The National Pravda Radio Firing of Juan Williams

I will have more to say about this soon, but for those who haven’t heard exactly what happened, here’s a video.

Juan responds:

Here’s Meg ripping a new one for the leader of CAIR, which called for action. You remember CAIR don’t you? The organization whose founder said he thought SHARIA Law in the USA would be great and Islam is not in America to be equal but to dominate? CAIR, the organization accused of having ties to Islamofascism? That CAIR?

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  1. Ya gotta wonder… how could NPR be this stupid? To call this kind of attention to themselves??

    The whole story seems surreal.

  2. Rush maintains it’s because of liberal donors because it’s their “Beg-athon” week. I agree that it’s stupid and calls all sorts of attention to themselves. Surely they must think about budget cuts in their funding in the future, backlash, the nationally funded lefty lib radio? That would be rational.

  3. I like Juan Williams, but he’s also a misogynistic jerk. Just recently he called Sarah Palin a pornographic centerfold He’s right in there, just as sexist as the rest of them and nobody ever bats an eye, including NPR. But oh boy, say something that isn’t filled with praise for Muslims and you’re out of there. The same is true of the ladies on the View, storm off in a self righteous rage in defense of Muslims, but make cracks about how some things aren’t really “rape-rape.” As usual women are fair game while Muslims are the designated victim of the week.

  4. POST has been UPDATED with VIDEO of Megyn and CAIR leader. Don’t miss it!!!

  5. yellar dog you are so right. This is not good news for PUBLICLY FUNDED NPR.

  6. Wow, does Ibrahim not realize that he’s just added fuel to the fire?

  7. hmm thought I left a comment down below- maybe I am in spam- or maybe the happy sleepy drug has not completely worn off?
    I better go back to the sofa.

  8. Well when PUBLICLY FUNDED radio or TV can start firing for someone saying what they feel you need to see what is really happening here. I have said that the hate crimes bill would lead to this and personally I am sick to death of having to watch what I say or watch how I state my feelings. I agree with Juan 100% and further I would not board a plane with someone in Muslim garb. After 911 it is highly unlikely I would ever trust again and further I will only fly when all other options are out.

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    Mom, you have the privileges so next time just go into spam and fish yourself out. xo.

  10. yttik, get with it girl! Everybody knows it’s okay to attack women. Just don’t attack anybody else, but doing it to the bitches is really okay.

  11. NPR is indeed in the midst of one of their “Beg-a-thons” They took over my classical station a while back and it drives me nuts. They beg A LOT. I already lost the jazz station and my clock radio only gets about three other stations total and one is all news and the other is – Iam not sure sure but they say its music type. Woke up to more major begging this morning. I think my Christmas gift to myself this year is going to be a new clock radio with cd (if they still make them!) or I guess mp3.

    I am sure NPR thinks that this will sit well with their listeners (the ones who “donate”) and just anger those who are beneath NPR. So they see it as a win-win.

    Plus they think it will make them look good to Barky and Co.

  12. I maintain that Rush is a misogynistic gasbag and blowhard who would be selling shoes if a WOMAN hadn’t helped him in his early career. The same woman who, legend has it, he helped kick to the curb when he saw his chance. I always have grave suspicions about a man who can’t even keep a wife for longer than five minutes. God only knows how disgusting he must be to live with. But hey, he’s a “real” Christian, which means he can do anything he wants just so long as he says he’s sorry when he gets caught.

    I will also find it forever amusing that Roy Black, of ACLU fame, fished his ass out of his drug situation.

  13. That might or might not be true, Mt. Laurel, considering they violated the rights of a black man. Just saying.

  14. this has nothing to do with Fox News. This is ALL ABOUT the Islamization of America. When Islam in ALLOWED to control the conversation and quash free speech, we are going down very quickly.

    As was pointed out above, the ladies on the View did their walk-off when presented with the facts too.

    And when did this ADORATION of ALL THINGS ISLAMIC start?

    Go ahead, I’ll wait…..


    Gotta go shower and go to school.


  15. I don’t know FF. CAIR is looking pretty piss poor right now. I think this one is over the line in a big way when it comes to deliberately trying to control how Americans feel.

