Obama Campaign SOTU Address–Open thread

Since everyone is talking about it now, I thought I’d put this up ahead of time.

Here’s your prep meter.

Revised Barack Bullsh*t Bingo, 3rd year edition. (ht Mom).

First prize is an afternoon of conversation with Michelle.

Second prize is two afternoons with Michelle.

335 Responses

  1. Hi BS Meter- good to see you! Get some rest this afternoon- you know who is going to be spewing a boatload of BS tonight!

    Anybody heard from Joey? Hope she joins us for the live blogging tonight! How many hits last year? Over 500 and a second thread?

  2. Well most of us knew that stuff wasn’t real anyway-
    “Attorney Dee Miles said attorneys had Taco Bell’s “meat mixture” tested and found it contained less that 35 percent beef.”


    Whatever- poor college kids will still pig out on the stuff. All those “binders” and “extenders” are filling- for a while.

  3. <<<>>

  4. What happened to my words!!!! Uppity is it safe for me to come back, before the SOTU??

  5. Dead battery and a major sinus infection for me. Not a good day.

  6. Dead battery and a major sinus infection for me. Not a good day.

    Sorry. :(

  7. From another blog… print out and tape to your screen tonight during the speech:

    (maybe the fixit fairy can do some linky-fu).

  8. Sending hugs to UW. Car repair shops can make any day a long one, especially in this weather. And add to that your sinus pain.

    Have a great big bowl of soup and several super hot cups of tea with lemon and or honey. Then take a steamy hot shower and put on comfy pj’s. Then have a few glasses of vino, if you are allowed them with your infection meds, and crawl into bed for a nice nap.

    When you wake up we’ll be around and ready to kick bo’s ass with you. You need your strength to deal with that crap show.

  9. Allie, Amen.

  10. Its gonna b bullshit all the way. I have an idea of how it would sound without the filters and spin, but we’ll probably never hear it

    Thanks for the visual

  11. Yep Mom. I moved to NEPA around 7 years ago after being in NYC and the island for around 47 years. I went from there to a log cabin in the woods. Go figure.

  12. If we stand and clap when the dems do we will use a lot of calories up and get our daily exercise. It is also a good stress reliever. All that bouncing around would make me wish I had a man around though.

  13. The STFU speech will have 6 of the 9 supremes.

  14. I’m sorry that I cannot stay. I wanted to just pass this on:

    Rahm is back on the ballot.


    I wonder what he/obama/whoever? had on the judges.

  15. Leslie, before you know it they’ll put Blago on for governor or senator and it will be business as usual.

    We are all shocked. Shocked, that Mayor Rahm has put a stop to the attempt to take him down.

  16. From leslie’s link-
    “”I believe (voters) deserve the right to make that choice, to say yes or no and nobody else,” Emanuel said.”

    Voters deserve that right? Well gee Rahm maybe you shoulda thunk of that during the 08 primaries.

    The article says the Supremes in IL just stayed yesterday’s ruling. They have not yet decided (SUUURRREEE they haven’t) whether to hear his case or not.

    Karma will catch up to him- hopefully sooner rather than later.

    {{{{Uppity}}}} Sinus infections HURT. And adding a dead battery did not help. Feel better soon. I am a firm believer in Vick’s Vapo-Rub (still lol)

  17. ROFLMAO! IOTW just updated the Bullshit Bingo card-

  18. OT

    Don Rahmbo stays on the ballot while his case is being considered.


    Someone got a horse head.

  19. “OT
    Don Rahmbo stays on the ballot while his case is being considered.

    Someone got a horse head.

    or a horse’s ass….

  20. Okay, a big smelly ass Anthony. rofl

  21. Yahoo has an article of Meechelle’s SOTU ‘guests’ with a big pic of her smirking. She, like Camilla Parker Bowles, gives me the heebie jeebies… something about the camera catching their true smug souls. Urk.

  22. I had a dead battery myself right after Christmas, on the day I was supposed to take my teenaged grandkids shopping to spend their christmas money. They are very upset that grandma still drives her ‘old’ car so of course, it always acts up when I take them anywhere.

  23. Yep, Obama milking the Tucson shootings:

    There will be emotional highlights as well, especially as many of those touched by the Tucson shootings will be sitting with first lady Michelle Obama in her gallery box in the House chamber. Daniel Hernandez, the intern who helped save Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ life, is expected, as are Dr. Peter Rhee and several other doctors who attended to the victims . The first lady has also invited members of the family of Christina Taylor Green, the 9-year-old killed in the attack. The president’s speech will no doubt feature another brief but moving tribute to those lost in the shooting and the heroism displayed that day. And that, no doubt, will again win applause from all.

    —Jane Sasseen is the editor-in-chief of politics and opinion at Yahoo! News.



  24. Sinus infection bleaugh!!! Þ Sore throats go along with that, so plenty of liquids, luke-warm and hot, to drown it out. Box of tissue. (((Uppity))), can I kiss it? No, NOT your car battery! And bundle up. Invite the kittehs to “take care of mommy” for a change.

  25. The narrative is already set, and has had the groundwork for it laid all this week by the journolisters, suddenly “noticing” how similar he is to Raygun, all “coincidentally” in various outlets at the same time.

    Post-speech, the gushing media will proclaim him REAGAN REINCARNATE!!!

