Gorey and Yummy Halloween Recipes

Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to try recipes that look freakish and taste delicious! (We hope!).

Last year we saw some interesting Halloween recipes from a site which is cleverly named Not Martha.

Who can forget the luscious Meat Hand Meatloaf? Didn’t you just….sputter…want to ….um….Dig In?

This year Not Martha and Instructable bring us yet more winning recipes, complete with step-by-step photos.

So come on!  Everybody has a bit of the kid in him or her!

You know you want to!

Tentacle Pot Pie recipe

Finger-Food recipe.

Mummy Dogs!


How about some Peanut Butter Eyeball Cookies, covered in White Chocolate? Recipe here

Yum, Flayed=Skin Cheeseball

Red Velvet Brain Cake coated in white chocolate. Recipe here


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  1. LOL! Now if I stll had little ones I just might make those Mummy Dogs and the Tentacle Pot Pie- cute! Years and years and years ago I made a recipe with hot dogs and cheese covered in biscuit dough and wrapped with bacon that my boys loved. It’s a wonder they aren’t HUGE what with all the potatoes and fat I fed them! ROFL- they are both STILL very fit- and love them their veggies.
    I might give the eyeball cookies a try- just for laughs!

  2. Um, I think I’ll pass. I don’t like my food looking like body parts – just me, but it gives me the shudders. I have to give the cooks points for creativity though.
    P.S. I would make some elaborate stuff for my kids over the years, but it was more along the lines of different country’s cuisines.

  3. LOL! I just can’t deal with Halloween food, Uppity. Something in my brain has no intention of eating anything that looks like an eyeball, even if it’s made of something delicious.

    The History channel did a good program on Halloween last night, all about the Great Depression and how people would go and vent their rage by pranking people, usually the more well off. It got pretty violent, they’d derail street cars, start fires, break windows. Eventually local governments, churches, and stores got together and tried to find a way to tame Halloween. They started having parties, parades, and created trick or treating, all designed to keep the people busy and having fun. Trick or treating wasn’t so much about candy, as it was about being able to go door to door and get something to eat so you weren’t so pissed off and likely to smash windows. It’s kind of clever the way this country came together to solve a horrendous problem and eventually created the Halloween we all know and love today.

  4. Thanks UW for putting the link to our Etsy store in your sidebar!

  5. I saw that DE! Your things are beautiful- wish I had even 10 bucks to spare!

    OT- anybody else having trouble getting Herlocaust page to load? I tried yesterday and today- cleared the cache, cookies, history etc- still can not get it to load.

  6. Thanks PMM, looks like we’re peas in a pod.

    I clicked on the Herlocaust link in UW’s blog roll and it loaded right up. Try another browser.

  7. I tried it in IE- still won’t load- it is not loading any of the graphics and the most recent post title I can see is from Oct 13- I know there are more recent posts than that. Must be something in my computer.

  8. That’s what I’m seeing too. Had not visited her site before.

  9. Ok- if you are seeing the same thing I am- no graphics and old posts- it isn’t my computer {wiping brow- phew} Oh well- I took the opportunity to run a complete scan and cleaner- never hurts lol
    Maybe when Uppity checks in she can use her powers to deduce the cause lol

  10. Joey’s in Indonesia isn’t she? If so, I do hope she’s okay and was far, far away from the latest disaster.

  11. Agreed HT- time for Joey to check in!

  12. OT
    For all the women who have had mamograms and will have them , I hope this new machine works and is put on the market soon.




  13. {sigh} why is it that our govt can not emulate the good things?

    Germany hopes to make forced marriage a crime
    Germany’s government on Wednesday proposed criminalizing forced marriage, a tradition that some Muslim immigrant families impose on their children, even ones who were raised in Germany’s more liberal society.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet agreed to a proposed law that would make forced marriage in Germany a crime that can be punished with up to five years in prison.

    The legislation still needs to pass parliament.

    NOOOO not here- why that would be discriminating against those we are not allowed to criticize.
    I like Merkel more and more!

  14. I think Joey is in Malaysia.

    and Uppity…I saw this post at 5:30 am and the HANDnearly made me spit out my first sip of coffee.

