Sarah Haskins-Target Women: Medicine

Sarah Haskinspokes fun at how ludicrous product-pimps focus in on, stereotype and try to sell their crap to women from Tee Vee. 

This time: Big Pharma and their Medicine.


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  1. I would laugh if it wasn’t so damn aggravating. The anti-depressants that cause increased suicidal thoughts and actions- aren’t they great????
    Side effects- the cure is worse than the disease.

  2. Mom, I always loved that ad for the acne medication. Every time I saw it, all I could think of was, “He’s dead but at least his face cleared up”.

  3. If anyone ever listened to the warnings these commercials list, they’d never put a tablet, capsule, caplet or syrup in their mouth again. Last night I heard for something to “cure” the “horrible symptoms of menopause”. I swear to goddesses everywhere, I wanted to kill myself just listening to them. (And I went through “the change” 10 years ago with nothing more than a couple of power surges and some headaches – or maybe it was the flu.)

  4. leslie, ever see those “Have a happy period” commercials? WTF? Are these people out of their minds?

  5. I didn’t view the video yet but i wanted to tell you this when you wrote about wal mart because i feel guilty i did not say something but it was sooo funny, I could not speak. But wal mart helps me a lot with my glaucoma prescriptions. You would not believe how much Xlantin costs. An amount the size of my fingernail costs about $125.00. Walmart has generics for FOUR DOLLARS. I use Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution USP. Four dollars. And they offer a lot of those drugs. Also in my practice my clients could work there, take leaves and wal mart would take them back when they were ready to work again, no questions asked. And they could move to any city with a wal mart and get a job there which came in handy in custody fights. Lots of street women get started there. I know women have a suit against them but in towns like Dodgeville and even Janesville, women are the managers and heads of dept.s They do promote from within. The trade off is bad pay and no benefits for the worker level although it is better in management. I think that certain stores had problems and there is probably some systemic abuses. I am just saying the other side. I know it is bad conditions but I often wonder if the union opposition is not manufactured by their competitors. Really has anyone compared conditions to Target and Kohls? Are the wages and benefits better there? I was pretty grateful for the cheap drugs.

  6. Green that’s not the first story I heard about walmart meds prices. The problem with it is they drive all other pharmacists out of business. Wherever they go, businesses tank, people get laid off and walmart hires them on the cheap because they have nowhere else to go. What they do with drugs they do with toothpaste and everything else. They buy in such volume, they strongarm suppliers, who then are forced to pay their employees less because they aren’t making as much money. Walmart is a circle that is very effective at completing itself. People earn less and must buy cheaper, so it’s off to walmart. One day, the walmarts of this world might be the ONLY place where you can get things. then of course, they will be free to charge whatever they want.

    And so you can see long term what I mean when I say that they single handedly set the pace for lowering the standard of living in the USA.

  7. Of course, if walmart were unioinized, they would be more expensive. That wouldn’t help the working poor at all of course. But at least they could have a conscience, and they don’t. They have been nailed for the most horrendous of behaviors and their fines amount to piss in a bucket for them. I remember back in the mid 90s when they had 4000+ little sweat shops in China, pumping out those trinkets. God knows how many they have now.

  8. You mean those small town pharms that won’t give out the morning after pill or even birth control pills? Or the wal greens? I am not arguing – I am thinking — because I see your point. But I am in the circle right now and know a lot of people in the circle. It is very crowded in here. Those small shops in china and mexico COULD be fair trade places if we had decent treaties instead of come rape the working class treaties.

  9. UW ~ yes, they are out of their minds, but they are giggling and laughing all the way to the bank .

  10. leslie, exactly. They are snorting at women.

  11. I don’t know about small towns, Green, but I do know that there are pharmacies that reduce in number when Walmart shows up, small or big town. They put people out of work, then they hire them for peanuts. I never had an experience with the morning after pill since I made sure my tubes were tied long ago. So I have no idea how many pharmacists do that to women, whether it’s a large or small number of them. Frankly, I never understand how a pharmacist could have a legal right to refuse to sell a legal drug. Just another reaosn why religion has no business in lawmaking or anybody’s life who doesn’t want to hear it. I think freedom of religion is important and so is freedom not to believe in somebody else’s religion or doctrine. None of this excuses what walmart is up to, long term.

  12. UW, if you’re around, I just put in a comment with links, and Zeke reached out from Canada and put me in spamland…

  13. Here’s the list of the meds Walmart covers for the $4 program – if a drug isn’t listed, people should always ask about it, because there is another group of meds that are discounted, just not this much. Also, you should always check online for updated lists, because they frequently add/change what’s on the list.

