Better-Living-Through-Craigslist Congressman Lee resigns

Say goodbye to Rep. Christopher Lee, married father, Craigslist troll and Congressman from New York.

See more interesting correspondance to and from this Toad here. Too bad he deleted that Facebook account. I’ll bet that was a real gas.

I hope your wife kills you in your sleep, Cockroach.


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  1. I’ll bet he’s religious.

  2. I bet he’s too.

    People who indulge in self-photography, well….

  3. What I really want to know is, does this man have an IQ? I mean he ..was…a Congressman. Did he REALLY think nobody would recognize him? What. A. Moron.

  4. Yup, he must be a religious alright- card carrying religion of getting what you want by duping everone you can. Don’t they all spew one thing and do the diametrically opposite thing?

  5. He also looks like the kind of guy who watches himself do himself, doesn’t he?

  6. There just isn’t anyplace where an up and coming Republican can hook up with other men in privacy these days. Dern snoopy liberals.

  7. Totally watches himself.

  8. He has nothing on Rahm strutting through the House gym.

  9. What an idiot. He needed to resign just for being incredible stupid. Glad he’s a repub. They think they have na corner on the morality market. Let’s review: Gingrich, Vitter, Craig, Guiliani, Hyde, Sanford… and the hypocrits keep whining about Bill and Hillary’s personal lives. Pleeze!

  10. Well listen, jay, God forgives him so you should too. If he were a Democrat, God would never forgive him. Just so you understand.

    Of course, if he were a Democrat he would have not resigned. He would have just said, What’s It To Ya?

  11. “I promise not to disappoint”. Lord save us women from men who are sure they don’t disappoint. They are usually the worst lays.

  12. You can polish a turd all you want, but it’s still a turd.


  13. He used his real name too. What a f*cking moron.

    With this kind of stupidity, he should have resigned before he even answered the ad.

  14. Jay, LOL. but Upps is right, as usual.

  15. The timing on this is delicious. Just when the right is high-fiving itself because Senator James Webb (D-VA) has announced he will not seek re-election, one of their own self-destructs. tee-hee.

  16. Ah, this is just too funny – not the idiot who started this, but the comments. It’s satire night in Uppityville.

  17. I bet he has a wide stance.

  18. You know what Upps I am beginning to think you are attacking cockroaches here and that there is going to be an uprising from the bug population. These guys and gals you refer to as cockroaches are in fact worse then a roach . Did you ever think there could be something worse ?

  19. You all KNOW NONE OF THIS matters,

    The rapes and deaths. The Capitol Hill Scumbag caught with his pants almost down; the fact that The MOst Liberal President in History wants to extend the Patriot Act he already extended once before – (or maybe I mean FISA) Credit for WOMEN???? Pffft.


    Because Michell Obama swears Barry quit smoking.

    Now THERE IS a story.

    Get your priorities right, y’all.


  20. I don’t know what to say. Can anyone really do something this stupid while being in congress after all those other idiots/scumbags as examples. Don’t they ever learn?

  21. FF: Lovely header. Bill and Billy are really cute.

  22. Thanks Senneth. And thanks to all who have commented on the recent headers. More to come. Penguins are getting restless.

    Lorac? I need an order, please.

  23. Good point. this clown is inconsequential.. For me the real news today was the Moochelle declared that we can have our cake as long as we also eat our vegetables. I think she turned the bariatric world on its head when she said that to Matty Lauer. In order to comply, i just ate a half a pint of green tea HagenDaz and had a salad to wash it down.

    Do you think Moo can get on the Biggest Loser? I want to see Gillian tell her about eating cake.

  24. Hugo, you miss the point. This was Michelle’s way of saying Let Them Eat Cake.

  25. Senneth, Billy is so last year. This is Bill’s most recent spawn, Rodney.

  26. Reminds me of that Mark Twain quote—“Suppose I was an idiot, suppose I was a member of Congress. Ah, but I repeat myself.” Dumber than a bag of hair.

