Batsh*t crazy animals blame the Jews for their sexual assault and beating of Lara Logan in Egypt

What else do you do when your savagery goes public —again — and your region is starting to emerge as the home of the  elusive Missing Link?

Why, blame the Jews, of course!

Fresh in our minds is the sexual assault and beating of CBS correspondent Lara Logan. She was separated from her crew in Egypt when a bunch of cavemen savages sexually molested and beat her to a pulp.  There were 200 of these zoo animals, gang! Her injuries are listed as “Serious”.  You freaks! The world is getting sick and tired of you blaming Jews every time what you are gets noticed.

“60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling, “Jew! Jew!” as she covered the chaotic fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo’s main square Friday, CBS and sources said yesterday.

Oh Bullshit!  CBS, do you not get it? Are you and your clones at  NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CNN that dense — or is it just that you don’t care what happens to women either? Stop covering up for these freaks. Our problem isn’t Israel. Our problem is there is a region out there that lives in the 7th Century! And they want their “Laws” “assimilated” into the Constitution! NOW do you see why some states are taking it upon themselves to worry about what you and our President and Congress choose to ignore?

These freaks can’t keep their dicks in their pants and have a perpetual list of reasons to justify the raping, beating and murdering of women. Just recently a 14-year old girl was killed after she was raped and then accused of adultery over there in Missing Link Land. Her rapist walks free. Who the hell are these beasts kidding? No wonder they cover women up from head to toe. Like all throwbacks to cavemen, they can’t control their ANIMAL urges. These women-killers should be delisted from the category of Homo Sapiens. Perhaps the Missing Link category has finally been identified. And there isn’t anybody out there who doesn’t KNOW that this is what is intended for Egypt and the entire Middle East by lurking factions.

Gang, the creatures who attacked Lara are just more of the Middle East’s mentally and civilization-challenged, inhuman creatures who walk upright — but that’s where their similarity to humans ends. When all else fails and they are looking like exactly what they are, they blame Jews.

These are the same types of  Middle Eastern beings who accused a vulture of being a Jewish spy. But that wasn’t even as stupid as when some of them accused Israel of training sharks as spies. Yes, you read that right. Vultures and Sharks. You can’t make this shit up. 

But it’s one thing to fall on the floor laughing while reading about abject stupidity and ludicrous Jew-Bashing. It’s quite another thing when they gang- maul one of our own women.

These are shades of things these Sharia beasts would like to see come to our shores. Just ask Harold Koh. He’s big with Barack and thinks Sharia  is totally compatible with our Constitution.  He thinks “International Law” should replace our constitution. Do you hear me, CBS?  Do you have mothers, sisters, wives? Do you not care? If they can gang bang an American journalist, can you even IMAGINE what they do to women daily in- the Middle East? Is our press THAT stupid? There should be  wild outrage in every press outlet in this country and in between the outrage, there should be INVESTIGATIVE reporting on the infiltration of Honor Killers and Sharia abusers right here in the USA.  Instead, they downplay the rape of one of their own. How sickening.

The  creatures who assaulted Lara Logan are truly living in the era of Pithecanthropus Erectus. There are millions more where they came from.  If they had any semblance of civilization, they would be embarrassed about themselves.

Germany has warned us. France has warned us. Belgium has warned us. Now the UK is warning us.  And still, our press and our government stick their fingers in their ears and hum loudly.

American journalist Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted by a huge gang of animals. WHERE IS OUR PRESIDENT???????? You know, the guy who is  supposed to be “What a Feminist Looks Like”?????? Where is the dangerously politically correct  NOW and why are there not 20,000 women marching in DC right now, demanding justice for the most despicable of crimes all women dread the most? Laughingly, I add: Where is the Democratic Party and the Regressives Progressives, the  faux Party of Women?

Oh I know where everybody is. Right here:


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  1. Why are there not 20,000 women marching in DC? Indeed- where are they? NOW??? Emily’s List?
    Nowhere to be found. PC is going to kill us all. The younger women who SHOULD be the ones marching have been brain washed into believing the PC crap that all cultures have their own mores and values and are equally acceptable. NOT!
    The “church” can get a 100,000 to march every year in frigid Jan temps to protest the one bill that guarantees a woman’s control of her own body. Oh wait- that is WHY they are not marching in droves.