    Watch. Betcha I’m right. He’ll try his damnedest to channel the Gipper, and the media will immediately trumpet his success in doing so.

    I posted this elsewhere, but will repeat it here:
    Like it or not, the two most popular and well-remembered presidents in decades are Ronald Reagan and William Jefferson Clinton. Crazy, I know, but that’s just a fact. Sorry, but it is.

    Given that, it makes sense that Palin and other R’s would hearken back to Reagan and try on his mantle. What does NOT make sense is that a Democratic president would do the same, rather than claiming heirship to Bill’s legacy.

    Unless, of course, you’re an value-less opportunistic asshole who spent two years relentlessly and gleefully shitting in the Clinton well. Then I guess your only option is to try to fight Palin over the body of zombie Reagan, and pull his hallowed skin over your naked ass before she beats you to it. Good luck with that.

    And BTW, I maintain that Obama, unlike some surmise, is not a closet Republican. He’s not a closet radical liberal, either. He’s a narcissistic opportunist who will hump the leg of zombie Reagan or zombie Marx in turns – whichever will get him the power and adulation he wants. He doesn’t care which it is. Never has.

    This is his strategy heading into the campaign for re-election. Watch.

  26. WMCB— I would never bet against you. It actually makes sense, Obama was already Kennedy for awhile, now he is Reagan. Just wondering if Michelle is going to trade in the pearls and pill-box hats (that she has tossed in the back of her closet) for little red designer suits and horoscopes?

  27. UW,

    You are psychic–tampon man is back on the ballot.


  28. Hell I didn’t stand in the cold. I called my garage person, he came up here, jumped the car, brought it to the shop, put a new battery in and brought the car back.

    No sore throat, Mom. My ears are making me crazy, the right side of my face is swelled, I have gnawing toothaches on that side, alternating between up and down. My head hurts, my eyeballs hurt, I’m dizzy and I am ODing on decongestants.

  29. Honora, wtf was that post? LOL! You pulled the straw. You gotta watch Obama. There will be punisments!

  30. We have a revised bullshit bingo card. I updated this post with it. Thanks Mom!

  31. Dr. Honora was going to prescribe very good red wine to make you feel better and she was going to hand deliver it to your door with a crystal wine glass and tasty appetizers……. but if my ‘get out of jail ‘card did not work and I have to watch Ofraud then you can just forget about it.

  32. I want to give an award for the best comment of the day. I was reading the NY Post and they had a breaking story about some guy arrested with bomb making stuff in his car. No information on the man arrested was given, but the first comment on the story was:


    01/25/2011 4:07 PM

    I hate to rush to judgement, but I bet its another one of those darn Methodists looking to kill more innocent people!!

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/queens/man_arrested_car_queens_with_bomb_x3fYf0Ip4XC0KZsALIf87I#ixzz1C5Nrahzl

    One of those LOL moments.

  33. Dr. Honora was going to prescribe very good red wine to make you feel better and she was going to hand deliver it to your door with a crystal wine glass and tasty appetizers……. but if my ‘get out of jail ‘card did not work and I have to watch Ofraud then you can just forget about it.

    Ok ..ah…Honora will be unable to watch Obama tonight. Mom! You’re the alternate!

    …..heading for the door, waiting for the wine and canapes and they better be good.

  34. I’ve just been advised that I look like hell and am required to lie down while dinner is procured for me. I might sleep thru Obama. You never know.

  35. Local TV station is reporting nut with gun was arresting trying to get into the Capitol.

    The Daily Caller is reporting that Lorretta Sanchez is trying to get Gabby Gifford booted from the Armed Forces Committee.

    So, that accounts for two crazy people this afternoon.

  36. Here’s a link to the Daily Caller piece on Sanchez.


  37. Would still stand in the snow to look at you, Upps. Get well soon. And, if you do want to get well soon, don’t watch him tonight. It’s likely to be a 5-BarfBag affair.

  38. U.W. said
    I’ve just been advised that I look like hell and am required to lie down while dinner is procured for me. I might sleep thru Obama. You never know.
    if we could just sleep thru his entire tenure :lol:

  39. Hugo@5:38 – Hmmm…not to right wing over there at DC are they?

  40. Uppity: Advil cold and sinus works best for me. The ones that we have to get from behind the pharmacy counter and sign for since they have the good stuff in them.

  41. HMPH! If I have to watch, Honora better be delivering some of those goodies to me!
    Darn it- I am not allowed to get drunk- the meds and the alcohol are not a good mix. One glass of wine I CAN have! Timing is everything- now? When he starts with his current crop of crap? Or after?

  42. Hugo, on January 25, 2011 at 5:38 PM said:
    Here’s a link to the Daily Caller piece on Sanchez.

    And this from a woman who memorialized her own cat on her Christmas Card?!


    Gotta hand it to the “New Dems”. …….

  43. Sanchez is one tacky human. Even our icky rep thought she was out of line.

  44. Hey, I don’t see no long form birth certif on that bingo board. Of course, such a form doesn’t exist. That’s because Obama doesn’t exist, he’s a hologram.

    Not only is there no there there, there’s no guy there.

