I can’t find that missing $2.2 Trillion in the Proposal

My goodness! Now I know Mr. Commission Chairman Simpson was a Senator for simply forever, so one would think he would be concerned about the ongoing cost of  that full pension entitement program Congress enjoys for getting elected twice, but  we’ll save that for another day

After all, they do have to cut a deficit created by giving away trillions to Wall Street, foreign countries who hate us and Special Friends, and surely you don’t expect Wall Street, foreign countries who hate us and Special Friends are going to pay it off, do you? Of course not!

I know! Let’s have the middle class pay for it, we need to get rid of them anyways! Let’s start by making sure they never retire or get their money back, the money we force them to invest into Social Security. Then we can give it to someone else. Cool!

Thanks, suckers.

The real topic here is: I didn’t notice any mention of the $2.2 Trillion Congress has removed from the Social Security account over the past few decades. Social Security is a separate account, which holds social security money and it is NOT part of the General Fund, nor does it add a penny to the National Debt. In order to put Social Security money into the General Fund, you have to steal it.

In other words, they raided the pot.

In other words they took  your money they forced you to pay into that account–and left IOUs in its place.

In other words, they may have paid for their special re-election earmarks at your expense.

In other words, nobody seems to be mentioning that Congress owes the people who were forced to pay into social security $2.2 Trillion.

In other words, Congress doesn’t seem to be paying back that debt. As a matter of fact, it isn’t a debt at all. It’s embezzlement.

Now why would I call that embezzlement?

Imagine you have a savings account and you ask me to oversee the balance for you. I promise in writing that I will oversee and protect your savings for you until you retire. I even send you a report every year telling you how much you will earn at retirement. How cool is that? At the same time,  I force you to put money into that account regularly and it’s not negotiable. You grudgingly do it because I have convinced you that it will mean you will be more comfortable in your old age. I am helping you to be financially secure when you grow old. You believe me because after all, it’s in writing. In fact, it’s the Law.

One day I decide I need some money that I don’t have, so I, you know, remove a nice chunk of your money from your account. I never tell you a thing about this because I KNOW you will go ballistic if I do.Besides, I’m going to sign an IOU.

Thanks again!

My withdrawal goes so smoothly that I decide to do it again. And again. And again.  I just go ahead and make withdrawals whenever I feel like I need some of your money. Without asking your permission. I take the money and then I spend it on whatever the hell I want to spend it on. What you don’t know won’t hurt you.

While I’ve been telling you everything is going well and your savings are safe, you find out about 30 years later, while planning for your upcoming retirement, that you have a lot less money than you were forced to save.  You ask me about your account and I tell you that you just don’t have very much money and that’s that. Something is going to have to be done because you are in trouble. There will be sacrifices. Yours.

Then one day a person at the bank leaks out to you that it was I who took your money and you confront me, while knowing I am powerful and you are not. You are shaking, I am not. I  am very snotty and indignant about it and act as if I don’t know what you are talking about. Then I mention that I did, after all, attach IOUs to the account, so what are you harping about?

You want to report me to the authorities but I’m so powerful, who do you call to come and arrest my ass and cart my embezzling self away? You’re just an old person who doesn’t have much money now, for sure. I, on the other hand, am doing very well, thank you!

Your kids won’t help you because they don’t believe you saved any money or you would have given it to them. Besides, you’re old and they never plan to be old. Besides that, they would much rather invest their retirement money because Wall Street can be trusted and there’s no way they would plan another crash so that Goldman Sachs gets to keep their money when it’s time for them to retire in poverty. How cool is that?  I mean it’s not like they ever did that before — except for this one time. Gambling is so much fun!

You wait, hoping I will start to replenish the money in your account that I removed without your permission. The thing is, I never get around to replacing the money. Instead, I show up at your door one day and tell you that you are going broke and had better find a way to reduce your own expenses, crank down that heat and start eating on the cheap, while I, on the other hand, am doing very well, thank you!

I tell you that  I have changed the rules and you will have to start making sacrifices, because your net worth is now shit compared to what it would be if I hadn’t taken your money without your permission. I know you saved for years before I changed the rules but hey, I’m in charge.  But I swear to you that one day I will pay you back, maybe, and besides, the rules are changed  a few years back anyways, so it won’t matter. I also tell you I am going to work out a proposal to resolve this problem.

I arrive the  next day at your door with my proposal. However, my proposal involves you instead of me. I tell you it’s time to downsize and you are going to have to lower your standard of living, because you just don’t have the money in your savings you thought you had.  You probably are going to be very poor but that’s what you get for being a parasite! Do you expect ME to fix this for you, you parasite? What do you mean it’s your money???? I was in charge of it and I did what I had to do! Shut up and start looking for ways to cut back, you parasite! What do I look like, a cow with a million teats???

You are bewildered. You saved all that money by force and expected all the interest associated with it to be there, and I spent it. I not only spent it, I haven’t accounted for one penny of it either. For all you know, I used it to help further my own comfort or advancement.

As I discuss my proposal, which includes recommending that you work another decade or so, preferably until you die so I can keep the REST of your money and use it for something else, I never mention that the reason you don’t have the money you thought you had is because I removed it.  Well, for Chrissakes stop whining. I never stole it. I signed IOUs. That’s legal isn’t it? Then, I blame the entire thing on you because you are a parasite looking for some kind of entitlement just for being alive, even though I forced you to save the very money you aren’t going to get. You are expecting income that you just don’t have! Grow up! I, on the other hand am doing very well, thank you!

Okay, now here are a few questions:

How may years in prison do you think I would serve after I was indicted and tried?

Would  a DA arrange to have my many assets seized and sold at auction as part of reimbursement to you? Or would you be too damned poor to even pursue this problem and just go ahead and drop dead – please?

Stop whining. It doesn’t hurt me at all. Love, Congress.

Let’s fast-forward to today and discuss Social Security and all the screams and threats from powerful people about how broke Social Security is becoming. Not once has any of these Congress critters or “commission” members publicly mentioned that a major reason the Social Security account isn’t as full as it should be is Congress removed $2.2 Trillion from the account over the years, put IOUs in the money’s place, and isn’t lifting a finger to pay any of it back, nor do they seem to have any plan to pay it back. In addition, all the interest that might have accrued isn’t there either. I wonder what the interest on $2.2 Trillion would be, don’t you? If you aren’t wondering, you SHOULD be wondering. Nobody is mentioning that either. Instead, you are being scolded and told that you will have to sacrifice, because the money just isn’t going to be there.

Now here are a few more questions:

How many years in prison should every Congress member who ever voted to embezzle your money from the social security pot without your permission serve?

Should their assets be seized  and sold at auction as part of reimbursement?

…..Or instead, should everybody be discussing how the Social Security account doesn’t have enough money in it to pay you back when you retire–and therefore you are going to get your benefits cut and your retirement age increased, so that hopefully you will die before you collect a penny of your money back, you parasite, you!

And who the hell do these people think they are kidding? Are you not sick of taking it in the neck for the behaviors of your elected officials–the kinds of behaviors that would send you to Rahway for Life?

Unless and Until you hear about that $2.2 Trillion dollars-Plus-Interest that was taken from the Social Security account WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION,  YOU are being screwed. Again. And nobody will be charged, and nobody will have their assets seized. Now shut up, you hear? Congress knows what’s best for you and what’s best for your future is that you be screwed.