  27. Cake. Damn. I sure would like a piece now.

    Oh well.

    Off to bed instead.

    I can make a pie in the morning.

  28. Well golly thanks for telling me that my fucking posts don’t matter, especially given I ALSO covered what matters. Okay, your turn. Blog. Right here. The place is yours. Get going!

  29. ………..folding arms. Tapping foot. FF and Hugo are gonna blog. Right here! Let’s welcome them! I’m gonna go eat cake! Lots and LOTs of cake. Right in Michelle’s face. Hope her BIG ass doesn’t get in the way.

  30. UW – who are you speaking to?

  31. Utah, are you holding out on me? Is there a yet more odious creature than the cockroach?

  32. Geeze I thought Webb was an Up and Comer.

  33. Uppity, dearest. I get up at 5. I painted a house all day and cooked for Charlotte, as well as installed a door. I am not sure what I said to make you upset with me and challenge me with a blog post.

    Please forgive. I am exhausted and sleep calls.

    I didn’t know Bill had named his latest, but it can hardly be denied it is his offspring.

  34. Well I guess that didn’t work. So I’ll have to keep blogging.


  35. Yes, hey Hugo, you missed Wide Stance. And Mr. Diddle Foley. But Jesus forgave both of them.

  36. If I blog, you wont like it. I have been mad as a hornet for days listening to O-blah-blah-blah demand and waffle on Egypt, when we cannot even ASK about his school records. And now the Patriot Act.Obama makes Ackmadinnerjacket look like a liberal.


  37. Hey! Congressman Lee! Keep in touch with yourself! Bahahahahaha.

  38. We LIKE mad blogging, FF!

  39. OK, maybe in the morning.

    Next week.




  40. ……….sigh.

  41. Hmmmmmm, let me see what bad shit I have lined up for the AM…

  42. But only if I can say that the POTUS is a two-faced, lily livered, hypocritical, self-absorbed dumb fuck who doesn’t see the hollowness of his own words on Egypt.

  43. On another subject; California is about to fall into the sea.


  44. So sorry, Uppity. This is a fabulous post. Never want to miss an opportunity to snicker at the ones who are holier than me. I did forget Foley and Wide Stance. Where do they get their chutzpah?

    But I’ve have been cracking up over Moochelle’s dietary pronouncements today. The Lee story is like the whip cream and cherry on top.

  45. California is going to fall into the sea? Isn’t that where Al Gore moved? Speaking of hypocrits…

  46. FFat 916, “Cake. Damn. I sure would like a piece now.”

    Ummmm. Strawberry velvet cake. Eating it now.

  47. Rodney huh? Way too cute for a Rodney, but okay, whatever Mr. Bill says.

    FF01: You’re just stating the obvious.

  48. If that resigned over a craiglist post, imagine what else was going on that has not been revealed. Yet.

  49. FF for all of your great work ethic, you should have a cake of your very own.

  50. FF! I didn’t respond fast enough, and now you’re going to talk to your EQ gods and send me and my state into the sea???? Nooooooooo!

  51. It’s so much fun giving a cat oral medicine, and it’s even MORE fun when they have just had oral surgery!


  52. I dedicate this to UW and her triumph over the demon eyeglasses:

  53. Not THAT’s funny, Lorac.

  54. lorac, I give my cat baby aspirin and enalapril every single day. Bless his heart, he’s a saint. No muss, no fuss. Easiest cat I ever had to medicate, which is why he’s lived so long with a grade IV murmur. You’d never know.

  55. Now a difficult cat can shoot a pill twenty feet and make it stick to your shirt.

  56. Oh Hell, California has been falling into the sea as far back as I can remember.

    As the song goes,
    Where can you go when there’s no San Diego…

  57. Besides, we NEED California, you know that. Every three years or so, they tip the country sideways and all the wierd people fall into California.

