Cockroach Alert: Pissant drives car into house, kills a woman and says “She was too old to get out of the way”

Once again, Generation Narcissist rears its ugly head.

Last April, an 18-year-old woman was behind the wheel of a passenger van when she jumped a curb, drove the vehicle into a house and killed the 69-year-old homeowner who was working on her home’s landscaping in Hempstead, Long Island. Kayla Gerdes, allegedly high on Oxycontin and Xanax at the time, turned down a plea deal yesterday that would have put her in prison for 10 years. The pre-trial hearing also revealed what Gerdes told a cop about victim Rebecca Twine Wright, “She looked up at me at the last second, but she was too old to get out of the way.

If your’re crying now, wait till you meet your cellmate.

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. This creature has been walking the streets for 18 years.

Her parents must be so proud.

This is consistent with the previously-reported statement that Gerdes, who only had a learner’s permit and allegedly took the wheel because the original driver was going too slow (she had to make a court appearance for stealing her mother’s jewelry), gave to the police, “The thing that made me feel not so bad was she was old. I mean, 70 years is a long time to live.”

Wow, she stole her mother’s jewelry. This kid is an outstanding argument for retroactive abortion. Seems to me 18 has been too long for this little cockroach to live. Come to think of it, if I were her parent, I would  save myself and run from this little freak as fast as I could.

Her parents actually might be a lot safer with her in the slammer. So will the rest of us.

Incidentally, she would also like everyone to know that she doesn’t appreciate being treated like she’s what she is: A monster.

Apparently she’s also stupid.  She turned down a plea bargain. So tell me, what should be this scheevy little cockroach’s punishment now that she turned down a plea bargain? Oh wait! Take a look at this POS’s Facebook photo before you decide. (Facebook taken down now, of course).


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  1. Evil little beast. I would die of shame if I had a kid like that. Also stupid. If she’d taken the 10 years, she’d have probably gotten out years earlier. Gen NCP.

    Uppity, here’s an article from a woman who has Copt relatives in Egypt:

  2. Very skanky looking, IMHO

  3. First: Do NOT let her reproduce. It may not be politically correct to say that but the world will be safer. Also, having her work the “meat wagon” on accident runs would be good, for when they have to literally scrape the victims off the road. Oh and no puking either! If it starts to come up you better send it back down. Heh.

  4. What Fredster said. Oh, and what Tony said also.

  5. socal: I had thought about maybe putting her granny in the same situation (but not hurting or killing her) but the little witch probably wouldn’t give a damn.

  6. Uppity, your article was truly wonderful, acidic, witty, sarcastic. I hope the beast gets to stay in the slammer for a long, long time.

    Since the “woman was too old” I wonder if this horrific creature is related to Teh One.

  7. TY Senneth. To be honest with you, I do not see this little freak as such a rare example.

  8. WTF another Reagan is 100 article. Did anybody tell these people that he’s 100 but he’s dead? I mean I saw one piece where they said wow 100, amazing. SOmebody please ‘splain to these Obamazoid-Like Reagan Cult people that 100 is only amazing is you are still above ground, okay?

  9. Uppity: Aha! You’ve caught onto the secret plan. Dead don’t mean squat.

  10. Oh geez…I put up a funny video and then everyone decides to call it a night or morning. Sheesh!

  11. good nite.

  12. When I see things like this- I just KNOW the parents were cockroaches too! Leaving their spawn all over and the rest of us have to pay to clean it up. Disgusting.
    Back to the sofa- this is some killer bug.

  13. I think the Republicans rightfully feel that with the abysmal collection of living politicians they have, better to celebrate the dead ones. Looking forward to all the talk about Lincoln’s 202 birthday on Saturday.

  14. Morning all! It’s snowing again – shoot me now.

    What a poster child for the MeMeMeMe gen. Thankfully, I know all kinds of great kids through the gruesome twosome, so I know they’re not all like that piece of scum.

