Where in The World is Al Gore?

It’s snowing here. Again. It will cover the sheet of ice beneath it, thereby ensuring a fair number of falling walkers will visit the emergency room today. It’s also colder than a penguin’s ass out there. This morning, as I threw salt pebbles on the sheet of ice in front of me so that I could make it to my car, I thought of two things: Hansel and Gretel…. and Al Gore.

It’s probably just a coincidence that Al Gore seems to have steadily disappeared from public view  since the first blizzard in decades right there in Copenhagen during Gore Week. Well, yeah there was that little accusation about his roaming hands in that hotel room with the massage girl, and of course, the obligatory divorce thing. But beyond that, Old Al seems to have disappeared.

I’m worried about Al. It’s no secret that, whenever Al disappears for long periods, he emerges weighing as much as a Buick. We did finally “hear” from him this month, when he pointed out that all this freezing cold is part of global warming. But that was just a blog post on the lamest blog I have ever seen, riddled with single-paragraph posts in a passive tone .If you go to Al’s blog, the most exciting thing you will find is that link to his investment firm. You all be sure to send what’s left of your retirement fund to Al. He’ll take care of you.

We still can’t be sure which warm place Al is hiding out in while we all freeze our butts off. I’m personally guessing he’s busy making that $100k “People’s” car in another country, using American loans but not American, much less Union, labor.

Thank heavens Al has been spotted in a number of places by those who gave up on the Elvis thing. Like Elvis, Al has become a legend. People have sworn they’ve seen Al Gore exhaling large quantities of CO2 at places like  gas stations, laundromats and at fast food restaurants.

Some recorded sightings:

Here’s Al holding a special conference when last seen by the press since the blizzard attack on Copenhagen Warming Summit. This was shortly before he changed the name “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”. He was still wearing his “lucky button”.

Al shows up in Maine in April.

Here’s Al again, spotted by an Ex Elvis Watcher,opening his mouth and allowing all the hot air  to Globally Warm freezing Floridians last month.

Here’s Al pretending this is a veggie burger.

Al was seen red-faced last Spring, throwing rocks at two polar bears and yelling, “Stop this reproducing right now! You’re fucking up my story!”.

A sighting of Al’s Gulfstream jet, which he now maintains runs on orange juice. Unfortunately, given the December freeze in Florida, orange juice now costs more than gasoline.

Al, spotted at an Upstate NY bus stop in October, handing out warning tracts to swearing riders waiting for a bus that was delayed due to unusually icy conditions.

Al’s carbon footprint was spotted in Arizona.

Al, showing everyone how much bigger he is than the entire world. Spotter says a choir accompanied him to the tune of, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” .

Al, sighted laughing all the way to the bank.


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  1. Had to check the calender to see if I overslept and it’s April 1st.

    Some other people you don’t see are all the Global Warming deniers when the heat waves roll around during the summer.

  2. Here we go again….confusing weather with climate…or even worse, confusing Gore with science…not understanding that an increase in global temps produces more extreme moisture in winter which comes in the form of snow and ice in the northern hemisphere. The argument will fade again once we enter another record breaking heat wave this summer, I guess.

    BTW…keeping up with the “weather” in Australia and South America lately?

  3. Oh Upps, you’ve outdone yourself! Fell out of bed laughing. Thank you. For being the relentless Goracle fan you are.

  4. I knew I’d flush you out, jay!

    At your service NES.

  5. Mr. Mike, heat is supposed to roll around in summer. But I’m gonna buy me one of those 1950s homes with a bomb shelter in it. That idea was already taken and Y2k is long gone, and hell, y3k is too far off to make a good profit.

    That was LAST april.

  6. Global warming or climate change- whichever it is it has been going on for as long as this planet has been floating around the Universe. Cheese and Rice! One need only look at the geological record- Africa and LOTS of the US were under the ocean in the past. Ice ages happen- and happened LONG before people – and LONG LONG before the Industrial Revolution.
    Ice freezes, ice melts, ice freezes etc etc. Have we hastened this latest change by burning fossil fuels and raising cattle? Possibly. Will anything we do make one bit of difference?
    Well sure it will- the rich will continue to live in the lap of luxury- the rest of us? Better get out those furs and build greenhouses I guess.

  7. Doesn’t Jay realize AGW charlatans are pilloried on this blog? Besides aren’t there enough ‘Man-as-powerful-climate-changer’ sites for Jay to hang out at?

  8. Well it WAS Global Warming, Mom. NOW it’s Climate Change.

  9. Earth in the Balance was written in 1992, since then some of what we know about Global Warming has changed but not the fact the planet is warming.

    Think about where we would be if we listened to Jimmy Carter and started developing alternative energy solutions and fossil fuel saving technologies/ infrastructures in the 1970’s.

    All the money and lives saved by not going thru with Bush’s failed Iraqi oil grab for one.

  10. Ditto for Mr. Mike.

  11. No we love jay. He’s the funniest guy I know. Okay so he has a kink. But I love him anyways. He knows he’s outnumbered and I ALWAYS know I’ll rouse his ire when I bring up Al.

