Happy Labor Day

Labor Day. Because there was just too much time between 4th of July and Veteran’s Day and who the heck wants to go that long working without a Monday off with pay? Although if you are a Federal Employee, you do get Columbus Day off, in celebration of Christopher Columbus  discovering a land that already had other people living there, but nevermind. But heck, Columbus Day is in October, which would leave September butt nekkid in terms of that Monday off  if it weren’t for Labor Day.

1st Labor Day Parade, Sept 5, 1882, NY City

Labor Day was created in 1882 by The Central Labor Union in NY City to celebrate….well…


Of course it started in NY. Did you think it would start in Texas? Anyways, the rest of America’s workers got to hop on board too. Even Canada joined in.

Unlike most holidays, it’s the day with a Movable Date. It’s always on the first Monday in September to ensure a long weekend, thanks to an 1884 Act of Congress.

It’s a day when you can have that one last BBQ  of the summer, even though most of the burgers you are eating are actually on the salmonella recall list. It’s the day during which kids try really hard to have fun, but the Cloud of School Tomorrow hangs heavily over them. It’s the day when teachers brood a lot about what their new class is going to look like, and will there be a potential serial killer among them like there was last year?

It’s the day when you realize that you are out of cash because you usually go to the bank on Monday, but the damned  bank is closed.

It’s the day when ALLLLLLLLLLL the stores are open early and everything is on sale, but you can’t afford to buy a damned thing because you are Unemployed Labor or Employed Labor who is afraid that you will be Unemployed Labor soon. But relax! It’s not only Labor Day, it’s Recovery Summer! So party like you are Barack! But don’t try to find any lobster. Even if you could afford it, Michelle has already scarfed so much of it down that it’s scarce. In fact, the Lobster Union is starting to picket the docks with little waterproof signs hooked onto their claws.

Most of all, today is a day to celebrate if you actually still have a job! 

For the rest of you, and there ARE a LOT of you, being unemployed means every day is a day off without pay. But have no fear. Bawwaak is going to extend unemployment until you all turn 65 or, if you are a public employee, until you retire with full retirement pension income in your early 50s. Except nobody knows where the unemployment money or the pension money is going to come from, but what the hell, it’s Labor Day! Celebrate!

Labor Day Parade, 1904, when Labor got to watch Management ride in their brand new touring cars. Be sure to count up all the offensive  American (gasp!) flags.


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  1. Happy Labor Day, UW and MKBill, and also to all the Uppityites.

    I was VERY laborious (unpaid, obligatory labor) on my Saturday off and my Sunday off, so I’m looking forward to enjoying tomorrow with NO labor!

  2. OT – did anyone see “Hard Candy”, a 2005 film? It stars Ellen Page, who played the young girl in Juno in 2007. I just recently saw Hard Candy. Whoa, that was different! A definite twist to that plot! I hope that kid is being brought up right, and not become another child star gone to drugs and arrogance – because she’s got a lot of talent. And she definitely finds different types of roles to play.

  3. Well at least it means gas prices drop again for a little time.

  4. I.Still.Have.A.Job!
    and in the Golden Age Of Obama
    That’s sayin’ a lot!
    Happy Labor Day !!!

  5. lorac! Let’s “labor” to get this blog “all trashed up” eh?
    Are you with me????

  6. Uppity…This is classic….
    I hope all of you have a fun labor day….And if you happen to go to a river or lake try to remember to stay in either the boat or the tube….
    ( Cause down here there’s an annual bod count of fools who forget to swim & wash up days later…..Course that’s what happens down here cause Baptists can’t hold their liquor & Catholics are too drunk to fish em’ out….)

    Enjoy the BBQ & Happy Labor Day from the mildly fascist Lone Star State….

  7. ….And if you happen to go to a river or lake try to remember to stay in either the boat or the tube….

    ……and be grateful that Management doesn’t use their sail boats and yachts in the same waters within inches of your tube…

  8. Happy Labor Day!
    What is wrong with the people in that video? All that red, white and blue bunting- and not a single foreign flag! You would get the impression they were PROUD to be Americans!

