Open thread for the next Very Important and Historic Speech

I don’t know who among you will be watching him, but I decided to schedule a root canal instead. It was an easy choice.

Who wants the assignment of counting up how many times he says “I”?

This is got to be a rough one. He’s got to really work hard to pretend he feels anyone’s pain. That’s pretty hard for a detached Narcissist. Maybe he can get some crying tips from Boo-Hoo Boehner.

So, have at it. Don’t make me assign one of you to watch.


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  1. Good grief. Did you see that snot face? I think he finally remembered where he was and then shifted the smug face to bow down. Sorry, I should be washing toilets right now, but I did it this weekend already.

  2. golly, I thought pounding laundry on my rock (since I had to sell my washer) was a good excuse to NOT watch his pathicselfserving self…but a Root canal? that makes doing laundry a walk in the park.

    the I’s will out do any other word spoken. take that to the bank..with pockets full of pennies.

    Cartoons are the pick of this evenings entertainment.

  3. It’s a pep rally.

  4. I can’t bear to look at Michelle. OMG, that face. She sure didn’t want to place her hand over her heart for the National Anthem. Cracked a smile once it was over.

  5. I’m old school. Clapping, cheering, etc makes me feel weird at a memorial service.

  6. I’m old school too, McNorman. I won’t watch. I’ve seen enough of his smug, disgusting face to last me a lifetime. Ditto his female sidekick.

  7. Senneth, I feel like I am watching the DNC primary show again.

  8. my thought exactly Senneth, I can’t take any more of him. I still hum real loud if I catch him on the waves..and mrs smug is unbearable.

  9. well, there ya hubby won the bet. He said this was going to be a campaign stop.

  10. Think Daniel Hernandez is going to have a better speech than POTUS.

  11. There is an odd amount of cheering and applause. Not the tone one would expect for a memorial serivce. But, maybe AZ need some cheering. They’ve all been traumatized.


    Do I have time to schedule one tonight yet?

  13. POTUS agrees he has “healed the nation” according to Brewer. His nose in the air deferential agreement is sick.

    Two bucks says he will still be emotionless.

  14. I feel your pain, McNorman. I guess we’re all pretty much worn out by this guy, dormantdem. Hope the “root canal” goes well Uppity. 🙂

  15. Has anyone see anything on this?

    From Edge’s “Not Your Sweetie” blog site.

    “So what if the shooter started his Gifford fixation long before the Tea Party existed or Palin was known nationally?

    So what if the shooter was registered independent and didn’t bother voting in 2008?

    So what if Sheriff Dupnik who started the finger pointing craze is an anti-immigration nut who advised people to buy guns?

    (In fact, as local media notes, the good sheriff is responsible for not acting on the many reports of death threats from the shooter it received)

    Jared Loughner has been making death threats by phone to many people in Pima County including staff of Pima Community College, radio personalities and local bloggers. When Pima County Sheriff’s Office was informed, his deputies assured the victims that he was being well managed by the mental health system.

    It was also suggested that further pressing of charges would be unnecessary and probably cause more problems than it solved ”

  16. I’ve seen Daniel Hernandez on some news shows. He is more articulate that obama. He can speak extemporaneously. Nice young man.

    Brewer is getting down to business. She’s already bringing out my inner Boehner.

  17. Did the Scheming Weasel speak yet?

  18. Sorry Buttered, I took up all the root canal appointments just to make sure.

  19. POTUS, who IGNORED A REQUEST BY A US STATE’s GOVERNOR, sits there, far less humble than the Governor.

  20. Hugo, the silly string is MIA. snark
    This is actually subdued compared to the graduations, but on par with those events.

  21. Gosh Buttered, that would be kinda fun.

  22. It’s very hard to be kind right now. This memorial means a lot to me. POTUS makes it hard to watch.

  23. Oh no, Janet is next. Ack.

  24. Obama is probably cringing at Janet. Expect The Bus to arrive for her soon.

  25. This is an event FF. Not a memorial service for those lost, but an event. I cannot be kind.

  26. Is it my eyes or does Michelle appear to be tearful?

    mcnorman, if the silly string is missing, I guess this is somber enough. can’t expect perfection these days.

