Women of Egypt – Then and Now

This bears recording–loudly.

I have read some accounts about how half of those protesters in Egypt were women, and at the same time I couldn’t find more than one or two of them  in press photos, not even with a microscope. At the same time, we have just learned that CBS correspondent, Lara Logan, was sexually assaulted and beaten at the hands of those warm, cuddly protesters in Egypt. That kind of makes me comprehend why we couldn’t find very many women in that crowd, don’t you think? I wonder if our President will say anything about this? Ah, nevermind. We know where he’s coming from and it has little to do with the safety or rights of women. Anybody who thinks otherwise is still  chewing on the residual  crunchy sugary bits that have settled at the bottom of the kool-aid jug.

Phyllis Chesler, who happens to be a real feminist in the true sense, without all this moose poop you hear from appropriators from both The Seriously Blind/Complacent Left Wing Movement and the Right Wing Pretend Movement. Phyllis Chesler knows when women are being rolled and she’s not afraid to say it no  matter which camp it comes from. (I’ve seen her take on both Naomi Wolf and Megan Fox, how’s that for objective?). This  “unacceptable” obsession with truth, coupled with a lack of Political Correctness, is why she was run out of the feminist movement–and we are left with people who actually had the audacity to feature Barack Obama on the cover of a magazine, declaring “This is what a feminist looks like,” while they now watch him work as the Enabler of two  anti-women parties to deliver a nightmare and whittle away at their rights. How’s that working out for you, girlz?

This is also why we are left with two extremist camps calling themselves “feminists,”  both fighting over and sullying the definition with their actions, while neither of them is doing very much to help women at all — unless you include helping women regress.  One left-wing camp chooses to ignore  or only protests lamely against everything that’s happening around them if it comes from phony “progressive”  Democrats. An honor killing a week could happen in the USA and they would barely notice. The other “newer” version of “feminism” comes from the right-wing camp that thinks women should return to the 1950s as swiftly as possible preferably taking the spawns of rapists with them while they make “lemonade”.  Ironically, both of these camps have their banners carried by plenty of women who are reaping the benefits of the fights the Phyllis Chesler’s of this world engaged in, and they don’t have a whit of gratitude for the fact that, without the Second Wave, none of them would be in any leadership role of any kind today,  or ever.

But I  have digressed. I can do that. It’s my blog.

The real point is, if either of these two factions cared about women, they wouldn’t be cheering for Egypt without also paying attention to Egypt’s women. We certainly can’t expect concern from the left or right-wing nutroots. They couldn’t care less about women right here in the USA, except for ways in which they can either control or degrade them. But USA women should care, because almost daily, CAIR, or someone like them, is lobbying for an “assimilation” of Sharia Law into America. If you think this is not a threat to the human rights and safety of women, then I can grow pineapples in the Adirondacks.

Last year, Phyllis posted a pictorial at that God awful Pajamas Media, a website I will boycott till the day I die for removing Phyllis’ column from their otherwise batshit crazy lineup. Her time-lapse pictorial showed graduating classes from Cairo University from 1959 through 2004. Fortunately, my favorite blog ferret, PM Mom, found the very same photos at Phyllis’ own website–and then some. Please take the time to read her entry entitled  Am I The Only One Troubled By Cairo Street Scenes? — right after you hurl over photos below.

Behold what has happened to women in Egypt since 1959. Let me know what you see and whether you think anybody should bother being concerned for the rights of women in Cairo during this time of “Revolution”.

Cairo University,Class of 1959

Cairo University, Class of 1978

Cairo University, Class of 1995

Cairo University, Class of 2004

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  1. God Bless Phyllis Chesler!

  2. Those photos are shocking. I hadn’t seen them before.

  3. What Mom said. Phyllis Chesler rules! Couldn’t agree with her (and UW) more.

  4. Couldn’t help thinking when I looked at those earlier pics from 59 and 78- how modern and cosmopolitan the students look – could be any University.
    And to draw out the comparison- the women in the later pics look like they are regressing. And if we look at pics of US students- we will see the same- just in a different dimension. Think not? Is not posing for pics half naked not turning those girls into objects just as much as the veil?

