Open thread and treadmill fail.

Pick the winner.


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  1. I’ll choose door number 2 Monty!

  2. Yep, #2 without a doubt – I’m afraid scenario #3 is what’s going to happen to my son if he keeps clowning around on mine!

  3. Oh thank you Uppity, Now I have an excuse (besides being lazy) to not go to the gym this morning, Those machines are way too dangerous to be around.

  4. Yeah, number two cracked his head AND his crotch. It’s what you get when you are too freaking stupid to hook up your treadmill safety cord. Morons don’t do it. Good luck with that.

    #3 was 911.

  5. Who needs the gym? Just got finished cleaning my hardwood floors (hate them, but love their look). Hours on your hands and knees breathing in the fumes from varsol, scrubbing and rinsing. My back is killing me – move over Mom, I’m coming to join you. Brief respite while the floors dry, then on to the waxing and polishing. More hands and knees. Housework, the ultimate workout.

  6. BTW, while resting, I’m watching a movie – My house in Umbria with Maggie Smith. I love Maggie Smith!

  7. Yup..I’m with #2. The rebound shot makes it!

  8. I am a heart patient. I went through cardio rehab. I was not allowed near a treadmill until I had about 10 minutes of safety training by a nurse, then they stood by me the entire first time I used it. The treadmill is a wonderful thing but it is like operating a car. You do not get on it while it is already moving, when you are under the influence, or if you are too stupid to pass a simple driving test. I love mine but you really have to pay attention when using it.

  9. As we knew they would – they’ve started on the churches in Egypt, including one at the Gaza border:

  10. I know this is OT, but just finished watching “My house in Umbria” – it’s a wonderful movie. Watch it!

  11. I hate treadmills, so boring and they made my body shape really odd (I won’t give details), so I bought a sit down exercise machine that works legs, arms and has resistance cords for weight work. I love it but did end up on the floor once with the machine on top of me when I tried to dismount. As I swung my leg back over the machine to dismount (I’m a lot stiffer than I used to be), I got my foot caught on the seat. Well, I stubbornly yanked my foot to free it and instead pulled the whole machine on top of me. Too funny and painful as I crashed into the wall. I have to remember that I am not limber any more.

  12. HT
    I just ordered My House in Umbria from my library on your recommendation. Thanks.

  13. Hey BigCat, few of us are as limber as we were in our youth anymore. I recall in my youth I could twist myself so that both my legs were over my shoulders, with the knees resting on the shoulders. If someone suggested I try to repeat that now, I’d pummel them. I can still put my head to my knees with straight legs, and stand on one leg for 10 minutes, but the rest…. well let’s just say that I’m out of shape.
    Vis a vis My house in Umbria, I always have loved Maggie Smith – no matter what crap she’s in, she always shines. In this one, she is amazing. It’s a slow, character development movie, but it is what it is. Somewhat like Away From Her, which is about alzheimers and how it affects the family and friends. BTW, if you haven’t seen Away from Her, it is another movie I heartily recommend. Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent are amazing. It’s sad, but hits home in so many ways.

  14. Just saw a blurb about Hillary twisting Cameron’s arm until he said uncle and admitted they made a mistake releasing a mass murderer:

  15. wikipedia

    ….does “wiki” mean something?

  16. maybe this is the answer…..?

    A wiki ( /ˈwɪki/ WIK-ee) is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.[1][2][3] Wikis are typically powered by wiki software and are often used to create collaborative works. Examples include community websites, corporate intranets, knowledge management systems, and note services. The software can also be used for personal note taking.

    Wikis serve different purposes. Some permit control over different functions (levels of access). For example editing rights may permit changing, adding or removing material. Others may permit access without enforcing access control. Other rules can be imposed for organizing content.

    Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described it as “the simplest online database that could possibly work.”[4] “Wiki” (pronounced [ˈwiti] or [ˈviti]) is a Hawaiian word for “fast”.[5]

  17. wik·i  /ˈwɪki/ Show Spelled
    [wik-ee] Show IPA

    –noun, plural wikis.
    1. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) a web site that allows anyone to add, delete, or revise content by using a web browser.
    2. Also called wiki engine, wiki application . the software used to create a wiki.
    3. of, pertaining to, or being a wiki: wiki servers.

  18. Oh goodie. Heavy Snow. And the biggest snowflakes I have EVER seen.

  19. The first one, he crashes into a green screen, so it looks like its a stunt guy doing it for a commercial or something. I like treadmills, becuz they’re softer than the street (& easier on the ankles & knees), but I only use them for fast walking, not running.

    HT, we rented Umbria a couple of years ago. Its very good.

  20. Loved the nincompoop generation! Should we call them Gen NCP?

  21. Karen, thanks for the link about the Coptic Church being bombed. Our media just hates to report on the muslims doing anything naughty. What are a few bombs, dead people, wrecked churches that may be almost 2,000 years old? PCness for muslims is so much more important.

  22. what are those people doing trying to walk on their shirt dryers?

  23. I wonder if Hillary put Cameron in a head lock or something.

  24. I wonder if it is the pro Mubarak or anti Mubarak factions that bombed those churches?
    Iraq used to have a large and relatively happy Christian population, they are all but gone. Will Egypt be next to lose all diversity?

  25. That rebound on #2 is NOT funny!! I did not laugh!!! Nononono. OK, a little bit. (Rofl) And #3, holy cow, I can’t RUN that fast. Uh. More nincompoops? What is striking about 2 & 3, the treadmills have HANDLES that aren’t being used..

    OT, but the ME protests started in Tunisia, their prez resigned and protests continue? Today, police opened fire on protesters there, killing two.

