Food Pyramid News: Listeria monocytogenes. It’s what’s for dinner!

Tired of that old boring Salmonella you hear is in your food every damned week? Bored with that silly E Coli from the “same old shit”?

Well, not to worry! American Big Agra has something new for your body to tinker with. And it has a really cool name too!

I love veggies too!

Listeria monocytogenes. How cool is that?

You haven’t lived until you ingest some Listeria. And you may not continue to live if you do.

Fresh Express, bringer of last month’s E Coli is now proud to present you with your first case of infection with Listeria monocytogenes. What a great company. And just think: You don’t have to live anywhere near Salinas to enjoy their special nutrients. They ship all over the place, because they are so special.

I think we should all contact Fresh Express and suggest that they have a Deadly Baterium Of The Month. After all, they have such a great start at it. No sense of breaking the momentum.

SALINAS, Calif. – Fresh Express is voluntarily recalling some of its salad products because of a possible health risk from Listeria monocytogenes.

The Salinas-base company is recalling 2,825 cases of its Veggie Lovers Salad. The recalled salad mix has a product code of I208 and use-by date of Aug. 10.

The salad is being pulled from shelves after one package tested positive for the bacterium in a sample test conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. No illnesses have been reported, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

The salad mix was distributed to 13 states with the potential for redistribution by customers to additional states.

You can get your Listeria in these states right now: Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Kansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Boy, a whole boat load of far left Vegan Nutroots members are puking their guts up right now, you know? Let’s start a conspiracy theory! Life’s no fun without one with us at all times!

But don’t fret if your state isn’t on the list. You few right wingers who eat veggies now and then as condiments for your red meat could be affected too–if your arteries don’t harden and kill you first!  There are expectations that Listeria will be visiting other states too! They just haven’t said which states yet.  I love playing Food Roulette, don’t you? And with a Use By date of August 10 and a report dated August 12, you  or your next of kin are sure to know by now if you are a lucky winner.

Veggie Lovers! Let me tell you what you win in this month’s Foodborne Death lottery:

Infection by L. monocytogenes causes the disease listeriosis. The manifestations of listeriosis include septicemia,[17] meningitis (or meningoencephalitis),[17] encephalitis,[18] corneal ulcer,[19] pneumonia,[20] and intrauterine or cervical infections in pregnant women, which may result in spontaneous abortion (2nd/3rd trimester) or stillbirth. Surviving neonates of Fetomaternal Listeriosis may suffer granulomatosis infantiseptica – pyogenic granulomas distributed over the whole body, and may suffer from physical retardation. Influenza-like symptoms, including persistent fever, usually precede the onset of the aforementioned disorders. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may precede more serious forms of listeriosis or may be the only symptoms expressed. Gastrointestinal symptoms were epidemiologically associated with use of antacids or cimetidine. The onset time to serious forms of listeriosis is unknown but may range from a few days to three weeks. The onset time to gastrointestinal symptoms is unknown but probably exceeds 12 hours.

But not to worry! Only a couple of those things can result in a miserable death. And really, what’s a little blindness in exchange for a really good veggie salad, you know? At least you won’t be dead from septicemia, meningitis or encephalitis. Celebrate!

Don’t forget to eat your carrots, ya hear?


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  1. We’re getting more and more like a third world country every day. Pretty soon we’ll be shipping water from Mexico because it’s safer. Come to the USA everybody, but don’t eat the salad.

  2. Gee, Upps. This bacteria infestation of the food chain is enough to make people stop eating altogether. Your timig was impeccable to coincide with meal time right now. Everyone will be secretly pondering what bugs are lurking in their lunch meal. Maybe its time for the pressure cooker after all.

  3. SF today…

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) — Toys in fatty fast-food meals could soon be banned in San Francisco.

    A law proposed Tuesday pertains to all restaurants, but it is clearly aimed at fast-food establishments like McDonald’s, Jack in the Box and Burger King that include toys in kid meals.

    The proposal bans including toys if the food contains too much fat, sugar or salt.

    Earlier this year, nearby Santa Clara County adopted a similar law in unincorporated areas.

    Supervisor Eric Mar, who proposed the San Francisco law, says the legislation is designed to encourage restaurants to offer healthy food options with kid meals.

