Update #7: Check your bank’s rating and list of closed banks to-date

Brace yourself.

This is the 7th Update of this post since early 2009.  In 2009, 140 banks were shuttered by the FDIC. To-date in 2010, 139 banks have been seized. I guess you could call that an improvement, but that it’s only November.

We have certainly come a long way since Penny Pritzker of Hyatt fame, the Mother of Subprime Lenders and  insolvent Failed Banks, first got the ball rolling. You remember Penny, don’t you? Barack’s Chicago friend and National Finance Chair of Barack’s election Campaign. Why Penny’s failed Superior Bank in Chicago folded long before the rush. Being first is such a badge. After his selection and subsequent election, Barack also offered her the position of head of the Department of Commerce. You can’t make this shit up. Wisely, she turned it down. I wonder if she finished paying off that $460,000,000 she owed the FDIC.

As you review the failed bank list below, I know you will find it hard to understand why the electorate punished Barack Obama in last week’s elections. After all, Happy Days Are Here Again!

But not to worry! Barack is on it!

He’s on it in India.

I know that these bank closings make me feel better about keeping my money in a bank and that reviewing them makes me feel as though we have turned the corner, and I know you feel the same way. Don’t let the fact that the FDIC is underfunded for what’s been happening bother your silly little head. Barack can always print more money just like he’s been doing right along. Why, the FED just printed up another $600 billion to pump into the economy. So what if it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on?  And don’t let the fact that printing money devalues the dollar regularly scare you either. I mean who cares if the dollar will eventually be worthless, right? Then we can go on that “world currency” George Soros is drooling over. Then the USA can just be one of the guys with all the other third world countries while unseen manipulators continue to spread our wealth around to other places as well as into their own pockets. I love when they do that, don’t you? Especially with countries that haven’t got a pot to piss in and hate our guts at the same time. Why, if we are good, we might even get a couple of goats too! 

I left the original post that appeared above the closed bank list intact because it contains some valuable information that has not changed. Please read it and use the links to check your bank’s ratings. Know that these ratings can change, so check your bank out periodically. Nothing is more endearing than to find out your bank is seized and you can’t access your checking account to pay your bills until some government yahoo says you can.


money-catRight now, we all feel like we don’t know what to do with cash if we have it.

Many of us have accounts with banks and worry about whether or not they are solvent. Even with the FDIC promise, I know many people still worry about how easily or quickly they would be able to get access to their own money if their bank were to have problems.

You should also know that if a large failing bank were to be Nationalized, the stockholders would take the hit, but the account holders would not. In other words, if you have an account in one of these banks, it will remain intact. Whether or not limits would be set on how and when money can be removed remains to be seen. It has happened with some of these banks that have failed in order to quell “Runs” on the money. So it would be a LOT easier to check your bank’s status now than to worry about it later. Of course, a bank’s rating can change as well, from bad to better or from good to not-so-good. So it’s best to check back every so often.

If you want to check your bank’s  current rating or your credit union’s rating, go to the Safe and Sound at Bankrate.com.

You can also check the ratings for all the banks in your city, state, region. For each bank, you can get a report that provides more details as to why the bank has a particular rating.

Here’s a list of bank closings for 2008 thru 2010. You can see 2007 and earlier closings list here. As you can see, this has been going on for awhile.  The publicity on these closings was practically non-existent in 2007, and fairly paltry in 2008. In fact if you click on that link, you will see that there were bank Closings all the way back to 2000, with Penny Pritzker’s Superior Bank as one of the early, avoid-the-rush  sub-prime lender seizures.

In some cases, the FDIC takes over the bank, but in many of the cases, accounts are just transferred to more solvent area banks, which makes for a smoother transition for customers.


Oct 22 – First Arizona Savings, A F.S.B., Scottsdale, AZ

Oct 22 – Hillcrest Bank, Overland Park, KS

Oct 22 – First Suburban National Bank, Maywood, IL

Oct 22 – The First National Bank of Barnesville, Barnesville, GA

Oct 22 – The Gordon Bank, Gordon, GA

Oct 22 – Progress Bank Of Florida, Tampa, FL

Oct 22 – First Bank Of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Oct 15 – Premier Bank, Jefferson City, MO

Oct 15 – WestBridge Bank and Trust Company, Chesterfield, MO

Oct 15 – Security Savings Bank, F.S.B., Olathe, KS

Oct 01 – Shoreline Bank, Shoreline, WA

Oct 01 – Wakulla Bank, Crawfordville, FL

Sep 24 – North County Bank, Arlington, WA

Sep 24 – Haven Trust Bank Florida, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Sep 17 – Maritime Savings Bank, West Allis, WI

Sep 17 – Bramble Savings Bank, Milford, OH

Sep 17 – The People’s Bank, Winder, GA

Sep 17 – First Commerce Community Bank, Douglasville, GA

Sep 17 – Bank of Ellijay, Ellijay, GA

Sep 17 – ISN Bank, Cherry Hill, NJ

Sep 10 – Horizon Bank, Bradenton, FL

(Note:  Our underfunded FDIC held a Moratorium on bank closings from Aug 21 thru September 9. I guess the FED had to print some money for them)

Aug 20 – Sonoma Valley Bank, Sonoma, CA

Aug 20 – Los Padres Bank, Solvang, CA

Aug 20 – Butte Community Bank, Chico, CA

Aug 20 – Pacific State Bank, Stockton, CA

Aug 20 – ShoreBank, Chicago, IL

Aug 20 – Imperial Savings and Loan Association, Martinsville, VA

Aug 20 – Independent National Bank, Ocala, FL

Aug 20 – Community National Bank at Bartow, Bartow, FL

Aug 13 – Palos Bank and Trust Company, Palos Heights, IL

Aug 06 – Ravenswood Bank, Chicago, IL

Jul 30 – LibertyBank, Eugene, OR

Jul 30 – The Cowlitz Bank, Longview, WA

Jul 30 – Coastal Community Bank, Panama City Beach, FL

Jul 30 – Bayside Savings Bank, Port Saint Joe, FL

Jul 30 – NorthWest Bank & Trust, Acworth, GA

Jul 23 – Home Valley Bank, Cave Junction, OR

Jul 23 – SouthwestUSA Bank, Las Vegas, NV

Jul 23 – Community Security Bank, New Prague, MN

Jul 23 – Thunder Bank, Sylvan Grove, KS

Jul 23 – Williamsburg First National Bank, Kingstree, SC

Jul 23 – Crescent Bank and Trust Company, Jasper, GA

Jul 23 – Sterling Bank, Lantana, FL

Jul 16 – Mainstreet Savings Bank, Hastings, MI

Jul 16 – Olde Cypress Community Bank, Clewiston, FL

Jul 16 – Turnberry Bank, Aventura, FL

Jul 16 – Metro Bank of Dade County, Miami, FL

Jul 16 – First National Bank of the South, Spartanburg, SC

Jul 16 – Woodlands Bank, Bluffton, SC

Jul 09 – Home National Bank, Blackwell, OK

Jul 09 – USA Bank, Port Chester, NY

Jul 09 – Ideal Federal Savings Bank, Baltimore, MD

Jul 09 – Bay National Bank, Baltimore, MD

Jun 25 – High Desert State Bank, Albuquerque, NM

Jun 25 – First National Bank, Savannah, GA

Jun 25 – Peninsula Bank, Englewood, FL

Jun 18 – Nevada Security Bank, Reno, NV

Jun 11 – Washington First International Bank, Seattle, WA

Jun 04 – TierOne Bank, Lincoln, NE

Jun 04 – Arcola Homestead Savings Bank, Arcola, IL

Jun 04 – First National Bank, Rosedale, MS

May 28 – Sun West Bank, Las Vegas, NV

May 28 – Granite Community Bank, N.A., Granite Bay, CA

May 28 – Bank of Florida – Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL

May 28 – Bank of Florida – Southwest, Naples, FL

May 28 – Bank of Florida – Southeast, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