  58. LOL on the difficult cat. I’m glad your cat is good! Thank goodness I only have to do this for a few days!

    Of course, he found the pill chopped up in his wet food – ate all the wetfood and the little pieces were left. So last night I actually ground it up, and mixed it in with that malt flavored hair ball medicine, and smeared it all over his leg! I WON! lol

    The liquid pain medicine i still a struggle, though – one of the pulled teeth was a canine (shouldn’t that be a feline????), but I don’t know where the other 3 are missing, so I’m hoping I’m not hitting a sore spot with the syringe. He won’t let me look lol

  59. Where can you go when there’s no San Diego…

    I’m not familiar with that song, but MY answer is, they can just all go back home to Mexico!!!! lol

    Oh! Uh – oh, it’s late again. I was supposed to remind you, UW, about the google info links. I don’t usually comment in the morning, but I often read here before I go to work, so I’ll remind you tomorrow morning! 🙂

  60. Not san diego, sorry. San Francicso.

    “Day after day, more people come to L.A., sshh don’t you tell anybody the whole place is slipping away. Where can you go, when there’s no San Francisco? Better pack up your bags and move to Idaho. Do you know the Swim? You better learn it quick, Jim.

  61. Day after Day by Shango

  62. Besides, we NEED California, you know that. Every three years or so, they tip the country sideways and all the wierd people fall into California.

    I always made fun of CA, because all I ever saw of it was on the TV, and everyone was rich but didn’t work, and they were all so superficial. So, as I said, I always made fun of it, and always swore it was the one state I would never live in.

    Then I found myself here. Maybe that’s what happened! It was a “tipping year” and I slid over! lol

  63. WHo says I don’t know obscure songs?

  64. UW, at 1:25 they say San Diego!

  65. My family is from California before it went crazy. We all moved back east to try to offset that tilt. Poor California.

  66. Yeah they do lorac, I just kind of forgot. It’s an old song.

    Now, about Google. Don’t you just hate A Holes who make YOU prove something to them when they are too freaking lazy to look it up themselves? If you told me what you told your friend, I would RUN to the web and check. But Nope. She’s making you do the work. So this already tells me that Google could be in her underwear drawer and she’s still going to be too freaking lazy to do anything about it. Start by telling her that google uses an algorithm to read EVERY SINGLE email that she receives or sends in gmail. Now, they say they only do it to target advertising, which is odious enough, but just imagine what else they can do when the time comes. They also NEVER delete your searches. They knew everywhere you’ve been and how often you went there. In fact, if you have a google account, they also keep a running list of the sites you visit, viewable to a nice hacker. If she wants you or me to prove it tell her to either learn to use the web or go fuck a duck. For someone who’s loyal to google, she sure doesn’t know how to do a search. Heh.

    I have more but I hate people like this. If she would like a full report with references, tell her that you will be happy to oblige for a fee.

  67. Oh I forgot one more recent google thing. Notice they have a sidebar that miraculously displays your location? Well they send that to all the sites you visit. Just saying.

  68. FF — Thanks for the book recommendation; I’ll hit up Amazon with an order tomorrow. I’m curious as To why you think I should read it tho’ (if lorac’s gonna be jealous when she reads your response say it in code…).

  69. FF for all of your great work ethic, you should have a cake of your very own.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What about me????
    I wannnnnnnnnt my cake!

  70. You folks gotta watch Freedom Fairy. She makes earthquakes. Just saying. I mean, that’s why I’m nice to her, you know? One wrong move and they are out with bobcats, digging and looking for your ass.

  71. You’re all J — CA is a great place to live. SPEAK UP now, lorac, socal and Iu can’t hear you through the snow drifts and whistling artic winds that engulf you.

  72. NES, I don’t think it’s a hot and sexy book, so you probably don’t really want to read it.

  73. I was just reading the last thread. Hey, how come there are people implying that I’m a masochist who loves Uppity-punishment? lol

    I think NES is the culprit!