    Think about it. Have you ever seen him in person? ;)

  45. Fredster, yes they are right wing over at The Daily Caller.

  46. You’re right Fredster, I take the generic form because it’s MUCH less expensive. Advil and Pseudoephedrine. I had to sign for the decongestant like a freaking criminal. I guess they use it in large quanties for meth or something. You have to show iD and they report you to the government for having clogged sinuses. lol. A holes. If you buy it generically in blister packs, little red pills, you can get 24 of them for like 3 bucks. And you can’t beat ibuprophen together with it. But man i still feel crappy. My head hurts and I am going to start whining soon.

  47. Aw NES that felt snuggly.

  48. Uppity, hope you feel better soon! Yes, you should get comfy and try to sleep this off. Poor laker has been sick since we got back from Anaheim & now it looks like he will probably have a tonsillectomy in April.

    I like the revised bingo card. Whoever made it did a fab job. Its spot on.

  49. Andy said: “Think about it. Have you ever seen him in person?”

    Unfortunately, Andy, I have seen him and had my shoulders hugged by him. I know, I know…it couldn’t be helped. Pity rather than censure me….

  50. omg NES!!!

  51. Get well Uppity. Hugs to you. Eat a good dinner and sleep. When you wake up the STFU speech will be over and you will feel so much better.

  52. I wonder if Lisa Murkowsk’s statement, “There are no cooties to be had,” includes obama.

  53. I have seen him and had my shoulders hugged by him

    How long before you felt like yourself again NES?

  54. Hubbie & Laker are going to play the Bullshit Bingo game! I’m printing them up the cards. I doubt if they’ll last 15 minutes though. They generally hate politics.

  55. Uppity, I just recovered from the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had in my life. I resisted getting antibiotics. I regret doing that. It took almost 6 weeks to get well. So, you may need an atibiotic if it is truly an infection. JMHO. Feel better!

  56. My condolences, NoEmptySuits. (Although you did spoil my lame attempt at humor.)

  57. More news from the right about the left. Human Events reports that Harry Reid says he will sit by himself tonight at the SOTU. Imagine that!


  58. Poor Harry. No one wanted to be his buddy? Maybe he’s just the odd man out.

  59. Just turned on ABC- they just showed a black and white ribbon that will be worn for Gabby
    Having my one allowed glass of wine now

  60. Well that explains it. NES saw him and was actually touched by him. NES is a hologram.

  61. The walk of shame begins.

  62. NES is a hologram.


  63. Oh shut up Diane- she is nauseating me already- is there a channel without talking heads blowing one side or the other?

  64. Poor NES- Did yo get a really bad case of PTSD? Cooites? You poor thing.
    I, to my everlasting pleasure- got hugged by Big Dawg!

  65. mcn, rofl!

  66. Aw God.


  67. BINGO!!!!

  68. ONE SENTENCE and it’s a standing ovation?
    Ah- check Gabby on your Bingo cards

  69. Here it is the first hit on the bingo card, Gabby Giffords.

  70. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His lips moved :-(

  71. Vivien HAHAHAHA.

  72. Human Events, Hugo. Bleck. I caught them is a MAJOR rumor lie, traced right back to them directly and it was a HORRIBLE one. I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire.

  73. Hey, not even two minutes into the speech and three squares are already marked off….gonna be a big BS bingo speech!

  74. Oh, noooo. He’s beating that Arizona thing to death. Give it a rest and get down to business.

  75. Hugo if it’s bacterial you have to take antibiotics. Viral, and antibiotics won’t work and you just have to tough it out.

  76. Progress! Check another one on your cards!

  77. new jobs not here elsewhere Sum Dum Fuk….

  78. ROFL Socal, use both cards!! I’m dying here.

  79. Correct, uppity. I neglected to say bacterial. sorry.

  80. Investments!

  81. Boehner looks like he is having no fun at all

  82. This watching thing sucks- I see not only the liar in chief- but the drunk and the orange guy all at the same time- and I am not even drunk! NOT FAIR!

  83. Boehner is equating this with an enema.

  84. Get well Uppity! Are we playing for a full house or line on the bingo??? lol

  85. I refuse to watch the pep rally. What a f*cking joke.

  86. Orange guy. HAHAHA.

  87. Ok I’m trying I really am. But he just put google and facebook in the same category with Edison and the Wright brothers. Jesu Christe! His speech writer is truly 12 years old.

  88. Did they merge into one PMM? haha

  89. Winning The Future = WTF????

  90. Why mention NASA? Didn’t he cut NASA?

  91. This is sooo boring that you can’t even make jokes about it.

  92. Yes JustMe. The bingo player who comes in first gets to spend the day with michelle.
    Second prize is two days with Michelle.

  93. Hugo -yes he cut NASA.

  94. Latest on Gabby= She watched an hour of TV.


  95. Hey Uppity. sorry you feel so crappy..I know many of us resist taking antibiotics,,but I can’t tell you enough that we’ve been sold a bill of bullshit goods regarding them. They won’t hurt you, and it’s a lie that we will become resistant IF we do take them. So, without me getting totally off topic please don’t suffer and get rid of that infection. If you need any clarification, just ask. Oh yeah, if any doctor ever offers you antibiotics when you have a cold,,..RUN from that doc cause he will make you resistance to antibiotics.

  96. Stop with the electric car shit- I can’t afford my electric bill now! And he promised to make electricity rates skyrocket- I remember that.

