Brace yourself. This week’s Cockroach Award goes to…

…goes to this horrid defective woman and the creepy-crawly thing she sleeps with, who duct taped her 22-month old child to the wall for fun. 

Yes that’s right. For fun. 

Jayla Hamm, 18, held her 22-month-old son against a wall while her boyfriend, Corde Honea, 19, taped his wrists, legs and boy with neon green duct tape in January. 

Hamm is just one more example of why some people should never be allowed to spawn. 

In fact, this walking defect and the creature she was dating were so excited about the fun they were having that they simply couldn’t resist taking photos of the child and sharing them with friends, one of which had the good sense to report the scum to the police. 

Taping her child to the wall wasn’t the only fun these two psycho freaks had  that day. No sir. A day of fun is a day of fun! They also taped the boy’s sippy cup to the wall, beyond his reach. 

Police said the Beatrice, Neb., couple showed off the photos of the boy, dressed in a red onesie and white socks, to their friends. 

In one photo, the small child’s arms are placed behind his back. In another, the boy is seen trying to reach for his sippy cup that had been taped to the wall — just out of his reach. 

Police said the couple was “high after a night of partying” and taped him to the wall for entertainment. The affadavit says photos taken on Hamm’s digital camera showed the boy crying while he was taped. 

These two will one day be loose again.

Now it’s very unfortunate that nobody asked me what the punishment should be for these two cockroaches. I kind of think affixing them both to a wall with very short chains in a sound-proof room, with food and water left just beyond their reach, would be a good start. To round it out, the door should be locked and nobody should enter until both of them are dead. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think the world is safe with child abusers or animal abusers in it,  and I think freaks like these have something missing inside of them and should be removed from the earth. People who do this kind of thing are never anything short of a danger to other innocent living things. As with pedophilia, others are never safe with these beasts walking the streets.

But alas,  here is the punishment these two  swine received. I truly hope this judge has no children. 

Judge Paul Korslund sentenced Hamm to 10 days in jail and two years’ probation. 

He told her: ‘What makes it shocking in particular is there’s an expectation that it’s a matter of common sense that a parent would protect her child from humiliation and abuse.’ 

The boy has been placed in state custody. 

Honea was sentenced to 36 to 60 months in prison for intentional child abuse. He was also jailed for 24 to 60 months for a separate charge of burglary and 12 to 24 months for possession of a stolen firearm. 

Now, I find it difficult to understand how it is that her sentence wasn’t as strong as his. I mean it’s not as if she needs to be around because her child needs her. What child would need this psycho as a mother? Any mother who would allow such a thing to happen to her child deserves far worse. This dirtbag has done such a fine job with her son already, that one day he will probably be just crazy enough to kill her.

But then, it’s not as if the world isn’t riddled with these defective psychos. Each day, the web is becoming more and more a cross-section of the crap that is walking our streets daily. Here’s another  hearbreaking viral photo of a sweet, stunned baby girl taped to a  wall. I can’t wait till the names and faces of the sicko bastards who did this to this child are trumpeted everywhere, so that the world can know what true walking cockroaches look like when they see them. God. How can you not hate these sub-humans and wish the worst upon them?


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  1. There are no words…………

  2. and they won’t let gays get married…

  3. Too bad forced sterilization is not an option for these two cretins.

  4. John there are so many issues that if the Dems wanted to address they could have when they had a super majority.
    It just shows that they want to leave gay rights, womens rights, abortion and ever other wedge issue just the way the were.

  5. Ditto what imust says…don’t even know how to express my outrage and disgust with these vermin. Agree with all the comments, John, Tony, DE. We just had a dvd made of a tape my step dad gave me before he died last year. It was a collage footage he took of lakers baby & toddler-hood. Thats such a beautiful and special time, when kids are tiny. These beasts don’t deserve to have children.
    Or pets either.

  6. There isn’t a lot that could be worse than this story. A while ago, you had this same thing with a dog. Same age bracket too. Something is going on that is very wrong in this generation. So sad Uppity. Horror story.

  7. Phyllis wrote me to ask who you were – she included your post which I cannot find here — someone sent it to her – I gave her your blog address – she was very moved — I love you for giving her comfort –i want to post your post on my blog too just to have it for ever — I told Phil that you and i fight over Hillary but you are a true feminist and you loved her.