May 21 – Pinehurst Bank, Saint Paul, MN

May 14 – Midwest Bank and Trust Company, Elmwood Park, IL

May 14 – Southwest Community Bank, Springfield, MO

May 14 – New Liberty Bank, Plymouth, MI

May 14 – Satilla Community Bank, Saint Marys, GA

May 07 – 1st Pacific Bank of California, San Diego, CA

May 07 – Towne Bank of Arizona, Mesa, AZ

May 07 – Access Bank, Champlin, MN

May 07 – The Bank of Bonifay, Bonifay, FL

Apr 30 – Frontier Bank, Everett, WA

Apr 30 – BC National Banks, Butler, MO

Apr 30 – Champion Bank, Creve Coeur, MO

Apr 30 – CF Bancorp, Port Huron, MI

Apr 30 – Westernbank Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR

Apr 30 – R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico, Hato Rey, PR

Apr 30 – Eurobank, San Juan, PR

Apr 23 – Wheatland Bank, Naperville, IL

Apr 23 – Peotone Bank and Trust Company, Peotone, IL

Apr 23 – Lincoln Park Savings Bank, Chicago, IL

Apr 23 – New Century Bank, Chicago, IL

Apr 23 – Citizens Bank and Trust Company Of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Apr 23 – Broadway Bank, Chicago, IL

Apr 23 – Amcore Bank, National Association, Rockford, IL

Apr 16 – City Bank, Lynnwood, WA

Apr 16 – Tamalpais Bank, San Rafael, CA

Apr 16 – Innovative Bank, Oakland, CA

Apr 16 – Butler Bank, Lowell, MA

Ape 16 – Riverside National Bank of Florida, Fort Pierce, FL

Apr 16 – AmericanFirst Bank, Clermont, FL

Apr 16 – First Federal Bank of North Florida, Palatka, FL

Apr 16 – Lakeside Community Bank, Sterling Heights, MI

Apr 9 – Beach First National Bank, Myrtle Beach, SC

Mar 26 – Desert Hills Bank, Phoenix, AZ

Mar 26 – Unity National Bank, Cartersville, GA

Mar 26 – Key West Bank, Key West, FL

Mar 26 – McIntosh Commercial Bank, Carrollton, GA

Mar 19 – State Bank of Aurora, Aurora, MN

Mar 19 – First Lowndes Bank, Fort Deposit, AL

Mar 19 – Bank of Hiawassee, Hiawassee, GA

Mar 19 – Appalachian Community Bank, Ellijay, GA

Mar 19 – Advanta Bank Corp., Draper, UT

Mar 19 – Century Security Bank, Duluth, GA

Mar 19 – American National Bank, Parma, OH

Mar 12 – Statewide Bank, Covington, LA

Mar 12 – Old Southern Bank, Orlando, FL

Mar 12 – The Park Avenue Bank, New York, NY

Mar 11 – Liberty Pointe Bank, New York, NY

Mar 5 – Centennial Bank, Ogden, UT

Mar 5 – Waterfield Bank, Germantown, MD

Mar 5 – Bank of Illinois, Normal IL

Mar 5 –  Sun American Bank, Boca Raton, FL

Feb 26 – Ranier Pacific Bank, Tacoma, WA

Feb 26 – Carson River Community Bank, Carson City, NV

Feb 19 – La Jolla Bank, FSB, La Jolla, CA

Feb 19 – George Washington Savings Bank, Orland Park, IL

Feb 19 – The La Coste National Bank, La Coste, TX

Feb 19 – Marco Community Bank, Marco Island, FL

Feb 05 – 1st American State Bank of Minnesota, Hancock, MN

Jan 29 – American Marine Bank, Bainbridge Island, WA

Jan 29 – First Regional Bank, Los Angeles, CA

Jan 29 – Community Bank & Trust, Cornelia, GA

Jan 29 – Marshall Bank, National Association, Hallock, MN

Jan 29 – Florida Community Bank, Immokalee, FL

Jan 29 – First National Bank of Georgia, Carrollton, GA

Jan 22 – Columbia River Bank, The Dalles, OR

Jan 22 – Evergreen Bank, Seattle, WA

Jan 22 – Charter Bank, Santa Fe, NM

Jan 22 – Bank of Leeton, Leeton, MO

Jan 22 – Premier American Bank, Miami, FL

Jan 15 – Barnes Banking Company, Kaysville, UT

Jan 15 – St. Stephen State Bank, St. Stephen, MN

Jan 15 – Town Community Bank and Trust, Antioch, IL

Jan 08 – Horizon Bank, Bellingham, WA


Dec 18 –First Federal Bank of California, F.S.B., Santa Monica, CA

Dec 18 – Imperial Capital Bank, La Jolla, CA

Dec 18 – Independent Bankers’ Bank, Springfield, IL

Dec 18 – New South Federal Savings Bank, Irondale, AL

Dec 18 – Citizens State Bank, New Baltimore, MI

Dec 18 – People’s First Community Banks, Panama City, FL

Dec 18 – RockBridge Commercial Bank, Atlanta, GA

Dec 11 – Solutions Bank, Overland Park, KS

Dec 11 –Valley Capital Bank, N.A., Mesa, AZ

Dec 11 – Republic Federal Bank, N.A., Miami, FL

Dec 04 – Greater Atlantic Bank, Reston, VA

Dec 04 – Benchmark Bank, Aurora, IL

Dec 04 – AmTrust Bank, Cleveland, OH

Dec 04 – The Tattnall Bank, Reidsville, GA

Dec 04 – First Security National Bank, Norcross, GA

Dec 04 – The Buckhead Community Bank, Atlanta, GA

Nov 20   Commerce Bank of Southwest Florida, Fort Myers, FL

Nov 13 – Pacific Coast National Bank, San Clemente, CA

Nov 13 – Orion Bank, Naples, FL

Nov 13 – Century Bank, F.S.B., Sarasota, FL

Nov 06 – United Commercial Bank, San Francisco, CA

Nov 06 – Gateway Bank of St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Nov 06 – Prosperan Bank, Oakdale, MN

Nov 06 – Home Federal Savings Bank, Detroit, MI

Nov 06 – United Security Bank, Sparta, GA

Oct 30- North Houston Bank, Houston, TX

Oct 30- Madisonville Bank, Madisonville,  TX

Oct 30- Citizens National Bank, Teague, TX

Oct 30- Park National Bank, Chicago, IL

Oct 30- Pacific National Bank, San Francisco, CA

Oct 30- California National Bank, Los Angeles, CA

Oct 30- San Diego National Bank, San Diego, CA

Oct 30- Community Bank of Lemont, Lemont, IL

Oct 30- Bank USA, N.A., Phoenix, AZ

Oct 23- First DuPage Bank, Westmont, IL

Oct 23- Riverview Community Bank, Otsego, MN

Oct 23- Bank of Elmwood, Racine, WI

Oct 23- Flagship National Bank, Bradenton, FL

Oct 23- Hillcrest Bank Florida, Naples, FL

Oct 23- American United Bank, Lawrenceville, GA

Oct 23- Partners Bank, Naples, FL

Oct 16- San Joaquin Bank, Bakersfield,  CA

Oct 02- Southern Colorado Bank, Pueblo, CO

Oct 02- Jennings State Bank, Spring Grove, MN

Oct 02- Warren Bank, Warren, MI

Sept 25- Georgian Bank, Atlanta, GA

Sept 18- Irwin Union Bank F.S.B.,  Louisville, KY

Sept 18- Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company, Columbus, IN

