Would you spit on this creep if he were on fire?

Meet the pig behind the Salmonella outbreak that resulted in a recall of half a million eggs.

Rat infested Animal abuser, abuser of workers, Child Labor Law violator, consumer poisoning expert, Illegal Alien exploiter

Jack The- Greedy- Pig- DeCoster: Also known as the “Teflon Chicken Don”:

The Iowa attorney general called him a “habitual violator” of state laws.

Labor Secretary Robert Reich called his farms “atrocious.”

A federal investigator said it was “inconceivable” he didn’t know his farms’ conditions.

This is not the first time at the rodeo for DeCoster, no sir. He’s gotten away with being the horrid man he is for a lonnnnnnnnnnnng long time

Conditions on DeCoster owned egg farms have been in the news for years.

Maine Contract Farming, formerly the DeCoster Egg Farm, has a three decade-long complaint history from workers, neighbors, environmental officials, labor officials and humane workers.

In 1977 neighbors whose homes were infested with insects filed a $5 million lawsuit, claiming nose plugs and flyswatters should be the “new neighbor” kit.

In 1980, the DeCoster operation was charged with employing five 11-year-olds and a 9-year-old by the Labor department.

In 1988, 100,000 chickens burned to death in a fire and were left to decompose.

In 1992, DeCoster was charged by the state, with indenturing migrant workers, denying them contact with teachers, social workers, doctors, lawyers and labor organizers.

In 1996, federal investigators found DeCoster workers living in rat and cockroach infested housing and the egg operation was fined $3.6 million.

(“The conditions in this migrant farm site are as dangerous and oppressive as any sweatshop we have seen,” said Labor Secretary Robert Reich; “I thought I was going to faint and I was only there a few minutes,” said Cesar Britos, an attorney representing DeCoster workers, after entering a barn.”)

In 2001 dead hens intermingled with live ones during truck transport sparked a complaint to the Department of Agriculture.

Workers’ drinking water has been found contaminated with feces by OSHA and after a conciliatory “free” chicken banquet offered to workers, they were docked for their time eating it, reported the Portland Press Herald.

But Jack DeCoster, using Boston spinmeister George Regan for public relations, ha always avoided criminal convictions and farm closures and even expanded his empire from egg farms in Maine to pig farms in Iowa in the 1990s.

Last year, state officials raided DeCoster’s Maine Contract Farming in Turner after being given undercover video from Chicago-based Mercy For Animals (MFA) showing hens suffocating in garbage cans, hens kicked into manure pits to drown and hens hanging by their feet half dead over egg conveyer belts.

For eight hours agriculture and state officials, including police troopers with a search warrant, documented conditions termed “deplorable, horrifying and upsetting” by state veterinarian Don Hoenig and removed dead and living hens for evidence.

You can read more about this slimy, despicable walking bag of shit here.

Jack you greedy, inhuman freak, may you die a slow, miserable and painful death from the inside out. And for the sake of the health and welfare of anyone who worked for you,was  abusedor exploited by you, any small creature you abused mercilessly, and for the sake of anyone who was or is unfortunate  enough to ingest anything that passes through your rat-infested Greed Plant, please God, make it soon. I think it would be great if they would give you to your tortured chickens as feed.

In the meantime, it would be  helpful if Jack made a trip to the dirtiest, most unsanitary prison we can find. He can bring some of his rats with him. And then it would be great if all he was given to eat were Salmonella-laden eggs–with no way to cook them.

Oh and one more thing: At what point do our government and its agencies say Enough Is Enough when it comes to serial violators like this Pig F*cker? Well let us say if for you: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The FDA was hobbled  and reduced exponentially by George W. Bush. Now it’ remains hobbled by Barack Obama.  Some “Change”!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop bailing out corporations who enjoy socialism and its welfare when things are bad and capitalism and its profits when things are good. Stop bailing out suspiciously underfunded union pensions. Stop bailing out your sponsors! Start doing something that benefits the health of Americans for a change, because your health care reform sure isn’t doing a thing for them.

Now, here’s some comfort for you. Rep Rosa DeLauro, member of our Reactive Congress, and of  The Church Of Monsanto , is speaking out about probing DeCoster, while awaiting her legislation to reach the floor. Which legislation, you ask? You are asking that, aren’t you? Why, that would be HR 875,  legislation that will harass and put small and organic farmers out of business, of course. They are not the problem. Big Agra is the problem. You know, the guys who write those big fat checks.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro, who chairs the House subcommittee that controls the budgets of the Agriculture Department and the Food and Drug Administration, wants to know why  regulators didn’t take action earlier against the DeCoster farms in Iowa given the family’s record of violating environmental laws and worker safety rules.

She says there was a “pattern of regulatory non-compliance” that should have served as a warning to regulators and warranted additional scrutiny of the company’s ability to comply with food safety standards.”

Yes M’am, and there’s a pattern with Monsanto too. It’s called “I want to patent corn as my very own,” and sometimes it’s called, “I want to get rid of all farmers I don’t own“. Additionally it’s called, “Genetically engineered food is better and “Better living through chemicals“. But I don’t imagine you will be mentioning  that in the near future.

