A Reminder, because sometimes we need one.

We will Endure.

It’s what Americans do. This is why I keep reminding you: We Will Endure.

We do it for other countries. And we do it for Our Own. Everyone in the world knows it. They see how we Are There for them, when necessary, even for the Ungrateful: We Are There for them. And we are Here for Our Own.

In times of adversity, We Endure because it’s what we do. No matter how petty, no matter how divisive others behave, we Still Are Here, together. It’s what we do.

We Will Endure – And any disgrace we are forced to live with, no matter how terrible, no matter how unfair, will pass as all other disgraces have passed, because we will make sure of it.

We will make America Whole again, not because of bad politicans but in Spite of them. We will make America Whole in spite of others who find it much less work to despise us than it is to grow the country we have grown. Funny how so many cannot wait to come to our shores, many have risked their lives to do it. It has always been so, and it still is so.

One has to ask “Why”? Why would so many for so many decades want to come to America at all costs? When was the last time you knew of someone in America who was willing to risk his or her life to leave here and reach the shores of Russia? Or Mexico? Or Iran? Or Afghanistan? Or China? Even those who are here who purport to despise who we are choose to stay here. They do this because they understand what we understand. We are America. And all of this will pass, as it always has and as it always will. This is because of who we are collectively. We don’t go quietly into the night, even when others try to bring us down from within.

America Endures, sometimes to the chagrin of those who would want it another way. It’s happened before, it will happen again, and We Will Always Endure.

It’s what we do. It’s what separates us for all others.

We Will Endure. You must never forget this, even in your most discouraged days.

RIP to a guy who understood that.



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  1. AMEN!!!!this is so good that i’m going to spread it around with your permission of course.so expect some new hits.

  2. took it over to common ground politics.the thread shooting marks new beginning for s.p.

  3. took it over to common ground politics.the thread

  4. Very nice.

    Especially, In times of adversity, We Endure because it’s what we do. No matter how petty, no matter how divisive others behave, we Still Are Here, together. It’s what we do.

    Applies to life in general.

  5. Nice piece Uppity. And the choice of Ray Charles.

  6. Thanks Uppity- some days it IS hard to remember and I do get discouraged. Some days I think of how I raised my own kids to love this country as I was raised and about how outnumbered they seem to be by the basement cheeto eaters.
    Then I read something here- a post liekt his or something in the comments- and I am reminded that the cheeto eaters are a bunch of cowards and when the shit hits the fan they will be cowering in their basements.
    But we WILL endure! We MUST! There are many many many parents who have raised their kids to love this country and to work hard and grow. The cheeto crowd is just louder and more obnoxious- because the GOOD kids are out working- and some are defending us.
    Thanks for the reminder Uppity- I do sometimes need to be reminded that this is my country!

  7. Sarah Palin, ahead of the curve as usual, gave her America’s Enguring Strength” speech on 1/12. She stood up for freedom of speech and individual responsibility and the greatness of America. She also did what Hillary Clinton bypassed doing, which I think lost a lot of votes for Hillary; she, Sarah, clearly and in historical context called out the blood libel many on the left perpetrated against individuals and groups for the insane actions of one man.

    Hillary and Sarah are the two bravest American women I know. We are lucky to have them both rooting for America. I may not agree with every issue of each of these leaders; I do respect their right of free speech and their willingness to challenge the deepseated patriarchy which is based on fear of women. Thank you, ladies all, for your enduring strength in serving We the People.

  8. be forewarned us wimmenz ain’t going to the back of bus.no more!!!!
    watch us soar,, hear us roar. :mrgreen:

  9. Thank you so much for this. Perfect timing

  10. Uppity, absolutely beautiful, and so true! We all need this so very much right now. Thank you.

  11. Two thumbs up for this wonderful post, uppity. We will endure despite all of the whiners. And I think we and our leaders need to really focus on the undeniable fact that people will go through hell or high water to get to America, even now. We are OK! And, as you point out, we will survive the rough patches.

  12. foxiladi14 said:

    took it over to common ground politics.the thread shooting marks new beginning for s.p.

    Why? What’s over there?

  13. I went to bed last night, again wondering what on earth it’s going to take to endure, to overcome to change course.

    Coming here and reading this, and being reminded that my actually loving this country so much, and empathizing with others who actually love this country so much, is why we all are so angry – and why we come here.

    Coming here is affirming of what I inexplicable feel and believe – – that that love for our country isn’t silly symbolism, behind the times, a weakness or personality flaw.

    And, that that love for our country isn’t a fleeting, cultural or social, feel-good trendy kind of love.

    When she hurts, we hurt, when she bleeds, we bleed, when her sovereignty, greatness and heritage is threatened with extinction, it’s war!