    Napolitiano was appropriate.

  27. oddest memorial service I’ve ever seen. Cheering and staning ovations for the victims of the shootings. Really odd.

  28. I’m watching a movie on AMC, could not even think of dealing with Teh One.

    Uppity: question for you in previous thread.

  29. Yes Janet actually was appropriate. I am Hispanic and I am ashamed to say that party / pep rally behavior is the norm now. I don’t think a memorial service should be gloom and doom, but the woots, and yelling are inappropriate. If my grandma was around, she would be pulling ears and pinching.

  30. Too bad Obama will not be so humble. I am biting my lip. It is unfortunate the “News” Media has spoken all day about how much this event is about HIM, and not the victim and the dead. “It’s make or break” for him, according to them. And ALL are saying, that no matter how well he “delivers” a “speech” he has failed to connect with Americans emotionally. He HAS to do it tonight.

    He won’t. IMO

  31. Oh I knew it was coming. The POTUS is gonna heal ya’ll.

  32. BCL, it’s the college kids that filled the place up. Welcome to the old school club. UA is a major party school.

  33. “This Univers-e-tha”

    Gimme a break

  34. ff who do you think wrote this? His boy Favreau?


  36. Are they lining up yet for the healing?

  37. I’m struggling with moving with the times, but this is over the top.

  38. That bad huh?

  39. mcnorman – who cares. Obama didn’t.

  40. Obviously, holy crap “the government was working for ordinary folks?”

  41. Problem is with Obama – you just don’t BELIEVE HE FEELS.

  42. It’s a pep rally UW.

  43. Uppity, this is all over the blogs, this cheering and whistling, but Obama is getting into the mood. He’s switched ot his folksy voice.

  44. He feels? Since when?

  45. FF he can’t connect because he is an empty shell. Seriously, he’s devoid of any feelings unless they are attached to the word “I” or “Me” and he simply has no social redeeming qualities because he is a Narcissist, which means he is totally detached and disinterested in others at any level.

  46. “Our hearts are broken”

    (Cue chin in the air – TWICE)

  47. Good grief, it went to visit her? Opened her eyes for the first time for POTUS?

  48. Mcnorman they probably had to buttonhole a bunch of students and we all know how hight they score on the Narcissim scale so they wouldn’t know appropriate behavior. They are there to see their Chief Narcissist and couldn’t care less who was shot or who died. So yes, they would be hooting and cheering. This is a free concert for them.

  49. She knows the won is there for her!

  50. OMG – Gabby opened her eyes after Obama went to see her?!?!?!?!

    Did I hear that right????!!!!!

  51. Sounds like one of his campaign speeches–all fired up…

  52. Preacher Barack is in the house!

  53. You did. He did.

  54. So Napolitano was good? Remember, I am not watching. I think I have a right to be excused.

  55. Poor Daniel is overwhelmed. He is going to need a lot of counseling.

  56. yup, Uppity thats what a Narcissist is…I worked for one. The worst years of my life…he and Teh one are the same in so many ways….so many ways.

  57. Janet was appropriate, she wasn’t wootin’ it up like Barack is right now. He sure loves pep rallies.

  58. oops forgot the ‘

  59. Barack is not aware of the seriousness – only the celebration – so far….

  60. Fredster, in answer to your router question. Far and away….Buffalo router. Seriously, every digit head I know uses Buffalo, including myself. Great, reliable, strong signal. Excellent routers. Well priced too. Shop around on the net.

  61. Uppity, you need to see him playing to the crowd.

  62. Anyone think a photo of touching Gabby’s hand will be forthcoming?

  63. This is such BS – Obama has NO ABILITY to sacrifice ANYTHING for ANYONE – yet he says that is what we all wait for.

    (Here we go with the politics)

  64. Ack Dormant, if you worked for a Narcissist, I give you tons of credit for it lasting that long. Most people cannot work with them much less for them.