    The proposal also dictates that meals with toys include fruit and vegetables.

    Obviously they don’t care about bugs, just fat.

  4. terrific – I don’t eat much, and now I have to worry about the pittance that I do eat. And the corporations thought that going offshore, or strangling the farmers was a good thing? Wonder what their children eat.

  5. They’re gonna have us beggin’ for that Soylent Green.

  6. I have taken the National Restaurant Association Serv Safe course enough times to have the damn book about memorized (it’s like the Red Cross- take your money every five years to re-certify you)
    Listeria USED to be one of those things you got from hot dogs, cold cuts or improperly prepared milk. Not now
    “Vegetables can become contaminated from the soil or from manure used as fertilizer”

    I tried to get the info from the Serv Safe site- but they are experiencing technical difficulties- probably from a gazillion restaurant managers trying to get in and refresh their memories.

    UW- if yu have good southern exposure windows you can grow lettuce indoors almost all winter- if MKB will let you.

    Fresh Express- a division of Chiquita maybe? Still the question remains- is it the factory or the farms? Or a combo of both?
    We will never know.
    Me?I NEVER EVER buy precut lettuces of any kind. First because I am stingy and broke and won’t pay extra for some factory to chop my lettuce. Second because I know they have to put SOMETHING in those bags to keep lettuce fresh- lettuce is one of those things that turns brown within an hour of cutting it- so what is in those bags to keep it fresh? HMMM? Third- there have been way too many of these recalls on bagged lettuce- so I stay away.

  7. What does Fresh Express–name of the product or how they are delivering food poisoning to the country? Is there a reason that all of these food alerts are happening, like maybe the government is not doing its job and protecting its citizens? Do we need another Upton Sinclair? Seems like the FDA has no teeth!

  8. Hey DE it’s nice to know that Hillary replaces Obama when it’s convenient. I love how the moron wanted to show “They aren’t against Democrats or Republicans,” so they put a Republican President up and a Democrat SOS and leave the Democrat President out. Well, just as well, considering she’s a better President than he is and she’s not even President. So basically, he doesn’t exist as far at the presidential softball mannikins are concerned. Seems right, since most people don’t even think we have a president, just a Wall Street puppet.

    After all, you can’t throw the ball at him but she’s just a broad. What a bunch of stupid shit to begin with. My Gawd, I have seen horrible things done to likenesses of Bush and Bill AND Hillary. But they can’t do the same thing to The Precious without somebody accusing them of intentions they aren’t even thinking of. Seriously, They hung mccain and Palin in EFFIGY for Chrissakes and nobody got a visit. I read over at mybarackobama how they thought somebody should slit hillary’s throat. No visit there either, I bet. This is so obvious it’s just getting tiring. Nothing that applies to anybody else, presidents or otherwise, applies to him. But then again, he’s not even presidential, unless you include vacations and golf. he can’t even make a damned decision and the only thing he’s really good at is Blaming Everybody Else All The Time. I can’t believe how much people are getting pissed off at simply EVERYTHING being “Racist” too. Talk about the boy who cried wolf!

  9. We need a graphic with a bunch of bots crying wolf.

  10. Hey Uppity, I know it’s country music and all, but it’s Johnny Cash singing Witchita Lineman. A friend gave me a bunch of CD’s and this treasure was in the stack. Wanted to share it with my friends here in Uppityville. Enjoy.

  11. if yu have good southern exposure windows you can grow lettuce indoors almost all winter- if MKB will let you.

    Ah and there’s the rub. As it is I have to swat a certain lardass cat when he gets near the basil I grow all winter in southern exposure. There is no way I will ever get away with growing lettuce. The good thing is I can grow it well into the fall though. Lettuces love the cooler weather.

  12. Operators of a Jersey Shore boardwalk game have removed a mannequin representing President Barack Obama.
    Yeah, the “mannequin” had an 8am tee time.

  13. OT: Can someone school me on how to make those block quotes like Uppity has above? How do they get shaded a different color like that?
    thanks! 🙂

  14. Isn’t the Salinas area called “America’s salad bowl”? I don’t like that precut, bagged stuff either. It tastes funny & is always limp, agree with Mom, they must put some kind of preservative in those bags.

