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Boy, it sure is good to know that the FDA is looking out for us when it comes to Important Things that could endanger our health and safety.  For example, just recently they warned Canada Dry and Lipton to stop making health claims on their green tea packaging. 

Whew! I feel so much better now. 

That  green tea shit can kill you, and it’s so much more important than, say, closing down a filthy salmonella factory before it could arrange Salmonella in a half a billion eggs distributed to most of the USA. 

Not dangerous.

Thanks FDA! 

I feel safer every day knowing you are focused on the Important Stuff! 

I was just so afraid that somebody would drink that green tea and think it’s good for their health and then die from Green Tea poisoning.



The threatening, insensitive Demon-Chasing Pastor Jones says he will be flying to New York to meet with the threatening, insensitive Sharia-Loving Imam Rauf. 

And no tickets being sold! Bummer!

Let’s face it though: It isn’t often that we get to witness the meeting of two creatures who possess exceptionally bad  and horribly inflammatory taste  and who, together, have managed to piss off the entire country. 

The Constitution, however, protects both of them so that they may do as they please. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, folks. You have a right to offend, just expect some backlash if you manage to offend the whole country. Both of them are protected that way, the imam, with his mosque plans right there where thousands of Americans were killed, and the minister, with his bonfire brainfart.  However, only one of them would actually have a fatwa issued against him if he followed through.  

Well, the Koran-burning pastor has backed down.  However, he says he is calling off the book burning because the imam has agreed to move the location of the mosque. The imam says there is no such deal and he never even spoke to Jones. Boy, talk about not being able to decide who to bet against. It’s rough when you don’t trust the word of either horse, isn’t it?

If the history I am reading on the interwebs is true–and you never know if the left wing liars and conjurers aren’t just making it all up–but IF it’s true, then the pastor would do well to try a stint as pastor over at Bellevue. However, we all have to admit that this character has managed to do something nobody has been able to do since January 2009: Get Republican and Democratic politicians to agree on something. 

The offensive In Your Face imam and the offensive In Your Face pastor. It’s an ironic match made in….um…. heaven.  

………and a reminder that nothing has caused more death since the beginning of Man than Religion and the Men who control it. 

Meanwhile, the imam says the mosque plan location is going to stay put as planned, and if the mosque isn’t built, it could become  kind of dangerous. Now he doesn’t want you to think that’s a threat though. He must have meant it another way, because he says his life is “Devoted to peace-making”. From CNN:

(Sept. 9)— The imam behind a controversial plan to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque near the ground zero site of the former World Trade Center says he won’t move the proposed project. But if he had to do it over, he’d put it somewhere else.

“If I knew that this would happen, cause this kind of pain, I wouldn’t have done it,” Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told CNN Wednesday night.

Well, I hope  the imam doesn’t mind this infidel woman (gasp!) pointing out that it’s not “done” yet, not even one shovelful has been dug.  So  he has plenty of time to show he means what he said in that CNN interview yesterday.

UPDATE: Goodness. It’s hard to keep up with this carnival. The owner of the Park 51 property says he doesn’t much care what happens as long as he makes money off the property. So The Donald offered him 25% over the price and the owner refused. And the pastor says he talked to another imam, not Rauf, and that the imam talked to Rauf’s wife Daisy. Rauf says none of that happened either.

I give up. You take it from here.



Say! Where can I get me one of these? 

I gotta have one and I know you want one too! 

This is the key chain Tim Kaine is so proud of.  He was so excited he couldn’t wait to hand it to Jon Stewart. He’s excited because he thinks this key chain is going to help Democrats win in November! 

It’s also not going to pay your bills for you or get you a good job again.  But remember, you might lose your home and be unable to afford your own health insurance any longer due to the rate increases associated with Health Care “Reform,” but at least you will have this nifty key chain. 

…….And that’s why this key chain is going to make a bell go off in your head and you are going to run right out and vote for a Democrat who screwed you every which way but Tuesday during the past year and a half. 

Also, nice manicure, Jon!



I know you’ll be pleased to know that Apple has issued a set of guidelines that determine whether an App will be approved for use. 

