Egypt in turmoil.

New thread due to overload of the last thread.

Egypt army tries to restore order.

Hundreds mourn Egyptian dead.


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  1. According to the BBC

    Egypt’s Nile TV is reporting that several hundred prisoners have escaped from a prison in Fayoum, south of Cairo.

    Even the HuffPoo is saying that Bam is lost on this one. He didn’t say squat when Russia crossed into Georgia or when Iran was taking out protesters, what makes them think that all of a sudden the Won would grow a pair?

  2. I was flipping channels and there’s geraldo telling me they are tossing tear gas canisters that say Made In USA on them. Huffpo had a piece yesterday that talked about how Obama cut off funding to Egypt for the promotion of Democracy. Not that Bush did any better at it, but he funded it. God knows where THAT money went.

  3. I dont get Mubarak. He’s a dead man and he’s fighting for what exactly? He’s obviously got some grey matter missing if he thinks he’s going to whip everybody in shape. These people will die first. For Chrissakes, he’s 82 freaking years old besides. WTF is it with these despots? They get stupider the longer they are in power, or something. He’s no Sadat that’s for sure. But he’s going to make it worse for Egypt because they will NEVER accept him now and all he’s doing is thinking about hiimself. He probably wanted to install his son, of course. It’s what these dictators do. Like a royal family or something.

    Look at the last video in this thread. Listen to what the guy says. He says we HATE YOU. All of EGYPT HATES YOU.

  4. He is most likely fighting for his life. Dictators (and their family and friends) don’t exactly have retirement plans.

  5. LOL Jay, the people have retirement plans for him about six feet down. He needs to hiightail the hell out of there and fergettabowtit. I’m sure he’s stocked up plenty of ‘retirement’ money for himself. I have one word for him: Asylum.

  6. I loved Text to be displayedthis picture of the tank.

  7. Well you get the idea.

  8. Just listened to the latest from Al Jazeera

    “Jane Dutton Reporting Live from Cairo” :

    She is out on the streets and says “she feels relatively safe” and that:

    * All is quiet
    * No Police anywhere in sight
    * Demonstrators earlier were standing on Military tanks and shouting victory and “seem to be enjoying the relationship with the military presence”
    * Vigilantes have formed groups and are protecting homes and properties from looting

  9. CNN has gotten through to a guy in Cairo and he says the police have completely disappeared. They have to protect themselves. He says his neighbors are setting up their own protection groups. Also reports that some escaped convicts were caught by the neighborhood protection group. That could be some guys that mcnorman is talking about. Holy shit. this will get worse before it gets better. Elsewhere, it looked like some guys were carrying a mummy around like a trophy. Fools. Remember the “treasure hunters” that left hundreds of holes in Iraqi land after GW sent troops into Iraq? There’s been books written on this and the artifacts that may have been lost forever. the best is: “The Rape of Mesopotamia”=

    We are witnessing the same thing in Egypt. “Hey buddy, what will you give me for my mummy?”

  10. her: Do you have the link for the live broadcasts?

  11. It’s what these dictators do. Like a royal family or something.

    We have those types in this country too. They latch on to offices and positions forever, and never want to let go. Sometimes, their kids even hop on the bandwagon. The people here are fed up with that entitlement mentality too, although it is nowhere near as ugly as other countries.

  12. It may be that the supreme offices of the land entitle the beholden to lots of wagyu steak and arugula. Golf whenever. Vacations ad nauseum. Kids then salivate at the same.

  13. It’s a real shame these people are carrying around priceless and historic treasures like that man. Hopefully, they will come ot their senses and guard the museum, instead of pilfering it.

  14. It is being protected.

  15. Fredster: It’s the one you posted. I didn’t post it because Uppity said on previous thread that it required some plugin for her to see comtent.

    But, I think the “plugin download” is for additional content or maybe live stream. You can watch the feature videos by clicking on them without downloading the plugin – I found.

  16. Whew! Sigh of relief. A human wall protecting the Cairo Museum.

  17. Fredster:

    Here’s an AJ Correspondent’s direct Twitter Page that might be interesting to take a peek at now and then:

  18. Her: I haven’t had any problems watching the vids (there’s not much on there right now). I’m using Firefox and unless I put in a plugin earlier I’m not having problems watching anything.

  19. Okay, I just tried it in I.E. and it says Adobe Flash required. I must have that already installed in Firefox.

  20. Fredster, I’m using Firefox also and am not having any problems so far.

    But, if I had to download a plugin – I wouldn’t. Just the way I am about those things.

  21. When I saw that “Live Update” I had just gone there and it was just coming on – so I think it was “the latest news” st that time (I don’t think it was a repeat)

    I won’t be needing to ask you when daybreak is – now that I know. lol!

  22. Goodnight

  23. Her: Adobe Flash is pretty standard I believe. I may have tried to load a page that used flash and I just installed it to see the contents.

  24. Her: That one was just too good to pass up last night.

    I stayed up until almost mid-morning today and don’t think I can do it again tonight.

  25. The thing is, I have Flash. So I wasn’t taking any chances. Usually when you need a plugin, the name is identified.

  26. One group of protesters chanting, “the people and the army are hand in hand,” marched to a row of tanks and armoured vehicles and

    shook hands with the soldiers and posed with them for photos. When four armoured vehicles roared out of the square as darkness fell, they were covered with people standing on them chanting anti-Mubarak slogans.