  26. Quick Uppity!! Let your dog out for a nice romp in the snow!! 🙂

  27. No treadmills for me. I have always been a very fast walker leaving most in my dust and still am. Love getting out daily for a long walk and photographing silly little things I see. Dogs love it too. Rain ,snow or shine I am out and about.

  28. I wonder if the power is out back east?

  29. Your Opinion please……


    ****My opinion is, Get The Fuck Off My Blog. ****

  30. Maybe that’s it. It’s so quiet on the blogs I check…

  31. I was going to say, that would be rough, stuck inside because of the snow and cold, but no electricity so no tv, light to read by, or internet.

    But then I realized, UW is probably just taking the opportunity to eat ribs by candlelight lol

  32. Well, that would be nice for her! Its sure is quiet here today! Hope everyone is having a good time, staying warm, etc.

  33. A Treadmill for Women and Human Rights – just like cockroaches – why keep spending trillions on fumigating the ancient beasts when they always manage to get an invitation at “someone’s” table?

    Wonder if they’ll get to play with all of the Military Arsenal we invested untold billions in to help Egypt keep them at bay all these years?

    Egypt’s Brotherhood to hold talks with government

    “CAIRO – Egypt’s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, said it would begin talks Sunday with the government to try to end the country’s political crisis but made clear it would insist on the immediate ouster of longtime authoritarian President Hosni Mubarak.

    The decision by the fundamentalist Brotherhood, which has been outlawed since 1954, comes as Egypt’s leadership seeks to defuse mass demonstrations — now in their 13th day — by proposing reforms but stopping short of the protesters’ key demand that Mubarak step down.

    The talks would be the first known discussions between the government and the Brotherhood in years, suggesting the group could gain an open political role in the post-Mubarak era along with other opposition political parties.

    The Brotherhood said in a statement that its representatives would meet with Vice President Omar Suleiman to press its “legitimate and just demands.” Suleiman has accused the Brotherhood, businessmen and foreigners he did not identify as being behind a wave of looting and arson that swept much of the country last weekend after security forces inexplicably pulled out from the streets.

  34. Lorac, the doctor told her to rest her eyes. Her eyes are shut part of the time when eating ribs, no doubt, so it is a good, um, exercise. It keeps them warm when the power is out too. As long as she doesn’t strain anything… eating ribs can require a nap, too.

  35. There was a snake on the Boston subway for a month.

    No pictures, upps and other snakeophobes.

  36. No I was just keeping my eyeballs off the internet. No power outages, although I wouldn’t have been surprised. What I am surprised about is the lack of comments here.

    I do hope Egypt doens’t mind losing their tourist trade once it becomes an Islamist state. People get a little nervous calling a place that kills women for adultery when they are raped and and arrests amercians for spying when they take a photo of an artifact o some woan is caught wearing shorts. People kind of don’t regard fearing for your life as a vacation.

  37. Upps we need to get all the women there into a one week seminar and then release them all with ozzies. Mid east crisis solved.

  38. Utah, I was listening to TV this morning, which was my mistake, and some dickhead was saying well some people don’t ‘prefer’ some things we see as rights. Yes that’s it! Women in the middle east “prefer” to be stoned to death for adultery when they get raped. especially little girls! Silly us! I am sick and tired of Regressisves. They are clearly misogynists and have absolutely no problem with what is done to women and girls in the middle east. Like their savage brothers, the Regressive movement, which calls itself Progressive by error, do not regard women as humans, and they all deserve to marry goats. I am NEVER going to vote for one of them EVER again. I’ll stay home first.

  39. What kind of freak walks around with a frigging boa around her neck? Jesus, this country is riddled with nuts. Constrictors out in the open should be outlawed. They are wild reptiles. Hopefully one day that snake will remove this nutcase from the gene pool and she can be an entry in the Darwin Awards contest.

  40. Exactly! Some of these whack jobs actually thought here in the USA we wanted to be kept pregnant and a kid on each tit while we plowed fields and stood over hot stoves and had no right to vote.
    There is no man living that is better then I just because he has an outtie and I have an innie.
    I do as I please and if a man can not deal with what I do he can go **** himself.
    It has always been a major mistake for a man in a public setting to downgrade a female in front of me. I do not hold back and never will.. If we got these women for just one week and I mean one week free of the goat fuckers that enslave them the mid east would have a whole new crisis, ……………..lack of males !

  41. oh btw those treadmills videos made me get something stuck into my head. The Jetsons. ” Jane stop this thing !” lmao

  42. O.M.G. Who knew that treadmills were a dangerous weapon?? This is why I don’t run on my treadmill the way the woman in #3 is doing. A quic-paced walk is fine for me. I felt pain just looking at those vids!

    As for Egypt, the PM is on State of the Union now, saying Mubarak will stay until September. He’s also trying to explain why journalists have been rounded up. Something I’ve noticed–many of the Egyptian officials when speaking to female interviewers use ‘my dear’ when explaining or arguing their positions. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive and they’re trying to be polite. But to an American ear it sounds very condescending.

  43. Peggy Sue, they probably also call them “My Dear” when they are digging they are going to plant them in for the stoning.

  44. “Yes my dear this stoning you are about to receive is for your own good. You must understand my dear that you have been a bad bad girl allowing a goat fucker to rape you. You my dear must pay the price for his ugly deed. It is up to you my dear to sacrifice yourself to Allah so the goat fucker can get his virgins. You do understand don’t you my dear ? It might not hurt so bad my dear if one goat fucker aims good and knocks you unconscious before you mercifully die. I am glad you understand Islam my dear”.

  45. Peggysue … i must be oversensitive also, because it seemed very condesending to me and for her to just run along now before we hurt you!

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