  5. Looking at those photos was a shock, although I’ve known that it’s been happening since the overthrow of the Shah in Iran. It makes one wonder why Darwin never examined devolution in addition to evolution, because today, for women around the world are in a devolutionary spiral – it started slowly around the beginning of 1980 and has picked up speed since 2000 and today, it’s careening at ever increasing speeds which make me ill. Our children don’t even recognize what is happening. Margaret Atwood was prescient – a Handmaid’s Tale was published in 1985..

  6. True, Mom, educated women in the ME used to look very cosmopolitan before the growth of Islamization. The cosmopolitanism was a lovely byproduct of European colonialism. The Brits were the most benevolent colonialists and their rule had many, many beneficient side-effects, like, a good solid English education, railways, modernization, and freedom for women. The French colonialists weren’t too bad either; see, e.g., pictures of Beirut/Lebanon before the civil wars started — not without justification was Beirut called “The Paris of the East.” Now it’s the Hell of Hezbollah. So much for progress!

  7. A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s shocking to see a country degenerate. And the MB annoncd its intention to seek political party status and its vision for the future of Egypt.

    The Brotherhood “envisions the establishment of a democratic, civil state that draws on universal measures of freedom and justice, with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of colour, creed, political trend or religion,” it said in the statement.


  8. NES- it is sad and frightening. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  9. Following up on Hugo’s comment at 9:45 pm — Note that the Brotherhood’s statement said nothing about sex or gender. Oh well, at least they’re honest.
    “[C]entral Islamic values” have as much to do with “freedom and juistice” as Bawaaaak has to do with feminism.

  10. Hugo, I wonder why the MB aren’t being honest – when they talk about freedom and justice – they mean for MEN. No freedom and justice for Women, who comprise over 50% of any country’s population. Thank goodness we have men like you who recognize that the elevation of women to equality means the elevation of a society to prosperity.

  11. HT, they are being honest. Their statement doesn’t say “regardless of” “gender”… from that you may infer the obvious.

  12. NES- this is what stood out to me in their statement
    “with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of colour, creed, political trend or religion”

    central Islamic values huh? That to me screams slavery for women.

    Wish I could hang out- but it’s time for the nightly pill. Damn I miss all the fun!

  13. NES, mia culpa, I tend to think in gender neutral terms, so I missed the inference that because women are slaves, they should not be considered to be human. Thanks for pointing that out. It’s little things like that which have lead to the soup of misogyny that has permeated throughout society on all continents. Jeebus, I’m depressing myself, so forgive my spreading it around.

  14. The term, “centrl Islamic values,” is all we need to hear. the rest of that statement is a poor atempt at propaganda. Guess they don’t realize that much of the world has their number already.

  15. Update on the home front – gruesome daughter with requisite son in law (why do people get married these days?) arrived home and are staying for a “few days”. Hmmmm. I now have a home with 2 cats, I devil (Zeke), two Jack Russell terriers (all hers) and Milly (mine). I love my kids, I really do, I love my kids, I really do, I love my kids – shit, Milly is fighting with their JR female. Gotta go referee.

  16. A M E R I C A

    on my knees. weeping.

    creeping sharia. chemtrails. dirty stuff.

    ~ Valentine smooches to all my loved ones here.

    xo ~

  17. Yes, HT, tis true that I often think of Pithacanthropus Erectus when I think of the ME theocracy.

  18. Papoose, where have you been? It’s been ages. Good to see ya. Now if only Joey would check in.

  19. Smooches Papoose!
    Great to see you — visit us more often, will ya.

  20. True, Mom, educated women in the ME used to look very cosmopolitan before the growth of Islamization. The cosmopolitanism was a lovely byproduct of European colonialism. The Brits were the most benevolent colonialists and their rule had many, many beneficient side-effects, like, a good solid English education, railways, modernization, and freedom for women. The French colonialists weren’t too bad either; see, e.g., pictures of Beirut/Lebanon before the civil wars started — not without justification was Beirut called “The Paris of the East.” Now it’s the Hell of Hezbollah. So much for progress!