  74. Hey NES, I’d rather pay somebody to shovel snow than land in a crater after all my glasses and dishes come crashing down. Besides, I hate snakes. I sold a florida home and opted to stay here. I don’t do reptiles and tornados. it’s my kinda tradeoff. The worst that can happen to me is I’m snowed in for a day.

  75. Cool and s*xy is good too.

  76. (if lorac’s gonna be jealous when she reads your response say it in code…).

    D*mn, I’m jealous already!!!!!

  77. UW at 1042. Considering your strong work ethic and that lack of need for sleep you thrive on, and all us weaklings must have to survive, you may have one whole velvet strawberry cake also. With milk chocolate shavings on top. And a cup of coffee (decaf or else you won’t sleep for a week)..

  78. I do have a funny EQ story though. We did have a tremor a number of years ago. I was living in an apartment and my landlady lived above me. The tremor came and I was in bed and I swear it was like the Exorcist thing. My bed moved. The glasses rattled. Next day my landlady stops by………I loved this lady. She made meatballs that would make you cry……anyways, she says something to the effect that I was having some kind of wild time last night with the noise. I was like, WTF? We had an EQ tremor, Vera. She didn’t know it and I had to convince her that the house moving wasn’t me having some wild sex. Anyways, after she found out we did have a tremor, she called me up laughing and I said to her, But Thanks For The Vote of Confidence!

  79. NES, I am NOT going to say CA is a good place to live!

    (shhhh, are you CRAZY? We don’t need anymore people moving here!!!!! Let them think it’s a terrible place! lol)

  80. Crier, I SWEAR, I sleep like a brick. It’s just that I do it all in five hours.

  81. UW, see, you make the earth shake! Hee hee.

  82. Yeah Crier, I thought it was kind of cool that she thought i was capable of making the house move. lol.

  83. Oh, my! THANKS for the google links!

  84. That’s it Lorac. We are sending everyone to California now.

  85. For all that work, you deserve some EQ-resembling ribs! (for real, this time!)

  86. towne, only Hillary supporters, don’t tell anyone else, okay? 🙂

  87. lorac, I get that sometimes too.

  88. Lorac, you geta cake too.

  89. It’s just more work than it used to be…

  90. Admit it UW!…you were having a LARGE rib during the EQ.

  91. fuck a duck

    ROFL I’m cracking up here, I love it lol

  92. Nope NES. I was sleeping. Honest.

  93. OT my new favorite commercial

  94. Chit! Was he that boring?

  95. Hmmm… time to make angel food, I think.

    So what’ll it be, sliced strawberries in the middle or chocolate pudding? Both are fantasmic with whipped cream/cool whip “frosting.”

  96. I don’t like angelfood cake. Could you make something else? How about pineapple upsidedown cake with Hagen daaz vanilla? I have a great lemonade cake recipe I am willing to sell.

  97. I was alone NES. I swear.

  98. Also up for auction, my mother’s scratch chocolate cake. Dark and moist.

  99. And then there’s Mom’s cheesecake with the layer of sour cream on top.

  100. No one said you didn’t hold yourself to the highest standards, UW.

  101. towne said I could have a cake, too.

    So towne – what kind of cake are you making for me?


  102. ROFL NES. Let’s face it. Who’s the best at these things if not ourselves.

  103. You make the earth move
    Under my feet

  104. Ex Rep Shit-For-Brains Lee’s statement:

    “I regret the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents. I deeply and sincerely apologize to them all. I have made profound mistakes and I promise to work as hard as I can to seek their forgiveness. The challenges we face in Western New York and across the country are too serious for me to allow this distraction to continue, and so I am announcing that I have resigned my seat in Congress effective immediately.”

    Okie Dokie, moron.

  105. NES, and from a distance!!!?

  106. Dick Morris has written a new book, and the subtitle is something like, “….and how to repeal his socialist policies..”

