More proof your government is jerking you around: Now eggs are lower in cholesterol

Get your boots on. The USDA has some more advice for you. Their advice, once more, is that you don’t take their previous advice. That is, until they change their minds again.

I remember when butter was bad and margarine was good. Then margarine was bad and butter was better. Coffee was bad, but coffee is good. Milk was good and now milk is bad. Real milk is reallllllly bad. You have to drink the watery shit. Alcohol is bad but drink some wine. I won’t even get into the Aspartame scam that nearly put saccharine out of business and turned out to be even worse than they pretended saccharine was.

Our government has been handing us a plate of shit to eat for so long, we should have all learned long ago to just roll our eyes and do the opposite of that they tell us. But never was there more glaringly obvious proof that the nutritional bullcrap that comes from our government should be ignored than when the USDA took the Food Pyramid, which they shoved in our faces as the only path to health for decades, and changed their minds

Gang, we are believing nutritional advice from basically the same bunch of people who think Genetically Engineering simply everything we put in our bodies using seeds from a CHEMICAL company is just fine. We hang on the words of the same bunch of people who see no problem with laboratory-created In Vitro Wasted Muscle Tissue as a substitute for meat. Hormones are also good. We are constantly handed advice from the same people who see nothing wrong with irradiating ground beef.

Really Bad.

Well, today’s  USDA bullcrap target is eggs. Yes, eggs. You know about eggs. They’re awful for you because the yolks are just full of cholesterol and have practically no Vitamin D in them, so you are going to get Rickets if you eat too many eggs, or some such crap. Eggs are bad for you. What is good for you is overpriced slimy liquid egg whites with yellow coloring in them. Eating an egg yolk is a Death Wish. That’s a fact. Ooops! That WAS a fact. Today’s fact is different.

In fact, when the USDA-ARS tested standard large eggs from different sources for nutritional content, they found that the average egg contained 185 milligrams of cholesterol, which is 14 percent lower than previously recorded. The analysis also revealed that large eggs contain 41 IUs of vitamin D, which is an increase of 64 percent.

“We collected a random sample of regular large shell eggs from 12 locations across the country to analyze the nutrient content of eggs,” said Dr. Jacob Exler, nutritionist with the Agricultural Research Service’s Nutrient Data Laboratory, in a press release. “This testing procedure was last completed with eggs in 2002, and while most nutrients remained similar to those values, cholesterol decreased by 14 percent and vitamin D increased by 64 percent from 2002 values.”

Really Not So Bad.

I’ll bet you’re all glad you gave up deviled eggs all these years. So, whatever you do, don’t forget to listen to the next crock of crap the USDA hands you, okay? Because if you gave up your over easy eggs, don’t blame me. I never stopped eating them.

The article goes on to say that the change is because of farmers using different feed and blah blah blah. I say it’s because some lobbyist wants to sell eggs and sales are down after that disgusting scare brought to us by a revolting Big Agra pig who never seems to go to jail. But hey, what do I know? I always ate eggs and generally already understand that any nutritional instructions given to me by a government bureaucracy that would would tip its own  Gospel Food Pyramid upside down aren’t worth listening to.

You might still hold some confidence in the USDA. Go for it! But I do not. They lost me a long time ago. If you have lived long enough, you have watched these yahoos change their minds like clockwork. In ten years, the USDA will probably be telling us we are all suffering from cholesterol deficiency and fried wings are the ticket.

My grandfather lived to just short of his 97th birthday. He sucked raw eggs directly from the chicken’s butt.  God knows what those chickens ate. Some of those eggs still had feathers on them when he poked the holes in them. He ate a half dozen runny eggs for breakfast without blinking. He also liked pork hockeys in his Sunday sauce. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body, but then again, he put a new roof on his own house at age 89. He also smoked two packs of Camels a day. The kind without the filters. He ate his 14 oz Porterhouse steak barely warmed and washed it down with home fries soaked with oil. He ate his fruit by cutting up a fresh peach and soaking it in his home made wine, which incidentally, could take the rust off chrome.

My grandfather would have told the USDA to crap in their hat and put it on their head. I’m with Grandpa.


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  1. I don’t know about anybody else but there is no way I am listening to anything coming out of the
    Unbelievably Stupid Demagogic Assholes

    The only danger from eggs around here is forgetting a weapon to fend off Kentucky when you go to the chicken shed.

  2. Yes – definitely agree. Odd, when I was a young pup in school, they taught that an egg was almost a perfect food – vitamins galore. Years later, it was bad for you. Same with butter. Never changed my eating habits – still eat eggs and use butter (margerine tastes funny). Oh and I drink several mugs of coffee per day, with real cream! Last time I had my cholesterol tested, my count was very low.

  3. Remember “The incredible Edible Egg” commercials?

  4. I was thinking the same thing, Mom. GREAT article Uppity. It’s fun to wake up and laugh first thing.

  5. now, where can I hide a couple chickens in my suburban yard?

  6. Weren’t some of the “eggs are bad for you” studies funded by the breakfast cereal companies? My dad also lived a long full life eating 3 doz eggs a week cooked in bacon fat.

  7. OT – Why is “The White House” SO HYSTERICAL about Mubarak’s (lack of) resignation?

    Obama is sounding like a hysterical child because Mubarak isn’t responding to HIS demands.

    I’m serious. There are SO MANY conflicting messages from the WH, it really makes one worried what these not-ready-for-prime-time folks are doing. Is this Valerie Jarret’s deal?

  8. FF- I agree- and the DEAFENING SILENCE from Hillary! The only way I can explain that is – once again- she works “at the pleasure” and he has put her in a locked room so to speak as he does not care to listen to her (I am sure) wise advice.

  9. Right on Uppity! I’ve spent years worrying about my diet because of health problems and weight problems. If there is a so called diet related disease, I’ve got it, even though my diet has been examplary for over 30 years. It’s maddening how they keep changing the recommendations. Of course, they don’t have a clue. It all depends on who is paying the most kickbacks this week.

