A Tale of Two Mayors and a snow storm.

Mayor #1, Mayor Bloomberg, New York, New York.

Billionaire. VIP. Lives in special, rarefied air-space.  The man who is so powerful, he had the term limits law changed just so New Yorkers could have the pleasure of his superior presence.

Here  he is saying Eh! No skin off my nose! Don’t worry! Be happy!  Nice suit! Glad you didn’t get any snow on you, man! Golly you sure are nice and dry! Glad you are providing all those services New Yorkers pay so handsomely for!

And here you are again, nice and dry. Bet you had no problem making it to the conference after your staff cleared a nice clean path for you. Kind of snippy and cranky today aren’t you? Rude comes to mind. I know those damned common people really irritate you.

And I know you said the roads were clear and things were going great and what’s the big deal….. but ..but..but I guess not the common man’s roads.

And here you are again this morning, still dry! My goodness, Mayor, it must not have snowed where you live in NY. So here you are again, exploiting a business and showing everybody how you are on top of things and will do better, now that the country’s TVs are riddled with video of you telling everybody to stop complaining, take in a broadway show!  No doubt that’s what HE is doing.

And then of course, there were all those youtube videos that cropped up showing what things really look like where you don’t live or hang out.
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Mayor #2, Cory Booker, Newark, New Jersey.

Meet Newark’s Mayor Corey Booker. He twittered through the storm and asked people to let him know if they needed any help. They had no idea he meant he would be helping them personally. Then he went and did just that. How many of you envision Micheal Bloomberg doing this?

After a blizzard started blanketing the Northeast on Dec. 26, an event that earned the Twitter hashtag #snowpocalypse, Booker turned the microblogging site into a public-service tool. Residents of the city, which has a population of around 280,000, swarmed Booker’s account (@CoryBooker) with requests for help, and the mayor responded. He and his staff have bounced around Newark shoveling streets and sending plows to areas where residents said they were still snowed in. “Just doug [sic] a car out on Springfield Ave and broke the cardinal rule: ‘Lift with your Knees!!’ I think I left part of my back there,” he reported in one message. One person let Booker know, via Twitter, that the snowy streets were preventing his sister from buying diapers. About an hour later, Booker was at the sister’s door, diapers in hand

He got twittered a lot. Here he is responding to one call personally:

Here he is jogging some months back on a street that doesn’t really exactly look like Park Avenue. let’s just say you would never see Michael Bloomberg hanging out there. I don’t even think Bloomberg’s entourage could fit on this street with him.

Now you see, the people of Newark had some problems in the storm, but they were in a distinctly better mood seeing their mayor act like a human being who was at least trying to help out.

Not so in New York City, where Michael Bloomberg acted like the little people were just annoying the hell out of him and interrupting his  evening cognac.

And the lesson here is: This is the difference between having a human being  vs. an elite, spoiled, overly manicured, short-fused snob — who has no empathy, sympathy or comprehension of  how other people live– in charge of your city, your county, your state, your White House and your life.

This isn’t about the fact that this storm was difficult to handle for everyone. It’s about the attitude of elected officials who think you serve them instead of the other way around.


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  1. The good old Filthy Rich—–can always rely on their readiness to jump right in and do that little extra


    They want to commerorate Reagan with a Coin or Stamp or something—-there is REALLY Something wrong with this country—–Economics 101—TRICKLE DOWN, Massive IMPORTS, doesn’t friken work—-How did we end up with these asshats.


  2. that’s Massive ExPORTS——–and Trickle Down ECONOMICS—take care of the top, and it will trickle down and take care of you—-RIGHT, that’s why this country and a lot of our states are on the verge of bankruptcy, 10% unemployment ect……..

    Asshats !!

    ****Fixit Fairy visited your last post****

  3. sorry, you know what I mean: IMPORTS—-

  4. I know what I mean, but don’t know how to explain it

    Nothing is made here anymore, and I know that has hurt this country a great deal—-Big dawg sorted of started it, but Reagan aka Bush went wild with it——-

  5. I’m talking to myself, better go downstairs

  6. Had never heard of Corey Booker before this storm- but I wish there were a lot more like him (and a lot less like bloomberg and barky)

  7. That Booker looks fab. That is how Jerry Brown started out, Uppity. Like that. What we have out here are fires? You’ve all seen those I’m sure. Haven’t had an earthquake in awhile but one never knows. Immense rain is what we are having now. It’s really something.

    ps: it’s really interesting to see how other states think of CA — you know, when you live here? You are in the middle of it and so you don’t really see? The thing we see is the homeless from other parts of our country. It’s like the 30’s. The politicians need to do a WPA in my opinion, again. Soon.

    When I think of Vermont I think of the fall leaves and the maple sugar candy. I really do. All the states have their own unique flavors. Northern CA is really fab — very scenic.

    The Carolinas look neat too, or Virginia — I like the coasts. Need that! Dunno. If you live on the coast all your life you are just coastal no matter where I guess.

  8. In life, there are those who care, and there are those who don’t.

  9. Well here’s a cute little gift the clean up crew left for Rendell

  10. I’m not a huge Jerry fan, Valentine. He attacked Bill Clinton by insulting hillary in a debate and I never forgot it. Besides, he’s a fossil. a lifetime politician. California needs an injection of something new because if it doesn’t get some new approaches it is going to be begging the rest of us to bail it out and that is simply unfair. California needs to clean up its spending act and i don’t even pretend to know how, but one thing’s for sure, if you keep elected what you’ve always elected, you will keep getting more of the same. I know you love him. he’s all yours but I will tell you this. The rest of America doesn’t want to bail out california’s blatent ongoing stupidity and spending binges.

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