Some of the more pertinent guidelines: 

— Apps that encourage excessive consumption of alcohol or illegal substances, or encourage minors to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes, will be rejected. 

— “Enemies” within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity. 

— Apps that include games of Russian roulette will be rejected. 

Like I said, you should be pleased. Unless you are about 52% of the population. Apparently under these guidelines, women are still a fair target. 

Cigarettes. Bad. 

Alcohol. Bad. 

Targeting a government. Bad. 

Targeting a corporation. Bad. 

 Targeting a culture or race. Bad. 

Women? Eh! Go for it!  They rank right up there with the Shaken Baby App. 

I don’t suppose NOW will notice, do you? If they do, I am sure they will issue a polite press release that no one will notice.


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  1. Uppity, I enjoy your sense of humor while reporting stuff that could really make you cry. Thanks

  2. You’re welcome WLM, and thank you.

  3. Uhoh….this will be interesting…..
    “Two former Planned Parenthood employees-turned-whistleblowers have made stunning allegations regarding the abortion provider’s accounting practices. In a case now pending in federal court P. Victor Gonzalez alleges that he saw millions in fraudulent overbilling to state and federal governments when he worked as Chief Financial Officer for Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles….”

    Read more:

  4. Saw that on the news WCA. They bought 300K in birth control and billed the Gov 900k. The state of CA says it’s ok because they need to rip off the Fed to stay in business just like the state Gov does.

  5. yeah….doesn’t look good for Planned Parenthood….
    50 homes were destroyed by that gas explosion in neighborhood of San Francisco….left a huge crater….that’s a big explosion…..they said flames shot up 1000 feet….
    over 100 homes damaged and left a huge crater….

  6. SLAM…’s getting interesting in NM gov. race….

  7. UhOh…..
    “Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) awarded three scholarships from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to his stepdaughter and wife’s niece between 2003 and 2005, according to records from the non-profit group. …”

    WAIT….here’s his excuse…..
    “Bishop offered a different defense than Johnson. He claims that the CBC didn’t make nepotism against the rules until 2008, which means that he had no bar on awarding his stepdaughter and niece the scholarships…..”


  8. When are Rev.’s Al & Jesse gonna accuse the MSM of being raaacist for covering this…..

  9. It pays to be related WAC. My oh my does it pay.

  10. McNorman…..I know Wriiiight?

  11. Dear Uppity,

    “before it could arrange Salmonella in a half a million eggs distributed to most of the USA”

    Uhhh… you mean half a BILLION, right?

    AND, let me (proudly) lay claim to my NON-PC credentials! I am sick and tired of having to make nice-nice to the moslem society at large. When:
    1. They stop trying to import sharia law into this country;
    2. When they treat women as equals;
    3. When beheadings and stonings are ended or, a the very least, condemned by moslem societies;
    4. When forced marriages are a thing of the past;
    5. Don’t get me started about genital mutilation;
    6. When the GZ mosque is moved!

    THEN, we’ll talk. Until that moment, however, I’m gonna’ take the politicaly UNCORRECT stance and throw my support to Pastor Jones of Gainesville…

    So there!


  12. s/b “politically.”

  13. hope they don’t let this one go….not that Holder will do anything about it….cause y’know he’s busy with AZ & Human Rights….nothin to see here move along….aaand if you complain well you’re a raaaacist…..

  14. Oh and defending the inalienable right to build the GZ Mosque….I mean hey….priorities are priorities…..

  15. I know Wriiiight


    Obama press conference! Maybe he’ll show his feisty side!

  17. Maybe he’ll condemn the burning of American flags in Afghanistan, instead of the burning of korans in Florida? Naaahhhh…


  18. Oops! Sorry Park! Will fix.

  19. I’m watching the propagan….oops, I mean press conference right now….proud of me???

  20. He’s in his “campaign mode”

  21. Obama is shoveling the same old crap. Trying to sell his economic policies as a success. lol. And all this blaming republicans for blocking all his fabulous plans… last time I looked the d’s still have all the power….but what do I know? Does he lie intentionally or does he actually believe what he says?

  22. imust…he sure is, isn’t he. Propaganda is the absolute correct word for this presser.