  12. 😀 I’m a masochist

  13. Yes jay, but you’re MY masochist, dammit!

  14. DE — Relieved the Time link was only about Michelle. I was dreading ano’ fellating piece on her hubby. I’ll take her over him any day — at least she’s not a hollow, know-nothing narcissist.

  15. Mr. Mike, do you have any idea how much oil the USA is sitting on? You see this Tom Daschle billion dollar corn scam? It’s a rerun. A bad imitation at that, but very lucrative, while the price of grains has risen to the point of increasing hunger. If you’ve lived long enough, you learn to that if it looks like shit and it smells like shit, don’t pick it up or step in it. And for Goodness Sakes, don’t eat it if it’s handed to you on a plate. This country has been held hostage to scare programs for as long as I’ve lived. And always, they have ONE thing in common. Trillions of dollars are made off the backs of ordinary people while they are frightened to the point of shaking to increase the fun for the profiteers.

    We are next going to be forced to use light bulbs that throw putrid light compared to the incandescent, that come with their own hazmat cleanup page, cause migraines and affect people who have seizures, complete with some mercury. For five bucks apiece. And you have got to ask yourself, exactly who is this saving besides GE’s bank account? Do you reallly think GE, that turned the Hudson water into two types (creamy and chunky) gives a shit about the environment?

  16. That you are, Jay. But, since UW loves you, I apologize for laying into you.

  17. Here’s my big issue with GW/CC/environmental title of the week: with everything “melting,” they keep finding things that froze in the last major weather cycle. It stands to reason this has happened before, and it will happen again – we’re in the down cycle of the parabola, that’s all.

    Does that mean I don’t think we are careless about our environment? Of course not. I’m just healthily cynical about the $caremongering, and about a garbage Nobel award for a con artist. I mean, the Nobels have been something of a joke for awhile, but between Al and Barky each being recipients, the King of Sweden and the Nobel committee are increasingly fulfilling an empty role every year.

    at least she’s not a hollow, know-nothing narcissist

    No, she’s a shallow, know it all poser.

  18. Hey DE, forgot to say welcome back. (You should’ve seen all the clucking. And concern about your well being on this blog.
    Say, weren’t you the victim of global warming/climate change during your trip to the NE? Got a tan?

  19. Well said, PMM. Nothing like a dose of good sense and history. I find AGW disciples to be a strange combination of misanthropic (humans and their civilization are evil!) and narcissistic (I’m good and repentant and will save the earth), the whole tinged with ahistoricism (never mind pre-Industrial age warm and cold periods, look at what’s happening in my lifetime!).

  20. You may be right on MO, Allie. For my part, in remembrance of all the nasty attacks on Hillary as First Lady, I like to refrain from attacks on president’s spouses. They didn’t run for office, don’t rule us, and can’t really defend themselves.

  21. Very funny and where did you get that photo of the polar bears. BUT, why oh why everytime the weather turns excessive or nasty (and that is happening alot lately, no?) do we have to listen to the lame snark about global warming/climate change? Winters have turned colder and most definitely snowier and our last summer was god awful hot everyday from May thru August. This is a fact where I live and others can speak for where they live. Like most people, I’m fed up with Al Gore, but to deny that the weather is getting more extreme is silly. Now we can argue why without bringing up Al Gore who was just the messenger. I say we blame Mr. Bill.

  22. Haaalp, Aunt Upps! I need fixit fairy to correct “MONTH” to “MO” or “Michelle”. (It’s the bleedin’ auto-spelling ‘correction on my BBerry!)

  23. Ha, NES! too funny. I hate auto-spell – it’s wrong most of the time.

    I get what you’re saying, but it’s still true. I retract nothing. 🙂

  24. That Time article on Michelle’s style:

  25. BCL, the “snarks,” as you call them, are a necessary and sanity-restoring counter to all the pious nonsense one hears from AGW/CC quarters whenever there’re anomolous weather events. Not every anomoly, particularly ones that have echoes in the pre-Industrial geological past, have to be blamed on something or someone.

  26. Excellent Allie, I hate retractions (and nevah expect them on my fave blog).

  27. NES
    Agree, but enough already. I say let’s go back to the tried and true ‘cold enough for you?’ or the alternative ‘hot enough for you?’.

  28. Where is Al Gore? Why, he’s sucking up to Keith Olbermann, of course.

    “Little Keithy” is taking his show on the road to Gores’s network, and also assuming a ridiculously inappropriate title:

    “Keith Olbermann, the former MSNBC anchor, will host a prime time program for Current TV, the low-rated cable channel co-founded by Al Gore. The one-hour program will begin sometime in the spring.

    Mr. Olbermann will also become the chief news officer for Current, the company said in a news release Tuesday.

    “We are delighted to provide Keith with the independent platform and freedom that Current can, and does uniquely offer,” Mr. Gore said in a statement. “

    Don’t believe it? Don’t want to believe it??

    Here’s the link…


  29. I’m cook, NES. I do think it should give pause when science is argued on political grounds…kinda like evolution. We in Kansas have a lot of experience with stuff like that.

    Anyway…you are quite correct about the planet going through climate changes for millions of years. Species have become extinct because of it. Do humans have any impact on the environment? Not any particular one…..but over 6,000,000,000 might. Ignoring that is not logical.