  10. The blog made me want breakfast! Just finished eggs, bacon, sausage and toast – washed down with OJ and coffee! YUM!

    Take that, USDA!


    also – this from the NYT News Alert

    Mubarak Leaves Cairo as Military Asserts Control

    The Egyptian military appeared to assert its leadership
    Friday amid growing indications that President Hosni Mubarak
    was yielding all power. A Western diplomat said that Mr.
    Mubarak had left the capital.

    As protesters were swarming into the streets Friday morning
    for what was expected to be the biggest and most volatile
    demonstrations in the three-week revolt here, the Supreme
    Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces issued a statement over
    state television and radio indicating that the military, not
    Mr. Mubarak, was in effective control of the country. It was
    unclear whether the military would take meaningful steps
    toward democracy or begin a military dictatorship.

    Western diplomats said that officials of the Egyptian
    government were scrambling to assure that a muddled speech
    Mr. Mubarak made on Thursday night that enraged protesters
    had in fact signaled his irrevocable handover of presidential

  11. The silence from the state dept is very interesting. They were supposed to do a press briefing yesterday afternoon, but I never heard that they did so.

  12. I’m with you and Grandpa!

    Would you be willing to share Grandpa’s recipe for wine?

  13. The best analysis I’ve seen about how flawed the USDA’s guidelines are can be found on Denise Minger’s Raw Food blog at

  14. Bravo Uppity!

    “Gang, we are believing nutritional advice from basically the same bunch of people who think Genetically Engineering simply everything we put in our bodies using seeds from a CHEMICAL company is just fine. We hang on the words of the same bunch of people who see no problem with laboratory-created In Vitro Wasted Muscle Tissue as a substitute for meat.”

  15. I watched him make wine plenty of times, MJ, but never wrote it down. I do know he had special grapes delivered to his home every fall. He had a passage under the back porch that went directly to the basement of the home. That’s how the grapes were shoved in. He had a wine press that was around six feet tall and it was HUGE. He threw those boxes of grapes in there one at a time. I remember they came in wooden crates. He inspected every crate for overly soft or damaged or rotted grapes and removed them. I helped him do that. He said they would ruin the wine. He pressed those grapes only once. Then he threw the whole mishmash into a special steel vat. Every once in awhile he opened the vat and stirred things up and pushed the skins and things back down. This went on till he opened the vat and it all smelled like he thought it should smell. He tasted it too. If he nodded, I knew the stuff was going to be siphoned into one of his wooden barrels. Sometimes he pressed it again first. There, it stayed for most of the winter, with him tasting it maybe once a week. The barrel was stored in a very dark part of the basement. Next to it was another barrel that had wine in it the family was already drinking. The barrels had spigots on them. If I think of more, I’ll let you know. He also had a smaller barrel in which he made a white concoction and he threw that in the snow in winter and tapped it. How he made this, I do not remember. Anyways, his red wine would go into bottles, but only as needed, and if you held one of those bottles up you could see no light. This was dark dark red wine. When I was a kid, he would slice a fresh peach up with his pocket knife while I sat on his lap. Then he would put it in a glass of his wine. He would feed me slices of peaches in wine and nobody ever had a hard time getting me to take my nap after that. Today, you would be arrested for that, I guess.

  16. As a side note, grampa used to tell me stories while he fed me the peaches. He came here from Italy and learned to read and write English like somebody who actually wanted to be in America did in those days. But his English was sometimes a bit too broken for a kid. So one story he kept telling me confused me a little. It was about Jack and the Eeeezeeekela. Finally one day I asked my mother what an Eezeekela was. She looked puzzled, so I told her grampa told me the story of Jack and the Eeezeekela. Oh she said, he means Jack and the Icicle.

  17. Bah. Who listens to them, anyway? Their “recommendations” are just ads for the lobbyist group du jour.

    Everything in moderation, but plenty of chocolate.

  18. Mubarak has resigned.

  19. Shouldn’t there be a govermental department for this? Shouldn’t we have a czar of b.s.?

    Mubarak stepped down.

  20. Yes AnnE, Pharaoh steps down.

  21. On the topic of State Dept, silence, I thought it odd that Susan Rice was put in charge of tweeting on the Egyptian situation. she’s the hack who called Hilary a monster despite the fac that she worked forBill and Madelain Albright. obama appointed her Ambassador to the UN and tried to elevate her to cabinet level. Smells like trouble that she’s tweeting.

  22. I wish messiah would step down too.

  23. That is a wonderful story UW. Yes, back in the day people actually wanted to be in America.

  24. HOO-RAH! I go out to my class- come back and the Egyptian people have forced the dictator out! (Notice I do not say they have won- will wait and see what happens next. Please God Egypt becomes a democracy in fact!)

  25. Regarding the new egg research, I heard an explanation yesterday that the lower cholesterol in eggs is attributable to the different diets being fed to chickens. That statement was made by someone from the industry. I have no way to verify it, but it is cosmething to consider. In order to address the concerns about cholesterol in eggs, have chicken farmers changed the feed?

    And I thought that eggs were deemed ok sometime back because the cholesterol is not LDL. I eat eggs.
    Scrambled, hold the e.coli.

  26. Hugo I buy Eggland’s best eggs. They distribute all their eggs from regional farmers so that the eggs don’t travel far and wide. They certify the farmers and inspect them regularly. And I have to admit they DO taste better. We also know a poultry farmer not too far away and we sometimes get eggs from him, and I also think he’s an eggland guy. We get our chickens from him except when we are in a pinch.

  27. You think those big egg farmers give a shit what they feed them? In fact they probaby feed them shit.

  28. Good luck with that, Mom. The military has taken over and they won’t be in any hurry to leave — they’re not even going to lift emergency rule until “order” is restored. Remember, Sadat and Mubarak were generals when they came to power, and I’m sure the military has a new ‘leader’ waiting in the wings. I think his name is Tankawi (sp?).