    Jeeze, girl. Ewwwwwww

  15. I’m a little more worried about Hillary going to Papua New Guinea – LOTS of big EQs there – especially lately.

  16. For those of you who don’t look at Drudge – go NOW – funny headline re: HRC


  17. FF, thanks for clarifying re Joey’s location. I couldn’t for the life of me remember – creeping senility.

    Oh, for the sake of honesty, that headline on Drudge is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what she does, CDS is riding the range again in full throttle.

  18. Having grown up with older brothers who would point out that cauliflower and spaghetti looked liked creepy body parts, I have never found most Halloween style delicacies palatable.

    However, I am with Mom on the Mummy dogs and the tentacle pot pies. They are cute.

    I read somewhere that Hillary will be returning to the USA right after Barky flees (or should I say fleas) to India on the heels of the elections.

  19. Here is something gory.

    I just wanted UW’s opinion on it and if you all had seen or heard anything about this.

    “Could the Black Panthers, Voter Fraud, and other illegal Obama 2008 actions be the BIG SCANDAL the “White House Insider” was talking about?

    “….. what Ulstermann is talking about, and why this “Big Scandal” could indeed be bigger than Watergate, as his “White House Insider” claimed. I still don’t think there really is a “White House Insider”, but I give Ulstermann props for seeing the bigger picture on this.

    Essentially, the scandal is the Justice Department under Eric Holder and the “Voting Rights acts don’t apply to white people” attitude the Department has taken in regards to the activities of the Black Panthers in 2008. This is the equivalent of someone discovering “plumbers” breaking into the Watergate complex in the Nixon White House. Holder personally ordered the prosecution of the black panthers quashed…on a direct order from “president” Obama.

    The reason this scandal is going to explode and be “bigger than Watergate” and could destroy the Democrats is because it ties directly into activities of the Obama campaign in 2008 — where a coordinated voter fraud and intimidation effort was run with ACORN, the SEIU, and the Black Panthers to elect Obama at all costs, using race as a weapon.”….


  20. Joey is def in Malaysia. I don’t think she likes Indonesia. FF, the Drudge hdlne was funny! Thanks!

  21. yttik, interesting story about Halloween. I think a lot of people still use it as an excuse for bad behavior though. Years ago, when I was in college, I worked at an alarm company (monitoring peoples alarms). I worked there for several years at night. I chose to work Christmas over Halloween becuz Halloween was such a hectic nite–alarms going off constantly, vandalism, crime. An annoying nite to work. I liked working the quiet peaceful nites so I could study.

  22. Buttered- We can only pray- especially with the reports piling up ALREADY of voting machine problems in NEV and SC (I think SC) Machines in NEV are checking Harry when the voters bring up the ballot, in the other case the machine is flipping straight party line R votes to D and I just heard they traced 25 absentee ballots to a vacant lot in CT. Top that off with the judge that says AZ is not allowed to ask for confirmation of citizenship when registering voters.
    Not surprised at all at all. ACORN is alive and well under some other name.

  23. My bad- it’s NC
    With early voting occurring in many states, stories of malfunctioning voting machines are beginning to come to light, raising suspicions of voter fraud. Local election officials are ascribing the incidents to technical faults or voter error.

    Some voting machines in Nevada are showing up with Senator Harry Reid’s name already checked.
    In North Carolina, an incident was reported in which a voter tried to vote a straight Republican ticket and instead the voting machine indicated that a straight Democratic ticket was voted.

    “Sam Laughinghouse of New Bern said he pushed the button to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked. He cleared the screen and tried again with the same result, he said. Then he asked for and received help from election staff.

    “‘They pushed it twice and the same thing happened,’ Laughinghouse said. ‘That was four times in a row. The fifth time they pushed it and the Republicans came up and I voted.'”

    Oh and then there was this sentence buried in the article–
    “The fact that the current president learned politics in the rough and tumble atmosphere of Chicago, a place known for ballot manipulation, does not exactly assuage suspicions.”

    “The Obama administration has shown a marked reluctance to prosecute voter intimidation when it benefits them. So one cannot guarantee there will not be any hanky panky at the polls on the part of public officials looking at forced retirement in the face.”