  65. If they clapped and cheered for him you can bet he is now in the clouds in Rally Mode.

  66. Ok now he is talking about the national discourse. He’s brought it down a notch but there will be a big cheer when he’s done.

  67. mcnorman, yes about the photo. you know there was no other reason for obama to go to the hospital than photo op. May turn up in the 2012 campaign.

  68. OH DARN UW and McNorman!

    A Root Canal would be such SWEET Sorrow compared to another Resident in DC speech.

    Can we at least recommend him for Remedial Speech classes??????

  69. he’s slipping into his southern baptist lilt from Hawaii

  70. Just got back from rehearsal- read the post and comments- please oh please tell me I missed “it”

  71. This speech does not sound very Presidential. Sounds like a preacher. Maybe he is running for Pope next.

  72. Oh lardy, help us all!

    He’ll soon be singing
    “Swing Down Sweet Cherry Lips!”

  73. If you hurry PMM you can catch the end, Hehe.

  74. What a perfect place for a pic of him and Gabby to show up on…a political ad.

  75. Yes he will Buttered. Wait, the hands will heal all.

  76. I’m watching this on FOX and the talking heads questioned whether this would be a defining moment for obama. Breaking news: NOPE. Just another mediocre moment.

  77. He doesn’t sound Presidential because he is NOT Presidential.

    Hillary is Presidential.

  78. Oh My Freedom Fairy!!!!

    Is that the Healing Finger?????

  79. “A lack of civility caused this tragedy”


    A MAD MAN DID IT. That was NOT a “Lack of civility” you horse’s ass.

  80. Ah that root canal was sooooooooooo good.

  81. Hugo I have said this all along. He has spent his life looking for his next job as soon as he gets elected. There is nowhere else to go but the Vatican. Next thing you know, there will be a boatload of cardinals from Chicago.

  82. Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream in large doses.

    Then a cigarette.

    I pre-medicated on Scotch.

  83. AAACCCCKKKKK! It’s still on! I have it in another window- I am NOT watching him stick his nose up in the air! NOT!

  84. Rub it in would you Uppity!

    I’m jealeous of your root canal!

    Such sweet escape!

  85. ROFL FF. nice combo. Nightmare quality.

    Hillary would have asaid just the right things and no teleprompter.

  86. “and might be important”

    He said that? Christina might think Gabby was an important role model. Jeez, what an asshole.

  87. I thought this was supposed to be a memorial service? What’s with the campaign speech mode? Will they all start screaming O-BAM-A next?

  88. Remember when he said Daniel Perl tweaked our imaginations? I mean how inapprorpriate is that, with the mother of a guy who got beheaded standing there?



  90. Buttered I actually felt those long needles on my dental nerves for a brief moment and it still was a better deal.

  91. The endodontist said sit still or I will turn the TV on.

  92. And the O-Boughts go wild!!!!!!

    They just started throwing a house party at the Obama Memorial!!!!!!!!!!

  93. This thing is making me ill. What “Memorial?”

    they are yelling HIS name?

  94. LOL

    RE: “The endodontist said sit still or I will turn the TV on.”


  95. Standing ovation for the prez. and minutes and minutes of cheering. Bizarre.

  96. I don’t understand this event then. They are cheering at an event for dead and injured people?

  97. OMG, he’s working the child for applause. How low can he go? Thank God, he stopped talking.

    Uppity, I’m sure he thinks he’s qualified to be Pope too. But first i think he needs to hop on over to Georgetown U and get exorcised by those Jesuits.

  98. Like I said, the silly string is mia…that’s it. It’s a big pep rally for the Won.

  99. Got how tasteless. Those college sycophants must have been recruited by the white house mental adolescents. What awful taste. Turned into an Obama rally with people dead and badly injured. Oh God, these people are truly sick. This country is in horrible danger.

  100. This feels more like an anniversary of a national event – not a memorial service for folks who haven’t been dead or injured a week yet.


  101. So glad I’m missing this. UW: Can you answer my question pls?

  102. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!

    OBama is asking the crowd now if there are any dead babies he can kiss!


