Chickens weigh in on the Salmonella in 380 million eggs problem

I provide the eggs. YOU provide the salmonella.

Jealous and not about to be forced into the shadows by the recent appearance of deadly Listeria Monocytogenes  in Veggie Lovers’ salad mixes, Salmonella makes a loud appearance again in our food supply.

More than 380,000 eggs are suspect in an ongoing Salmonella outbreak since May. Nice of the FDA to get around to figuring it out so soon.

This does not incude the ones you already ingested, though. Just saying.

When Uncle Sal Monella shows up, he REALLY shows up.

Eggs are being recalled around the country after a widespread Salmonella outbreak was linked to a farm in Iowa that distributes to wholesalers and distributors who sell the eggs under a variety of supermarket brands, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced.

People have gotten sick from the eggs, but the FDA did not say how many or where. But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated the number of those stricken is in the hundreds — documenting about 200 cases a week in early summer. One estimate of the number of eggs involved exceeds 200 million.
The eggs have been sold to consumers under the following names: Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Boomsma’s, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms and Kemps. They have been sold in cartons of six, 12 and 18.

The early bird writer did not get the worm this time. The new recall number is 380 million eggs. That’s lots of breakfasts for lots of families. As a matter of fact you don’t even have to eat the egg to get Salmonella. It’s on the outside of the egg as well as the inside. How cool is that? That’s why I think it’s sure nice of the FDA to withhold how many people have gotten sick and where, don’t you think? It shows a certain sense of responsibility to Big Food The People to be so cryptic.  Let’s see if we have it right. Hundreds Of Millions of eggs are being “recalled,” the ones that come up the second time notwithstanding. People have been sickened with salmonella poisoning because of these eggs, but we don’t want you to know where or how bad it is. Thanks, FDA, you’re real sports. We love paying you out of taxpayer money because you are being so helpful!

Word has it that since the announcement, thousands of  American chickens have participated in local demonstrations. They want to make it very clear that those eggs did not contain Salmonella when they laid them.

Which brings us to the real question: How did Sal get into those eggs and in so many other foods at such an increasing rate lately? Just asking. And why does the CDC identify poultry as the Number One source of salmonella?

Upton Sinclair probably knows the answer, but he’s dead now.


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  1. not enough inspectors ( at supplying farms & processing plants ) & imported food ?

    *** This seems to be an ever increasing problem…..Soon we’ll be like China ***

  2. Makes me appreciate my free range, tick eating, cage free tomato pecking chickens even more! I will even forgive Kentucky (the rooster) for his aggressive ways and incessant crowing. We have five chickens and Kentucky and we get five eggs a day- way more than we can use. Friends take the excess and help out with the feed cost. Store bought eggs just do not compare. I would croak the rooster but am hoping at least one of the hens goes broody next spring.
    Uppity is so right- Big Ag is NOT our friend!

  3. UP, the above says 2 million eggs. That’s a drop in the bucket. The new number this morning is a staggering 380 million eggs.

    I better start stealing toxic waste, it is safer!

  4. karen- come on now- you know all the big ag products ARE toxic waste. Lots of weed killer, bug killer, deisel fumes, and of course the human manure.

  5. Shudder – what’s left that’s safe to eat?

  6. Grass clippings???

  7. Thanks for the suggestion DE, but I took all my grass out because I was tired of picking up the dog and cat feces left behind by “responsible” owners. Ugh – I’ll have to check out what flowers are edible.

  8. Could congress get off their ……geeze!

    This is the latest is series of high-profile food recalls as Congress continues to stagnate on attempts to upgrade American food safety laws. Consumer Ally just this summer has chronicled recalls due to foodborne contamination — Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli — in everything from lettuce to pet food to chicken nuggets.

    See full article from WalletPop:

  9. There have been so many many recalls I am getting suspicious. I am not one for conspiracy stuff- but this is creeping me out. I keep half an eye on the “Food Safety” bills- which are really just “Help Monsanto and Friends Control our Food” bills.
    Are they trying to get the public to cry out for “protection”?

  10. grass don’t work DE…..The Irish ate grass during the potato famine….
    and died anyway….
    BTW the NYPost ran a story on how Chickens were the chic new pet….

  11. Silly imust, Big Food writes huge contribution checks. These aren’t your farmer’s market guys. Congress isn’t going to do shit. Or maybe they will do another worthless REFORM bill. Besides, MONSANTO’s bill is still waiting….

  12. karen, i need a LINK to the 380 million number else I can’t update

  13. Found a link. This was an early article I used. In other words, before the sleepy MSM got excited, I guess.

  14. For you egg lovers, just want to add I eat Eggland’s Best eggs. They are not involved in the recall. Information here.

    Eggland’s Best eggs are not involved in any recall that you might have heard about.
    Eggland’s Best has the most comprehensive food safety quality assurance program. EB eggs have Better Taste and Better Nutrition…..and they are the Better Egg. To read more about Eggland’s Best eggs, please click here.

  15. Keyword here: LOCALLY. Less handling of the eggs. Instead of shipping these eggs all over the country, they are produced by region.

    Eggland’s Best eggs are produced by approved licensed producers on farms located throughout the U.S. and the eggs are distributed locally. Producers are selected for their ability to meet the stringent quality standards of Eggland’s Best.

  16. 380 million eggs. So instead of a chicken in every pot…we have salmonella in every pot…but which came first? The chicken or the salmonella? Perhaps we shouldn’t let that chicken cross the road.

  17. OT but not really. The crackpot argument that you are eating a baby chicken when you eat an egg is just plain bullshit. If there’s no rooster to fertilize that egg, it’s never going to become a baby chicken. What bullshit. These are not fertilized eggs and you are not a baby chicken killer for chrissakes. Hens lay eggs all the time without a rooster around. Human women have millions of eggs they lose regularly through the natural course of things. DOes this mean that all women who haven’t gotten ALL their eggs fertilized are murderers? Jesus, these people are crazy!

    The horrific “advertisements” of a cracked egg with a dead chicken in it is deliberately brought to you by people who knowingly are using fertilized eggs, which are not sold for eating.

  18. I thought of something like that for a title imust. Which came first, the chicken or the salmonella?

  19. I like your title. Shows even hens can be Uppity. 😉

  20. well it would be just like them to blame the hen!