    My my my- can somebody get a screen shot- I am sure this is going to get cleaned up

  24. Oh nice, I just love electronic voting. A few lines of code in a nice loop and every third republican or democratic vote goes to the other party, depending on which party has the power at the time. Maybe six lines of code, basically –and any programmer could do it if they have access to the source code.

  25. Electronic Voting!


    Now let’s all do the Electronic Voting Slide.

  26. I see one machine in Nevada is voting for Harry Reid wheter the voter wants to or not.

  27. I can’t really help on this one Buttered. I am on who immediately smelled something wrong about “insider”. Insider only comes up with things everybody else already talked about. There were a couple of red flags the first time I read that ‘interview” and quite frankly I think the Interviewer and Interviewee are the same person, same cadence, same style. I wish I could find that link I had to a program that compares writing of two different pieces and can deduce if it’s the same person. I just call bullshit on the Insider thing and no longer read any of it. I think Insider is a Republican deliberately trying to incide disinfranchised Democrats.

  28. India is the perfect place for Obama. Maybe they can give him a cobra and a vase and a swammie hat and keep him there. He’s already experienced as a snake charmer.

  29. I find it ironic to say the least that the republicans are so worried about voter rights these days. In Florida against Gore they didn’t give a flying you know what about voter rights. They sat on the story about the caucus frauds until much, much later when it would help their candidates for it to come out when they had known all about it for well over a year beforehand.

    I am with you Uppity it’s posturing for their own gain and they would cheat voters again as quickly as they have done in the past. The shame of what happened in 2008 was that it was shocking to see democrats do that to other democrats. It was something the right wing machine was very well schooled in. Much like the Chicago Machine. But the democratic party was NOT the “Chicago Machine” before Obamacrats took that shameful practice and used it to their advantage.

    The prize for stomping all over voter rights for decades now goes right to the republicans so it’s a little nauseating to see them using that storyline these days as if they care about such things. Behind closed doors they are admiring of the tactics used against Hillary supporters and I’m not sure Rove wasn’t in on the planning of some of that with Brazile.

    The republicans are only concerned about voting rights when it might happen to THEM but, not when they are doing it. And they have been doing it for ages. They would do it again against Hillary if she ran. Don’t trust ANY r/w spin.

  30. You gotta beware when you see people working in tandem. You have Insider blowing Hillary’s horn, and you’ve got Rush all suddenly interested in Hillary’s “future”. You’ve got cutesey Drudgey stuff going on. Come on folks! These people want Hillary dead and suddenly they care about us and her? Seriously? Rush telling you to stay home for Hillary? Seriously? There is one goal here. To get you to support them so they can forget about you and fuck you royally once they get a full takeover. Just like before. Come on folks. Don’t fall of this tripe. You’re smarter than this.

  31. If Rush is supporting Hillary it’s to get her supporters to fall for some b.s. and IF she ever runs again those pawns they have used will be tossed aside. They would eat her alive and laugh all the while they were doing it. They WANT to get you to dislike her eventually when they run THEIR female candidates. That is why they have tried OH SO HARD to be concern trolls for feminism everywhere…it’s a back room meme and don’t think it wasn’t planned.

    I’ve seen a very carefully planned manipulation going on of formerly democratic female voters in particular for a long time now…like Uppity says….it was the right who tore Bill Clinton to shreds. The Obama campaign just picked up all the r/w meme’s and ran with them…they WILL do the same to Hillary and the real coup for them is if they can get us to go along. I ain’t falling for their vile ways.

  32. Why thank you Uppity! Too bad the politicians of both sides think we are pathetic, ignorant hicks.
    Yes- voting fraud has been going on for ages and ages- Tamany Hall? Ward Bosses? Yup- even before that.
    Rush Limbaugh? He said that? Gee if I had heard that it would have sent me flying to the polls. But then if Rush said the sky was blue I would have to step outside and verify the facts with my own two eyes.
    Nope- they don’t care about us- not the D’s, not the R’s, not the media or the big blogger boyz. We are on our own here and imo our best bet is to create a deadlock up there- so neither side of overgrown spoiled brats can do any more damage.

