Uncle Jay Explains the news to small-minded infantile extremists who are taking turns ruining America

Also, Gabby is doing better all the time. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get an extra added pleasure knowing that smirking psycho was an Epic Fail at bringing down his real target. Personally I can’t wait for him to get the needle  for what he did. Sorry, but this is one thing I definitely lean Right on. The world will be a better place without him in it. I no longer have faith in a system that lets psychos out of prison or mental hospitals down the road. The fact that they are even entitled to “hearings” just boggles my mind.


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  1. Caroline Kennedy blackmails Disney.

    In case you have any doubt that keeping her out of the senate was a good thing.

  2. Israeal’s brains own Iranian goat fuckers by giving them a nice worm to set their nuclear lust back by a minimum of three years. Heh.
    Very brilliantly done, too. They actually built the same system and wormed it for a test and then shipped the virus onto Achie and his fellow women-killing, sharia loving, halocaust-planning goatfuckers.


    BTW, it’s salad time here…no hot soup at 70 degrees.

  4. Well no meatloaf for you, then.

  5. It just means that hell is coming earlier this year.

  6. Its in the 80’s here and its been warm for days. It feels weird, but nice for my nephew who is here from WA.

    Interesting links. Amazing that they would not air their movie just becuz Caroline said so. It sounds a lot more interesting than the boring Mommy-daughter conversations she’s going to give them instead. Also, someone said that the K’s don’t want a movie that makes them look like “Dynasty”. They are Dynasty, why try to hide it?

  7. Also liked Uncle Jay and the Iran worm story.

  8. I will be glad when the Kennedys no longer have any pull on anything. Now that Ted’s gone, the power is waning fast. A Kennedy-less Congress for the first time in 40+ years? Whoda thunk it?

    I’m so very glad Giffords is doing so well. Thank God.

  9. I really want to thank Caroline for making what is most likely just another so so molehill of a docudrama into a her own personal extortion mountain.

    I would not bother with the mini series and I care even less about those interviews of her mother’s.

    My guess is the Kennedy Princess was afraid the mini series might turn out to be the more popular of the two and take the spotlight off Caroline. Not to mention the tv version if probably more interesting ( and perhaps based somewhat in reality). Jackie is who really cemented that Camelot fiction.

  10. Poor Princess Caroline. Everyone already knows the details on the males of the family. Who really wants to listen to audiotapes? She is so out of touch. Good think that NY didn’t inherit the Princess.

  11. Frankly, I’d rather hear real audio tapes of the Kennedys than watch Katie Holmes trying to vamp it up as Jackie. So, I’ll thank Princess Caroline for helping to spare us from some badhistorical drama. But, I’m more concerned about Baby Doc Duvalier showing up in Haiti again.

  12. Classic Uncle Jay!!! Yay!!!

    I wanted to drop an NBC news link on you about how the banks have been foreclosing wrongly on troops and overcharging them too. Any one with a Chase or JP Morgan mortgage or family or friends with mortgages there may want to read up on this.


  13. Well dakin, JP Morgan was Obama’s number one contributor in 2008. This means Obama sees nothing. How low can a bank go? Well now we know.

  14. Baby Doc is a VERY bad sign, Hugo. I’ve been having that conversation elsewhere, because you don’t know despotism, poverty and ignorance till you’ve seen Haiti. He knows what he’s doing. They have no hope and he will “give” them some and implant himself again. And they will let him.

  15. Uppity, it seems you have the wrong link for the nuke worm. The link in your comment is from September and doesn’t cover what you mentioned.

  16. Here is one with the updated story from today.


    I’m just home from work for supper and have to go back soon. Gulp and run.

  17. While checking out that link I found this about Edwards. I hope Elizabeth is haunting him and I sure as hell hope he does jail time with a republican murdering rapist as a cell mate.


  18. It’s not enough until he has festering sores on his dick.

  19. JPMorgam was obama’s number one contributor? Is that how they got the contract for goivernment credit cards? US Bank was the government credit card issuer, then suddenly it was JPMorgan. That’s one huge contract.

    The Baby Doc story is a big concern. He’s up to no good. I thought I read that the Tonton Macoute still exists. If I were in Haiti now, I’d exit ASAP.