  30. there has always been weather.good thing too.gives us something to talk about s2

  31. Is Mr. Bill looking for me? I’ll be in hiding for awhile.

  32. Let me tell you jay, if the universe wants us extinct, we will be extinct. As with the rest of evolution, maybe the next species will be an improvement over the creatures we have in charge now.

  33. Yeah Anthony, i read that thing about Current TV. I never even heard of it other than some obscure channel for zealots. I think Keith is perfect for Al.

  34. I say let’s go back to the tried and true ‘cold enough for you?’ or the alternative ‘hot enough for you?’.

    Hahaha. I love it!
    And don’t forget standing in the rain and saying,, “Think it’s gonna rain?”

  35. Hey what about those earthquakes they have causes dicking around with Geo Thermal stuff. Wait I have a link.


    G’Damned Greenies are destroying the earth.

  37. Fixit Fairy visited you, NES. You DO know you can be your OWN Fixit Fairy by clicking on “Edit” at the comment, right? You have those privileges, being a moderator.

  38. Speaking of Karma, I saw over at I think RD’s that the slimeball who only got one year in prison for raping a girl died in prison. They said they noticed he “was sick” and then the reptile croaked. Mwahahahaha. Burn, freak, burn.

  39. Damn, you know I think jay is onto me. I can’t get him riled up anymore. I am going to have to step it up. I’ll think of something jay. I promise.

  40. Quite right, UW. Nature will kill us, ultimately, not our pissant contribution to greenhouse gases.

    Another thing I’ve never understood is why greens seem so concerned with the longevity of our species. Based on their hype, humans are an earth-endangering species and the earth would be better rid of them ASAP.

  41. Those cockroaches in the last threads will surely survive. They might have more brains than the average politician too. Do you think they know that islands do not tip over? Surely even slugs know more than our average congress critter.

    I was a big supporter of Gore before, during and after his VP years. I also went to see an Inconvenient Truth when it came out and was fooled by it for a few years. I was on Gore’s mailing list for years too. I admired that he didn’t take sides in the Hillary – Barky primary and that he didn’t support Barf-bag till the very end. Then he started to lie through his teeth in praise of bo and he started to get all smarmy about those carbon credits considering he lived lavishly.

    His house was all lit up when they had the global “lights out”or whatever they called it, night. It soon became clear the credit scheme was about making a few men billionaires and not about the planet at all. I also talked to someone in 2008 that knew the Gore family personally and they told me his servants at all of his homes and the homes of his family do not even bother recycling. They have all their trash dumped together and brought to the dump in one truck so nobody can sift through his trash. But nothing is separated even. And then all those leaked emails confirming the deception. They should have had to give back the Nobel – if it was worth anything but it is now a joke anyways.

    So, I opened my eyes slowly but surely and realized I’d been had. Better late than never.

    And Uppity, you rock!

  42. Unfortunately, the Islamofascist sharia blowing freak will probably land in that special prison where the hold the rest of his compadre animals. If not, that would be good, because then tyhere would be a good chance that one of his fellow prisoners will slowly slice his head off with a dull knife. Preferably before he gets to convert a few more stupid prisoners. We can hope. Why am I never called as a jurist on these swine cases? 25 to life means he’ll be out in less than ten years. I do hope someone is waiting for him if he does get out alive. Like with the savage that raped that little girl and only got 1 year, maybe he’ll “Get sick” too and die in prison. This would be good. It would save us all the wasted money of feeding this freak his “special” diet.

  43. karen, you rock too, so long as you stay out of my fridge. We are having baby back ribs tonight. Real ones, not the horrizontal type.

  44. Another great post, Uppity, but you forgot Goracle’s
    Russian fingers to go with his Roman hands.

    Tipper divorced him? Gasp!!!!!!

  45. Anyone ever heard of Current TV? Seriously.

  46. I have never heard of Current, mcnorman. The funny thing is it is the second match made in heaven this week. Keithy and Al follow Huffypoo and Aol.

    There is a lid for every pot so they say.

    bbbbbabybackribs… drool. DIET> DIET>>>DIET…


    I will just have to have the “other kind” of ribs.

    wink, wink.

  47. Thanks karen, there for a moment I thought I had a case of dementia. What a fabulous place for those two to hand out at!

  48. BTW, the kids at HuffPoo are feeling abandoned according to a poll taken. Wah!

  49. Has anyone reported his face appearing in a piece of toast, or a snowbank? He really hasn’t arrived until a potato looks like him. I do believe we are experiencing climate change, however as mentioned previously, it’s happened through the ages – from the Paleogenic Age to the Ice Age. Seems to me that Gaia, mother earth, is a bit po’d these days.

  50. Aw Poor Huffpo babies!!!! As IF they meant more to Arianna than $315 million. Oh really, get over it, children. You are nothing but toys to these people.

  51. Slowwwwwwwww roasted, Karen. And some sweet potatoes with fresh pineapple and raisins. And rice. And a nice salad and some wine, which wine I haven’t decided yet but it will be white.

  52. Oooh, Uppity, sounds terrific. Pork Tenderloin medallions in mustard watercress sauce, baked potatos, spinach with slivered almonds and candied carrots for me tonight. Did a beautiful Quiche Lorraine for breakfast this morning – and am baking an apple pie as I type. Cold weather does that to one, stay inside and cook/bake! Tomorrow, I’m planning on making bread.