  15. Listeria. Ooooo. Science class. Is that a gram positive rod?

    Apparently the bug can move into the brain.
    found at

  16. town, thanks – I’ve just decided to forgo eating indefinitely unless the food comes from my garden. As I have a small space, I anticipate losing a lot of weight, which at 5’5″ 130 pounds doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of leeway. Geez, is this what it’s going to come to – people either starving or dying from tainted food?

  17. Well if it affects the brain, somebody needs to check out the congressional kitchen. Maybe that’s what happened.

  18. Twinkies I tell ya’, the only safe food. Well, that and Soylent Green.

  19. I must write something here “blockquote”

  20. Didn’t work…

  21. DAMN I can’t show you the format imust, it reads it as a quote and the “slashes” won’t show up.

  22. “”what I want quoted””

  23. 😦
    thanks anyway

  24. Ok trying it this way.
    1. first you type a left carat
    2. Then you type the word ‘blockquote’
    3. then you type a right carat
    4. Then type what you want quoted.
    5. Then type a left carat again
    6. Then type a forward slash.
    7. Then type a right carat.

  25. Uppity is a great teacher.

  26. 🙂

  27. Atta girl. Here’s a lollipop.

  28. Thanks! I’ve always wanted to ask but was too embarrassed that I didn’t know.

  29. I keep saying it UW that’s why they installed the safe black president. No matter what “RACIST”.

  30. You’re welcome. Now you can quote your ass off.

  31. You’re welcome. Now you can quote your ass off.

    I will! 🙂

  32. Okay, so why did the I will 🙂 go in the shaded part.

  33. So the question is, who loaded this google streetview shot onto the internet? And give me one reason why we should believe that google isn’t invading people’s privacy and keeping “interesting” images as they see fit. Google must be investigated. Too bad we will have to wait till we have a honest president who isn’t their favorite youtube protected subject himself.

  34. I will was shaded because you didn’t END the quote. See instructions for closing the quote. What you start you must end. If you never close it, EVERYTHING will be quoted.

    See items 5-7.

  35. Mike tyson’s bentley is up for sale. I tell you this because this fucking shitbum who is a waste of human flesh, turned a bunch of Big Cats over to a big cat rescue when his ass was heading to jail where he should have rotted. He promised that rescue that he would write them a check for the care of these magnificent and VERY UNHAPPY animals and then he booked and stuck them with the cats at their own expense, nearly causing the rescue to go under. FUCK YOU TYSON. You deserve to meet up with your own panther one day. In the dark. Alone. And videotaped.

  36. Tyson is a real piece. I heard a few days ago that he hates himself and is now going vegan. We went to see Ringo Starr and his Allstarr Band last Saturday. It was great! Best concert! Ringo can still sing and play drums. And now I’ve seen a Beatle! Here’s a song for all you fun Uppity people:—with-a-little-help-from-my-friends

  37. Imust…keep this for a handy reference (in a bookmark)

  38. Imust

    Thanks for asking about the quotes. I always assumed you could only use the function if you had a wordpress account.

    I will have to try it when not keeping watch for tornadoes (and when the power comes back up and I can see what I am typing). Dial up works – but it does seem a tad slow.

    I would occasionally purchase a bag of spinach – becuase that is the only way most of my stores carry spinach (crappy arugula I can buy – real greens..) but one time – it smelled odd and I tossed in the trash. Next thing I know – one of those original spinach scares was upon us. Have not gone back. Sometimes the nose knows.

  39. Oh so he hates himself. Well somebody should tell him that he’s not alone. Plenty of people hate him.

    You would think Ringo would have rotary cuff problems at this point.

  40. UW at 435 – so they are called carats?

    UW at 514 – just like the TSA voyeurs that said they were not keeping any images from the body scanners at the airports. Look out. Peeps abound.

  41. UW, perhaps Ringo had his rotary cuffs sewn up a bit by now.

    HT, you have nothing to worry about. Your fine food from the garden will more than take care of you. Be prepared however, for passing by Uppityites that may wish to snack at your place. Do not worry. They won’t be asking for arugula.

  42. The Ringo concert was very good, much better than I expected. I think he’s 70, but his voice was great, he was upbeat and funny, and played drums for most of the other guys (Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, the Romantics guy) songs, although, there was an additional drummer that played when Ringo sang. We weren’t planning to go cuz we aren’t that into Ringo, but someone gave us tickets, so we went. The kids, laker & my niece, were thrilled!