Bernie Madoff looks like a petty thief next to this reaming.

Okay, you can go back to watching American Idol now. Your government is going to fix everything. Mostly they are going to fix you, but Good. And you won’t even know it until it’s too late and you are too old to fight it. Good luck with that.

Pop Quiz: How many zeros are there in a Trillion? That’s how may zeros Congress owes you, not including the interest that never accrued because the money wasn’t there.  That’s a lot of zeros. And that is what they intend to give you: Zeros. Zeros out of your OWN money. Then, when the dust settles and reality sets in, they will take a vote on what to do about you who will otherwise be referred to as a “Drain On Society”:


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  1. Okay, you’re completely correct. No doubt about it. But the reality is the money’s not there and it won’t be.

    Can we stop thinking about social security as some sort of a pension fund (I mean, the private sector can’t even get *that* right…so we expect the feds to?)?

    It’s a program designed to hopefully not have our elderly people become paupers. It’s gone horribly wrong, and we now seem to expect we can ‘retire’ at 50 or so and start getting paid by the govt at 62. The whole program was designed so that people who couldn’t work would get a little help. Not people who just didn’t feel like working anymore.

    This program is a transfer from young to old and has gone horribly awry. So let’s um, admit this and go forward. We need to raise the age at which people get benefits (seriously – retire whenever you want, but don’t expect anyone to pay for it) – and then we could actually reduce the amount of money people pay into it.

    This is the most socialist of all social programs. And this libertarian thinks it could be a great program if only we’d stop thinking of it as a retirement plan. Raise the age of benefits to something more reasonable, like 75 (over time, and for no one over, say 55, I mean, be reasonable). But really – we can’t keep going the way we’re going…since, well, it’s not working. and as usual, we wait til there’s a crisis rather than doing something when the indicators start telling us something.

    Life expectancy was about 65 when this program was implemented. Now it’s closer to 80. Do the math.

  2. Brilliant analysis.

  3. Not to be a sexist sow or anything, but of course they can’t find the money–they are male. My husband frequently closes his eyes when he looks for things and then asks me where his (whatever he is looking for at that moment) is. I have come to the conclusion that men believe that a uterus is some sort of tracking device for their belongings. Maybe we should send a whole bunch of women to D.C. to find the missing money?

    On a lighter note–cat story—-http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/dailyweekly/2010/11/cat_starts_fire_with_toaster_i.php

  4. Pitchforks! Getcha pitchforks heeya! HEY YA HEY YA! Pitchforks! I gotcha pitchforks heeaya!
    Torches! Torches! Getcha torches to go wit da pitchforks! American made! Heavy duty!
    Pitchforks and Torches heeya!

  5. PMM pitchforks are great, but the only thing that will get their attention is people, en masse, refusing to pay their taxes. Imagine, a tax revolt.

  6. atlmom,

    First of all, don’t come here telling us to move on when we have been robbed. You can do that at your own blog and hope one of us reads it. This is not some hundred bucks somebody stole from someone’s wallet. This is people’s savings throughout their entire work life. This is not an entitlement program, it’s a SAVINGS program. A savings program that was embezzled upon.

    Secondly, the preponderance of company pensions are comprised of COMPANY money, not YOUR money.

    Third, nobody forces you to pay large sums into that pension every damned week.

    Fourth, how benevolent you are with the stolen money of other people.

    Fifth, the young pay into the program the same as everyone else. To call it a transfer is to be dating Mr. Simpson and feeling free to call a Forced Savings Program an Entitlement program when it is not. To cut off the people who paid into the system that works well for current seniors is not only robbery, it’s unconscionable. Do I really need to point out that an upcoming retiree paid into their own system all of his/her life? So kindly stop talking like this is some freebee.

    Sixth, $2.2 Trillion AND THE INTEREST that was supposed to accrue is the money that SHOULD have been shoring up for the next group of retirees……and then some. It was stolen. It was not only stolen, but the victims are being blamed and sentenced by the thieves. If you think that’s just fine to do with your money, well good for you. Don’t speak for OUR money.

    Seventh, I wouldn’t worry about longevity any longer if I were you. I’m sure there is a plan in the works to cut medicare so much that life expectancy will be shortened again. Just remember that when you hit around 60 and good luck with that, mmmmmkay?

    Eighth, Can I have the numbers of your bank accounts, so I can clean them out and you can just “Move on”?

    Ninth, K THX BAI.

  7. We have been royally screwed. I had a suspicion for years that I would never ever see – much less get back- what I paid in. And to think that this will be used to inflame the young folks into supporting giving their forced contributions to Wall St thieves and the young will just jump right on it.
    And as Uppity so beautifully points out- to whom shall we go? Where do we go for justice? Eric Holder? The faux Dems? The ranting right?
    Write to our Congress critters? Well that’s a waste- some punk staffer will have a good laugh with his/her pals and we get a form letter.
    Nope- we be screwed. Work til 70? OK then- and we generate the new jobs needed to sustain the increase in the work force where?

    Great piece of writing Uppity.

  8. Uppity, you are inimitable. That reply to atlmom – priceless. Another Obot? Are they hitting the internet to sell this latest piece of obfuscation or should I type Theft. Perhaps someone should tell Axel that the astroturfing isn’t going well these days.

  9. I thought Simpson was Co-Chair with Democrat Erskine Bowles? If so why single out Simpson on this?

  10. “Besides, you’re old and they never plan to be old.”

    This line, referring to the kids’ thinking, is a pearl, but you cab be sure, the bots are already worried. Mine are 36 and 40 and both Zeroes, but they’re worried now with a misplaced concern that the GOP took one house of Congress. Both parties are equal opportunity screwers.

    The Uppity line “they never plan to be old” nails it. When the time comes, SS won’t be there for them. Both are in the process of moving into fancier digs.
    To them, life is an escalating party. We can’t help them and they have to resent this fact of getting old.

    Now attmom, obot or not, kept using the term “gone horribly wrong.” So on some level, she sees this and this father of two and grandfather of four so far, is wondering if attmom really gets it that HER kids are being robbed, too….at this rate, SS won’t be there for them or mine.

  11. While we are griping about SS, let me introduce another scam.

    Here is Calif and in many other states, illegals are working and paying taxes and one tax they all pay is social security.
    I am an employer. Over the past 32 years, I have matched the 8% FICA that I with hold from employees. ( 15% of my payroll goes to FICA)

    Now, there have probably been many illegals who have worked for me over the years because they have papers
    ( real or not, I can’t tell and I am not allowed to ask).

    I get the required documents with every hire and one is a SS number.

    So, all of the illegals who pay into the system and all their employers who pay in matching funds are not ever going to be claiming any of that money.
    Where the hell is all that money?
    Millions of illegals pay into the system and they will never be able to claim any of it.
    That’s got to be billions of dollars.
    The Gov’t knows this and they like this scam.

  12. I believe that SS was always outside of the general fund tax income and a self-fnding program. And we did fund it…but our money has been stolen and now they want us to pay back what they stole. Isn’t that double taxation?

  13. insanelysane….I was an immigration attorney and you are absolutely right.