Sept 11- Venture Bank, Lacey, WA

Sept 11- Brickwell  Community Bank, Woodbury, MN

Sept 11- Corus Bank,  N.A., Chicago, IL

Sept 04- First State Bank, Flagstaff, AZ

Sept 04- Platinum Community Bank, Rolling Meadows, IL

Sept 04- Vantus Bank, Sioux City, IA

Sept 04- InBank, Oak Forest, IL

Sept 04-  First Bank of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

Aug 28- Affinity Bank, Ventura, CA

Aug 28- Mainstreet Bank, Forest Lake, MN

Aug 28- Bradford Bank, Baltimore, MD

Aug 21- Guaranty Bank, Austin, TX

Aug 21- CapitalSouth Bank, Birmingham, AL

Aug 21- First Coweta Bank, Newnan, GA

Aug 21- ebank, Atlanta, GA

Aug 14- Community Bank of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Aug 14- Community Bank of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

Aug 14- Union Bank, National Association, Gilbert, AZ

Aug 14- Colonial Bank, Montgomery, AL

Aug 14 –Dwelling House Savings and  Loan, Pittsburgh, PA

Aug 07 –Community First Bank, Prineville, OR

Aug 07 –Community National Bank of Sarasota County, Venice, FL

Aug 07 –First State Bank, Sarasota, FL

July 31 –Mutual Bank, Harvey, IL

July 31 –First BankAmericano, Elizabeth, NJ

July 31 –Peoples Community Bank, West Chester, OH

July 31 –Integrity Bank, Jupiter, FL

July 31 – First State Bank of Altus, Altus, OK

July 24 –Security Bank of Jones County-Gray,GA

July 24 –Security Bank of Houston County, Perry, GA

July 24 –Security Bank of Bibb County- Macon, GA

July 24 –Security Bank of North Metro- Woodstock, GA

July 24 – Security Bank of North Fulton-Alpharetta, GA

July 24 – Security Bank of Gwinnet County-Suwanee,GA

July 24 – Waterford Village Bank-Williamsville,NY

July 17 – Temecula Valley Bank-Temacula,CA

July 17 – Vineyard Bank, National Association-Rancho Cucamonga,CA

July 17 – BANKFIRST-Sioux  Falls,SD

July 17 – First  Piedmont Bank-Winder,GA

July 10 – Bank of Wyoming-Thermopolis,WY

July 02 – Founders Bank-Worth,IL

July 02 –  Millenium State Bank of Texas-Dallas,TX

July 02 – First National Bank of Danville-Danville,  IL

July 02 – Elizabeth State Bank-Elizabeth, IL

July 02 – Rock River Bank-Oregon, IL

July 02 – First State Bank of Winchester-Winchester, IL

July 02 – The John Warner Bank-Clinton, IL

June 26 – Mirae Bank-Los Angeles, CA

June 26 – MetroPacific Bank-Irvine, CA

June 26 – Horizon Bank-Pine City, MN

June 26 – Neighborhood Community Bank, Newnan, GA

June 26 – Community Bank of West Georgia-Villa Rica, GA

June 19 – First National Bank of Anthony-Anthony, KS

June 19 – Cooperative Bank-Wilminton, NC

June 19 – Southern Community Bank-Fayetteville, GA

June 05 –  Bank of Lincolnwood-Lincolnwood, Il

May 22-  Citizens National  Bank-Macomb, IL *

May 22-  Strategic Capital Bank-Champaign, IL *

May 21-  Bank United, FSB-Coral Gables, FL *

May 08- Westsound Bank-Bremerton, WA *

May 01- American West Bank-Layton, UT

May 01- Citizens Community Bank-Ridgewood, NJ

May 01- Silverton Bank, N.A.-Atlanta, GA

Apr 24- First Bank of Idaho-Ketchum, ID

Apr 24- First Bank of Beverly Hills-Calabasas, CA

Apr 24- Michigan Heritage Bank-Farmington Hills, MI

Apr 24- American Southern Bank-Kennesaw,GA

Apr 17-  Great Basin Bank of Nevada-Elko, NV

Apr 17- American Sterling Bank-Sugar Creek, MO

Apr 10- New Frontier Bank, Greeley, CO

Apr 10- Cape Fear Bank-Wilminton, NC

Mar 27- Omni National Bank-Atlanta, GA

Mar 20- Team Bank N.A.-Paola, KS

Mar 20-  Colorado National Bank-Colorado Springs, CO

Mar 20-  First City Bank-Stockbridge, GA

Mar 06- Freedom Bank of Georgia-Commerce, GA

Feb 27- Security Savings Bank-Henderson, NV

Feb 27- Heritage Community Bank-Glenwood, Ill

Feb 13 – Pinnacle Bank of Oregon-Beaverton, OR

Feb13-   Cornbelt Bank and Trust Co. – Pittsfield, Ill

Feb 13-  Riverside Bank of Gulf Coast – Cape Coral, FLA

Feb 13 – Sherman County Bank- Loup City, NEB

Feb 6 –   County Bank – Merced, CA

Feb 6 –   Alliance Bank-Culver City CA

Feb 6 –   FirstBank Financial Services -McDonough, GA

Jan 30 –Ocala National Bank – Ocala, FLA

Jan 30 – Suburban Federal Savings Bank – Crofton, MD

Jan 30 – Magnet Bank – Salt Lake City, UT

Jan 23 – First Centennial Bank – Redlands, CA

Jan 16 – Bank Of Clark County – Vancouver, WA

Jan 16 – National Bank of Commerce – Berkeley, ILL


Dec 12 –  Sanderson State  Bank – Sanderson, TX

Dec 12 –  Haven Trust Bank – Duluth, GA

Dec 5       First Georgia Community Bank – Jackson, GA

Nov 21 – PFF Bank and Trust – Pomona, CA

Nov 21 – Downey Savings and Loan Association, F.A – Newport Beach, CA

Nov 21 – Community Bank- Loganville, GA

Nov 7 –   Security Pacific Bank, Los Angeles, CA

Nov 7 –   Franklin Bank, SSB – Houston, TX

Oct 31 –   Freedom Bank- Bradenton, FLA

Oct 24 –   Alpha Bank and Trust – Alpharetta, GA

Oct 10 –   Meridian Bank-Eldred, ILL

Oct 10 –   Main Street Bank – Northville, MI

Sept 25 –  Washington Mutual Bank-Henderson, NV and Park City, UT

Sept 19 –  Ameribank-Northfork, WV

Sept 5 –    Silver State Bank-Henderson, NV

Aug 29 –  Integrity Bank-Alpharetta, GA

Aug 22 –  Columbia Bank and Trust-Topeka, KAN

Aug 1 –     First Priority Bank-Bradenton, FLA

Jul  25 –   First Heritage Bank, N.A-Newport Beach, CA

Jul 25 –    First National Bank of Nevada-Reno, NV

Jul 11 –    IndyMac Bank – Pasadena, CA

May 30 – First Integrity Bank, NA-Naples, FLA

May 9  –  ANB  Financial, NA, Bentonville, AZ

Mar 2 –   Hume Bank-Hume, MO

Jan 25 – Douglass National Bank-Kansas City, MO


133 Responses

  1. November 21, 2008–PFF (Pomona First Federal)…my Grandma has/had money in that bank. I’m on the phone with her to make sure she’s aware of this.

    Thanks Uppity. Holy Cannoli. I recognize several of these banks. Downey Savings and Loan (also Nov 21) has been in several bouts of trouble.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. I take BankRate’s ratings with a grain of salt. They can change dramatically very fast. They are still giving GMAC 4 stars. Look specifically at Asset quality, % of nonperforming assets and reserves to cover those. Don’t pay so much attention to the number of stars.