  97. LOL!! He wants to eliminate subsidies for oil companies. There goes Dick Cheney’s ticker.

  98. Hey Hal…
    I bet they asked Gabby what hour she wanted to watch teevee and she said “NOT THE SOTU hour”.

  99. Yeah Hugo, I bet Dick’s second battery pack just kicked in. Now if he would only say no more Haliburton contracts, Dick would be gone for good.

  100. Why doesn’t the Won speak about the teacher unions?

  101. DING DING DING! That bit about the governors designing those plans for education is a bald faced lie. Many of those Race to the Top programs came from local school districts and teachers.

  102. Hey is the most boring man in the universe still verbally abusing himself on tv?

  103. Thank God Obama didn’t interrup Gabby’s program with another historic press conference.

  104. Buttered, there might just be a new psych classification for that.

  105. LOL won’t bother to play then UW! Scary if you win!

  106. Yeah become a teacher. No sense of going to wall street and getting those sillly million dollar bonuses.

  107. Boehner just rolled his eyes. He needs a drink soo bad.

  108. Another way to watch backtrack’s speech. I know this was put out by right wingers but it is funny.



  109. Just, pity the person who comes in last. More afternoons with Michelle.

  110. So did O-o get to the “Just Shut the Flock Up” bit of the speech yet? Er, excuse me, the “Civil War” part.

    Sorry again, the “Dems just want to be un-civil bit,


  111. Beware the politician who sets goals that end long after he is gone from office. Especially presidents.

    Everybody will be a dumbed down college graduate. The new High School diploma. Terrific.

  112. My Eyes! OH OH OH my poor eyes- there was no warning! First I am looking at the three stooges then the shot cut to the two losers- kerry and mccain.
    My poor eyes

  113. And we will continue to give free education to all illegal aliens who have broken the law. MMMMKAY?

  114. Dealing with immigration, what a great idea?? He is visionary.

  115. Leslie, you’d win that bet….Gabby would be ashamed how Zero is going to milk Tucson. Shit, even the little girl’s parents and her brother are there. Daniel, on his birthday… Shameless SOB!!!!

  116. It was not a hallucination PMM.

  117. OMG “Sweatin’ With the Socialists”


  118. Infrastructure! Check off another one

  119. Honora, he’ll take care of that problem just as soon as he gets them all registered as Democrats.

  120. That’s a great one Leslie!


  121. Boehner is going to have to buy rounds for all of the Repubs when this is finished. Obama is spending like there’s no tomorrow. they love that infrastructure and high speed rail talk.

  122. It sounds like ‘Tomorrow World’ in Disneyland

  123. So how many Repubs and Independents went to the prom with the Dems?

  124. What he should have said is that he will control that internet.

  125. Waving to dormant, who landed in moderation for some dumb reason. So did i. Yeesh. Dormant, antiibiotics make me feel sicker, to be honest. I am tempted not to finish the cycle, it’s that bad. So I’ll give it a wait and do it only if I have to.

  126. Lower corporate tax rate. there’s the bi-partisan thingy.

  127. I mean sat by them tonight.

  128. Do those idiots not know that they are lengthening the torture every time they jump up?

  129. PMM, I’m expecting the wave.

  130. When this this torture begin tonight PMM?

  131. Who is reviewing the regs for items to remove and how much are they being paid and what normal duties are they not performing while they are reviewing the entire Code of Federal Regulations?

  132. Are the Repubs seated beside the Dems, being shamed into standing and applauding? I’m watching reruns of anything else I can find on the teevee.

  133. Can’t argue about pre-existing conditions.

  134. MacN, sounds like they’re all going to rip their shirts off and paint letters on them for “O-Bots!”

  135. Sounds like he is open to fixing obama care. he better say that to save face for that monstrosity.

  136. Thanks to those who are watching so I don’t have to. I would have nightmares tonight if I sat through it all.

  137. Yes Buttered. Gawd, it’s Obama math now on the economy. :(

  138. Sustainable! Check it off your cards.

  139. Boehner just wiped away a tear.

  140. Doublespeak-R-MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Good to know he believes the food is safe, though…..

  142. How many times has he used “Michelle and I”

    (Note: Me and Michelle also counts.)

  143. OK, repeat after me;

    “Obama wants to cut spending”

    now, count to three….





  144. hahahahahaha ff

  145. So let’s see – I have Gabby, infrastructure, investment, progress, sustainable

  146. I’m enjoying the 1936 movie, “General Spanky” with Spanky, Buckwheat and The Gang over on Turner Classic Movies more than the State of the Union Address right now. Is that Oh-tay?

  147. Now Liberty, be careful not to CON-fuse the two!

  148. I’m not watching leslie. I am listening but listening AND looking at him concurrently is just too much for me to take.

    I just heard him piss off the malpractice lawyers.

  149. Has anyone seen pelosi?

  150. UW, how can you even take listening?????

  151. compromise- check off another one

  152. I thought that’s what happened.
    Hey, believe it or not, many of us do feel worse taking them, but that can be cause there’s an underlying reason for that. I spent years reading and learning about this stuff, so try to take my word and KEEP taking them, suffer through feeling like crap, and in the end you’ll feel better. Drink Kiefer too, it’ll put back some of the good bacteria.

