Fredster does Uppity

Okay get your head out of the gutter. Not THAT kinda Do.

Fredster made and Uppity video. Now I want to go on record right now, I would never kill someone or run an oblivious third-waver over. Unless, of course, the person was breaking into my home. Than all bets would be off.

I might break a few of of her fingernails, though, which would probably be considered even more serious, especially if there is a party that night.  Besides, this is all moot, because there IS no Third Wave. But it’s fun for them to pretend there is.

Here’sssssss Fredster’s work. Envision a Third Waver visiting the blog, why don’t you.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. Fredster, that’s a riot, although I think Uppity would be better off siccing the dog – rather than warming up the car. Dogs are so much cheaper to feed and why waste good gas.
    Still chuckling.

  2. These are too good! I still love that one Anthony did where Donna Brazile was having a conversation with Chris Matthews!! I so wish I could find it again!

    This one captures the third wave Obama love fest perfectly. Throwing away their own rights with both hands while making fun of the second wavers. And that Uppity response was perfect too. love it!

  3. Oh Lord! “Break a few of her fingernails” ROFL!
    Or you could smash her cell phone so she can’t text!

  4. Is there a YouTube version?

    I want to repost it at TC

  5. PMM, great idea about the cell phone – they appear to be lost without them so could cause a nervous collapse – a day without texting and IM-ing would be like a day without sunshine (to paraphrase an old commercial).

  6. No and there probably shouldn’t be. I will be accused of plotting murder by these yahoos or some such shit. I wouldn’t want it there. DO YOU HEAR THAT DE?

    You can code it from vodpod though. Do you know how?

  7. Let me try to post my code here and see if it works for you. Hold on.


    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  9. Fredster, this is brilliantly funny! I love it!

  10. (((((uppityville)))))

    Love the vids, ALL of them

    ASafe and wonderful weekend to all

    Stay Warm, this global warming MAY arrive one of these winters. Al should have his head in the sand, there is so much SNOW on our Continent and winter hasn’t officially arrived.

  11. I have no CLUE why I’m Michelina51—-but OK, wordpress must have been drinking someday last month

  12. I’m michelina, the 51 was my age when I started being a regular around here.

  13. Michelina, are you logged in via a blog?

  14. michelina, we all recognize your avatar and your unique way of sending us all hugs, so not to worry.

  15. just looked at your last ten comments, some are with the 51 and some are not. This tells me WP knows Michelina51 when you are logged in somwhere on WP. When you are not, you are typing in Michelina without the 51, right?

  16. WP is recognizing her avatar and she’s 51, probably to the avatar poeple, which is owned by WP.

  17. I gotta learn how to do those videos so I can write scripts. lol.

  18. Fredster that is great.

    backtrack and meeechelle are not invited to Prince William and Kate’s wedding.
    It will not be safe to visit the white house until at least May. Danger of flying objects.

    It would make my day if Bill and Hillary were invited.



  19. NBC reports that nancy can not make the tax signing. Has scheduling conflict.

    maybe a botox appointment.



  20. That’s why nancy took that cosmetic surgery tax out of the health care bill. She didn’t want to part with a dime.

  21. Uppity: These are fairly simple to create. You can buy points to add more characters and stuff, but I went for the cheap. 😉 Really, I just decided to try to make one of these things on the spur of the moment when I found the site. I added the belch because I wanted to try a sound effect and so I decided that’s because Uppity just had PIE! 😆

  22. This is one of my favorite ones,

    Every art show we’ve ever been to is just like this.

  23. DE: Seems like a different “robot” voice for one of the bears. I like that.

    Filthy Freaks

    The organization that brought down Craigslist’s “erotic services” section is targeting another alleged online under-aged sex traffic enabler — Village Voice Media’s

    Read more:

  25. DE, that one is very poignant. 😦

  26. Fredster give me a link I want to take a look

  27. Uppity: Here ya go:

  28. myiq: Nope no youtube. I really didn’t want it to go that far. I was just playing around trying xtranormal out to see what was what. If I hadn’t been doing this in the early a.m. I would have thrown in something about bitter knitters and clingy. 😉

  29. DE – love your video as well. Back in the day, I used to frequent the Pottery Guild, and I heard the same kind of claptrap by people wanting to get something for nothing. I think I’ve told you before, but I have a mug from the Pottery Guild that I bought in 1973. I still have it and it’s the only mug that I use for my morening libations, be it tea or coffee. I was really upset when my ex dropped it (he shouldn’t have been using it, I am very possesive about certain things) and he chipped the handle. I cannot remember how much I paid for it, but I was kidded about being a fool, yet here I am over 30 years later, using the same mug and I can’t tell you how many people who asked me where I got it. It’s truly beautiful. I also have several plates, which I hang on the wall, and several serving dishes, so I understand what the video is all about. One other thing, I had a first edition of a Salvador Dali coffeetable book. I made the mistake of having a garage sale, and the former partner put it out without asking me. Someone offered him a dollar for it – the book was worth several hundreds of dollars at the time. He refused. The book disappeared. Someone stole it before I realized what had happened. There are crass opportunitists everywhere, and I’m glad you don’t cave into them.