  16. I have no problem with Muslims – as long as they keep their beliefs to themselves, same as I do. I don’t proselytize. I also have the same problem with Jehovah’s witnesses, mormons – anyone who is selling their religion. The very fact that religion is now involved in multimillion dollar attempts to influence public policy is anathema to me. Cair, Agnus Dei, Focus on the Family – I’m sick of it. Get out of our lives you bloodsucking vampires, and concentrate on the people who think as you do. Leave the rest of us alone.

  17. Guess I used a bad word. I’ve been spammied. – not that I object – I was a bit, shall we say, indelicate.

  18. Uppity
    You may have a point. NPR has been called out in the past for not programming toward a more diverse base.

    I was assuming that we were going with BOOs muslim/islam always tops all other special interest groups.

    I decided to take scoggle for walk and found this recent article about NPR, its target audience and overall perceptions:

  19. HT you are the FOURTH regular to get spammed today. I have no idea why.

  20. I think I solved the spam problem. I put “Sam” on blacklist without thinking. That was the twit who as pissing all over himself in the Yale thread. Anyways, I just studied the four people’s posts that got spammed and they used the word “Same”. and of course “Sam” is part of “same” so they got spammed. I think it’s fixed now. We shall see.

  21. “HT, on October 21, 2010 at 4:47 PM Said:

    I have no problem with Muslims – as long as they keep their beliefs to themselves, same as I do. I don’t proselytize. I also have the same problem with Jehovah’s witnesses, mormons – anyone who is selling their religion. The very fact that religion is now involved in multimillion dollar attempts to influence public policy is anathema to me. Cair, Agnus Dei, Focus on the Family – I’m sick of it. Get out of our lives you bloodsucking vampires, and concentrate on the people who think as you do. Leave the rest of us alone.”

    Perfect, and I agree with you ONE hundred percent!

  22. “And when did this ADORATION of ALL THINGS ISLAMIC start?”

    Just a few years ago! I myself, before the 2008 primary, was defending Muslims, because I didn’t want us to round them up like we did to the Japanese or to have some yahoo take their frustration out on some innocent Muslim family, usually women and children. I eventually jumped off that boat, but obviously it went on without me to where we are today, where even expressing a feeling like being nervous is considered an attack on Muslims. It’s also been wrapped up in racism, even though Islam is a religion, not a race. So the current perception is that to express anything but adoration towards Muslims is racist.

  23. Ivory Outrage, the woman from Yale who wrote the stellar piece about the pigs on that campus and the administration that enables them, has more to say.

    HOWEVER, my point, and the point that I hope is crystal clear here, is that this is an ongoing problem at Yale. The administration has failed to deal with it adequately in the past, hence it happening repeatedly.

  24. Angela Merkel says the unsayable, comes right out and says Muslims are not assimilating in her country, the woman has guts.

    Multicultural Mistakes.

  25. Hey Alice – our problem is that the proselytising types don’t give a flying fig about what the rest of the world wants – they need to dominate – without domination, they feel lacking. The rest of the world does not give a darn – so these guys (and yes, they are all male) plan and plot – Xian, Muslim proselytizing to enslave women for all time.
    I apologize to all the folks who are offended. My bad, however, it’s still true.

  26. Look, I’m just as sorry as I can be that some people are bigoted and that harms people who are targeted……I.Get.It.


    Sharia law and all that, that implies is NOT something that anyone has the “right” to import. Nor do they have the right to import and impose similarly BIGOTED belief systems. In Canada the Muslims tried mightily to get Sharia Law accepted as their form of “law” Women pushed back and won and sharia law is NOT allowed as a system of law but, make no mistake they aren’t done trying. England has had the same trouble, and so will the U.S.

    I hold no hatred against any individual but, keep your hatred of women out of my face and out of my country. It’s got to the point now that if you say anything against the muslims as much as I have said against Mormons and some cults then you are told to sit down and shut up. Who is being discriminated against here REALLY???

  27. Interesting it is quite ok to attack women call them Whores and worse and you can attack Christians and no one hears a thing but a Muslim ? Allah forbid.

  28. HT,

    I run them all away from my door and sometimes have a laugh at their expense. They never come back when I’m done with them…lol. Once I told the Witnesses that we were nudists in our household. lmao.