    A day earlier the sentiment on the street had been anger. On Saturday, it was almost euphoric, a sense that the end of Mubarak’s regime is near.

  27. Uppity, I keep my browser plugins regularly up to date.

    When a site like that asks me to “update” MY browser functionality – I figure it’s an enhancement to their tracking cookies and a “click bank” link relationship with a third party.

    You know how that goes, clicking on it to execute the “update” also gives them permission to… whatever.

  28. OT but did you see that The Netherlands has frozen relations with Iran because they hanged a woman arrested as a protester, alleging she was part of a drug ring:

    At least the Dutch government is taking the woman’s death seriously.


  29. Fascinating isn’t it, Uppity – that “Military Presence” is suddenly a sign of “Victory over Mubarak”?

  30. Ok, goodnight for real.

  31. He’s toast. Maybe some of these world leaders need to tell him that. I would have never thought Egypt of all countrys could go down that quickly. I bet the House of Saud are shaking in their shoes right about now.

    I thought your avitar was a fat cat. I didn’t realize it was Bill with a purple halo. That can’t be a halo, not on Bill. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I saw what lorac said earlier and had to take a closer look. Bill don’t hate me. I never thought you were a gay fat cat. Really.

  32. Whew! Sigh of relief. A human wall protecting the Cairo Museum.

    Yes, well I did notice the tank behind them, did you?

  33. Wonk has posted at Sky Dancing that Egypt has
    revoked the broadcast license for Al Jazeera.

  34. Oh no. What if he pulls an Iran and starts really killing people?

  35. Just got up- sorry to drop off so early last night- hubby got a piece of hard candy lodged in his throat- i got it moved enough he could breathe and talk- but it would not go all the way down of come up- and of course he refused to go to the ER. GRR. I used an old trick I saw my Mom use on a toddler once- had him sipping hot tea until the damn thing finally melted. Then I skipped my meds in case of further complications.
    The news reports this am seem kind of strange- from utter chaos yesterday to peaceful this morning. Of course Al-Jazeera (not my ideal source for sure) is off- and all we are getting now is “western” reporters. Hmmmm

  36. Oh man Mom, that’s so scary! I am glad he’s okay. Choking is so frightening. good fast thinking. You are one wise woman.

    I think he’s going to kill them all, Mom. I don’t know where to go to get the news. I don’t trust Fox. I don’t trust CNN. I don’t trust any of these people. FOX has video of them filling the square up with tanks. They are also confirming Al Jazeera is thrown out. I don’t even know if anything I see or hear is real any longer. I think we’ve been conned by the press most of our lives.

    I feel as though we should be helping these people.

  37. Hillary will be on MTP and she’s going to speak with Wallace, coming up, I think that’s what i heard.

    WTF. We have no president.

  38. Remember, the military seems to be very gentle with these people. I think if he gives orders he might find some backhanded mutiny. Egypt isn’t Afghanistan. These aren’t goat fuckers. They just want some freedom. I think they won’t go for an Islamic state. I hope I’m right because Mubarak must go any way they can swing it.

  39. Yeah- Uppity- but as usual I wasn’t frightened while he was choking- the shakes hit after! Good thing he was able to make his way downstairs- as he had gone up to smoke (he tries to be good and not smoke in the same room) The choking thing was not the scary part- he was so stressed he was turning bright red and his pulse was racing. Thought he was gonna have a heart attack or stroke out on me. Phew!

    I don’t trust any of our “news” outlets either- they have not proven trustworthy. At all.
    It would be outstanding if it went from chaos to calm overnight- but chances of that happening?
    Gonna check BBC.
    (And what the hell was up yesterday with bam bam? Hillary was in the morning meeting while the idiot was at the game- then there was a convocation of the boys club in the afternoon- and she was not there?) I read this morning she is off to Haiti? And others are keeping an eye on Egypt? WTF?

  40. WOW, Mom, you are one cool head that’s all I can say!

    Listen, the Muslims and Christians are working together on this in Egypt. I just KNOW they aren’t going to let some goatfuckers take them over and do the same thing to them. I have some faith in these people. This isn’t afghanistan where they are cavement. This is a country of educated people. Now, if he shut down Al Jazeera, he’s either going to give it up or give the order to mow people down. I’m not too sure the military is his any longer though. Today is going to be a critical day.

  41. LOL I just repeated myself. I feel like I’m under my desk in an air raid or something.

  42. Stole a link from skydancing- Israeli newspaper

    “Jimmy Carter will go down in American history as “the president who lost Iran,” which during his term went from being a major strategic ally of the United States to being the revolutionary Islamic Republic. Barack Obama will be remembered as the president who “lost” Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, and during whose tenure America’s alliances in the Middle East crumbled. ”

    From what I was able to see of the military- looks like they are siding with the people- so far. Mubarak is an asshat- naming the chief spy as VP- what an idiot.
    I am sure the Egyptian military knows where all their funding comes from.
    Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. As you said- the Egyptians are not the cave dwelling types. Grinding poverty yes- but many many educated people. Ignorance is a problem in the cave countries- Education may be the saving grace in this.