    Believe me- if there was a march called to protest the governments silence on this- I would be there! I might have to crawl or rent a wheel chair but I would get there somehow.
    The young women most likely to suffer if savage sack enforcers get a hold here?
    Haul videos and the latest “smart” phone.
    Excuse me while I go barf.

  2. I have come to expect the worst from Barack. He is the narcissist in charge and that is all he cares about.

  3. PMM, I don’t believe that the young “haul” and “smart” phone girlz would have a clue until they were actually beaten.

  4. Left wing regressive F*ckface dismisses Lara Logan’s assault and poke fun. You f*cking piece of shit!

    Link copped from comments at crawfish’s place.

  5. NYU Nir Rosen calls her a war monger. His reaction is grotesque. I guess in his eyes it makes it right. Add to that, he thinks it would be awful funny if Anderson had gotten some too.

  6. Ass deleted a lot of his tweets, but that page was captured. NYU, where are you? crickets.

  7. That POS is GONE GONE GONE! His boss is a woman and had this to say-
    Just arriving from NYU:

    From Karen J. Greenberg, Executive Director, Center on Law and Security

    “Nir Rosen is always provocative, but he crossed the line yesterday with his comments about Lara Logan. I am deeply distressed by what he wrote about Ms. Logan and strongly denounce his comments. They were cruel and insensitive and completely unacceptable. Mr. Rosen tells me that he misunderstood the severity of the attack on her in Cairo. He has apologized, withdrawn his remarks, and submitted his resignation as a fellow, which I have accepted. However, this in no way compensates for the harm his comments have inflicted. We are all horrified by what happened to Ms. Logan, and our thoughts are with her during this difficult time.”

    Good on Ms Greenberg! I hope she twisted his nuts til he cried!
    Buh bye bozo- don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
    (link also stolen from comments at The Crawdad Hole)

  8. Good, they kicked his ass to the curb.


  10. Ha I was coming to give you link to this piece of shit and his comments, but see you already have them.

    Did you see where he testified before the Senate on Iraq? Yep our leaders take advice from this asshole. I also saw where he helped the Taliban get past a US checkpoint while he was over in Afghanistan.

    Wouldn’t you be so proud to pay huge sums of money to sit in one of his classes at NYU….NOT! Speaking of NYU….they were supposed to have a statement about Rosen’s comments so far crickets. I’m sure they hope it all fades away quickly so they don’t have to be bothered.

  11. Daily Caller is the worst most disgusting place to begin with. Same place that posted that judge’s piece about Corrective Rape for Lesbians. Daily caller is an omen of right wing things that would come if these freaks took over our country.

  12. I stand corrected there is somebody with a brain at NYU, figures it was a woman.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, but look for this jackass to become a consultant or part of some lobbyist group. We need to all remember this asshat’s name for future reference.

  13. WHAT??? Moderator Penguin???? Is Bill aware of this? Has he called his union rep?

  14. The joke is on him. I hope the creep enjoys it.

  15. I wonder what knowledge Mr. Rosen imparted on the participants??

  16. Somebody- one of the commenters at Crawdad’s has promised a list of publications that carry this creeps rantings. And addresses. So we can then write, call and e-mail them all until the POS joins the unemployment brigade.

  17. Iranian warships reportedly going to “pass through” the Suez Canal. And what happens when they just stop in the middle and deny passage to any and all? Or if they do go all the way through and dock in Syria? Puts the missiles just that much closer to Israel. JFG.

    Israel is not happy.

  18. When they post that list, post it here.

    I can’t seem to login to that site. Register there, people. Tell that freak to do the world a favor and make sure he doesn’t reproduce. Imagine a freak like him with a daughter?