  9. Yeah Mom, they’ll probably take it off of youtube with all those friggin’ offensive flags. I just updated the post with your observation.

  10. Happy Labor Day all. Off to my daughter’s for birthday celebrations – should be fun. Hope you all have a terrific day!

  11. You have a great day, HT.

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter HT!

    Right Uppity- but they probably didn’t know any better. Their parents came from the old country and tried to assimilate- and to drive their children to better themselves through education (in English no less- horrors!) and hard work. They had no concept of depending on the government- poor souls. Had to pull themselves up with no help from DC.

  13. Mom, if it was 1904, many of THEM came from the old country themselves. They did that silly thing called, you know, assimilation. They remembered what they left and why they left, and kind of decided that, you know, the USA was a better deal.

  14. Dear idiot in spam, who made me laugh so hard I deleted you when I didn’t want to:

    There are three words: Ensure, Assure and Insure. They are NOT the same words, I ASSURE you. If they were the same words, we would only have one of them, now wouldn’t we?

    Now, I know that the English language has gotten deliberately lazy and dumbed-down for your deliberately lazy and dumbed=down generation, but my use of the word “Ensure” is correct in this post. If you don’t believe me, then the next time you have a fender-bender with the car your parents are paying for, go to the yellow pages and try to find your Ensurance agent, see how well that works out for you.

    I’m sure when you finally get a job where you are forced to write something that doesn’t include “4 U” and “K Thx Bai!,’ all the literate people on the receiving end of your masterpiece will fall down on the floor laughing.

    Love, UW.

    P.S. Your assignment is to go figure out the difference between Effect and Affect. Relax! You have all day to figure it out while your parents BBQ the food they paid for on the grill they paid for, in the yard they paid for, and while you hold out and dream of the day when that CEO calls you up and begs you to be lord of his company.

  15. Ah! True, true Uppity! Yes- My grandmother’s father brought them over from Scotland and Nana came worked in the mills in Andover, MA- (not exactly upper or middle class occupation- lol) Grandfather’s family left Prussia for England and then came here, Grampa came was a flyweight boxer- then after that worked on the railroad.
    The common factor on both sides was that they came to America to BE AMERICAN! They knew they had a better chance as did their children and grandchildren.
    They must be turning in their graves to see America’s leaders trying so hard to turn us into all that they fled.

  16. Aww Uppity- you deleted it before we could all laugh? We can only imagine! We could help out and each construct a grammatically correct sentence for the enlightenment of the spammer.

  17. Ditto with my grandparents, Mom. And one of my grandfathers had to come here alone and leave his wife and daughter behind till he was able to bring them over.

  18. PMMom, minor correction – It’s my birthday. Daughter is doing everything – cooking, opening the wine even picking me up and dropping me back home! I intend to do NOTHING but enjoy.

  19. HT Happy Birthday!
    Have some PIE!

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HT!!!! Are you having cake or pie?

  21. UW, just read your response to the spammer – perfect. Free entertainment for my birthday.
    My grandmother came over on a ship in 1901 with one steamer trunk (which I use as an end table in the basement). My other grandmother was brought over as a child in 1895 by her aunt. Her mother couldn’t handle all the children, so my grandmother was chosen to be sent to the new country for adoption. Once the adoption went through, the aunt returned, and Grandma never saw her birth family again. Her adopted family did see that she was educated, but when she fell in love with my grandfather, they disapproved and cut all ties. Grandma got her RN, married Grandpa and they settled down to raise a family, until the war. Grandpa was killed at Paschendale, leaving Grandma alone to raise three young children, which she did while holding down a full time job as a District nurse.

  22. Hey Mom, we all make mistakes, but if we are going to correct someone, we should at least know what the F we are talking about.

  23. I remember my paternal grandfather telling me he had what they called a “sponsor” when he came here. this was the person would would be hiring him. In other words he had a job before he got here.

    Basically what I learned was many of them came here and
    1. Thought the roads were paved with gold
    2. Found out the roads weren’t paved at all.
    3. They were expected to pave them.

    And they did!

    One of my grandfathers worked on the building of a dam. I remember him telling me that if a guy fell into the concrete, it was over. Lots of men died, but not horses. If a horse fell in, they worked as hard as they could to save the horse.