  29. Wow the Egyptians sure are jubilant.

  30. Hugo, it was Samantha Powers, the assistant director of the NSC, who called Hillary a “monster.” Rice is the US ambassador to the U.N. Was it Powers tweeting? — sounds like something (undignified) that she’d do.

  31. Hugo rice was also conspicuously absent when they put Iran on the Women’s Rights Council. She is the monster. Maybe hillary doesn’t have time to twitter. Or maybe Rice is stirring turds for Barack’s brotherhood friends.

  32. FYI, the reason she was absent was because they didn’t want Iran on the HUMAN Rights Council, so the US threw women under the bus and put them on the “sub” committee, namely Women. This administration makes me puke.

  33. Let’s hope it’s not jubilation preceding a crackdown. Now that the military has taken over they’re going to want the demonstrators to go home double-quick.

  34. From the BBC live link
    “1703: Some more details on Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, reported to be heading the Higher Military Council. Born in 1931; Promoted to general and made minister of defence and head of the armed forces in 1991; Appointed deputy-prime minister on 29 January, 2011, amid efforts to appease the protesters.”

    1931! He is six years younger than my Mom- and my Mom has a T-Shirt that reads “When God said let there be light- I flipped the switch.” (Hey- my Mom LOVES that shirt!)
    Looks like “meet the new boss – same as the old boss.”

  35. At this point, NES, the Egyptians are a lot safer under these condition than if those sharia savages took over. It won’t happen now. They can just scurry back to their ratholes.

  36. Samantha Powers does not have a twitter account. It was Rice. She is the constant twitterer.

  37. Speaking of this administration being puke-inducing, is anyone here worried that Hillary appears to have been totally side-lined in the handling of this crisis? I can’t recall another time when a Secretary of State was so invisible during a major international crisis; can you? I think Bam is pushing her toward the exit; hope she exits on her own terms.

  38. NES- I agree- went to the SecState page this morning- most of what is on there about Egypt is from a (male) under-secretary or assistant of some kind.

  39. Weird on the twittering Rice. It’s just not dignified for an ambassador to be twittering. I guess she has nothing better to do given the abdication of US power to the goat-effers at the UN.

  40. She was on the TV circuit NES. I get the feeling she’s doing some behind the scenes work right now and they let blah blah flap his lips and pretend he knows what he’s doing. He loves him his limelight.

  41. Uppity, if it makes good business sense to change the feed and lower cholesterol in eggs and rehabilitate the egg’s reputation, I think the eggs industry would do it. But, admittedly, I don’t have all the facts here. There are a lot of variables, such as where did they sample the eggs, did the growers know in advance that the eggs would be sampled; where do the growers buy their feed; has the feed industry made changes to formualtions across the board, etc? I would want to know all of this before I’d say eggs have changed. Not ruling it out, but we need more info.

    I just eat regular eggs. I will try Eggland. Knowing the source of your food is a good thing these days. One of my local food chains was found to be labeling produce as locally grown and the produce was grown nowhere near this area. So, one has to even watch that labeling. Can’t trust anyone when it comes to $$.

  42. Reports of wild celebrations in Lebanon and the Gaza. May the Egyptian people continue to show the rest of the ME that dictators need not rule forever!

  43. NES, weird is right. I looked all over for Samantha, but you will find Rice on twitter.

    Susan Rice on Twitter:

  44. I agree with you, UW. The MB will go back to their ratholes, but then they’ll start hatching plans for spreading a rat plague in the near future. Once the demonstrators realize they’ve been scr*wed by the still-born promise of democracy, they’ll be susceptible to the MB propaganda of “We told you so — the military are your enemies too, and we’re the only viable hope for civilian rule.” Realistically, the MB will probably be able to recruit thousands of allies in the democracy movement and try to mobilize them to achieve their own evil ends (just like the mullahs in Iran used the secular democracy movement in 1979 to seize power). I hate to be a Cassandra, but, when it comes to the ME, being hopeful often lands one in the role of Pollyanna.

  45. Swiss foreign ministry says government freezing potential Mubarak assets in Switzerland, Reuters reports.

  46. Yeah McNorman he put all those billions we sent them in his pocket.

  47. Susan Rice @ Twitter HQ

    Undignified? It’s Barack’s vision of how the world should function.

  48. Eggs. Remember before they were made out to be toxic? People ate raw ones, or cooked things with raw ones. If you had your own chickens, I bet you still could. I was looking at recipes for this Portuguese specialty called a nata — a little custard type tart — and the eggs were bright orange! No kidding, makes ours look positively…by comparison.

    ps, Uppity & Co. I read this one last night. OMG. That is all I can say.


  49. NES, you’re correct. It was Powers who made the monster remark. I stand corrected. But I check on Rice last night and confirmed that there is reportedly tension between her and the Clintons after she threw her support to obama in 2008, ala Judas Richardson. But Rce is definitelty the lead tweeter on the Egyptian event. So, this goes back to the issue of silkence from State. I just fond this tweeting thing to be odd.

  50. Lebanon and Gaza are not exemplars of liberty and justice, Mom. Elections in Gaza brought us Hamas; those in Lebanon increased Hezbollah’s poisonous hold on that country. Is it really better to be ruled by an group of misogynistic, Islamic thugs than by a secular dictator? I don’t know, but, at best, it sure seems like a close call to me.

  51. NES, I do believe that they will implement some kind of placating reforms in dribbles to ensure they people feel like things are happening. They’d be foolish not to. If not, then we will watch the clash of the titans and they will all kill each other off. Then Iran will show up. Then Hamas will start up. Then Israel will nuke somebody. Then the USA will suddenly look good to Egypt again and we will be expected to join in on a war at our financial and bodily cost. And Obama will be the kind of president who always gets re-elected: A wartime president.