  103. Nice music for a memorial service. This may help salvage the event.

  104. I really don’t think this will “Comfort a nation”

    especially when the left and right clifters start again tomorrow

  105. Hey! I’ve got just as good of taste as our Prissadent!!!!!!!

  106. Representative Ted Poe:

    I’m liking me some Ted Poe, more and more.

    Person Responsible is ‘The Shooter’

    ‘It’s not the gun we blame – it’s the person holding the gun’

    ‘It was an attack on our right to assemble and Representative Giffords, Judge Roll and the others’

    ‘We need to address how a mentally unstable person was able to buy a gun… that’s what we need to be addressing’

  107. Fox already commented that this has not been a normal solemn service. Will be back to comment when it is over (Fox will be back to recap, I meant).

  108. Herlo I myself am falling in love with Ted Poe.

  109. Fredster I answered your question upthread.

  110. I counted 3 times that he brought up the national discourse and the third time, he really went after it.

  111. Fredster, in answer to your router question. Far and away….Buffalo router. Seriously, every digit head I know uses Buffalo, including myself. Great, reliable, strong signal. Excellent routers. Well priced too. Shop around on the net.

  112. UA is a drinking school. The music selection is odd. Amazing Grace?

  113. UW: I didn’t see it.

  114. Herlo you need to check your emails.

  115. FOX is reporting that Gifford opened her eyes soon after obama left her hospital room. Does anyone believe that? Sounds like BS to me. Is he a miracle worker too?

  116. they are yelling HIS name?

    Please tell me you’re kidding.

  117. Hugo, I think Obama had the miracleous laying on of the finger and healed her!

  118. No UW – I was not. And Hugo – that was not in his “Preapred remarks” and he repeated it.

  119. Good THING Boehner didn’t attend. Those socially infantile Obots would have pelted him.

  120. Bigcat, if he didn’t acknowledge his part in the horrible discourse, his enabling of it, then he’s full of crap.

  121. Uppity said: Fredster, in answer to your router question. Far and away….Buffalo router. Seriously, every digit head I know uses Buffalo, including myself. Great, reliable, strong signal. Excellent routers. Well priced too. Shop around on the net.

    Okay thanks! 🙂
    I’m not thrilled about wireless-much prefer cabled connections but since I have to buy another teevee for the two that got *stolen*, taken or whatever, I looked at the Samsung that has the network apps and figured it’s worth a shot. Hopefully the attorney I got makes one of those 2 idiots just pay me for the two hdtvs that I had. 👿

  122. Oh Puleeze Hugo. Stop. You’re making me sick.

  123. Krauthammer is lavishing praise on the speech, what’s up with Fox. I think the word went down that they were not to criticize. Even the dour Brit Hume is positive about the speech.

  124. And now, photo ops! woot

  125. Yeah, but someone else just called it a pep rally.

  126. UW you missed the blessing of the reptiles, sea and various other critters by some guy named Gonzalez. It was something bizzare.

  127. Krautheimer is wearing his SEIU tie.

  128. blessing of reptiles? You’re shitting me.

  129. Seriously Uppity – if you can get past the first few minutes of that interview with Rep Poe – it’s the best anywhere on this whole issue, short and to the point on all points.

    And, he had just “met with Gabby on Friday and they talked about border control. He has some very nice things to say about what kind of Congresswoman she is – in how she works so well with BOTH sides.

    I really do like this man and respect him – and would support him in a heartbeat after reading a lot of things about him and listening to him speak multiple times on various issues. He’s the real deal.

  130. This is freaking surreal.

  131. FOX and especially Krauthammer are making me sick. Did they see the same pep rally/campaign event that we saw???? Great oratory??

  132. You people are scaring me.

  133. OMG! This sounds like a horror show. I’m glad I didn’t watch. But of course it’s all about him, him, and him.

  134. Uppity: I did see the email – I saw the “one”.

    Sent one back – grab a beverage and go to the bathroom before you settle in to read it. lol!

  135. I guess Rupert and Fox have caved thinking no one can beat Teh Won in 2012. They’re just doing CYA.

    You know, CYA?

    Cover Your Assets!