  3. Yes the ratings do change, as I mentioned. You have to check at least monthly, but I think it’s worth it. The reason they change is they are perpetually monitored. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. I have been checking quarterly, figuring that’s when things can change.

  4. lr, I think the pomona accounts were simply transferred to another more solvent bank. Your grandmother would not have lost her money.

  5. I’m not sure that’s entirely correct about deposits being safe, Uppity.

    Someone who has cash on deposit has a greater claim than a shareholder of the same bank, but a bank’s bond holder has essentially loaned money to the financial institution. If a bank were to go belly up, the bondholders get paid first.

    Several months ago, there was a run on Washington Mutual. People withdrew their money from their accounts, leaving the bondholders high and dry.

    FDIC is there to protect, but it was underfunded even before they talked about increasing the limits from $100,000 to larger amounts. It may not be in as weak condition as the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, but I wouldn’t believe that FDIC can deliver on its promise. I believe that FDIC intends to make good, but you know how math skills are these days. :p

  6. Liberty, the FDIC was underfunded even BEFORE this economic disaster hit. That’s why people’s mattresses are getting a lot thicker these days. They DID increase the limit to $250k. But like I said in an earlier post, it’s just a government promise. They will just print more money to make good on it. Of course we will need fifty bucks to buy a loaf of bread when they are down tanking the dollar.

  7. I totally agree Uppity.

    The scarier situation are the pensions that are underfunded and underinsured. Some were in better shape than others before the meltdown.

    But if it were me, I would take a cash payout of the accrual to date and roll it over into an IRA. Pensions are just trouble waiting to happen. All it takes is one person to raid it.

    Just ask the Boston Teachers’ Union. Their pension gets raided a lot.

  8. How convenient that all these banks are flopping away in the background, and the govt doesn’t say much. Until, a whole bunch start going down the tube.

  9. Grandma checked out of PFF a few years back, thankfully. She has some $$ in a few others that are not doing so well, however. Talked to her this AM, and she’s given it all over to my aunt. Good move. My aunt is a pitbull, and will guard it well.

    I did check my little local bank I do business with, and they’re currently at 4 stars. I’m okay with that.

  10. Uppity, thanks for this. Appreciate this info & the links.

  11. UW,

    Since my brain refuses to cope with any more of this intentionally wrought horror, I’ll just say how adorable the kitty picture and caption are.

  12. Thanks Uppity. I think the sky is falling. Soon. Or somethin’. Yikes.

  13. Uppity – another great site that has been tracking the mortgage implosion since late 2007. This guy “Mr. Mortgage” is also on youtube. He has been ahead of this shit storm for quite some time and I used to follow him quite regularly. He has been harping on the next thing coming which is loan modification programs (and why they suck like subprime) and the coming ATL-A and commercial foreclosure crisis that hasn’t really hit yet. He can be found here:

    Now – he used to be free and send email newletters by free subscription for his articles. He may be going in another direction, but for now – you can still see stuff there. FYI your pal, me

  14. PS – Here is what Maxine Waters has in store for us next – here is an excerpt……..

    Someone wants badly to sell a home. FHA has subsidized programs to help home buyers. The “problem” is that even with FHA’s programs, a 3.5% down payment is still required (to show committment on the part of the buyer). Sellers realize if they could cut the downpayment to zero, they can make home buyers out of virtually anyone, and hence unload homes easier. Intermediaries like Realtors, as well as home builders, realize this would have the potential to increase their sales and transactions. Even some in Congress are in on the scheme, as they can appear to provide constituents with “free homes”. After all, home ownership is a right, isn’t it??

    Enter SFDPA. “seller-funded downpayment assistance”

    Third party, private companies have established programs that allow sellers to cover the downpayment FOR the borrowers, by promising to repay the money after the sale. While initially the downpayment is covered by the SFDPA company, the seller’s money is then channeled through one or more entities which have a nonprofit or otherwise “exempt” status (like an Indian tribe) to repay them. The buyer has already presented the LENT money to the FHA as if it were their own, covering the required downpayment. Effectively, the seller has paid the buyer’s downpayment, with the FHA being none the wiser.

    The FHA has no reliable way of knowing which loans were made this way. (Sound familiar??????? It should – if a buyer doesn’t have the 3.5 – 20% down should they own? If they just “state” income that they don’t make – should they have a home? Same old garbage played a whole new way…. home ownership for those who can afford it is going to collapse and the government will get want they truly want – us all as serfs without property).

  15. One last thing – notice – since the seller pays the down payment – the home price is inflated to cover said down payment – guess what you have then – another home owner UPSIDE DOWN with negative equity and no savings in times of trouble. New shell game coming to a neighborhood near you…

  16. This is a great public service keeping this info out there for all to see.

  17. Wow. Went to my bank today and they were pushing the “Tell a Friend” thing and win a free vacation. Now I check their health, and I’m pretty sure they are about to die soon. Oh well.

  18. xax, get out of that bank if they have less than three stars.

  19. FDIC is underfunded folks. Stay on your toes about your bank. It’s not like we haven’t already been screwed in other ways. FDIC is a government promise, kind of like social security, if you get my drift.

  20. Thanks UW. Once again,I’m sending the link to friends and family.

  21. You’re welcome Cash.

  22. It looks like 69 banks have closed: 26 in 2008; 43 in 2009. Of those 2009 closures, 24 occurred in July and 3 so far in August.

    This means just under 40% of all bank closures have occurred in the past six weeks.

    But I know the economy is getting because obama told me so . Would oilsoc lie to me?

  23. […] also noted five more bank failures. You can see a list of all bank closings in my ever-updated post here. Looks like I have to update once again. I know that makes everybody feel confident, right? Bank […]

  24. getting out the shovel and the mason jar..

  25. Those soft mattresses across America will start getting firmer and firmer…

  26. earlier this AM on Fox news some disgruntled AIG azwipe was whining that the taxpayers deserve to be stuck with somehing like a trillion $ bailout. huh? I thought, I bet Uppity would have some choice words for that pissant clown

  27. Dakinkat over at TC has an interesting but depressing post up right now if you haven’t seen it:

  28. I puts my money in and go right out and pay the bills- no cushion- not like I have a cushion anymore anyway LOL

  29. FDIC has taken a loss for the last two quarters, and Elizabeth Warren has already warned that 3000 small community banks are at risk due to the commercial real estate bubble that has yet to fully burst.

    We are in deep, deep trouble. And what do we get out of DC and from the CSNBC folks: happy talk.

    But . . . I find it interesting that the major economists are changing their tune, warning of Doomsday. These are the same experts who never saw the tsunami coming. Which means the bad news is truly God awful.

    Buckle your seat belts!




    O/T can someone tell me what is going on with this? I am a member of Trip Advisor. I got a coupon from them as I have got many times before so I clicked the link as it was for forty percent off a room at a place I’ve stayed in Florida before. Here is what happened when I clicked the link.

    “You are being linked to a U.S. based website.
    Any information you provide at this website will be maintained in accordance with U.S. law. ”


  31. Wow alice- that sounds suspicious- hope Uppity can answer your question.

    Uppity- I enjoyed yesterday’s posts- while drifting in and out of my post procedure loopiness. Hillary as POTUS! And O being knocked off by a coconut! We can dream!

    So pretty soon will we be moving our worthless dollars to a jar buried under the tree out back?
    Me? I am going to keep on stocking up on the things that matter- flour, beans, rice, corn meal, non genetically modified seeds. Keeping an eye out for more chickens come spring. We need to get some old fashioned hens that have not had the broodiness bred out of them.
    That pretty shiny yellow stuff is hard to eat. (Though it just occurred to me that the jewelry that sits in the box unworn is probably worth a lot more than it was when I received it- hmmm.)