  52. I hope you’re right on Hill working behind-the-scenes, UW. I have a much more jaundiced view of what’s going on.

  53. Mom, if Lebonan and Gaza are cheering, there are plans. Gaza is ruled by Hamas and Lebonan is ruled by Hezbollah. And they all take money from Iran.

  54. Yup Hugo that’s what attracts me to Eggland. I know the eggs were hatched nearby. It’s a good concept, having satellite farmers close by their areas of distribution. It’s not hard to suspect that, the pig who got caught with the filthy production areas aside, a lot of contamination can occur during varying legs of travel. And of course, under those circumstances, there is also no such thing as fresh. I think you’ll like Eggland. they are a bit more expensive but not by a whole lot.

  55. Hugo, I don’t know if this is global in NY, but I noticed that in the past six months, stores have signs up over produce revealing their origin. I am nearly shocked at how much of our produce, fruits, garlic, etc comes from other countries. Local supermarkets are also revealing where the fish comes from, not that I buy it from them. I use specialty markets for fish and meat. There’s a local meat market that uses local meat.

  56. He and the military brass pocketed the money. Pocketing US millions and buying expensive weaponry (from US defense contractors) is a lifestlye the Egyptian military has grown accustomed to. It’s not something they’ll give up without a big fight.

    Upps, the thought of BO as “wartime president” is definitely barf-making. (On the other hand, I guess he is already a wartime prez given Afghanistan and Iraq, notwithstanding that he can’t stop partying and golfing.)

  57. Hezbollah and Hamas- hopefully the people in those countries are seeing what can be done by those who want freedom- and perhaps, just perhaps, the Hell and Hopelessness crowd is shaking in their sandals.
    Wish I had bookmarked it- but back a bit ago when the Egypt protests started I had read a piece that implied those two groups of thugs were nervous – afraid the people under their dominion might get some ideas.
    As for Iran- we (meaning our govt) really screwed up when we did not speak out back when their youth were in the streets. Stupid ass in the WH probably did not want to offend achminimind.

  58. You’re so right on Rice and the Clintons, Hugo. She got her start in politics in the Clinton administration, but threw over the Clintons during the primaries without any hesitation, serving as one of BO’s earliest promoters and advisors. I guess she wanted to be the Condi to BO — like Condi, she has an idiot for a boss.

  59. Mom — Interesting if Hezbollah and Hamas are actually threatened by anything happening in Egypt. I’m skeptical since those groups are popularly elected and can’t be characterized as dictators (although their affect on their respective citizens is just as deadly as a dictator’s). I think they like the chaos and the thought that their fellow-travellers in the MB have probably been strengthened.

  60. I hope Hillary is still managing this at State. Maybe she decided to do the substantive stuff and let the juveniles eff up the messaging. The important thing is getting the right outcome for the ME and us. Let obama blubber and rice twitter whatever nonsense they can invent. Then I hope Hillary leaves. Hate to see her spending too much time with the riff-raff.

  61. Only today Ahmadinijad was pledging his support to the demonstrators in Egypt and egging them on. He also gave the Iranian Revolution of ’79 credit for inspiring the Egyptian uprising. Of course, this is not to say that he’s correct in any way or that there’s a tie between Iran and the Egyptian demonstrators (there is not); it is to say, however, that Iran and its mullahs and their lackeys (like Ahmadinijad) are loving them the Egyptian uprising, big time.

  62. PMM back then, Barack said no meddling.

    Now, he wants to meddle in Egypt?

  63. Good point, mcnorman.

    As a friend of mine pointed out:

    — Crowds take to the streets in Iran to demonstrate against an autocratic theocracy (hostile to the West): BO does nothing and states he won’t meddle.

    — Crowds take to the streets in Egypt to demonstrate against a secular autocracy (supported, rightly or wrongly, by the West): Obama meddles like mad and demands the government step down.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    For my part, I conclude that BO is comfortable with muslim theocracies hostile to the West, believing them to be a bulwark against neo-colonialism by the West; by contrast, he is hostile to Western-leaning secular autocracies, believing them to be lackeys of neo-colonialist Western states.

  64. mcnorman- I have given up trying to figure out barack- he did not want to meddle in Iran- why? Not that anything he says or does will turn that crowd into our friends. His bumbling on the Egypt issue right from the beginning has puzzled me. I get a headache if I try to unravel the puzzle of barack- so now I just take whatever he says or does and measure it against my hard won knowledge base and come to the same conclusion- he is a tool. He is only lying when his lips move. He cares nothing for any little people- be they American or Middle Eastern or Martian- it’s all about him. All the time.

  65. Oh- and what the hell is he waiting for now? Germany, Turkey, the Swedes, the Brits- all have weighed in. OOOHHH- I get it- he needs to see what everybody else is saying so he knows what to say.

  66. BO is comfortable with muslim theocracies hostile to the West, believing them to be a bulwark against neo-colonialism by the West; by contrast, he is hostile to Western-leaning secular autocracies, believing them to be lackeys of neo-colonialist Western states.

    I concur NES.

  67. he is a tool

    And a lousy one at that PMM.

  68. PMM, as you say Barack is a narcissist and cares only about himself. But, himself includes his philosophy and worldview. I think dumping Mubarak while playing footsy with the Iranian mullahs serves his worldview. (See my comment a little downthread re a plausible explanation for his differing reactions.) I think we’re all torn by competing impulses: seeing BO as an idiot incompetent vs. seeing him as diabolically calculating, and we often veer toward the former. From time to time, I veer toward the latter. If you disallow for the notion that he’s a mere puppet of other forces, one has to concede that he pulled off a somewhat remarkable feat (taking hold of the levers of power of a country he dislikes). I always think it’s a mistake to underestimate one’s adversary.