    Having been a child in Pak, this must truly break your heart, NES.

  21. Blech…”Erectus” in that context is as true as it’s scary.

  22. Loving you. You know that.

    T R A N S I T I O N

    a g a i n.

    kisses, hugs, my real friends.

  23. Nite Mom, take care of yourself. You’ll get to see the mess we made when you read the forum in the morning.

    I really appreciate all the help you give me.

  24. Metaphorically, yes, Upps. But that country makes one too jaded, too early on, to have a (political) heart to be broken.

  25. “Regardless of gender”
    This is onlly one gender to these freaks. Then there are goats and then there are the things in the black trash bags.

  26. Hi NES! xo

    My Ankh, I never leave home without it.

    fromwhence we came in About:

    Vicki Leon and tough broads of up yore s



  27. “Then there are the goats….”
    Fell off my subway seat laughing. Humor is indispensable, and instructive.

  28. Nes: Heh. And it’s the truth.

  29. The discussion about Vicki Leon on the About page is fresh in my mind, Papoose.

  30. Ankh! I got a pretty penny for one on Ebay. Was that you, Papoose?

  31. I hasten to ask: what’s an “Ankh”?

  32. Ankh if you love Auntie Upps.

    White Roses coming St.Paddy’s. Day for you. I’ll be wearing the hounds tooth burqa with chichill collar and cuffs. I smoke so I might get a citizen arrest. its all good.

    Ankh! Ankh! !!!

    yes, Uppity Women
    have always been the answer.

    smiling at you.

  33. Hey NES, you can read all of the ABOUT folder along with the two GOOFING AROUND (1 and 2) folders in the PAGES section. They are marked PRIVATE so they can’t be accessed any longer. They are a REAL trip down memory lane.

    Big deal in the hippie days. We all had one.

  34. Just for fun, and because I loved The Seekers – Georgy Girl. Some of us remember that movie – heartrending yet uplifting

  35. I really wasn’t kidding, NES.

    The Ankh ~ its a woman holding the key. Its sooo very beautiful. I wear it in place of my scapular.


    its a beautiful thing.

  36. Aha, the Cleopatra symbol!

    Papoose, I’d pay serious dough to see you in a houndstooth burkha. What an image!

  37. Crap, I know Mom has gone to bed, but where is Lorac, socal, karen and the rest of the late night revelers? I stay awake one night to play, and even NES absents herself. Is it me? Am I using the wrong deordorant? Ah shucks, if everyone else has gone to bed, I’m heading there too.
    Could someone announce the next late night revelry so I can join in?

  38. this takes a few seconds.


    h/t Valentine HT

    i remember. I think she came before Mrs. Robinson and Klepto Jane Fonda, and Myra Breckenridge.

    Ryan’s Daughter was more my speed.

  39. NES go here.

  40. Papoose, I’d pay serious dough to see you in a houndstooth burkha. What an image!

    its a beautiful thing, navy blue knee socks and ruby slipppers. my designer sunglasses and Burts bee wax for my supple lips.

  41. Ah Papoose, we have missed you. I relate to that clip because in my misspent youth I tried, I really tried to be what the media told me I should be like. It didn’t take, but it took me till my late thirties to finally figure out that I had to be me. Now, I’m happy, but it was a long and difficult road. I suspect that most women have the same experience. Funny thing – I was really a beautiful woman – just different, because I expected to be treated as a Person, not just a body. Ah memories – few of them good. Today, I don’t give a good gosh darn what anyone thinks of me, and that includes my beloved gruesome twosome. I am ME.

  42. oh and HT, I had my day, too. shame REO Speedwagon came along and mess it all up.

    just kidding.

    people used to take me for Billy Idol. no kidding.