  32. I’m dying here- I just caught this at John Smart’s – A district in CA elected a dead woman! ROFLMAO!

  33. Ten bucks she had a (D) behind her name.

  34. D’oh…Grandpa is gonna be pissed.

    WASHINGTON – AARP’s endorsement helped secure passage of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. Now the seniors’ lobby is telling its employees their insurance costs will rise partly as a result of the law.

    In an e-mail to employees, AARP says health care premiums will increase by 8 percent to 13 percent next year because of rapidly rising medical costs.

    And AARP adds that it’s changing copayments and deductibles to avoid a 40 percent tax on high-cost health plans that takes effect in 2018 under the law. Aerospace giant Boeing also has cited the tax in asking its workers to pay more. Shifting costs to employees lowers the value of a health care plan and acts like an escape hatch from the tax.

  35. Time to tell the UN to F-Off,

    U.N. Human Rights Council to Take Aim at New Target: United States

    When the United Nations Human Rights Council, a conclave of 47 nations that includes such notorious human rights violators as China, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia, meets in Geneva on Friday, its attentions will be focused on the human rights failings of a country called the United States.

    It will hear, among other things, that the U.S. discriminates against Muslims, that its police are barbaric and that it has been holding political prisoners behind bars for years.

    Those allegations, and many more, will come from Americans themselves — especially from a stridently critical network of U.S. organizations whose input dominates the U.N. digest of submissions from “civil society” that are part of the council’s background reading.

  36. Yup DE- she had a “D”- dead, Dem- it’s all the same isn’t it?

    And as for the UN and those allegations coming from AMERICANS! They are more than welcome to go live in Cuba, Libya, China, Saudi Arabia etc. Surely they will be welcomed and find the police there much less “barbaric?”

  37. The UN goatfuckers are just upset that thier beloved got spanked on Tuesday. I actually love when they do stuff like this. Because nobody here gives a shit what they think, since they are busy worrying about a country that doesn’t shoot women in the head, bury them up to their necks and stone them, or rape or marry little children. Most of the Gitmo people are Their Own and that makes fewer raped girls with them under lock and key. They are quckly becoming the laughing stock of America so let them continue. Besides, they have to gear up for Barack’s re-election because the Race Card stopped working for him. Like you said, if the Americans on that squad, paid for no doubt by the US, don’t like the USA, they have some great options more to their liking. When a bunch of yahoos start joining in on US State lawsuits, they have gone too far. but that’s okay too, because it’s a stark reminder of why we must NEVER llet “International Law” filthy up our democracy.

  38. Oh yea DE, Barack’s fake health care reform is really popular among seniors who got their medicare premiums jacked up and no COLA increase for two years. He’s really popular with seniors now. Short of signing an executive order to bar them from voting, Barack Obama has managed to alienate the largest voting demographic in the country. He’s brilliant, all right. I don’t know ONE senior who can stand to hear his name, republican or democrat.

  39. I have no idea what it means Alice. Could mean confidentiality laws. Could mean subpoena law. Could mean any damned thing. They don’t specifiy WHICH law.

  40. They did not actually re-elect her she died right before elections and the ballots were all already printed. There was a story about her before this and said it would happen. I guess they had a back up plan like her husband takes the office or something like that lol. She was the one that pushed the laws you can not smoke in your home or care if there are minors in it.

  41. Ironically, millions of people who smoke in their homes are still alive and she is not.

  42. Oh Lord, go to India already and get the hell off the TV.

    He just announced the Good News that 150,000 jobs were added and more than a million jobs were added in ten months. He skipped the 4 million that were lost. And I think he forgot the unemployment number because he didn’t mention that it hasn’t budged. He also didn’t mention how many added jobs were public sector and he also didn’t seem to have time to mention that when you lose a good job and replace it with two shitty part time jobs, that’s counted as two wonderful jobs added. Eventually if everybody gets two part time job, why the Jobs Added number will be sky high. You want fries with that?

  43. Internet spying law no doubt. I expect to see that type of thing really, really ramped up going from here into 2012. All so Barack can control his “messaging” Some of us saw the beginnings of that type of thing in 2008.

    I am pulling all my money out of banks and going with my local credit union instead. I’ve been thinking of doing it for some time. The credit union here is doing really well, is entirely local and seems intent on helping out local business and home owners and investors in a FAIR manner. Our banks HATE the credit unions like this one. I’ve checked the numbers and not all local credit unions are created equal but, some are a good option. Now if we can keep the Mr. Potters hands out of this one I’m about to deal with things should at least stay above water for now.

    I lost EVERYTHING I had saved already and I’m not a spring chicken. I’ve got about fifteen working years left IF I stay healthy which is not looking too optimistic.

    This bank b.s. has left a lot of people who are in the 49 to 64 age bracket totally screwed. If you lose your savings and your job in that age bracket you are going to be driving a cab or working as a Wal mart greeter till you kick the bucket IF you are lucky enough to be able to work. There’s not enough time to build back up all that savings. AND NOW boyz and girls watch the Cat Food Commission cut your social security, raise the retirement age AND take away the increases on it.

    This banking talk and looking at the long term picture makes me wish I’d NEVER sold my hobby farm, it was cheap as hell to live there, I could grow my own food and the only big expense was having to have a car…lol..which was a nineteen seventy six pick up truck with a modified back end so I could haul stuff..

    The American dream is dead for at least another generation. But those of us who already paid and paid into the system are screwed too.

  44. Well if everybody has to work two crappy minimum wage jobs they will be too busy and tired to follow the latest DC outrages. Not to mention the time spent in line at the food pantry or soup kitchen.

  45. No kidding mom. And isn’t that just some “accident” *snark* so sad that when people could have stopped some of this we didn’t. And I will fess up I didn’t REALLY start paying attention to what Wall Street and the corps were about to do to the middle class until about five years ago. They’ve been at this for a lot longer than that.

  46. Alice- we are in much the same boat- lost huge on the 401k- which IF it comes back will be grabbed by the gov. I just can not convince hubby that he should empty what little is left and stash it in the credit union in an IRA. We be running out of time. He hit 60 last August and can transfer the little bit now.
    We are hanging on to our ten acres – barely- but hanging. We grow lots of veg and have the chickens for eggs. Seriously wish we had a few hundred to buy a couple of sheep and a “friend” for the goat.

  47. Too true Alice- I did not pay enough attention either. Too busy working 60 to 70 hours a week at the paying job along with my share of the parenting and housework. Paying for it now.

  48. I know MOM!! I cannot convince the S/O to get OUT of our 401 either and we don’t have that much left in there!! They emptied it once and we built back a little bit but, even that will be gone if we do not get out. Yes there is a penalty for us but, that money needs to be put elsewhere. Some place safer. We’re screwed anyway but, at least we can have more direct control. And yes, we take a tax hit when it comes out no matter when that is.

    I think those at the tail end of the baby boom are being screwed here more than anyone else and it’s not being done as some accident.

    My health isn’t what it once was when I grew ALL my own food but, I went back to growing as much as I could this last summer. I have a freezer…thank GOD I learned a lot from my depression era grandparents about how to take care of myself and do without. That’s what we are all going to have to do…the rich won’t suffer.

  49. I’m in the same boat with my 401k and I’m leaving it there. These things go in cycles. A lot depends on what you’re invested in though. If it’s a mutual fund thing, I wouldn’t trust them. Between bush and Obama, I’ve lost 70%, including dividends. Getting out is not just a matter of what you’ve already lost but how little the dollars that are left are worth in purchasing power.

  50. The disgusting part is they want the younger people to privatize social security and these stupid children think that’s a good idea. That way, Wall Street can stick it up their asses when it’s time for them to retire in a large block, just like they did to today’s seniors with their retirement investments. This is a bad idea and you know what? Screw these pissants, I don’t care if they want to be stupid. It won’t hurt me. I’m sick of trying to knock sense into brainless heads.