  19. I’ll bet he’s an Isalmofascist.

  20. Iran’s doing it to get people to look the other way while their people revolt over the fascist pigs they are.

  21. Since they WANT to provoke Israel, Israel might as well just blow their freaking asses up and get it over with.

  22. I will keep an eye for it Uppity. This is what was there –

    “okasha skatsi, on February 16, 2011 at 8:02 am said:

    Okay, some of his more frequent publishers seem to be Rolling Stone, Boston Review and The Wasington Post. Those should do to start with. I have to get ready for class, but will post later with addresses and other publishers.”

    Fat chance on getting Rolling Stone to pay any attention. Is there any publication that is further left?

  23. He looks like the Missing Link.

  24. Imagine a freak like him with a daughter?

    Only if she is an identical copy of Meechelle Antoinette who can twist his snarklies beyond repair.

  25. Rolling Stone. Figures.

  26. I think it’s ironic that the National Review posted about that freak being fired. These are the same people who, if one of those animals impregnated her, will expect her to have the baby and “make lemonade”.

  27. There should be wild outrage in every press outlet in this country and in between the outrage, there should be INVESTIGATIVE reporting on the infiltration of Honor Killers and Sharia abusers right here in the USA.

    And the reason there isn’t is because Women – the 52% majority – aren’t united because you gals are still bitching about your goddamned vagina’s – have at it girls- everyone else is!

    I knew if I read this I would find you blaming conservatives for fighting abortion to b e the problem- look in the mirror! Get over it – get with the real program and let’s unite and get the fucking media and givernment to do its Job! Orrrrr keep whining about abortion while they rape the fuck out of us !

  28. McN it was NYU that fired him I think.

  29. Yes, NYU said hit the road.

  30. I am glad that NRO found it as repugnant as I did. I used their screen capture because I knew that the jerk was going to take down the tweets. He did.

  31. You know something, freeme? I am sick and tired of you coming her shitting on my blog. Say goodbye and get the hell out of here.

  32. Make that get the FUCK off my blog.

  33. Biting tongue, breathing, counting, biting tongue again, counting counting In through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth. AHHHHHHHH
    Ok! I did good!

  34. Don’t waste your time, Mom. Enough is enough. Imagine the nerve of someone swooping down, bossing everybody around and telling people what to think. Like a rattlesnake. Sniper.

    You can have fun doing the flushing, how’s that?

  35. While I was counting and breathing you took care of it!
    Hey- I thought I did well! I knew you were going to get it- so I just did my calming routine and Voila! You got out the instant banishment dust! Thank you!
    Now then-
    About that moderator penguin…….

  36. Well it would have been deserved if you hadn’t. This is not the first time, but it’s going to be the last. Snipe at us once, shame on you. Swipe at us twice, shame on us. What nerve.

  37. OOOH- flushing! got it!
    Followed by a dose of Tidy Bowl.
    There! (washing and sanitizing hands!)

  38. Lara Logan looks anything but Jewish= Blonde, pretty short, straight nose, blue eyes.

    I have Jewish members in my family, as do many of you. Hal himself is half Norwegian/half German=often at war with myself. 😉

    All it takes is for some asshole in a crowd to yell “JEW, JEW” and other freaks pick up the chant.

    I’m glad that Nir Rosen was canned at NYU by a WOMAN! Karma, but not enough. Yes, I’d love to see and write to the list of sites that publish that asshole’s vitriol.

  39. Hal methinks you miss the point. They just love to use Jews as the blame for the fact that they are animals. They even blame jews for sharks and vultures. I have a link somewhere that has them blaming the jews for their wife beatings too.

  40. Oh, I get the point= blame Jews for natural catastrophes, too. Hey, they are miserable? Those damn Jews!

  41. Thanks so much for these posts UW. I knew if I came over here I would find someone that cares. I am disgusted that no world leaders have spoken out about this. What an outrage. From start to finish what an outrage.

  42. UW- “They just love to use Jews as the blame for the fact that they are animals.”

    Astounding – history is chock full of examples of the Jews being blamed for everything- and the outrages go on and on and on.
    Middle Ages? The feudal lords get in to debt up to their eyebrows. To whom? The Jews. Why the Jews? Because they were forbidden any other occupation. Can’t pay the debt? Hype up a convenient excuse and kill as many of the Jews as you can.
    Plague? Blame it on the Jews- they must have poisoned the wells.
    Want to get rid of a bunch of subjects you suspect are not loyal? Need to confiscate their goods? Have them accused of being Jews and turn them over to the Inquisition.
    On and on and on. Russia and Poland and the pogroms.
    Hitler was not the first and will not be the last.
    And it is always very very bloody.