  43. LOL, I never listened to REO or Billy Idol. I was more into obscure music – classical, opera and such – but I did love Glen Yarborough – every year on my birthday I put on his album with “Happy Birthday to Me” on it. And I adored Paul Williams – singing his own music, Phoebe Snow , Melissa Manchester, Edith Piaf, Francoise Hardy, Melina Mercouri, Mireille Mathieu, Miriam Makeba, Nana Mouskourri – notice a trend here? Strong women all, with great voices and the grit and determination that we should all emulate – well with the exception of Piaf – she screwed up her entire life. Strong women – I meet them every day here, and for that, Uppity, I thank you.

  44. P.S. I don’t for one moment believe that you were a Billy Idol lookalike. Just took a look at his image on the web. No, will not believe it.
    I didn’t look like anyone famous – but I was slender, well built and had a very comely face. I’m still slender, still well built (with the exception of my rear end – never had one, never will and try finding jeans that fit when you don’t have a bum) and my face reflects all the years that I’ve lived, and I don’t regret any of them. Mind you, I don’t look in a mirror too often because I haven’t used cosmetics since I was in my early thirties, however I’m told I look much younger than my age.

  45. HT

    you are so on time, all the time,

  46. …..sscccrrrreeeeeeccccchhhhh…….

    (that’s me trying to catch up!)

    (I got held up, skyping with a half-Italian NoCal attorney…. lol)

  47. with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of colour, creed, political trend or religion

    Hmmmm….. something seems to be missing…. oh, what could it be?

  48. Oh, my goodness. I have the day from hell, get home late, screeeeeeeech to get caught up on the threads, and I make it to the finish line, and every one has gone home!

    That Ankh symbol – that’s the woman’s symbol – it said symbol of life – but that’s the symbol we used during the women’s movement – but of course, SOME of us linked two together to mean a little something more! lol

  49. I mean, it’s only 9:30 pm HERE!!!! :mrgreen:

  50. from comments elsewhere:

    Draconian! People will be starving in the streets! The budget deficit (and proposed cuts) explained as Jack Daniels shots:

  51. We heard a few days ago that BO was pissed that someone had leaked the text to his SOTU STFU speech.

    I’ve realized why he was upset. The leak meant that other people got to read the words before he first saw them on the teleprompter!

  52. Hilarious lorac.

    PS — The half-dego NoCal lawyer is in my, um, nest and denies syping today.

  53. HT gave us everything but her vital stats. Now, in a bit of shameless upsmanship, lorac’s going to want to post her naked pics.

  54. lol well of course she would deny it to YOU! She’s probably got the computer shoved under the mattress when she heard you get home from your subway ride! lol

    Anyway, I’ll send her HT’s naked pic and tell her it’s me, and THEN she’ll skype with me for sure – in your NEST!

    (Hey, *I* want a nest!!!!!)

    and anyway, WHAT were you doing dumpster diving, going through the trash??? It appeared on the blog, so spammy didn’t get it. Maybe Bill whisked it off to the trash lol Now it’s in there with all those ucky spam ads for viagra and such…..

  55. (sigh) that nest sounds so warm and comfy….

  56. over at John Smart:

    Barack Obama, Republican President
    Posted on February 15, 2011 by JWS
    By Ducksoup.

    So far, Obama has had the following “bright ideas” and has proposed them to Congress:

    (1) Obama proposed (and Congress passed) a $112 Billion REDUCTION in revenues coming into the Social Security trust fund for this year; that is a cut of 30% in workers’ contributions to the Fund. I think we can be pretty sure this $112 Billion annual cut in Social Security taxes will be made permanent with the full agreement of Obama. It won’t take long, at that rate, for Social Security to drain its fund (and current surplus) and go out of business.