  30. HT: Wow! You think the former did that deliberately?

  31. Hey Fredster, MyIQ put up your video.

  32. Oh boy… 😦

  33. LOL. Stop. It’s cute.

  34. Don’t worry. If they don’t like it, they’ll blame it on me. lol.

  35. Fredster, as you know I’ve got incredibly bad taste in men as partners. I have no idea whether he did it deliberately, however as the SOB cost me around 100K, one wonders. And BTW, the second who did this was the father of my gruesome twosome, so he didn’t just screw around with me.
    The Dali book was a treasure – given to me by a friend for Xmas many years ago. The Friend contracted aids and died. I would never have let that book go, because it was a reminder of what love is all about. Does that answer your question?

  36. Well I just put this over at TC:

    Hey myiq: I did this as a jest, finding the xnormal site after some folks published their toons at youtube and I saw them elsewhere.

    I didn’t mean for this to really be put out on other blogs. In retrospect I should have just sent uppity an email with the link.

    I would appreciate it if you would take this down now. Sadly, there may be some folks out there who might believe that uppity would really run over someone. (she wouldn’t).


    If *you* are comfortable with it being out there I’ll withdraw my request.

  37. LMAO! I love it!

  38. HT: Heh…sounds deliberate to me.

  39. i’ve had people say worse about me, Fredster. If you aren’t comfortable with it, then by all means, it’s your choice. It’s your video. i guess I’m on the fence with it, thinking what fool would actually think that. But then we know how many times we’ve been called racist when we weren’t. The regressives are serious squirrels. Not that they matter any longer. Obviously Obama doesn’t think so.

  40. Thanks WMCB. Just wish myiq had included my text to keep the nutbags off our backs.

  41. Yeah, that would have been nice.

    I’m surprised it’s still playing because I deleted it off the account at xtranormal. Looking at the code, references xtranormal and the file so I figured it would give an error.

  42. It’s in vodpod. You didn’t have to delete it.

  43. DE

    That video is just sooooo true. I have attended local art fairs with my neighbors and lets just say I often go off on my own. Many act just like this and its beyond embarrassing. And yes, the invariably they are drawn to items that look like someone simply took old prizes from Cracker Jacks, strung them together and added glitter.

  44. Just for fun, here is a link that came my way via some non koolaid drinkers. These little goats are just jumping for joy that they live here and get to celebrate Christmas instead of living with the goat f***er’s.

  45. Yeah I bet those goats walk better now.

  46. It’s in vodpod. You didn’t have to delete it.

    Oh well… 😦

  47. Aunt Uppity loves you, Fredster. And she thanks you for thinking of her for your first vid of that type and it WAS funny.

  48. I’ll make this a blush.


  49. UPPITY
    I was watching lifetime tv and they broadcast a Christmas fact.
    The Baker Family has passed down the same fruitcake for 200 years. I do not know who they are but I never want to be invited for dinner to their house.



  50. 40 Year Old Virgin Actor gets life for planned premeditated murder of his ex girlfrend, whom he stabbed 20 times, is sentenced to “Life In Prison” but will be out in 12 years, possibly 9. And people wonder why others favor the death penalty. Life no longer means Life. This shitbum will be out on the street in less than a decade. Hopefull somebody will stab his ass 20 times first.

  51. Oh oh…better duck and run Helenk…it’s like a cardinal sin to mention FRUITCAKE here!

    Uppity doesn’t allow it on this blog.

  52. From that article:

    Defense attorney Matthew Roberts told jurors in his closing arguments that while there was no denying Malil went too far with the knife, he never intended to kill Beebe.

    Well what the hell was he going to do? Just poke a bit with the end of the knife? Gawd! 🙄

  53. The header changed. Uppity and Woman are going their separate ways and are getting snowed on too.

    Bill is napping on the job of watching over this place.

    Is Up warming up her car? So freaking funny.

  54. Is Up warming up her car? So freaking funny.

    Could be…she’s going after that third waver.

  55. hahahaha! Brilliant!

  56. Yup John. Fredster is a stitch.

  57. “All you think about is your uteruses.” ROTFLMFAO!!

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