    So glad my grandfather’s parents were wide awake and saw it coming and fled to England pre WWI. Yes- before WWI the pogroms got too close and they fled Prussia for England and hence to the US. Thanks be to God.

  43. I’m going to see if I can get lorac’s link show up as youtube.

  44. “Islamo-realistic” !
    Excellent vid! Kudos!
    Cold hard facts! OH NO! CAIR, the boob at 1600 and the leftists and MSM do not believe in facts!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!

  45. I hope that guy has body guards.

  46. Hal, yelling Jew to a bunch of hate filled cavemen is fairly easy. We are lucky that she came out of it alive.

  47. Yup Hal, anything is rotten in life, blame the Jews. As my dear friend Lucie used to tell me, “we are used to it.”

  48. Jimmy is at it again. This time a Free Pass to the MB.

    “I think the Muslim Brotherhood is not anything to be afraid of in the upcoming (Egyptian) political situation and the evolution I see as most likely,” Carter said.

  49. And Rosen’s comments about Anderson Cooper were not just offensive, but homophobic. (He said it would be funny if AC had also been attacked.) I hope AC takes him to task on his CNN show.

  50. Rosen is a seriously twisted bastard. He deserves to be completely unemployed for life.

  51. I’m sure that there is a cave somewhere that Rosen can move into.

  52. Somebody needs to send Carter over there and leave him there. Is Rosalind still alive? Maybe he’d like to volunteer her and his daughter and granddaughters for a test case and see how he squeals. He should be ashamed himself. For starters, he needs to shut the hell up because it was his lackadaisical attitude that helped give us the freaks running Iran. Seriously, do we really want HIS advice? I always thought he was a nice man who simply was a terrible leader who instilled malaise upon America. All these years I thought Jimmy was a nice man who meant well. I was shocked to find him later in life revealing his antisemitism. that erases him from my mind as a nice man.

  53. Maybe her first assignment should be to visit rosen. with a bat.

  54. You’d think that if jews possess so much power—they’d make everything go right. As for Rossen, he seems to be saying that rape is the penalty for exercising poor judgment–seems to me he should have been the victim of multiple assaults using his logic. Why doesn’t the SOS issue a travel advisory for US women?

  55. ……..more like an uncaged zoo animal warning.

  56. Well now, there’s a thought UW. Perhaps Anderson can tag along as well? If both visit, they can pretend he is a pinata.

  57. Carter is not a nice man. Yes, Rosalind is around. I don’t think he would like Amy and kids to take a visit though. He’s into that attitude of not for me, just for thee.

  58. McNorman, I’m sure we can find plenty of volunteers to tag along too.

  59. I think CBS stopped coverage because her family asked for privacy. I would think that means that they want to the press to leave her and the family alone, so they can deal with the horror, the pain, her injuries and her recovery. I do not think they expect us (or CBS) to pretend nothing happened.

    I expect nothing from this President (based on past performance), but I would hope that our SOS is addressing this with the Egyptian government, which right now means the military.

    Thank you for your important posts on this topic, Uppity Woman, and for the link to Ms. Chesler’s blog. The photos over time are extraordinary.


  60. Yup. Look out–the asses are loose.

  61. I think he should be raped too. Repeatedly. After all, he thinks it’s funny.

  62. I’m in. 😉

  63. djmm, I can understand her personal need for privacy. I wouldn’t expect her to speak. But for the entire press to just ‘report’ this like it’s another ho hum broad thing is unconscienable. This kind of thing swept under the rug is just what they do to women every day all over the world, including here. This is an outrage and I really believe it should be treated as one. ESPECIALLY by the president of the united states. If we actually had one, that is.