    Uppity, you are a Truthsayer. It hurts like hell, but “the truth is what will keep us free.”

    You help to keep us awake and independent, free thinking defenders of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Vision of Lady Liberty – that those who make their home in America, will take care of HER.

    Uppity, somehow you have managed to make this place the situation room, mess hall, infirmary for the wounded and USO for the tried and true sisterhood-brotherhood, citizen troops.

    I think I speak for most of us here. We love and respect you so much because you allow yourself to love deeply enough to stay true to yourself, your country and to us. We love and respect you when you lead and when you’re weary.

    Thank you for this message of resilience, spoken directly into the hearts of those who know what it means toactually love this country so much.

    Thank you for this place.

  14. Beautiful comment, Herlo. Of course, that’s why Uppity has this huge audience.

    Several times, even before she started blogging here, I told her she’s a very passionate person. This is not sucking up= we all know it to be true. Everything she posts is written with a passion that just drips from the screen about a myriad of sujects that REALLY matter to her and should to all of us= Love of country and the good people in it, music, animals, cooking and so much more. Extremely passionate about womens rights. It’s rare to find someone with her combination of passion, common sense, wit, humor. Thank God we found Uppity!

  15. Uppity, thank you for reminding us of this fact. I came to this beautiful country when I was 7 and that is something I have seen over and over again. We will endure. Always.

  16. Uppity you always say it soooo well! You also give us the strength to continue forward! Love the music also!

  17. Hi Everybody! Yeesh, I’m reading my eulogies over here. lol.

    So how was everybody’s day? Colder than a penguin’s ass here.

  18. “Colder than a penguin’s ass here.”


  19. I don’t know about a penguin’s ass but it was mighty chilly. And presumably, I’m living in the South at the moment. Though I could easily be in South Jersey, my native home.

    Good reminder, Uppity. We’ve all become discouraged over the last dozen years but we still have a heartbeat. And those who came before us faced challenges galore. Yet, we’re still here.

    Not that troubling times aren’t ahead. We need to be realists. But we also need to stiffen our backs and be willing to face whatever bad winds come our way. And as you wisely put it: endure.

    Because there is no other choice. And as Americans, regardless of our political stripe, that’s what we’ve always done. Call it tradition, if you will. It’s who we are.

  20. Yeah Hal and I met online, I think it was 2004, when he caught something I wrote and thought I had a bit of Molly in me. What a compliment. Anyways, his PC, named Delores, was attacked and heading for the dump and I remember telling him I would help him fix it but he had to do everything I told him to do or not to waste my time. lol. Anyways, we got Delores working and eventually I configured his next computer for him. I think I also did a call for him because he is deaf and needed a liason to make sure he got what he needed. Or that could have been somebody else. Who knows? I’ve helped a lot of desperate computers and the people who touched them. Laughing here. I am pleased to say that hal has been a lot smarter than he was back then, when it comes to his computers, his paranoia notwithstanding.

  21. Darn right about the heartbeat, Peggy Sue. Don’t ever count us out unless we’re dead. And you better make SURE we’re dead because it there is a breath left in Americans, we will fight back.

  22. lol, right= ” I’m reading my eulogies”

    You just try to stop! Take another deserved break, but try to quit and we’ll have to (in your words) pull you back with a hook! This is your fault, you know= you got US hooked! Imagine the withdrawal pains if people don’t get their Uppity fix.

    I can send you a Hal dartboard with my picture, just so you can get rid of the Hal voodoo doll…OW! Did you have to jab that needle in my ass?

  23. Hate to tell you this was 85* here today…plus next week is supposed to be warmer! And just to let FF know we have had 4 earthquakes here recently too. A rockin and a rollin at night!!!

  24. Opps sorry should read 75*

  25. It’s a balmy 11 degrees here, JustMe….85 degrees? We won’t see that until July. Where are you??

  26. Balmy Hal? What do you call 38?

  27. BTW, Giffords’ condition was upgraded today from critical to serious. That is .huge!

    Two more funerals today, including one for the engaged Giffords aide.

  28. CA, Hal…..

  29. mcnorman, on January 16, 2011 at 11:17 PM said:
    Balmy Hal? What do you call 38?

    muggy, mcnorman! 😉

  30. JustMe, you shouldn’t torture them. That’s why I didn’t mention that I’ve been in a TANK TOP all day. hehehe

  31. Now we have lorac (in her tank top) teasing us.
    Þ plbtplbtplbtpl…… lol

  32. lol Hal
    We don’t have humidity so it’s just a cool night in the desert.

  33. I found this yesterday on Giffords…

    Doctors Replace Breathing Tube From Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Add Ffeeding Tube
    Doctors on Saturday removed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ breathing tube and could soon know if she can speak.
    Giffords had an operation Saturday to replace the breathing tube with a tracheotomy tube in her windpipe. That allows her to breathe better and frees her from the ventilator

  34. LOL sorry Lorac!!!!

    Have you also felt the earthquakes??? I swear one was directly under my house!!