    That’s all well and good. But we still need the book on how to repeal his republican policies…..

    I can’t BELIEVE he wants trillions more now for this high speed rail. It will create new (temporary) jobs!, he says.

    Ok, so I’m not a business expert, but I thought the idea was that government is supposed to enact laws which enable private businesses to create jobs – not that the government is supposed to keep spending tons of money we don’t have, in order to make a few jobs!

    I really can’t understand why people felt so comfortable electing a man who always ALWAYS lived beyond his means in his private life. Not. too. smart.

  107. Dick Morris is a disgusting man.

  108. NES we really gotta cut that Skype stuff out. Lorac is gonna be jealous.

  109. What’re 3000 miles between us?!!?

  110. lorac eat yer heart out.

  111. OH NO! Are you guys skyping and watching each other eat ribs by yourselves?????

    I see what you’re doing! NES started the rumor that I’m a masochist, so now you guys are being sadists, torturing me!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Now I’m going to have that image of you two…. you know… all night in my head! Let’s hope I don’t enjoy it too much ROFL)

  112. 3,000 miles to UW….

    but I’m SO much closer, NES! lol

    I’ll squirt cat-pain-medicine in your mouth, and we’ll have a WONDERFUL time lol

  113. Just “all night,” lorac?

  114. lorac, you get cake of the day. Velvet strawberry.

  115. Oh Gawd, I’m cracking up here.

  116. Our Dubai girl is running third. You people are just impossible to organize.

  117. Good heavens, the Stupid Alert Response Team is exhausted! First the dimwit wheelchair guy who banged into CLOSED elevator doors 3/three/tres/trois times and thereby plunged his idiot self to death, then the treadmill morons who also think the law of physics doesn’t apply to them, a young computer game addict with no sense beyond his digital digits falls into a subway tunnel and now, a politician with NO learning curve ( I could get nasty here but I won’t) thinks instant cyber/social media have lost their taste (nasty remarks censored) for outting Congress Critters???

    Dumb assery abounds.

  118. The boy with the lame assed camel is ahead again.

  119. You’re a sadist, NES! lol

  120. If a boy designed a cover depicting a goatf#cker and his bestial inamorata, he’d win p*ckers down.

  121. Ok, go ahead and have your virtual, solitary ribs! Towne and I are going to have cake! (don’t worry, Towne, I’ll be gentle 🙂 )

  122. Voting. With all the dead voters. Hee hee.

  123. The numbers are changing fast. Must be a world wide click event as we speak.

  124. I love coming here late at night! you are all cracking me up.
    BTW: I thought the biggest news of the day was Meshell saying that Obama doesn’t dye his hair.

    I stayed up just so I could know this. (not)

  125. Ummm. ribs. Ribs with sauce. BBQ. Smoked. Real ones. Now that desert has been had, time for dinner!

  126. OMG. Timothy Hutton is doing a commercial for a coupon site called “groupon”…..? Do I have that right?

    I alway really liked Timothy Hutton. Is he broke, or what? OMG.

  127. leslie, so how does anyone explain his changing color?

    Must be as chameleon as his politics.

  128. Oh no I invite towne to share cake with me, and she’s fantasizing about ribs!

    I’m NEVER going to get a toaster…..

  129. Clicking feverishly here.

  130. LOL He doesn’t die his hair, just as he doesn’t smoke anymore!

    (I’m telling you, these two people lie without even thinking!)

    Ok, I see her loophole (that’s legalese, NES!) – HE doesn’t dye his hair. Some young slender man with exotic looks dyes his hair!!!!!!

  131. All the g-effers are clicking all night; the goats are relieved.

  132. Well lorac, it’s like this. Those who present the most salivating food item here, always steal the show. especially after the cake is finished.

    Got ribs?

  133. Didn’t there used to be a commercial, where the woman says “only my hairdresser knows for sure”, ie, no one else knows that she dyes her hair….?