  64. The light in Lara’s eyes will never be the same. And that is infuriating.

  65. I don’t even want to look. They both disgust me. Hijackers.

  66. Debbie Schlussel. It figures. Another crackpot. She should date Rosen. Leave it to AOL to print this trash.

  67. They deserve each other.

  68. “They come from radically different places on the political spectrum, and yet they share a common inhumanity. … How far past disgusting is this? Way past disgusting.”

    My point exactlly. Two DISGUSTING camps. The far right crazy asses and the far left crazy asses. I see little in trading one of them for the other.

  69. Check out THIS digusting pig. Amd it’s a WOMAN. Simone Wilson.

    “Wilson managed to mention Logan’s ‘shocking good looks and ballsy knack for pushing her way to the heart of the action’ before getting to the assault itself. She then went on to imagine how it happened: ‘In a rush of frenzied excitement, some Egyptian protestors apparently consummated their newfound independence by sexually assaulting the blonde reporter.’ Well, sure, what other motive for an assault could there be, given that Logan is, in Wilson’s words, a ‘gutsy stunner’ with ‘Hollywood good looks’? And how else do Egyptians celebrate anyway but with a gang assault? It’s not like she deserved it, but well, she is hot, right?”

    These people should ALL be fired and never work again.

  70. Aol puting BRUTAL in quotes to describe her sexual assault. As if BRUTAL is subjective and somebody’s opinions. AOL. Great place for Huffpo.

  71. I agree that true journalists should be able to cover such a story without trampling all over the family’s privacy. I think the larger problem is that such acts are not in tune with the crap they keep trying to feed us about the “religion of peace” so it gets buried asap.

    As to Jimmy, I think that in his golden years, he is not longer capable of maintaining that carefully crafted southern gentleman facade and we are left witnessing the his true self. It is not pretty.

  72. OT but it figures. Delta offers the owner of the cat they killed last week $50. When is that airlines’ license to transport animals going to be pulled?

  73. It’s not like she deserved it, but well, she is hot, right?”

    There are no borders when it comes to piggery.

  74. Gosh, it seems as if Lara and crew were in Egypt the week before, were handcuffed, blindfolded, detatined with their driver beaten, and all were deported. Still, she chose to go back. I say again loud and clear there is no excuse for what these criminals did to her. I also say for a woman and/or her superiors to agree that she go into such a violent country who savages women daily in the first place is dangerously naive, arrogant and stupid. That Lara chose to return a week later is insane. That is what I mean in an earlier thread by poor preparation. Yes, this lady is a good journalist. Yes, she takes risk to get the story. With the even more volatile ME men assaulting and killing women and girls, often with the help of other women, I find it incredible that a woman or her superiors would risk her safety in such a bestial environment.

    The criminals calling her “Jew” during the assault oughta wake up a few more willfully blind Americans.

  75. ((((((((((((UPPITY!!!)))))))))))))

    Best Screaming, Righteously Outraged and Factual Coverage Anywhere!!!

    Posting the links everywhere and in emails. Heading to Twitter!

    Thank You!

  76. Freemenow;

    ummmm WTF? I don’t know about your vagina but God hasn’t damned mine. Maybe because I don’t misuse it?

    I share your frustration because I do not understand why women won’t go to the polls and just vote for other women. the country will move left and most of our battles will be won.
    However I think your comment was rude and misplaced, one person said something about abortion and it was a good point.
    If I missed your snark tag I am sorry.

  77. Great post, as usual. I haven’t heard much about this on the news, just the internet. Typical. I’ve been looking up stuff about this rosen freak. Apparently, he is half Jewish, altho he seems to be anti America & anti Israel. He has a blog, where he doesn’t state his ethnicity, just that he was born in NY. He sounds like a first class pig.

    The Defenestration of Comrade Nir Rosen

    For the last few years As’ad AbuKhalil, the Arab Cali-Bungalow Marxist (originally from Lebanon), and Nir Rosen, the American Schoolboy Anti-Imperialist (whose mother is Jewish and who has a long personal history with Israel — see his article: “This Broken Home: Revisiting Israel”), have been very chummy. As’ad and Nir found out that they both shared the same target of intense hatred: America.