    These are the people who sacrificed their sons to war and never once gave the flag anything but reverence.

  24. Don’t forget that Labor Day Weekend is the start of FOOTBALL season!

  25. I didn’t think of that. I am allergic to spectator sports. If you can’t play, stop pretending. I am reminded of Al Bundy with his hand in his pants.

  26. Thanks for the BD greetings. PMM, that kitteh is adorable. I hate to admit this, but I never eat dessert, unless it’s a fresh fruit cocktail. I’m not a cake fan, and although I love PIE, it doesn’t like me – the digestive system of an almost senior is not as resilient as it used to be, or so I’m rapidly discovering.

  27. Re: Freedom Fairy sightings.

    Should you experience a rare sighting of Freedom Fairy, please use your camera phone so we can see that she actually still exists.

  28. imust – I missed you! You stayed up later than I did!

    HT – Happy birthday!

    UW – thanks for setting that goof straight. I’ve noticed everyone using “insure” for EVERYthing now – as if the other two words don’t exist. And don’t get me started on “effect” and “affect”. Or it’s vs its. You learn this stuff early in school, then it gets reinforced in successive school years – but apparently, not any more – I guess people nowadays go through every single year NOT learning basic English. How in the world does that happen….

  29. Oh NOES!!!!! More SPEECHES!!!
    Washington (CNN) — On this Labor Day, the White House will put its focus squarely back on the economy, following a week where the Obama administration concentrated on Middle East peace talks and the end of America’s combat role in Iraq.
    The address will be the first of two speeches this week in which President Barack Obama will try and frame his administration’s response to the recession, less than two months ahead of midterm elections where Democratic majorities in the House and Senate are on the ropes.

  30. My mothers grandmother was a tiny and tough woman from Sweden named Svea….one of 6 children of shipbuilders ( all the girls emigrated to the US & settled in the mid west )
    My fathers grandparents were from Ireland they settled in St. Louis.
    Svea lost the love of her life Hans the Dane & the twins in the flu epidemic & eventually married a local named Roy Hatfield. Angela and Thomas had 5 Irish kids ( 4 girls and a boy ) & of which 3 went to college….one being my grandmother….not common in the day….She got a degree in Art.
    It was common for both my folks to grow up around folks immigrants who love their country…
    My dad used to tell stories of how ornery his grandfather would get every time he felt things in government were getting “too english”….
    He was a small business owner….fought catholic prejudice….Farmers,business owners & Lawyers are the stock my parents came from….Hard working folks who were resilient…..And they loved this country….

    Happy Birthday HT….

  31. I love reading the historical stories of our grandparents – shows we all come from good, hard working stock!
    UW, you have FF’s email – send her one to let her know we miss her. I stopped over to her blog the other day and left the youtube of the last scene of Shane – you know the one, where the child is yelling at Shane to come back, alas to no success, although I saw a quickie message here yesterday morning, and she did reinvent the header, so we know she’s alive.

  32. My great grandmother had a “sponsor” when she came over at 16 to Chicago….They lied to her folks….took her money & kept her as a “slave” until she found a way to smuggle word out to one of her sisters living in the Danish Community in Minnesota….They took the train into Chicago and caused a ruckus looking for her till they found her and got her out….

  33. Rumor has it that Bill put up that header without her.

  34. Happy Birthday HT! Woot! More cake?
    UW, loved the video. Thank goodness that I didn’t see one SEIU thug participating in it. People’s behavior has really changed.

  35. It is fun to read about family histories….
    I know one thing….every one of my family….immigrants all would have been thoroughly disgusted by the developments of things in the culture….the education….the politics….
    On my fathers side and my mothers side there were family that fought in The revolutionary war….civil war….Yankees & Rebels…WWI….and they married the new immigrants or their first generation american offspring….lived all over the place from NYC & St. Louis….to Illinois to Texas…..Irish….Germans….Swedes….& Early Anglo Settlers…..
    They lived through Depressions….labor strikes…wars…droughts…prejudice….
    They all adapted & thrived & sought to contribute….and lived the American Dream…..