  43. Hillary is on CNN right now- she looks sooo tired.

  44. Now she is on ABC with Amanpour (sp?) Must be shooting from her office- or it’s taped.

  45. Off to church- bbl

  46. She looks like she hasn’t slept in days and his balls are nice and fresh.

    When Obama says We Won’t Rest, he means other people won’t rest.

  47. Was he really at a basketball game yesterday?

  48. Oh see I cannot stand FOX any longer. What are they covering? Why there are less women in congress now and obviously that’s GOOD because women are better at getting pork. I cannot stand these people any longer. We need Lysistrada in this country. Assholes. Click.

  49. I saw that too UW. Another WTF moment brought to you by the MSM.

  50. Sophie, I can’t remember if it was yesterday or day before but I heard it on TV, I think it was FOX, they said the press couldn’t get to talk to Obama and only saw him leaving the WH with the family to attend a ball game. Who knows if they were lying.

  51. Ok I just found when I commented on it. It was yesterday. I think it was his daughter’s game.

  52. Hey Sophie, now they want to blame pork on women. So what else is new.

  53. Been flat on my back with a pulled muscle. Grateful for all the news coverage here to catch up on now that I can sit for a little bit.

  54. The tear gas canisters have been photographed and they are made in the USA. The problem is that Egypt has been simmering for a long time. Fredster is right, Carter may have lost Iran, but this clown has absolutely no idea about how to keep any mortar in place. To be fair, wtf do these countries do with the billions sent to them? I read in one article that Egypt’s wife purchased a bus to travel in with money that was meant for education.

  55. Hillary is on CNN right now- she looks sooo tired.

    Who works? Simple answer.

  56. Sorry karen.

  57. I did some floating around the internet this morning so I could come here and sound like I know what’s going on. Why is msnbc reporting that Americans are being advised to leave. I’ve not seen it anywhere else. How do you evacuate 50 thousand people?

    mcnorman who says America doesn’t make things anymore.

    karen sorry to hear about your pain in the back. IIRC you were the one saying bouncing up n down with the Dems would be good exercise during the STFU. Take it slow. My moms the same way, she tends to over do it too.

    So Upps, we cool? I wanted to post at the Ask Bill tread but noticed the comments were closed.

  58. viv: I heard Hillary say they would be offered opportunities to leave, not that they were being advised to leave.

  59. Vivien no problem with me but I can’t speak for Bill. He’s ornery that way. He can do that. he’s a cat. He probably saw you coming and closed those comments. I personally can’t do a thing with him. In fact, I’m lucky he lets me stay here at all.

  60. That’s what I heard too. She is offering help to Americans to get out of the country…if they want it.

  61. mcnorman who says America doesn’t make things anymore.

    In spite of the topic, this is very funny. Truth is, they are probably made in China and stamped USA before they are shipped here to be shipped there.

  62. Thanks Sophie. msnbc. Consider the source. I didn’t watch any of the shows this morning. has the video up now. She does look tired.

    You know Upps you are probable right. It seems like everything we do make is made in China.

    Kisses Bill.

  63. I just took a look at a former Hillary supporting website which I used to go to all the time, until the comment section turned into a republican cheering section. As usual, it’s all-Hillary-hate, all-the-time. Everything is Hillary’s fault. And why is she always talking about women, women have the same rights as men in this country, it’s just our fault if it doesn’t seem that way.

    So let me say again, UW, thank you for a sanctuary for those of us who are sane.

  64. America makes MTV and such stuff. Barack said that we need to invent stuff and make stuff. 😉

  65. Sorry about trying to be funny. I use your place here as an escape. I know nothing that’s going on right now is funny. My dad has a strange sense of humor. You know what they say about the apple and the tree.

    lorac stay away from hillbuzz. If you’re not a gay male Republican you won’t fit in.

  66. Actually, it wasn’t hillbuzz, it was a site that has Hillary supporting writers still, but republican commenters (and some of them used to be Hillary dems). But Hillbuzz is taking Hillary off the header finally, when they move to their new website. Thank god.

  67. Ah so people are finally figuring out what I knew in 2008 right about the time the “Whitey Tape” got its legs from an interesting place, sincere enough to have others pick it up and quote it…. and then….poof! Post disappeared. Not that there isn’t a screen shot. Then poof! Site disappeared. Then Poof! New site. Wolf in sheep’s clothing which is going threadbare. Vulnerable PUMAs, a formula for the picking and others like me just watching and waiting because it’s what we do. Nuff said. Subject dropped.

  68. Vivien, laughter is always good medicine. Never forget that.

  69. UW, thank you for a sanctuary for those of us who are sane.

    There you go again pretending lorac.


    I kill me.

  70. Ok, then, thank you for a website for sane people and me lol

  71. Okay, I won’t ask. Hey lorac, what’s their new name gonna be? Palinbuzz?

    Tell me you don’t have to be sane to come here.

  72. Vivien if you had to be sane to come here, wordpress would have removed me long ago.

  73. Ok, thank you UW for a sanctuary for sane people and me and Vivien lol

    Vivien, same name, just a picture of the hill now, instead of a picture of Hillary.

  74. lorac, the votes are in. You are the forum pet. hee hee.

    I thought what you did at crawdad was a riot. I was laughing my ass off. And what else would I do late and night if you and NES didn’t cross over the line and make me clean up?