  69. I think BO likes his easy comfort zone.

  70. I do think we’re on to something, mcnorman.

  71. I also think that the BO is as reptilian as they come. No underestimation.

  72. NES- true what you say- (and oh yes- I KNOW he is an adversary!) Still- I believe he is a tool- a willing tool- but a tool nonetheless. No way could such an inexperienced, unqualified person with so many anti-American skeletons in his closet have been elected- except as a representative of his puppeteers. He fooled enough people (and continues to do so alas) to get control.
    All that being said- how the hell do we wrest back control? And how SOON can we manage it?

  73. mcnorman- reptilian as in Alien or that tv show “V” (I think that’s what it’s called- I only watched the first episode.)

  74. Reptilian as in cold blooded. Alien reptilian like the first episode also fits. lol

  75. I do think we’re on to something, mcnorman.

    His behavior says it all.

  76. Ban-Ki Moon on the BBC live link- hey the UN finally woke up! Imagine that!
    MSM? MSM? Nope, nothing- talking heads waiting for the leader of the free world to speak.

  77. 2012, Mom, at the ballot box (with PA taking the lead in rejecting four more years of this fakery). In my more optimistic moments I like to think that the majority of the electorate has seen through him — seen that he’s an empty suit, and that he doesn’t get what makes this country tick. He’s shown himself to be somewhat of an alien, unable to comprehend basic things — like, “the business of America is business”; Americans view their country and its role in the world positively; Americans identify. politically and culturally, with the UK/Western Europe more than, say, Indonesia, Iran or other Third World hot spots; and America’s origins and trajectory — as a magnet for aspiring immigrants — make it unique and unlike any other country.

  78. Oh Barack is coming on teevee later. He’s getting his speech ready on TOTUS.

  79. What an utter embarrassment. How can it take this long for Obummer to make his speech? Did he not think that MAYBE this would happen? Didn’t we all think that it was going to happen yesterday?? Didn’t they write his remarks during the hours the world waited yesterday?

    Every idiot reporter on tv and radio can make a speech off the top of their heads and it takes him this long to respond?? He is a complete disaster.

  80. REPTOBO takes after Soros, the guy who helped create instability in the US to put him ehere he is. Neither of has a soul. Both hate the US, but profit enormously from it. What’s wrong with this picture?

  81. What’s wrong with this picture?

    There are still many who can’t see that this is a problem.

  82. Honora- it is an embarrassment- and I am cringing already. They must be working on yet ANOTHER “most historical speech evah!” The other world leaders have given very brief congratulatory and supportive statements. And really, imo, at this point that is all that is necessary.
    Maybe TOTUS is in rebellion?

  83. His speech must have the transformative moments visualizations PMM, and you know that takes type of speech takes atleast a few kegs and many hours of preparation.

  84. His speech must have the transformative moments and visualizations PMM. You know that type of speech takes atleast a few kegs and many hours of preparation.

  85. CNN just announced that o will “address the nation- and indeed- the world” ( I SWEAR to you that’s what the cnn guy said) at 3 pm. Gotta give all the world time to reset their schedules so we don’t miss it? {BARF}

  86. OMG ROFLMAO! He is timing his speech for 11pm Cairo time! Do they have 11pm nightly news on Egyptian tv?

  87. His handlers have to decide if they want the ‘greying’ authoritave Obummer or the ‘black’ young Obummer.

  88. Hilarious, Honora!

  89. I prefer that obama keep his piehole closed. I sure hope he does not choose to quote Bush at this time. “Mission Accomplished.”

  90. Love eggs. Back in the 90’s I read a book that said that egg consumption had gone waaay down since the 50’s, but heart disease had gone way up. Eggs have good fats in the yolk, good for your brain, heart and making hormones.

  91. His handlers have to decide if they want the ‘greying’ authoritave Obummer or the ‘black’ young Obummer.

    Maybe there is an online poll somewhere?

  92. A young Egyptian is live on Fox saying they love the American people- but NOT the American system. Does he mean our system of govt or our govt?

    OT- what is the best way to clean finger and paw prints from the laptop screen?

  93. Mcnorman- thanks again for that BBC live link- fascinating- here are a few comments
    1927: The BBC’s Katie Connolly at the White House says: “On big international stories like this, the intramural politics of the administration are always compelling. The state department has cancelled its press briefing for the second day in a row, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been noticeably quiet this week. The implication is clear: the White House is squarely in control of the message on Egypt, and they want communication discipline. They can’t risk muddied waters on an issue as delicate as this. Mr Obama is both the messenger, and the message.””

    1850: The BBC’s Matt Frei in Washington says the repercussions now also depend on what the US administration says to the Israelis, hunkering down nervously, and a host of Arab princes, emirs and presidents, who will be nervously twitching their embroidered curtains to see what’s happening on the Arab Street. Suffice it to say, it is time for President Obama to earn his Nobel Peace Prize.

    ROFLMAO! Earn his Nobel! HAHAHAHA! Are they suggesting he actually- gasp- WORK?

  94. Turn your machine off. Use dampened (water) soft cloth. Try not to use one that leaves a lot of lint.

  95. Ahhhh, the real reason POTUS hasn’t set his mug on the teevee:

    The BBC’s Katie Connolly says the White House has explained that President Obama’s statement was delayed earlier this afternoon because he was in the Situation Room with his national security advisers.

  96. Thanks mcn- I still have a few old cloth diapers around for cleaning. (For any youngsters out there- cloth diapers are what we used before Pampers. Had to dunk them in the toilet to remove the poop and then plop them in a device called a diaper pail to await washing, hanging on the line to dry and- brace yourselves- folding for re-use!)

  97. Obama will probably ask that loser Jimmy Carter for some advice since he has such profound experience at sitting on his ass and watching Iran become a state of nuke-crazy, woman-killing Mullahs and Sharia killers led by a psychopathic crackpot.

    It’s just so great to know that Obama has shut up the only experienced cabinet member he has with any sense, and he’s “taking over”. It’s good to know he wants to fuck America all by himself.

  98. Mcnorman– every other president of these United States has been able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

  99. Honora, we know that he can’t because he is an alien.

  100. “Mr Obama is both the messenger, and the message.”