  153. LOL PMM

  154. Oh, good luck. He’s going to try to sort out who regulates which products. Ain’t that simple, dummy.

  155. Tomorrow I will read the fact check of his hour of spewing lies and promises he cannot keep.

    I know Uppity doesn’t follow the talk about bo’s citizenship on this site, but there is an interesting story this week about a journalist Mike Evans who is an old personal friend of Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie spilling the beans about there being no birth certificate on record in either possible hospital. Also while looking at those stories I found the uploaded pages of his mother’s passport application and information released through the FOIA, etc. I think he is a big ol’ liar.

  156. bullshitter, putting information online. He lied and never did it. I guess those meetings with the lobbbyists in pharma didn’t happen.

  157. “YOU LIE!”

  158. How much longer???
    Make it stop!! Please make it stop!

  159. I just heard him piss off the malpractice lawyers.

    Not really, he didn’t say the magic word “cap.”

  160. So has Obama worked in “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” yet?

    You know…..to show off his “Harvard” education and how intellectual he is at playing 12 dimensional chess?

  161. Thank you, Buttered, I shall try. I think Spanky does a better job with leading a diverse group of kids than Obama does with a diverse Congress. Barry could learn things from watching Spanky, Alfalfa, and Buckwheat, too! (Note: I’m beginning to appreciate who good those kids really were as actors in their day!)

  162. America’s standing restored. ROFL. the whole word thinks he a simple wuss.

  163. Yeah he’s going to hand Iraq over to Iran.

  164. Didn’t he promise to put all the bills on line during the primaries?
    He is such a liar! violence is decreasing? Haven’t we been reading about bombings in Baghdad just this past week?

  165. Now Uppity tell us how you really feel.

    How you really really really feel!


  166. “Sharia Law is just fine, now STFU”

  167. Muslims part of our family–no problem with that. it’s the one’s who think jihad and sharia are also part of our famliy that need too be managed.

  168. Argh, using the pointy finger again.

  169. THAT IS A F*&^ING LIE! My DIL found out she is deploying to Afghanistan NEXT JULY! Lying bastard!

  170. FF, what he meant was he’s happy to say BO and MO’s food is safe.

  171. Hugo, isn’t that the “Charles Manson” family part?

  172. He is known as the liar in chief PMM.

  173. That must be the case, Buttered. Make more sense to me now. TY!!

  174. “Let us be clear”- does that count?

  175. “Let us be clear”. Mark your cards.

  176. Why you think Matt Liar of Today love him so?

  177. Is it over yet?

  178. Uppity- when he said “Let us….” was he referring to himself in another person? Like kings say “We” when they really mean “I”?

  179. Can we come out of the fall out shelter yet?

  180. DADT—ooohhh. The brass look like they are thinking military coup. Boehner also did not applaud that.

  181. I noticed some tension Hugo.

  182. PMM I think he meant Arugula.

  183. Wouldn’t trade places. That gets a standing ovation?

  184. not the funny name stuff again

  185. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  186. It cries is gonna cry now.

  187. Did Boo Hoo Bohnier cry yet?

  188. Dreams of my father….here comes the soaring rhetoric. yawn…z-z-z-z…

  189. lol

  190. Why the hell is he crying. Don’t make me turn on my TV.

  191. Buttered, on January 25, 2011 at 10:07 PM said:
    Can we come out of the fall out shelter yet?

    Not for a couple days Buttered….unless you have hipboots and a gasmask.

  192. Honora, on January 25, 2011 at 10:09 PM said: Edit Comment

    not the funny name stuff again

    “just a kid from Indonesia, Hawaii, Kenya, Chicago”

  193. He got all fuzzy inside when they mentioned his dad’s bar in Cincinnati.

  194. WTF is “Win the future”?

  195. Holy sheite is it still on???
    This is like the energizer bunny – except he isn’t cute.

  196. We do big thing. I have a big head and tell big lies…

  197. not yet candymarl

  198. WTF IS that man saying? I SWEAR I am lost as hell.

  199. opps it is now!!

  200. Thank you God

  201. And may God bless my five pillars.

  202. “Win the future”?

    The tee shirts are in the back of the room.

  203. This seems to fit our attitude about “Teh Won” to a T, except for the Honda and name.

  204. Dumfuk Biden is like a bobblehead…bobble bobble bobble

  205. PMM I think he meant Arugula.


  206. It was a speech of champagne ideas with beer money.

  207. it’s over! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!
    The last few minutes of the speech sounded like an American wrote and spoke them.


    That BASTARD!

  209. LOVE “One Foot in the Garve” and Victor!!!

  210. ABC says that much more applause than ever before.

  211. Holy shit, only 9:12 and it is ovah!!!!!!!!

  212. That would be Grave!

  213. That is an excellent analogy UW.

  214. He just promised high speed rail to the rep from California. He said, “We’re doing it.”

  215. How did he dis Hillary?

  216. Nobody says Nothing better than Barack!

  217. Krauthammer says it was flat and uninspired.

  218. FF- I missed it- what the hell did he say? I HAD to go get the other half up for work. Dammit.

  219. Rapid Rail to the Moon! Says Obama!

  220. No kidding…big empty suit.

  221. He has to diss hillary, FF. She’s more popular than he is, smarter than he is, and better than he is. His numbers will never catch up to hers and he knows it. Boo Fucking Hoo.

