Cockroach who mercilessly taunted a dying child is evicted from her home by judge

Here’s another freak that has been allowed to walk the streets for far too long. In case you don’t remember this odious creature, here’s a refresher:

Wow, it isn’t often you get to meet raw evil, is it now? Yeah. She’s normal. Nothing wrong there. No danger with her around, right?

Typical of our habit of letting freaks like this continue to lurk loose until they do something of….um…substance to an innocent person, she continued to walk the streets — that is until she stepped it up and literally tried to run over another neighbor and got her horrific ass arrested.

Well now this steaming pile of crap is going to be moving, by order of a judge who evicted her from her home.

Now, the 33-year old Petkov has been ordered to move out of her home, after pleading guilty to assault and battery for trying to run over a different neighbor.

 Police say the Detroit-area woman tried to hit the neighbor as she crossed the street to visit the grandmother of the dying 7-year-old, who has Huntington’s Disease. In addition to the eviction Tuesday, Wayne County Circuit Judge Carole Youngblood sentenced Petkov to 18 months’ probation and ordered her to get psychological and substance abuse evaluations.

Among her other probation terms, Petkov must attend anger management counseling, have no contact with the neighbor who filed the assault complaint, and must stay out of a five-block area surrounding her old address, according to The Detroit News.

Well, that makes THAT neighborhood safer, minus one psycho — and I know you are looking forward to this demon moving next door to you, as we all are.

Hopefully, wherever she moves, Karma will visit her and somebody in the neighborhood will run her down first–and then back over her to make sure the job is done. And then the world will be a better place.


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  1. WTF is wrong with people nowadays?

    And, in other news, Stupid Human 0, Rooster 1.

  2. Good Morning! Feeling like this might be the last day of whatever the hell bug this is that kicked my a&*!

    FF- Hooray for the rooster! Guy needed killing anyway. Put a knife on the damn thing? Are they NUTS? The spurs on a rooster are nasty enough on their own. (The exact reason I keep the rooster at the far end of the lunge whip- mean and fast they are!)

  3. Oh happy happy joy joy wouldn’t you just give your eye teeth to have her as a neighbor ?
    I am afraid if I had that as a neighbor I would forget that I am civilized and commit murder.
    I see these stories on the news and have to ask myself what happened to these people when the sperm met the egg.

  4. We got more snow. It’s cold. Where’s Al Gore?

  5. Let’s hope she moves next door to a home with ten pitties and a loose chain link fence.

    I’m with PMM, give the rooster a medal.

  6. Hey Mom, glad you are doing better. Those WEGA bugs are horrible.

    You GO rooster!

  7. In Britain during the old days, they would just arrest and ship people like her off to Australia.

  8. nasty nasty nasty stupid disgusting people

    oh… what i would love to be able to do

    i adore my beautiful rooster……robert…so many nasty people

  9. Oh, Lord–they need to bring back the stocks! Nothing like a little public humiliation to set things right. Mean and psycho–now there is winning combination.

  10. Yeah. And her husband’s no day at the beach either. A match made in hell. I hope they don’t spawn.

  11. Of course we know they will spawn. It’s the human tragedy; those who should, don’t or don’t enough, those who shouldn’t, multiply like lice.

  12. Of course we know they will spawn. It’s the human tragedy; those who should, don’t or don’t enough, those who shouldn’t, multiply like lice.

    You know, you’re right. I’ve known some very talented and bright…and STABLE people who never had kids and I know countless people who should have never had them.

  13. What a sicko, but not surprising these kind of people are everywhere. We had to contend with assholes doing and saying all kinds of things when little somebody was going through treatment. Some were neighbors and some were strangers.

    Truthfully though the idiots didn’t come close in number to the truly wonderful people we encountered, there are a lot of good people in this world….I know I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many!!

    I feel for this woman’s new neighbors, she clearly has some serious mental issues. She doesn’t seem to have any heart or feelings of any kind. I’m not sure there is a therapist in this world that can help her.

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