    Here is Phyllis Chesler’s email address:
    tell her Greenconsciousness gave you her email

  8. needless to say – do not publish my last post

  9. Hey, if the kid is a nuisance, send him to me. My adoption certification is good until December.

    F*cking sh*t-dripping lowlifes. Grr.

  10. What an almost too painful to look at “riot.” I can’t imagine what kind of brains can think up such a stunt, much less find it “entertaining”.

    Well, I hope they’re happy. Abuse of a child is not some event, the effects are life-altering! That altered state those nut cases are in has now most certainly altered their children.

    “Parents” my ass. God, I hope she becomes a lesbian and he gets his “manhood” reversed – or worse- while they’re both in jail.

  11. My brother was an addict and they do crazy things, but he would never have done this to any child, much less one of his own 4, so drugs are no excuse for these two cretins. It comes down to an understanding of right vs wrong, good vs evil, moral vs immoral and obviously these two scumsuckers were never taught, or if they were and did this anyway, they are sociopaths and should never be allowed to have charge of any child again.

  12. Alas, gc, you have already been publshed and I see no reason not to leave the comment up, but for the email address, which we wouldn’t want the bots (both types) to pick up. Please tell Phyllis Chesler for me that it doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is who she is. All I did was tell the truth.

    Please tell her it is imperative that she keeps blogging.

  13. wont, I know you didn’t mean it that way, but we don’t want to wish this cockroach on the lgbt community.

  14. ((((((((Allie))))))))

  15. Valentine, yes, the defect who taped the dog to the refrigerator was Abby Toll. Here are the posts about her. Like this cretin, she only got 30 days and is now free to do terrible things to other living things.

  16. Say, Gang, speaking of psychos….

    Mel Gibson is hardly famous for his stress-management skills, so you’ve got to pity the person who delivered the latest news in his legal battle with Oksana Grigorieva: A judge has determined that the Oscar winner should be paying his ex-girlfriend $20,000 in child support payments each month — instead of $5,000.

    Can you imagine that cheapskate, who made hundreds of millions conning people into watching him on the screen and imagining he is human, being forced by a court to provide this money to his child someone else is raising for him so he can feel Studly?

  17. […] And they won’t let gays gets married: More proof that straights should not procreate. […]

  18. John Smart reminds me that today is the feast of St. Francis. As you know, Catholics have a saint for simply everything. Francis is the patron saint of your pets. I once brought a cat to mass on that day. He was fine but was horribly disappointed that, after having to put up with the stinky eye from a bunch of dogs, there was no catnip –so he refused to put anything in the basket.

    Pets greet one another after mass.

  19. Wow ten whole days huh?? That will surely teach her. The sicko that did this to a dog got 30 days and this one gets 10 for doing it to a child???

    I really hope the state keeps that child away from her. She needs some serious mental health and she needs to grow up her damn self.

    I hope the “parents” from the other photo are found and dealt with. What is it with this generation???

  20. “wont, I know you didn’t mean it that way, but we don’t want to wish this cockroach on the lgbt community.”

    Oh my, I hear you. Just thinking, some of the best women and parents in the world, Uppity, and this gal needs a drastic alteration in her perspective on love, dignity, respect and a big dose of humanity for human beings.

  21. “Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.”

  22. oh no myiq, it’s a new era. Duct tape even comes in phosphorescent colors.

    Utah on smoke free. You ROCK. I also defend smokers, mostly because I saw the witch hunt on them to be the start of a very scary door opening, where government could interfere with your life and choices in an accelerated fashion. I also knew that the very people who were the most rabid about it would one day see themselves as the target, as I watched it get out of hand with more than a tinge of hatred and bullying. Of course I was wrong wasn’t I????? The fact that Fat is the new Smoking isn’t really happening is it? Nahhhhhhh.

  23. and this gal needs a drastic alteration in her perspective on love, dignity, respect and a big dose of humanity for human beings.

    No, she needs to remove herself from the gene pool, preferably soon.

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  25. Everyone please click on McNorman’s link as proof we have spawned a generation of psychos.

  26. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The Washington National Cathedral has installed a new Cathedral Cat on this day of the blessing of pets. She takes the place of the former Cathedral Cat, Katherine of Tarragon, who has now retired.