  35. lorac in a tank. that should bring out NES.

  36. Balmy Hal? What do you call 38?

    muggy, mcnorman!

    Hahaha. A heat wave!

  37. Hate to tell you this was 85* here today

    I hate you for this….

  38. Made a mistake was 75* Lov U !!

  39. I suppose so. Ya’ll would laugh at us if you saw how we dress when it hits 32. You’d think the polar ice caps had just dropped into our neck of the woods. We are a silly bunch. We get a whoppin four weeks of winter. Lows, 19 + at night.

  40. Oh, it was only 75. somebody kill me now.

  41. Snow is a big 1/2″ when it happens. We make snow people by collecting everyone’s yards worth. lol

  42. There’s a documentary I watched recently on Netflix called “America’s Heart and Soul” that came to mind when I read Up’s post.

    I enjoyed it very much. This is what it says about it on Netflix:

    Patriotism has rarely looked as heartfelt as in this documentary by filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg that captures everyday Americans from all walks of life — from a Vermont dairy farmer to a Colorado horse wrangler, a Chicago boxer to a Florida aerobatic pilot — talking about what they love best about America. In doing so, Schwartzberg showcases the diversity, vibrancy and excitement of the country’s 50 states and their residents.

  43. Here I go again. Starting something, I’m sure.

  44. spammy got me for a cut and paste quote.

    It is going to be 2 degrees here tonight. brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  45. Heatwave is right!

  46. Fished ya out, Karen, honey.

  47. you get a half inch of snow and call that snow? My Uggs weren’t high enough!

  48. You got snow when you need to use a house broom to clear your car!

  49. Beautiful, Uppity!!


  50. Yes, that is correct. The funny thing is the that the fashionistas dress as if there is going to be some major storm. It really is funny. Snow boots in 1/2″ of snow.

  51. You live in a snow belt when you never buy a white car because you want to LIVE when there’s a blizzard while you’re on the road.

  52. We have a ski resort 2 hours away. They make a lot of snow, but it is all powder and everyone loves falling in powder.

  53. Thx djmm, i love that you are stopping by more often! We love when we hook somebody!

  54. McNorman, when I get a half inch I wear sneakers.

  55. I wear sneakers too. Can you believe that they close the schools down for that?

  56. Beautiful post Uppity. Thanks for that.

    Yes, there is a bizarre heat wave here. We just got home from Anaheim & its so warm here (at 9pm) we could be wearing shorts & tees if we wanted. It was quite hot at Dland. My hubbie was at the NAMM show, so I took laker & one of his cousins to Dland. NAMM is Nat’l Assoc of Music Merchants; lots of guitar & other instrument mfgs, music industry people, rock stars, country stars etc. A big event in music industry. And guess who was there, wanting to give his autograph and take pictures with everyone who was in his orbit??? Mike Huckabee!?!? Hahahaha! Hubbie said his brother was taking his pic with some guitarist & Huckabee walked up to him and put his arm around him & said he’d be glad to do pix with them! They had no idea who he was. God, politicians are such famewhores.

  57. Oh, it was only 75. somebody kill me now.

    LOL!!! Missed u all over here!!!

  58. socal, Huckabee’s a big guitar freak so I’m not surprised he was there. he plays bass. He’s not too bad either, for a vote whore.

  59. Ever join the Anaheim, Azuza & Cucamonga Sewing Circle Book Review and Timing Association?

  60. JustMe, I hardly ever feel the earthquakes. I must have the patented “FF protection” lol

  61. Has anyone seen Social Network? Boy, what a lot of snakes. And the backstory on the napster guy was interesting, too – also a snake.

  62. Do we have to pay for patented “FF protection”??? Think we could do with it here…….

  63. Nah, I think she just waves her freedom fairy wand in your direction lol

  64. Haha! Thanks for the blast from the past. I used to play those old surfer tunes on the guitar when I was young. One of those old surfer guitar guys was at NAMM, don’t remember which one. I didn’t know that about Huckabee. Its hard to get in to NAMM, not open to the public, you have to be in the industry to get in; altho, hubbie told me one of the Yankees was there. The kids & I couldn’t go, altho we were allowed to go inside the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, which was quite cool. The boys loved it.

  65. ((((( ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶..٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶..٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶..٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶..٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶..٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶..)))))


  66. Looks like everybody had fun yesterday! Starting at the ‘Y” today (doc approved) going easy at first- water walking and short time on an elliptical. If my back can’t tolerate the elliptical then a mile on the treadmill. The NOT 75 degree weather has ruined my walking routine. Somehow they seem to have neglected to shovel or plow the walking trails.
    12 degrees when I got up this morning.

