Who knew Tucson wasn’t part of America?

I’m glad the Obama campaign people cleared that up.

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  1. I’m surprised he didn’t put the Obama logo in each “O”

  2. Damn my iq, I bet they wish they had talked to you first!

  3. Amazing – truly amazing but not in a goOd way.

  4. This guy gave a perfect explanation of the crudeness of the people in attendance at that ‘memorial”.

  5. I am so tired of obama getting slathered over for his speechifying skills. People will accept anything as a sign of accomplishment with this guy.

    That t shirt crap was just beyond the pale. I can tell you if it was one of my loved ones lost I’d have been devastated at those students behavior and having a marketed message via t shirts on display at a memorial. No speech would have let o. off the hook for not saying anything about the lack of reverence.

  6. Conservative Pizza Man announces exploratory efforts to run for president. Oh, the Republican Party just makes me so excited I could just wet my pants. It’s so good to know they have so many great choices, isn’t it?

    And it’s good to know he knows what the MOST IMPORTANT issues are.

    I will not sign any legislation that is going to weaken traditional marriage, but I am not going to make getting a constitutional amendment on traditional marriage the centerpiece or the leading issue of my administration. We have a few issues relative to national security, the economy, spending immigration and education that I think we ought to focus on first.

    What a catch! And free pizza!

  7. What a catch! And free pizza!

    Throw in the beer and I am in.

  8. Yes, it’s snark.

  9. Christina’s casket was donated by an order of Monks.

  10. The monks. How sweet of them.

  11. The 9 11 flag also made it and was strung between two fire trucks. They weren’t sure it would make it because of bad weather.

  12. Alice the only thing they didn’t do last night was throw spit balls.

  13. Let’s see- where shall we file this one? Under nobody listens? Under this guy will be back covered in blood? Under nothing has been learned?

    “Man who threatened FBI agent to be released
    Thursday, January 13, 2011
    By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    A Duquesne Heights man who said he wanted “to whack” an FBI agent in a recorded 2005 phone call from the Allegheny County Jail was sentenced today to the nearly four years he has already served and told to stay on his medications by U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab.

    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11013/1117727-100.stm?cmpid=latest.xml#ixzz1AwJnXOI1

  14. Oh Goodie Mom! I know I feel so much better knowing he’s out loose too!

  15. LOL!! I am writing in Hillary or voting third party if they run someone even half decent. I will NOT vote republican or democrat ever again unless Hillary runs or the democrats are taken over by some people who you know are actually….democrats, who believe in voting rights and silly notions like that. It may as well be a pizzaman as any of these lunatics from Wall Street we have had for the last decade.

  16. Chuck Todd, an ‘objective’ msnbc reporter who covers the WH admits to having had chills while listening to O’s speech.


  17. Yes but did he feel a leg tingle?

  18. ROFLMAO! The Pizza guy’s chain is “Godfather’s” Snort, cackle, wheeze! You’re killing me here! Does he come from Chicago????
    Oh wait- it gets better!

    “Cain, who also served as chairman of the board of directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City — and was chairman of the board for the National Restaurant Association”

    The National Restaurant Association- who just happen to have a HUGE PAC- and are always always right there in the battles over minimum wage and health insurance for workers. I know you do not need me to tell you which side they are on.

  19. Yeaah Uppity- on the loose down there in Pittsburgh- and the guy
    “Regonaldo Demelio, 41, has an extensive criminal history, and knew he was being recorded when he turned a phone call to an acquaintance into a lengthy rant aimed at FBI Special Agent Robert Zalno.”

    He makes a phone call- from JAIL- threatening an FBI agent. But he promises to take his meds.

  20. I have a new post up on the funeral today. Perhaps we can all take the time to “attend” from our TVs.

  21. Looks like he got his pep rally, at the expense of those killed or injured. How repugnant.

  22. Those tshirts are still bothering me. Very inappropriate. And they couldn’t have known everyone’s sizes – so lots of people “got branded” in a shirt too small or large….?

    Maybe BO always wanted to do a show as Oprah does them – she seems to like to give things away, as well.

    And I don’t think he should have done it in such a large auditorium, particularly one at a college campus. But we all know why he did…..

  23. Geez; Talkin pizza and beer and noooobody contacts Uppity’s favorite redneck? My feelin’s would be hurt, but free beer heals all wounds!

  24. “Together We Thrive” came right out of the OforA website, Jan 2008: ehttp://metroweekly.com/poliglot/2011/01/doj-files-doma-defense-in-firs.html

    Where are the grown-ups? UofAZ Student Activities is exploring ways to make them available to the public as they have had many requests for them! (check eBay first) They’ll probably have bags and other items for sale too.

    Absolutely disguisting.

  25. RE: “Oh, the Republican Party just makes me so excited I could just wet my pants.”

    Oh Uppity, please don’t!

    Please don’t Uppity!

    Haven’t you heard?

    Obama is so overbooked he wouldn’t be able to come and memorialize it if you did!

    What a disaster!

  26. UW, have you had any confirmation of the below?

    Organizing for America recycled a 2008 campaign slogan of Obama’s – Together We Thrive.

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