  14. This is a nice website – gives access (urls, some pdfs) to the discount med programs at lots of pharmacies (some regional) (Rite Aid, Walgreen, etc all have discount programs, $4-$9/month)

    I always encourage people to check the different lists, because not all pharmacies have all the same drugs. The other day, someone needed a drug, and Rite Aid had it for $8.99/month, but neither Walmart nor Target had it on their discount list

  15. I chopped it up, so spammy didn’t get grabby!

  16. k lorac, I will delete the other post.

    Three links and the system thinks you are a spammer.

  17. This is in the comments at Big Pink – LOL at the last paragraph

    Sweaty Elbow
    By John Batchelor on November 28, 2010 at 11:00 AM in Current Affairs

    Editor’s Note: This is a must-read by John Batchelor, on whose show Larry Johnson tonight will join a lively discussion of these events. (Instructions on how to listen are at the end of this post.

    Information from Washington that POTUS has twelve stitches from an elbow in a childlike basketball game. My information from sources is that both Tokyo and Seoul asked for a counter strike within the first hours of the 11/23 artillery barrage, and both were “ridiculed” for the request and elbowed aside by the US national security apparatus, chiefly the mouthpiece Tom Donilon. The GW deployment was scheduled some two months back. No significance.
    On Tuesday, Beijing initially kept mum, waiting for POTUS Obama to respond. My information is that POTUS showed himself indifferent on the matter.

    Beijing then protested the deployment, though it was long scheduled.

    POTUS plays basketball while North Asia schemes.

    What to learn from this? Obama has no natural curiosity in Asia. POTUS has two gears: he is either a frantic campaign performance artist or a routine White House slouch who punctuates his smoke breaks with meaningless and sweaty male games played by middle-aged men.

  18. This is something to watch. It could affect all of us.



  19. UW – can people click on pdf urls on blogs? When I click on the pdf urls I posted, my IE stops working. I don’t know if it’s me, or what. Maybe interested people should just go to the 3rd url, from where they can go to the medication lists and get the pdf themselves…..?

  20. POTUS wants us all to say Awwwwwwwwwww for his fat lip boo boo so POTUS can dominate the news and nobody will think about the war he is deliberately letting start up until POTUS’ fat lip is all better now and it’s too late. POTUS is nothing but a churlish baby constantly sucking his thumb and alternately playing with his toys. And this is what we have NOT running the country during the greatest period of unrest since WWII. POTUS is going to be a war president and thinks he’s going to simper along, cowtowing to fascists while it’s happening. POTUS is about to become the most unpopular president since Jimmy Carter. And that takes some doing. Nobody can be this inept and uncaring unintentionally.

  21. lorac, your pdf file worked fine for me. Clear your cache. Reboot.

  22. OT – I think Megyn Kelly is very sharp. On Big Pink, someone posted this link – turns out she has been in her 20s! She just turned 30. Amazing.

  23. Oh, thanks, UW, I knew you’d know the answer. I keep the pdfs on my work flash drive, so I’m able to access them – I was just checking them on the blog to make sure others could access them, and I got worried they might crash people’s computers!

    But I’ll do those things you said, to give my computer a nice Sunday cleaning lol

  24. lorac, adobe pdf has got to be the worst application that ever existed and they keep pimping it. Besides that, they are invasive and CONSTANTLY trying to “update”. in fact, i shut them down and they can’t update a damned thing on my computer. When my pdf files stop working, I’ll update them on a Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You basis. Horrible stuff. I remember for awhile there, search engines allowed you to view any pdf in html. That seems to have gone away. Probably paid off or something, because just about everybody hates that ass dragging, computer freezing pdf file when they see it coming. Given a choice, they’d ditch it.

  25. I agree on kelly. And I also thought she was older. She can handle herself and she knows how to handle the boys in the band easily. I will never forget when she chewed up bill burton and spit his sweaty face out. Wait….let me find that…

  26. Bahahahaha. Straightened out his snotty, crooked mouth. And would you listen to the Obama promises bullshit?

  27. This one’s even better.

  28. I just wanted to say that this thread and comments are truly exhilarating for me.

    The depth of insight, candor and passion are so inspiring.

    I truly believe ALL women have the instinct and real-life experience to recognize the truths being spoken here.

    Being socialized “conditioned” for so long, by so many fronts – layers and layers of “This is you – walk this way and all will be well” still works.

    Remember the socialite woman in Iron-Jawed Angels that was so comfortable in her role as wife, mother and as ‘recognized, highly respected woman in the community, she couldn’t afford to be associated with women fighting for the right to vote?

