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I just thought this was so very sad. Right here in the admired USA. More here.

All-volunteer Remote Area Medical sets up shop in Wise, Va., providing badly needed treatment for those without adequate health insurance Photographs by Radhika Chalasani / Redux for TIME

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  1. Pitiful, right here in America.
    A couple of things I noticed- this has been going on for ten years. When will the politicians get it?
    Anybody else notice the troops scattered throughout the video? So, no it’s not free- we are picking up at least part of the cost. God forbid the insurers should give up a small percentage of their profits to fund things like this.
    Also noticed what appeared to me to be horse fencing inside the tents- wonder how that makes those poor souls feel- to be herded like animals. That kind of creeped me out- reminiscent of how the nazis herded unwanteds.
    How sad it is to see something like this and know it is not some third world country.

  2. Mom, they do get it, but they aren’t going to build up their war chests bothering with it. That’s why they robbed trillions from the social security pot and then sent TARP to wall street.

  3. John Paul vs. Benedict. Talk about a 180. Notice the word “women” is glaringly absent from the speech?

  4. ..
    the whole time watching that video i thought of animal stockyards…how sad..thank goodness there are wonderful people who give their time and expertise to help these people. everywhere i go in my state in i see the third world now….keeps getting worse…
    politicians don’t give a rats ass…none of them ever will …
    .and i bet it wasn’t in their back yard either

  5. I am literally crying watching this. How can this be happening in America. Don’t all the people whining about how we can not afford National Health Care realize that we are paying for our lack of coverage in thousands of ways. These Americans are living diminished lives and are unable to contribute to the ‘economic’ health of America because America is unwilling (not unable) to contribute to the real health of her citizens.

    I am glad that we provide health support to places around the world that are in need, but I really do think that we have an obligation to meet the needs of our citizens as well.

    Thanks Uppity.

  6. Exactly honora- we ARE paying for it- the troops shown in that video are not free. Our rising insurance premiums and the cost of medical care in general continue to rise- and part of it is the vast numbers of uninsured who end up in the ER which is much more expensive than a visit to a primary care physician. So we pay in the way of higher premiums and ever higher medical bills. (And the whole bit with malpractice insurance costing a gazillion dollars contributes as well. I am sure there are docs who deserve to pay very large settlements- but I am also sure there are folks gaming that system as well.) Not one thing is the “historical find out what’s in it after you pass it” bill addresses the root problem.

    cackikoo- yes – stockyards. Too creepily close to visions of interment camps for me. The third world right here in America- makes you wonder if the powers that be really ARE trying to level the playing field- to the lowest common denominator.

    This video is really giving me the heebie jeebies. I know there was something in the bill from hell regarding a military type group assigned to “assist.” And voila! There we have the military herding “patients.”

  7. Yes I see military there Mom. Reserves or Guard? WTH,they get paid anyways. I’m sure they are there for safety concerns. Sheer numbers alone tells us there is a decent percentage of the mentally unstable there, also a medical condition which they can’t afford to correct.

    i see many morbidly obese people, you know, the people Michelle wags her finger at? Apparently Michelle doesn’t understand that bread and potatoes and pasta are cheaper than arugula and go a lot farther to feed a family that has nothing. That’s what happens to your thought processes when you scarf down lobster all the time.

  8. When the poor have mental conditions, we call them crazy. WHen the rich have these conditions, we call them “Eccentric”.

  9. They did a profile of the founder of this group on 60 Minutes, I think. The organization was started to help folks in third world countries, but the need was so great they started missions here. Sad, but necessary. I have a lot of admiration for these folks, I just wish that I had the finances to help bankroll them, and Second Harvest, and Town Cats.

  10. Charity begins at home. We spent more time setting up a health care system in Iraq than we spend on our own.

  11. I honestly wish I knew who those troops were. National Guard is (supposed to be) under the control of the governors of the various states- so would make sense if the governor had them out there to set up the tents, keep order etc. If Active Duty regular military- who ordered them out?
    Also- I have watched a few times- can anybody with better eyes tell me what building is on the sheets they are using as cubicle dividers? I just could not quite make it out- but the graphic on the sheets is repeated down the side. Looks like one of the DC buildings-

  12. LOL never mind on the building on the sheets- I found it- it is Monticello- the University of VA has an involvement

  13. Heartbreaking. What a disgrace too. Makes me furious at that group who scream socialism every single time someone tried or wanted to put in a decent health care plan for the U.S. going all the way back to FDR!!

    It’s such a tragedy that every other civilized democracy in the West can do this but, we can’t. Good heavens. People are suffering!

  14. Our country. Well Uppity, the above is what has led to this. I just watched a story on NPR — that led to this link of a report. The maps show everything. That is so sad, Uppity. Corporations did this here, and insurance companies. When you see the below? It’s just as shocking, if not more.

  15. These are the people I had in mind when I said that there are people far worse off, with more difficult conditions and care issues, than I have. Not that it’s right to have screwed people like me and my son, but these folks haven’t a chance in hell.

    If the pharmaceutical companies didn’t make such a huge profit hawking their poisons, how different might things be? Just a random thought.

  16. Allie, if they didn’t SPEND such a huge amount hawking their poisons is more like it. If Congress gave a rat’s ass about the people they pretend to represent, pimping prescription drugs on TV would be illegal right now. Imagine if they reduced the price of their FDA Bribe-Approved drugs by the amount of all that advertising.

  17. I don’t think the folks in uniform are A.D. military, but most likely local Nat’l Guard and it looks like they are being used for crowd control. Now think about this: How much more effective is it to have those Nat’l Guard troops there for crowd control so that frees up more of the folks with program to do work with the actual process of moving people in and around the area for treatment.

  18. Fredster, for sure it is cheaper than sending them all to the emergency room and then paying for it out of our insurance premiums. But the stark truth is this video looked like something out of the Third World.

  19. Uppity: I”m not denying what you say at all.

    Looking at those poor souls I wonder how many of them might qualify for medicaid or Soc. Sec. disability (get it while you can!) or even SSI and Medicaid? There should be something that at least some of them qualify for.

  20. Fredster I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if some of them don’t even know they qualify for anything. All I know is, thank God I am not in their shoes, although at the rate my insurance premiums are going, I might be soon enough, because it’s getting harder and harder to afford it. There’s the rub. Do we make ourselves dirt poor to support the poor and find we don’t qualify ourselves for anything? I know an awful lot of people stuck in the middle like that. At one time, they were called the middle class. Now, I’m not so sure.

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