  21. LOL! On the bright side, I finally got chickens last year. This morning people were lined up at my door to get eggs. What’s really lovely is that they come bearing zucchini, blackberry pie, and salmon.

    See, my family was skeptical about the chickens because we don’t even eat very many eggs, but I knew that having farm fresh eggs was going to lead to other good things!

  22. HT asks what’s left safe to eat. Probably only the stuff you grow, sow, or raise in your house, garden, backyard, or farm. Without all the fancy fertilizers and vitamins out on the market. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

  23. This beauty is miffed about the recall.
    “Chicken noise after egg laying! ”

  24. ot,Happy birthday Big Dawg

  25. TC! How did you get in my chicken shed to record that video? And you should hear the stupid rooster when a hen lays an egg! Typical male- the hen does all the work and he crows about it! LOL
    yttik! Sounds like you are getting a windfall! Salmon for eggs! That’s a really good trade!

  26. Crier, that’s great if you live where you can grow produce all year around. The rest of us would die if we had to do it that way. and Ytt, in most US Urban areas, therea are ordinances against owning chickens and I don’t see any of those cities revising their laws. You put a chicken in your yard and you are in deep deep poop.

  27. Hey! What’s that penguin doing to that cat?

  28. UW, got a celery growing in a pot at work.

  29. Cute header!!

  30. “Given the health risks posed by eggs, the FDA offers the following safety advice on its website:”

    Another indication that the FDA is bought and paid for. Just like contaminated chicken, beef, veggies, etc., it’s the consumers burden for “safe handling”.

    Ronalds Reagan’s legacy of big Gubmint is baaad. Eliminate regulation/inspection/oversight of Stock market, banking, drugs, food/agriculture. “Trickle down” and un-restricted “free markets” has brought to the same point as the early 1900s. IIRC, during the 1990s, there were ~55,000 ag/food processing inspections per year. That was reduced to less than 5,000 in the 2000s.

    I read, perhaps ten years ago, after a Salmonella out-break from poultry, that for the US poultry industry to be Salmonella free like Europe would add 1 or 2 cents per pound to the retail cost of chicken.

  31. The also has a page on city ordinances on having chickens and roosters, but I can’t find a date on the site’s age – but I like it anyway.

    They even have a nice gallery at the bottom of their home page on “Beautiful chickens gallery” and a page on “Hen Houses of the Month”! They do love their chickens over there!

  32. So true Uppity re owning chickens or any other livestock in city boundaries. Another problem is that urban sprawl is swallowing up all the arable land, so community gardens are becoming less viable cause today’s paradise – put up a parking lot (kudos to Joannie for seeing this so many years ago). I live in a townhouse – postage size property, although I do have containers they are not enough to feed one for more than the summer months.
    SHV – 1 to 2 Cents per pound for safe chicken? Seems like a no brainer to me, but I’ve given up eating chicken more than once per month and only buy from one particular butcher who only slaughters free range – so I’m paying close to a dollar more per pound. It’s worth it if it means I can feed my family safe food – mind you at those prices, one eats a lot of lentils and beans in between.

  33. Yay, Freedom Fairy is back with a vengeance – great new header – I suspect that is imust’s pengy threatening a perplexed MKBill.

  34. Thanks, HT (and all)

    Although I am not sure it is with a “vengeance”! I have lost a great many of my old fonts (from the ‘bad’ Photoshop) and in particular need of the Magneto Family for PC. I found a knock-off free download, but as always, they are never as good as the original. I use Magneto in my business cards and website, and I am really irritated. Computer crashes, even with back-up are such a PAIN!

  35. – I suspect that is imust’s pengy threatening a perplexed MKBill.

    HT? You cut me to the quick! Why oh why would you suspect my cute lil’ pengy of such a thing??

  36. Here’s my little innocent pengy

  37. imust, I was just opining on what your pengy must be feeling after being incarcerated for so long in the snow globe – a perfectly natural response from an escapee!

    FF – $147.00 for fonts? Whoa. I’d never heard of that particular program – fonts? I’m broke right now, but as soon as I have a little put by……will contribute. Keeping you in business is after all a collective effort.

  38. HT – Please don’t, but thanks for the offer. I can get Magneto for $40. for the ONE I Need, but I think I have managed to make a work-around. This new CS5 might rescue me!

  39. imust, is yours the one in the sweater? Gave me chuckles cause I hadn’t seen a clad pengy, although there is a whole bunch of people up here knitting sweaters for the baby critters affected by oil spills. Actually, it was in many countries – Sweaters for Penguins. James Gordon even wrote a really cute song about it.

  40. FF, okay, but remember, you do have a lot of fans.

  41. HT, it was not MKB who imprisoned my pengy….it was FF and UW!! There, I said it!

  42. oh yumm can’t wait to get my dose, oh wait I hate eggs lol

  43. Count me in on one hell of a Food Fight!

  44. Wontback, in spite of ordinances, people are doing it by Adopting Chickens. here’s an old post I did.

  45. The truth is, they are subscribing to the boil the frog slowly system with us. Instead of cleaning up the mess in our food supply, they are forcing us to work around the mess. I remember a time when this crap would not be tolerated, that is before Big Food started writing those big contribution checks. Instead of eradicated this obviously GROWING threat, they simply add more “Rules” for us to live by. In other words we are expected to tolerate this shit in our food. We are expected to treat our food like toxic waster, boil and burn the shit out of it and most of all, Pray.

  46. UW: Just read it. I couldn’t get the video again, “removed”. I’d forgotten, but I remember it now. I’m not opposed at all to people surviving, however is safest and practical.

    I’ve been working on a shared, home garden with friends that a double lot large back yard that we are working with. We’re now thinking that chickens would be a good idea too! Even their poop is an excellent fertilizer for a garden.

    And, I can’t stand what mass-producers do to chickens so, I would rather raise my own, anyway! If it’s up to me, they’ll have a long life and die from old age! lol!

  47. wontbackdown – dying from old age is sort of counterproductive to raising chickens isn’t it? Unless you’re just raising them for the eggs.
    It’s a great idea to get together with friends to grow a community garden, if you can get the land, and sounds like you have. Just don’t use sheep manure – my ex’s father used sheep’s manure when he visited us, back in the day when we were still talking. Lo and behold, he took a garden where I grew tomatoes to huge heights and numerous fruit per plant, and turned it into a barren wasteland where only weeds grow.