  53. Good luck to the Huffpoo babies. Most of them prefer their virtual world.

    Arianna is supposedly going to offer more “citizen” journalism now.

  54. You guys are talking good food and I have to make homemade chicken soup for my galloping crud. You’re gonna make me cry.

    (sinusitis, bronchitis, ear infection… and Boy does too. lovely week)

  55. Oh Allie, so sorry that you and the boy are ill, it’s bleeping awful when you feel like crap and your child is sick at the same time, cause you can’t allow yourself the time needed to recoup. Chicken soup is good – that and vitamin C. Cuddle up warm, hunker down and get better – that’s an order!

  56. Lots of liquids Allie. You will both be up and feeling better soon enough.

  57. Ha ha! Funny post, Uppity. Because of your site I stocked up on a lot of those incandescent light bulbs. I think I have enough to last the rest of my life. Thank you.

  58. Ditto Senneth. I have a boatload of them in the attic. I imagine they will go for a pretty penny too when people get desperate enough to want to see.

  59. Whoa! Do I have time to stock up on the bulbs?

  60. MO has announced that BO has stopped smoking. Yeah right…

  61. I think I’m going to pronounce it Earth Day on UW’s blog.
    Seriously, we outnumbered and quashed the AGW/CC disciples. Always a heartening experience.

  62. Thx for that link mcnorman. It’s so very sad being a kid today; glad I won’t have too many years remaining when these kids get to be in their 30s and 40s.

  63. The question is, if he even did quit smoking, what has he substituted for it?

    Yes, dear NES, you can stock up this year. Don’t expect to find any GE bulbs though. They are so damned sure they won, GE laid off all the lighting people and are now only making curly bulbs for three cents each in china, and dutifully selling them for five bucks here. I’m so glad Immelt is the new Jobs Czar. So is China, I’m sure.

    I bought so many of them in the past year, I don’t even have a count. Chuckle.

  64. NES, this is the generation that is going to care for you in hospitals. And in nursing homes. Say your prayers because they don’t give a shit who they kill. They have no conscience, you see. We have bred a sociopathic generation of little self-absorbed Narcissists who, as the link says, can’t deal with real life and live in the unreal world of the web.

  65. obama quit smoking?? I thought that people who quit gained weight. He must have a super workout regime cuz he hasn’t gained an ounce. I read she said he hasn’t smoked in a year. Something is up in the obama health department. Maybe he needs to be wormed.

  66. Light bulb shopping is on my list for the year.

    He upped his dosage of the white stuff. Blow for Oblowme.

  67. “wormed”???!!! do you mean what-obama-really-meant? or do you mean de-wormed?

  68. Just so you know, the incandescent phase out begins in 2012. I think it starts with higher wattage bulbs. By 2014, say goodbye to lighting you can see by, as all incandescents will be gone unless somebody gets their head out of their ass and realizes how goddamned stupid this is and how even more dangerous it is, since CFLs contain mercury and come with their own EPA hazmat cleanup page, for Chrissakes. Stock up because Phillips is still making them but I don’t know for how long.

    Decorative and appliance bulbs are exempt so they will probably go into that business.

  69. You can kiss all those lighting fixtures handed down for generations because they won’t take curly bulbs. Any closed fixtures will either have to be replaced or you can just hang a bare bulb like they did in the 1940s. I suppose the next move will be gaslights and candle sconces, the assholes.

  70. Yeah he’s skinny enough to have tapeworms.

  71. Stop Aunt Upps, you’re scaring me with all those bulb stories. Laughed myself off the chair at the gaslights and sconces snark.

  72. Ewwwww.

  73. NES, I meant wormed in the same sense that you worm your livestock.

    On the topic of Al Gore, I do wish he’d show up. He did such a good just of convincing me that I was feeling a litle toasty that I could use him right now as I freeze my butt. Great post, Uppity. I would not want to be Al Gore these days. Toast of the town one minute; village idiot the next.

  74. Thx for the clarification, Hugo. Say, is worming cattle painful (to the bovine, that is)? If so, I do hope Bam gets wormed.

  75. Gee thanks, Upps…. Triple Ewwwwwwwwwww.

  76. NES, i don’t know whether worming is painful for bovine, but they don’t tend to be whiny, entitled, narsicissitic [sp?] arrogant, elitists.

  77. LOL!! Great links, Uppity. The tapeworm looks healthier that obama.

  78. Ok I’m going to ask everyone to do me a favor. There is an entry for Time Out Dubai Kids that I would like to you vote for. It’s the daughter of one of NES’s school friends from back in Pakistan. Her name is Aleyha Hameed and she is tied for first place. Let’s show a young middle eastern girl how to beat a boy for a change.
    Here’s the link. Hers is the third entry in the first row across (white background). If you hover over it, you will see her name at the bottom of the enlargement. Click on her circle and don’t forget to scroll down and click on “VOTE”. Thanks Gang! Let’s bring this one home!