  222. Just because we all need a release.

    One Foot in the Grave The Return of the Speckled Band S1 Ep6 Part3

  223. When does Paul Ryan speak?Is it tonight or tomorrow?
    I wouldn’t mind hearing him. or msybe I would. i’m sick to death (or the “garve”) of politicians.

  224. AARRRGH! What did he say about Hillary??? He must have doen it in the two minutes it took me to go up and wake my husband! Somebody tell me!

  225. Beer money? What money? He’s sitting at the bar waiting for some one to buy him a beer.

    What’d he say about Hillary?

  226. The AP had an advance copy of the speech and already has a fact check full of things that do not add up.


  227. msybe = MAYBE

  228. vivien2u, you said it!

    “Hope and Change” “Hopen for Change”

    “Hey man got to bits?”

  229. WHAT did he say about HILLARY ??


  230. Just took a peek around the blogs- looks like this was the liveliest room- of course! Cuz we have the hostess with the mostest!

  231. You know you’re dealing with horse shit when your cats leave the room and your dog puts her paws over her face.

  232. Never heard him was watching it all went right over my head!!

  233. GOP response on FOX now

  234. Haha! Win the Future! Mcn, had the same thought, wondered why the t’s weren’t draped over the chairs. So that’s his new slogan. He must of said it 20 times. So lame!

  235. ROFLMAO!
    I wish FF would come back and splain how he dissed Hillary. But I guess I just have to wait til tomorrow cuz I have got to go lie down. My eyes are hurting and my head is splitting!
    Catch you all in the morning!

  236. thanks, Hal

  237. Hey socal, maybe he can have a Win The Future lottery.

  238. Well, laker got bingo, altho some of the wording wasn’t exact. He said things that meant the same thing as several of the phrases.

  239. Yes, win the future…I wonder if he tried it out on Jintao socal?

  240. I thought you guys were watching. Is FF the only one who saw the dis?

  241. GOP response on FOX now= Rep Paul Ryan of WI,
    damn good points.

  242. Ha! Win the Future lottery. Yeah, that’ll be the latest money making scheme. Not to pay for deficits or stuff like that, but to pay for barks & mecheldas vacations.

  243. Did you see where that commie had someone play a chinese song that disses america while Dodo sat there?

  244. You Go laker.

  245. Yay Laker! He wins a DVD of Barack’s speeches!

  246. “Win The Future” ? I thought he said we couldn’t just sit and wait for progress. So now do we play the lottery?

    I guess “Together we Thrive” didn’t make the cut for the 2012 campaign.

  247. Jaysus don’t the republicans have anybody who can speak without putting you in a fricking coma?

  248. My hubbie said he saw Hil & bark do the air kisses on the cheek, but he didn’t notice anything else.

  249. And a color album of all of Michelle’s stylish drapes dresses.

  250. Leslie, I missed that too. Freedomfairy, how did he dis Hillary????


  251. Uppity, Laker says he’s honored and proud. But he says he’d rather have a relapse of the flu & is happy to give the DVD to another player.

  252. OK – Barack was meeting his Cabinet. He shook hands with every one and walked strait passed HRC and went to that racist fukker Clyburn. Did the old Bro pat ont he back, guffawed and then finally returned, and i think shook HRC’s hand. But he dissed her first. Made her wait while he stroked Clyburn.

    Asshat. And HRC was zoomed in on and he walked right passed her.

  253. Where was Ken Salazar?

  254. leslie @ 10:32, ROFL!!!

  255. The GOP response is bullshit too. It balmes the government for the current economic conditions. No mention of the greedy banks, greedy Wall Street, Bernie Madoffs, and the cost of two wars for 8 years and the cost of keeping Hallibrton in business. YOU LIE TOO!

  256. Asshat doesn’t begin to cover TehOne.

  257. Juan Williams is also criticizing Paul Ryan saying he didn’t say anything either.

  258. Yup Hugo. Another bunch of losers.

  259. That was great blogging. Thanks from those if us who couldn’t watch (due to weak gag reflexes) for taking the bullets for tonight.
    Upps wins the prize for the champagne-spending-with-beer-money comment, altho’ there were many other hilarious and insightful comments.

  260. Thanks FF. Yeah we def missed that. Hubbie kept changing the channel to sports til the dumb speech started & clicked back in time just to see him & Hil do the air kiss thing. I missed all of it.

  261. FF, on the way in the BSer-in-chief did go put his bony Jack Skellington hands on her and they did the kiss-kiss thing. Then I had to take a zantac.

  262. Oh yes, Champagne Spending with Beer Money comment was tops. We all screamed with laughter over that one.

  263. Hugo ROFL! Ah you guys are so funny! Uppityites rule!

  264. I agree. /Two thumbs up for the champagne spending/beer money comment.

  265. Hugo, agree about the repubs comment. They are so full of it.

  266. thanks to everyone who actally sat through the SOTU.
    I haven’t been able to listen to the a$$hat-in-chief since 2007 when I saw him in person at a “townhall” when he wouldn’t answer questions.