  23. I figured out why he doesn’t like press conferences (aside from the fact that he gets asked questions). No applause.
    He gave a long winded response to the first question (one he had obviously rehearsed) and when he was done, he looked befuddled, like, where’s the applause and cheers??

  24. Newsflash for Obambam- we have passed “tipping on a cliff” to tumbling down it. Nice try though.

  25. Does he lie intentionally or does he actually believe what he says?

    Both. He lives in his own reality. In his mind, if he said it, it must be true.

  26. His tone is changing now. Getting irritated.

  27. Asked about Elizabeth Warren for the head of Consumer Protection Agency…….long winded response so far….

  28. Spin spin spin – I’m getting dizzy. I’m wondering why he has a presser when many people (who still have jobs) can’t see it.

    I think a lot of his whining is that he no longer gets all the adulation he got a couple years ago.

  29. He’s whining now…..

  30. Can’t get things done b/c of the “determined minority”
    ha! Whatta wimp.

  31. Indy! You’re watching too! Wow, then 2 of us in the country are watching!

  32. He is getting testy. You’re probably right imust, he does exist in his own reality. sigh. “How have you changed Washington?” ROFLOL. Now he’s bullshitting some more. Hey, Obummer-my family is still left behind. Dumbass. Touting his horrible credit card bill…argh

  33. OMG! Is he saying he’s been a great leader???

  34. Yup….I’m listening on the net. I usually intentionally ignore him cuz he’s bad for my health. But I thought today might be rich. He is not only a wimp, arguing that the minority party really has the power to stop anything with the present numbers is ridiculous. It’s resistance within his own party that has gummed up his plans.

    He’s delusional if I just heard him right and he thinks he’s improved the tone of DC. LOL

  35. “OMG! Is he saying he’s been a great leader???”

    Uh, yes. Wish I had whatever meds he’s on.

  36. Q: “After 9 years….why do you think Americans are now becoming more anti-muslim” OMG!!!!! A totally set-up question!!!!!!!!!

  37. Now the canned rehearsed lecture for the American people…..gag me.

  38. I’m taking a break for a few…ick. Hey, imust, does it look to you like he got some “Just for Men”? What did he just say about Muslims being killed?

  39. Yes his hair does look darker. What did he say about the “anti muslim” sentiment? Blah…blah….lecture, lecture…..something about his “Christian Faith”…..sorry, that’s about all I got.

  40. Jake tapper asking about the FL pastor. “Where you elevating the fringe when you called him?”

  41. “I’m also the Commander-in-Chief”

  42. Has he blamed Bush yet?

  43. He doesn’t think he’s the own who elevated it….”but in the age of the internet”…….

  44. Nope. The internet.

  45. oops, own = one

  46. He’s touting his Health Insurance Reform now.

  47. Jake tapper needs to ask about sharia. This problem remains a problem until Sharia is out in the open and discussed. It affects all American women and all of its children. I am sick of that word being buried while people call us Intolerant. This is something that we must not only NOT TOLERATE, but it is the antithesis of our laws. Women’s domestic disputes must NEVER be settled outside the law. NEVER. NEVER. Sharia is NOT compatible with the United States of America. And we aren’t caving in to that no matter WHAT anyone says.

    I want someone to put their foot on barack obama and DEMAND he tell America what he thinks about Sharia in the USA. Then and ONLY THEN will we Know who and what he is.

  48. “As I said Jake….I haven’t read the entire study…maybe you have…”

  49. I love Jake Tapper…he’s actually a decent journalist and not a lap dog. Ah, someone’s calling him on the govt study about the increase in h/c cost with the bill. Now he’s lying about “expecting” cost increase. Where’s a lightening strike from the heavens when you need it? lol

  50. Oh yeah I’m working on just how much health insurance reform is going to “help” you. And I’m using their own law.

  51. Jake asked about report where it shows health insurance rates going up.

  52. Imust & Indy….Your ” I gotta hold my nose to listen to the fool ” play by play of the televised propaganda meeting is a riot….

  53. The only thing Obama reads is his golf score card and menus at restaurants.

  54. If Marcia Pappas, the only REALIST in NOW, were president of NOW, she would be SCREAMING about Sharia and FORCE it to the front.

