Woman patted down by TSA after her sanitary napkin showed up on scanner

Show me your period, bitch.

TownCrier sent me another link to this story a few days ago and I was skeptical because the link was obscure and the whole thing just seemed unbelievable. I should have known better. When it comes to degrading women, nothing surprises me any longer with the Chief Enabler in the White House.

While I am all for searches – and/or the body scans – this story out of Europe is a bit much. A female passenger is accusing the TSA agents of assaulting her after she was ordered to be patted down because her reusable sanitary napkin showed up on the body scanner.

The woman – an Army vet – was, as one may expect, “humiliated” by her experience. She was further upset by the fact that the pat down brought back memories of a sexual assault.

She e-mailed GladRags, the makers of her flannel feminine product, to share her story and talked about how the TSA agent lingered in her groin area while fellow passengers, and a TSA agent-in-training looked on.

In the end, it seems the woman made it through security and was able to board the plane, but there is no guarantee this won’t happen again to other women. According to the story, sanitary supplies can be picked up by scanners and do register as unusual.

Here’s the Gladrags blog entry on the story.

Anybody seen NOW?

Have they gathered up 20,000 women with torches and pitchforks to storm DC yet?

I didn’t think so.

Perhaps next, John Kerry, who has invested between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in airport scanners, might want to also invest in body orifice scanners like they use in prisons. I’m sure our government will find that to be a real kick since they are all exempt. Not that it would even bother us more, considering congress and the president have been sticking it up our butts for two years now.

……And now we know how it is they all seem to get so rich during these hard times. They invest and then they make laws that guarantee their stocks will thrive. You and I would go to jail for that.

h/t TheTownCrier and AnnE.


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  1. New TSA Warning: Traveling While Female Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health. If You Are Female, Please Consider Staying Home, Barefoot, and Pregnant So As Not To Slow Down Penis-Enhanced Travelers.

  2. When did John Kerry turn into a terrorist?

    This all amounts to terrorism!

    “Terrorism for Dollars.”

  3. UW and Madamab, what about all those men with penile implants?

    Is TSA making those men take their artifical limbs out of their body for inspection??????

  4. This gets sicker and sicker by the minute. What the hell is wrong with this country?

  5. This “treatment” is the main reason I will never fly again. I wouldn’t even go to my daughter’s wedding in Cuba because it meant a stopover in the U.S. (I babysat her dogs for her for the week) Now I’m hearing that it has spread to our government as well, so no more flights for me.

  6. OMFG!!! McNorman your link OMG!!!

    Has anyone seen the new undergarments with the fourth amendment printed on them in metallic ink?? Those are really cool and the wording shows up clearly in a full body scan, sort of a perfectly legal middle finger to the government.

    is that for real? If it is what irony. Get sexually assaulted and get arrested for enjoying it.

  8. Kewl on the underwear! UW, I think you should a link to the store on your site.

  9. Here is a link to the undergarments


  10. Somebody…it was bound to happen.

  11. Someone needs to make some “Stop Staring At My Junk” panties and briefs.

  12. The xrays on the link for the special underwear threw up a red flag for me. The backers of these scanners say there isn’t much risk of them causing cancer because they only scan skin deep. But you can see all the people’s bones underneath the skin. I’d say that’s more than skin deep!

  13. You know, I spent all last week sitting outside of Best Buy in Florida, 2 measly miles from FF’s house, waiting for FF to come pick me up. She never showed!

    Then I spent all day today waiting in The Other Place, and no one showed up, not even NES!

    Maybe I need a new hairstyle or something! lol

  14. Did you have a hard time dragging the 50″ plasma home?

  15. Oh, DE, I couldn’t do it. And it was going to be a present for FF, but since she preferred to spend her time doing artwork instead of picking me up, I fought the crowds a SECOND time to get it back inside. Got my money back, spent it on a train ticket home (wasn’t about to get groped on an airplane!) So FF could have had that big TV (actually, it was the better kind than plasma), so it’s her own darn fault!

    lol I wonder if this is how novelists get stories started – just pick out an imaginary event, and then start embellishing the story lol

  16. lol – from His44 essay

    ….as anyone who has followed Big Media protection, JournoLister protection of Barack Obama, knows – nuclear secrets and the national safety are not as well protected as data which documents Barack Obama’s life.