  43. Thanks fredster!

  44. My niece went home yesterday. She’s a vegan now (for animal rights) and down to a size 00! Seriously, her clothes look like a dolls clothes, and the vegan food is very expensive. I tried to talk her into moving up to vegetarianism, but had no luck. That weird fake food is gross. One of the items she picked out was soy cheese. Yuck. It had the weirdest consistency, like cheese flavored pudding.

  45. Town, all uppityites are more than welcome at my abode, and while I don’t have a lot, I’m more than willing to share.
    Swell, I’ve never been a country music fan (more of an opera type), but I’ve always appreciated Johnny Cash – he truly was unique ( had a love on for John hartford as well – true talent)
    Lakerwade, you are a true delight. Ringo was always my favorite beatle – Glad you got to hear him first hand. I was at the Beatles first north american tour back in – oh gosh, I hesitate to name the year, because that means I am really old. Anyway, it was quite a disappointment. One could not hear them at all, because of all the screaming. The only good thing was Jungle Jay Nelsonb, who tried to keep the zombies at bay because the boyz were late. Ah memories…..

  46. BTW, laker, I hope you appreciate your fantastic mom. Socal is special.

  47. Laker, has socal introduced you to Meatloaf?

  48. That weird fake food is gross. One of the items she picked out was soy cheese. Yuck. It had the weirdest consistency, like cheese flavored pudding.

    Cripes. I’m heaving here.

  49. Crier, if they show up we just pull up another chair is all. I’m used to people suddenly showing up at supper time.

    Yeah I think they are carats. Pointing Up is a carat so I figure they are 90 degree carats. lol.

  50. Guess my canadian comes in here, becaue I have no idea what you men by carats – I always thought it referred to the quality of a gem. \

  51. Uppity – was just over at Logistics Monster – saw a great vid – good music too

  52. socal…. after you haven’t had the “real thing” for a long time, the analog food tastes mighty good 🙂

    (although I have no idea what brand of soy cheese is like a cheese pudding!)

  53. Yup susie, Logistics Monster mailed it to me. We’re buddies, you know.

  54. HT, you know how the English language flies. One word can mean different things.

  55. Darn – I forgot – had a senior moment………………….

  56. lorac, are you a vegan? If so, what do you recommend for protein and calcium? My niece is still growing & we’re all worried she’s not getting enough. She’s usually so energetic, she’s bouncing off the walls & always laughing and goofing off. She spent most of the last 3 weeks here laying around, dark circles under her eyes, and quiet. Very strange for her. My brother is very upset about it. One day, I figured she ate about 500 calories. I bought her all kinds of vegan food at Whole Foods & was constantly preparing it for her, but her appetite was poor. btw, the gross fake cheese was from Whole Foods, also got fake lunch meat there, fake burgers, hot dogs, dinners, desserts, lots of soy stuff, the works. She’s getting more carbs than anything and her blood sugar was a little high. We’re a tall slim family normally, but I think she’s going anorexic, she’s so thin. My bro is taking her to their doctor.

  57. HT, you’re a sweetie! I’ll have to show him some meatloaf clips. Good idea!

  58. Hi HT! How is your son’s music coming along? That’s cool you saw the Beatles, but sad that those stupid girls had to wreck it for everyone with their ridiculous antics. I’ve been to a lot concerts, but this Ringo concert is my fav so far. Lots of good 70s and 80s music also.

  59. Meatloaf!! ACK! No like that band!!
    I have to say I went to a free concert in the park, it was a tribute band for ABBA. That was really fun!

  60. imust, Dave Mason played for free in the Valley a couple of weeks ago at a park, and we were going to go see him, but the folks were too tired.

  61. Yes lakerwade, Blue Oyster Cult next w/e and a Beatles tribute band after that…and it’s free!

  62. I mean the Beatles tribute band will be the following w/e. The ABBA tribute band was called “Arrival” and they were great!

  63. socal – I’ve been doing this for 25 years, BUT! I am not an expert by any means. I think it’s good they’re going to the doctor, especially to check out her overall health. A nutritionist might be a good consult, as well.

