What Pensacola Beach looks like right now. But don’t worry, all the oil is gone

Taken October 4, 2010


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  1. But, but – the oil is gone, the seafood is safe to eat, the O said so, so it must be true. snark/
    Dead sandfleas and periwinkles on the beach with oil balls – would anyone want their family to walk, play, swim in that?

  2. Nothing to see here…Move along now.

    I can’t believe how the oil spill narrative has been completely removed from the discussion on the news.

    We can call it Obama beach freckles.

  3. And to lighten the mood.

    Police: Sheetz Robbed By Obama Mask Wearer

    WINSTON-SALEM — A quick glance at surveillance video taken inside a local convenience store might lead someone to believe the 44th president of the United States committed a crime.

    Police said Mitchell Walters, 29, of Lexington, was wearing a mask of President Barack Obama when he robbed the Sheetz on Somerset Center Drive at about 3:24 a.m. on Wednesday.

  4. Convenience store or taxpayers? LOL!

  5. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…

  6. Excuse me Mr.
    do you have the time
    or are you so important
    that it stands still for you

    excuse me Mr.
    won’t you lend me your ear
    or are you not only blind
    but do you not hear

    excuse me Mr.
    but isn’t that your oil in the sea
    and the pollution in the air Mr.
    whose could that be

    so excuse me Mr.
    but I’m a mister too
    and you’re givin’ Mr. a bad name
    Mr. like you

    so I’m taking the Mr.
    from out in front of your name
    cause it’s a Mr. like you
    that puts the rest of us to shame
    it’s a Mr. like you
    that puts the rest of us to shame

    Ben Harper “Excuse Me Miser”

    Dedicated TO Obama you rat bastard.

  7. LOL o/t but, in other news Rahm is NOT getting the welcome home he thought he’d get. Hand Cleaner? Caught filming his “I’m Back” video on D.C. and protests.

  8. I haven’t seen anything about the oil spill on the news lately. It pisses me off that the msm lackeys all get press passes with special privileges when they no longer do their jobs.

  9. heads should roll over this mess 👿

  10. I’m sad as well over the oil spill and the destruction of our gulf coast. I’m sad for the loss of the sea life and loss for the inhabitants of the livelihoods and way of life. I’m sad that this administration can get away with this type of destructive behavior and continues to get a pass on it. I will never forgive the DNC for foisting this fool onto us.

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