  48. Hey, even Prince Charles has his own royal chickens. They call his chicken coop, “Cluckingham Palace” (no joke).

  49. wontback, the truth is, I don’t think I can kill a chicken. I love chicken but I want it killed FOR me, preferably out of my vision. I could shoot an SOB and make him go down my steps backwards and give him to my dog for lunch if he’s breaking into my home, but kill a chicken? No way. Like you, my chickens would all end up with names and live a full chicken life.

    I have a nice sized garden every yar, but it’s going to be kinda hard to try it in two feet of snow.

  50. Yeah imust, and the Prince has got his own royal peons looking after his chickens too.

  51. Uppity, the flotus has her own royal peons taking care of her toxic WH garden as well. hate to say it, but at least the prince dedicates himself to some very worthy charities, and puts in the time versus the flotus who does what exactly?

  52. ROFL! I can’t kill any chickens either- we still have one of the original flock we started back in 01 or 02. Well- actually she is a product of the original flock- so 03 maybe. All the rest died of old age and she will too.
    The eggs and the bug control I think entitle them to a nice retirement don’t you?
    I will be popping in at odd times this next few days-tomorrow is baking day for the fair. Went and got our exhibitor numbers today- I will try and post photos Sat morning before we lug everything to the fair grounds.

  53. Now Now, HT, the flotus does MUCH good! For example, she keeps employed thos clothing designers that would otherwise be unemployed because nobody in their right mind would buy their stuff.

    And…….more importantly, she is VERY dedicated to creating as much anorexia nervosa in the USA as possible during her tenure. She is doing this by pointing out how fat and ugly everyone’s kids are, including her own daughter! And she is VERY dedicated to keeping the program going in a shit rolls downhill kind of way, but making it mandatory that schools calculate students’ BMIs and embarrass them as much as humanly possible before REPORTING IT TO THE GOVERNMENT. And just to make sure she is successful to the hilt, parents will also be chastised for overfeeding their children.

    Of course, children of the poor will be most “helped” by this program and their parents will miraculously pluck the money from their asses, the money with which they will go to Whole Foods and pay the same price for a head of lettuce that they would pay for two loaves of bread. Of course, the lettuce won’t fill anybody up, but tough shit, you fat poor people. Put down those cheap potatoes and pasta and sell what you have to buy some damned salmon, damn you!

    You ingrate!

  54. Can anybody besides me see the real humor in finding out Michelle’s little garden is toxic?

  55. Mom, we had a chicken when I was a young kid. It was those times when people would give baby chicks to kids for Easter, and of course nobody knew a thing about chickens, what to feed them or even that you were supposed to feed them. Thus, the chicks all died of starvation if not depression. But not OUR chick. No sir. My mother fed that baby everything it needed, got feed from a local farmer and let that little baby run around the yard for exercise. The thing grew up into a mean, make that VERY mean chicken. It flew at visitors and intimidated people who walked by the propery besides. Then one day, the chicken was gone. My mother said she gave it to the zoo. We had chicken for dinner that night, but I didn’t connect it to OUR chicken. Years later, I finally asked her if we ate our chicken, and she said Nope, she really DID bring it to the zoo.

  56. Oh my. The FDA is guilty again. They are trying to kill everyone. They get paid to do that. The CDC helps them do it too.

  57. No Uppity, I can also see the humor in the toxic garden – I think it’s hilarious that the creative class imbeciles didn’t have the soil checked before they made such a big deal out of the garden – oops, guess they failed at that one – it’s one of the problems of employing up and comers who have never truly worked in their lives. How could they possibly know what to look for – that involves investigation, education and a world that doesn’t revolve around them. The difference between the american nouveau riche wannabe royals, and the actual royals who by accident of birth through the millenia have been trained to be of service in order to avoid those nasty coup attempts like Cromwell etc. Prince Charles is actively involved in Breast Cancer charities, Charities to assist inner city and deprived children (no not about food, but about helping them drag themselves out of poverty) and so many others – and he doesn’t go around trying to get himself into the limelight. BTW, I’m not a huge Charles fan, this is just what the royals do. QE11 is even more amazing and all of it under the limelight, because it is expected of them.
    I’m just using Charles as an example, because you referred to him, however each and every member of the royal families of the many countries are actively involved in many charities – sure they live like royalty, but they give back, unlike some.

  58. Hey, Uppity…. for your enjoyment… 😆 😆 😆 😆 🙂 😉 I guess eggs are truly cracked up… 😆 😆 😆 Just called Trader Joe’s (only place where I buy my eggs) they said NOPE! the eggs I buy are range free/cage free without all of the ofther shit and chemicals that are fed to them… Sure, they cost double…. But, hey I am worth it… 😉 And, so are the chickens too… I too, had a Chicken when I was younger her name was ‘Chicken Little” I know very creative…. 😯 🙄 Really, until she grew up and I gave her to a family friend who didn’t mind all of the pooping everywhere and she was happy with other chickens and ducks too…. 🙂 A happy ending… And, yep! I could NEVER Kill a chicken family member…. And, I do eat Chicken…. 😯

  59. Just for fun – and satire of course.

  60. I’ve never heard that some people say that eating is egg is eating a baby chicken – who is it who does that?

    UW – don’t zoos only exhibit sort of exotic animals? I haven’t been to a zoo since I was a kid, but I didn’t think they had chickens – unless to feed the alligators or something…. uh oh….

  61. P.S. I do not like House, but I adore Hugh Laurie and have for many years before he became House. This takes me back to his roots – unfortunately Stephen Frye is not present.

  62. Hope this was not posted before…If so, sorry…. Uppity Simonn’s Cat is back….. “The Box”… 🙂 😉 😆 😆 😆

  63. Yikes…. toooooooo many ‘nn’ Simon’s cat… 😯 😆 😆

  64. “Can anybody besides me see the real humor in finding out Michelle’s little garden is toxic?”
    Everything in DC is Toxic so MEcheldias garden should be no surprise.

    So when IRON Chef when to the White House and they showed the chefs in the garden picking veggies they were lying……SHOCKA!


    So when MIchelle was bragging about how much food they were eating out of the garden she was lying….SHOCKA!

    “As fifth grade students picked 73 pounds of lettuce and 12 pounds of peas, assistant White House Chef Sam Kass noted that the garden had flourished quickly due to the downpours, the Washington Post reported.