  79. It also has many mouths comme ca Bam.

  80. Thanks for doing this, Upps.

  81. Voted for Aleyah’s entry.

  82. Yay! Thanks Hugo.

  83. Yeah! Let’s bring this talented girl home!!!!!

  84. Those aren’t mouths, NES. They’re blood suckers. Comme ca Bam.

  85. Toast of the town one minute; village idiot the next.

    How about Toast of the Town one minute, Toast the next minute.

    For a village idiot, he made out like a bandit. He was worth $3 mill in 2004. He’s worth close to $400 mill now. That’s even better than the bomb shelter scam guy.

  86. Blood suckers — bingo!

  87. Got my Verizon iphone on Monday and have been playing with it since. Al Gore was 200% correct about the ‘lock box’ for social security and he got hammered about it. Attack him about global warming, if you choose, but give the guy credit for the lock box. (Don’t throw frozen penguins at me, but I think he is right about global warming, as well)

    The thing he was really wrong about, because he listened to the Donna, was NOT using Bill Clinton in the campaign. It got us into all of the world’s problems since. Obama is way more of a problem than any old global warming is or isn’t.

  88. A bazillion dollars isn’t everything, Uppity. I suspect Gore’s ego has to be hurting from all of this snow and ice. We so easily forget that he not only gave us global warming, but he invented the internet. and what many folks don’t know is that he spent 1996 to 2000 ” re-inventing” the gubbermint. [not making that up. for real.] Where has all the love gone after all he has given?

  89. Wonder where Donna Brazille is these days. Obama sure did nothing for her. Not even a little role in his admin? That’s gratitude for ya.

  90. Honora — Consider yourself knocked in the head (gently of course) by a “frozen penguin.”

  91. Gore should get that masseuse in Oregon to massage his bruised ego. (She should bring a hidden cam this time around.)

  92. Well it’s more likely that Obama dumped her when he didn’t need her any longer, like he dumped Howard Dean. And when it comes to gratitude, she comes in first. If it weren’t for the Clintons, Donna Brazille would be selling cosmetics in a department store. I won’t even get into what Toe-Sucking Dick Morris would be doing. Now that’s ingratitude for you.

  93. Hey Honora, you’ll be allowed one more punishment-free pro-Gore comment if you vote for that kid on the TimeOut for Kids link posted by UW (see downthread).

  94. OH NOOO! No hidden cam. I don’t think I want to see that much of Gore on the youtubes.

  95. I suspect Gore’s ego has to be hurting from all of this snow and ice.

    Good. I hope his fall is hard.

    And his wife dumped him too. Karma. I love it.

  96. Honora, I’d give him credit for the “lock box” if he had actually DONE anything about it when he had (plenty of) opportunity to do so.

  97. We can blindfold you, Hugo. Not that I want to see it either, but I think the district attorney would.

  98. Honora, truth, however he contributed to his own downfall. His message might have been good, but his own behavior, and not about his extramarital behavior because that only affects him and his famil, but his behavior in investments – which of course gave him a bundle in dividends.

  99. Did you know that Al also created the Hammer Award. Perhaps his masseuse could use one.
    Here’s a link to a picture of one. Real classy.

  100. It wasn’t just his greed. It was his attitude. I watched countless videos of Al preaching Global Warming and he was downright bossy, arrogant, snotty and dictatorial. He also REFUSED questions and he REFUSED to discuss those things in his movie that were proven as a lie. He was just downright prissy and pushy. That last one where they removed the reporter from the room for daring to question him was the last straw for him. This guy had an superiority complex and ego the size of California. I’m glad Al Gore lost now. I voted for him. Shows you what taste I have. This is not a man I would want to spend the afternoon with.

  101. NES, good point about the video for the DA. Pity the jurors.

    Uppity, the Clintons sure have been shown a lack of gratitude by some real zeros. But, I read yesterday that the Blue Dogs have met with Bill since Pelooser will not talk to them. That made me go hhhmmm. What’s the Big Dog doing with the Blue Dogs?

  102. Yeah Hugo and look how well his hammer award worked out. Government costs more and is more inefficient than ever. I’m sure he gave the award based on performance too. And the knife ran away with the spoon.

  103. Oh poor honora. She got the frozen penguin. C’mere honora. Aunt Uppity loves you even if you actually think Al Gore is an honest man.

  104. I voted for him too. Look at the alternative.

  105. You’re right Hugo. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Bush. Those were the days when I voted no matter what. It won’t happen again. I’ll stay home before I vote for another asshole.

  106. What’s the Big Dog doing with the Blue Dogs?

    Now that’s an interesting question.

  107. I AM NOT AN AL GORE LOVER— please believe me,the thought is frightful—-however, he was ELECTED president by everyone in the US. but the Supreme Court.

    That Sunday afternoon that I was driving up Charles Street in Baltimore and ACTUALLY uturned to my mom’s house to catch the news that the FU@@@kning Supreme Court was getting in the face of the Florida Supreme Court was a turning point of this pie-in-the-sky, love American Liberal lawyer (now stay-at-home mom) life. So, go after Al Gore, if you please, but he is not at fault. I can give you a long list of people and institutions at fault. Al (in a real America he would have been president) Gore is not the problem. The powers that made sure that he was not the president and that Oshit was later a president, are the problem.