  36. OT: The Iranian woman, Ashtiani, who was sentenced to stoning was given an additional sentence of 99 lashes because a newspaper mistakenly identified her in a photo of a woman without a headscarf. It’s not known if the sentence has been carried out.

    Okay, can someone explain to me why I am supposed to “tolerate” this “religion”???

  37. imust this is why Iran is on the UN council for female rights and we’re groveling to the UN.

  38. One would think the UN Human Rights people would do something about this. But they don’t have time. They are busy watching the USA’s arizona illegal immigration law.

  39. Yeah DE, Iran IS being Humane. After all, they didn’t kill her yet.

  40. McN, I think the union that started Labor Day was a public employees union. We all know how well that has worked out for us.

  41. Oh yeah. And Mr. “Women have a RIGHT to wear a hijab” Obama will be all over this I’m sure!

  42. Mom, the truth is, unions were needed back then. Workers were treated like dog shit and workplaces were horrendously unsafe. It was akin to sweat shopping we complain about in China. Possibly worse. There was a reason they needed to organize. But what has happened through the decades is Unions are just as bad as Management, and just as corrupt and greedy. It’s just a matter of who is in power in DC as to which of them gets to push the envelope and be the most vicious. It’s become a double edged sword and both sides of the sword can’t wait to slash.

  43. WCA most immigrants has sponsors from families they knew in the old country. My grandfather’s sponsor was from his location in Italy. They helped each other come here.

  44. Your right Uppity….Most of the time the sponsor system really worked out well….In Svea’s case the people were crooks….It happens….

    I’m wondering WHY we can’t deport this guy….

    “Teapartytracker.org will be sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America…..”

  45. How many of these road/construction crews will be…ummmm…. americans ? ( Thinkin of New Orleans after Katrina )……Just wondering….

    “WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is asking Congress to approve at least $50 billion in long-term investments in the nation’s roads, railways and runways in a pre-election effort to show he’s trying to stimulate the sputtering economy.

    The infrastructure investments are part of a package of targeted proposals the White House announced on Monday. With November’s elections for control of Congress approaching, Obama planned to discuss the proposal later Monday at a Labor Day event in Milwaukee….”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/obama_calls_for_in_infrastructure_dqtK3Vx0607eILDsyThtoM?CMP=OTC-rss&FEEDNAME=#ixzz0ylVV9sVO


  47. In weird news of the day….WTF are coyotes doin that far up north?
    Never heard of pesky coyotes travelling so far up north….


    “A Westchester dad was bitten by a coyote last night as he valiantly kept it from attacking his 2-year-old daughter….”

    SCORE for the Dad….

    ** Could armadillos be the next interlopers up north ? **

  48. WCA, we have coyotes north of the 49th, and lately, close to major cities. We didn’t used to have them, but they are here, giving the foxes a run for their dinner. Just outside of Toronto, in a very affluent neighborhood on the Lake (beachfront you know), there are warnings out for the residents to keep their small animals and children indoors unless they are accompanied by an adult.
    P.S. hope that Dad gets checked out for rabies. Coyotes don’t normally attack full sized humans.

  49. WCA, we’ve seen it all in the past decade. Bears, foxes, possums, you name it. I see things in the city I never saw years ago. Not sure how a coyote would get here but if it can, it will. I’d worry if gators moved in though. Fortunately, most reptiles, which I despise, can’t make it in cold weather. But I see no reason why a coyote couldn’t.

  50. P.S. affluent neighborhood in question has lots of wooded space and ravines for the little critters to nest in.

  51. WCA, I imagine they have been exploiting immigrant traffic since immigration was invented. unfortunately.

    The only fun thing about soros attacking teaparty is watching his mirror image, dick armey fight it out with him. for every scumbag in one party behind the scenes, there’s a counter scumbag. Besides, the more the left does this, the worse they look. Just when you think it couldn’t be possible for them to look worse.

    Just because the far left is shit, doesn’t mean the far right is ice cream. Just changing one slime trail for another.