    Read more:

  66. So MEechelle was poisoning children with human feces tainted veggies.

  67. My dog and I were attacked by two pitbulls tonight. One of them got loose off leash and the other dragged the worman walking him up to us and they went after my dog. I kicked one of them in the stomach and got knocked down to the ground. my dog was circling me and they both came after her. I let her loose because it was her only chance in hell to protect herself. Meanwhile, my neighbnor came out with a bat and cracked on of them over the head. My dog looks pretty good and she actually drew blood off one of them but let me tell you this was surreal. It was just horrible. I have a horrid scratch on the back of my leg from one of the clawss and it’s pretty swelled. A few other bruises but no bites, which is amazing considering I kicked both of these two beasts hard. The police came and wanted me to press charges and I said no but I expect her to pay for the vet and doctor bills, as both of us will be seeing the doctor tomorrow. So I haven’t finished tomorrow’s post and am pretty sore right now so you guys will just have to get by for tomorrow. I think overall we are both okay. She’s in better shape than I am and I am quite surprised that she took on two pitties and gave more than she got.

  68. Holy crap UW. I hope you and your pup are OK.

    That will teach you to take a walk without your Glock.

  69. OMG Uppity, that is horrible! Take care of that leg. I am so sorry.

  70. Uppity…. I am sooooooooo glad you are ok… Please rinse the scratch with hydro-peroxide or vinegar(white) one or the other will kill any infectious germs or bacteria…. Also, if you have Neosporin apply it right after you clean the scratch….. apply a heavy coat and cover it with anything cotton…..Please let me know if you need anything…. 🙂 oh, and please elevate your leg after the application of Neosporin… this will help with the swelling…. use a pillow or two if needed… the leg should be raised aleast 4″ above your heart….. NO tight bandage use a loose wrap to keep the Antibotic on the wound… Hope this helps…. Again…. So sorry this happend….. Wishing you and your Pup a speedy recovery…. 🙂

  71. We were in front of my own house, DE. We weren’t even walking, just talking to a neighbor. The two women who were walking these beasts were way over their heads. I didn’t press charges but the police already dispatched the dog warden. The dogs are now marked. I felt kind of sorry for the women, to be honest. They were freaked and they had way too much dog for themselves. After I put my dog inside, these two freaks came up to the door and tried to go through the door to get to her and she didn’t back down either. But the truth is, I can’t believe how brave you get when you have to. I kicked those two bastards really hard and my neighbor knocked one of them for a loop with a bat. I also do believe I broke the record for the number of times a person can say Fuck in five minutes.

  72. Neosporin is already on the cuts and bruises. I didn’t have peroxide but did clean the wounds. The back of the leg is of concern, because a vein seems affected so I will hike to the doctor to check it out. have a few scraps on palms of my hands from the fall and some scrapes that broke skin but otherwise I am okay. I’m a pretty strong woman so I didn’t stay down long before I got up and hauled off on one of those little bastards. I just checked mydog again ahs other than being kind of tired from the excitement, she sems fine too. Amazing really, I thought she was a dead dog when I saw them coming.

  73. Oh geesh UW! I’m sure that was scary! Glad you both survived, but definitely take care of the wound!

    This happened recently in NY.

  74. I’m telling you I’m an animal lover, you know that. But I have had it with these f’ng pit bulls. This city needs a law.

  75. Uppity, you need to get the Home Owner Insurance info on the two women… This fall’s within that…. They may want to take care of things outside of the insurance…. But, NO go through the Insurance… Since a police report was taken…. Take picture of your leg and your dog and have your neighbor prepare a statement of facts to submit to the womens insureance carrier…. Very Important…. Please take my advice and follow through the proper channels to deal with this…. too may times people just say ‘oh, well I just deal with it with my neighbor’ then thing go to hell and you will be left with no recourse of action… absent you hiring a lawyer…. this is just my suggestion and IMO…… 😉

  76. It’s the way they are raised. I know of two pitbulls and they are the friendliest loving pair ever.

  77. Also, make sure the dogs have had their shots. The Board of Health should be paying them a visit. When was the last time you had a tetnus shot?

  78. crap! freaking typo’s…. sorry 😯

  79. Ah bulls NYS. They are animal aggressive and if you can’t control an animal aggressive dog you are in for a world of hurt when your dog comes after my dog. Furthermore, these dogs came after me I only regret I wasn’t walking because I carry a tie out stake at night just for this occassion. I would have impaled one of the little basards. I have no pity on untrained dogs or their owners.

    Oneof my friend’s sons has had many surgeries because one of these freaks got loose, came in their yard and ate his face off. I can tell you this, if my dog got loose, she wouldn’t do that. These dogs are a menace.

    I am current on tentanus.

  80. “I broke the record for the number of times a person can say Fuck in five minutes.”

    Glad you are alive after all that Uppity! WOW!!! And your pupper too! It could have been SO much worse. Whew!

    as for your claim (above) I would beg to differ. I broke my little toe yesterday when I SMASHED it into the stainless STEEL leg of a Charles Eames Chair. It’s so black in between now it looks like the world’s worst toe jam!


    So here we are, bandaged with the feet up.

  81. Uppity, you have my email….. If you would like some solid suggestions and information on how to proceed….Please email me and I will share the details with you…. I am too a huge animal lover and advocate….. So, I know how you feel right now….. But, now that this has happend to YOU and YOUR dog…. I think you should do what you can to prevent this from happening to someone else…. What if it was an elderly woman walking her poodle or whatever…. Would she had been able to do what you have done? It appears these two women do not have control over their dogs….( I know, I hate that word Control… But, I hope you know what I mean) Again, very glad and happy to know you are ok…. yes, the vein area could be an issue…. Just remember to raise that leg 4″ above your heart while lying down….. Ok! 🙂 😉

  82. Pictures already taken and police are waiting if she calls me like she’s supposed to. If she doesn’t, I am pressing charges. She is not being pressed by my grace. That could change any minute. I also knew both of the cops. She either calls and pays the bills or she’s going down. Then I will take her to small claims court. I don’t fool around. And if she really pisses me off, I WILL get a lawyer. She doesn’t know what fury is, but she will find out if she pisses me off. I’ll have those dogs hauled off too.

  83. Ouch FF! Broken toe!! 😦 Rough day in Uppityville.

  84. broken toes are horrible and you can’t do a thing about it.