  75. Too much in this link to condense- but will pull out a couple things I found interesting
    US Embassy tells Americans to weigh leaving Egypt
    “CAIRO – The U.S. Embassy in Egypt on Sunday recommended that Americans leave the country as soon as possible”
    “The U.S. has yet to send in any special flights, and the only American carrier with direct service to Cairo, Delta Airlines, has suspended that service.”

    (yes- THAT Delta)
    “Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan sent in over 15 flights in total to transport their nationals out of the country”

    (You think the ME countries know something we don’t? Why are our people still sitting ducks?)

    “The wealthy found other options.

    Within the span of four hours, 45 private jets flew out of the airport early Sunday, carrying a range of Arabs, Westerners and in some cases Egyptian celebrities, the airport official said. Among the celebrities who left was pop star Amr Diab, who was headed to London with his family aboard his private jet, she said.

    A day earlier, at least 19 other jets flew out carrying the families of wealthy businessmen. ”

    The wealthy are fleeing in private jets of course. Gee I thought the airport was closed. But I guess only during the curfew hours. Or if you are not rich.
    Not only ME countries- European countries as well.
    Seriously- what the hell took so long? Was somebody blocking the evac order in hopes things would go back to the same old same old?

  76. Well…… I’m NOT furry! And shhhhhhhhh! I keep hoping most people weren’t sharp enough to notice that at Crawdad, or just thought it was a typo lol

  77. Notice? I’ve been thinking of copying and pasting the whole thing and dropping it in here.

  78. What no picture of Liz Cheney?

  79. Using the picture of the Hill is a convenient way to keep their original name.

  80. Oh no Lorac- I saw it- and laughed for hours after! Forgot where you were huh?

  81. Ah, people are supposed to “pet” their pets, they’re supposed to be kind to them!

  82. oh no PMM…. slinking away….

  83. Bahahaha Mom. Priceless.

  84. Hey Lorac- why else have pets? They are supposed to amuse us! {lorac}

  85. ……scratching head. I must be doing something wrong. My pets think I am supposed to amuse THEM.

  86. You should do a post about it Upps. I thought lorac was trying to be funny. It didn’t look like too many people over there noticed.

    lorac, it’s obvious Upps loves you. So we wouldn’t be laughing at you. We would be laughing with you.

  87. lorac, it’s obvious Upps loves you.

    Truly and deeply.

    The more I laugh about you the more I love you. it’s how I was raised. Not being ribbed/picked on for a laugh was a bad sign.

  88. Time for me to slink away too. Whoever said Sunday was a day of rest didn’t know my schedule.

  89. Well don’t be long Vivien. Don’t make me come over there.

  90. Egyptian fighter jets flying over cairo.

  91. The US is apparently taking a tempered “neutral” stance – maybe because of its precarious situation in having touted its “relationship” with Mubarak – who is now so hated – and its support of the people in wanting a real democracy:

    HRC voiced the same concerns that we have all shared on here about “extremists” (like I heard blasting America and Israel last night) who may try and take advantage of the crisis:

    “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton refused to speculate on the future of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or his teetering government. “What we don’t want,” she said, “are radical ideologies to take control of a very large and important country in the Middle East.” (HP interview)

  92. After listening to HRC all morning I feel reassured, as always, when she demonstrates her grip (non-scripted-no-teleprompter) on a situation and about the more measured public response.

    Joe Biden “Mubarak is no Dictator and should not step down” can’t even handle his job competently, , much less take over – being the 2nd embarrassment boob in command that he consistently is.

    So, as always, I can’t help but grieve over her being robbed of the presidential position – and rightful title – of being “The One” we were waiting for.

    She IS my President.

  93. I slunk (is that a word? lol) away and mowed the grass – and the weeds that all the rain we had made grow so tall….

    OMG I’m the laughing stock of the internets!!! All of them!!!

  94. Oh, geez, my hands smell like wheatgrass juice (ewwwwwwwww!). MUST take a shower!

  95. lorac I can’t find my grass.

    OMG I’m the laughing stock of the internets!!! All of them!!!

    This is not so. Two or three people don’t know about it yet.

  96. Two or three people don’t know about it yet

    Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea. lol

  97. lorac: you mowed the grass?? Where are you? My grass is under almost 6 feet of accumulated snow.

  98. I was up almost all of the night watching what I could and then on the web. Not long after that last comment about Al Jazeera I had to crash.

    PMM: fwiw, A. J. had been having better coverage than our networks here.

    Oh and I found out what the prompt for an addin was for in the browser. I think part of the Adobe Flash install is an Active X component. You do have to be careful of those.

    I’m just now seeing the U.S. is trying to get the Americans out of Egypt. I don’t remember when it happened the last time, but I hope they have some $$s. I don’t know if it was Haiti and then earthquake or where but the U.S. citizens had to be able to pay to get flown out of the country.

    Oh, poor Fredster here looks like something from Night of the Living Dead. May have to conk out some more for a power nap…for about 3 hrs!

    PMM: You couldn’t Heimlich hubby to get the candy expelled? That’s something that scares me now being alone. One time at work I was eating some M&Ms, the plain ones, and they melted together in my mouth and then I coughed or something and the blob went down and lodged in my throat! No one was in the other cubicles by me so I had to get up and run around to the next group of cubicles. By then my face (I was told) was going from red to blue..couldn’t talk, all I could do was make a nasty wheezing sound. Finally got someone’s attention and they were able to beat me on the back and do heimlich and the mess came up! I’ve never eaten plain M&Ms since!