  55. You are soo right on that UW. Sharia law is unacceptable, and bambi should be asked (pounded) about it. It’s not like it hasn’t happened here…and we are supposed to be a nation of laws. Honor killings, stonings and genital mutilations are way outside the law of this land.

  56. Being asked now about discrimination against farmers by FDA……
    Asked about history of anti poverty LBJ MLK etc…
    “I got my start in public service as a community organizer”
    Now he’s talking about job growth….he thinks he’s Bill Clinton now.

  57. WCA – we aim to please. : D

  58. Jake Tapper needs to as about the tribal dancing boys & child brides whether they be permanent or “temporary” marriages….and Why we are relying upon & paying tax dollars to people who encourage and endorse multi cultural child sex slavery….

    ** How very UNPC of me….**

  59. BO is dog crap on Bill Clinton’s shoes. jmho.

  60. The only thing Obama reads is his golf score card and menus at restaurants.

    Don’t forget TELEPROMPTERS.

  61. Now he’s reminding us about Sept 11th

  62. Now the education thing. Dem or Repub-I don’t care. The feds should butt out of education. The more they do, the worse it gets. Teacher’s at my dd’s school for homeschooled kids just LOVE the freedom to actually teach that they get there…even though it’s part of the public school system.

  63. Sorry, we did not find any occupation to match
    “community organizer”.
    Please enter a current or previous occupation and try again…..”

  64. Talking about what we’re doing in Afghanistan now.

  65. Bahaha! The kid got up to try and watch cartoons and totally freaked out. Obama is on every channel. She was whacking the remote and jumping up and down screaming, “I can’t get him off the TV, help!” Dad went out there to lend a hand and started screaming in a panic himself. I had to go out there and manually unplug the TV just to calm them down.

    Ahh, I love the smell of hope and change in the morning.

  66. I saw on NQ that Larry wrote about how the military is losing faith in the “commander in chief”. That he has crippled them with micro-management in Afghanistan – and is thus endangering the effort. Guess BO doesn’t read NQ. Not the way he’s talking.

  67. yttik..poor kid!! My kid can’t stand him either. lol

  68. Indy and imust – you deserve medals. Don’t know how you do it – listening is akin to hearing nails on a chalkboard to me.

  69. His speechifying could be used for insomniacs….if I weren’t on the computer, I’d be nodding off right no………………………………..jffffffffffaeor[‘bbbhhhhhhhhh

  70. Bears repeating:

    Sorry, we did not find any occupation to match
    “community organizer”.
    Please enter a current or previous occupation and try again…..”

  71. Remember how the adults sounded on the Charlie Brown cartoons? That’s exactly the sound of Obama in my ears.


  72. Whoa!! HOLD on! Ann Compton asked, “Why is Gitmo still open”???

  73. she also asked why he’s using the civilian justice system to try the terrorists…..

  74. He says, “We can’t be frightened by a handful of people who want to do us harm”

  75. What’s with the press? Are they finally trying to do their job? I loved hearing Compton ask her questions. tee hee

  76. On Gitmo he said, basically, that its hard in the political climate in DC.

  77. A “handful”, I heard that. I’m not scared of them. My problem is I don’t think they’re scared of us.

  78. yep she said…..”what about sheik mohommad…will that trial ever happen??”

  79. It might be a hard sell in DC, because it’s a bit of a hard sell with the people they are supposed to be representing.

  80. Asked about Bin Laden now.

  81. Whoa…..”isn’t a failure of your administration…”

  82. ooh….he really bristled at that one!

  83. Ouch, just nailed about (not) capturing and killing Bin Laden.

  84. sorry mispelled “mohammed” above.

  85. Geez…he’s so dispassionate when he’s talking about 9/11 or the terrorist threat.

  86. This guy is just putting the pedal to the metal. Poor BO, he’s gonna need valium and 36 holes of golf this weekend.

  87. mcnorman….didn’t listen but read that over at the Blaze. lol

  88. How many times is he going to say “America’s resilience”?

  89. Did he just say we were overreacting to 9/11?

  90. mosque and koran burning question now…

  91. imust….like Maureen Dowd wrote earlier this year – enough of the Spock thing already. I think he’s always a cold fish on all subjects except himself.