  85. casper, insurance companies do NOT cover a list of 11 dogs and pittie is at the top of the list. SHe’s going to have to pay for this personally.

  86. Uppity I know what you are saying… but, this accident falls right in the preview of HOME OWNERS INSURANCE….. They will settle with you right away and cover all of you medical and any accidental damages….. Believe me this is the best way…. Small claims is great for property damage and contract issues etc….. But, bodily harm by another’s property is exclusively covered under the HOME OWNERS POLICY…. Remember, Uppity (it is very sad) but, animals… i.e., Dogs and Cats ect… are considered PROPERTY under the law in the United States…… Outrageous! YES!!!! But, it is the fact…. Hey, Uppity I just saved you about a $2500.00 Consultant fee… 🙂 IMO I hope you at least think about what I am suggesting…… 🙂 😉

  87. Dogs insurance companies refuse to cover.
    Pit bulls
    Chow chows
    German shepherds
    Siberian huskies
    Alaskan malamutes
    Doberman pinschers
    Presa Canario bulldogs
    Great Danes

  88. Casper, she will have criminal charges filed against her if she doesn’t cooperate. Believe me, the cops were not gentle with her. I am not going to sue her unless I have to. I am not the most litigous person I know. If I have to sue her ass, I will, but right now I will give her the opportunity to do the right thing. THen too, I don’t know how well my dog is actually faring. Will know tomorrow. Like I said home owners insurance does not cover pit bull freaks.

  89. Uppity while I was posting the above…. your response came in before…. Under the Insurance policies…”when property of another causes damages to another…i.e., personal or real property then that person’s Insurance Policy will be held responsible to cover any and all damages therein that stems from the Neglience from the Insured Policy holder…..

  90. Casper, the thing is, in NY the policies come with riders. SHe is not covered for anything her dog does. She is personally responsible. If you have the wrong kind of dog, you are on your own. You can buy special coverage for a listed dog but it’s very expensive. She has three of these animals so I doubt that ANY company wants to know her. And I don’t even know if she owns a home, she was walking through a neigbhorhood she doesn’t live in. For all I know, she could be a renter. for all I know she could be a loser. I have no idea. My injuries are not serious, i would be shocked if any of them were. I am insured and expect her to pay the copay balances. Nothing more. If I wake up tomorrow morning and can’t walk, I’ll change my mind then. I expect her to pay the vet bills as well and she has already agreed to do that. Now if she changes her mind, she will soon learn that was a mistake.

  91. Uppity, I know just get the info and challenge the Insurance Company to a lawsuit if they do not kick in…. I know they can remove what they want and don’t want to cover…. But, the Law that Animals are Property and the Insurance Policy covers YOU and YOUR Property…. The Insurance company will always try to say “oh, it is not covered in the policy” But, guess what? If YOU sue… Guess who will be representing the Policy Holder? Yep! the very same women who’s Pitts attacked you and your dog….. so, there is alot of room to get around those exclusions…. Believe me I KNOW!…. Whatever you do with these women please get everything in writhing either email (make copies) phone calls (tape them) oh, and let them know you are recording their calls for reference… Just trying to look out for you Uppity…. 😉 🙂

  92. I hear what you are saying, Casper and will keep it in mind.

  93. Uppity if you think they are renters…. Just get their addys and go to the County Recorders Office and look up the owners addy… Put them on notice… I am sure they will have insurance….. especially, if it is a Rental….. then follow with a letter of the incident and cc a copy to each of the women, the owners Insurance Company and the Owner of the Property…. “If the Propery owner knows or should of known of a danger on their property they have a duty to put everyone on notice about the potential danger…. i.e., Pitt bulls…. Anyway, hope this helps…. Again, if it doesn’t pan out please email me…. 😉 🙂

  94. It would be a shame to have to carry that tie out stake just to be in your own yard. Yep, get the medical bills covered by her!

  95. Good point Casper. It just happened a few hours ago so I haven’t gotten all the information I need yet, but I will. Trust me I will. Like I said, you pay the bills or you pay the piper. I do have her address so it won’t be hard to find out if she owns or rents.

  96. Mike it’s either that or my gun. Honestly it crossed my mind to go inside and get my gun and just shoot them both dead. I think if my neighbor hadn’t come at them with the bat and slowed them down, I would have done it.

  97. Who could blame you. That is a scary situation and like you said at that very moment that you saw your “baby” was in danger you became a protector!

  98. UW, thank the Goddess, you seem to have everything well in hand. Sorry for this trauma to you and yours.

  99. It was more like she was my protector, NYS. She circled me when I was on the ground and fought them at the same time. She was magnificent. I just gave her two biscuits and a rub down. My cat was at the glass door when they ran up to the door after I brought her in and he was humped up twice his size they were that scary. And my dog wasn’t backing down then either. Bless her heart.

  100. That was awesome of her. You deserve two biscuits and rubdown too though!

  101. I may need it in the morning. lol.

    Seriously I’m ok and she looks ok, but I want her checked. She goes to the vet before I go to the doctor. I love her that much. Lucky my spousal unit wasn’t here or I KNOW those two dogs would be shot dead right now. My neighbor was fantastic though. He came right out of his house and whacked one of those dogs right off my dog. These are tough dogs. He whacked it in the forehead and it stumbled and got right back up. Walking crooked but back up. But he didn’t attack any longer. Frankly I think that dog has as a minimum a concussion now. If not a hemo.

  102. green, the thing that really shocks me is what I was willing to do in the face of that threat. I kicked two pit bulls. Went down got up and I tell you I was willing to fight them to the death before I let them take me or my dog first.

  103. Was definitely gonna say kudos to your neighbor. Hope you’re not in too much pain in the morning. Glad you both are seeking medical care.

  104. I’m gonna be sore because i went flying. lol. But like I said, I’m in pretty good shape so I’m fine. And I don’t know what yet, but I am going to do something really grand for my neighbor. I have always found pit bulls suspect but at this moment I really hate them and I don’t think that’s going away anytime too soon. They are just to damned aggressive out of nowhere and I am sick of hearing about the last thing one of them did to innocent people and dogs.