  99. A talking head on CNN just said: Saudis are surrounded by countries that are revolting.

    …coupla ways to take that…

  100. Fredster- heimlich is kind of tough with two ruptured discs lol. I was about to slam him over the back of the DR chairs!
    Sophie! ROLF! Good one.

  101. OH! I forgot about that Mom!

    Keep this handy for the hubby.

  102. Thanks Fred! Hubby was the designated first aid guy for his shift for years. (Until they made him clock out and docked him for taking an employee to the ER. After that he told them to get somebody else. No good deed etc.)
    That maneuver was exactly what I was going to do to him. lol

  103. Until they made him clock out and docked him for taking an employee to the ER

    That was short-sighted. Yeah, it’s a lot easier to fill out a casualty report for OSHA. Plus, then they have to take down that sign that reads “This plant has worked xxx hours without an accident.” Bummer.

  104. I saw this on another site, think it’s an AP report.

    The State Department says there are thousands of U.S. citizens in Egypt who might need to be evacuated on U.S.-government arranged chartered planes.

    Assistant Secretary of States Janice Jacobs says she expects it will take several flights over the coming days to handle the number of Americans who want to leave Egypt.

    The charters will begin Monday from Cairo and will go to Europe. Jacobs says the U.S. is looking at Athens, Greece; Istanbul, Turkey; and Nicosia, Cyprus as destinations.

    Jacobs, who’s in charge of consular affairs, says the U.S. will have enough flights to take out all American citizens and dependents who want to leave. She says Americans with tickets on commercial airlines should contact those carriers about getting out.

    Americans taking the charter will be billed for the cost of the flight and will need to make their own travel arrangements after arriving in Europe.

    Hope they’ve got a line of credit on their plastic. Will they take checks?

  105. Saw this at BBC.
    It is not about Egypt but about Iraq.
    War windows to share husbands. Isn’t that promoting sharia law? I would like your opinion .



  106. A talking head on CNN just said: Saudis are surrounded by countries that are revolting

    but not as revolting as the Saudis…. rim shot

  107. Priceless, Teresa.

  108. CNN just did a segment about US companies with employees in Egypt. They were talking about how to manage the safety of a world wide work force. The woman being interviewed said that companies remain in constant contact with their employees. I’m wondering how with the Internet, SMS messaging, and cell phone service turned off. Do they have a red phone with each employee?

  109. To put another spin on it, Mubarak may just be trying to save what’s left of his country.

    Once the Islamics (MB, Elbaradei) take over, Egypt will be another Iran. That is, an Islamic Republic.

  110. Does this fiasco in crisis response give us grounds to impeach our golfer-in-chief. He is too big a turkey to know the result of the Shah’s downfall in Iran. This seems even worse because there are more countries on the brink.

  111. I just came back from Symphony Hall – we went to see a performance of the youth symphony. If you only heard it, you would never guess they were kids. Amazing.

  112. Lizzy, I’ll bet there’s a good chance that most people aren’t even tuned in to BO’s response to Egypt. Probably don’t even think to critically evaluate it….

  113. Yes, yes, I SAW you there, DE! lol

    (but how can you be married when you’re in a kid’s orchestra?!!)

  114. oops kids’ orchestra!!!

  115. DE – where did your drum go? lol

  116. Yeah well the Right will be unfunding those sissy kids playing music. Sports, no, the arts, yeah. Sports. That’s the ticket. Yeah.

    Watching a talented kid in symphony is a complete joy. Now that’s talent.

  117. Dora I thought that way initially too. But after watching these protesters, I am convinced they aren’t going to go for a bunch of goat fucking brotherhood people bringing in Hezbollah to teach them how to be even more repressed while they pick off the Coptics. I also think the US and other western countries are watching this carefully. This is why they want the transition of Mubarak leaving to be organized by somebody other than a bunch of Islamofascist vultures looking to strike. If they want a democracy, and I believe they do, as they have had enough of this frying pan and don’t plan to jump into the fire, they are going to need help on how to set things up so that human rights and law are implemented. I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers and those volunteers will need sorting. you can bet Elbaradei’s history is noted.

    Egyptians are not like Afghanistan. They don’t live in caves and walk around with woolen scarves covered their faces while they shoot women in the head. This is a country of educated people for the most part.

  118. Did anyone read helens link? There are about a million war widows in Iraq. The country wants to offer financial incentives to the men for taking a second wife.

    It’s sad that in that part of the world a woman has to be married to feel safe. This would be prime time for women to take control of their lives. You don’t see China telling their men they have to share wives because the government screwed up and now there’s a shortage of women.

    My mom stopped asking me when I’ll marry. She married off the rest of her children. They all seem happy. I told mom I plan to retire early and move back home to take care of her and dad. She thinks I’m joking, and told me I’m not getting off that easy.

  119. Remember the 70’s song, “It never rains in southern California”? Well, it lied. It’s raining again.

    And I have two garbage cans of yard waste sitting out there without a lid. Guess I’m gonna have to get wet, or I’ll never be able to lift those cans later!

    PS Why do people go away and leave the poor pet all alone? lol I’m just going to have to go to other websites and embarass myself!