    Everyone of my clients – including illegals – paid taxes. If they used a SS number, they didn’t “steal” it – they made up the numbers. Now where is all of that money?

  14. insanelysane, Ive been screaming that for at least a decade.

  15. That’s why nothing will ever be done about illegal immigration the Fed likes it both ways.

  16. Hal, my kids are 21 and 23 (okay, I was old when I had them) and they are very worried – mind you they thought Obama was the bomb until I sat them down and explained a few things and being Canadian, they didn’t vote for the empty suit and contribute to your pain. Fortunately, both are putting money away for retirement because they heeded my lectures. Being retired myself, if it weren’t for some economic decisions I made when I was their age, I could not survive (and I’m worried about the future because decisions were based on retirement funds – if your guys take that away, then it’s only a matter of time before our guys think that it’s a good idea).
    I am also worried about the attitude of the younger generation who apparently have no clue about the economics of living. As you mentioned, altmom probably doesn’t think she or her family will be impacted, and that is the problem with youngsters. They never think that policies will impact them.

  17. Even more reason to audit the Fed.

  18. I believe that SS was always outside of the general fund tax income and a self-fnding program. And we did fund it…but our money has been stolen and now they want us to pay back what they stole. Isn’t that double taxation?

    Yes, it IS a separate pot and they stole from it…they called it “borrowing” and they stuck it in the general fund for all their fun projects. It’s not only double taxation, it’s a felony. If you tried that you would be in prison for life. They not only stole it but they want to punish us for it instead of every one of them being rounded up.

  19. Where the hell is all that money?

    Let’s just say it’s NOT in the social security pot!

  20. I singled out simpson because he has been blabbering about how all those millions of people are milking the pot as if it were some entitlement and he just plain pisses me off. here’s a guy who gets himself a full retirement for sitting his ass in the senate and he called the government a cow with millions of teats they are sucking off of. Considering the average SS income is 13k a year, he has a lot of nerve. he’s sucking on one of those teats too, and it’s not even his own money. he thinks he’s entitled to his full senate pay and it didn’t cost him a thing, but you aren’t entitled to your social security which was taken out of your paycheck every week. Furthermore he doesn’t think Congress needs to have THEIR pensions cut does he now? And if my memory serves me, that was the point of the first paragraph. This is the guy who has been bleating and insulting every old person and women in one fell swoop. I hate the guy for that and I figure, since it’s my blog and I wrote this damned thing in the middle of the night so everybody could wake up to my posts, I could beat the shit out of him just like he deseves. Oh hell I have a whole post on this creep somewhere on this blog. Just type in “alan simpson” in the search line.

  21. please go to this link and please get involved

    “Billionaire Launches Campaign to Slash Social Security”


  22. It was a completely assinine remark by Simpson, for sure! Love your passion for what is right Uppity!1

  23. The co-chairs of Obama’s Deficit Commission, Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles, have declared war on Social Security.

    PLEASE sign this petition to stop them from destroying Social Security: http://www.democracyforamerica.com/activities/412?t=e1

    Social Security is NOT bankrupt.

    Social Security is NOT broke, is NOT going broke, and WILL pay out benefits for the next 40 years even if nothing is done to boost its surplus.

    If Congress just raises the lid on the amount of income taxable for Social Security purposes, Social Security will continue to pay out promised benefits for at least the next 75 years.

    Social Security is — by law — a SELF-FUNDING program and it has NOT added even one dollar to the federal deficit. Therefore, Social Security funds should NOT be used to make tax cuts for the rich possible, and Social Security should NOT be drained to correct the deficit problem.

  24. The truth is, Ducksoup, they don’t want to pay those trillions back so they are making a lot of noise. If they can shitcan the program then they are off the hook. And yes, I will sign.

  25. Thanks listing. If I didn’t blow a gasket over this one, I never will.

  26. It’s too bad they tossed in PBS with that petition. They will get fewer signers. Social security needs to stand alone as a petitition.

  27. The problem with auditing the fed is who is going to audit the auditors? Remember, these are the same lying sacks of shit who monitored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  28. Upps, great post. You’re s*xiest when you get all ‘hotted up’ about the SS-theft.

    O/T — Hey FF, waiting didn’t help with Gravatar and WordPress. Unfortunately, your art work still isn’t showing up (except when one hovers over the green monster and sees it in the blurb-bubble that comes up.

  29. OT – Can anyone here help NES install her Avatar?

  30. DemocracyforAmerica- wondered why my alarm started hollering when I saw that. So went to refresh my memory. Ah yes- Howard Dean and family.
    So sorry- I do not sign anything connected in any way to that POS.
    I will be my stubborn self and write, with pen and paper and stamps, to my congressional employees with copies to the local newspapers.
    Howard Dean- BLECH!

  31. NES- go to your gravatar account. At the top task bar hover over ‘My Account” in the drop down menu select “Manage My Gravatars” On that page you can “select image” or “add new image” Once you click on the image you want it should pop up a confirmation box.
    Hope this helps- as I am by no means a computer expert- ask Uppity!

  32. Proud Military Mom,

    At this point, there is almost no one I trust, but I do think Howard Dean’s commitment to Social Security is real.

    I will sign ALMOST any petition that demands REAL protection for Social Security.

  33. Howard Dean? 50 State strategy? Obama brought to us by? THAT Howard Dean?
    I would not trust him as far as I can spit.

  34. PMM,

    No, Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy was intended to bring us a Democrat; unfortunately it brought us Obama instead — but the strategy made and makes sense. Dean’s point — way back then — was NOT to surrender any state without a fight. I agree with that.

    BTW, I think Howard Dean now regrets any role he had in bringing Obama to the White House.

  35. “BTW, I think Howard Dean now regrets any role he had in bringing Obama to the White House.”


    Maybe. But only because he was thrown under the bus On Day One.

    Right after he disenfranchised Florida, Michigan, and 18 million voters.

    ..and never saw the Hillary Bashing on Cable TeeVee

  36. “Marsha, on November 11, 2010 at 12:56 PM said:

    I believe that SS was always outside of the general fund tax income and a self-fnding program. And we did fund it…but our money has been stolen and now they want us to pay back what they stole. Isn’t that double taxation?”

    EXACTLY, they are going to punish us because we were robbed! They stole from the fund and now we must be punished because they stole the money.

    There was NEVER any excuse for them to put trillions of dollars of I.O.U.’s in the S.S. fund. Had they not robbed it then it would not be in trouble. Whats so disgusting here is that they can bail out the rich bankers and let them make money of that for THEMSELVES but, bailing out *paying back the money we are owed in S.S.* Is out of the question. Now the meme must be sold that S.S. itself was flawed and that is utter b.s.

    You’re being punished for having been stolen from. I think raising the retirement age in a bad economy is the stupidest part of this. Who the hell can get work at fifty six or fifty right now? NOBODY is hiring people in that age bracket. So raising the age is not going to help anybody one bit.

    Obama appointed this Cat Food Commission and nearly every person put on that commission is someone who has been chomping at the bit to cut S.S. for years and years. He knew that. He couldn’t possibly let the uber rich backers take a hit…no they got MORE money. It’s the middle class and poor that will be taken a crap upon. I saw this shit coming a mile away. When Bush tried to even bring this up he was shut down very quickly but, under Obama people WILL buy into the meme that S.S. is at fault and cutting it will help right the economy. No, it won’t. When you make people POORER they don’t buy anything and become a burden on society one way or the other. It’s inhumane. No cost of living increases? GREAT !! People like my mom have already had to sell their home *that was paid for* AND cut out medications they can’t afford to take.