    (2) Obama has proposed a 50% REDUCTION in federal aid to the program that helps poor people pay heating bills for their homes

    (3) Obama is proposing that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go out of business, which will make it harder — if not impossible — for lower-income and middle-income people to buy their homes instead of paying endless rents

    (4) Obama is proposing that the interest homeowners pay for their mortgages NO longer be fully deductible on their income taxes. In the early years of any mortgage, the bulk of the monthly mortgage payment goes to pay the interest on the mortgage; having that great sum be deductible has made it possible for people to buy homes and not default on their mortgages when finances are tight (as they often are when new homeowners are just starting out).

    The result of Obama’s “bright” ideas, numbers (3) and (4), will be to make it harder for current homeowners to SELL their homes, will DEFLATE the value of their homes, will cause more people to default on their mortgages, and will create a situation where communities will take in LESS in the way of property taxes because of the number of vacant, abandoned homes that will become liabilities.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    And Obama is doing all of this cutting less than two months after signing into law tax CUTS for the wealthiest Americans.

    The Republicans have the EXACT right Democrat in the White House for their evil purposes. Obama is: (1) helping the Republicans realize their decades-long goal of destroying the Social Security program, (2) proposing policies that will create an even wider division between the “haves” and “have-nots” in America, and (3)proposing policies that will create a sub-class of Americans that the top one percent of Americans will be able to reduce to economic slavery.

  57. The ever truthful speaker, Pat Condell, on multiculturalism:


  58. Pat Condell on American islamphobia


  59. That second pengy in the header looks like a baby… hey, wait a damn minute, it’s Bill. Waiter, more coffee at table one please.

    Those pengys would be happy in my front yard. Although it is supposedly warmer this week I still have a hell of a lot of ice and snow and no sign of green of brown ground any where in this region. Poor deer, it has been like this for months and they must be sick from eating nothing but tree bark.

    There are a dozen squirrels under my bird feeders.

  60. Darn, I go to bed and lorac comes out to play. Not fair! And BTW lorac, no naked pictures of moi anywhere – I was a shy girl.

  61. Good Morning! the sun is out and it is supposed to get up into the 40’s today!
    Have no fear Karen- the deer have lots to eat out there- even in the dead of winter- there are lots of yummy buds on the trees and shrubs- and they will find acorns and such in the woods where the snow is not as deep.
    I have started already looking for bud swell and soon- please soon- my snowdrops will poke up from beneath their white blanket and remind me that someday spring will come! (I love the snowdrops- they bloom when we most need the reminder that life goes on beneath the sterile white death,)

  62. Protests spread to Libya, Saudi’s stock index slides. Yemen on day 6

  63. When people come out against the madman in Libya we are in a world of shit- if the Libyans can protest- are the Saudis far behind?
    More protests in Iran. And the Bahraini (sp?) people are camping out I hear.
    It is chilling to think this may be the run up to WWIII

  64. An interesting thing about those photos is that the percentage of women in the photos keeps going up. The last one has to be at least 2/3s women, if not more. Why is that, are the men going abroad to study? Or are women just going to college in ever increasing numbers, like here?

    Great new header FF!

  66. HMMM- if the penguins are back can the peeps be far behind?

  67. Oh no, not the peeps!

  68. Easter Penguins?

    Fundamentalist Christian men look at what Muslim men do to women with envy. The sad fact is a good number of Christian and Muslim women are brain washed into believing this Bronze Age nonsense. That’s the real shame because they could bring this to a screeching halt.

    Oh, and if you substitute the word boys for women and Priest for Fundamntlist the above paragraph also works.

  69. Fabulous essay, Uppity! Simply fabulous!

  70. a lot of people don’t know how very active Suzanne Mubarak and our own Hillary has been in fighting for women’ s rights over there,

  71. SCREEEEEEEEETCH! New post up.

  72. Thank you Pat. Feel free to use it as you want.

  73. if this keeps up, the entire class of 2012 will be wearing headgear, even the dudes

  74. dork, hahahahahaha.

  75. […] seen in these photos of the graduating class of the University of Cairo. Check out how differently the women are dressed by 2004 as compared to previous years going back to […]

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