  51. Well we have about six years before hubby can retire- though the stubborn man is trying to convince himself he can go to 70. But according to the 401k rules at his job- at 60 1/2 he can move the money. And my understanding is there is no tax penalty if it is rolled over to an IRA. Which I think will be a lot safer at his credit union.
    He hates computers so I can’t talk him to logging on and re-allocating to a less risky mix. Though it should have automatically re-allocated when he hit 60.
    Good thing he knows how to hunt is all I can say. And he is the KING of using and repairing something until it disintegrates of antiquity. And he is handy with most basic repairs around the house- except the roof and gutters- not a ladder or roof kind of guy. I think it’s because he grew up in FL- he can’t walk on a slope lol

  52. The hilarious part is Uppity that there was ANOTHER big baby boom in the middle and tail end of the eighties. lol…can they cut their noses off to spite their faces any more than they already are!! I saw on DU * I know!* their stellar analysis about how they lost women’s votes and it went like this. “Women didn’t vote democrat! oh noes~! how can we get them back!”

    “They must be against every social program then, therefore they are racist and old and will die soon so don’t worry about them.” I shit you not. That was their enlightened analysis. No talk of the economy. No talk of the Cat food commission. No talk of those same women having their voting rights screwed over.

    I am surprised their brain can function well enough for them to remember to BREATHE.

    I have told my son and he has done it, to start saving right now. yes, he’s in school and yes he has to work all summer and every holiday and part time while in school and yes it’s expensive to go to school. Cuz guess who cannot afford to help him pay for too much…but, has been informed to start saving NOW. Even if he has to drop out of school…put your damn money into something solid and become a plumber or something practical if you need to. The days of mom and dad being able to help and him being able to count on a higher education and a 401 k to save his ass are OVER. In fact he just put MINT on his computer to start saving and budgeting yesterday. lol..I am being a hard ass with him but, if he wants to EVER retire then he knows he’s on his own. Be independent and take care of your money starting now. Hell he started saving in high school cuz I’ve been drumming it into his brain for years.

    MANY of these young people just are not getting it at all. They think when we all die then their troubles are over??? LMAO!!!!!

    The best thing parents can do with this generation is teach them depression era skills. Get them into reality and out of the “I am owed this” mentality so many of them seem to think is their due.

    Let them cut social security… most of their survival skills are SO minimal. And seniors vote kiddos…so guess who isn’t going to be voting for those programs that help you and hurt seniors..JUST like this last election. They are totally inept dumbasses. If they had a lick of sense they’d stop this “let’s dump on the older women” mentality. it’s the older women who’ve had their back for the last forty years…not anymore kool aide drinkers.

  53. Alice, ironically, their cavalier attitude about Eh They’ll all be dead soon, includes their own parents. The irony comes in that they would all be living under the tracks without their parents, since they live off of them well past their own supposed adulthood. You don’t get any dumber than that: Wish your own supporters dead. Frankly, I am done with them and would love to live long enough to watch them all live under the tracks yelling for their dead mommies and daddies to bail them out again. To your point, i think the BEST thing parents of these leeches can do is throw them the hell out of the house permanently and stop bailing their stupid decisions out.

  54. Alice, what is MINT?

  55. You said it. I have never, ever thought that parents should bail out their kiddos except in cases of illness or something but, when they make mistakes let them fall on their faces and learn how to deal on their own. Especially when it comes to MONEY!

    What is astounding to me is that anyone ever thought Obama was going to fix or otherwise “change” anything much less anything to do with the big bankers who put him in there. They bailed out the banks….then the banks turned around and kept that money working for their own interests…they gave them SO much money that they could have given every man, woman and child in the United States a million dollars. But the rest of us can go down in flames and it’s now a big “need” to cut social security??

  56. Speaking of wimminz, women supported democrats in 2010 at an ALL TIME LOW. They left. So much for that “Where else are they gonna go” attitude. We’ve also screwed up the “registered democrat” numbers. I’m a registered democrat for spite now. Every person like me who has kept their registration is a false sense of security for these pigs. Count us up and Count us Out.

  57. LOL Uppity- hubby and I keep our “d” as well. Can’t vote in the primary here without a letter. So count two more registered for spite!
    I can already see 2012 from my house!

  58. Good God PMM that campaign already. I was hoping for at least a week off before 12 started.

  59. GAWD, I just had one of those Truth Tract-waving, plastic-faced, glassy-eyed bible thumping rapture people ring the doorbell. I thought my dog was going to go thru the storm door. What the hell is wrong with these people? They’re like Fuller Brush people or something. Whomever he was, he wasn’t a JW. My dog dispatched them several years ago and they never returned….If I had known getting this dog would have gotten rid of them, I would have done it much sooner. This jerk almost got what he deserved. There is a clear sign on the door that says Solicitors would do well not to ring. My dog can smell a solicitor at 100 paces. She tries to go thru the front window when she sees them. She knows I hate them. But even if there were no dog, I simply canNOT abide why people do this. Nobody wants some yahoo at the door telling them “The Truth” as they see it. Like this moron has a lock on the Truth and nobody knew Truth till he showed up. Religion is a personal thing. Stay the hell out of everybody’s personal thing! It’s as if they imagine nobody has religion unless it’s theirs. It’s smarmy and really offensive. I can tell them The Truth. The Truth is, nobody wants them at their door.

  60. LOL DE- No rest for the wicked. That campaign actually started in 08.

  61. Well Uppity- much as the dog keeps them away here- the real trick is the rooster! Even the meter readers are afraid of him. We have gotten quite a few “unable to read your meter, please call it in” notices.
    SOOO- when they try to install the “smart meter” we are being forced to pay for- even though I do not want one- I am going to ignore them. Let them try!

  62. Yeah the “smart meters” are the wave of the future, or they were, before nancy went down. The idea here was to monitor usage during different times, so that when they ration it, they can cut you off if you use too much power that you PAY for.

    A rooster. Now that would scare the crap out of me. The thing with my dog is she doesn’t bark when something she hates is behind the front door. She just waits till I open the inner door and then snarls thru the storm door. She knows i can peek before I open it so she sees no reason to fuss unless after I open it, she’s put out at what’s there. To be honest, I opened it this time on purpose, because I knew he was going to get a surprise to remember. She does bark if somebody is hanging out on or near the property, though. Including at every freaking squirrel, possum and stray anything. She DEFINITELY doesn’t like people walking onto the property toward the back of the house, but at the front door, she’s pretty silent and just sits there waiting. I suspect she already knows if she’s going to like what she sees. I don’t know how dogs know these things, but they do. It’s amazing, really. I mean how does she know the difference between the UPS guy and the FED EX guy. She loves UPS and hates FED EX. You go figure that one out. She LOVED the mail carrier we had, a great woman who ccouldn’t help but stop and talk to her. She was forever fussing over my dog and of course, the dog loved it. Then they switched mail carriers. I knew this because I kept seeing mail with “large dog” scribbled on it, and it held up the mail for a day or so. Now this would mean the inner front door was open and he saw her, which I do often because I know nobody’s getting past the outer door unless they are pre-approved. So the new mail carrier wouldn’t even walk close enough to the door to put the mail in the box because she was looking at him. lol. I finally caught the guy and just told him to meet my dog and everything would be fine, and he did. So now, he’s not afraid of her and she gets it that he comes every day to drop paper she can rip up into the box.

  63. AIG posts 2.4 billion loss in Q3. So much for wasting our time bailing this loser out.

  64. Funny how the banks listed in my state are all obscure, one-building banks. Hmmmm.

    I’m still of the opinion that Tom Clancy’s fictional method of cleaning out Capitol Hill isn’t really such a bad idea. Start over. It’s so hopelessly screwed up – WH, Congress, everything. Bah.

