Caption This.

What’s Hu Jintao thinking here?

“I wonder if he’s started teaching his school children to speak Chinese yet.”

“He crosses his legs like a girl.”

“When we take over America, we’ve gotta put this turkey in a job where he can’t do any harm.”

“Nobody says Nothing better than this guy.”

“When are you gonna pay us back?”

“Let’s see if I have this right. I’ve got all the money, all the jobs, and all the exports and he’s doing all the talking.”

“Oh yeah. I’m just shaking in my boots.”

Hurry up will you? I’ve got a meeting with the Walmart people in 20 minutes.”

“So this is the guy who created the shortage of lobster, Wagyu and Kobe beef.”

 “I can’t believe I gave him a 400 year-old vase and he gave me some DVDs of himself.”

“Go ahead. Raise the debt limit again so I can have the pleausre of  finally saying No to you.”

 “Nice place. I wonder if  it’s for sale.”

Your turn.

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  1. “Even at a presser with me he’s pretending he’s holding a basketball. What’s next? I expect he’ll stand up and show me his golf swing?” Yawn.

  2. ““So this is the guy who created the shortage of lobster, Wagyu and Kobe beef.”


  3. You should have gone to the bathroom during the last break.

  4. God Jay. You missed your calling.

  5. Who is he talking to? Hey, I’m over here.

  6. “Hey, how come my name is typed phonetically in his teleprompter?”

  7. “Isn’t he keeping his wife waiting?”

  8. He’s been droning on for 20 minutes, will he never stop? I’ve got work to do.

  9. “We have your safehouse waiting for you in Beijing. Thanks for all you’ve done for us. We’ll be taking over now…”

  10. feeling a little sick here but gotta keep smiling 😆

  11. Ventriloquist Jintao and his dummy performing a show.

  12. Ventriloquist Jintao and his dummy performing a show.

    I really like that.

  13. “And this is their president? *snicker*”

  14. So this is ” The One”. Those Americans do like their jokes.



  15. “Do you think he noticed that I put MY flag in the middle?”

  16. Ha! This pompous ass is in denial that WE OWN AMERICA!!

  17. Hmm…noticed the White Mums on the table.

    “Chrysanthemum Gate” (ju hua men 菊花门) is taboo slang meaning “anus” (with sexual connotations)

    Let’s hope The One doesn’t have one too many and screw up Hu’s name at the state dinner tonight in a grand Freudian Slip.

  18. An odd(?) twist to this FF= The Chrysanthemum is the official flower of Chicago. Heh, so it might be “leftovers” from there that Hu dines on.

  19. “He crosses his legs like a girl.”
    Guess a lot of his junk is missing.

  20. “You shore got a purty mouth.”

  21. Listen to LBJ order his pants from Haggar. He sure wasn’t a namby pamby like Barack. WARNING: NSFW

  22. BTW, anyone here know what a bunghole is?

  23. Do I get to participate in the drinking game too? I have counted several instances of “historic” and “unprecedented” myself.

  24. mcnorman – anyone who ever lived in England knows what Bunghole is….

  25. Ok, FF… what is a bunghole?

  26. OMG, I found it on Beavis and Butthead. That’s what LBJ called it? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Now, I know what to call Barack.

  27. “Those pretty hands need to be put to work in our rice paddies.”

  28. ROFL! That LBJ tape is priceless!

  29. OT

    Fox is reporting a 7.3 EQ in Pakistan. It’s not on the USGS Site yet, I just had looked! WOW

  30. mcnorman – go look at the “operative” word from the Wiki Definition I posted….


  31. so…who has the better idea on how to create jobs and run the world????

  32. Helloooo ((((uppity’s))))))

    “I wish Hillary were here, she’s more interesting”

    “these americans are fools”

  33. “are FOOLS”——

    ***Fixit Fairy visited you***

  34. FF link please on what you posted please. I’m sure I’ll be lmao.

  35. mcnorman – I did link

    but here, for your reading pleasure….

  36. Crap, I howled again FF. Sorry, the PC was in the midst of a download and I could not get to it. Sounds about right to me. lol

  37. LBJ was something else. I can only imagine what the conversations were like at the dining room table?

  38. Did anybody else just hear Donald on Cavuto about China?

    OMG. He was fantastic.

  39. I must have that video ASAP.

    Where are my Ferrets?

  40. Uppity – I am “programing” my TeeVee – the one without the box, and it’s taking F O R E V E R

    I missed it

  41. BTW Uppity – when you get the chance, look this over. I want to dump the cable (it costs WAAAAAAYYYY too much for as little as I watch

    wanted you thoughts on

  42. Don’t think I would touch it, FF. You need a netflix subscription and probably a few other subscriptions too. I have a few channels i watch. None of them appear available here. I don’t see much here that would interest me, but many you do. Just remember On demand means you pay. Subscription means you pay. Maybe you can find someone who uses it and get some more specific answers before deciding this is something you would be happy with.

  43. I like the Walmart comment. I’m sure Hu would rather just get down to business with that huge conduit of chinese crap, than listen to a bunch of meaningless dribble from uh-uh-uh obama.

  44. I let the dogs out and he doesn’t have the faintest idea. Big dope.

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