  267. TY, socalannie. This was fun. TY to uppity for providing the thread.

  268. Well leslie, it must be the distance that makes a difference. We can actually hurl crap at the tv.

  269. mcn ~ lol

  270. Thanks, FF — I missed that.


  271. We weren’t planning to watch, but the guys decided the bingo thing was funny & they wanted to try it. Hubbie got bored first, Laker almost held out to the end. Can you believe that weird muslim comment he made? He always singles them out for special attention/commendation. Doesn’t bother with other minorities. He’s so bizarre.

  272. Leslie, you saw him at a townhall in Chicago? Was he as arrogant back then? My Dad was from Chicago btw.

  273. This thread was a blast.

    I saw that Chinese thing yesterday. I guess this is what happens when no one has respect for the leader of the free world.


  274. Uppity said upthread, “WTF is win the future?”
    Win The Future is the same acronym for wtf. Maybe his frat boy speechwriter meant it as a joke. It certainly is a completely ridiculous slogan. Remember Bill’s “Building a bridge to the 21st century” when he was pushing tech improvements (internet etc). Barky doesn’t begin to measure up.

  275. Uppity, sigh, you best lay off the prednisone and, if you have it, wait two hours or more for that shit to wear off, then take some Alkaselzer Colds Plus. Works for me and yours truly has sinus infections regularly. Prednisone is tightly regulated because its
    prolonged use causes phychological problems and worsens the situation. The NF crowd is very careful with it. If you feel it is making the situation worse, stop taking it. Worry about you, lady.

  276. Love Alka Seltzer Cold. Works really fast.

  277. BTW, thank FF. He does that shit to her all the time. Remember the time he walked past her to shake Teddys hand.

  278. Thanks everybody for bringing me up to speed. I didn’t catch the speech…..I, um….had some kind of urgent business….yes that’s it urgent business!!

    Great comments, I caught all the highlights I needed without needing eye bleach or barf bags!!

  279. Michelle Bachmann is ripping the One a new one. She’s on Greta.

  280. Prednisone? I’m quite familiar with that too from little somebody’s treatment she was on that and decadron.

    One thing for sure with steroids make sure to space your doses out. If it says every 12 hours it means that. It doesn’t take much to end up with too much steroid in your system, then you could have all sorts of problems.

  281. Anyone watching Nancy on with Greta? Good grief.

  282. Yeah Mcnorman….she’s severely fellating Zero…

  283. yes, I see Pelosi with greta. How much do you think she spent on that haircolor? When did she get so blonde? And when did she become interested in working with the other party.

  284. Wow Hal, just wow. I thought the lovefest was ovah?

  285. Pelosi just mentioned a speech by JFK in Baltimore in 1962. I remember JFK’s visit to Baltimore. My mother took up to see him.

  286. Nancy is creating a job for her hairdresser. That is her doing her part now that she has way more time on her hands.

  287. Oh, I get it. she is creating jobs in the cosmetology and dermatology sectors. You go, Nancy!!

  288. Nancy is a botchulism experiment for sure. she’s proven just how much a person can take without passing on, even though her face is rather stiff.

  289. Yeah Hugo…she thought of this all by herself. She must have had some time to think about it while she was waiting for the “filler up” in the plastic surgeon’s office.

  290. Anybody notice the rebuttal guy had that rubber hair the Rs are so fond of? And what’s with the Sean Hannity part on his head? I think the thing that annoys me most about Hannity, besides his repetitiveness and constant whining and his personality bypass, is his godawful hair.

  291. She is a science experiment and for that I am grateful. I’m not scared anymore. ;)

  292. Hugo said about Pelosi “And when did she become interested in working with the other party.”

    Heh….the midterm bashing in November. Now, she is interested….before it was eat-shit-and-die.

  293. It is pretty weird.

  294. WTH you talking about Hal? I’m not taking prednisone. Who said I was taking prednisone?

  295. Maybe Nancy can turn them on to her hairdresser.

  296. He has a widow’s peak like Eddie Munster. Well a bit less than Eddie.

  297. I saw that Chinese thing yesterday. I guess this is what happens when no one has respect for the leader of the free world.

    Vivien, that’s also what you get when your president is a dolt and doesn’t even know they’re making fun of him….and then is even dumb enough to defend the song for it’s “sweet melody” and declare it okay because they didn’t use the lyrics. Jesus. I mean every person in China knows the words to that Kill America song for Chrissakes.

  298. He always singles them out for special attention/commendation. Doesn’t bother with other minorities. He’s so bizarre.

    It’s just a shout out to his home base.

  299. Sputnik Moment. lol. Maybe he’d like to volunteer to go up in our next sputnik. He’s a freaking alien anyways. hasn’t got a human bone in his body. Very reptilian.

  300. ROFL Eddie Munster.

  301. Like I said somebody, I have no idea where the word prednisone came from. I never mentioned it and I am NOT taking it. Who takes prednisone for sinuses?

  302. Actually, he looks like a cross between horsey face Kerry and Eddie Munster. Ewww.

  303. BOBO, phone home.

    That Repub did look like Eddie Munster. He should have sat with Pelosi, the crypt keeper.

  304. Kerry is REALLY offensive to look at.

  305. Sorry Uppity= It’s NOT prednisone? That’s great. My mistake…thot I read earlier upthread that was what you were taking. Prednisone is just very scary stuff.
    Drink your water, plenty of it. Hope you’re in bed now and able to catch ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs.