  105. Uppity, Just fed the gang…. cats and dogs … 🙂 Oh, and the Koi too…. Wishing you a restful and speedy recovery night….. Bonne Nuit….. Please keep us posted…. OH, just wanted to say I am here in CA… The most slap happy lawsuit state in the United States…. 😯 Warm Regards, Casper

  106. That would be nice though I am sure your neighbor will think unnecessary.

  107. Well casper, NES is not in the country right now, and we always joke she’s the blog lawyer. So I’m glad you’re here in her stead.

  108. Night Uppity! Perhaps a hot shower or bath to relax the muscles before bedtime. A shot of Southern Comfort won’t hurt either.

  109. Uppity…. With Pleasure….. Remember, I am always here when needed….. 🙂 😉 I didn’t go to Law School for nothing….. 😉 🙂 I know how you feel right now about the breed of dogs….. Just step back a bit and remember “it is the owner, not the dog” …. I cannot tell you how many times I have pulled over my truck and cut (with bolt cutters) car chains on the necks of 4 month old pitts…. I tell the people that it is illegal and I will have the animal removed from them if they do not comply with a safe collar and leash… Which I prompty provide from them along with a free spay and Neuter voucher…. I try the best I can … And, yes I too am a little reservered about the breed…. But, I do have a pitt/mix “chopper” I rescued 7 years ago in an animal abuse case….. But, with Lots of Love, training and a lot of compassion he is a wonderful, loving and great with dogs social/friendly and loves cats . But, I do believe it started with me…. and, the dog followed… :smiled:

  110. 😳 not ‘from’ For….. sorry, typing too fast and not paying attention…… 😉

  111. My brother was attacked by a pit when he was in HS in the 70’s, his only defense was to shove his fist down the dogs throat and suffocate it.

  112. YIKES!!!! too many typo’s and poor grammar….. Sorry, it has been a very long day………… 😉 Uppity, if you need anything “whatever” please let me know…… Again, Bonne Nuit everyone……

  113. Uppity… one last thing real quick…. Did you see my post about Simon’s Cat “the box” very cute…. 🙂

  114. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner – very busy.

    Just wondered: Did we wish “Big Dawg”, former President William Jefferson Clinton a big “Happy Birthday” yet? August 19, 1946 – he could sing “When I’m 64” now.

    Hope Bill and Hill are celebrating somehow.

  115. Scary dog stories! I once had a pit bull attack my car. He latched on to the bumper and wouldn’t let go as I drove out of a drive way. Finally did though, but left his teeth marks in my bumper as a souvenir.

  116. OMG, so glad to hear you and the dog are ok. This could have clearly been horrific and disasterous.

    You both rest up and heal. Those dogs should have been outlawed long ago. Just awful news.

    Prayers that both check-ups are excellent.

  117. Thankful here that Ms UW and her doggie is alright (for now, at least). But make sure to treat the wounds deligently, please. Hopefully you’d recover soon.

    FF, get that toes to the doc. It doesn’t sound alright if it’s turned blue.

    ((((((((((((waving to everyone))))))))))))))….and smiling:D

  118. Hi Joey!

  119. Hiya imust the pengy winner!

  120. Glad you & your pup are OK Uppity….You were lucky….
    Folks shouldn’t have dogs they can’t physically handle & properly train/socialize….Just sayin’

  121. Can anybody besides me see the real humor in finding out Michelle’s little garden is toxic?


  122. UW at 945, hope you are your doggie are doing better.

  123. ff, ouch!!! I broke two on a coffee table leg a few years ago and half my foot turned black and blue. I went to the doctor for pain killers and a big open sandal shoe. I taped the toes together and soaked my foot. It hurt a lot.

    UW and FF get well soon!

  124. UW, I just wanted to say that if you are seeing a red streak coming from a wound it is important to get an antibiotic ASAP. It’s a sign of a traveling infection.

    You said before you thought your wound was affecting a vein and I didn’t connect the 2 things till now

    Be well!.

  125. Yikes, UW, I’m glad you and your dog are okay. How terrifying.

    There was someone here a few years back who had two pit bills, raised them for 7 years, and one day they attacked her, ambulance had to come for her. I know people say it’s how they’re raised, but I wonder if sometimes there’s something latent in the genes. I would never have one. But, as your example shows, that’s not enough – you’re in danger if they come into your neighborhood!

    I used to have a dog who came running with me on trails, and a few times over the years some dog (never a pitt bull luckily!) would come charging at us. I always had the same impulse to protect the dog! He was only medium sized, so I always picked him up and kicked at the dogs. But when you do that, the dog is always struggling in your arms, trying to get down to protect you, and you’re trying to keep him held tight to protect HIM, AND kick off the dogs lol

    Well, I’m so glad you two are okay.

  126. LATimes October 9, 2009

    The Marine Corps is moving to ban dogs with aggressive temperaments from Camp Pendleton and other bases under a policy developed after a 3-year-old boy at Camp Lejeune, N.C., was fatally bitten by a pit bull. The banned breeds are pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf hybrids. Families moving into base housing are no longer allowed to bring those breeds. Families already in housing can keep their dogs until Sept. 30, 2012, but only if they receive a “good-dog” waiver….
    h t t p://
    Sorry it happened & glad it’s no worse than it is.

  127. Good grief Uppity – so sorry you and your baby were attacked. That breed is banned in my province because of the large number of attacks that occurred. Great advice from Uppityites. green’s comment about the red streak is really important – that indicates blood poisoning. Take great care of yourself and doggie!

  128. Well! I come over to catch up while the cake is in the oven and dang!
    UW! Give that wonderful dog of yours a steak from me! GOOD DOG!
    You get thee to the sofa and take a day off!
    Here in PA we have to have a rider on our house insurance to cover- are you ready?
    THE HORSES! ROFLMAO! In case they break out (which they have done- electric fence? Who cares when there is corn as high as an elephant’s eye across the street lol) Anyway- if they get out in the road and cause an accident we are liable.
    The dog? Nope- you come in my yard and do bad things and my dog bites you? Tough shit to you. If I have the dog out in a public place, and he goes and does a bad thing- then I am responsible- but trespassers will be eaten.

  129. Uppity, when you get a moment, let us know that you and the pup have been given a clean bill of health.

  130. We’re ok. I’m still shook up and didn’t sleep. My dog acts like nothing ever happened. She has an appt with vet today. I have decided to press charges.And yes, I WILL give her a steak today. But first I want her checked.