  92. you’ve got to be kidding – he wouldn’t say that would he? He wouldn’t dare

  93. Oh…only the koran burning guy is being “provocative”??

  94. Forgot to tell ya’ll thanks for the play by play.

  95. He didn’t say it in those words….he kinda implied it I think HT.

  96. Ah yeah, “overreacting to 9/11” is the meme now. Time or Newsweek did a piece on it a few days ago (at least I think it was one of them). sigh

  97. “We are not at war against Islam”

  98. I guess he wasn’t watching TV on 9/11/01 when Muslims were dancing in the streets after the towers fell.

  99. Lecturing about “peaceful muslims”….

  100. “When we start acting like their religion is somehow offensive…”

  101. How much public rejection of Muslim extremism have we seen from moderate Muslims? I have Muslims in my community…and Obami has a lot of nerve accusing citizens of not knowing the difference. I hate him and his pompous bullshit.

  102. He was busy Indy. 😀 That would be a great question to ask his dumbass Indy. What was prePOTUS doing on 9/11? Everyone I know remembers exactly what they were doing.

  103. Enter your current or previous job.

    Sorry, we did not find any occupation to match
    “Incompetent Commander In Chief”.
    Please enter a current or previous occupation and try again.

  104. Talking about Muslims in the military…
    now he’s done
    no more questions

    Now for the spinnnnn……….Hit it CNN!

  105. Bye now. Thank God/Goddess/etc.

  106. Gergen: Impressive mind…blah blah……so competent…

  107. Yeah… No doubt we overreacted to Pearl Harbor too….
    Revisionist History…It’s what’s for Breakfast

  108. Candy Crowley….he’s not a guy who likes the repetition of campaigning……huh?

  109. ” Ehemmmm….on 9/11….I was….er…ummm….shopping for teleprompters….while I ……voted….mostly present….when I was present….ummm…..yeah…..” – 1/2 term senator B. Obama

  110. CNN heads said, he got passionate at the end when he was talking about the Muslims fighting for us in the military….

  111. Obama clone # 15….F A I L ……

  112. Roland: making fun of Gergen saying Bambi was “boring”
    Roland: “I’m not looking for a president to be entertaining!!!!!”

  113. “Revisionist History…It’s what’s for Breakfast”

    Perfect! LOL

    McNorman – I remember that day like it was yesterday. Felt like I was living life underwater for at least a week. WCA probably has what he was doing about right.

  114. Oh, no…now they’re saying he was more passionate about the Muslim issue because he’s experience discrimination in his life…..

  115. I’m listening to ABC via yahoo. They’ve already moved on from the presser. Good for them. I never watch CNN anymore, or any of them. I so prefer reading news and opinion on the net.

  116. This mule wants to rewrite history. 9/11 was an act of war.

  117. WHOA…..
    “The executive branch total for IRS delinquencies, with the White House included? A whopping $59,781,577 in back taxes. It can’t all be Turbo Tax. However, with the example set by appointing Geithner to run the IRS, it’s no small wonder that the IRS has trouble collecting from the administration’s aides and employees….”

    “Capitol Hill employees owed $9.3 million in overdue taxes at the end of last year, a sliver of the $1 billion owed by federal workers nationwide but one with potential political ramifications for members of Congress. …”

  118. My memories are vivid too, Indy. I was on a countrywide conference call, with the news on in the background – it is seared into my mind.

  119. Donna Brazilenut……lecturing us about 9/11….9 years ago we all came together
    BTW Obama said about that “he was so proud of America on that day”…….very Meeshell like comment.

  120. Imust….good grief, what a freakin lie. As far as I can tell Bambi has been coddled and spoiled his entire life.

  121. Oh, Roland is yelling at us again!

  122. THROW THE BUMS OUT…..just sayin’

  123. I’m gonna have to turn off CNN now….these lap dogs are making me ill.

  124. I can tell you exactly where I was standing and ever move of every second as I watched everything happen live. It was surreal. I walked into my class and told everyone to go home and pray because our nation was under attack. My bot students just stood cluelessly with their fingers in their mouths however, my military dependent students knew exactly what I had said.