  52. It’s weird to think of Coyotes that far north….I guess Wolves would have normally kept them in check….

    You’re right about Gators & the cold….They tend to stick to the swampy areas as they need water…

    BIG $$…BIG CORP…..Just sick of all of them… * sigh *

  53. OK….sometimes…..she just cracks me up….OY! the IRONY…

    “The school will open, provided all the toxic dirt (enough to almost fill a pair of Gore’s pants) can be removed and replaced in time….”


  54. You had me at salmonella. LOL!

    In ironic Labor Day News. My city has a huge recycling program going on — for years. Bins for garden waste, trash, and recyclables. Only? Now there are people scavenging in the recycling bins. That happened yesterday and has been going on for about a year or so — maybe longer.

    I inquired about why in the native tongue and the answer was tortillas.
    One pound of aluminum cans is worth a dollar. That’s the cost of a small package of them out here.

    It made me want to cry. It really did.

    Looking at your video? That is turn of century America — not that long ago, actually. Even in the 70’s things were sort of hopeful, or normal.
    Happy Labor Day.

  55. VB that’s the saddest thing I’ve heard in a while…
    A friend of mine was describing a similar thing….
    Hasn’t the price of corn gone up due to bio-fuels….I mean didn’t this cause a crisis south of the border a few years ago?

  56. A little knowledge of home construction can go along way.

    I’ve lost 3 pounds today so far doing some work in the attic. I’m MEEEEELLLLLTTTTINNNNNNGGGGG!

  57. That is such a sad story DE.

  58. WCA, methinks one day you shall fall off yet the other cliff.

  59. Yes I am most grateful that most reptiles, save for the two legged kind, find my climate unacceptable, as I find them unacceptable, which is why I sold a home in florida and stayed up north.

  60. I never find malkin funny, just extreme. However I will admit that Coulter can be really funny when she writes. I find her annoying in person, what with her distinct adam’s apple and anorexic condition. But as a writer, even when I don’t agree with her, which is often, she’s good. She had this to say about Alvin Greene, a wonderful example of irony if I ever saw one..

    Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said Greene was not a “legitimate” candidate and called his victory “a mysterious deal.” (Yes, how could a young African-American man with strange origins, suspicious funding, shady associations, no experience, no qualifications, and no demonstrable work history come out of nowhere and win an election?)

  61. lol….oh that is funny….
    I’d have to travel all the way to Big Bend Country to fall of a proper cliff…Y’know folks from Texas are just kinda…ummm…different…..lol….

  62. OMG ROFL DE!!! That woman is definitely a Darwin Award WINNER! I would definitely call her pushy, and where I come from, we call what she did breaking and entering, only she didn’t quite get to the entering part. I guess she should have medicated herself instead of her patients.

    Never, and I mean NEVEr work in the attic in the summertime.

  63. Corn went up because that shameless thief, Tom Daschle, Barack’s partner in the ethanol scam, has approrpriated the corn for those companies on whose boards he resides as a well paid member. That man should be dragged off and flogged in the public square for increasing world hunger, because of him, not only did the price of corn go up, but all other grains that have increased replacement demand. Fucking thief.
    And thank GOD, he got caught being his regular thieving self so he couldn’t be appointed as America’s Pimping-Health -Insurance Company- Lobbyist – Sponsored Health Care Czar. For sure, all of the seniors would have been Kervorkianed if he had gotten that position.

  64. Okay gang, see if you can find what I added to the post.

    The weather here is lousy and we are staying home. The dog is not happy about this as she loves herding all the kids at BBQs.

  65. I actually find the story of the doctor who died in the chimney incredibly sad. I mean the woman is obviously not dumb. She must have snapped or something because it just doesn’t make logical sense. Path of least resistance makes the most sense. She could have broken in any number of ways, even breaking a window if she had to….it shows her thought process was not right.

  66. I think this is the new part:

    But don’t try to find any lobster. Even if you could afford it, Michelle has already scarfed so much of it down that it’s scarce. In fact, the Lobster Union is starting to picket the docks with little waterproof signs hooked onto their claws

  67. No choice on the attic…have to get something done for an inspection. Started early so it wasn’t hot at all. It’s been overcast all day but that didn’t stop it from getting over 100° up there.
    Just finished, blew the insulation off and hitting the shower.