    When this all comes down and people start to see THEIR grandmother, mother, aunt or themselves being harmed by this they will finally get it. I notice the big bankers who got those golden parachutes on OUR dime are not hurting.

    Privatizing S.S. will be a disaster. The bankers have wanted this for a LONG LONG TIME. And it took Obama to give it to them. Now they can screw us over even more by controlling the money that would have gone into S.S.

  37. FF, not to put too fine a point on it, but Howard Dean can kiss my ass. I wish him everything he deserves in life, just so long as it’s not good. HE made this happen. It was HIS plan that he HELPED Obama implement using the net. He is as much to blame as ANYONE I can think of. The “Echo Chamber” on the net? the one where they tortured us like the animals they are? The constant repetitive talking points? Howard.

    The only consolation for America is that Obama screwed Dean as soon as he won. Fuck him and the horse he road into the sunset with.

  38. I have a copy of his net plan somewhere. HE gave it to OBAMA and Obama used it. Howard is Number Uno Guilty.

  39. Well, Uppity the CLUELESS progs are putting Dean forward to run in 2012!! HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE THEY??? He’s the one who gave us Obama’s echo chamber and presided over the vote gaming system. These idiots still don’t get it! They have been manipulated in their thinking as much as the Beckerheads they make so much fun of. But oh Noooooo we couldn’t have someone fiscally brilliant like Hillary and her scary girl parts. She proposed a fix for this disaster in 2006 and they all laughed it up at her in congress. Her plan was freaking brilliant. McCain got on board with her on it and gave a big warning bell too. He too was ignored. But they were both persona non grata in 2008. 2012 will be two more corporate approved puppets supposedly running “against each other”

    I’m going to the entirely local credit union tomorrow. I’m done playing whack a mole with my savings and the bankster thieves.

    I am beginning to wonder if Dean cut a deal here? Give Obama all the help, get the HUGE corporate backing for the party and Obama and then later on HE would be the nominee for that long desired chance at finally being POTUS. Would make sense as to why he took a crap all over the process and Hillary Clinton and her voters.

  40. Well, Uppity the CLUELESS progs are putting Dean forward to run in 2012!! HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE THEY???

    You mean they aren’t really the Creative Class? After what he enabled upon women, I will vote for him when Haley’s Comet rolls around.

  41. Uppity, it Was Ducksoup who thought Dean was great – not FF. FF actually made some of the same points you did. FF is golden.

    AliceP, you are on fire today girl. Go get em. I suspect that Dean, like most ambitious people, had no idea of what he had unleashed, and if the U.S. public actually vote for DEan, they deserve all they get. He enabled this debacle.

  42. Well I didn’t mean to start a brouhaha- but when I saw that the petition was from Dean’s organization my skin started crawling. How soon people forget that his screaminess was DNC Chair during the fraud and theft primaries of 08. The chair that did NOT ONE THING about all the caucus fraud. So now we are supposed to forgive and forget because he is really on our side and has been all along?
    I would not sign ANYTHING put forward by ANY organization having anything to do with that prick.

  43. PMM – absolutely – once it’s been determined that one is a snake in the grass, it can never be taken back and Dean, IMHO is the biggest snake in this whole debacle. Enabler extraordinaire

  44. Yes Iknow it wasn’t FF, HT. I didn’t think I said it was. I just responded, bounced off of her remark. She got me going, like she knows how to do 🙂

  45. The problem with that petition is it’s got other things in it. This will put people off, unfortunately. I had no idea it was Dean’s people and didn’t really care, but I do care about the subject. I just don’t want all the extras with the car I’m buying. Right now, the parks and PBS are not high on my list, although I like them both sometimes, but most people can live without them. They might not be able to live without social security in the future. I never did see a reason why NPR and PBS can’t survive on public and corporate funding.

  46. To get me to support dean, you would have to expect me to forgive the man who pretended Hillary wasn’t getting harassed and that her supporters weren’t getting threatened and harassed too. He pretended. He loved it. He was part of it. I will NEVER support him and I can NEVER forgive him. He made the monster. That tells me a lot.

  47. Uppity, I am so glad you said that.
    “He pretended. He loved it. He was part of it. I will NEVER support him and I can NEVER forgive him. He made the monster. That tells me a lot.”
    I know that Dean has lots of supporters, but the man is a snake. He wanted to be the power behind the throne as he couldn’t get the throne for himself, and he did whatever he felt necessay to get his toady in. Funny thing about toady’s – they don’t think they owe any allegiance to anyone who doesn’t have the big bucks and ole Howard couldn’t compete with the financial and Bay street boys.

  48. Splendid post. And spot-on reply to atlmom. Yeah, I’d like to see anyone retire comfortably on the social security income of a median working-class woman.

    Slash corporate welfare, not Social Security.

  49. Dean recently made a Shermanesque denial that he’d ‘primary’ BO. Of course, since he’s a politico, he can always go back on that, but important to know that he’s on record saying he won’t.
    I think the better challenge to BO is from the center-right of the Dem party; say, someone like Evan Bayh. Bayh resigned at the right moment, he’s been complaining loudly about BO and the party’s leftward tilt, he’s the scion of a well-known political family, and he’s very easy on the eyes.

  50. Yeah, I would have totally agreed with ducksoup before that primary ratfucking…yes, I’m cursing a lot today. LOL! But Dean went out of his way to make sure along with Teddy Kennedy that the terrifying Hillary Clinton would NOT be POTUS and he did not care about voting rights. Now call me crazy but, the civil rights movement was too hard fought to sit back and let ANYONE take out voting rights as a way to “win” Same for the women’s movement. My g.grandmother was beaten in the street for marching for the right to vote. That’s where I draw the line in the sand. And these new “progs” are stunningly entitled in their attitude. What the hell do they think all these people fought for, for so long if not voting rights. Ya got nothin without em.

    Dean can go to hell. I’m not voting for him either Uppity. Their little “plan” has done nothing but, totally destroy the left and ANY social issue they cared about is now officially under the bus. Thanks progs! In the end though they’re still losers. They wanted pay back for not having been born in the era of social change. So this was it, they were petty and wanted to be “the change” for a change because the little piss ants hadn’t been alive in the sixties. So to get their fifteen minutes they trampled everybodies rights and RUINED the party. Then they wonder why they are under the bus now? LOSERS and “useful idiots.”

  51. NES one thing’s for sure. If the movey oney/kossacks, and other people who acted like animals toward Hillary and her supporters in 2008 push a candidate, this will be the candidate that I won’t vote for. Even if I have to stay home or write-in. I am NOT going to be pushed around by these bastards ever again and they do NOT have my loyalty. Nor my forgiveness.

  52. By the bye (a Newfie phrase meaning oh by the way, or incidentally) If Fredster turns up tonight, it’s his birthday. Wish him well.

    AliceP, as mentioned previously, you are on fire tonight. Dean did contribute to the destruction of the Democratic party. One wonders if that was his plan all along.