  15. All to sadly this seems to be the feeling of the NOW generation. 50 and up need to go and die because they are stupid and worthless. Our own government and schools help instill that into their little bling studded minds.
    The woman that was killed most likely contributed more to society in 20 years then this nasty little bitch will in her lifetime. How the heck can you steal from your parents ?
    Eh I just really have no use for this society anymore. They want to tell me how to live. what to eat, when to die and what to say. No wonder I like taking off in my truck and heading out to remote places.

  16. Oxycontin and Zanax? Too bad she didn’t make the Darwin awards.

  17. Isn’t it a shame the 69 year old woman was out WORKING in her yard and this poor dear could not even go to court without major pain killers ? You really feel sorry for such a young person in so much horrific pain to need that kind of drug to get out and about don’t you ? NOT !

  18. The little &#@& has implants! Look at the last pic!

    Such a waste of carbon. Buh-bye, lil beeyotch.

  19. Just moments after the crash on the tree-lined block, the teen showed more concern about being late for a court date for allegedly stealing her mom’s jewelry than she did for the woman she had just killed, according to court documents.

    Gerdes has remained in jail since the incident.

  20. Apparently she also took the oxycontin and xanax AFTER the accident.

    Ironically all those older people they hate are the ones supporting them. They don’t want them to die, they want them to die and leave them their money.

  21. Hey Allie, those implants are going to look good to some woman who’s been in Rahway for a decade or two.

  22. This year’s puppy bowl highlights and most valuable puppy award

  23. I was recently almost hit head-on by a woman who had that over-medicated look. So bizarre. It was as if she never saw me. I’ll never forgety that dazed and cinfused look. Had my dogs in the car and one apparently got a whiplash. He is still being treated for that injury. So, I’d like to see the cockroach in this NY case get some real time. Unfortunately, a similar cockroach in my state recently only got 13 years for drunk driving and killing a Johns Hopkins student and fleeing the scene. He had a prior hit and run and DUIs too numerous to count. Judgie-poo thought the 15 year sentence the prosecutors ask for was too tough for the dirtbag.

  24. I don’t comment much (anywhere!), but I have to come out of lurkdome to say I love you, Uppity Woman! I love your wit, your frankness, and even your avatar (prejudice alert: two tuxedo cats live in my house).

  25. Hugo I’ve had some serious close calls with pissants using cell phones and texting too. People should serve hard time for this crap. It’s the only way a lesson can be learned. If they are going to kill, they need to kill themselves not others. I am firm believer that licenses should be revoked for drugged, drunk and texting drivers before they kill someone. Given them fines and sending them back on the road is simply not fair to the innocent people they don’t give a shit about.

  26. Thanks level. That felt good. You truly are a glutton for punishment. Two tuxies. Everybody knows Tuxies are the characters of cat-dom and have a built in Steal Your Heart gene.

  27. I know this is OT but does anyone else find it particularly amusing, not to mention disengenuous, that Obama is discussing honest elections and freedom of the press when speaking of Egypt?

  28. Good grief, AOL is buying Huffpo. And you thought it couldn’t go downhill.

  29. Uppity, Did you mean “and you thought it couldn’t go downhill “any further”? Arianna (the libertarian, turned Republican turned Democrat) will now be in charge of all editorial content on AOL. I’ve never used AOL, so am not too familiar with it, but had I been a user, I would be withdrawing my subscription post haste.

  30. awwwwwww!!!!what a cute header.thanks FF 🙂

  31. “[P]articularly amusing” and “disingenous” is a polite way of putting it, UW.

    He should send his busloads of Obots to Egypt to fix the elections in favor of the MB.

  32. Hard manual labor for all these selfish brats six days a week, 10 hours a day starting at age 14. Whoever survives with the Golden Rule intact can live among the general citizenry again–only if they don’t mess up. For those that do mess up, same manual labor gig until they are official retirement age. Plus, no driving allowed–ever.

  33. Hard manual labor for all these selfish brats six days a week, 10 hours a day starting at age 14. Whoever survives with the Golden Rule intact can live among the general citizenry again–only if they don’t mess up. For those that do mess up, same manual labor gig until they are official retirement age. Plus, no driving allowed–ever.

    …and if they’re good, we’ll feed them.

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