    I asked the Mormon fundies who came round how many husbands I would get to have if I joined up. Etc…lol, they leave me alone.

  29. The Muslim faith, in the way that I have been able to view it, seems to be a holdover from the dark ages, especially when it comes to women. We have no business coddling them, just as we should not/would not coddle the KKK or a Neo-Nazi group.

    I can’t figure out for the life of me why all the “sympathy” for the ultra-conservative Muslims is coming from the American left- the same people who make it a vocation to ridicule and condemn American fundamentalist Christians.

    (By way of disclosure, I consider myself to be agnostic…)

  30. Devil’s advocate here, NPR is claiming that Williams actions as ‘political analyst’ is inconsistent with his role as ‘news reporter’ with NPR and that he has been warned that his participation on Fox gabfests was problematic. They claim that he saying “I think….” was the problem and not what the thoughts themselves are. I do not think that is an unrealistic view. The problem is that ALL of NPR’s news reporters do the same thing all the time. Or rather they do something worse, they claim that their views are the views held by everyone. So, lets get NPR news people to report the news and lets not let them pundent all over the place. I can’t even listen to NPR anymore and I used to think it was the only real source of news. Times change.

  31. NPR was propaganda central in the primary and the spinning was as bad as Rush Limbaugh but, it’s okay if THEY do it. All while sitting there and claiming to be bringing you the ultimate in open minded hard hitting “reporting”

    NPR is not just run by public funds anymore. Big corporations and their agendas are piling the cash in there too. They are all equally bad from FOX, to MSNBC to NPR. Unless we can somehow break up the strangle hold five or six corps have on ALL our newspapers, magazines, cable news shows and radio then we’re never going to get anything but, what those corps want us to know.

    What Juan did and the punishment for it was just more spin in age of spin. They cherry pick situations to use for political capital. It’s nothing to do with the truth or being outraged about an incident at all. And women do not figure into this mess anywhere at all.

  32. OT
    The stench of fear is rising… “Fearing rout, Obama, Dems reach to female voters”

    Ohhhh NOW we matter. About as subtle as a brick through a window. They are sooo skeeeeered…

  33. {sticks head in waving) Sorry to miss so much great discussion- had the injection this morning and was loopy from the “relaxer” then had to take a vicodin-
    This whole thing is going to blow up in their faces I think. I fell asleep on the sofa and do believe I heard through the fog that Soros donated a boatload recently to NPR? So now he is going to try and control all the news?
    Please let this be a drug induced hallucination.
    Don’t know if I put it in my comment below (which I still can’t get that video to play- grr) I got a call today from the county election commissioner- I have been drafted as an election judge. Should be interesting- they assigned me to the poorer end of town. At least there will not be any envelopes with Obama written on them this time.

  34. I love Megan. If I ever needed a lawyer, I would want it to be her!

  35. I think it’s been made really clear that the Islamic organizations/people do not want any free speech, in this country or others. People get killed for drawing a cartoon, etc. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Juan Williams saying he feels a flash of anxiety when he sees a group of Muslims at an airport – because, YES, they were Muslims who attacked us, and in the name of their god. And they’ve made it clear they’re not done.

    I am convinced more than ever now that their goal is to silence everyone – we are not even allowed to state facts or our feelings, if they involve anything negative about Islam. We have to keep pushing back against that, our we’ll usher in our own demise as a country and political system.

    Blacks used to be afraid of whites lynching them, but most white people didn’t do that to them. I guess we had better revise the history books to reflect that blacks were racist to be nervous.

    I used to like hearing Juan on NPR, and I hear him now on Fox. But I have to say, I had a laugh when he said to Bill O’Reilly something like “I’m no bigot, you know all the books I’ve written on civil rights” – it made me laugh, because writing about black civil rights does not preclude one from being bigoted against other races – or misogynistic.

  36. HT, allie has asked permission for me to give her your email address. She wants to mail you some information. Please let me know if this is okay.

  37. HT, it’s fine with me if Uppity just forwards it to you; I sent it to her thinking she’d just flip it to you when she had time. Not a problem.