  120. I thought the place had gone silent. I was going to trash the place. Too early for that? lorac, what time do you usually start?

  121. Vivien, the marriage thing is not uncommon in goatfucking cultures. Yes it is sad, it’s also their culture. I suppose the widows will be grateful they aren’t executed just for existing. That’s considered progress in a culture where women are one step down from a sheep in esteem. God knows, we are sporting a generation of “third wave” Haul Video “feminists” who spend all of their time prepping for husbands themselves while their rights get whittled away before their very eyes.

    Your mother will get over it.

    I know China has a problem too, what with them aborting all those nasty girl babies because they aren’t as valuable as men. THat and enforcing limits on the number of babies. So now they have a problem with the male-female ratio. Boo F*cking Hoo. I think Have a post on that somewhere. I’ll update this comment soon as I find it.

  122. lol Vivien, you’re good, you pick right up on a blog’s “culture”! Trashing doesn’t start until the easterners go to bed and I get lonely. If NES is around, we talk dirty. Then UW has to be on her hands and knees with the soapy water in the morning, cleaning all the trash.

  123. That screwed up female to male ratio in China has had me really worried. I think historically it’s a common precursor to war – all that testosterone and no woman to CIVILIZE them lol But at least on that front, so far so good.

  124. Have you guys seen the Egyptian photo of all the guys on the tank, and a few are straddling the – I don’t know what it’s called, the phallic thing that shoots out the – lol I don’t know what tanks shoot – big bullets?

    Anyway, I was wondering if they are Muslim, because I’d like to tell them “how GAY” that looks. I’d love to say that to a bunch of homophobic cavemen. Well, maybe I could broadcast it from the safety of thousands of miles away…. lol

  125. Vivien, you can always trash the place on your own evening schedule, you don’t have to wait for me, because you may be in a different time zone. I tend towards posting youtubes of disco and The Partridge Family type of music ROFL You can choose how YOU want to trash lol

  126. Sophie said:

    CNN just did a segment about US companies with employees in Egypt. They were talking about how to manage the safety of a world wide work force. The woman being interviewed said that companies remain in constant contact with their employees. I’m wondering how with the Internet, SMS messaging, and cell phone service turned off. Do they have a red phone with each employee?

    A lot of international companies have their own VPN’s, Virtual Private Networks. Also, satellite phones are still working.

  127. Oh, man, my tshirt got all drenched when I went out in the yard. Now I’m cold. Since it’s not my official trashing time, I’m not going to do the wet tshirt thing! Brrrr!

  128. Wet Tshirt. That should bring NES out on cue. Maybe if I hose mine down too..

  129. It’s good to know the corporations are looking out for their employees.

  130. Posted in the comments at Big Pink (emphases mine – I guess Egypt has Obama supporters, too….)

    Close Call for King Tut: The Break-In at Cairo’s Prized Museum
    EmailPrint..By RANIA ABOUZEID / CAIRO Rania Abouzeid / Cairo – Sun Jan 30, 1:45 pm ET
    The break-in at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum could have been a disaster of historic proportions, a repeat of the rape of Baghdad’s multi-millennial heritage after Iraq’s equivalent museum was looted in 2003. It wasn’t. But only thanks to sheer dumb luck.

    On Friday, Egypt’s government declared a 6 p.m.-to-7 a.m. curfew. The much detested riot police, who had fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters all day, suddenly withdrew from the streets at around the start of the curfew, including from their positions guarding Cairo’s famed antiquities museum in the heart of the capital, on Tahrir Square, which is the epicenter of the uprising against President Hosni Mubarak. Immediately, Egypt became a police state without police. (See scenes of Egypt’s unrest.)

    The museum had been closed all day because of the street demonstrations, but after virtually all police abandoned their posts, “people began to enter the museum,” says Zahi Hawass, head of Egypt’s antiquities department. They climbed over walls, forced open doors and entered the museum’s vast souvenir shop. “I’m glad that those people were idiots,” Hawass told TIME. “They looted the museum shop. Thank God they thought that the museum shop was the museum.”

    The Egyptian Museum itself is extraordinary, the repository of many of the country’s greatest ancient treasures, including those from Tutankhamun’s tomb, which take up nearly half of the second floor. It’s an obligatory stop for virtually every tourist; thousands each day gape at Tut’s exquisite golden death mask – displayed in a special room along with two of his three golden coffins and other pharaonic jewelry – and wander through a darkened gallery displaying a number of royal mummies. Elsewhere, there are stone statues of pharaohs and ancient Egyptian gods that reach heights of 20 ft. or more; intricately painted sarcophagi; papyri; brilliant blue faience animals and delicate glass objects; even mundane household objects made of wood or clay. Also on display is a 5,000-year-old stone carving known as the Palette of Narmer: not only does it feature one of the oldest known hieroglyphic inscriptions, but it is thought to depict the unification of upper and lower Egypt under the first pharaoh, Narmer.

    While many of the intruders were dazzled by the souvenir shop, a few others knew there was more to the museum. Nine of them apparently realized that the real treasures were elsewhere. They entered a room containing artifacts dating back to 500 B.C. The intruders broke into some 13 glass panel display cases as well as one case in the Tutankahmun exhibition. Hawass did not give TIME permission to view the destruction in the museum, which has been shut for the duration of the crisis. But video footage from several Arabic satellite networks, including al-Arabiya, showed shards of glass littering the floor and several artifacts carelessly tossed around, some resting on splinters, others haning out of display cases. “They were looking for gold,” Hawass told TIME, just like the grave robbers of old. (Is an end game being played out in Egypt?)