    Voting in American elections used to make me the happiest woman in the world,now it is all lost to me, due to the fraud— I might as well me living in Cairo.

  108. I know of one Hammer award, which was for something very politcal and very high profile. Nothing extraordinary was done and a bunch of people who wanted their names on it tagged along. So, yes, the activity that lead to that one probably cost more than necessary.

    As for re-inventing government, that all went down the tubes when Bush showed up and a lot of expertise was lost. Those of us who lived through it are still laughing at that debacle. It was a lot of wasted time and tax dollars.

  109. Cutting the Mic for The Al.

  110. NES your friend’s daughter is at 30%. And suddenly her “competition” is also at 30%.

  111. Honora, Gore aside, you make a good point. But i wonder if ALL the presidential elections I have voted in were actually honest.

  112. Once again, this girl is now at 30% and suddenly her competition is also 30%. Somebody doesn’t want the girl to win.

    so……….I will repeat my earlier comment. Please get your friends to help out. It’ starting to remind me of those Web Awards, if you get my drift. plenty of regressives right here in the USA hate women and find it more than a little amusing that they kill them over in the Middle East. Their mothers must be so proud.

    Ok I’m going to ask everyone to do me a favor. There is an entry for Time Out Dubai Kids that I would like to you vote for. It’s the daughter of one of NES’s school friends from back in Pakistan. Her name is Aleyha Hameed and she is tied for first place. Let’s show a young middle eastern girl how to beat a boy for a change.
    Here’s the link. Hers is the third entry in the first row across (white background). If you hover over it, you will see her name at the bottom of the enlargement. Click on her circle and don’t forget to scroll down and click on “VOTE”. Thanks Gang! Let’s bring this one home!


  113. Oh no, Upps — no one cheats like those Paks and ME’sters. (Her competition has a Pak name.)

  114. Honora, I do agree with you to a certain extent. At the time I voted for Gore, I believed in him. I am puzzled by who he has become since that election. He seems to have really let ego take over. I was not thrilled with him, but he could not have done worse than Bush.

    You were driving up Charles Street? We may have been in the same zip code at some points in time.

  115. LOL NES. Those pak boyz want to cover her up from head to toe for being better.

  116. OT

    Uppity did you see this, it’s an interesting and telling pictorial of the progression of Islam and women’s rights in Egypt.


  117. Hugo I simply cannot WAIT till you are free to write some articles for this blog.

  118. Uppity, that is why a part of me really died back then. I am an idealist having to face reality.

    Nite, nite y’all. Kissy is scheduled to fly to California tomorrow through Dallas and SNOW is getting in the way… stress at honora’s house….

    Peace to you all– good night.

  119. Nite Honora. Stay safe Kissy. Weather is horrendous here too. Just awful.

  120. Uppity, I was just thinking today that I will not feel that i must vote in 2012. I voted against obama, but there is no way that I will vote for some of the potential GOP candidates. Let the chips fall where they may.

  121. I feel the same way Hugo. I am not going to vote for one of those clowns.

  122. Does anyone think the Big Dog is testing the waters for Hill? If so, it’s definitely not for ’12. Dem primary voters — especially all the beta males and the AAS — aren’t going to back a woman over a black man. Well, scr*w them — a reputable poll today showed that 51 percent (of likely voters?) wouldn’t piss on Bam if he were on fire (or at least wouldn’t vote for him in for a 2nd term.)

  123. NES, that’s what I was thinking. I hope there is a plot to un-hijack the party.

  124. Yup somebody I remember Phyllis’ post on that. Only I wish you have gotten it off her site instead of that horrendous PJ media, they dumped Phyllis and I hate sending them one whit of traffic.

  125. Thanks, Uppity. That is very flattering given the high standards here.

  126. NES – I think Dec 31 was the last date that the old bulbs could be sold here in CA. I could be wrong. But I was figuring that next time I drive out of state, I may be smuggling some back lol

    And by the way, when your blackberry was screwing up your spelling this morning – were those BILLABLE HOURS???? lol (I watched The Firm!)

  127. I don’t believe he quit smoking.

    Hugo – are you serious? Pelosi is the minority leader, and she won’t meet with part of her “people” (the blue dogs)?? That’s so wrong.

  128. Hugo, I’m game the minute you say so. We need to learn about the real skinny with the FDA and why they can’t do what they need to do. And how their funding got trashed.

  129. UW – I’m happy to tell you, that you can have vertical AND horizontal ribs on the same night!!! Especially if you have extra glasses of wine!

  130. lorac if he didn’t quit, somebody WILL come up with a dated photo.

  131. lorac, we ate so many ribs we didn’t feel like having more, horizontal or otherwise.

  132. I voted. It’s now 29% (HIM) vs 24%. That doesn’t even make sense. His is so simple. A camel, a hill, and something else.

  133. I will think about that and try to find some relevant info. As you can guess, the answer is multi-faceted. Budget, politics, revolving door….

  134. lorac, here’s a link. No communication between Pelooser and the Blue Dogs.