    It really sounds like she isn’t eating much – there are so many things to eat besides meat and dairy, that it seems to me if she were hungry (and concerned about it), she’d be grabbing them, just to staunch her hunger. I mean, even eating junk stuff like popcorn or candy. But it sounds like she’s mainly “not hungry”? 500 calories is so little. No wonder she has dark circles and no energy!

    I would also make sure there’s nothing emotional going on with her – a boy at school calling her fat, problems with teachers/boss, a change in her social group, etc. Has there been any change in her grades/work performance? It sounds like anorexia and bulemia have been ruled out as possibilities? I don’t know how old she is, but I’ve heard there’s a “fad” of younger girls “going vegan” in order to facilitate their anorexia (to avoid the higher calories of meat and dairy).

    I generally have a fruit salad and a generous vegetable salad everyday (not a salad with just lettuce and dressing! I put lots of different veggies in it). I also tend to have an analog or soup for something more substantial during the day. Also, nuts and seeds. I also LOVE nutritional yeast – it sounds awful, but I think it’s so good. They sell it at Whole Foods or Henry’s/Wild Oats/Sprouts, either in the bulk section, or a cannister. I put it on salad, in my recipes, etc. It has B12 in it – although she’s probably okay on that, because I’ve heard that your body stores B12 for many years after you stop eating meat.

  64. Socal, cont. 🙂

    I forgot to mention, I think it’s good to also have legumes in the salad. And I used mixed greens/spinach, not iceberg lettuce (although I used to like to buy the bagged combinations, and now UW has me scared off them!)

    It’s my understanding that Americans eat WAY too much protein. We tend to eat meat/dairy at every meal, and most of the people in the world don’t do that. Impoverished countries get sicknesses from too little protein, but we tend to get sicknesses from too MUCH protein. Having said that, it might depend on someone’s age or weight, how much they should have, and for that you’d need to consult someone who knows more than I do. I would definitely make sure she is taking a multi-vitamin, which I think everyone should do.

    As far as calcium, many, many people are lactose intolerant and have to get their calcium from plant sources, so she won’t be alone. SE Asians have an almost 100% intolerance, people of African descent have 75% intolerance, it’s about 70% intolerance around Turkey and southern Italy, to list some. It also leads to sinus congestion and asthma in many people, I understand. Here are some plant sources of calcium: kale, collards, mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, bok choy, black beans, chick peas, calcium-processed tofu, calcium-fortified soy milk, calcium-fortified orange juice, blackstrap molasses, spinach.

  65. socal – cont. I think the most important thing (a problem you’ve already identified) is for your niece to be eating the calories she should be everyday. They say if you eat as many calories as you need (and from healthful sources), that you will get the protein you need. Again, though, this may be affected by age – as you said, she is still growing.

    If she doesn’t seem to like the analogs (which also have protein), maybe she needs some home cooking! (maybe she’s old enough to do it for herself!) There are umpteen vegetarian/vegan recipe websites on the net. Here is a particularly (IMO) good one:

    Here are some good books which discuss the mechanics of veganism and also have recipes:

    Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating by Erik Marcus (I’ve met him, he’s a cool guy)

    Vegan Handbook, edited by Wasserman and Mangels (PhD and R.D.)

    The Vegan Sourcebook by Joanne Stepaniak.

    Don’t forget, she may be experiencing ridicule for her newfound beliefs from previously trusted sources, she’s facing having to change around how she lives her day, even just going to lunch with friends is going to require more thought, because everyone else is going to want to go to the big meat place they love. Even smelling meat cooking can be a big turn off to a veggie on a very deep, moral level. And going to a place that only offers as a non-meat meal iceburg lettuce salad with one tomato isn’t a big turn on! She’s going to have to adjust, even though it’s a voluntary decision. At least we live in socal, there are far more choices and opportunities here for a veggie or vegan. Hey, that’s an idea, has she gone to any veggie/vegan restaurants? Maybe a “home cooked meal” (not a frozen analog she pops in the microwave) prepared for her at a restaurant might help her to eat right now?

    Anyway, I hope I didn’t rattle. on too much Her heatlh is important, I’m glad you’re so concerned about her, so I wanted to contribute what I could. Really, at this point, my biggest concern is her seeming lack of desire to eat much – as I said, she COULD be eating junk food to avoid a growling stomach, but she seems content to not eat much at all. That alone is worrisome, I think.