    (((btw, Uppity, there’s another “Allie” posting in your comments… I will always have the blog – beggarsridinghorses – attached to me. If I need to amend the name I post under here, let me know.)))

  65. No, Allie, as far as I can see, you were first with your name, so I will ask the second Allie to modify.

    NES, get back on the rock.

  66. Funny, considering the scary topic of this post, I’m kind of surprised nobody is talking about it. This could be YOUR bank next.

  67. Too late. I’m out from under and running like hell. 😀 There are some scary people under rocks these days.

    Like she loves me like a rock
    She rocks me like the rock of ages
    And loves me
    She love me, love me, love me, love me

  68. Upps, we’re all cowering under our mattresses.

    I thought Allie was pissed out from under the rock by your dog. Anyway, she now wants Hill to be prez so she’s rehab’ed, eh?

  69. Uppity- I checked both the credit union and the big regional we use. Big regional had a much better rating.
    I just don’t get how the Fed can keep seizing banks. What the hell do the feds do to help them? Nothing that’s what. And how long do depositors have to wait to get their money? And do they get it all or just a portion?
    I’m telling you- the mattress looks better and better.

  70. Daughter uses a regional bank- it took me forever to get the site to sort to it- it is a common bank name all over- rated 5 stars! Good- cuz that’s where I stashed the tiny little bit I have left in my IRA- my burying money I call it.

  71. OT chuckle…Olby has been suspended without pay for donating to people running for office. Ethics violation.

  72. Beware of mattresses, Mom. The Fed. just pumped a load of money into the economy to trigger some inflation. If the inflation gets out of control, cash on-hand won’t be worth much.

  73. Great news re Olby, McN! Too bad he can’t be voted out.

  74. Good grief, that’s a lot of banks! I hope everyone will be okay.

    OT – MSNBC has suspended Olbermann indefinitely due to his political donations.

  75. oops, sorry, didn’t see mcnorman’s comment – must refresh more often.

  76. HT, I think that every HRC supporter is rolling on the floor right now. Good riddance to the worst person in the world.

  77. You are so right Uppity lol. She is dead and guess what got her ? Lung cancer. Could it be she was an ex smoker who stopped too late and her final farewell is to stop all others from her mistake ? LMAO just like up in San Fran they are going to ban happy meals unless the put in healthy shit like Broccoli etc. Ok so when the hell will folks get it ? It is not about what you think being good and forcing others to follow your lead. Kids are fat true that but by all means do not force them to go outside and play one the playground like they used to do because that is dangerous too. Rings, monkey bars, teather ball, dodge ball , Hand ball , sock ball you name it are too dangerous to have children play and if they did I am sure taxpayers would have to outfit them with boatloads of safety gear. We are victims of our own doing. Stop watching out for me. Given time I am sure I will fuck my own self up and I am sure that I will hear sometime or way how I personally did it to my kids. But at least it is or was my own free will and choice and not some damn do gooders laws to protect me from myself only to find out that the protection they forced upon me killed me faster.

  78. HT, the good news re Olby is worth repeating over and over and over, ad infinitum.

  79. Wow….are any banks safe in Georgia and Florida? Esp GA banks, so many on the list.

  80. Just wanted to let everyone know that the koolaid is still flowing here in Metro DC. I have been avoiding certain people because I just did not want to hear their crap – but one cannot live in a cave.

    I want you to know that anyone who does not belive in BOO and MOO is stupid (the bitter, gun glinggin part is a given).

  81. Thanks for the update Mt Laurel.

    Yours truly, a bitter clinger…JK I can’t stop laughing…seriously a cave? You are too funny.

  82. Another apparent GOP Senate gain in Washington.

  83. GE the parent of NBC donates to candidates and Jeff Imelt is on an Obama advisory committee.

    Is Jeff Imelt next? LOL!! This is great news about one of the chief Hillary bashers. Bye Olbie!!

  84. As much I enjoy when Ferdinand and Imelda are out of town (goodness knows they are always out to lunch but its not quite the same thing), do you think this might put a damper on the extravaganza of a vacation (they are taking the children – its a vacation):


    Or is canceling Air Force One for volcanic activity only used to avoid the funerals of presidents of once tried and true allies (see Poland)?

    glad you liked the cave option. It is where they want us to live is it not . Like those goat lovers. So I refuse even it it means having to face dealing with the huge proportion of unicorn believers around these parts.

  85. There was a volcano erupting when Hillary was in the Congo too and they didn’t even report on it. When she visited the camps for those women and children who were raped as a weapon of war she was doing so through volcanic ash in one hundred degree heat. All they reported on was when she called out that student. They even got that story wrong.

    Obama is not going to wade through volcanic ash for anything or anyone and it IS dangerous there right now so maybe it’s not a bad idea to cancel. I just get weary of how everything is so much more reported on when he does it. I wonder if they will land? lol…they’ll probably go to a luxury resort in Singapore or something instead.

  86. Cancel a trip, are you kidding? No way, but I’m sure some great detour can happen.

  87. Mt Laurel, yes the caves or any underground tunnels of sorts would be quite appropriate for the “little people.” It’s hard to believe that DC is still swilling in the drink.

  88. My little congress critter of several terms (the one who say he believes in term limits – for other folks of course – those bitter ones) is losing his DCCC position:


    He is the same one who as late as election day said Circle D would prevail:


  89. Woah ponies!

  90. GE no longer owns NBC. Comcast owns them now.

  91. No NES, it was a different Allie. We now have Allie and Allie2. So I’m afraid she is not rehabilitated.

  92. Olbermann???


  93. NOTE: This thread was first posted in Feb 2009 and this is update #7. So you willl see comments made many moons ago.

  94. Alice as I said in my post at DE it’s ok for MSNBC to donate millions of dollars in free press for it’s chosen candidates but for their anchors to do it themselves is a no no. Doberman must have shit in the wrong persons Corn Flakes.

  95. Well That’s Just Great.

    (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ruled out running for president in 2012 or 2016 on Friday, saying the United States should be ready for a woman president but it would not be her.

    Too bad the media isn’t ready for it.

  96. Aha. Bring out the dog (give her a huge, long drink first).

  97. Whatever the reason, DE, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

  98. Two news items of interest:

    1. Hill told a New Zealand reporter that she’s ruling out a presidential run ever. Not surprising, but sad nonetheless. Who can blame her? This country showed, time and again, that it doesn’t deserve her.

    2. Pelousy is going to run for minority leader, apparently. The Reeps can’t believe their luck. Is she crazy?

  99. Eff DE — he scooped me!

    Interestingly, Hill said that the US “should” be ready, not that it was. In fact, her statement fairly reeks of her implicit comment that it’s decidedly not.

  100. Nancy is too used to having lots at her disposal NES. I can’t imagine what she would be doing commercials for her vineyard, can you? She loves the spotlight a bit too much.

  101. Much as I hate her McN, I have to grudgingly admire her for this ballsiness on second thought. It’s not like male politicos don’t love “the spotlight a bit too much” too. Refreshing to see a chick be a ‘bad girl’ for a change and buck the ol’ CW.

  102. How delicious for 2012: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/127903-pelosi-running-for-minority-leader.

    Also, NP definitely has a pair-plus — she gets my grudging admiration. Ironically, those most likely to oppose this move (Blue Dogs) were voted out in disproportionately large numbers, leaving a more liberal, pro-NP Dem. caucus in the House.

    Fascinating that BO either supports this or can’t stop it. In either case, it’s a sign of his weakness.

    Insights anyone?