    Maybe MO has been watching too much old tv/commercials during her Jackie phase, and she thought it was the truth that no one else would notice when someone’s hair KEEPS changing color….? ROFL

  134. uggg. No ribs here. Guess it’s ramen time.

  135. Oh, towne – I DON’T have ribs, on more than one level!!!! (NES doesn’t have ribs on ONE level, I don’t have them on TWO levels – the real level and the metaphoric level lol)

  136. What? My clickings are for not?!?

    May a thousand fleas infest their undies.

  137. Ha ha, JK. Metaphorically.


  138. Those who present the most salivating food item here, always steal the show

    I’m HERE! I’m right HERE! (beating chest) Am I invisible??????

    (sigh) NES and FF are always cheating on me. I can’t get towne to help me cheat on THEM, and I’ll just forever be toaster-less.


  139. ok , ok lorac, 2 cakes for you.

  140. Brilliant deduction re the loophole, lorac! Only a shrink would be, um, er, ‘sick’ enough to get into the head of a lawyer. I think you should take the CA bar exam right away.

  141. Look how NES disappeared. She started all this, she disappears, and then she’s going to blame the trash on ME in the morning! lol

  142. oops there she is!

    Well, NES, I know enough attorneys to know that the CA bar is the hardest. Maybe I should start with a law school first – like one of those that used to be inside matchbooks!

  143. UW has sneaked off to have ribs and cake.

  144. Only a shrink would be, um, er, ‘sick’ enough to get into the head of a lawyer.

    HA! Finally, you admit we’re made for each other! I’m calling your girlfriend, she’ll understand!

    (FF, I still love you!)

  145. Where do you get one of those matchbooks?

  146. lol towne – I don’t even know if they still advertise that way – I guess that was back when I was a kid – oops dating myself! (and I don’t mean “dating myself” the same way that UW and NES mean it!)

  147. Shucks. Can’t go to law school now.

  148. Crier, I’m riveted by the thought of “a thousand flees” in their undies.
    Btw, if you’re talking about the goat-effers, please note that they DON’T wear, ahem, “undies” of any ilk. Yep, it just hangs. (My mom always thought that that fact explained their barbarism and seeming impermeability to civilization.)

  149. Corrigendum — “…fleas…”

  150. Egaaaad! It just hangs? Well then, may a thousand fleas infest where it hangs. Betcha the fleas and flies trail along behind.

  151. Egads, Crier, they do. One wishes crocs did instead. (Now you begin to grasp quel horreur it was to be a young girl in dat thaar land.

  152. lorac darlin’, the CA State Bar rules don’t require one to have a law degree, amazingly enough.

    PS — THe gf is a lawyer aussi.

  153. “quel horreur ” is right.

  154. Oh, THAT’S why you want me to take the bar! Ok, I see, there’s a standard for those you will eat ribs with!

    towne, let’s DO it! We’ll go to law school together! You can make millions, and I’ll win NES! (actually, you can defend me when her girlfriend sues me lol)

  155. What is underwear?

  156. What? CA bar no require degree? C’mon. It must be useful for preparation for the test at least.

  157. If Mom exercised her whip-hand more there would be fewer nocturnal emissions on this page. She’s to blame.

  158. Hmmm Lorac. Law school means a lot of reading. That is for smart people. Perchance you are better suited for such academic endeavors. And then you can regale us in your legal conquests.

    The cake and ribs will be here awaiting your triumphant scholarly completion.

  159. PMM evokes discipline.

    UW is watching our spelling and writing.

  160. Strange but true, Crier. Law schools helps one learn to spot and spin issues (to ‘think like a lawyer’), but little else. In order to take the CA Bar, one almost has to take bar-prep classes and cram over 2 months. Lovely, eh?

  161. Gee. Acquiring those 6 figure debts from LS must then be really puzzling. But alas. Pass the test to score the high salaried job to pay for it all.