    Hey Julian! How about a WikiLeaks on all the missing Obama records? Now that is real spy vs. spy, Mad magazine territory.

  17. Lorac YOU are an absolute riot!

  18. Aw, thanks DE lol

    But shhhhh! Don’t say the word “riot” because people trash the place when they are rioting, and UW will think I am trashing HERE! I’m on Double Super Secret Probation lol

  19. lorac, ssssshhh on The Other Place.

    Sheesh, since there’s little flirting here tonight, I’m going to continue working.

  20. DE, I nominate you for the artisanal task of making the panties and briefs.

  21. Where’s UW? No doubt eating ribs in The Other Place.

    Btw, are boys allowed in The Other Place? Bet DE would want in.

  22. I’ll be over at the “Hee Man Woman Haters Club”….1600 Penn.

  23. DE you don’t belong there. Wait – I know, you’ve become a secret envoy for Hillary, and you’re going over there to get the secret details of the sexist pigs (and piggesses)! Steer clear of Scooter Libby and Karl Rove, report directly to Hillary……. and please tell her to come see us 🙂

  24. 137a14tl2. Whereas Uppity blog writers and Uppity attorneys and Uppity DEs are immensely creative, intelligent, and sexy;

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    137a14tl4. Whereas The Other Place is a place for hedonistic, secret pleasures, exciting banter, and mind and body exercises;

    137a14tl5. The party of the first part welcomes the party of the 2nd part, but charter rules absolutely forbid Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetero, aka Lazy Incompetent Idiot, from any presence on the property, be it physical or even the mere mention of his name (whatever it really is).

    See, NES, the water’s fine! lol

    (although each time DE returns from 1600, all the women will have to give him an enhanced pat down to make sure he’s safe to enter.)

  25. Darn! Here I am working my butt off, writing up the legal description of the place, sending out invitations, making sure the bouncers know who can’t enter…..

    ….. and here I am, while everyone else is already there except me!


  26. Dammit Lorac your hands are cold.

  27. you gotta register or you can’t do squat, lorac.

  28. I do all the male pat downs.

  29. Thanks somebody. I’m posting on that in the AM. I think it’s just the ticket. Everybody should wear them.

  30. NES, post in the AM on that story.

  31. I dont buy that ejaculation story. the site looks sleazy to me. Did you hear the audio at the link? Sounds like a dripping bathroom faucet or something.

  32. I thought the ejaculation story was a joke. But then, I thought the sanitary napkin [my son told me it was a tampon, which didn’t sound right] was an exaggeration. But on the ejaculation story site I picked this up:

    “A TSA spokesperson says anyone ejaculating during a pat-down will be arrested! ”

    This has got to be a joke. Or . . . we are in far more trouble than we ever dreamed. And now, of course, I’m laughing.

    It’s a joke, right???

  33. Peggy Sue, it just goes to show you how convoluted TSA has gotten. We can’t even tell if something that would be regarded as absurd a year ago is true or not.

  34. Wait, wait! No ejaculation during a pat down. Shite, that really interferes with Fredster’s strategy for dealing with the TSA. Fredster?

  35. lorac, you have to amend the bylaws of The Other Place to also exclude Meanchelle.

  36. Next up, TSA will be asking females with menstrual items to remove and display, since they look like they could be dangerous items alright.

    Same goes for penile implants, Buttered (@ 3:34). They may just have to come swinging out so that all TSA agents remain calm and assured. They may still want to manhandle these devices just to be sure, because you know, you can never be too safe.

    TSA still won’t be changing their gloves. But the people can put their items back into place and go about their business as usual afterwards.

  37. So much pornography at the airport these days. I think airports should now be rated on a scale of NC-17 to XXX, depending on the graphicness of TSA performances.

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