  68. ding ding ding! imust wins!

  69. imust, I also suspect the guy knew she was crazy, which is why he took off. Let’s face it, she wasn’t entering his house in exactly a peaceful way.

  70. Why does Meeshoe eat so much lobster? Is it considered health food?

  71. It was so sad, workingclassartist. I’m worried about what will be coming next. When people get hungry. He said he was from Guatemala. Six months ago.

    We spoke about corruption in politics. And cuts to social programs here.

  72. Why does Meeshoe eat so much lobster? Is it considered health food?

    No, it’s considered an expensive food. Everybody loves lobster, but nobody eats it all the time. You can bet she eats those nice big cold water tails too. Probably includes her some nice Kobe filet mignon too. Can’t you just see her belching? Soon, she will have gout, because lobster is extremely rich. Barack loves him those big succulent sea scallops too, but I bet he’s not getting them from the gulf.

  73. OMG I just clicked on Obama blowing smoke at his choir in wisconsin. My god, the man is running for president. What a crock of shit this guy is.

  74. ROFL @ the new header! Revolting lobsters!! “What?”, says the lobster, “It is Michelle who is revolting, not us!”

  75. What a hilarious header – that Bill is one talented kitteh.

  76. TOLD you the lobsters were picketing!!!!

    Seems the ghost of FF past is upon us.

  77. Well, you know that the Obots are gonna claim that the lobsters are 1.) racists 2.) astroturfed 3.) probably will resort to calling them “crabs” instead of lobsters just for the just for the somewhat risque double meaning.

  78. hmm…why did I type “just for the” twice?

  79. […] Labor Day. Because there was just too much time between 4th of July and Veteran's Day and who the heck wants to go that long working without a Monday off with pay? Although if you are a Federal Employee, you do get Columbus Day off, in celebration of Christopher Columbus  discovering a land that already had other people living there, but nevermind. But heck, Columbus Day is in October, which would leave September butt nekkid in terms of that Mond … Read More […]

  80. Wow. Thanks for noticing I have been gone! Happy Labor Day to all. No, I have not been gone – as in “away from home” – just gone in the sense that I got totally burned out on Politics, Charlotte, School and a few other things over the last few weeks and have spent very little time on the computer. The really nice thing tho is my friends being here. We are having a great time and it’s like real adult roommates. We all respect each others ‘space’ and don’t feel we have to tip toe OR be talkative or faux ‘nice’ in the morning! LOL

    I was telling Mer(idith) gthe other day that I really missed being on the blogs – finally – and would be back on line being my old self soon. Now that I have a routine again.

    I also have a big job I have been stressing about, as the painters have yet to finish their part before I can start mine. We had rain for over a week before they could start – and now it’s all rainy again.

    I have done NOTHING for the past three days except play in the yard. I am growing Honey Dew Melon and they are looking GREAT! Also, I have planted a new lemon tree (grown from seed) and Winter Squash, Red Bell Peppers and Crooked Neck Squash as well.

    I just needed a break and to get back to being me. I have not been funny at all, nor creative in the least, but I am feeling that side returning.

    I’ll stick around now.

    And November is right around the corner!


  81. Most of all, today is a day to celebrate if you actually still have a job!

    Let us continue to work hard. At something. And hopefully get paid.

    Happy Labor to all!

  82. Also, as I mentioned, I badly broke my baby toe on my left foot. It really hasn’t healed right and that has been giving me grief. In the midst of all this, I had the deposition for my car wreck from last August – and now it is anyone’s guess what happens next.

  83. Who are you kidding FF? You heard I was sending the hook squad after you and you decided to voluntarily return to avoid having to feed a bunch of ornery uppityites, especially Karen and messy lorac.

  84. Uppity – I claim ignorance! I’ve been thinking of Lobster for days to no avail.

    But in the coming days we will have another new and adorable creature to add to the menagerie.

    As for the messy, hungry Uppityites – send them on over – Mer is a great cook and a better house cleaner.

    Party at FF’s place! But here the Lobsters get a reprieve.