  78. This is what he looks like. I couldn’t sit thru the whole interview, just couldn’t find a pic of him.

  79. Ayup. He looks like the missing link too.

  80. God, I salute that Guy doing that Video!


    I’m sick of being called a “bigot” for not being able stomach that “Religious Tolerance” Meme.

    Fuck Em! They want to redefine “Democracy” to fit their DICTATORSHIP ISLAMIC PARTY AGENDA!

    Fuck Em! I hate the sick, delusional bastards!

    And, to the Women that willingly follow that Murderous, Raping Political Party…

    …and willingly wear that Political Garb, flaunting a Dictatorship of Murder, Rape and Oppression, calling it an expression of their “freedom” in OUR Democratic Society…

    …or support “their right” to flaunt a Dictatorship of Murder, Rape and Oppression as an expression of their “freedom” in OUR Democratic Society


  81. Uh Oh: (the first video)

    “I Salute that Guy in the “American Islamphobia” Video!”

  82. Herlo, Hear Hear!!!

  83. Thank you Uppity. I don’t expect any comments from barry in response to this horrific attack against Lara Logan. He’s already proved how important women are to him – many times over.

    And yes, I think it’s time to actually address this issue with a huge protest in DC. We could probably organize it online. I think if we continue to not address these honor killings, brutal attacks, women wearing shrouds/tents/burqas, and horrific attitude towards women and gays it may be too late at some point. Perhaps Phyllis Chesler would be willing to speak and we could get other true feminist leaders to address this issue.

  84. Penguin Moderator? I’m with PMM, what’s up with that? Bill, Bill what are you doing about this?

  85. Pengy moderator is using an old mac!

  86. Well, we can tell where he’s coming from… “Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, Muslim…..

    Translation: Non-“Muslim” people bad, “Muslim” people good. Light-skinned Non-“Muslim” people bad, Brown-skinned “Muslim” people good

    I knew that war was a mistake – It’s honorable for Muslims to murder their own people over a little skin showing or marrying the wrong “color,” bank account or into a non-islamic-muslim political party.

    Should have just tracked down their Osama Bin Daddy, got the hell out, cut off all ties and let Muslims get back to the business of slaughtering “Muslims” on their own Muslim terms.

  87. Smokin’ post, Uppity.

  88. I know, its been a huge waste of young lives, money & resources. What has been accomplished there? These countries are more bassackwards than ever and hate us all the more.

  89. Read this morning – got ill. Read it this pm, gagged again. Read it again just now, and all I can say is I sick to f**king death of women being treated as chattels, no better than cattle – put on the earth for men’s pleasure – sexual and battering object. The rest of the commenters all said it much better than I – when will it stop?

  90. In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council

    The U.S. informed Arab governments Friday that it will support a U.N. Security Council statement reaffirming that the 15-nation body “does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,” a move aimed at avoiding the prospect of having to veto a stronger Palestinian resolution calling the settlements illegal.

  91. Wow mcn that comes as a great shock to me….ROFL!

  92. Did he go out with them after the meeting for a goat meetup?

  93. Great way to reduce the budget. Cut off the UN.

  94. Well, there can no longer BE ANY QUESTION on whose side Barack’s Falafel is Hummased.

    Diane Sawyer’s lead story ( I was forced to watch) was about obesity.

    As Iran shoots their people in the head (again) and Laura Logan is hospitalized, Diane speaks truth to power aimed at size 44 waists.

    Well done Bambi – you have FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED America. Now you should go to jail for not upholding your Oath of Office.

    All these scumbags make me sick.

  95. And Mom, The Penguins are not Moderators. They’re just taller.

  96. The Middle East is a tinderbox, and we have an infant in charge of US foreign policy playing with matches.

  97. Socal, I’m torn too, all the time, between aching for all of the innocents killed and despising that whole “Islamic-Muslim Identification”.

    It blames Israel and everyone else for them hanging onto their barbaric, backwards Politics – calling it a “religion” for god sakes – to justify imposing it on the rest of the world to make us all responsible for what their “BELIEFS” did to their culture and country.

