Afghan Progress: She wins a seat in Parliament, so her husband beats her


Lotsa progress for women in Afghanistan! A few women are standing up for the rights of women. Which means they risk their lives. Now that’s progress!

Fawzya Gailani says her husband beat her when she won a seat in Afghanistan’s parliament.

He was jealous that she won more than 14,000 votes in the country’s first parliamentary election in 2005, while he only polled 160.


BAHAHAHAHAHA! She beat yer ass, you savage! I guess you’ll just have to go rape a seven year old to validate yourself.

“He hadn’t really beat me very often before then,” she told AFP of the man she was forced to marry at age 14.

Well it’s nice to know he’s a GOOD man. I mean, in Afghanistan, only being beaten now and then is the mark of a good man, right?

“But he was so jealous that he beat me a few times. I left soon afterwards and I’ve never been back.”

Way to go, girl! Now might I suggest that you start an underground movement and meet underground with all abused Afghan women who are forced to wear woolen garbage bags over their bodies and risk being shot in the head at the whim of the Taliban. Then you can set up a time and date when you collectively kill your husbands in their sleep.We can make a Lifetime movie out of it and I guarantee we will all watch!

Gailani is confident of retaining her seat but her victory will have come at huge personal cost.

In late August, five of her campaign workers were kidnapped by the Taliban, she said, and shot dead. Four were relatives — three cousins and a brother-in-law. The Taliban claimed responsibility.

The Taliban have been waging an insurgency in Afghanistan for almost nine years and this month said anyone associated with the elections is a target. At least three candidates have been killed since campaigning began in June.

Election authorities have said about four percent or around 1,000 polling stations will not open because security cannot be guaranteed.

In Herat the Taliban control a number of districts, notably those populated by Pashtuns, Afghanistan’s dominant ethnic group, who make up the bulk of the insurgency.

Officials say women are the most vulnerable to Taliban violence, many receiving regular death threats, and New York-based Human Rights Watch said last week: “Women candidates are facing the highest level of intimidation.”

While grieving the loss of her team members, Gailani is unwavering in her commitment to the cause that elevated her to political power — that of Afghan women, whom campaigners say are among the most oppressed and abused people in the world.

While the post-Taliban constitution guarantees women such rights as education and employment outside the home, in reality many continue to be treated as chattels and slaves in the name of religion and tradition.

Looks like that “Constitution” George put in place isn’t worth the powder to blow it up with.

With fun like this, who needs to go to school!

Anecdotal examples abound of young women betrothed as toddlers, exchanged for animals or to pay debts, beaten and raped by their husbands, jailed by their families for refusing arranged marriages, murdered for the family’s “honour”, becoming mothers as soon as their bodies are ready, barred from leaving their homes.

And these people are upset because we don’t “respect” them and don’t feel particularly receptive to replacing our Constitution with Sharia? What on earth is the matter with us, hey?

I’ll bet my idea is starting to look better to Afghan women all the time.

Grievances???? We are happy! Happy, we tell you!


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  1. New and improved: Each burqa comes with a pre recorded microchip that states, “we are happy!”

  2. God! Those burkas look like death shrouds. Sadly, it’s probably not that far off. 😦

  3. Allie, it’s not far off at all. I took the photo from a site that said it was from Afghanistan.

  4. If these women banded together and did like you say man what a wonderful world.

  5. But then again Uppity look at our own dumb women. All that work in the 60’s and 70’s and look what they are doing. I am dumbfounded as to why some feel incomplete without a man but more over a bad one that thinks marriage or a partnership means control

  6. Well I’m all in favor of female US soldiers training the women in physical self defense and weapons….But they have been culturally conditioned for generations….

    **She has Courage….**

  7. Just a note to say how much I enjoy visiting your site, Uppity. You are really good!!!

  8. Thanks Tricia!

  9. Delphyne, so right – if only.

  10. If they did what I suggest, Utah, that would be one helluva Lifetime Movie.

  11. OT/ about PORK….
    Never saw this site before….You can also track each members voting record….back to 2000…
    I had no idea top states going back 10 years were Alaska & Hawaii…..

  12. You would have thought that especially during the GWB admin. Texas would be right up there….Bottom 10 for 2001 – 2010….In 2000 it was #39……things that make ya go Hmmmm……

  13. Another step for the US on the road to dhimmitude…..
    “But Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer told me on “GMA” that he’s not prepared to conclude that — in the internet age — the First Amendment condones Koran burning…..”