  53. Uppity wrote:

    Are you not sick of taking it in the neck

    Waaayyy too high up. It really involves an orifice below the waist and don’t forget: No lube.

  54. Upps, this is FANTASTIC! People keep forgetting that the idgits in Congress STOLE 2.2 TRILLION DOLLARS and have made SS insolvent. Now they want the people to pay for it. That’s what the whole Gore thing about having a LOCKBOX was all about. And the people laughed. Then the Sup Court gave us George W.

  55. HT,

    “it Was Ducksoup who thought Dean was great” ? ? ?

    Where did I say that?

    I said, “I will sign ALMOST any petition that demands REAL protection for Social Security.”

    I also said that “Dean’s point — way back then — was NOT to surrender any state without a fight. I agree with that.”

  56. sas@1:36: All you link does is to send me to the google mail sign-in page.

  57. Damn, it’s why I hate the internets. It’s so easy to misunderstand something.

  58. Fredster!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!

  59. Duck, I was just trying to clarify that it was you that brought up Dean, not FF. Mea Culpa if I caused you distress.
    Happy Birthday Fredster – may you have many many more.

  60. Uppity, this is one of the best “analysis” of exactly what this whole debacle is! I’ve been posting a link to it everywhere! It needs to go viral!

    They are covering their asses! They Gamed the Social Security Program and NEVER had any intention of paying it back!

    Bush knew that – they all knew it!

    They ALL signed off on robbing the program from the people that it belongs to. They have been floating leaks about “making changes to the SS program” – ever since they started stealing from it – for YEARS!”

    Remeber when Ben Bernanke was testifying before congress and said:

    “Social Security is where the money is”

    Not long after, Obama announced his Debt Reduction Commission.

  61. Oh yeah HT, like they are going to listen to Obama. He got enough of them defeated last week I’m sure they want to take more orders from him.

  62. Hillary on the economy. “Some C.E.O’s pay lower taxes then their receptionists”

    This is so worth a listen again.

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDSTER!! lol…Fredster if that’s your doxie she’s my doxie’s twin.

  63. Uppity-thank you! I used to say “another year”. The past few I’ve changed that to “I made it another year?” 😯

  64. Feel better – this also tells it like it is.

    I hope Obama’s followers choke on his rotten meat – which is the same rotten meat that he started his campaign with!

    This gets better and better the more you read.

    “Obama Was Used, And Is Now Used Up

    by Robert Freeman

    “Barack Obama was used. Of course, he knew he was being used when he made the deal. But what he didn’t know was how quickly he would be used up. Now he has to face two years of humiliation knowing that he betrayed the people and the country he claimed to champion – and knowing that everyone else knows it as well – but also knowing that he’s gotten what’s coming to him. “


  65. Alice: Yep that’s my Chloe. She’s a black and tan or now, black and tinges of gray but I have those too! 😉

    I was thinking that after I get settled back in nola and we both get adjusted that I might try to find her a little sister. Of course Chloe will still be Queen but there will just be a little princess to help her rule the domain! 🙂

  66. Sadly, Uppity, I think that some Democrats are too venal and frankly stupid to recognize that they’ve been had, so they may continue to listen to the WON. Of course, that is all part of his makers’ plan.

  67. One can only be “used” if they are not a totally willing participant and he was. His narcissism over took him. He went along with DESTROYING the democrats and his Wall St. champions all so he could don the mantle of “lightbringer” and the title of “first A.A. POTUS!” HE SOLD that position out and A.A. to Wall St. He sold it for a high profile job…I think he knew all along he was going to have to be Bush Three. I just think he thought he was SO SPECIAL that nobody would object when he did exactly the same thing Bush was doing. He was wrong about that. That pay to play involves some karma.

    I think when everyone including A.A. voters finally see what a sham this all was Obama is going to end up the most hated POTUS in history by the left, right, middle, minorities, women and just about anyone alive during his tenure in the people’s house.

  68. Frester she is IDENTICAL to my now fourteen year old black and tan doxie. Her sister *a red mini doxie* has passed away now so of course the remaining doxie MUST be pampered!! lol She’s my snuggle companion.

  69. Whatever happens – I’m jumping into the Uppity Woman foxhole with the rest of you! lol!

  70. Fredster, when are you back in NOLA? I’m looking forward to a detailed description of your return home.
    wait and let Chloe adjust before you introduce a lil sis. From my many years experience with pups, it’s best to take it slow. Introduce over time, let them bond, then bring the lil sis home to live.

  71. Whoa! I could’ve sworn when I looked at the site approx. an hour ago, it had my new avatar (created by the wonderful FF), but now the green monster’s back again. I give up!!

  72. TheHerlocaust: I copied your link to commondreams and posted it over at The Widdershins. Hope you don’t mind.

  73. NES: I had all kinds of heck with Gravatar recently.

    One of the problems seemed to be with the Gravatar rating:

    “PG”, etc.

    I forgot to set that when I added an enhanced logo and it messed things up.

  74. Herlocaust, you’re in good company so jump in and if I might be so bold, welcome although you’ve commented before so you’ve already…..oh look at that shiny object. Just don’t get involved with lorac’s midnight madness forays, otherwise Uppity will make you clean up.
    (It’s not my fault she messed up last night. Can I just go to my room?)

  75. NES- did you see my note above on the avatar? You’ll get it- it took me a long time to get mine to take. lol

    Fredster! Happy Happy to you!

  76. HT: Hopefully I’ll be able to leave next Saturday. I think my truck driver friend is available. I’m hoping his wife will be able to make the trip also and they can spend an add’l day or two. I’ll be sure to post a comment letting all know if I disappear for a day or two or three. I already have the cable set up in the apt so I’ll have to probably mess around for a day or two getting the cable modem set up and working.

    Yes, about Chloe, I want her to get used to the apt and having her own fenced back yard and just get used to the environment. I know the woman on the other side of the double has a little pupper too so those two will have to introduce themselves with the fence between them! 😉
    I’d like to get her little sis from Doxie rescue if possible. Although I have to admit I’m falling in love with long-haired doxies, there’s just something about them.

  77. Fredster:

    I bookmarked that from another site’s reader comment. I wish I could find which post from which site. I’ve looked but haven’t found it. I’ll keep looking and update with a credit when I find it.

    I do read commondreams on occasion and have it bookmarked, but didn’t see that post until I clicked on the link that person’s comment referencing.

    I apologize for not noting it my bookmark to it.

  78. Uppity this was an excellent analysis of what they are trying to foist off on us. Another thing to consider is the bail outs, they could have given every man, woman and child a million dollars with the amount they used to bail out the bankers. I think that would have jump started the economy just fine…maybe make a caveat that people who started up businesses and hired workers with some of that money got a better deal. Because god knows I trust the average American with that kind of cash a LOT more than these frauds who are now after YEARS of trying going to ROB social security. Quite honestly, if they do that the democrats are dead for decades. People need to get serious about standing up to this stealing and manipulation.

  79. Am I the only one who remembers Al Gore talking about the problems with social security during the 2000 campaign. ‘Lock box’ became a joke phrase. Every media guy laughed about it and I am sure SNL did countless shows on it. Have any of them ever admitted that Gore was right and that if we had not allowed the Supreme Clowns to elect our president, we would not be in this shape now?? That is why I know that it is not R’s or D’s it is US against the powerful. Gore was not going to be allowed to stop the embezzlement any more than Hillary was going to be allowed to be a voice for the middle class. THEY make presidents, be they Bush or Obama.