  38. There’s a commercial (probably only playing in CA) in which they keep cutting between an old campaign speech by Schwartzenegger and a new one by Whitman. They’re saying the same words. OMG. Just like Deval Patrick and BO, whom I believe had Axelrod to thank for the identical speeches. I wonder who is at the bottom of this? I’m voting for her, just because. But I don’t like this copying, that’s for sure!

  39. Would rather have you two communicate with each other rather than thru me. God knows, I can’t get through my emails as it is.

  40. Dang lorac, you’re like the sixth or seventh regular who landed in spam today. It’s almost like spam is learning all over again.

  41. Agree. I hate when a candidate uses a former successful candidate’s words or buzzes. It really makes me worry about the person. I mean, can’t you figure out your own schtick?

  42. UW – I wondered where it went, and then I realized, *I* had also used the word “same”!

  43. Yeah but I removed the “Sam” from the blacklist. So I don’t get it. Damn.

  44. I used to love my public radio stations in nola, then up here in B’ham and the one from Univ. of Al in Tuscaloosa. What I loved was all the wonderful *music* they played. The one at U of A on Sundays had a great lineup of big bands, cool jazz and other types of music. Then…they started talking…and talking…and even more talking. Got to where I could only listen to the U of A station and only on Sunday nights for the jazz and stuff. I didn’t and don’t want their babbling heads.

    Juan Williams was one of the better political commentators around. I remember him on Crossfire. I hope the heads of NPR dust off their good clothes cuz they are gonna be busy making appearances on Capitol Hill. Oh and Ragheads of America has just made a huge sympathetic victim of Juan Williams. And RoA has not done themselves any good whatsoever.

  45. Am watching the replay of the Rachel Madwoman show. I’ve been watching lately to see how far she is willing to reach and stick out her neck on how well the Dems will do in the election. She doesn’t want to admit there are any problems.

    Anyway, she just commented on the Juan Williams firing and said it wasn’t a First Amendment thing,but rather, he said things that didn’t go along with NPR who was his boss. She showed part of the clip of Juan but conveniently left out the first part by Juan. It’s very good for your argument Rachel when you leave out part of the comments that won’t match your argument.

    After the election I wanna see her dance on the tube explaining away the Republican gains. It’s not going to make me happy but Rachel will find a way to spin it all.

  46. Rachel Madwoman show


  47. I admire her smarts but I think she screwed up on this one. And of course she may get to find out personally on this now that Comcast owns NBC. Be careful Rachel…be very careful. 😆

  48. Well now that comcast bought them they had better pick up their toilet ratings or they might find themselves working for a Music Channel.

  49. Outrageous! National P u b l i c Radio doing the bidding of a terrorist loving org and firing one of their employees to appease them. I loved Megyn’s roast of that cair idiot. She kicked ass.

    FF @ 4:20pm – RIGHT ON!

    Uppity, thanks for posting these. I was wondering about it all day.

  50. Fredster MSNBC will still be broadcasting that Dems hold the majority after the election. If you say it often enough it must be true.

  51. DE@1:13: Yes, but the dancing they’ll to convince everyone else will be fun to watch. And I’m not really going to be overjoyed when the Repubs probably take over the House. As you an Uppity have said so many times, neither one is worth a damn, really.

  52. Uppity said:

    Well now that comcast bought them they had better pick up their toilet ratings or they might find themselves working for a Music Channel.

    Imagine: Rachel and Keith hosting the Golden Oldies segment. 😆

  53. In true Islam, the government and religion are as one, something the lib’s just can’t seem to understand.

  54. I used to love public TV and radio but since they have consistantly leaned further to the left I did what I had to do and that is stop supporting them and watching them. I am happy that even the Air heads in Congress are questioning this one. One must hope that even they who helped to lead us into the loss of rights are seeing it and going to step in and fight it . One can hope. It is a crying shame in the USA we have to be afraid to speak our minds these days afraid we will offend some group or the other. I fear nothing and say what I think and if that brands me a racist or bigot I will wear that brand with pride. I have fought hard for women, civil rights you name it but if making a statement like Juan did gets me into trouble or labels me something or another so be it I will stand by it and say it again and louder. This is America and we have always been able to speak our piece and damn it no group has the right to smash that and they need to go back to the sticks and stones logic because no matter who or what you are there are jokes and comparisons out there to be heard so buck up and deal with it.