    So it’s really good her dad is taking her to the doctor, and IMO, I would also talk with her about what’s going on in her life, if only to rule out emotional contributors.

  66. female gruesome is allergic to a hormone found in meat, fish and fowl, and is lactose and gluten intolerant, so she’s a vegan by necessity. She eats veggies and tofu (personal gag) and lots of legumes and beans. At 6 foot tall, and 143 pounds, she’s quite healthy – oh and she loves nutritional yeast as well. Lots of nuts as well – she makes a killer hummus – chickpeas, tahini and tons of garlic. Was talking to her last night suggesting that since Chelsea Clinton has gluten free food at her wedding, it would become more common, as right now it’s terribly expensive – $6 for a loaf of gluten free bread – sheesh.

  67. Lorac’s suggestions are great. Also, have her tested for Celiacs – that’s the gluten caused syndrome that infects the intestines. If she tests positive, there are Celiacs sites on the intertubz with tons of information and recipes. (female gruesome has Celiacs – never heard of it before she was diagnosed)

  68. socal – one more thing (sorry for all the vegan talk to UW-list meat eaters!)

    When someone becomes veggie, it’s generally for health reasons. When someone becomes vegan, it’s almost always for moral reasons. Remember, vegan means more than diet – it’s a whole lifestyle change. We don’t like leather, fur, etc (don’t worry, I don’t throw blood on any starlets lol). The world is set up for people who like using animal products. So all of a sudden, you have to learn more about clothing, upholstery, personal care products, etc. You come to realize in a way you didn’t notice before that animal products are EVERYwhere. And you come to feel like the world is addicted to eating animals – it can be a challenge at first to find restaurants with good options, belt/shoes/chairs that aren’t leather, etc.

    It’s definitely doable, but my point is that there is a big adjustment, a lot of new things to learn. She may be wondering how to fit into a world which is so set up for people who don’t mind (pardon my directness!) dead animal parts everywhere (that’s how a vegan is going to feel it). It might be good for her to hook up (in person or online) a vegan group, for both support and socialization (help her feel not isolated, if she does).

    When it feels like a good time, I would remind her that her feelings are valid and her cause noble, but that no one can be a “perfect vegan”. Animal products are in the computers we use, the cars we drive, even the roads we drive on. In other words, let her know it’s okay to do the best she can, to not strive for perfection – because it’s unattainable. What’s important is that she feels true to herself, not to some vegan police in the sky.

    Also, the fact that it’s a moral decision, I would wonder, “why now?” What has happened to open her eyes up and lead her to such a drastic lifestyle change? She is obviously very concerned with animal suffering. Has something happened in her own life recently, is she suffering some personal pain that is helping her to identify more with the animals now? It’s great she’s being compassionate towards the animals, but is her veganism possibly something that is helping her to avoid feeling her own pain about something? Just a thought, since it sounds sudden (?), and if she’s young – well, we all remember how emotionally turbulent young female-dom can be!

    I say her change seem “sudden”, because it sounds like she made a conscious decision to become vegan…? When I quit animals, it just sort of “happened” to me – first I couldn’t eat anything on a bone, then I couldn’t eat anything that was a big piece (like a steak – it had to be chopped up), then even that wasn’t enough, it had to be chopped up and part of a casserole in order for me to eat it without thinking of the animal. Then I couldn’t even do that. When I stopped, I was in the midwest (cow capital of the world I think lol) so it wasn’t a time or place where there was talk of vegetarians or vegans, in terms of learning about it and then making a conscious decision to become one. But I know nowadays there are plenty of people who do quite literally make that conscious decision – but as I said, I would just make sure there’s not more going on with her.

    OK, that’s all I can think of! 🙂

  69. HT – I think the Celiac rule out is a good idea. I meet more and more people these days who have found out they have it. I know there’s a test they can do to see if someone has it. Apparently it can be genetic, too – my friend’s husband found out he had it, so the rest of the family got tested, and one of the daughters has it, too. The diagnoses explained a lot for them, and now they feel a lot better, since they know what to avoid eating!