    The military, which has taken over security duties throughout Cairo and in many other cities, did not arrive on the scene until 10 p.m. In the meantime, ordinary Cairenes, aware of the security vacuum, flocked to protect the museum. “That was wonderful,” says Hawass. “The Cairo museum is like the place for our identity. If the museum is safe, Egypt is safe.”

    The citizens, as well as three police officers who refused to leave their posts, apprehended the nine alleged culprits as they tried to flee the museum with their loot, including two mummy skulls and a statue of Isis. Hawass says that nothing is missing from the museum although about 100 items were damaged – though not irreparably. “They’re easy to restore,” he says.

    The military is now securing the vast salmon-colored building and preventing onlookers from loitering in its vicinity. Built in 1902, the museum, until a decade or two ago, was anything but state of the art. It was dim and dusty, and a visitor would need a flashlight to read the faded, flyspecked labels. A new facility, the Grand Egyptian Museum – which is intended to hold many of the collection’s highlights, including Tut’s treasure – is currently under construction near the Pyramids at Giza. It is supposed to be finished in 2013. (Comment on this story.)

    Hawass says he expects the current museum to reopen in a few days. He knows that the episode could have had a very different ending. “Thank God they did not know where the gold is, because if they knew about the jewelry room, this could have been a disaster.” Just ask the director of the Iraqi museum.

  131. lorac, you forgot to mention that I sometimes catch you and NES in Real Time.

  132. I’m east coast. Disco was a little before my time. I like jazz. I’m not married, but I do like good sax.

  133. Shoot!! Am I busted?

  134. And a wet tshirt contest. Now who’s trashing the place?

  135. Since we’re off topic, I would like to mention that I am sick of that POS Charlie Sheen and reading about what an asshole he truly is. I do wish he would just OD his own useless ass and take himself out of the living gene pool. Just think: Women would be safer with this cockroach out of the equation. he’s beaten the crap out of six women, and I think he shot one of them besides. Never seen a day in jail. He belongs with Lohan. They deserve each other. He’s working very hard on killing himself but he can’t even do that right. What. A. POS.

  136. “I’m glad that those people were idiots,” Hawass told TIME. “They looted the museum shop. Thank God they thought that the museum shop was the museum

    Hilarious. Must have been the brotherhood.

  137. Yes Upps, the world would be a better place.

    I’m off to go bake a birthday cake for the proof reader at work. Nothing fancy, just a box cake and a little help from to spruce it up a bit. She’s a great lady. She’s saved my bacon quite a few times. I could use her around here. Spelling and grammar are not what I’m good at. Later.

  138. UW, I wasn’t going to mention the 3-ways….

  139. Shuddup lorac, you’ll attract a bunch of perverse guys wanting to watch.

  140. Weird with the museum. I saw that one pic on a.j. that showed the men linking arms at the msueum but there was a big freakin’ tank behind them.

  141. Uppity said: Never seen a day in jail. He belongs with Lohan. They deserve each other. He’s working very hard on killing himself but he can’t even do that right. What. A. POS.

    That’s why I don’t watch that tv show he’s on.

  142. I just caught Geraldo ( I know, I know) talking to some Eqyptians here and it was very touching. One of the Muslim guys said he is afraid if Mubarak is gone that who is going to protect the Coptic Christians there. In Egypt, the Coptics and Muslims live very peaceably together and he felt Mubarak protects them and what might take over might harm them. Apparently the Coptics are guarding against looting for the Muslims when they are at prayer. I mean, these people are The Example of religious freedom and MUTUAL respect. We could learn from them. But you could tell this man was worred that Egypt would be seized as an Islamic Rule state. Very afraid.

    The more I think of this the more I realize why the US wants this done slower than the protesters want. (as in “smooth transition”). That’s code. As Geraldo said, Be Careful What You Ask For. You KNOW those goatfuckers are lurking. You just KNOW it.

  143. From comments at Hillary is 44:

    Banned Islamist returns to Tunisia; women’s groups protest:

    Reuters reports that Rachid Ghannouchi, leader of the the Islamist movement Ennahda, flew from London to Tunisia Sunday, setting foot in his homeland for the first time since 1989, when Mr. Ben Ali exiled him. Mr. Ghannouchi said he and Ennahda plan to help build Tunisia’s new democracy….

    Women leaders protest Ghannouchi’s return

    Concern about Ghannouchi’s then-pending return sparked protests by Tunisian women Saturday, reports Agence France-Presse. Hundreds of women, including “actresses, university lecturers, and human rights campaigners,” took to the streets in Tunis to show their resolve to maintain the well-established rights of women in the country.

    “We want to send an important message to the Islamists, especially those from the Ennahdha movement — that we are not ready to pull back on or abandon our rights,” said Sabah Mahmoudi, a university lecturer, told AFP.

  144. oh dear…

    it was from the comments at that darn Crawdad Hole – that place must put a disorienting spell on me!

  145. lorac, thats terrible news. Things are getting worse all over for women in the islamic world. NQ has a post up about the lib media thinking the crisis in Egypt is going to work out just fine, and now John Smart has a piece up about barky partying away Sat nite. Very scary.

