For the viewing pleasure of holocaust survivors and the elderly

They have become everything that reviled Americans about the Right Wing.  Even unto the “Patriotic” card. Oh the irony. I know it’s rare, but I’m speechless.


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  1. God help us…

  2. …… At least the creep is guaranteed to give himself a stroke at some point, hope that gets filmed too. 🙂

  3. Hate, hate and more hate. Wasn’t the president supposed to be the unifier – this is the unity?

  4. “He didn’t learn his lesson….”

    That jerk actually SAID that to that old man…..I swear, I don’t recognize this country anymore.

  5. Wow – I’m speechless, too. Watching that lunatic spew such venom really made me cringe….

  6. Apoplexy, anyone???


  7. That’s sad and incredibly stupid.

    I know many people in this country don’t want to believe it, but Muslim hate crimes are a very, very small percentage. Even to this day, anti semitism in the US accounts for most of the hatred. You can remember the six women shot in the Jewish Federation Center in Seattle to know it’s true.

  8. yes yttik, and notice they are very excited about the importance of the constitution until somebody mentions Sharia and then you get a blank stare. Constitution for me, not thee.

  9. Delphyne, imagine telling him he didn’t learn his lesson when Iran is declaring they are going to destroy israel. Ever seen the spew on the message boards about Jews, and on youtube. It’s brutal and I fear fo the Jews in this country.

  10. John Smart has an interesting post up regarding Sharia and the Constitution if you haven’t read it yet:

  11. Holy Shit!

    ‘Apparently you didn’t learn your lesson during the Holocaust.”

    I am utterly ashamed to be a Liberal right now. 😦

  12. Apoplexy, anyone???

    LOL Park. With this guy’s personality, he won’t get to be as old as the other guy. He’s a stroke waiting to happen. Is there such a thing as a Type A+ personality?

  13. Anyone noticing a trend in how angry the left has become. They’ve been running things since 2006 and they are the angriest bunch of jackasses on the planet,

    Why are they so mad? I could understand when during W.’s first term but why still….Oh wait W”s third term.

  14. “they are the angriest bunch of jackasses on the planet…”

    Aren’t they sore winners?? I’ve never seen such impotent rage. Part of the problem is that they can’t function without a villain, but they won both houses and the presidency, so they’re just wandering around lost and directionless.

  15. This is so wrong. The depravity.

  16. yitik

    I believe you are correct. Most of the figures I have seen for the last 10 years or so (e.g., FBI stats, state, and Metro DC) seem, to show that Muslims are the victims of crimes at about as often as Christians. As I recall, both groups, Muslims and Christians and come in around 7 -9%. The actual figures vary slightly each year and neither Muslim or Christian is always higher . For the vast majority of hate crimes (I think it runs around 65 – 70%) Judaism is the target.

    I have also seen several reports (based on actual crime reports data) the crime rates against Muslims have been on the decrease.

    The MSM is once again picking and choosing stories to support their message that we are all bigots.

  17. Heartbreaking, infuriating and – I would stand with Israel on any given hour, day, week, month, year after year!

    Isn’t Islamic hatred for Jews – intent on blowing Israel out of the middle east – the same religion that, given enough “respect,” would execute “homosexuals” and relegate all women and girls to subservience and submissive to all men – especially all Muslim men?

    No wonder I can’t tell most “progressive leftists” today from a batterer or an Islamic radical; their viewpoint, opinions and positions are not only the only valid ones but, the only ones that they are willing to “tolerate”.

    The Gospel according to the rigidly, religiously self-righteous is clearly not limited to Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Wicca, Zoroastrianism, and Druidism nor Atheism.

    Fuckyouism is upon us – and you’ll know it when you find yourself suddenly cast into hell over having the “wrong” opinion.

  18. Fascist is as Fascist does…..
    And Antisemiticism is the oldest game around….

  19. “Even to this day, anti semitism in the US accounts for most of the hatred. You can remember the six women shot … ”

    I hate to be the one to bring this up, but is this like Mel Gibson being accused of racism because he beat up his girlfriend and used the wrong word while doing so?

    Anti-Semitism is part of this but HELLO SIX WOMEN KILLED …

  20. Antisemitism is growing everywhere….I mean their driving Jews out of Sweden….I mean that’s like a “peaceful place” Wriiight?

    It’s growing everywhere….just sayin’

  21. DE the “Left” is mad because the “Undesirables” are well….behaving in a decidedly undesirable fashion….

  22. This is amazing. “Didn’t learn his lesson?” I am thoroughly appalled but then this is just a continuation of the 2008 primary/GE. Name caling seems to be the practice du jour. Incivility and disrespect de rigueur. And these are people from my former Party. I am saddened but unsurprised.

  23. workingclassartist @ 1:22. From that same town in Sweden.

  24. econsmed, ROFL!

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