    So….Flagburning = OK
    Bibleburning= OK
    Pope Pictures = OK
    Political Effigies = OK
    * KORAN* = NOT OK = maybe NOT protected by Constitution


  14. Just stopping in for a minute while daughter is talking with friends. Call me cynical- but in that bottom photo there are some “women” in those shrouds with extremely broad shoulders and check out the massive hands on the one in the gold with hand on head. Is it possible some taliban are disguising themselves to infiltrate and incriminate the women? Or is it just from the women doing slave labor from the time they can toddle?

  15. saw this at quipster…

  16. Ah shit. I was going to put that up.

  17. Lifetime Movies are all about teaching dissatisfied housewives with small children that their neglectful husbands really, really, really do love them, and really, really, really are the best choice they could have made in life. That childless woman over there? The other one with the career? They secretly very, very, very unhappy! Yes, they are!

    This would never fly as a mainstream movie, and Lifetime would never touch it. There is NO venue for Women Who Refuse To Take Shit Anymore. Such women don’t buy as much floor polish, so advertisers don’t want them to multiply.

  18. Hey Lifetime did that sally field one “Not without my child” where she escapes the middle east. The Burning bed was the forerunner for plenty of Lifetime, “I refuse to take this shit anymore” movies. Lifetime has done plenty of movies like that. For awhile there, every man on LIfetime was a psycho. That’s why I figured it would be a great venue for these animals.

  19. Not for a looooong time, they haven’t … It’s been romance novels for about the last twenty years.

  20. Guess I’d better turn it on. lol.

  21. Remember the picture of the woman holding a sign stating that the hijab was a choice? It’s not, Gaza University makes the hijab mandatory even for Christians.

    The article also throws in the health benefit of veils. snark

    Lack of Vitamin D because of veils

    A Jordanian study published this week asserted that 87% of women between the ages of 18 and 70 in Jordan suffer from a lack of Vitamin D as a result of insufficient sun exposure and not enough milk consumption.

    The researchers linked this phenomenon to wearing the hijab. According to the findings, 92% of women who wear a hijab suffer from a lack of Vitamin D. This figure increases to 96%, according to the survey, when it comes to women who cover their faces as well with a niqab.

  22. Oh yeah it’s a choice in Afghanistan too. Wear it or die.

    No vitamin D = Rickets. And osteo problems.

  23. New post up. Get the popcorn.

  24. I looked up “Not Without my Daughter” on IMDB because I did not recall its as a Liftetime movie (as in I watched it on TV but only watched Lifetime when the Golden Girls were on so I figured it was still of the era when the major networks did TV movies). It was evidently originally released in theaters. But the most amazing part are some of the comments on that board. This movie would not be made today because us dumb clucks do not understand that woman like being treated as subhuman. Why the folks over there are just misunderstood they are really really wonderful and its racist, racist I tell to suggest otherwise.

    I have to say that sometimes I just am speechless at the comments frequently made in the DC area (by women) about how well these lucky gals are treated so well because they have manicures, jewelry and fancy clothes under their death robes. Why look – shiny objects!!! They must be extra extra happy.

    As to Uppity’s idea. I think it should be a miniseries.

  25. Uppity I didn’t know….read the comment thread after I linked it….sorry….

  26. I saw Not without my child in the theatre….I think it was a major studio release….
    Maybe it showed on Lifetime later

  27. WCA I sulked for an hour.

  28. WCA, not without would be considered politically incorrect now, saying bad things about wonderful Islam like that. Shows you how far we’ve come. How far we’ve come down, that is.

  29. uW at 251, put it up anyway

  30. Congratulations to McNorman. There were over 3000 hits to your “facebook” post here from yesterday thru today. Home Run, girl! Croatia post coming soon. heh.

  31. Afghan Progress: She wins a seat in Parliament, so her husband beats her

    Wow. Sign of a real man [beast]. He should have the good fortune to never end up at UW site where he would be decimated after being pulverized by the graciousness of Uppityites.

  32. What a horrible fucking place. I read an article back in the 90’s about a poor woman there who was beaten almost to death in front of her small son and the bastard took out her eyes. Somehow she and the boy made it here (don’t remember the exact details) and a collection was taken up to pay for her surgery needs (plastic for her face and others for body). I am still haunted by that. That place is just fucking evil. Yes, the women should kill the bastards, total self defense, or else take their kids and get escape.

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