  136. I thought Gabby opened her eyes for her husband a few days ago?
    And WTF? did hell freeze over while this was going on? FOX talking heads saying it was a great speech?? Did I drive in to some other dimension on the way home?

  137. OMG – these people are just off the wall.

  138. the blessing of the doors, the reptiles, etc. were in a native american blessing given by a half mexican (even that got a cheer when he said it) who is not a medicine man, but just a regular doctor. Kid you not.

  139. Some pretend I’m a Native American (sorry Papoose). This guy was talking about Mexico, then came the feather and the north, south, etc. Really bizarre.

  140. Yeah, Senneth.

    I hear they can barely keep White House cleaning staff.

    There’s just so much extra work these days trying to keep the mirrors clean and the lip prints cleared off!

  141. Well, the service was crappy, but I’ll give Michelle’s face two thumbs up for sustaining an almost sincerely pitiful look right up to the end. Then she put on her normal sourpuss as she worked her way down the line of DC’s usual suspects in the front row. She must be taking acting lessons.

  142. I kept walking into the room. I’ve heard native american blessings, but not like this.

  143. OMG this is like 2008 and he would leave a pile of shit and they would call it ice cream.

  144. Blue Bell Ice Cream Coma onset.

    Gotta go to bed. Between this and POTUS, I am tuckered out.

  145. Okay, I;m going to slit my wrists, all the callers to c-span loved the speech and they wish Sarah Palin could just not be upset and get along. Not a single person that it was odd.

  146. Hey Hugo, don’t forget the fabulous “love ya'” wave.

  147. They blessed reptiles because there were a few reptilians there.

  148. Ok- When I read this- I thought it meant she had opened her eyes and recognized her husband- what do you guys think?

    “January 08, 2011

    * Announcements

    Giffords recognized husband, returned to unconciousness

    Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is awake in her hospital room and has recognized her husband, astronaut and Navy Capt. Mark Kelly, a source close to the family told POLITICO Saturday night.

    UPDATE: The source has clarified that she was revived from anesthesia briefly, then returned to unconsciousness.”

  149. Yeah, mcnorman, like crumbs for the little people

  150. Okay they must have all gotten a visit. lol. Seriously. You mean nobody said it was inappropriate to hoot and holler at an event for dead people? All righty.

  151. Gotcha Mom. She probably opened her eyes in fright.

  152. Well time to cover for the mediocre. Just like always.

  153. No one said, STFU stupid infantiles. I will say it again, UA is ranked in the top five party schools. They had the place packed with children that have never been told “no.” I can say this, because I have a nephew that almost died because his parents said NO to him about UA.

  154. Right Hugo. The Michelle Antoinette wave.

  155. I guess I shall have to listen to his speech. I’ll need some Chivas first.

  156. On the rocks.

  157. BigCatLover, those are all O-Bought plants.

    The O and his O-Boughts have been planning this since Saturday.

    They are mad with delight and glee relishing what they think is a wind fall but is actually their Hiroshima moment.

  158. Buttered this must be why Boehner refused to go then. He knew.

  159. Oh no, straight up.

  160. Buttered this must be why Boehner refused to go then. He knew.

    You betcha. He would have become dehydrated.

  161. You have to ask yourself why they held it at a college. Obama, college children. Obama, college children.

  162. Just read the transcript UW.

    Then you can do cartoon voices for the various parts.

    Say Mr. Magoo, and Jim Troot from Vicar of Dibley, etc.

  163. OMG Buttered. ROFL.

    They set up the venue and turned it into an Obama rally and nobody noticed??????????

  164. Later everyone – I’m working on some other things I have to get done.

    I will continue to think a lot about the victims and ‘heroes,’ of course.

    But, the minute it all turned into….

    “never let a crisis go to waste”

    I decided to turn off the freak show

    And, his ratings are already way too high for me because he has yet to say a word that impresses me.

  165. Will the MSM call him on the lie? How F&^%ing arrogant to say she opened her eyes for the first time. Will there be clarification?
    FOX jumping on the bus is not a good sign at all. And it’s not that I think FOX is good- but they have until now been the opposition. So what happened?
    He just makes me sick- I can not wait for 2012! I was seriously thinking of staying home in in 2012- but I just can’t pass up an opportunity to vote against him- AGAIN- even if I have to write in Mickey Mouse.