  85. Locust, Lawyers…what’s the difference, DE?

  86. Just adding my two cents about unemployment – I have a pretty good job and feel safe (for now) but my daughter just got an Economics degree from an excellent university and after dozens – probably hundreds – of applications she hasn’t had a single nibble, not even a response. And she doesn’t get unemployment benefits and isn’t counted as unemployed because she wasn’t employed while she was in school. Almost 200 grand out of pocket to avoid having student loans and all she got was a T-shirt.

  87. OMG – Barry whining again…and (after the annoying commercial) please note the Freudian Slip at the end….


    Gotta go cook now – BBL


  88. WTF is with that dog remark? Jesus, this guy has the professionalism, personality and communication style of a yak.

  89. gadem there are a LOT of people wearing your daughter’s Tshirt too! The truth is, if they counted everyone in your daughter’s category and counted all the people who gave up long ago, the unemployment rate would be double what they claim it is. Barack wants your daughter to go work at Mickey D’s so he can lower the unemployment rate and tell everyone things are picking up.

  90. Locust, Lawyers…what’s the difference, DE?

    Casper and NES are gonna getchu for that.

  91. I like the new header….

  92. I guess Barry’s trying to sound more aggressive ……he just sounds creepy to me.

  93. Anybody seen Anthony? He hasn’t done a post in a couple of weeks and I haven’t seen him here either.

    And JustMe. Anybody seen her?

  94. Ummmmmm. Lobstah! is there any left?

  95. Nope. Marie Antioinette ate it all.

  96. I was just watching the video again and it dawned on me that every person in that video is long dead now. But they were here. Perhaps a lesson for young pissants who imagine that old people are to be discarded. They need to know that they too will one day be viewed in a video after they are long dead.

  97. Happy Labor Day! Did you see what Mott’s is trying to do to its workers? The parent company is making record profits, and they are trying to decrease the workers wages by $1.50 per hour plus freeze the pension fund.

  98. “Casper and NES are gonna getchu for that.”

    Not since they KNOW I would never say that about any lawyer that was not fighting with mine….

    and besides – I have lobster for them.

  99. What about me? Don’t I gitz lobster? What am I chopped liver?

  100. Let’s see. Record profits. Check.
    Raise prices for more record profits. Check.
    Reduce wages. Check.
    Nice people!

  101. “Don’t I gitz lobster? What am I chopped liver?”

    Of course not, sweetie. Your lobsters are on the way…..


  102. I don’t know how you all can talk about eating lobster so much with that poor little guy up in the header!

  103. i really LOVE lobster. I just don’t want to eat it every day. And somehow, I just envision Michelle sucking out that claw meat and oozing clarified butter down her arm, eating with her mouth open and somehow ruining it for me in the future.

  104. Seriously FF, don’t ever leave us like that again. It sucked.

  105. Woof Woof…Who the hell talks about Obama as a dog? What, is the half white crap getting old?

    Sorry barry but I love my dog and I hate you.

  106. DE, I didn’t get that “dog” comment. What does it mean to talk about him like he’s a dog? Like a “lap dog”?

  107. oh wait, I listened again, “they talk about me like a dog”. That’s even more confusing. Does he mean that THEY are dogs? Or talk like dogs? Dogs don’t talk……I.Don’t.Get.It

  108. Hey, Uppity wishing you a great weekend and labor day… great post!!! I know this is off topic… but, a good laugh is needed once in a while… If there are any Star Trek fans here I hope you enjoy…. The very end is the Best part….. 😉 🙂 hope you get a laugh….. 😆 😆 😆 😆

  109. Imust…that is a riot…

  110. This is the same man that NAMED the family dog after himself is it not. So whatever does he mean? Does he mean he is viewed on the same level as a dog (its higher than I would rate him – should be grateful). Or is is becuase Bo the pup is getting better press than the crazy dog owner BOO HOO HOO. Yes, one does wonder just what he meant. Are we the dogs (and therefore unclean – and of course women are doubly unclean).

    Perhaps he would prefer being talked about as he was a lobster. Hum – there are just so many possibilities. Would he like to be talked about as the “cockroach of the sea”. (Love the header by the way).