  33. The most interesting part to me of the link I posted at 4:44 was not that machines are rigged for the Dems- or even that machines are rigged. It was the open reference to Obama, Chicago, voter manipulation and the Justice Dept. That any press person would dare to write that made me stop and scratch my head. Because although we are well aware of it- there are millions of voters living under rocks who have no clue.

  34. Mom and Alice. Both very wise. Not that I’m surprised.

  35. Awww, thanks Uppity. Really it’s a life saver to know that you too see the HUGE manipulation of voters that has been attempted for the last two years plus. The ratf**king from the right against democrats seems SO well planned to me. From the getting liberals to believe Obama was one of them and I SWEAR they wanted him to win and helped every way they could. To the tearing apart of the left. I saw them laughing it up over at Red State during that primary about the voter fraud and how we were all at each others throats AND planning how to capitalize on it. That’s one reason I was VERY cautious with my “protest vote” and warned as many as I could back then there was going to be a slow infiltration AND a continuing exploitation of former dems.

    It’s so easy for them with Obamacrats in power now…what a MESS!! That’s why voices calling it out are so important right now. You’re NOT getting away with it like you think you are Rush and all your ilk.

  36. You just gave me an idea! I have to go to a Halloween party and couldn’t think of something different and yet scary to be on Halloween, something more adult…I’m going as Rush!! LOLOL!!!

  37. That should do it! LOLOL.

  38. Well I guess Kagen isn’t as far left as everyone imagined. She made the 5th vote in the Jeffrey Landrigan case and the dirtball has been euthanized.

  39. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
    Nothing is ever what it seems.

  40. Great post! The kitchen will be abuzz this weekend.

  41. Californians, take heed. Another big EQ in the Gulf of California.

  42. Has anyone seen Leslie lately? Was thinking about her with all the Chicago Ill-winds.

  43. I think someone should make a scary Halloween P*E and post the photo for imust…. a really, really scary one!

    And someone should take a picture of someone in a scary costume opening a fridge door, and you can say it’s Karen sneaking in to your fridge…. btw, where IS Karen? Maybe we should open the fridge door, maybe no one ever let her out!

  44. OMG.

    Posted in the comments at Big Pink:

    October 27th, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Oh Jesus i just watched Jay Leno talk to the clueless electorate who didnt even know the easy stuff..

    Heres some of the Q and A :

    How many Senators are there in congress : the answer he got….15

    Who’s the VP : the answer he got….Clinton

    Name a famous politician from Arkansas : the answer he got…. complete silence

    Whats a caucus : the answer he got ….is that a dirty word? and “its part of a womans back!

    How many senators are there per state : the answer he got….1

    Has there ever been a President from Arkansas….. again met with complete silence.

    I despair, i really do, where they find these people

  45. lorac, a scary refrigerator would be one that when you open the door, is empty.

    Right before dinner time.

  46. I despair, i really do, where they find these people

    …In front of you and behind you in line at the polling place on Election Day.

  47. So, Halloween is actually Nov. 2 when we’re surrounded by the uninformed voters!

  48. UW, yes, they walk amongst us…

  49. Lorac I would say they are the unclean from the heartland but Jay is in LA.

  50. lol towne and DE!

  51. OT:

    ProudMilitaryMom, on October 27, 2010 at 10:44 AM Said:

    “OT- anybody else having trouble getting Herlocaust page to load? I tried yesterday and today- cleared the cache, cookies, history etc- still can not get it to load.”

    PMM, you were probably caught in our switching to a different format to make things a little easier in accommodating readers as well as sponsor/supporters of upcoming events.

    The “magazine format” had too many glitches.

    “One of us” – that being me – missed a critical step and messed the place up, temporarily!

    I’m working on getting the furniture back in!

  52. Theherlocaust! Glad you stuck your head up to let me know-I will keep checking and hope to see you back up soon!

  53. UW, thank you for your insights.

    No doubt about it. The GOP have been trying to play the Dems since the primaries in 2008. Remember how they were encouraging cross-over voting in states with open primaries in 2008?

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