  131. Oh Uppity! The story of the attack on you and your pet just horrified me! I’m so glad you are both ok! It could have been so much worse and it sounds like you both defended each other and, quite frankly, given so many stories of such attacks, saved each others’ life! I am so proud of you both!
    I hope your wounds heal quickly and it is resolved.

    Uppity, I hate to say it, but those dogs present an even greater threat, waiting to happen, it sounds like to me. If the owners can’t control those dogs, it won’t be the last attack on someone and/or their pets. That’s the way these things go, from what I’ve heard.

    I love all animals and have even fed an abandoned, starving pit bull recently. But, it is a breed that terrifies me, because of their unpredictability from the breeding line – and the insane, human animals that breed them – and/or own them – FOR their instinctual aggression.

  132. The neighbors are horrified. It was straight out of hell.

  133. Uppity, I hope that the spousal unit has recovered as well. While he wasn’t there at the time, his loved ones were attacked – he must have been furious.

    wontbackdown, unfortunately the pits were bred specifically for their strength and agressiveness so they could be used for baiting bulls and bears, then when that was considered inhumane, for dog fights. Bleeping a@@hole idiots who enjoy that sheite should be euthanized IMHO. What could one expect, when an animal, or human for that matter is bred for the express purpose of aggression. That is not to say that all pit bulls are bad – but all pit bulls do have a tendency to be aggressive in my experience. We had a lovely gentleman who lived nearby and he shared his home with an equally lovely pit bull named Charmin. She was a delight, because she had been showered with love and trained throughout her life with him. When he passed away, Charmin grieved for a week, then she died. So they are not all bad. Bad owners are the bane of society and should be banned from ever having an animal – look at that moron who taped that dog to the refrigerator that Uppity posted about.

  134. Good for you UW! I’m glad you decided to press charges. Give your pup a hug for Zoe.

  135. I am so happy that you are both okay. Thank goodness that the neighbor came out, and did not hesitate to go to town on the dogs. They are very powerful animals. Take care of the bumps and bruises. I do hope your recovery is quick. Flowers for both of you.

  136. Glad to see you up and about Uppity. Just checking in while zucchini bread is in the oven. Ran across this-
    Navy panel votes to discharge ex-astronaut Nowak;_ylt=ArkNWeu4SVgFZRnx9DClbDes0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNwZ2JhazM4BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwODIwL3VzX2FzdHJvbmF1dF9hcnJlc3RlZARjY29kZQNtb3N0cG9wdWxhcgRjcG9zAzQEcG9zAzEEcHQDaG9tZV9jb2tlBHNlYwN5bl9oZWFkbGluZV9saXN0BHNsawNwYW5lbG5hdnlzaG8-
    We all remember this loon right? Drove all the way from Houston in Pampers to attack another woman in 2007! THREE YEARS ago!!!!!
    Makes me despair of ever seeing the Ft Hood islamofascist murderer face justice.

  137. mcnorman! You should enter those in the fair! Beautiful!

  138. I’ve been attacked by a German Sheppard when I was 12 yrs old, and it is something you never forget. The owner watched as the beast was taking out the back of my leg. 😦

  139. mcnorman, I was attacked by a German Sheppard when I was 5 years old. He clamped onto the top of my head when I was bent over to pat him. The doctor was amazed – had he clamped just a bit further to one side, he would have left me partially bald. I still have the scars where his teeth sunk in – no hair in those spots. It determined how I was to part my hair, for sure.

  140. My family has been extremely fortunate- no biting dogs. Well except for good old Skippy, who bit my ex in the ass when he had me backed in a corner and was trying to choke me to death. GOOD DOG! He got a big old steak and a bone out of that one!

  141. Wow PMMom, I could have used Skippy during my two disasterous forays into coupledom. My fault I know, but he sure would have come in handy at the end. (I have disasterous taste in men so gave up the ghost years ago)

  142. NAILED, Upps. As only you can with the humorous droll plu UPTON as the capper. Do we have an FDA anymore? I’m so nonsure — but RALPH NADER could get on this, pronto.

    ps: one of my old pottery teachers had six chickens in her yard like pets — with benefits.

    I think she could make mayoinnaise from scratch too?


    do tell.


    Uppity when was it we were all told not to eat raw eggs? Was it early 80’s? I forget. Don’t tell me some mayonnaise factory did a little prodding?

    Some eat Wago (sp?) tartare and others?

    Well…. the food chain used to be non-tiered, no?

  143. Hey mcnorman, did you take that flower photo?

  144. DE, no it’s not mine.

  145. Oh PMM, those are not mine. Mine are desert flowers. We have water restrictions and lots of clay in the soil. These are mine.

  146. Yes HT, it is ugly and you never forget it. The truth is that now I understand dogs a bit better. I, cannot understand why people base a decision to take a dog which they cannot control. Puppies are beautiful, but they grow up. Many people do not invest the time nor the effort to socialize an animal who is already a cranky breed.

  147. mcnorman, how true. I’ve had dogs my entire life – as a child, my parents were very strict about how we interacted with our pets. As an adult, I spent hours out of every day training my buds, and they aren’t totally trained until they reach about 18 months to two years, because they are still puppies/teenuppies until that age. My dogs would walk without a lead, would heed every command, would stop on a dime and were the gentlest creatures imaginable, because they knew I loved them and that the training was to protect them as well as others. I had to give up on dogs when my last one died – it was too much emotion. My female gruesome on the other hand has two jack russells that are nice dogs but have never been trained, and they put my teeth on edge, particularly as “grandma” has to periodically babysit. She watches that dog whisperer sheite, which I watched a couple of times and honestly think the man is borderline abusive. You cannot train a dog in a week – they are just like children. It takes time, discipline of both the owner and the dog, and love. JMHO of course. BTW, the dog who bit me was owned by the convenience store. Poor thing had to be euthanized. It really wasn’t his fault – he was older, it was hotter than hades, and he had all these people during the day crowding his space. But you’re right, one never forgets being bitten.

  148. HT, the dog whisperer’s premise is correct. The human is supposed to be the one controlling the situation. His techniques are not what I use. I have a pack of unwanted, rescue dogs. Some so poorly trained or abused that they are not adoptable. I work with a rescue and these guys are either too old or too crazed to go to another home. Most have been in 4-5 homes prior to coming to me. They are fine with me. They eventually understand who rules the roost and even get along with the cats and the parrot.