  125. “9/11 was an act of war.” Yup, and congress should have declared war right then.

    “The executive branch total for IRS delinquencies, with the White House included? A whopping $59,781,577 in back taxes” – saw that. Ironic, huh?

    HT…I know, right? I mean I could give a blow-by-blow of that day (and I often can’t remember what I did last week.)

  126. “THROW THE BUMS OUT…..just sayin’”

    This should be the meme for every.single.election. That would really bring change we can believe in.

  127. The theme Obama was peddling about 9/11 was that everyone just needed to calm down about it. He talked about the “Day of Service” again too.

  128. What is wrong with the man? He appears to be completely tone-deaf.

  129. I was working on a mural in the studio to be installed later that week…
    Went to pick my kid up early….Then went down to give blood….I remember that day….week….weeks very clearly….

    ** 9/11…It shattered my mother….she became frail & frightened after that…She was never quite the same….She remembered the Depression….Pearl Harbor & WWII….She hoped things would get better with Barry ( she voted for him )….so we didn’t discuss politics much in the end….and then the economy tanked….She thought the depression was happening again…**

  130. I’m sure Obama doesn’t remember-but the sentiment and theme at the time was “we will never forget”. And yes, for a glorious but short time, politics were forgotten-and standing together as citizens of the US of A was at the forefront. People were given a wake-up, and a reminder to appreciate this country despite of it’s faults. Obama can yak all he wants, but it is important to not forget, to not be lulled into complacency so it can happen again.

  131. I guess this is GWB’s fault…..
    ” In the House of Representatives, 421 people owe a total $6,524,892. In the Senate, 217 owe $2,774,836. In the IRS’ parent department, Treasury, 1,204 owe $7,670,814. At the Labor Department, where Secretary Hilda Solis’ husband had some back-tax problems before her confirmation, 463 owe $7,481,463. Eighty-one workers for the Federal Reserve System’s board of governors owe $1,076,733….”

    I say we fire everybody….start from scratch…..

  132. HT – he is tone-deaf. Or enough of a dangerous narcissist to ignore/bully any opinion or fact that does not match his delusion of reality. Look at this thread, look at what WCA just wrote above…that’s the reality that 9/11 was to us regular folk. But Obama has his plan for the world (or whatever)-and he won’t let facts or objections get in his way – and he’ll minimize and demonize any dissent from his view.

  133. “Over at the Justice Department, which is so busy enforcing other laws and suing Arizona, 1,971 employees still owe $14,350,152 in overdue taxes….”

    Nothing to see here….move along…..

  134. WCA – firing everyone just makes too much sense for it to actually be done.

  135. Can you imagine if one of *us* owed all that money to the government? We’d be in jail…

  136. This news coming out at this time is a GIFT for the tea party…….Because it is DC corruption issues & the deficit that unites those disparate rowdys….at least from what I’m reading….Who knows?

    Thought this was interesting from Fox….
    “The news that Castro admits failure was not even in the first installment of a series of articles which Goldberg promises. The first, on Tuesday, was on how much Castro respects Jews and their suffering. Goldberg lapped this up….”

    Harshing Jeffery’s buzz……

  137. Well, I gotta go and do something constructive. See you all later.

  138. Before I go- you are right WCA, this blatant example of governmental corruption is something for all of us unhappy and disgusted citizens to point to. This is SOP for all entrenched pols and their minions-and not just on the federal level.

  139. Indy I think the top priority in DC is this….
    1. Sign up dead people and Illegal Immigrants to vote…
    2. Build the damn mosque at Ground Zero…
    3. Banish the state of Arizona…
    4. Silence the opposition….
    5. Roll out Barry Clone # 16 cause obviously # 15 failed….
    6. Time for anther vacation cuz….things are gettin hot… Meeechell is bored….But first we gotta be on Oprah….cuz we just did that view thingy….

  140. Here’s the headline on CNN online about Barry’s Propagandafest:

    Obama: ‘We are not at war against Islam’

  141. I would say WTF!!!….But instead I’ll just respond…..

    * SIGH *

  142. Y’know how the Left reminds us all the time how we should follow the Swedish model…And be more like them…..Cause y’know things are so great there & they have it all figured out….
    I thought this was funny….
    Swedish woman drove drunk after party host said group sex would follow coffee

    Read more:

  143. Well WCA, that’s what they mean. lol.

  144. Yeah I know right ?……I mean I guess I got a visual of this 50 year old woman careening to her car ascared to death……..
    Aaaaand you know she probably didn’t make it up….cause…hey….

