Eqyptian Cleric: Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings

Woot! Who wouldn’t want a good beating!? 

However a man should only beat his wife if she refuses to have sex with him. Whew! I’m glad he cleared that up, aren’t you?

….And he needs to beat her kind of gently. He should use a “short rod”. I guess that’s a 7th Century savage’s idea of Foreplay, hey? And you just KNOW you want a “Manly Man” just like him!

This kind of crap could only be talked about in the Middle East. Here, the guy would be killed in his sleep, which would really be a great idea for all the women in the Middle East to entertain collectively. On the same night.  I love organization skills, don’t you?

Freedom Fairy snatched this from the Unstoppable Big Pink. I rarely send you offsite from here, but I have to tell you that you are a woman with self-respect and a real feminist male, which are the only males who hang out here, you NEED to go to this site and read This. But before you go there to read all about the sexist, misogynist, infantile Obama mentees who have infested the White house like an avalanche of cockroaches, you should first say Hi to THIS Goatfucker:

Wouldn’t you just love to join in on telling  this turkey to stick his own short rod up his ass?


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  1. 90% of men want barbie dolls for wives – see I can pull statistics out of my arse too at a moment’s notice.

    “Here, the guy would be killed in his sleep, which would really be a great idea for all the women in the Middle East to entertain collectively. On the same night. I love organization skills, don’t you?”
    Ayup, Lysistrata taken to the next level. We need new lyrics to “There’s a kind of hush, all over the world”

  2. California – 3.4 just south of Sacramento

    Troubling times.

    Must be because all those heathen women are reading this

  3. Why I was just telling my husband to go out to one our trees and get a nice short switch. The look on his face was priceless.Then he asked me if I was insane.

    No beating today. Sigh.

  4. What can I say? These barbarians are insane? Nope- doesn’t begin to cover it. Beatings are only for when the woman refuses to have sex with the pig? Guess the rest of his home boys didn’t get the message.
    I have to go read the links- while I try to process this.

  5. Well, here’s where Christ’s “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” theme doesn’t mix with the “old book.” That attitude of beating an adult woman as though the singular male is qualified to determine the need for “discipline” begets the very “code” of brothers that underlies the mob. Fear driven fools – had they faith enough to be contained in a mustard seed – would face down this terrorism for what it is. Faced with the prospect of being beaten for refusing sex or attempting to keep sex in perspective to develop a relationship with a man, as a muslim woman, should you not just start in beating them with a “short rod” when they’re baby boys to grow them up properly?

  6. pgh, thanks for the chuckle -evoked visions of women en masse having “switch bees” instead of quilting bees.

  7. I see Bill is still out from the 2 million hits party ROFL! And who took a shot at the peep? Bill or Lobby? That penguin is going over soon! (Can’t blame whoever it was for NOT eating the peep- nasty little thins they are.)
    FF- great job!

  8. Thanks PMM, I hadn’t noticed the new header. Bill is probably exhausted from trying to get the lobster meat out of the carapace – somebody get him a nutcracker. Probably in his frustration, he took it out on the peep. The pengy is probably coming in, in a tipsy state, to try his hand – lobby’s do smell fishy after all.

  9. We don’t get it. UW, we are on the same wave this morning. This ass also says that if women are harassed even when wearing the Niqab or Hijab, it may be because they should not be outside the house at all. Given that Egypt (where this cockroach resides) is commonly referred to as the most westernized country in that area, I have to admit that the others leave me in seizure like shakes.

  10. “Women are harassed even when wearing the Niqab or Hijab”

    Well, of course THAT can’t be because it’s the responsibility of the asshats harassing them. It has got to be those evil wimmins fault for existing. That logic is so twisted it’s beyond belief!! I guess that’s why they think if they kill us all it’s better than all the “harassing” we are causing.Yes, they have to protect ANY insult to their maleness by not having women appear to exist or have any autonomy. If she does you should beat or kill her if the problem persists. The entitlement thinking here is beyond astounding.

    You can call any old type of thinking you want to a “religion” in this world and people will defend it no matter the crimes committed in the name of your “religion”

  11. What an easy answer to have…it’s them wimminz fault. Yes, we vex them. As I see it, there is a hungry gator in the world waiting for this pathetic excuse of a man.

  12. I’m very disturbed by what Jordan’s Queen Rania states (Honor killings have nothing to do with Islam) in that video that I posted. She must never get out of the castle.

  13. No beating today. Sigh.

    I’m so sorry for you. you must leave him immediately. He is obviously a weak man.

  14. pghpuma – OMG, you’re so right – their attitudes/behavior towards women is terrorism. It’s culturally sanctioned DV.

    Their culture has terrorism on more than one level – sick, sick, sick.

  15. ROF I have just started watching old movies because while waiting for this house to get sold I find I have a lot of time on my hands. I just watched a movie I used to really like. This time however it pissed me off and I did not laugh. McClintock with John Wayne. They pick up a fireplace shovel and spank the women to make them good girlz. Was I blind in my youth ? Yes I guess so. It shows the scenes twice and the guys are saying that is what women need. Then it shows the women all stary eyed and in love. Talk about conditioning our women. Now let me say this come at me to spank me because I am bad and you had better be prepared. Let’s say you would have better luck sticking a hot poker up a bob cats ass. I am not ever going to take getting hit and abused ever again.

  16. John Wayne. Bleck. Everything i never wanted in a man.

    Listen, LOL, Angle asked Reid how it is he got so rich on the government payroll! I love it! He said he “Invested well”. I’m sure he did, since he sits in congress, that makes laws that affect various corporations. How hard is it to invest in a company that you KNOW is about to receive a nice Congressional gift?

  17. SOMEBODY find me a video of the Angle Reid debate!!!

  18. Is this the one you need Uppity?

  19. here’s part 2

  20. hT I already have these videos posted.

  21. HT check my comment upstream. The videos are already up. But thank you!

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