    I agree that Dean is a toad, but there are so many toads around that I have a hard time judging which is worst.

  80. PMM: Thank ye! After this last year (hell going back 5 years to Katrina!) I’m surprised at times I’ve survived. 😆

  81. Haha! Fredster, I went to findapet.com to add another doxie to keep this one company. Just be careful …I came home with an American Bulldog who REALLY needed me instead of another doxie…yes, I am a sucker. lmao.

  82. HT – I like to think of lorac as my long lost sister. 😉


    ! ! ! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

  84. Fredster, good to know. My fingers are crossed – and unfortunately with arthritis, my toes would be crossed too, but ain’t gonna happen. Go home my bud, you won’t be happy till you do (and check with Dakinikat, maybe she can assist).

  85. Oh and Fredster:

    ! Happy Birthday !

  86. Thanks PMM, I’ll try that.

    Happy B’day from me too, Fredster!

  87. Herl, thanks for the tip on Gravatar; I actually did pick “PG.”

  88. Herlocaust, just don’t be around when lorac goes wild after midnight, cause Uppity will be wanting someone to clean up.

  89. NES, if you go to gravatar.com, your login is already there. It works with wordpress. You login like you would on your blog. Then you can upload your gravatar there and it WILL take for sure. I think that’s what I finally had to do. I couldn’t get rid of my old gravatar.

  90. Herlo, i’m also sure that’s what George meant after 911 when he said he “won the lottery”. I’ll bet he and the boys in the band raided that pot big time.

  91. Whoa! The new gravatar is here! Let’s hope it doesn’t disappear again. Thanks for the tips, UW and all who chimed in. FF, thanks for the art work.

  92. Hey! It’s an empty suit!

  93. UW: you are totally and completely correct from your original post.

    But the reality is, we are here today. And someone has to be an adult. We’re certainly not going to find any with the Rs or the Ds.

    The program was started to ensure that the elderly weren’t going to be living on the streets. Yes, they have been raiding it for a looong time. No one really said anything about it (when people say to me: yeah, well, clinton balanced the budget, my answer is: he used accounting tricks – and then their answer is: well, so did reagan. Hardly a really great argument).

    We are where we are. What about those people who paid the maximum, year after year, into the program. Those people are probably going to get about a goose egg back – and that’s one of the suggestions from the commission – means testing. I’m not sure I like it, but it certainly would solve some problems…

    You are correct. They stole from us. It’s a lot of money. But to think that the feds (when corporations and unions CANNOT) – would have any capacity to not spend all that money is kind of absurd. The government shouldn’t be expected to do it, and us thinking they could, well, we are part of the problem.

    Wow – no one anywhere has EVER called me an Obot…wow. I’m kind of stunned by that, actually…

  94. UW, I trust you were expecting nothing less (or, shall we say, more!).

    Note the teleprompter. Kewl. (I hope all the ‘old eyes’ who frequent this site can see all the fine details [courtesy of FF] that makes this simple image scream O.B.A.M.A. [Btw, I’m one of those ‘old eyes’, but I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the enlarged image in all its glory.])

  95. NoEmptySuits:


    Uppity, wouldn’t you love to track those IOU’s on a graft of “events”, “pork barrel” and “special interests” spending.

    I bet such a time-line would tell the story of who got to take the cookie jar home for a day.

  96. NES all they have to do is hover over your avatar and click on the pic and they get an enlarged one to steal from you. lol.

  97. atl, telling us we are part of the problem is like telling a raped woman it was all her fault. We are not part of the problem. We are the victims. And to just let it ride is to give them license to steal. And because one organization is a thief doesn’t give our government the right to be a thief too. They had no right to take that money and the entire country should demand it back. How they make restitutiion is their problem. Then they should all be indicted.

    NOTHING they do is going to solve the problem of dishonesty and thievery except FORCED accountability and personal restitution. NOTHING.

    Many of the people on that commission were part and parcel to this removal of social security money. Why should be entrust them with anything, much less correcting something that is THEIR fault using the rest of us as a punching bag.

  98. Freedom Fairy is just the bestest when it comes to helping out with graphics here at Bill’s place.

  99. An empty suit, complete with a teleprompter! Perfect.

  100. This is my very favorite teleprompter graphic. Now I know where it originated so next time i use it, I will use this graphic instead of the copy I have.

  101. Uppity, this is off-topic but did you see this?

    This is what can happen to people when they speak out against that Western-backed Palestinian’s “Divine” Authority.

    (Of course, it seems that he did take it a little bit too far, considering the neighborhood he was living in. 😕

    “He should be burned to death,” said Abdul-Latif Dahoud, a 35-year-old Qalqiliya resident. The execution should take place in public “to be an example to others,” he added.

    Over several years, Husayin is suspected of posting arguments in favor of atheism on English and Arabic blogs, where he described the God of Islam as having the attributes of a “primitive Bedouin.” He called Islam a “blind faith that grows and takes over people’s minds where there is irrationality and ignorance.”


  102. Clinton balanced the budget with accounting tricks alone? Which accounting tricks? I think this is the same as the claim that he is to blame for the housing crisis. NO he isn’t. Sure he had lending programs put in place that made it easier for some people to buy homes BUT he had regulations in place to prevent shady loans and BUSH removed all those checks and balances.

    Those must have been some fancy accounting tricks. And the economy was horrible under RAYGUN…we had middle class people in my neighborhood at the local mall wearing signs saying “I work for food” during his reign of pain. Obama lurved him some Raygun and we’re going to be seeing more ex middle class beggars under him.

    I don’t believe the b.s. that this is all Clinton’s doing. He didn’t do everything perfectly but, we certainly were indeed better off despite the republicans trying to rape every middle class person and the poor.

    And no these revisions to S.S. ARE NOT going to do a damn thing for the people or the country. Neither is extending the Bush tax cuts. ALL that is doing is pandering to the uber wealthy while stepping on the throats of the working class and poor even more.

    It’s just nonsense to buy into the Wall St. meme that says “If it wasn’t for that entitlement program Social Security America would be out of debt!” No if it wasn’t for the FRAUD committed by stealing banksters and congress we wouldn’t be where we are right now. They always find cash for their pet projects.

    The Ayn Rand crowd would have us all living like a scene from “Lord of the Flies”

    If America really is a country that sees the elderly as a burden and believes tax cuts for the rich are not to be touched then I’m starting to wonder what kind of country we really are at the heart of the matter. FDR’s programs SAVED this country from a time of dire crisis. If they go ahead with this then they are absolutely craven sociopaths. Cutting medicaid and medicare will be next. Just go ahead and die old people so these fat cats can say they balanced the budget.

    I’ll take Clinton’s so called accounting tricks over this heartless bunch of money grubbers and thieves.

  103. I can hardly believe that the “Budget Surplus” that Clinton left for the Bush/Republicans was due to an “accounting trick”.

    The Republicans would have used it as a hammer, instead of squandering like pearls before swine.