  27. “I just don’t think the world is safe with child abusers or animal abusers in it, and I think freaks like these have something missing inside of them and should be removed from the earth. “–UW

    I agree with you on so many things that your posts are becoming touchstones for me. There is NO excuse for harming kids and animals, NONE!

  28. they say the brain doesn’t mature until 25. :mrgreen:

  29. Thanks Level. And you’re right. There is NO excuse. There is no place for sociopaths but Out Of Here. If you click on McNorman’s link you will see futher proof that we are spawning a nation of psychos.Wait, I’ll get the link for you……….

  30. they say the brain doesn’t mature until 25.

    That was before, foxy. Now, 25 is the new 18.

  31. It’s amazing, absolutely amazing. I’m stunned at these deplorable behaviors.

  32. Yes, there is a Facebook page: Corde Honea & Jayla Hamm Should Be Shot.

    I’d post the link if I knew how.

  33. Ah God, Lib, I wish you hadn’t told me.

  34. More horrific people who simply take up space.

    When I was working for the police there were multiple incidents like this. And this was way back when.
    I will never forget some of the things I saw. And supposedly we’re the “superior species.” Ha! So many of us are fatally flawed through greed and cause nothing but misery to animals and people alike.

  35. I see no reference to the man being the father, so I assume it is just a boyfriend, so why were these children not given to their father or fathers?

  36. I feel sick. Give these precious babies to a family who will care for them.

  37. George, I have no idea. It doesn’t imply that the creature in the photo is the father, so who knows who are where the father is. The second child is an unknown situation. The photo has been passed around, but i am presuming the parent or parents or whatever creature that did this has not been identified. Could have been a baby sitter for all we know. God, these people are psychos.

  38. Reading crap like this kills me. To think a human being can get pleasure out of torturing a baby or animal is beyond all. I fear what is going to happen to society when this generation is in charge. Thinking taping a baby to a wall is fun and then photograph it ? Dear God we have gone completely mad and become a cold society. I am thinking video games and tv might actually be creating a brutal cold new human that thinks life is a video game and no feelings. A few moments of fame on the net too.
    What to do with these types ? Interesting since it seems more are surfacing all the time. Got to ask if any here remember the days a child went out to play and not just your parents kept and eye on you and protected you but the neighbors did too. Now you have to worry that the neighbor has some diabolical plan for your child and remand it to indoor play only and they are not getting as socialized.

  39. I think I am going to throw UP! Between this story and the next person I nominate for this award.

    Uppity did you see this ANIMAL?? *no, I take it back not even animals are as soulless as this* It’s too bad this THING wasn’t aborted.

  40. utah, video games and tv are not necessarily the problem – it’s parents who use both as babysitters and don’t monitor what their children are doing online. Some children are nasty pieces of work, regardless of parenting, however if a parent is paying no attention to what the child is doing on the computer, then they can’t set boundaries. For example, male gruesome was given a nintendo very early to assist with his hand eye coordination, which was a bit “off”, however every game brought into the house had to be played by moi, to determine it’s suitability. Once, he was caught playing a friends game wherein killing dinosaurs and cavemen was the objective – lecture time! Gruesome female thought it would be okay to put personal information on myspace – she wasn’t aware that I checked the online history daily – lecture time for both. I recall the days when our neighborhood parents would shoo all the kids outside – we would congregate and play pickup hockey or baseball etc at the park down the street – without adult supervision, although we knew the street was watching over us. It was a different and better time to be a kid, and yes, the entire neighborhood watched over us. Older kids were assigned to keep an eye on us too, and they were expected to babysit and get part time jobs when they were old enough – my first pt job was at 14 – mucking out stables.

  41. HT, my son wasn’t allowed on the computer which was right smack in the middle of the family room without the history being saved and HE KNEW I looked at it daily. lol. I also knew if it had been cleared since the last time I checked. AND he was not allowed to have a FB or My Space account until he was over sixteen and even then I had to know personally in real life every single “friend” on there. lol…I was strict about that computer but, then…never ended up with any issues. And like you he sure wasn’t allowed any Grand Theft Auto and the like around here not even in high school. My house, my rules.

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