    She was “intrigued” – also known imo as “instinctively knew” that they were not only right, but that her life had also been “defined for her” – no matter how “rewarding” it was with the benefits of luxury she enjoyed.

    She was one of the women that tried to sneak around in her devoting of time and money in support of the cause.

    She, too, however, ended up “coming out” and going to prison – with those she originally had “nothing in common”.

    I believe there is a grassroots swell for women’s rights occurring that appears so fragmented that it will never happen.

    The woman I described in the film are everywhere, from all walks of life.

    Their instincts are not only intact, I no longer underestimate their “intrigue”.

    Thanks for this thread, Uppity, and all who commented!

  29. I totally knew it was for that thread – immediately! and I agree!

  30. All I could think of when I heard the poor Barky had a boo boo was that with any other president the comedians would be running over one another to make fun of his ineptness (on and off the fake basketball court). With BOO BOO Barky – those crickets are working overtime. Barky dribbles while Rome burns.

    As to the wonderful pharmaceutical ads, the lead up to an early menopause almost killed me and those commercials still annoy the heck out of me. I have not seen them advertising those lovely GnRH Agonists yet – but I am sure their time will come. Maybe they could do a tie in with the prostate people.

  31. OT – from His44 comments:

    The Guardian has a website for people to browse the released cables..

  32. UW – pdfs always seem kind of clean and contained to me – but I know they’re not perfect. Besides what you said, on some printers they take FOREVER to print!

    Maybe why I’ve liked them is because I get so frustrated with some websites – they have information I want to pass on, but if you print the page, the whole right side is cut off – websites like that have no option for a clean print of the info. Drives me crazy! I end up having to cut and paste, but of course you can’t do that with the official logo and all at the top (it won’t let you copy it).

    So I guess I feel happy when a pdf option is offered, because then I can cleanly print out the info for patients. If there were another option offered for a clean print, I’d jump on it!

  33. oh thank you lorac

  34. oh god go read those cables – I have got to believe these are plants to make us believe what BO wants us to believe. These are black op lies.

  35. People on different blogs who are comparing the substance of what has been released by wikileaks say that the European press is showing it all, but the NYT is only making some stuff available.

    People are saying this is going to do Hillary in – but I’m not sure. Obviously I haven’t read all the released stuff, and more is to come – but one thing is that apparently she asked US diplomats to “spy” on UN leaders. It seems like her job is to protect the US, and the UN certainly doesn’t really seem like our friend – so how could protecting her country “do her in”?

    Although, of course, there will be some that, no matter what is revealed, will try to make it smear Hillary, especially if it saves their Dear Leader.

    Well, I hope she will be okay. I don’t understand some of these people – if nothing else has shown them the difference between her and The Fraud, the recent events should! The day after Thanksgiving she’s working to deal with the North Korean crisis, but he’s playing basketball – and of course, we wouldn’t have even known he was loafing again if he hadn’t gotten hurt.

    And he gets a cut that would require one stitch for the rest of us, but because he’s so ugly and can’t have any more ugliness on his face, they give him 12 by a plastic surgeon to minimize the damage – but the press broadcasts the “12 stitches” like it’s some war wound.

    And I watched those 2 videos UW posted – uggh I can’t stand that slimy Burton. Can’t stand Gibbs, either. Slimy, slimy, slimy. But I guess that’s their job description.

  36. Just now posted in comments at Big Pink – OMG. No link, don’t know where it came from, but the His44 person who posted it always seems very reliable to me.

    This is a supposedly confidential letter from Tom Foremn (aka Foreskin) of CNN to Obama. It shows how CNN and Obama are joined at the hip. This supposedly neutral journalist is so chummy it is sickening.

    Dear Mr. President,

    For the record, I don’t buy it. At least I’m doubtful. Okay, I guess I really just don’t know. But when I hear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton say, as she did again this weekend, that she has no interest in running for President again, I can’t help but feel a little twitchy.

    If there is any consolation for voters tired of being deceived by politicians it may be that at least you all do it to each other, too. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard some politician, when asked about seeking a new or higher office, give a rendition of General Sherman’s famous “If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.”

    The biggest difference is that Sherman meant it, and what many modern pols really mean is “I am not running. At this moment. Probably not before nightfall. I’m testing the waters. Looking for interest. Studying the polls. And if I decide to run later, like say, by 8 a.m. tomorrow, you can’t hold me accountable for saying otherwise.”