  70. Lorac, Celiacs can be the hidden killer. My daughter was in emergency twice, before she was diagnosed. Both times, she was bleeding internally – ruptured intestinal wall. More and more people are being diagnosed because it has finally been recognized as a serious problem, so whenever I see someone who has the same symptoms she had, I babble on. Like socals relative, it started with a loss of appetite. She lost so much weight I originally thought she was anorexic. 6 foot and 110 pounds is not good. Fortunately, we found a doctor who was familiar with the syndrome, and had her tested immediately. That was after the second emergency visit, when we knew something was seriously wrong. And after she was diagnosed, my older sister decided to get tested, and voila, she has it as well.

  71. socal – here, did she used to love cheesecake? Here’s a vegan recipe, this will make her eat!!!!! (hmm… I think I should go to the store….. 🙂 )

    Poppy’s Vegan Cheesecake

    Keebler Graham Cracker Crust
    1 box firm silken tofu
    8 oz (one tub) Better Than Cream Cheese
    grated rind of one lemon
    juice of approximately 1 lemon (or to taste)
    1/4 cup of sugar (your choice, granulated cane, beet, whatever)
    1 TB cornstarch disolved in 2 TB soymilk
    Fresh strawberries or other berries, or strawberry pie filling (for top of cheesecake)

    Mix everything in blender and blend until smooth. Poor into piecrust and bake until filling is set – about 30 minutes at 325 degrees. If middle is still not set, turn off oven and let it sit for another 10 minutes. (If middle is still slightly onset, it will set further in fridge.)

    Cool in pie tin and then refrigerate once cooled for several hours. Then pour a tin of strawberry pie filling on top, or put fresh fruit on if available.

  72. “poor into piecrust” oops that’s what I get for falling asleep at 7 pm and then waking up at 1 am lol

  73. HT – oooh yes that’s serious stuff. Maybe Socal’s brother can mention the possibility to the MD, in case he needs the prompt. I do think something’s going on, because vegans like to eat as much as anyone, that’s why I’m concerned that she doesn’t seem to want to eat much.

  74. lorac, you are so right – daughter eats mega meals, and fortunately a lot of restaurants are getting on the gluten free and vegan express. She does get nostalgic about my pie crusts, and although there are a lot of flour mixes that are gluten free, it’s just not the same – yet. However, as more people demand better mixes, I’m sure it will get better.

  75. I have this sudden urge to ingest a porterhouse steak.

  76. Uppity, you cook, I’ll eat – and can you do a baked tater and asparagus as well? Oh, and hollandaise with the asparagus. (Obviously, I don’t have Celiacs, and I loves me some meat periodically)

  77. HT, I prefer my asparagus roasted and my potatoes Twice Baked. Can you live with that?

    It’s not like we omnivores don’t appreciate good veggies.

  78. A-okay with me! What time?

  79. Lorac I’m sorry but TOFU has no place in any cheese cake.

  80. DE, that’s because you are a healthy human with no food allergies. For the mounting millions, Tofu is a life saver. Trust me, I thought my daughter might die, so I learned all about Tofu. I don’t like it, however my daughter has no choice. And I’ve passed lorac’s recipe on to my beloved.

  81. HT what make you think I’m Human.

  82. DE – Zoe and Angi love you, so ergo, you must be human!

  83. Wow! lorac & HT, thanks for all the great advice and info! You guys are awesome! Love the Uppityites! I think the cheesecake sounds pretty good and I might try it myself. I’ve been eating some of the her vegan stuff since she left, and I like some of it, and I think it would be healthy for hubbie & I to cut back on animal foods. My niece loooves animals and became vegan after watching some videos about animal cruelty on some rock groups website. Thanks again for all your insight and great ideas!

  84. Socal, please have her tested for Celiacs – most doctors don’t even know about it, and I’m deadly serious, I almost lost one of my beloveds.
    And say hi to Laker for me – if he ever wants to visit Toronto, (that’s in Canada eh), I have a spare room

  85. Okay HT! Laker says Hi back!

  86. missed ya!

    my thoughts on all this?
    Upp & Co.

    the packaging?

    remember when people got the fresh ingredients for a salad, a salad bowl, a knife and just made one?

    all this pre-prepared stuff sitting around for weeks in plastic?

    skimmed the other pieces, and fab new header! xxoo!

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