    So the message is an empty bottle floating around, pulled bu the tides? And the messenger? I would lock the door and turn off the lights and pretend I wasn’t home.

  101. It’s also good to know that the same cardboard cutout humping, history and knowledge-impaired fuckwad that wrote his other fizzling speeches, including his WTF moment and the funeral T-shirit celebration —has now loaded his teleprompter again today so he can come up with another infantile buzz-phrase. I’m afraid to listen.

  102. This is a turning point for not just Egypt, but for the USA, and the entire middle east, and perhaps the WORLD. This could mean peace or war. And we have a limp-assed unrespected cartoon for a President who told Egypt they have the right to wear the hijab.

  103. I wonder if there will be tee shirts for the press room?

  104. Am I the designated watcher again?????? (And this is gibbs last day I hear?- maybe the speech is late cuz they are all hoisting and toking in his honor?)

  105. Oh God, what a freaking Yawn this manchild is. He has absolutely NO feeling or expression whatsoever. Another flatline speech.

  106. This ain’t no Mr. Gorbechov, tear down that wall moment. God help us with the pissant borderline Marxists Obama surrounds himself with. His Bill Ayers is probably already on the ground.

  107. Obama has developed a new irritating speech tic, he is smacking his lips between sentences. Where is our body language expert – that probably means he’s lying, right?

  108. did he actually say anything?

  109. BCL- nope- does he ever actually say anything? Nope- if anything that is his hallmark- never say anything you can’t walk back, never commit- vote Present!
    Uppity said- “Another flatline speech.” DING DING DING! You win again.
    Honestly now- is there something wrong with me? Because I have never, not once, been impressed by any of his speeches. When he speaks I hear a gigantic alarm bell screaming “LIAR! CON MAN! RUN RUN!”

  110. Did anybody else notice he once again was telling Egypt what “must” be done? Get over it already barack- it just angers other countries when you dictate.

  111. BCL, he’s smacking his lips? Don’t mind me, I don’t watch him, however I have extensive experience with my brother’s drug problems. I’m not postulating that Obama has a drug problem at all, it is probably a nervous trait. My brother smacked his lips incessantly, and it’s very irritating and distracting – the doctor told me it was because of his problem and the lack of hydration. .

  112. Aha, knew it — he pushed Hill aside.

  113. He’s speaking again now at the WH press briefing that will be Gibbs last one. He’s doing his toastmaster joke – still smacking his lips. This is new.

  114. Chile has had another large EQ. 7.0

  115. LISTENING to Obama from the other room. Too many ugh’s as usual.

  116. …and Obama referred to himself as “The Gipper”


  117. Every time I hear Obama (or any other public figure) stumbling through a speech with uhms and ahs I thank God again for my fourth grade teacher- Mrs. Murphy. We had to memorize and recite in her class. A verse or two of a poem, a part of a speech by a famous person- things like that. No Uhms or Ahs allowed. She would stop you and make you begin again. Make eye contact- (not head bobbing) no fidgeting or shuffling our feet.
    Thank you Mrs. Murphy. We need more like you!

  118. Well said on the “messenger” and the “message,” Mom.
    It’s all part of Bam’s b.s. messianic complex.
    [Filmography footnote: There was a well-distributed movie about Islam and its prophet that came out some decades ago. You guessed it…it was called “The Message.”]

  119. Infantile really captures his messaging, from ’07 on.

  120. Did he hiss a lot?

  121. I’ve never been impressed either, Mom.

  122. Oh- and re: Mrs. Murphy- no teleprompters or note cards allowed either!
    FF- I spit my juice when he said that gipper thing! Cheese and rice! WTF? Is he channeling Raygun?
    NES- Messianic complex- yup yup. Creepy.

  123. Said Bammy to Mrs. Murphy’s class right away!!!!!

  124. OMG, say it ain’t true on “the Gipper” part….?!!!
    He bears as much resemblance to Reagan as Mubarak does to George Washington.

  125. Sorry NES- It was ridiculous. He spent five minutes on some sappy story about everybody hating his tie at the convention (I think that was the event- my ears were pluggin up and eyes glazing over) and Gibbs “Took one for the Gipper” and gave Obama his tie. The faux pres actually had the friggin tie FRAMED with photos and gave it to Gibbs. Look I am not a big Gibbs fan- but I surely hope that was not his going away gift. How tacky! “Thanks, see yah, oh and by the way here’s the tie I borrowed all those years ago. I framed it with some photos of me. K Thx Bai”

  126. Mom, we definitely grew up in the same era. I thank Miss Emery and Miss Nicholson and Miss Rose – that’s 3, 4 and 5th grade. I can still remember reciting Sea Fever – I must go down the the sea again, to the starry sea and the sky. We had to read multiple poems and recite them – and then debate their meaning. Same in High school – Shakespeare – recite Hamlet’s monologue and then debate the meaning. It was a pain in the bum at the time, but today, I recognize what they were doing. They were unlocking the thinking skills that are inherent in every child. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be happening today with most teachers.

  127. Thank God that all the Egyptians are still in the streets and missed O’s speech. Of course, they didn’t miss much.

  128. HT! High School- “The Quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven upon the place beneath……”

    Yes, thinking skills, public speaking, self awareness (not esteem). Memorization is a skill children no longer learn. It always came easy to me which is god- because our music teachers allowed no scores in concert- you memorized it and then you sang it. Without sound systems. lol PROJECT!

  129. oops “good” not “god”

    Honora- rofl! Nope- they didn’t miss much at all!

  130. ….it is twice blessed. It blesseth he who giveth and he who receives…..

  131. Yes Honora, another empty speech of platitudes and name dropping.

  132. Yes he hissed NES. What do you expect from a creature who has a reptilian scale down his back?

  133. FF I think he meant to say the “Jipper”.

  134. NES he did push her aside. He wants the glory, but as we all know, he will fuck it up and then he will give it to Hillary.