  20. Alas, I checked. I was going on a post I made two years ago. Here’s the final rundown of top contributors.

  21. The organizations themselves did not donate , rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families.

    This is how the phony made his claim that all his money came from individuals. Anyone who has every worked for a large corporation knows how that flies. The “Bundler” in the company, usually somebody who can make or break your future, sends a cutsey letter around or calls a meeting and let’s everybody know how “nice” it would be if they all contributed generously to the “Pac” or the “fund”. After which, the Bundler gives six and seven figures to the candidate. all in the name of “Individual donors”.

    Like this guy is bullshitting ANYBODY who worked for a company the size of goldman, or GE or, you name it.

  22. Must have been a lot of sore arms at these top donor firms. How corrupt! No one has to donate through their employer. That should be outlawed.

  23. “I’m having a cocktail party at my home Saturday in thanks for a job well-done on (pick something). I’d love to see you there. Bring the (wife, husband, a guest!)”.

    Translation: And bring your checkbook.

  24. It’s not forced Hugo. You just think about it and whether the person counting up those beans can impact a promotion, your comraderie, whatever. It’s never forced. Not in the legal sense anyways. It might be a flyer all bright and pretty letting you know how you “can” donate.

  25. “Hey Skippy! Nice job you did on that contract I gave you! You’re the best! Looking forward to doing business with you again really soon!

    Listen, I’m having a little cocktail party….”

  26. I oppose the death penalty but I won’t shed a tear for Loughner if they put him down.

  27. It’s not enough until he has festering sores on his dick.

    Or it falls off.

  28. Maybe he didn’t have one. Maybe that’s what the gun (and the red g-string gun photos) were about!!!

  29. I read an article early on (haven’t seen it repeated, though) that the reason he got made at her, was because he asked Giffords in 2007 something like, “do words really mean anything?” She hesitated, thinking, then answered him in SPANISH! I think her point was that words do have meaning, and the words are what allow people within a certain language to understand each other. She was taking him outside of his framework, in which he was only considering his own English language.

    Unbeknownst to her, that must have really freaked him out! LOL Now he’s hearing words, and they really DON’T have meaning to his ears! And he thinks he’s so smart, he thinks he’s putting forth such a philosophical question, yet he’s a guy who can’t handle remedial school, and now he can’t even understand what is coming out of the woman’s mouth.

    Guess he wanted to outsmart her with his weighty questions, then he got outsmarted….. and he had to have the last WORD.

  30. They give those little parties for PACs in the metro dc area the way other areas have those pyramid style Amway parties (or whatever they are calling themselves these days).

    Said organizations also “encourage” their employees/associates to have neighborhood parties and solicit $$$$ because all good citizens would support whatever PAC is pretending to be about then of course all the $$$$ back to the pimp – opps I mean bundler.

  31. lorac, I meant Edwards on the festering sores.

  32. I have no idea who Katie Holmes is – so I do not know if she was hired fo he vamping ability. I do know I am tired of Princess Caroline whining and I think she needs to read about Camelot – there was lots of stuff going on the King Aurthur version that was no so wonderful (incest, murder, traitors galore) .

    Who was to play Caroline – that may get closer to HRH’s Achilles heel.

    Bebe Doc – why is it that vile scum seem to never die and who is behind this “unexpected” development.

  33. Ooops. Well, it may happen, judging by the company he keeps lol

    OT what is “baby doc”? I always hear that, but what the heck does it mean? I’m out of the loop!

  34. Here you go lorac. The Duvaliers, Papa Doc and Baby Doc.

  35. Hey anybody in the mood for guessing whose names are on that wikileak swiss bank account list?

  36. I bet that list is chuck full of limousine liberals.

  37. UW at 705, “festering sores…”

    Add maggotts to that visual.

  38. Thx, UW. So it’s that guy who has now slithered back in, now that everything is chaos. But I’m sure I’ve heard that phrase going back aways. Do people ever use it in reference to someone here, maybe suggesting the person here is nefarious, or a dictator, etc?

  39. Because seeing has a greater impact.

  40. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww towne! I watched it! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! lol

    It might be kind of cool, though, to see a freeze-frame (?) progression of how it goes from being a maggot back to being a fly, inside the pupae (sp?)

  41. Lorac, that visual was meant to reinforce UW comment about festering sores upstream at 705. Now that’s ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  42. I know, it’s ALL ewwwwwwwwwwwww lol

  43. May Edwards and the murdering psycho both have their dicks get festering sores before falling off.

    Then let them go straight to hell without passing go.

  44. I usually don’t believe in the death penalty but in these cases I,m making an exception 👿

  45. I usually don’t believe in the death penalty but in these cases I,m making an exception

    Toss in pedophiles and rapists, and we’re on the same page.

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