  104. Herlo, don’t you just love and want to follow intolerant people who demand tolerance?

  105. Don’t you know, Alice? EVERYTHING is Bill Clinton’s fault. Even cavities.

  106. atl,

    I would just like to know how much more disenfranchisement of the middle-class that both parties should be allowed to do – by picking the pockets of the middle class, getting caught doing it, and then basically calling the middle-class “tit-sucking thieves”?

    I’m with Uppity, making excuses for the abusers blaming the victims and trusting them to “heal us” is more like Stockholm Syndrome than logic.

  107. Uppity, I just have to admit that I am totally confused by the illogical logic and irrational rationale. 😯

  108. P.S. Uppity. I used to fall for it. It’s how I kept “victimizing” myself with illusion.

  109. A comment about the Catfood Commission, but first a bit of history. When Social Security was started, it worked very simply by raising money on workers now to pay for the present retired. And that worked for the first 40 to 50 years. But then in the 1980s, the government was looking at the future retirement of the baby boomers and how high the FICA rate would have to be to have those future workers pay for the baby boom retirement. So a solution was found, the rates for social security was raised enough so that by paying extra ahead now, there would be enough money set aside to pay for the baby boomers retirement. This is the money that the government has been “borrowing” from itself and giving itself “IOUs”. And now the government has a problem, it has come to depend on all that extra money. So now they want to raise the amount of income that is taxed and cut benefits, because we are rapidly approaching the time when the amount collected will equal the amount that has to be paid out — and then what will the government do without that extra amount to spend that they don’t have to officially raise regular taxes to get. A bigger question that how much we would have to raise FICA taxes to pay for the SS payments to the retirees, is what is the government going to do to make up the shortfall of the FICA overpayments that they have been spending each year.

  110. Yes, I get that about FICA and what they have done. The issue is that S.S. money should not have been used and dipped into to fund wars and any other pet project the backers of these parties wanted to see happen. The strings being pulled here and the ridiculous meme that it’s the working class and poor to blame for this debt and they should be punished and have to sacrifice is a lie.

    They know perfectly well that even a twenty percent reduction in military spending would have had us totally out of debt. I’m talking about those outsourced contracts to people who are under NO rules conducting operations. I am also talking about twelve thousand dollar hammers and bail outs to bankers for zero in return. They are NOT putting that money back into the economy because lending has not increased at all. It’s to line their own pockets and give them all golden parachutes while WE are being told to work more years, give up benefits, take no cost of living increases, and have medicare cut for the least among us.

    I am sorry but, this is disgusting. This is exactly the way the Nazi’s sold their plans too. Blame the victims for the economy woes while the top two percent laugh all the way to the bank.

  111. Also There is only a need to eliminate the FICA cap on taxes to the Fund. That would solve the 1.9% shortfall anticipated to occur in 2037. The NYT has an article on this today trying to sell this cut to the villagers and the villagers judging from the comments section are not buying it.

  112. I’m not saying that what they did by borrowing the surpluss is ok by any means, what I am saying is that the solutions that they are coming up with are supposedly to get new money to put aside for the large amount of baby boomers when they retire. But any solutions that involves putting money aside will only be spent the same way that the extra that we are currently paying is being spent on other things. I think that the only solution that doesn’t do that is to only raise the amount that is taxed by enough each year to pay for that year’s social security expense. Any extra money that is collected will simply disappear as all the earlier money has. And I say this as a mid to late baby boomer.

  113. I kinda think that if there were the 2.2 trillion in the pot, it would sure shore it up for the baby boomers coming up. That’s the point, really. They took TRILLIONS out of the pot and now they want you and me and anybody they can find to put it back FOR them, leaving their IOUs useless. It’s kind of like robbing a bank to pay back the other bank you robbed.

  114. well, clinton balanced the budget, my answer is: he used accounting tricks – and then their answer is: well, so did reagan.

    Really? 😯 Reagan balanced the budget? When?

    But after his initial victories on tax cuts and defense, the revolution effectively stalled. Deficits started to balloon, the recession soon deepened, his party lost ground in the 1982 midterms, and thereafter Reagan never seriously tried to enact the radical domestic agenda he’d campaigned on. Rather than abolish the departments of Energy and Education, as he had promised to do if elected president, Reagan added a new cabinet-level department–one of the largest federal agencies–the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    source: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/features/2001/0301.green.html

    was watching Vamp Diaries and now off to get something to eat. Then maybe a few celebratory b’day cocktails.


  115. And of course, this is more recent:



  116. Actually, people forget that Reagan increased the debt by more than all the previous presidents combined. Oh they love to paint that guy as a saint. It’s really annoying. He was kinda cute though and at least he didn’t trash everyone’s retirement but then anybody who invested remembers the crash of 87, also known as Black Monday. Vividly. The market crashed like a plane on fire. So I do wish they would stop pretending the guy was jesus christ.

  117. Happy Birthday, Fredster!

  118. From Herlocaust’s link: “….but also knowing that he’s gotten what’s coming to him. “

    Oh, no…… no, no, no…. he hasn’t seen anything yet, no way has he gotten yet what’s coming to him, what he deserves. His transgressions are so great, whatever he gets for the rest of his life won’t even be enough….

  119. From Herlocaust’s link: “….but also knowing that he’s gotten what’s coming to him. “

    Oh, no…… no, no, no…. he hasn’t seen anything yet, no way has he gotten yet what’s coming to him, what he deserves. His transgressions are so great, whatever he gets for the rest of his life won’t even be enough….

    You don’t mess with Mother Nature Hillary!

  120. I swear to god, the cat rolled over and plopped his paw on the keyboard and messed with my post – sorry about the duplicate!

  121. I dunno, Fredster. I love you but……….crooksandliars is about as close to the crumbling left cliff as it comes.

  122. Ronnie was no saint to me. I had too many friends with AIDS and remember reign not very fondly at all. And he certainly didn’t balance any budgets either. That’s a fallacy too. he was a little old actor without a clue. Then we had Nancy with her “Just Say No” debacle. I still can’t get over Obama droning on about his admiration for Raygun…I was certain the progs would get a clue when he said that. I was totally wrong about that.

  123. Well we could use some more of Clinton’s accounting “tricks” because we had a surplus. And even the Republicans say we did because Newt the Pillsbury Doughboy likes to say he made it happen.

  124. lahana the amount that is taxed ONLY needs to be raised the 1.9 percent I quoted in your solution. These other measures do not need to be taken at all. It’s a war on the middle class and the poor. I am at the tail end of the baby boom and one of those who will be in the raise the retirement age bracket. NO ONE is going to hire out of work fifty something year old people…many of those people are already in poor health and including those who have worked and paid into this system their whole lives in these cuts is inhumane. While at the SAME time they give breaks to the top two percent richest people in the country. it’s absolutely inexcusable. And really truth be told there are LOTS of places the money could come from but, then the big corporate backers would have to pay their share and that’s not going to happen. So the “story” being sold to people is that S.S. is in huge trouble and it’s the burden of the working people to fix it. To that I say it is utter b.s.

  125. I think the people who are younger (the ones who voted for BO anyway) should have the rules changed for them, and we should be left alone.

    They can retire at 80, have more taken out of their checks for social security starting now, and have their medical care ruined with O’Care their whole adult lives so they actually die at 70. The country can save lots of money.

