Government Snow Plow.


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  1. Love this graphic! And the mini plow up in the side bar! Weather says we may get some freezing rain- ugh. Oh well, I better look on the bright side- all this precip is recharging the well. I can only hope that all this so early in the season bodes well for an early spring.

  2. Bawaaaak has extended his vacation by another day – for the second time. I say fine. I say why not just extend it til 2012?

  3. According to the NY Post, this cleanup mess was a budget protest from the sanitation union.

  4. yeah Tony, I am reading about it at HB: I can’t believe people running these snowplows would take it upon themselves to deliberately hurt the residents, because the Mayor’s ass is grass on this..

    He cut the budgets and hit some people hard with the dept. of sanitation, just like they did here, with the people who help with rat problems, (to use as an example)——-if they did they’re cutting from the TOP and worked down, they might accomplish something, but NO——

    I don’t believe it’s the dept. of sanitation’s fault. I find these people to be dedicated and step up to the plate when needed.

    Just because the Post says it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Maybe the real reason is they are Under-manned for the job—–and like I said, that’s when you call in the Calvary—–EMERGENCY RESPONSE, from your neighbors—like we did in Buffalo, when we had the October storm.

    Buffalo itself, could not handle the damage and casualties by herself, we went to our neighboring counties, cities and national guard.

    What are they going to do when a REAL emergency Hits——–and I mean a more deadly one. Bloomberg is not on top of things, he’s the WRONG guy in office.

  5. Michelina, plenty of cities had trouble handling that storm. The difference is in the attitude of their leaders. The people in Newark were unable to get around but their mayor didn’t tell them to stop whining and blame THEM for not “Listening” besides. My grandmother always said that sooner or later you found out what somebody really is, for better or worse. M Bloomberg just took his clothes off. he is an arrogant elitist ass who thought he was so special, he changed laws just so he could be mayor forever. He can’t handle real work and he can’t handle criticism and he’s NOT an effective leader. Effective leaders don’t lose their cool during a storm. Imagine how bad he would be under a more critical emergency. Now everybody knows who and what he is and he probably just can’t stand it. Boo Freaking Hoo.

  6. Listen, the idea that cleanup workers would do the mayor in is not a new one. I’ve seen what these people can do when there’s a layoff. It’s not beyond the scope of possibility. Muncipal unions know exactly how to show the public that layoffs can be a problem for them. They expect them their yearly raises too, even if nobody else is getting one. It’s the worst kind of blackmail. But this time around, I find it hard to believe that, with people dying, all of this was deliberate. But I’m sure Bloomberg thinks so and that would be just fine with them. The truth is, in government, the workers can make you or break you at their whim. I could tell you stories. The other truth is, city budgets everywhere MUST be cut, but you can bet all the ‘managers’ get to stay, and that is always what is wrong with the picture. The idea is to cut the budget without eliminating services. But that’s never how they do it. If they were in industry, they would all be fired. You produce the product or service FIRST or you go out of business.

  7. Yes, UW: You CAN BET the top and the admin and the managers will not lose their jobs, not in comparison to the people out in the field.

    UW: OT: my friend is going to see the King’s Speech–I know you took off to see it,

    how was it, I like your opinions

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