    The Coptics are one of the oldest Christian churches and are a sizable % of the population. They are occasional outbursts of harrassment or vandalism form the muslims (men of course), but as Uppity says above, they have been mostly left alone. God knows what will happen to them now.

  146. I read where the Coptics are 20% of the population. An Islamic state would pick them all off in no time flat. You know how that goes. Killers, the savage beast, they are.

  147. From the CS Monitor article:

    He (Ghannouchi) also told the Times that he believes democracy and Islam are compatible, noting that he himself came under criticism from Islamists for his pro-democracy stance.

    [When I first came to the UK], I gave a lecture Manchester University in which I said democracy should not exclude communists. At the time, this was rejected strongly by Islamists who saw it as accepting atheism. I said that it is not ethical for us to call on a secular government to accept us, while once we get to power we will eradicate them. We should treat people like-for-like. As the Prophet Muhammad said, one should wish for his brother what he wishes for oneself. And Kant said you should use your behavior as your base for treating the rest of humanity.

    Anyone who has read or at least can quote Kant does have some “booklearnin”.

    The women better keep protesting just to keep their voices out in the open.

  148. fredster, sorry I’m responding so late, you’re probably in bed by now. The NQ article mentioned this post in particular:

    & says the guy that wrote it thinks we shouldn’t be concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood being involved in negotiations for the new govt, etc. He also said though that Bill Kristol said the same thing on Fox. He (LJ) thought it was terrible that they were allowed to be involved.

  149. Uppity, I also read 20% for the Coptic population. I meant it was sizable in relation to the Christian pops of other countries like Pakistan, less than 2%, or Turkey, less than 1% (way less). These churches and the Christian settlements are attacked fairly regularly, by musims. Of course, the media can’t be bothered to report it. I read someplace that Bill Clinton rebuked Turkey for chasing away its Christians (these days they chase them away, a hundred years ago, they hacked them up or burnt them alive.) Pretty sucky when you consider that these Christian churches and families were in these countries long before islam. So much for “secular” muslim countries. Egypt was the one place that (mostly) tolerated its Christian heritage. Wonder how long that will last once the muslim brotherhood put their puppets in place.

  150. AWWW How cute! Kitteh love!

    Just saw on the news that US is providing charters to get our people out of Egypt- but people have to reimburse the govt? Any clue if other countries are charging their citizens to get out?

    In other news- the new “dietary guidelines” are due out today. I am not expecting anything exciting or new- just another push to try and dupe us into eating a third world diet.

  151. Cute new header. It does not personify the Uppity Woman tho. People stopping by might get the wrong idea. But it is beautiful. Thanks FF for making the snow go away.

    lorac left a mess last night. My bad. Sorry Upps.

  152. vivien- oh the kittehs are part and parcel of this place. That kitty is probably one of Moderator Kitteh Bill’s babies. (He has LOTS and LOTS of babies.) You see, Bill really runs this place- he just lets us humans post here because we amuse him.
    We have suggested Uppity and FF do a post showing all the headers. (FF is very talented!) Sometimes the header changes on a daily basis! (have you seen the penguins yet?)

  153. I love kittehs. Penguins freak me out.

    So it’s all about Bill. I see.

    Bill, I’m not a bad person once you get to know me. Really.

    Off to work. I’m not going to be late today.

  154. Have a great day at work!
    (The penguins try to take over every so often. And apparently they breed like crazy- last year some of us got Penguins prizes- see the Penguin Pick-up tab!)

  155. If ever there were proof that government health advisory ‘experts’ don’t know squat and make it up as they go along, it’s the Food Pyramid. They pimped that pyramid to a minimum of two full generations and then unceremoniously tipped it upside down and told us to do the opposite. I don’t trust these people as far as I can throw a pyramid. I’m sure whatever new “guidelines” they come out with will reflect pressure from zealot groups, some of which have no damned business poking their noses in nutrition, much less in our lives.

    Vivien, methinks FF’s newest header is just the beginning leading up to Valentine’s Day. Watch for things to change. We have what we call a “Living Header” here. Freedom Fairy has fulll creative rights and even I don’t know what’s coming next or when it’s coming. It’s for us not for people stopping by. FF’s header series’ are legendary. There have been hundreds of them. Besides, Bill doesn’t care what somebody stopping by thinks. Hell, he doesn’t even care what I think.

  156. Just checked the Reuter’s and BBC stories on Egypt from the sidebar here. Gee whillickers- guess they must be wrong- cuz Amanpour on GMA this morning that there were hardly any protesters out in Cairo. (yes snark)
    infuriating! A supposed “news” outlet- and how many American’s never ever read or view any info other than what is spewed by the networks here in the US.

  157. Amanpour

    All Righty Then.

  158. I suppose the first thing she will do is interview the brotherhood and show us how warm and cuddly they surely are. Did she wear her flak jacket?

  159. Yup- she and suckupagus- nothing to see here- move along.

  160. How many jabs did she take at the USA in under 30 seconds? How many times did she depict the brotherhood as Love?

    Ruthie is fine, MOM.

    Yes,poor DE, he is obviously snowman-stunted. I did suggest the carrot and things but his snow-carrot IQ just couldn’t grasp it..

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