  135. I don’t know, NES. I’ve heard rumors that it has been something that she has kept open in her mind, in case the conditions become favorable. But cave men and AAs – they’re always going to be there. They might run a hispanic male in ’16, who knows. It’s never going to be perfect. Because it almost was, until they had to call her racist to get blacks to vote for the EMPTY SUIT!

  136. Full content control goes to you, Hugo. Just let me know When and I will open the blog to you with full editor rights.

  137. Yup, lorac. There’s no contest between the two entries but that she’s well……you know, …a girl. Or maybe our detractors saw the request and are just evil enough to help to killl the spirit of another girl.

    But then, NES knows the Paks and she says they cheat like hell, so they are probably monitoring the contest.

  138. I went back to the voting site. It knows I’ve already been there. Oh, I feel really bad for one kid – NO one has voted for one picture.

  139. OMG, thank you, Uppity. I’m not ready yet, but will be in gathering mode.

  140. The FDA is understaffed in many areas and underfunded. There is definitely politics involved and some back scratching as far as drugs go. Also, they have information quite often but don’t seem to make it available to the public until they have to. I know they do because my sister was a manager at FDA prior to retiring and I used to get the 411 about a lot of things I probably wasn’t supposed to.

    Far be it for me to defend Al Gore, but I will say some of his reinventing government ideas were sensible. Some were not and some were pie in the sky, but hey at least he explored some things.

    Obama took a page from that play book in his SOTU now his administration is going to “reorganize” government, oh goody. Meh, who knows he was a community ORGANIZER right, LOL!!!

  141. Added another vote for the young lady over at Time Out Dubai Kids.

    I always thought that Current TV was a poor imitation of the Onion for the younger set. But that is OK because apparently Current does not really know what it is either.

    However the whole Olbermann/Current match-up does get to post’s original question – Where in the World is Al Gore. Why he is over at his very own Al Gore’s Propaganda TV station helping Keith settle into to his new digs.

  142. Oh man you can vote more than once? That’s BS……I’ll be right back, LOL!

  143. Ok if you can vote more than once, DO IT.

  144. It didn’t let me vote again from my computer you must have to clear your cookies or something. I voted via my iphone though and now they are tied!!!

    I have two other iphones and three other computers so I’ll go cast some more votes.

    FYI as much as you hate google and I know you do it’s the internet page on my iphone. When I entered timeoutdubai two hits came up the time out Dubai website and your Al Gore post, LOL!!!

  145. you have to exit out of the browser, go back and go to the link again.

  146. I don’t see them tied. I see him 29, her 25

  147. Damn I gave her five more votes, she pulled ahead for a minute and then that little boy suddenly pulled ahead and she dropped to 25%, WTF???

    I’ll use our Wii and Xbox to go online and vote.

  148. The bufoon in charge of transparency at the FDA just got the old heave-ho so don’t look for any better flow of info there anytime soon.

  149. I closed my browser and went back and it still won’t let me vote from my computer.

    Hey UW readers if you have FB post a link and ask your friends to vote.

  150. Interesting that Meechelle states he’s been off the ciggys for a year. Back in the summer, he said that he was still smoking because it was hard to quit.

  151. NES, I find it deplorable that most children prefer virtual realities. Life is savoring the good, the bad and the mediocre.
    Growing up, we didn’t have the best of anything, but we had parental units that listened. They thought we were whiny kids, but they took the time to teach us about the simple things in life.

  152. Maybeobama and Moochelle live on in different time zones.

  153. You go girl, somebody. (I tried to vote more than once — in honor of our president, but it wouldn’t let me from the same computer.)

  154. gotta clear the cookies, NES. If you use cookie killer in firefox it’s easy.

  155. NES are we allowed to vote tomorrow?

  156. Good idea with the FB.

  157. He’s probably cheating with E Cigs.

  158. Wow, Hugo, UW wants you to write for her? What an honor. Guess I’ll have to start kissing your butt! lol

  159. Personally, I think the Obamas are born liars. I honestly wouldn’t believe anything they say about anything, unless credible sources were to back it up!

  160. lorac, no butt-kissing necessary. Could be a humbling experience for me. Also, I’m not free to do it just yet.

  161. Oh, don’t sell yourself short. We’ll be waiting!

    (and, I just don’t know why, but it ALWAYS happens that when I kiss someone’s butt, they feel humbled! ROFL)

  162. UW, someone at work was teasing me because I said that I took all the google off my computer and won’t use it. Do you have a link to an article that you (or if all else fails, someone else) wrote that I can show to her, about why they’re the devil?

  163. LOL, lorac. my writing skills are really great. I meant to say that writing for Uppity might be a humbling experience.

  164. lol it was clear, Hugo. I’m just messing with you. I’m not a very funny person, so I have to take my opportunities where I can find them!

  165. I get gas every two weeks. I got some tonight, and it was $3.55. Last time it was $3.45, and the time before that $3.28. I remember (a couple of years ago…..?) when we were right around $5.00/gallon. The rise better stop soon, I’m not interested in breaking any price records!

  166. Regard it as a chance to hone your skills. Besides, you know about a subject that I have keen interest in. Therefore my readers must have keen intererest as well…or there will be punishments if they don’t. Although I warn you that lorac enjoys Punishments.

  167. lorac, it’s kind of late here, so if you remind me tomorrow I will give you plenty of links.