    But I absolutely feel that pensions for congress people should be done away with. I believe even serving 1 2-year term gets them special benefits, and it’s not right. For heaven’s sake, they don’t even work as many hours as the rest of us do. If they have to live on social security in retirement as the rest of us, they might approach the issue in a more fair minded manner.

    And we have to find a way to get them to pay back that money. I’m always telling people, they don’t know about the theft.

  126. Great post Uppity. Oh how I wish those that are at fault would be held accountable, but I don’t think that will ever happen. Even if we found a way to take all of their assets it would probably be a drop in the bucket……I’m sure their best assets are safely offshore after all.

    Personally I’d be willing to consider a lot of things to shore up SS and to pay off our massive debt……….but I’d have to see seriousness in DC as far as spending cuts and balancing the budget first. Then any money intended for SS, Medicare, or to repay the debt would have to be kept away from Congress…..in a Gore lock box or just someplace secure. I couldn’t support anything short of that, fool me once…..oh darn I wish I could remember how Bush flubbed that, LOL!! In any event it was funny.

    Happy Birthday Fredster!!!!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day. Good luck with the move. BTW I strongly suggest a long hair min-doxie. I happen to have one and she is an absolute doll.

  127. I like your solutions lorac!

    Hillary wanted people to have access to the same health care and benefits that congress gets. Maybe that’s why they had to take her out.. asshats.

    My dad always said he should have run for congress. He’d say “Seriously! What kind of a job is it that after only six years you can retire and get a full pension with benefits.” lol he was so right.

  128. They can retire at 80, have more taken out of their checks for social security starting now, and have their medical care ruined with O’Care their whole adult lives so they actually die at 70. The country can save lots of money.

    LOL! It WOULD serve the little pricks right, wouldn’t it?

  129. Frankly Lorac, I can’t imagine why I am looking out for them but for the fact that they are so fucking clueless. Really, I should just ignore the whole thing and let them find out the hard way.

  130. Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about this new world order. I still believe that’s why Kennedy was assassinated and always will believe it. Eisenhower gave him an earful. I remember both of their speeches of warning. I think I posted them here quite awhile ago. I was reading the comments about Kennedy at an article where they released never before seen photos of Kennedy on the campaign trail, and some little pissant made a crack about how he wasn’t such a hot president because he never did much. I wanted to answer him and ask him how much HE would do with less than two years in a presidency before somebody KILLED you, you little shit. Anyways, I am going to try to dig up those videos again. I was a young puppy then, but I remember him well. I was old enough to know him. He reminded me of my father and I adored him. JFK did something that hasn’t been done in a long time. He made Americans feel good about being American. We could use a little of that right now.

  131. ….and the man who informed JFK instead of thwarting him because he was in the Wrong party. A nobel man and his last speech, with a very pointed warning.

  132. I wonder what IKE and JFK would say if they saw what is being done to their beloved country today?

    And I wish one of them were President today. I’ve posted these two videos. I think everyone should see them.

  133. Thank you for your rant, Uppity. You said it very well.

    Happy birthday Fredster.

    The New Deal, The Great Society, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, those are some of the reasons I remained a Democrat for 40+ years – until 2008.

    Thank you for posting JFK’s words once more. It made me cry to remember a time when presidents were actually statesmen and cared about the American people.

    It is ironic that JFK warned us and then Teddy shafted us and got us the empty suit who is carrying water for this same cartel. To paraphrase JFK: the trumpet is truly calling us again.

  134. While I had seen the JFK warning I had never seen Ike’s warning. Thank you. Another great man. I’m with you, I wish one of them was at thelm right now.

  135. UW – you’re right to care about the younger ones, the best thing is if they would hear rants like this and get a clue – and there’s no chance they’ll get a clue if people like you don’t speak out. I just felt surly and spiteful about those dolts and got it out of my system with a little sarcasm lol

  136. Senneth, Tedward was always the family embarrassment. Cheating in college and never making much of himself. So they got him a job where he could be as dysfunctional as he wanted to and still get away with it. Where else, but Congress? If it weren’t for Jack and Bobby, Teddy would have just hung around and been nothing but a rich daddy’s kid. He rode off their coattails, which I guess is okay, since both of his brothers were murdered trying to serve.

  137. Hey, Uppity, many people are confused about the Social Security funding, its supposed separation from any other programs, like funding wars, and which government officials started “borrowing” from it. Can you and your other knowledgeable posters write a synopsis for We the Not Too Sure People?

    I agree life expectancy is way longer now. If so, doesn’t the interest in the fund these many years help that? If the gov’t. wants to disband Social Security, than will those of us paying into it for decades get our principle with interest back?

    Hot topic, I know. Urgent than we get the facts on this. I for one have no faith in the media or politicians to tell us the truth, and I’m nearing official retirement age.

  138. Texas, I’m not sure what you want me to explain. Yes it is NOT part of the general fund. It is not the same as income tax collected money. It is the account where our SAVINGS go, to accrue interest. It is a kind of retirement fund where the employee gets to put their own money in, but not voluntarily. Medicare, I think, is also it’s own pot. If you look at ANY 1099, you will see what is separated out. In other words, nobody had any business putting that money in the general fund, but that they had the power to do it. In any event, not paying off the IOUs while screaming BANKRUPT! would make it baldfaced theft and baldfaced lying concurrently. These bums are acting like Social Security is welfare off the taxpayers. The only people who pay into that pot are people who are working and it’s a separate pay withdrawal meant for one thing and only one thing. It’s THEIR pot. It’s interest bearing, and to even SUGGEST that gambling that money on wall street is a good idea for ‘reform” is to SCREW every young person in this country. Look at what wall street did to the current retirees who did that. Imagine if they had no social security! The worse part is these young stupid children who have NO life experience or wisdom, think privatizing is a great idea. They will find out down the road how screwed they are. All the people who screwed America in 2008 and 2009, and stole their money are just DROOLING over this. A number of years ago, it was discovered that wall street was bulking trust funds out of their principles with fees up the ying yang. It was just one big party. Now we want to give them a chance to do it again. Someone who privately put their social security into some big shot private fund stand to lose EVERYTHING and the handlers stand to lose NOTHING.

  139. Thanks, Uppity. That helps. I really believe the pols are pushing the idea that it’s a Ponzi scheme and there’s no way a much smaller generation under us mucho many Baby Boomers can “afford” to “support” us. If we’ve been paying into Social Security all our working lives, all us Boomers, it would seem the interest in the account would be enough to see us through. Be most interesting to do a forensic audit of all government agencies–I bet the federal wasted money is way higher than the 2.2 trillion stolen S. S. funds.

    I think we outta keep hollering about this.

  140. Texas, I wait for which honest congress critters come right out and say the truth about that 2.2 trillion. I won’t hold my breath. The biggest “scheme” in congress is………congress.

  141. Just heard Uppity Woman spoken about.

  142. Did it start with “That Sonuva…”?

  143. Noooooooo….she talked about the great job you are doing as a blog writer.

  144. No FF, I would say Herlo is sans accent.

  145. Yes I heard her McN. I was just pulling your chain. I listened to the whole show.

  146. I just wanted to make sure you knew that you are very much admired for what you write about. 🙂

  147. Aw McN……….now I’m shuffling my feet.

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