  103. Yes UW…Olby will be off the air and not getting paid for awhile.

  104. I know NES, but at this point Nancy is making herself out to be bonkers.

  105. BO says he is not going to get involved. Of course not. He would have to be decisive and he’s incapable of that. Barack Obama can’t take confrontation without turning into a small child in the candy aisle throwing a tantrum on the floor.

  106. Nancy Pelosi was a VERY effective manager of the majority. She was able to browbeat everyone into doing what she wanted done. She was an excellent manager. The problem is, she was a manager, not a leader. And there is a HUGE difference between the two.

    Nancy is behaving badly. the party has asked for a divorce and she is not going to let it go into default. this is a huge mistake. She will be cannon fodder for the press AND the party. I wish she would rethink her actions for the sake of professional women everywhere.

  107. I read somewhere and I can’t find the link back that zero is chain smoking and turning more gray everyday. I think it was on a gossip site. True or not, I would like to think that his ineptitude is finally looking at him in the mirror

  108. NES true or not, it pleases me to know that HRC has weathered so much while the man child has fits that only ciggys can take the edge off.

  109. Hell McN. He ways chain smoked before he got elected. And he was inept before he got elected too. The only thing he’s good at is campaigning, similar to being a barker for a carnival. I don’t even think THAT will work for him a second time. He’s looking like a snotty kid.

  110. Gotta find that link…I was on the phone with an insurer and busted out laughing during the call when I read it.

  111. Here’s another dump on Bam.

    Murdoch: Mayor Bloomberg Called President Obama the Most “Arrogant” Man He Ever Met

    President Obama “might make great speeches but doesn’t get things done and doesn’t listen to anybody.”

  112. UW, do you think she would’ve done this without being fairly sure of the outcome of the contest? After all, she’s famous for being able to count heads. The GOP has to be loving this to the MAX.

  113. Who knows, NES. you could be right. But she had BETTER be SURE. Those boys might railroad her. After all, they are pissed. She is to them what Newt was to the Rs after they took a bashing.

  114. mcnorman, don’t worry about the link. All you have to do is look at the pictures in the media. He’s looking awful and old in an office that already ages its occupants prematurely… and he’s barely halfway through term.

    Sorry to say, Bush II’s administration is looking better every day compared to this excruciating trainwreck unfolding. Bush was blind, Bush was inept, Bush had issues, but he also had a patina (just a patina) of class and *humanness* that Teh Won lacks. His goofy verbal lapses make people wistful now compared to the teleprompter monster before us today.

    I have a feeling… just a feeling, nothing more… that someone’s going to blow a major story about this administration soon. The rats are jumping from the sinking ship and… yeah. Just a matter of time.

  115. You’re right Allie…he’s looking like a ragdoll lately. Shoot, this is another blow to the Won. He lost he “most powerful person in the world” as well. Well, he sure is taking a beating, isn’t he?

    Forbes explained that those on the list had been chosen “because, in various ways, they bend the world to their will”.

  116. God– I love that Murdoch- Bloomberg-Obama story. I can’t think of three more arrogant men. (Of course, there are hundreds of men that are equally arrogant and maybe one or two women.) Of course, Bloomberg hates Hillary and pushed Obama to run and now well into his third illegal term as mayor of NY he has the nerve to complain about Obama. If Bloomberg is so smart why the hell did he not know that Obama was a no-nothing, do-nothing goof off when he met him before the election?? God knows that we all did. God knows that 18 million Democratic voters could figure it out.

  117. Honora…that saying goes “it takes one to know one.”

  118. Three egomanical narcissists pissing on each other. Priceless. Simply Priceless.

  119. So I guess he didn’t find the Most Powerful Person in the World prize in a cracker jack box like he found the Nobel Peace Prize.

  120. Imelda got to the candy coated popcorn first – so she got the Forbes prize. Ferdinand got the empty box.

    I checked out mcnormans link and found this gem of a commentary (which seems to ignore recent comments that other indicate Hillary is not interested in running – but then Barky said he was not running in 2004 and what was the first thing he did after stealing the senate seat – start running for president):


  121. Well, Hillary may be telling the truth about not running in the future. But it can’t be definite, because Bill was campaigning for her supporters. Plus, it’s not like she can say “I’m challenging BO” before the moment she decides to make it public.

    I think if our voices keep getting stronger and become like a draft, I really think she would consider it.

    I keep seeing people saying she’ll lose the blacks (they got to vote based on color, now they can just grow up and vote for competence). But I don’t think the “losing blacks” hypothesis is totally accurate – but what if it is? They’re only .10 of the population. If they’re going to worry about a minority, worry about the hispanics, they’re .25 of the country, and they’re starting to follow the tea party over to repubs.

  122. 🙂 Barky and his prizes…what will he find in India? A golden coconut?

  123. Ha! Funny stuff from Hillary is 44:

    That’s it? That’s the stomping? An interrupted, off the hand response? What did they expect from a diplomat at an interview to discuss diplomacy? With the politically cold dead body of Barack Obama shipped about Asia like a crate of clattering plates what was Hillary Clinton supposed to say?

    Memo on manners to Big Media: When you are at a funeral you don’t pull the ring off the finger of the corpse even if it does belong to you.


  124. Perusing the crap network news and I thought this was quite perfect when speaking of legends in their own minds. Biden once asked Olby about how he controlled anger, yeah

    “I once had a conversation with the man who is now the vice president when he was still in the Senate, who asked me for advice about how to turn anger into righteous inspiration,” Olbermann said in an interview with the New York Times Magazine.

    Olbermann added, “He [Biden] said, ‘I just come across like I’m angry and out of control, and you seem to focus it and make it look useful and expressive.’’’

  125. Well they chopped down all the coconuts so perhaps Barky will be awarded the Golden Monkey.

    Hillary at 44 references the same commentary from the UK Telegraph. It also contains a very out there (as in twilight zone theme time) quote from Valarie on the Dear Reader’s exceptional talents and intellect. You will find it about half way down in the associated link:


    I think Hillary knows just how to push Barky’s buttons and send his head spinning. In the end, the decision to run/not run will be made on her terms.

  126. Brilliant, as said by Hillaryis44!

    As for teh black vote, I would like to remind you that Hillary had their votes, they held Barack suspect and he knew it, so that’s when they pulled the infamous race card. he didn’t have a chance against here with the AAs before that. They loved her. At this very moment, the only thing that EVER kept them from chosing her over him was the race card that reminded them he was black, which he really isn’t anyways. They didn’t call Bill the first black president for nothing. The AA community loved Hillary and Bill. So Barack had to fix it in his usual Chicago Thug way.

  127. Where’s imust? Imust, c’mon, wemustrearrangethefurniturearoundheresoeveryonetripsinthemorning!

  128. ZEKE! Stop signing on with my screen name and posting bad things! Bad cat! Why doesn’t HT supervise that boy?

  129. lorac, I freely admit that I cannot control Zeke – you should see what he posts in my name – well maybe you best not, it’s on some questionable websites – I mean do I sound like an afficiando of Cats gone Wild, or Purrty Kitties?

  130. imust is catching up on her eBay shopping.

  131. Hahahahaha – I love the Dead Donkey badge!

    But, along these money lines some interesting things are stirring. Now that the great (in his own mind) Larry Summers is gone and some of the thoughtful professors are going back to school from the White House, the Tim & Ben show is doing some smart things. You know it is smart because of all the screaming by Germany, and Brazil, and China, and South Africa! Man are they PO’d!

    Stay tuned, this “Quantitative Easing” may actually work. This could be a bright spot if the US keeps acting up this way. I put a little on my blog about it.

    The next two years may see some good things and there may be more less gridlock than people think.

    Just an opinion.

  132. MM I would be happy if both sides just had some sense for a chance instead of their same old cliff agendas. They either compromise or do nothing. Either one is preferable to the last two years.

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