  145. I guess they got hip when they threw over Martin Luther….lol…..
    Puritan types tend to spoil things….and HEY….that’s a long & mean winter….chuckle….

  146. O/T – BettyJean Kling has a sample letter to the prosecutor in her daughter’s case to reject the plea bargain for the subhuman who too off half her face – she’s requesting some assistance in getting people to write to the prosecutor.

    Here is the link to her blog:

    I will give a warning that the pictures that she has up were difficult to view without very strong emotions on my part.

  147. Getting comments on Obama’s presser via Uppity Woman made it almost possible to follow what was said. I can never listen to him. Thanks to those brave souls who gavw the accounting.

  148. Aw…. AchMyDinnaSucks has decided not to let one of the hikers go.

  149. Gotta love hopenchange: Hot Air has a piece about Sebelius saying insurance companies critical of the healthcare plan won’t be included in the exchanges. I’m no fan of insurance companies, but looks like abuse of power (again) to me.

    DE – “AchMyDinnaSucks” – roflol. What a tool. To bad Pres Whiner won’t do a thing about him.

  150. So I take it Bawwaak laid another egg?

  151. Yes Lizzy, we do have some brave souls. They know Aunt Uppity refuses to do this recurring task. Listening to Campaigner In Chief Bawwaak IS a recurring task you know. He’s constantly on Tee Vee and he constantly says exactly the same thing. His tone is akin to scraping ones nails on a blackboard, if you don’t mind me mentioning the old days.

  152. I must, it’s all well and good that we are not at war with Islam. But if it means shitting on our Constitution and taking rights away from women for Sharia law, then Houstin, we have a problem. Inquiring minds want to know. Do we assimilate or does Islam assimilate when enjoying all our country offers. We are a country of Laws not a country of Men.

  153. Here’s a little risk assessment related to labeling claims on beverages that claim to help with heart problems and cholesterol problems. There is no scientific evidence that the beverages actually have any such value. Labeling with those health claims could lead people to try to save money by not buying perscribed drugs and drinking the beverages instead. Unsubstantiated health claims on foods could convince at risk consumers to not seek treatment or to avoid taking meds. That presents a significant risk and could be more widespread and less detectable than any salmonella outbreak. Slowly killing people with green tea. I’m just guessing that far more people die fron heart disease and circulatory problems than from salmonella or other pathogens. JMHO.

  154. You’re right Hugo.That green tea is just killing people every day. That’s why it’s so much more important than e coli, Listeria and Salmonella in just about every food group, reported almost weekly. Right now, I would rather drink some green tea than handle a chicken. Let’s take a vote. What scares all of you more? Your chicken or your green tea?

    Only a kook would think green tea is a savior. The ENTIRE country KNOWS salmonella, e coli and Listeria can kill you and they are becoming increasingly scared to death about it. Now I know you are intimately involved with the FDA and you are a HUGE source of knowledge, but let’s face it, the system is a failure. It might be a failure because it’s underfunded and understaffed, but it’s a failure nonetheless. There has to also be some major corrupition at the top going on when a guy like Decoster continued to operate for decades like a pig in slop. We really can’t pretend any longer. The USDA and FDA are in reactive mode, and I know you won’t find it hard to understand when people might be annoyed at green tea focusing when our entire food supply is becoming toxic.

  155. Uppity, the public needs to accept responsibility for failures in government agencies. The public cries about paying taxes and laps up those tax cuts and those tax rebates, but the public does not want to give up services. Every time something goes wrong the same whiners demand to know why the government didn’t protect them. The answer is you get what you pay for. I’m completely in favor of eliminating all public safety/health agencies, save the money and take care of yourselves. That’s my current thinking.

    As for pathogens v green tea, it’s not a choice. The agency is required by law to enforce the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1994. It employs to deal with food labeling. Should they cease to function when a foodborne outbreak occurs or shpould they continue to do what they get paid to do?