    Not to make you uneasy, but I could easily see the kind of perfect political storm that would drive a Draft Hillary movement. First, the economy remains weak. Second, as a result, your approval numbers remain low; maybe low enough that you appear headed for a re-election loss. And third, member of your party who haven’t exactly fallen in love with your policies…liberals, many of the Congressional powers, and moderates… decide to join forces to prevent what they fear will an embarrassing defeat, and Bob’s-Your-Uncle, Hillary becomes the candidate.

    For the moment, of course, there is nothing you can or should do. You have to take it on face value that she means what she says. But Washington is a city driven by real ambition and false modesty. And it’s worth remembering that sometimes the surest sign that a politician is going to run for office, are the repeated assurances that he or she won’t.

    Had a great weekend. Went up to New Jersey for my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday. They had a cake the size of an oil barrel. It was ridiculous and a lot of fun. Did you get out to enjoy the weather at all? I fear the cold is coming, but for now DC is so very nice.

    If you have some minutes, give me a call and I’ll come over for a walk.

  37. I’d like to see the email TO this guy from BO that prompted this response. If this is all true, poor little BO is skeered….


  38. well maybe not – but you have to believe the whole Arab world wants to bomb Iran– so why don’t they unite with Israel?

  39. I mean maybe it is not black ops

  40. Here’s a link to one that mentions Hillary, about the UN data gathering

  41. Here’s where that letter to BO came from, it’s posted on Anderson Cooper’s website (with no seeming comment by him)

    Reporter’s Note: Secretary Clinton says (as she has before) that she does not want to be President. I’m writing my daily letter to the White House (as I have before) saying, really?

    He not only writes a letter to the president, he does it every day ??????????????

    OMG. How can journalists even pretend they are objective, with this type of incestuous behavior going on? Journalism schools should all be “audited” for their curriculum, something is very wrong.


    WASHINGTON – The fate of the largest job bias lawsuit in the nation’s history — a claim that Walmart Stores Inc. shortchanged women in pay and promotions for many years — hinges on whether the Supreme Court will let the class-action case go to trial.

  43. Actually, it probably hinges on whether Walmart donated to BO.

  44. Apparently these letters to the president are PUBLIC “letters” written at the CNN Blog daily. In other words, it’s kind of a lazy column.

  45. Green, the arab world SECRETLY wants Iran blasted off the earth. But if someone, say, Israel, blew them off the face of the earth, the entire Arab world would feign outrage. Truth is I worry about a lot of people in Iran who hate their theocracy as much as the rest of us do. They have been willing to die to stand up for freedom, without any help from anyone. They have been wounded and killed. So we bomb them too?

  46. Okay, what is the Big Pink?

  47. Fredster, it’s this website:

    The webpage is pink, so they call themselves Big Pink.

  48. I had posted this downstairs but since Hillary has be mentioned here I will repost it. She just did the world a large favor and fixed an ongoing problem with Libya.
    will the Hillary haters give her credit? I may not always agree with her but I do give credit to her when it is due. I do admire and respect the lady.



  49. And as The Koreas go to war, and our national security is scrutinized by all….where was Obama?

  50. ff

    There was a basketball game somewhere that he just could not miss. It is a little too cold in Washington right now for golf. Come on important things first.



  51. this a story that brings hope. Women in muslim country standing up for them selves.



  52. Backtrack’s union drops health care for the kids.



  53. Hell Helen, she’s not going to get any credit. Obama will take the credit right from the WH basketball court.

  54. Fredster, Big Pink is always a great read.

  55. so what I see in those leaked documents is Clinton saying she will not engage Hamas unless they basically start acting like adults. So far, so good.

    And that she desires an improvement in the daily lives of Afghans.

  56. Thanks y’all. I have it bookmarked now.

  57. Gee they must feel as bad as the worshippers at those Jewish Temples that were destroyed. Not to mention that thwarted plot to blow up two synogogues in New York.

  58. You know of course there was major snark there when I posted that. 😉

  59. You know of course there was major snark there when I posted that.

    Say it isn’t so!

  60. Honestly, I *do* feel badly for them having their mosque torched (one room), however, if the kid was talking about this stuff since age 15 who was he talking to? If it was to other muslims at the mosque someone should have opened their mouth, plain and simple.

  61. Me too on the people of Iran Uppity.

    I have read a lot of the releases and i think this stuff should be public – there is nothing in there that has to be secret -background on the great leaders and their egos — do them a world of good to be a little more honest – they want this stuff to be secret the way lawyers don’t want citizens to understand court procedure if you know what i mean by the elite.

  62. Oh boy, here we go again. Wanting to screw with the employer-provided health care benefits.

    They won’t be happy until the U.S. looks like the Black Hole of Calcutta. 😦

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