  149. mcnorman your flowers are beautiful and I am sure would win a blue ribbon!
    Zucchini bread is out- zucchini cookies in- then oatmeal cookies- then- TADA!
    PIES! Apple cranberry walnut, peach melba pie and blueberry! If I am not dead I might do a blackberry as well!
    You guys need to help me out and stand guard in case the “borrowers” come around!
    And I don’t mean these ones!

  150. Thank you PMM. Lighting is a pain in the desert. They are either washed out or completely saturated in color. Yum cookies and pies!!!! Wish I lived closer.


    Folks do all sorts of irresponsible things when it comes to pets….
    True Stoy :
    Last Feb. A dog was abandoned at a retail parking lot in my neighborhood. Pup was about 4 months old and 2 store employees caught it and took it inside. A customer said that although she could not keep the pup she would find an owner for it.She took it to her vet to get prelim. shots.
    8 days later she waxed poetic about the pup at the local starbux..
    and a friend of mine heard about it. He called me because I had lost my beloved Harry, 12 year old golden retriever who was really by daughters dog ( He had a brief but devastating illness & had to be put down ) This happened in Oct.
    So I called the woman….met the pup and took her home.
    She bonded really well and I named her Ruthie…
    Started to house train , her leash train her.
    Woman calls me back after a week to say she wants the dog back.
    I say I like the dog and will keep her ( woman had 1 dog and 2 cats )

    2 months later the woman files suit with a judge claiming I stole the dog and pays a $1000.00 bond to have the dog remove until it’s settled in court. She is also suing me for $538.00 = value of the dog+ vac. bills & registration fees that she hadn’t done at the time+ pain and suffering etc….
    This is a mixed breed…probably kelpie & australian cattle dog aka blue heelers…takes a lot of work and training because they are so active & smart.
    I have to go to court in Sept. because She will automatically win money if I don’t. Found out the dog has been with her since April.
    I didn’t have $2000.00 to post a bond to keep the dog with me.
    Y’know I thought I was doin a good thing….This woman stalked me for a while…tried to post fliers with my name and address on them calling me a dog thief at the local starbux….had her friends call me…I mean she was unhinged….
    Anyway…I hope that pup is OK cause she is delightful but a handful….she was chewin her way to china….An unfortunately it is the active dogs who need good training & lots of exercise that often end up in the shelters…
    I still miss Harry….That’s my dog story….

    IMHO….Folks shouldn’t get dogs unless they research….and properly train…..and will be responsible for them to the best of their ability….for the length of the dogs life…..just sayin’

  152. mcnorman, I recognize that dogs need to know that the trainer is the alpha, however, I don’t like some of his methods. Much prefer the “Walkies” lady.

    workingclass – what a nightmare scenario and how sad for you and the dog. Document everything and fight her, but sadly I think you’ve seen the last of this particular dog. There are so many others that are available for adoption these days – so many people are surrendering their friends because they can’t afford to keep them. Good luck.

  153. HT- I got Skippy from the pound- some kind of Afghan retriever mix- with the MOST beautiful brindle coat. anyway- I cheated when I trained him- I blew up a photo of my ex and taped it to a broom stick. Then I would take it outside and bang at the doors and windows with the stick picture until the dog went crazy.
    Hey- it worked!
    Good old Skippy! The school across the street bent the rules for him- he would go over and run the ADHD kids ragged at recess playing fetch and tag and running down the slide. The teachers LOVED him- the kids had no rambunctiousness left after playing with that dog and the worst punishment (oops “consequence for poor choices) was to miss recess with Skippy!

  154. I am with you on this workingclass artist. I, like HT understand that this breaks your heart, but really think about rescuing a dog that has been given up. Many are trained. I have a lovely silky that was being bounced around by the military families being deployed. He is a phenomenal dog with impeccable manners. I adore this little guy. I am so happy that I said yes when he was being turned over.

  155. PMM that is a great story. Yippie for Skippy.

  156. Crikey Uppity! Glad you’re O.K. And no, you can’t leave your house without a glock and a lawyer anymore.

  157. Thanks HT & McN I actually enjoy training the dogs it’s 1/2 the fun….
    I like the How to be your dogs best friend book by the monks..used the principles for Harry and he was a great dog….
    Latest edition has been revised…
    After I go to court might get a lab from a rescue….don’t know yet….
    I have to go to court just to defend myself….otherwise she gets dog & money…..sheeeesh!

    *** Some people are just evil…..***

  158. wca- just curious- is the evil person an osupporter? Trying to redistribute your wealth? Just curious.

  159. First and foremost, Uppity hope you and pup have recovered. If the skin was broken/blood drawn, most jurisdictions will charge the owner and remove the dogs. People really do need to think before taking on an animal and make sure they have the time, patience and appropriate environment before making their choice.

    Second, I have always found the toxic garden a hoot. Not only did they not test the soil, they really do not grow much of anything. Most of the veggies come from a nice greenhouse and are started ahead of time to that they can be planted and then “picked” when they need a photo op. Just in the ground long enough to become contaminated.

  160. It’s such a traumatic and terrifying experience I hope you and your pet are on the road to a quick recovery.

  161. hugs Upps and dog..
    that was quite a scare..

  162. Sheesh, I couldn’t find one with a dog, so seeing as we are an animal friendly ville, and I’m sure MKBill will find this more to his liking. P.S. the artist who wrote and sang the song (and is not in the video) is one of my favorite musical poets – the inimitable Harry Nilsson, may he rest in peace.

  163. lol That song is from The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (the series, not the movie). It was fun hearing it again.

    My cat will have to stop biting me before I can sing it to HIM

  164. Hmph- and perhaps I read too much into things- what with the salmonella poisoning starting in what? May? And it’s jsut now making the news- with additional recalls forthcoming-

    “Giving a series of network interviews, Hamburg said the FDA is taking the issue “very, very seriously.” At the same time, she said Congress should pass legislation stalled in the Senate that would increase the frequency of inspections and give the agency authority to order a recall. Companies now have to issue such recalls voluntarily”

    Ah- the government controls all food bill- it’s stalled and they want it passed- hmmmm.

  165. PMMom, yeah, they’re getting serious, cough, which explains why over half a billion eggs are being recalled cough, because they are serious. Of course the fact that the recalling company has been guilty of multiple cough infractions cough, means that the feds were on the job cough all along.

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