cable box and TV work – all hooked up to the Amp. Straight and simple connection of wires and Co-ax cables, but it never worked right and I was left with 5 Remotes! NO WAY. So, will try it again later.

    Also, the FOX Producer for Gigi’s segment was cited on Big Pink as
    Laura.Petti at

  72. FF, I mailed you 500 slugs. What are friends for?

  73. FF, I mailed you 500 slugs. What are friends for?

    THANKS! Looking forward to them. And don’t forget to check YOUR mailbox for a large package of Oleander Caterpillars! The little bastages have completely eaten my Passion Flower Vine!

    FINALLY caught them in the act.

    Solution – Liquid Seven

  74. FF I just spent most of the morning cutting down a huge hosta patch. I’m not going to put up with those slimers and give them the home they love. After I’m done, and there is so much I am not done yet, I am going to rock salt the whole patch and make sure they don’t grow back. I experimented with this and rock salted a part and they all died.. If I had any brains I would just salt them instead of even bothering to cut, but there’s a very old heirloom rose bush there and I want to get to it and move it. and I can’t see it’s roots good enough unless I cut them down. Can’t use my weedwhacker because it keeps hitting heavy stems and cuts out.

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