    If those men had gotten their faces out of the dirt and their pricks off of trying to marry, rape, kill, maim and control every woman and little girl they pass by or can get their hands on – they could have developed their own damned resources – with all of the help they needed.

    That country is full of psychopathic males who believe in a psychopathic god – of their understanding. They are not worth breathing the same air as my dog.

    You can’t make human beings out of “religious” rapists of women and children. Never.

  98. Cut off the UN and have them move to the Hague.

  99. Hey UW, Angi made some peanut caramels tonight.

  100. Not my favorite nut, DE, but fax them anyways. I’m hungry.

  101. Yes a march would be good–probably necessary. How about April 1? Just to let them know what we think of the way our governments abuse the vast marjority of their citizens —from the silence on violence to the lack of representation in governmet to the neglect in healthcare to the gutting of family planning programs.

    There was a World War II era cleric who said that he did not speak for the jews when they came for them because he was not jewish, and he did not speak for others when they came for them because he was not one of them. So when they came for him —there was nobody to speak for him because there was nobody left. That is the position we are in.

  102. When I was an intern working in an ER ages ago, a prison inmate with liver failure from hepatitis B who was a pedophile was brought in for lower gastrointestinal bleeding through his ass, which had zero sphincter tone (from being the boy toy of his fellow inmates). The image of him lying on the gurney with black blood coming out of his ass is the karma I wish for the rapists of Lara Logan and their defenders like Nir Rosen and Simone Wilson.

  103. Corrections @ 8:58:

    “beliefs did to that part of the world

    That part of the world is full of psychopathic males who believe in a psychopathic god”

    And adding – and now the “Muslim” world is insisting that the rest of the world move over, live by and “tolerate” the filth that part of the world lives, kills and dies for?

  104. Yes DE, a “real” shocker.

  105. Herlo, don’t forget the boys that they rape. And they want to bring their filthy minds and behaviors to our shores – sum god they have that condones that sheite..

  106. AnnE @ 9:15:

    Are you talking about Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East et., al?

    If so, did you know that the “Women’s Affairs Ministry” in Afghanistan now wants Women’s Shelters to be controlled by the government – Domestic Violence Shelters that foreign countries, like us, have helped to make available?

    “These shelters create problems in families and homes, and they motivate girls to flee from their houses, they (such shelters) are the official places for increasing perversion in our country.”

    — Hajji Neyaz Mohammed, a lawmaker from Ghazni Province – said in condemning the existence of Women’s Shelters

    It’s hopeless. The powers that be – including many of the Women in “Official” capacities are defending their “culture” of abusing Women and Girls and telling the rest of the world it’s none of our business.

  107. Sometimes I can’t believe my own voice, but honestly, I have had it. I think we should smuggle the women out of that shithole Afghanistan and then level it. Make it one big freaking crater. A parking lot.

  108. Well Tony you’re a better man than I am. I would have quit right there if that guy were on my gurney. I do hope the scheeve died.

  109. I hope to God Lara didn’t catch anything from those jungle animals.

  110. I wouldn’t feed one of them to my dog.

  111. I hope Lara is clean (and you can be sure she’s been tested six ways to Sunday – she’s famous), but you never know with those scheeves what they are carrying and the saddest thing of all, is they don’t know what they are carrying and could not care less..

  112. HT: I know. I do know about the young boy victims also. I’m just too pissed to be on here, quite frankly.

    To think that a reporter trying to help get the story covered on their “fight for freedom” could be assaulted by two hundred men in a crowd – of hundreds of thousands of men who couldn’t or wouldn’t step in to keep reporters covering their lives protected?

    It’s a “non-government” woman and “our” president is mute – as if, “Oh, Well”? He would probably be the same no-balls man, when it comes to women, if it were his own wife.


  113. Herlo, I know what you’re feeling. I have seen this over and over during the past 60 years of my existence, and it doesn’t get better for women and children. And I don’t give a PASS

  114. You would think the press would stop pretending that these freaks are normal human beings. You would think they would stop pretending that they don’t want us all dead, including them. I can’t tell if they are Morons, Cowards, or just bought and paid for.