  166. So, it turns out that Boehner is the smart one?

  167. Uppity: Those routers are slick. I have that paged bookmarked. Very good reviews also.

    I’m soo glad I didn’t watch that thing. Of course it’s going to be on the news shows for days now. 🙄

  168. Greta is now asking about that to Gifford’s chief of staff. Sounds like it happened moments after the potus was in the room. Must have left an odor.

  169. LOL

    RE: “They set up the venue and turned it into an Obama rally and nobody noticed??????????”

    Yeah, that is just as realistic as Oct-Toe-Mom stating “Gee there was a whole grown family of 25 O-Bots living in my intestines and I never noticed.”

  170. Oh geez..went to MSNBO and Lawrence O’Donnell was on with Tom Brokaw. Brokaw compared this to the Gettysburg Address. 😯

    (need puking gif)

  171. The hospital was full of congress people and the doctors apparently brought her out of the coma for the crowd. Then they put her back into a coma. I really can’t stand this country anymore. CNN going on and on about ‘the miracle’.

  172. Mom we can all write in “Hillary” even in the primaires.

    That will make the O-Boughts just thrilled!

  173. I’m surprised that they didn’t open with the cheerleading squad.

  174. So glad I switched over to Comedy Central and South Park.

  175. Fredster I don’t dare do that.

    I haven’t figured out how I can tell the difference between the so called “news” and South Park or Comedy Central!

  176. Why oh why didn’t I redo the toilets? I could have volunteered down the block tonight.

  177. Yeah McNorman, at least re-cleaning the clean toilets would have been productive.

    I guess it is true. Obama had the laying on of finger!

    From Hot Air: “So, Obama delivered the good news, that Gabby Giffords for the first time opened her eyes today. And we’re all very happy and hopeful about that. But, he did mention it was after he had a chance to visit her. Hmmm? Messiah 2.0? What a fraud. ✪

    TXUS on January 12, 2011 at 10:14 PM”

  178. Fredster i wouldn’t steer you wrong. Go with Buffalo, you won’t regret it. fifty bucks and you can’t get hurt. I’m serious here.

  179. McNorman, where was that pic taken???????

  180. Nobody says Nothing better than Obama.

  181. Buttered: The Travolta movie ended on AMC and I just couldn’t handle a Stallone movie so South Park was the better alternative. That or The Weather Channel.

  182. And Fredster, honey, when you get the router make sure you set up the WPA security and not the WEP. WEP has more holes in it than a strawberry barrel.

  183. I am trying to pull a pic from AZ central, but they are having issues. It’s interesting, a college student placing tee shirts that say “Together We Thrive.” Bam colors white on blue. All memorial services and funerals have their own slogans and t-shirts these days. Didn’t you know that?

  184. Uppity: Just quickly checking, prices were a little than $50 but I was looking at a high-end models that can handle video streaming and such.

  185. Oh my Goodness McNorman, that pic of the t-shirts on the seat backs actually happened at the “memorial!” How sick!

    Hot Air

    “So what were these T-shirts that were being handed out? Who was doing that?


    Magnus on January 12, 2011 at 9:52 PM”

  186. Like those newegg prices! 🙂

  187. AZ Central must be scrubbing their pictures because I have tried several times to access the page and I am forbidden.

  188. What happened to your pic of it you posted here?

    Would it be Google cached already?

  189. I just posted the eye opening lie.

  190. shirt
    Yeah, you found it. I think this person’s comment about tonight’s circus is spot on.

    “The Obama 2012 campaign ran this event from the git-go. They wanted to show that the Messiah still had “it”. As distasteful many of us may have found the event — I would not call it a memorial service — a president never shows up at an event without prior approval of format, other speakers, and sound and sight control. Somehow they calculated a benefit in this. ✪

    TXUS on January 12, 2011 at 10:02 PM”

  191. They can scrub and scrub and screech “Out Out Damn Spot” but it won’t come out!

  192. Well Buttered, some of us actually pay attention and no when we are being taken for fools. How dare the MSM play this theme again.