Still, it’s good to know that Congress is taking time off from sticking it up our butts to probe someone else’s cavity for a change. I’m sure that after all the contributions roll in, the law they pass will be as helpful to us as Credit Card Reform, Health Care Reform and Wall Street Reform. In other words, plan for no change that will benefit you. That’s why so many people can see November from their houses.


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  1. I am with you Uppity. Enough is enough! Shut him down. It is LONG overdue!!!

  2. Thirty-three years – all those atrocities – 6 different administrations (alas, including Clinton!) – and he’s STILL FREE AND IN BUSINESS!!!

    Oy, vey – what a DISGRACE!


  3. Where’s the blog ferret? I want to know who this pig contributed to. Look for Austin DeCoster, Quality Eggs and Wright.

  4. I might pee on him, just a little for some sizzle.

  5. ugh!….what a slime…..a menace to society & an insult to the noble occupation of farming….

  6. Here’s the good news. According to eggsaftey.org the recall only consists of less than one percent on all the eggs produced in the US. If they can’t successfully monitor a know dirty farm how can they monitor anyone else.

  7. Hmmm, 1200 people and counting sick by a scum that values money and nothing else, who has probably paid off some officials to look the other way. Wanna take bets that his own family isn’t eating his products.

    DE – good point. If they can’t monitor someone they already know is corrupt, how could they find the others to monitor. (other than Monsanto and the other huge agragrowers)

  8. Heads up, nationwide meat recall. If you purchased deli meat (processed by Zemco Industries of Buffalo, NY) at the Walmart, you might want to read this.

  9. well isn’t that timely.

  10. It’s awful.

  11. DE that was probably a typo. They meant to say they only found less than 1% of the tainted eggs.

  12. there is a bulletin on the food inspection site as well
    WTH – what’s left? I just bought black forest ham yesterday – sigh.

  13. This is from a post at HuffyPuffy by Robert Reich regarding DeCoster:

    In 2002 the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission fined DeCoster’s operation $1.5 million for mistreating female workers. The charges included rape, sexual harassment, and other abuses.

  14. HT Better be careful with the black forest ham. All the wild boar in Germany are radioactive. I’M NOT KIDDING, you can thank Chernobyl.

  15. Listeria post up.

  16. Well DE, at least you can find your ham in the dark.

  17. Searching…………..

    “Individuals and political action committees associated with the poultry and egg industry contributed $1.5 million to federal candidates in 2008 – primarily Republicans. Just 26 percent went to Democrats. [Read more Background]”

    Still searching……..

  18. UW,

    I’m so mad, my hair hurts! I’m still not over the barbaric sport of “bull fighting” and the recent rebellion by one of those bulls in Spain who was sick and tired of being tortured by these sick f__ks.

    The cruelty to animals by those who make money off of slaughtering them, but making them live in hell first, is, IMO, divine retribution for this barbaric treatment of helpless animals.

    As a society, we must stop turning a blind eye to animal abuse by these greedy corporate pricks. We have to put the life of the animal, while it waits to be executed, so that we can eat meat, FIRST. At the least, these poor animals who are misfortunate to be chosen to be the next meal for a bunch carnivores should live a decent life and die a merciful death.

    I stopped eating beef and pork because of the horrid conditions of these poor animals and now it looks like I’m going to have to give up chicen and eggs too!! I’ll have to eat more mercury filled fish and beans. But it’s worth it to not participate in the horror we impose on these poor animals.

    Of course, it’s the animals fault. They don’t have lobbyist in D.C. So, it’s up to those of us who believe that animals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. It’s the least we can do for their sacrifice.

  19. I meant to say, “divine retribution to Jack DeCoaster by making so many people sick, so that he would be held accountable…”

  20. Makes me appreciate even more all the love and work the 4-H kids put in to raising their animals.
    It is so wonderful to watch these kids at the fair lavishing love and attention on their animal projects. Agribusiness could take a lesson from these 4-Hers.
    UW- Left some opensecrets info on the thread below for you

  21. I read the link- Damn! No wonder my dog prefers fresh caught vermin!
    “The plant manager told me that the ground-up male chicks were used in dog food and fertilizer.”

    Nor does the US trade group United Egg Producers deny the daily grinding up alive of baby males. “There is, unfortunately, no way to breed eggs that only produce female hens,” spokesman Mitch Head told The Associated Press last year. “If someone has a need for 200 million male chicks, we’re happy to provide them to anyone who wants them. But we can find no market, no need.”

  22. omg. What an evil bastard. It would be cool if he was thrown into one of his hen factories and pecked to death.

  23. It sounds like all he got was some penny ante fines and allowed to continue his business! Why isn’t this pos in jail and his businesses disbanded?

  24. See November from their houses…LOL!

  25. DeLauro is an idiot. Just saying…

    And you’re absolutely correct about Bush hobbling the FDA. Damage is done, no matter how much money is thrown at it now. And the Obama-appointed boobs running FDA now are as incompetent as he is. Really slow-learners. God help us all.

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