    I think he is just nuts to the nth degree not to mention that the entire gang is not handling the negative press very well. Perhaps they assumed that by now we would have all become pod people for BO rather than finding him to be Mr. BOO HOO HOO – the whiner in chief along with MOO HOO HOO the first whiner.

  111. ………so it’s back to being Barky, I guess.

  112. helloooo Uppityites and the divine Ms Uppity!

    Happy b-day HT!

    Tell FF that my cousin and husband survived that big EQ in NEW ZEALAND NEAR CHRISTCHURCH=



  113. i really LOVE lobster. I just don’t want to eat it every day.

    UW @ 1005, the sign of class is one who can control the urge. Thank you.

  114. Good to see you Hal! Take care of yourself!

  115. We missed you, FF!

  116. OH my gosh – before they were “bots”, they were “zombies”….

  117. lorac! Glad you’re back! Okay, so this “talk to me like a dog” comment by Barry……wow…I was reading the comment thread on CNN and of the 300 or so comments, MOST were negative! On CNN! I think this “dog” comment may even top the “wee-weed up” comment of last summer!
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Barry!!

  118. Aren’t dogs the objects of disgust in Islam? This would make the most sense.

  119. Casper – great video – love Carol Burnett.

    Hal, take care of yourself and just concentrate on getting well! Positive thoughts coming your way.

  120. Happy Belated Birthday HT. If I knew you didn’t eat dessert I would have been your friend sooner. We could go out for rhubarb pie and I would get 2 slices and then we could go past DE’s and swipe a cheesecake and I could eat it out of the pan myself.

    For your Birthday I made a cake. It is gone now but it is the thought that counts!

    Coyote here in NE Penn. The hunters said there were tons of tracks in the gamelands last year all over the place. In previous years the tracks were more rare.

    Also, my hawkwatch site had a boom of Bald Eagles. We saw 25 on Saturday.

    I am a union member. A good union, not SEIU. We do help workers and unite them so they can have living wages and better conditions. My benefits and pay are average but my security and peace of mind is priceless. We do not have a retirement plan that lets us off the hook early. We must work 35 years or till normal retirement ages. If the years aren’t there we only get a few hundred a month for 15 years or less and no health coverage. Most people work till 65 or more and nearly everyone retires after a full 35 years on the job. When I told my sister how much I make annually gross she gasped. Then she helped me buy a car since she makes roughly 4 times my salary.

    Some union workers are making just above minimum wage. And I am a public employee. Not all it is cracked up to be, I assure you. I work my ass off.

    Just saying.

    Oh and I have to work all holidays unless it lands on my normal rotational days off. My rule book is an inch thick and tiny print. Lots of red tape and consequences.

    I know Uppity sticks up for unions, and I fully agree with close to everything she says. We fight for all workers rights, even non-unionized workers.

  121. For your Birthday I made a cake. It is gone now but it is the thought that counts!

    Yup. Your’re Karen.
    You crack me up.

    I stick up for unions when they are right, and at least half the time, they’re not. They serve a purpose of course, but in some cases, they have become as greedy as management. Obviously this is not the case for your work. You probalby don’t work for GM. lol. So, now we have a two-sided problem today in some quarters. Primarily, the problem is leadership in both directions-and the We-They mentality the leadsership on both sides have fostered.

    For disclosure, I should say that I have been on both sides of that coin, and I know what the problems are.

  122. Coyotes- we saw tons of them on Cape Cod- my sister has many many pics- and e have a den close by hee in NW PA- there was an abandoned farm across the road and we think they denned under it- it is torn down now- but we hear them howling occasionally still.

  123. FINALLY Michel Moore woke up from his dream of obama for the working people! http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-09-07/michael-moore-to-rahm-emanuel-happy-fuckin-labor-day/

  124. From the last thread, and BO whining that they treat him like a dog…. on the news today, they said that is a line in an old song – Ted Nugent, or someone like that…. I’m not sure that BO’s 20 year old fans would be aware of that reference, so the point of it must just have been BO stealing more material…

  125. Not surprised if he stole the line lorac. He’s even been caught stealing cartoon lines. I have a post about that somewhere. He hasn’t had a clever or original thought in his entire life, unless you count how many different ways he can eat lobster.

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