  168. Hell I just voted about 20 times.

  169. I just voted too. My partner is now voting. Sent it around and asked my other feminist friends to vote.

    This is such a fun place to be everyone. And informative. One of our stores had a sale on the incandescent bulbs the other day and I just couldn’t help myself and bought a whole bunch more. I have boxes and boxes and boxes in my garage.

    Another industry leaving the US for China.

    I, too, voted for Gore and don’t feel badly because of my vote. I feel badly because Bush stole the election. Of course what a difference a few years make. After 2008 I have no use for many folks I used to like. and we could have had someone with genuine smarts, experience, competence, qualifications and been the first woman president. Sigh.

  170. Vertical baby back ribs?

  171. I’ve voted many times. As of now, there is a tie between her and the Zainab kid. Vote people!

  172. Hugo, I’m looking forward to whatever you post. Hope it will be soon.

  173. Thanks on the voting, everyone. Keep it up!

    Here’s the original comment. Please do this for Uppity!

    Ok I’m going to ask everyone to do me a favor. There is an entry for Time Out Dubai Kids that I would like to you vote for. It’s the daughter of one of NES’s school friends from back in Pakistan. Her name is Aleyha Hameed and she is tied for first place. Let’s show a young middle eastern girl how to beat a boy for a change.
    Here’s the link. Hers is the third entry in the first row across (white background). If you hover over it, you will see her name at the bottom of the enlargement. Click on her circle and don’t forget to scroll down and click on “VOTE”. Thanks Gang! Let’s bring this one home!


  174. Wow! I’m overwhelmed by all the voting! Thanks to all wonderful Uppityites who voted and to dear UW for her (loving) whip-hand. You’re real troopers.

  175. I think HT is ready to run Chicago politics — vote early and often. Thanks HT, UW and all other frequent voters!

  176. Upps dearest, Rahm would be proud of you (your voting record). Aleyha is very lucky to have you as effectively a cyber-godmother.

  177. I believe you are allowed to vote every day, Mcnorman. But, it may involve the removal of cookies.

  178. Upps, does one need to be accessing the internet through Firefox in order to use its cooker killer?

  179. Gotcha NES. Done deal. 🙂

  180. On the virtual kids point, mcnorman. Well said. These kids need bruised knees, so to speak, in order to understand and appreciate life. Pity they don’t go out to play every day. When I was young, we used to meet with the neighborhood kids to run around and play oudoor games every single evening; on weekends we’d go to the beach or cycling.

  181. Michelle claims she hasn’t seen him smoke in a year. Amazing what the Obamas think the sheeple will buy. I guess they’re justified in thinking that given the ’08 election, when they hoodwinked the majority of the country.

  182. lorac — Hope you’re right on Hillary keeping it open.
    Hey! I have a trademark on the term “EMPTY SUIT” — I’ll send you an invoice for the royalty payment due.

  183. lorac, if only the practice of law were one-tenth as exciting as portrayed in The Firm.

  184. She probably doesn’t think that we noticed the fat laden Super Bowl party menu either.

  185. I remember that I was to be home for supper by a certain time, otherwise I was dragged back into the house. We were always riding bikes, swimming or playing outside.

  186. yes NES cookie killer is a Firefox addon. Frankly I can’t understand why anyone would use another browser.

  187. Come on gang. Are we to be losers?????? Why do we not fight? Show me some STUFF.

    Her name is Aleyha Hameed. Here’s the link. Hers is the third entry in the first row across (white background). If you hover over it, you will see her name at the bottom of the enlargement. Click on her circle and don’t forget to scroll down and click on “VOTE”. COME ON!


  188. I voted atleast 30 times today. I’m not making a dent.

  189. Hi gang. Running late, but on our way out the door shortly.

    Just FYI NES, kosmet IS spam. Whenever they pull that golly can you help me do a blog, I’m new here and I LOVE your blog, and gee, let’s see if I can blow you enough to get in, it’s a guarantee spammer. Then there’s kosmet’s ‘website’, the leader of which says, “Kosmetyki Sklep. Archiwa. Czerwiec 2011. Kategorie. Uncategorized · Kosmetyki Naturalne – Jak rozpoznac”. Not that you would know that if I didn’ tell you but it’s fun laughing at you. Snort! . Anyways, I read the blog conversation about helping out and I am so dang proud of you guys for stepping up. I feel so loved! In fact, I feel so loved, I’m outta here! As for tracking me down, Good luck with that. Dog is incognito just for spite! She’s going as a deer!

  190. Ha! I stand corrected and educated on the likes of kosmet, Upps. I won’t fall for the same trick twice (although I may fall for others).
    Kosmet is now in the “trash” bin.

  191. The Needle-Nose’s disguise doesn’t work on her lawyer.

  192. Gotta love the Mayor of London:

    ………Obama’s motorcade fined for London congestion fees
    London Mayor Boris Johnson is raising a stink over minor congestion charges he says President Obama’s motorcade incurred while visiting his city, the London Evening Standard reports.

    Johnson has fined the United States 120 pounds (nearly $200 U.S. dollars) in congestion levies–10 pounds per vehicle–for the presidential motorcade used during Obama’s state visit in May.

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