  193. OMG that’s pathetic! Reminds me of nola, when one little thug gets blown away by another thug and they have all of these special tee-shirts of the deceased thug made up and everyone wears them to the funeral.

  194. All you have to do is recall how the right critiized the tamer Wellstone memorial to compare it. NONE of that indignation on FOX or anywhere else for this pep rally. Guess it didn’t happen–but those T-shirts say another thing.


    Now this is from a person I do not follow or normally ever read, but it seems to confirm this was the first campaign stop of the 2012 re-elect “TEH WON!”

    Michelle Malkin Branding the Tucson massacre: “Together We Thrive” in white and blue; Updated: Liveblogging the bizarre pep rally
    By Michelle Malkin • January 12, 2011 06:21 PM

    President Obama used to preach that there was no “Red America” and no “Blue America,” just one America.

    But tonight at the memorial for the Tucson massacre victims, it will be a sea of blue as the White House unveils the “Together We Thrive” logo and slogan.

    Yes, the Tucson massacre is being branded:

  196. Sick Fredster.

  197. Disgusting Buttered.

  198. My God. This is despicable. This is lower than whale shit.

    I just got the Native American Blessing by the Mexican and the hooting and hollering of infants who are SUPPOSED to be part of a MEMORIAL for DEAD people. My God. Was it like this thru the whole thing? How can ANY member of the press not remark on what was supposed to be a memorial that is instead a RALLY.

  199. I was thinking of that Hal. This is a page from the tasteless Wellstone thing. On steriods.

  200. BarkO will burn for turning it into a campaign stop.

  201. Told ya UW. IT was f*cking disgraceful. Seriously, he’s bringing back the “rent a crowds” almost as if he is testing the water again.

  202. mcnorman: Oh hell yeah it is! of course the tee-shirt makers love the business, esp. with the murder rate among thugs in nola.

  203. Hey!

    Are we going to believe our own lying ears and eyes or what the MSM dictates to us to believe?

  204. I have a screen shot.

  205. On those tee-shirts…what does it say under “Thrive”? I tried zooming out the picture but still can’t make it out.

  206. Now I know why Boehner declined. He knew.

  207. This is a new low for these assclowns Fredster. I would never have imagined that they would have sunk lower than whale shit on this occasion. FF is right, he played it all the way. I don’t think that America bought it, because it was off the charts as BigCatLover said. The MSM can spin all they want, but we heard it and we saw it.

  208. I bet Greta picks up on this.

  209. Anyone? Did the MSM show this?

    Is it true? I have already seen a few mentions of this already.

    “Now he is walking the rope line to wild cheers…amazing.

    JIMV on January 12, 2011 at 9:29 PM”

  210. Hmmmmm……..

    “Remember that Tucson is like Austin. A left wing academia city in a red state, so O’s taking full advantage of it.”

  211. Thanks McNorman.

    Sound as though all that was missing was truck load of KEGGERS and togas!!!!!!!!!!

  212. I wonder how much in bribes (I-pods, T-Shirts, etc.) and how many free bus rides the Obama campaign had to provide to that thing?

    “Your Tax Dollars at Work.”

  213. UA is right in there on the party school lists with UT Austin

  214. Here are the tshirts.

  215. Buttered, you left out the ganja. Tuscon’s U of A has access directly to the best ganja Mexico has to offer. 🙂

  216. Buttered, you left out the ganja, and silly string. Tuscon’s U of A has access directly to the best ganja Mexico has to offer. 🙂

  217. McN. stop stuttering.

  218. So you liked the faux indian clown? I’m sure you were impressed by the use of the feather, right UW?

  219. Buttered: I don’t mind that it’s a liberal or left wing academic city, the academy is what can bring arts and entertainment to a city. It’s just those damned tee-shirts that bug me. I mean, I wasn’t expecting the Mozart or Brahms Requiem to be performed, but the damned tee-shirts remind me of a rock concert or Jazz Fest or something.