  162. Then of course, to pay all those taxes to support the guv.

  163. I thought the saying was “May a thousand fleas infest your armpits”.

    I always liked the one wishing you were afflicted with a disease that draws your head between your legs; you take dribbling shits and live to be a thousand years old. Technically you’re being positive you’re wishing that someone live to be a thousand….right??

    NES thanks for the 411 on the GF’s….I could have gone my entire life without that knowledge, LOL!!

    Lorac you’re smart enough, you’re good enough and doggone it people like you……so take the bar exam what do you have to lose!!! Town has ribs AND cake for you too!

  164. I’m going to predict MO’s declaration for tomorrow, PDT: BO is not on the down-low. Another day, another Obama-sized lie.

  165. Yes lorac, we will all await your triumphant completion.

  166. He will be in the BR painting his hair.

  167. Hi Somebody! Good to see ya on the late night channel.
    Listen, doncha go buying Miss lorac’s tales of woe — truth to say, she has a seraglio of wimmen. A female Hefner (only much much younger and yards cuter).

  168. NES, now towne and somebody want me to take the bar. You did this on purpose! lol

    You guys! Can’t I just eat my waffles cake? lol

  169. NES, во сне! (in dreams!)

    Ok, I’ll be anything you want! I’m young and gorgeous! (But UW said that was YOU!)

    Somebody, thank you for the compliments. I’m lucky anymore if I can remember what I did yesterday! I think the bar is a bit out of reach!

  170. Excellent Crier!

  171. Oh, wait, I just realized you compared me to Hefner. Well, then, YES, I AM younger and cuter lol

    omg definitely! (that’s not a hard comparison to beat lol)

  172. Can you believe that meme? It must be true then!

  173. towne, that’s great!

    since it’s late night….. (fixit fairy was here)

  174. Lorac, I was merely drawing a parallel in the size of your respective harems.

  175. Poor Hef. Age has taken its toll.

  176. oh, you did it better, you used tiny url!

  177. Oh my! Another personal revelation. From Zer0.

  178. Here’s one for UW

  179. Hef hasn’t worn underwear since IBM was the only computer manufacturer.

  180. Here’s one for NES

  181. And one for towne

  182. You show me your tiny url and I’ll show you mine….

  183. lol

    You’re too much woman for ONE g/f, NES.

  184. Hahahahahahaha!

  185. NES, I sure hope the g/f knows this is all in good fun lol Heck, if you and FF and UW have your little threesome, I may just run away with the Aussie Laywer!

  186. Loved the tiny url, lorac.

    But, hey, the g/f decidedly a Northern CA girl (part-Italian ancestry), not an Aussie. I was engaging in an unfortunate foray into le francais, as in “Elle est una avocat aussi.”

  187. Hey, wat she durn’t know cannit ‘urt ‘er. Seriously tho’ she thinks we’re lovable and hilarious loons. (UW she loves, fears and respects.)

  188. Je ne comprends pas.

  189. Sprechen sie espanol?

  190. hahahahaha. jk.

  191. G’Night ya nocturnal nymphs. XX

    Don’t let Mom catch you up when she goes out to whip her ferocious rooster.

  192. PMM:

    NES <—– it was HER fault!

  193. g’night everyone.

    I wonder where HT was all night….?

  194. Looks like you folks had a riot last night. Sorry to have missed all the fun, but I was out like a lite at 9PM – slept right through till 6:30 this am – YAY.

  195. ROFLMAO! Is there some kind of google tracking device that alerts you late nighters when I am safely tucked away?
    I miss all the fun! (And the CAKE!) Just for that I will make Nana’s scratch chocolate cake. Which I have enhanced with strawberry puree. So there!

  196. Mom, I suggest you sleep during the day and stay up and play with us all night.
    Will Mr. PMM approve?

  197. what a classy classy guy… BARF

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