  306. He is inhuman. TD has a post up with a pic of him showing a weird scar or line on his head and neck. We tried to look for it when he first walked into the chamber, & thought we saw it, anyway, one side is different from the other. But then hubbie got bored and clicked over to sports, which is why we missed him dissing Hillary.

  307. Yeah, I know.

  308. Hugo’s on a roll! :)

  309. I did see a scar on obama’s head as he walked into the chamber. Is that where they transponders were implanted?

  310. I thought he’d been to Nancy’s surgeon. Guess I was wrong.

  311. socalannie, our dear leaders are just so much fun. Can’t help but laugh at them. No point in crying. Boehner has that nailed down.

  312. Maybe its where his “human skin” is zipped up. Remember the movie Cocoon? Where the aliens unzipped and peeled off their human-like covering?

  313. Nite folks. I have to say that this was a fun way to watch the SOTU dog and pony show. TY!!

  314. socal~
    Sorry. I took a break from the computer for a bit. I did see TehOne at a townhall in 2007 or maybe 2006. He was arrogant, and pissy. and when people asked questions about ANYTHING he didn’t want to talk about he said, “I’m not going to answer that”. I knew I’d never vote for him again after that. (At that time he was the freshman senator from Illinois. And yes, I’d voted for him. Sadly, I didn’t even think about the Green Party then.)
    I even would have taken exception if/when people dissed the Dems. Not hardly a day goes by that I don’t dis the Dems myself nowadays.
    To get back to the “townhall”. He didn’t know who the GoldStar mothers were. He saidto the GoldStar mom who was asking him about his “plans” to end the war in Iraq – you know, the one he “spoke against”. He said he was sure she was a good mother (goldstar to him must have meant super instead of a mother who had lost a child to the war). I kid you not. One of his very young and very white staffers had to tell him what it meant to be a GoldStar mother. I watched it happen. Anyway, he refused to talk about Iraq. He refused to talk about the cost of oil or the dependency of this nation on oil. He only wanted to talk about “his plan” to be able to deduct student loans from income taxes. He was most annoying. I can’t watch him with out thinking about that day and the disrespect he showed toward almost everybody who was there. I just don’t know how other people walked away thinking otherwise. But there were plenty of people who left there thinking he was better than sliced bread.

  315. Pseudoephedrine, hal. it’s a decongestant.

  316. Cocoon!! You got it Socal.

  317. So let’s see. We have Win The Future, whose acronym is WTF. Boy, his cardboard cutout humping speech writer really set up a stinkbomb that will live on.

  318. Nite to all.

  319. Maybe it was from a golfing accident.

  320. Hugo, it’s just SOP with these two parties. The R’s always look like their faces weren’t finished before they were born, their hair is always rubber and greasy looking. The D’s always look like they slept in their suits and combed their hair with an eggbeater.

  321. “Champagne Spending with Beer Money ”

    Then I think we’re down to a Natty Light pocket. Oof.

    God help us when we’re down to Thunderbird.

  322. More like Boon’s Farm, Allie.

  323. UW ~ take care, get plenty of fluids, get rest. It took me many weeks to get over the virus I had earlier in the fall. I couldn’t rest as I had to work. But I did drink lots of fluids.
    Just take care of yourself.
    And a big TY for this live blog tonight. You and your crew are the best!

  324. Karen: I went from there to a log cabin in the woods.

    I’m moving in! (well, maybe in the spring…..). BTW, whenever I see “SOTU” anymore, my mind ALSO says “STFU”!

  325. Honora – I love your sense of humor!

  326. NES – you mean, he really touched you? Did any part of his skin touch any part of your skin? Do you still have those clothes or did you burn them? Did you make sure to have your friend get tested?

    Because…. I didn’t know you were ever touched by him…. gosh… shoot… I mean, that kind of changes things…..


  327. Acronym WTF, how fitting actually!!

    As for the scar on his head he’s had that for as long as I can remember. A scar on his neck I don’t think I recall. I thought the head scar was from some kind of Manchurian operation???

    UW sorry for the confusion, but actually steroids are used to reduce swelling so it’s possible.

    As for the China state dinner dis….OMG! I just can’t believe how glib the WH is about it.

  328. I missed the party! But thanks to the brave souls who watched it. Took me awhile to read through all the comments!

    UW – you shouldn’t say those things about Kerry. You might offend PMM. She seems to live on a farm. I think I recall that she LIKES horses….

    PS – FF, you told me to watch for an email, and I never saw it! :(

  329. Night UW & fans….

  330. OMG Fox is going to rebroadcast The Big Lie. Gotta change the channel.

  331. Night UW & fans.

  332. Night all… Thanks for the fun.

  333. Are we breaking up, lorac?
    But, no, I don’t believe there was skin to skin.

    As for the queries made by the rest of you: yes, it was traumatic; no, I never completely recovered.

    PMM, I’ll raise you on the WJC hug (from whom I admittedly only got a two-handed handshake)…I got a hug from Hill. And, a photo to prove it. As we were posing for the photo, I gave her waist a little squeeze. So, eat your heart out, lorac!

  334. Upps, lol on “NES is a hologram.” Hey, even holograms have feelings!!!

  335. Holograms can be “snuggly.”

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