    BTW, on the topic of funding and staffing, it’s interesting to know that FDA regulated 25% of the GDP and only has about 1000 field investigators to cover every domestic food, drug, medical divice human tissue, blood bank, bioresearch organization and every port in the nation. Those same 1000 are also responsible for conducting foreign inspections of the same types of facilities that export to the US. The law only requires inspections of these organizations every two years. So, by law and by structure, the FDA clearly is not equipped to do what you expect. As I said, I favor eliminating these agencies because they are so limited in what they can achieve, especially in a global economy.

    As for only kooks thinking green tea will save them, unfortunately, a lot of people are misinformed or too poor to afford medical care and will doctor themselves. Lipton and the dietary supplement crowd can make a bundle off them. Many of those products do present a long-term health risk.

    These are my thoughts, just FYI.

  156. Hugo people will doctor themselves with or without green tea, especially if they are afraid to go to the doctor or can’t afford one. That will never change. Soon, thanks to reform, even more people won’t be able to afford insurance. But even if they did have it, there will always be people who doctor themselves.

    I honestly do not see why people should sacrifice services while paying more and more for the services that get cut. These government agencies ARE there to protect. The truth is the public doesn’t get the chance to make the decisions of who gets funded and who does what to whom. The leaders of these organizations are not picked by the public, they are not voted on, they are not independent. So if a service organization goes awry, how on earth can it be their fault? the only decisions the public gets to make is to vote for the people who appoint and control these organizations. As we have learned the hard way, it doesn’t matter who they vote for any longer as we have one huge corrupt system that no longer serves the public, but is their master. this kind of attitude rolls downhill. I waiver on the FDA because it seems they approve things that smart people warn them not to approve, yet in the same vein, claim they have no power. if the law says they inspect every two years, surely that was plenty of time to expose a guy like Decoster, since he has been living like a pig for decades. These organizations have been corrupted by politics and that is why I no longer trust anything they tell me. I also kmow they do not inspect food processors often enough and so I KNOW they can’t protect me. So if ever the public has a right to complain……and I don’t think worrying about your life or death could be called whining….they have a right to complain for not being protected by an agency that is perpetually lauded as their protector. That’s all I’m saying.

    A great example is how timely the announcement that imported seafood is dangerous, just in time to make you think Gulf fish is so much safter. the publicity surrounding this announcement was grand. So how come they didn’t blow that horn last year, or the year before? Politics is being played with people’s lives.

  157. I think we’re on the same page, uppity. I just want to be sure that people know it’s about funding and staffing and leagal limitations. As for the politics of it, just don’t get me started…

  158. I know this because I learned it from you. I just intend to keep hammering that the FDA cannot and does not protect us under the current system. We appoint supreme court justices with greater care and safeguards, but when it comes to our lives and our deaths, we leav it to any thief who happens to be in power. The FDA is NOT an independent organization when it is led by political appointees who Serve At The Pleasure of a politician. Somebody is deciding what gets front page news. And green tea wins and Decoster didn’t win for years. There’s something wrong with that picture. The public knew nothing of Decoster all these years. But they know about green tea. See?

    In no way do i see this as the fault of the people in the trench. Nor do I see it as the fault of the people. I see it as the fault of political appointees and those who appoint them.

  159. It’s congress that sets the FDA limitations, right? The people who get contributions from the companies the FDA has to oversee….

  160. I completely understand how it appears to the public when FDA acts on green tea and misses salmonella. I’m just giving you the background.

    Feel free to keep hammering!

  161. Hugo, I have a question, you don’t have to answer, but I know you know the FDA. What are the thoughts of the people in the FDA trench when they go to work every day?

  162. After all that sneaky news maybe you could use a relief.

    Here’s a nice cat out walking her dog.

  163. Great vid Buttered. I guess they are BFFs!

  164. Uppity, i wish someone from a congressional oversight committee would ask me that same question. I’m in a very chatty mood.

  165. Uppity, i wish someone from a congressional oversight committee would ask me that same question. I’m in a very chatty mood.

    They won’t. And it’s not hard to guess why.

  166. get rid of the distraction..

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