  55. Well, you see utahwoman, if you’re on their team it’s okay. However, if you even dare to say something speaking for yourself and yourself only and it goes against the groupthink at NPR then you’re toast.

  56. Uppity – not a problem re the e-mail address.

  57. Has the NAACP weighed in on Juan’s firing? Crickets??????

  58. Uppity – I believe it’s called “selective outrage”.

  59. screaming on the news that groceries are going up.

  60. Yeah some old fellow mentioned it to me in the supermarket yesterday. He looked worried too.

    Bastards. Got a link?

    It’s not like I haven’t been trumpeting that everyone should have filled their freezers up by now…

  61. Thank heavens Harry saved us from a Depression. Or at least he says he did.

  62. Wow, that’s some video at your place, DE. He’s even more hypcritical than Al Gore..

  63. Here’s a grocery price linky dink- it ain’t pretty. I have been watching all the ads to “BUY GOLD” sure- sorry- can’t eat gold- so what do the poor suckers do when the price of gold plummets? I stocked up and keep stocking up- rotating as I go. No way would I trade edibles for some pretty metal

  64. Thanks mom. Looks like anything with grains in it and anything that eats grains is going up in price. Thanks, Tom Daschle and your corn scam! You shithead. And Obama is still trying to appoint this swine to something.

  65. You got it Uppity- all the grain crops are going to skyrocket. And so much of the grain goes to cattle- instead of letting them graze.
    I am stocking up on oatmeal, rice, all the beans, corn meal, flour- etc etc Got some lentils on sale yesterday (dry) I feel a lentil soup coming on

  66. I love lentil soup in winter. I make it with spinach in it too and some little itty bitty pasta. I wish I had the right place to store the huge bags of flour, since i made bread all the time. We just don’t like bought bread anymore unless it’s from a good bakery. But bread is getting really overpriced. Has been for a long time, now it will go up some more. I’m telling you, people light up when you make them a loaf of bread. I have elderly neighbors nearby and they are the nicest people. I make them bread and you would think I wrote them a check. I guess they lost a lot of income in the market, retrirement funds etc, like I did, but it seems to hurt the people on social security more. Fortunately their house is paid for. I know a few people who went back to work too. I can’t even imagine the condition so many people are in. I saw a major drop in income from my 401 dividends, which I always took. Nearly 70%. i can’t imagine what that means to people who are in retirement and their income includes this kind of payout. It’s got to be like a sledge hammer on the head.

  67. I believe flour can be stored in the freezer if properly wrapped to keep out moisture. I use gigantic pickle jars and gallon size zip loc bags- we have a cold mud room with cupboard space. I store all my baking goods out there.
    I know what you mean about bread- I used ot make it for school bake sales- always brought more than the plates of cookies- and that was quite some time ago.
    We have a small artisan bakery in town- they are getting 4 and 5 bucks a loaf! Not me- I can make the same for way less- though I don’t have a brick oven – yet. lol

  68. He must want to wear Goricals crown UW.

  69. Mom, i do have a big freezer. It’s full of all the things i warned everyone should stock up on before the hyper inflation hits. I’m going to try to freeze some flour and see what happens. I HAVE frozen dough though. I mean I must make the balls for bread and pop them in the freezer in balls. That works VERY well.

  70. Frozen dough is good. I am going to try and look up freezing flour- the trick to it will be to keep the moisture out. If I find anything I will post it.

  71. Here you go! Yup – you can freeze it- Some days I love the internets!
    ‘The freezer compartment can be used for long-term storage, but when using a sealed container or a freezer bag, make sure it is full to eliminate as much air as possible. Most types of flour can also be tightly wrapped for freezer storage, but wrapping is often an awkward method for storing large quantities. Wrap the flour tightly in plastic followed by a layer of aluminum foil. Avoid refrigerating or freezing flour in its original paper packaging because paper is porous and the flour may absorb moisture and odors, however if the flour has not been opened, the paper package can be stored in the refrigerator of freezer if the package is tightly wrapped with plastic.’–1039/flour-storage-guide.asp

  72. I figured you would have to wrap it in layers. I could use pressure wrap thing too and get all the air out. Right in the package. Good idea.

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