  135. Mom, whenever he tells America what “Must” be done we ignore him. So why shouldn’t anybody elese?

    He changes his mind every other day anyhow.

  136. Obama’s Mirror Image, S**** P*****, who does nothing for America but show up at paid speeches, is weighing in from her armchair.

  137. Read the story, Uppity. LOL!

    And even the scientists had to admit to reporters that they don’t know if their creation is flavorsome, because laboratory regulations forbid them from tasting anything they create.

    Now why do you think that is? Go ahead, take a shot in the dark.

  138. ‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
    The throned monarch better than his crown;
    His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
    The attribute to awe and majesty,
    Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;….

  139. Thank God that all the Egyptians are still in the streets and missed O’s speech.

    Ah, ye of little faith, Honora. He’ll just send each of the demonstrators an iPod with his speech on it. (Of course, the iPod will have a charger that’s non-compatible with the voltage and electrical outlets extant in Egypt.)

  140. Wow, PMM, I’m gobsmaked on that Gipper tie story. Can these guys ever get out of their play den.

  141. Now then, pay attention ladies. Here’s what the the Koran has to say about womens’ status:

    “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to
    excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the
    support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret
    that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion,
    admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then, if
    they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High
    Exalted, Great.” (sura 4:34, Pickthall translation)

    Remember this whenever you read a POS article like this one, soft-pedaling the idea of the MB governing Egypt:
    An excerpt:
    “We want to set the record straight that any Middle East policy
    decisions made in Washington are based on facts and not the shameful –
    and racist – agendas of Islamaphobes. Contrary to fear-mongering
    reports, the West and the Muslim Brotherhood are not enemies.”

  142. Uppity, this post is hilarious. PMM, I so remember those “incredible edible egg” commercials.

    I read a book a while ago about food and what’s wrong with our nutrition guidelines in America. At the top of the list was the food pyramid, which was, in fact, dictated by the corn and wheat industries. The actual recommendations the government came up with were completely opposite to what the food pyramid recommends, but the people on the committee that released the recommendations were bought off by the food industry.

    The book had a lot of fun with the idea that you can isolate vitamins and minerals from foods occurring in nature, and inject them into stuff like Count Chocula. No, Count Chocula is not good for you, I don’t care HOW many grains they tell me it has. 😀

  143. I wonder if heads on the right are exploding because obama seemingly referred ro himself as the Gipper and during the week when the right is celebrating the 100th anniversary of their Gipper.

    I enjoyed watching obama’s send off for Gibbs. He really only talked about himself and Gibb’s tie. What a guy!!

  144. Mom, you slay me, and you too Uppity and NES.
    Another one I had to memorize:
    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattererd visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozimandius, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

    Remind you of anyone. As far as “Project” is concerned, in Grade 9 I had the best teacher ever – Barry Goss. He was in charge of music, and I was in his home room – and I was fortunate beyond belief. That man gave so many of his students the ability to believe in themselves and go on to seek fame and fortune – one of us went on to become the premier classical guitarist in the world – Leona Boyd. One went on to become a conductor of a world class orchestra, one became a first flautist. He even managed to get me to sing in public, and believe me, that was a huge undertaking – it took four years, and I don’t mind saying that I was very good. Other students went on to sing Opera at La Scala, perform with major orchestras throughout the world. When he died, the church was filled and overflowed into the street. I loved that man. Today, 40 years later, I still love that man. I wish my children had the opportunity to meet him.

  145. Sec Clinton has been transcending assbackward wan-a-be faux leaders and domestic and foreign policy screwups for a great deal of her public service life. She knows that this will embolden Anti-Israel extremists – who rarely “demonstrate” an ounce of concern for real, equality-oriented “human rights” themselves. (If not equal rights for women, then for whom?)

    I, for one, am glad that HRC is not taking an administrative, out-in-front position on Egypt.

    She doesn’t “need” any credit for asserting her unwavering position on human rights nor deserves to be too closely associated with Obama’s hypocrisy when spewing phrases like “a historical moment” and “a democracy in the making.”

  146. Hugo – Wait till the real inheritor of the Raygun mantle, SP, hears about Obama stealing her thunder. OMG! The Alaskan Pit Bull will be ragin’!

  147. Well hey madamab, she stole the word “feminism” so why can’t he steal the re-animated corpse of Ronnie?

  148. NES: There is an uproar going on for several weeks in a Texas School District for asking for and receiving a 1.3 million Federal Grant to make a foreign language study class mandatory for middle school kids at two schools. A couple of other schools will make the classes optional.

    What language? Wait for it… Arabic

    Mandatory Arabic language classes coming to Texas school district

    (I think it’s now been put on hold)

  149. madamab and Uppity, LOL. I love these two fighting over who gets to be Reagan. Poor obama thought he was JFK, but now he could be the Gipper. That man has more identity problems than Sybil.

    TheHerlocaust, I agree with your last paragraph about Hillary. She does not need credit. She’s usy trying to get the jjob done. Just love her!!

  150. Uppity – But SP didn’t steal “feminism” from Barry. Barry wouldn’t know a feminist if one pinned an ERA button to his forehead! No, it is NOT COOL that a “Democrat” (and I use the term loosely) has stolen St. Ronnie from the True Believers. Heads are gonna roll!

    I’m sure the reason Hillary hasn’t said anything about that press conference is because of that Gipper remark. She is probably still in the bathroom throwing up the last bit of her egg salad sandwich.

  151. Astounding, Herlo. In Texas, of all places!

  152. Hugo, my President is Hillary Rodham Clinton. He was presidential “history” in my book before he even put his hand on… the first book.

  153. Ah herlo, if only, if only.

  154. HT: It’s my daytime reality and I’m sticking to it. Seriously. I couldn’t take the nightmare any other way.

  155. I agree, Herlo. Hillary is the real leader in this.

  156. NES: I think “foreign language studies are an asset.

    It’s the “Mandatory Arabic” – without informing the parents – with all that is going on in the world – that shook everyone up, it seems.