  220. Buttered, if we had a press or some real journalists, we would know the answer.

  221. I am so ashamed of my party.

  222. Post has been updated.

  223. Gee, so that was what was coming over the Smellavision from that stadium.

    The smaller print on those “Together We Thrive” shirts is “Tucson & America.”

  224. Here are the tshirts.

    Makes it look like a trade convention or something. I wonder if they gave out little goodie bags with lanyards, mousepads and stuff like that?

  225. Well I have never ever been a fan of Reagan but what he said is true for me: “I didn’t leave my party, my party left me!”

    Like stood up on a blind date!

  226. Well I have never ever been a fan of Reagan but what he said is true for me: “I didn’t leave my party, my party left me!”

    Like stood up on a blind date!!!!!!!!!

  227. Yes McN the feather was very nice. I have one myself believe it or not. When I purify. With fresh sage burning. I cover my bases!

  228. Somehow, I believe that you know what you are doing. If you ever run out of sage, I have several bushes.

  229. Yes I do. And I grow my own sage.

  230. Holy Jesus.

    I’m so glad I’m not watching this.

    And no, cheering and clapping like at a rally has no place at a memorial. I went to the memorial service for the engine crew that died horrifically five years ago in the Esperanza Fire… certain speakers got a muffled applause, but no cheers and no rally (altho’ Boxer tried to turn it into a campaign stop – so tacky). I would have died had folks started cheering and whooping it up.

    Certainly this is no place for t-shirts and crap. What in the hell are they thinking?

    Wish I could move… the morons are taking over. 😦

  231. McN, I shall photograph my handmade feather for you.

  232. I wonder why those nurses took the chance to get into those records……….and for whom.

  233. Hey now i know where I saw the mexican guy doing the native American thing! he was at that rally that was a response to the Beck Clown’s rally. You know, the one where they pretended their were six figures of people in attendance? The one that left the area in a shambles?

  234. Please do. You have beautiful birds in the northeast.

  235. $$$$, the tabloids offer a lot of money for interesting tidbits. There is a fine per incident for professionals who are caught. She could lose her license.

  236. OMG, Gonzalez is a media whore. I have to wonder if the local tribes didn’t feel a bit put out having this guy do the blessing. It sure would have set off fireworks here.

  237. McNorman, you are probably right. They were going for the bucks. Dumb asses.

  238. Holy Jesus.

    I’m so glad I’m not watching this


  239. $$$ are big. Usually they are clerks who are on the computer all the time, remember how Farah Fawcett’s stuff got leaked? She was all over the hospital until they took care of business. There is no room for this type of privacy invasion.

  240. So you know about Smudging, McN?

  241. Remember, some medical records also have photographs of the injuries attached. That pays significantly more for the ghouls.

  242. McN they were going for Gabby’s injuries I bet. THe SOBS. I hope they lose their licenses.

  243. I’m sure. Her partial skull is preserved until the swelling goes down. And these are the guardians of ObamaCare.

  244. Ooops, he forgot to mention that when she opened her eyes, all of these people were in the room with her and he was not.

  245. McNorman, they store the skull piece in the stomach, right?

  246. I listened to Rhee and he said that it was preserved in some solution until they were clear of brain swelling. During the update, they spoke of bone fragments which would cause problems as well.
    I have no idea what that the solution is? I imagine it peaks the interest of the tabloids. I would not put it past them to try to get a pre op and a post op pic.

  247. Ooops, he forgot to mention that when she opened her eyes, all of these people were in the room with her and he was not.

    That was such a minor detail UW. lol

  248. I know someone that suffered a brain injury and they removed part of his skull and put it in his stomach. They do that to protect it and “keep it alive” so I was told. I assumed that’s what they did for Congresswoman Giffords.

    I hope and pray that some greedy, selfish sick bastards didn’t sell pictures or medical records to the tabloids. If they did I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  249. As sick as people are Somebody, don’t put it past them to have sold Christina’s last breath information as well. Gotta go and let the dogs out, nite to all.

  250. McN, I get the feeling that little girl was DOA. She took a shot to the chest.

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