  67. Water will be really good for you Mom.

  68. Yeah Uppity- I was doing the water walking during the summer – we have a lake quite close. (I went at the dinner hour when all the kiddies were gone home lol)
    This snow has just ruined my walking routine- and I am not the type to wander around WalMart or Kmart for a couple of hours. (Tried it as a last resort just to get out and do my walking but it’s just not my thing. I see all the made in China crap and food shipped in from God knows where and it makes me angry- so any benefit from navigating around crowds of unwashed people is probably negated by the rise in blood pressure lol)
    And SSSHHHH the young woman at the desk at the Y told me bull crap bull shit- which we have through husband’s job- pays for it. I will believe it when I don’t get a bill. Who knew?

  69. mom, get moving and you’re sure to improve.

    I used to go to the Y to do laps twice a week. I paid the $10 for two visits and went for a few hours each time. I have been a water rat since before I could walk so always swam at least one mile, sometimes way more when I was in the mood.

    It burns a lot of calories too, so extra pie, no prob.

  70. btw – the Y here is almost $600 a year to join. Way out of my budget. Good to know that BCBS pays for it if I ever need rehab.

  71. BCBS will pay for it because BCBS knows how much a private rehab clinic costs.

  72. Ok I will give California this one it is in the 80’s here. My orange tree needs takers for the boatloads of navel oranges but that is about all I can give it lol. As I said it used to be heaven on earth when I grew up here but folks have gone and destroyed that. I hope Ca can rebound from all the craziness and become once again the Golden State.
    Great post Uppity . My thoughts are , why do we rebound ? , because we love freedom plain and simple it is our right given by our creator and no one has the right to force us to live a set way and follow their ideas. No one not even the government has a right to set laws forcing us to buy products etc. Freedom that is why we are what we are. Take it from us and watch us awaken and in a bad mood and ready to kick ass.

  73. cold ya say.my brass monkey is a gelding 😆

  74. Yeah foxy, well today is even colder than yesterday. And yesterday I saw a couple of penguins begging for shelter.

  75. It is so cold, last night an alien space ship landed, they opened the hatch, closed it again and left.

  76. UW looks like Steve Job’s transplant is not working out for him.
    Steve Jobs tells workers he will take a leave of absence to focus on his health, but will remain involved in ‘major strategic decisions for the company,’ as he hands day-to-day operations to COO Tim Cook.

  77. DE Jobs has pancreatic cancer and all the money in the world can’t fix that. The truth is, he gets to live a bit longer than everybody else who isn’t mega rich. Significantly longer. But in the end, Pancreatic Cancer is Pancreatic Cancer. the average person with this disease would have never been allowed a transplant. I don”t begrudge him that at all, but the truth is, if he beats pancreatic cancer, it would be a bigger achievement than the MAC. It’s that close to impossible today. Unfortunately, the world cheers him on because of their stock values, and that’s kind of sad for a suffering guy. Steve Jobs will die from this disease. The Greatest Among Us still all go to the same place in the end, one way or another.

  78. There is no way around Pancreatic Cancer. UW is right. If he pulls this one off, it would be greater than the MAC. Priorities tell me that he is getting his house in order.

  79. indeed and they will meet the less of us.and the maker who will be asking them why??

  80. Does anybody remember that book, “The Five people you meet in heaven”?. Don’t laugh, but that book had a huge impact on me. The truth is, the real impact you have in life is not measured in iPads.You are measured in those things you did for or to others that you didn’t even know you did–just because you were someplace at sometime.

  81. There’s been a new post up for awhile. Uncle jay.

    Comfort food tonight.Onion soup with gooey mozzarella. Meatloaf. Mashed potatoes. The soup is so my fingers stayed thawed out. Yeesh, I feel so cold today. It’s probably around 20 degreezles out there, which is really not all that cold, but i feel cold indoors, so there must be a wind chill or something. I always know it feels cold out there when the sun is shining. Odd, but it’s true. When the sun is shining in the eye of winter, it always feels colder to me, not warmer. Don’t know why. My kingdom for a few above 32 days, that would help, but then my basement doesn’t leak. lol.

  82. I read that book Up. It was sitting on the table near a couch in a break room at work and I picked it up when I had the time to read a few pages here and there. I never finished it though because it was gone. I asked around and nobody knew whose book it was or who took it. Lots of people at my job though, and three shifts, so it could have been anybody. It was a cool book.

  83. remember that song years ago.about the guy getting all ready for the Lords visit.he turned away several needy people.
    at the end of the day asked the Lord why didn’t you come visit me and the Lord said.
    I did visit you many times and you turned me away.

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