    Things are changing so fast, people are worried about what the future holds for their children. It’s understandable.

  157. Her, you are not getting it…they said that Arabic is THE language of the future. Somehow, I think it’s over reaching. The second language here is English. First is Spanish.

  158. Have a good evening.

  159. Oh, you’re right McNorman. Guess I’m trying too hard not to sound “racist”.

    It was another WTF moment for me too – having lived here all of my life.

  160. Totally agree on the foreign language bit, Herlo. But, the kids should be learning Mandarin — the Chinese are slowly, but surely, taking over the world and, thank god, they’re not religious (at least not in the traditional, monotheistic sense). Seriously, though, the kids/their parents should be able to choose, within reason, which second language to learn.

  161. I remember when language was mandatory and YOU got to pick which one.

    I suggest you all learn Mandarin not Arabic. The arabs produce rugs, tahini and oil. The chinese produce everything else, including the jobs. Obama has his daughter learning it, I wonder why.

  162. The LSM is crediting Obama with the fall of Mubarak. I’m sure all the 300-plus Egyptians who died in this unrest, all those who were injured, and all those camping on the streets will be glad to hear that. “Obama of Egypt, all hail!” I’m so embarassed by all the closet homosexuals in our LSM; the girly crushes on Bam are unbearable.

  163. madamab, no she stole it from all the women before her who got the scars and made it possible for her to parade around the country as a potential candidate for…. something.

  164. No no no Hugo. He was Lincoln. THEN he was FDR. THEN he was JFK

  165. Come to think of it, our students can’t even learn English. How the H are they gonna learn Arabic?

  166. Actually, the language that should be introduced is Chinese – mandarin and cantonese. Arabs are the font on terrorism. Chinese are the folds who own all the debt of the U.S. and Western world. The Chinese put up with the terrorism right now because it doesn’t affect them, but it will some day soon and then watch out as they anihilate the terrorists.

  167. If the fall of Mubarak leads to something much worse, I’m more that willing to give obama full credit. Seriously, this worries me that our alleged POTUS is being credited with bringing down an ally. At least when Bush toppled Saddam, we were not allies.

  168. I have to wonder how much money Soros has paid to the media to promote/kiss the little guy to the public. Decided to call him the little guy because of his constant need to claim credit for other people’s achievements and world events.

    Really like coming to this site, reading the threads and comments.

  169. BTW – love eggs and Eggland eggs are fantastic.

  170. McNorman – “Oh” meaning – didn’t want to not answer your comment before I signed off.

    NES: It’s just all a whole lot of change going and people feel they are being “moved” in a direction that is so unknown.

    People are “afraid”. It’s hard not to be, considering the Middle East has been nothing but a bloodbath over “sect” control? It seems like “a way of life.”

    Ok. gotta go for real.

  171. The arabs produce rugs, tahini and oil. The chinese produce everything else, including the jobs.

    So true. No one says it like Uppity.

  172. Come to think of it, our students can’t even learn English. How the H are they gonna learn Arabic?

    Masters of neither. Actually, bilingual education has failed miserably.

  173. Mcnorman, actually, that is not totally true. Up here, we learn english and french – our two founding nations.I’m not saying that it takes across the whole nation (our country is a bit larger than yours) yet in the east, most folks have rudimentary skills in whatever. I spent years learning french. The problem was not in the learning, but in the inability to practice it on a daily basis. We have french school here, and the children are fully bilangue, because the practice it every day. Those kids are our future politicians.

  174. BTW, bilangue means bilingual. I slip sometimes, forgive me.

  175. Haven’t seen those pics of the JFK pretender before. He truly does try to ride the coattails of our heroic figures. Wonder why he doesn’t try to be LBJ too. He has the ears for that job.

  176. Hugo, although LBJ did many notable things and was a good president, he wasn’t famous. Get with the program, the current occupant of the Oval office wants to be connected to the “famous” guys. He has no interest in whether they were good legislators at all. He just wants to be “famous”.Actually it appears that he has no interest at all in creating his own independent legacy by acting responsibly and taking control, and doing other stuff that is icky, like blocking legislation that makes women slaves – he just needs to be loved.

  177. I recall when eggs were considered a near perfect food because they contain not just protein and some vitamins and minerals but amino acids that serve as the building blocks for everything we need to thrive.

    Egglands do taste better. They make me think of the eggs we used to get when we had milk delivery direct from the dairy farm.

    I missed that O was even giving a speech. Perhaps its because I work in VA and they were all a twitter these last couple days because Webb is not going to run for re-election in 2012.

    O’s speeches seem to be reaching new heights in the have “not bothered to buy a clue” level of embarrassing mixed in with his ever present air of superiority.

  178. HT, I was referring to the US and the bilingual program in place. I actually know some individuals that wrote the books in the eighties. It was ALL about money for them. I’ve had many students who were French Canadian and Germans. They knew how to do both. I had one student who asked why I would not teach the class in Spanish. The course was taught in French, and they still demanded Spanish.
    We have a large military base here. If the spouses or children wish to work at the local malls, they are turned down if they don’t speak Spanish because my town caters to the colonization mentality. It’s gross. I went to the Board of Trustees one day and explained to them how they failed kids. I pointed to the SAT and ACT exams and asked which language they were in. No response, they were left speechless.

  179. LOL Hugo he has LBJ’s Beagle’s ears.

  180. McNorman that reminds me of the old cheech and chong song, Mexican Americans go to night school, take spanish and get a B.

  181. ROFL UW, I forgot about that song.

    If Cheech and Chong wrote about it twenty years ago, it has gotten worse. It is a sad state of affairs.

  182. mcnorman, whatamess. I have 20 years of french, but I don’t use it, so I’ve lost most of it, which is really distressing cause my favorite chanteuse –
    Ginette Reno only sings in French. C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?

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