  115. “I’ve had it”

    I hear you, Uppity. It’s war, as far as I’m concerned.

  116. WHOOPS, hit the post button in my rage
    And I don’t give a pass to white men who rape children either. It’s a pestilence that needs to be wiped out and forget about that chemical castration nonsense. These fuckers are sick in the head, and until all of society in every country in the world treats them as pestilence, they will just move from country to country.
    Insofar as taking it personally, anyone who has been around for a long time knows that I was molested as a child – cute, blonde, blue eyes, raped – by a neighbor. In my 14th year, molested _ groping and humping by the superintendent of our building. In my 20th year, first year of marriage, raped in the laundry room – and I am not a small woman – just never taught self defense. I’d castrate the bunch of them, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m not involved in law enforcement. Anyway, I know what you are talking about – I’ve lived it. P.S. the marriage lasted 14 years, which is not so bad for abused people. The next time I got involved with a man was when I decided to have a child. I wrote out a contract. I got sidetracked, cost me a bundle, but I do have two of the greatest kids in the universe – the gruesome twosome,

  117. PPS, the first rape was when I was 5 years old. Have I said that I hate these fuchers?

  118. They are all guilty of having blood on their hands for being non-journalists, Uppity.

    Those “bigot-racist-religious” memes are a global sized noose around any citizen’s or country’s neck trying to protect itself from animals trying to incite a cultural, religious war.

  119. HT: Again, so sorry you had to go through those things.

    And, please don’t take this personally, but I was getting ready to take a break 20 minutes ago and get some fresh air.

    I know for those that have been through it, this is a little harder to walk through “smoothly” – without taking it really, really personally.

    I’ll be back in a bit HT. If you need to email me and let it rip, feel free. I’ll listen and respond.

  120. I’d had it many years ago. And, I’ve always said that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a needless waste of our blood and treasure. You’ll never change them, and they’ll hate you for trying. The overwhelming number of women born in the Islamic world are scr*wed…one is enraged about it until one realizes there’s nothing one can do about it. Write it off to the truism that life is unfair. The accident of where one is born can be fatal.

  121. NES, but if for no other reason than having a heart, the very least this country can do is not pretend it isn’t so.

  122. Herlo, I’ve gotten over the pain – with time and getting away from men other than Hal, Hugo, Fredster, fuzzy et al. There are good men out there. And you don’t have to apologize, too many times women feel the need to step in and soothe the hurt.

    NES, I suspect you are correct, there is no way that we can force them into the 21st century, quite the contrary, we need to force our own women into the 21st century and to pay attention to the rights that are being eroded right here in the NOrth american continent. I made a comment tonight and my gruesome male responded that Mom was being radical again. Little does he know. Silly Wabbit, trix is for morons.

  123. NES I posted this link for you last night, for your trip down memory lane. It’s #1 of 2 and I know you will smile. The rest of you can’t see it if you click, only those with editor privileges, as in Moderators, can see it in the archives. Sowwy.

  124. I couldn’t agree more, UW — one shouldn’t — and this country musn’t — refrain from calling an outrage an outrage.

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I can’t access it until I’m at my desktop and going thru WordPress. Will do that tomorrow. The happy threads on About, and Goofing 1 and 2 are fond memories. Coincidentally, as I recall, we spent much space discussing ME politics. Everything we feared is now materializing.

  125. Was waiting to see if HT was ok and saw this:

    “if for no other reason than having a heart, the very least this country can do is not pretend it isn’t so.”

    That tipped me into choking up, Uppity.

    What a deeply wise, empathetic and loving thing to say. And, one of the reasons I respect your candor so much. You’re passion is driven by the depth of your compassion.

    Thank you for saying that. Forgive me, but I needed to take that, too, personally.


  126. Yes we did discuss the ME and many other things that today seem to fall into the soothsayer category. There were some extremely accurate predictions about and assessments of Obama in 2008 that are reality today.

  127. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Her. Don’t be attaching passion and compassion to me. I don’t want to ruin my image!

  128. Well stated Herlo — UW is the personification of intelligent passion and passionate intelligence, the whole leavened with humor. And that’s what binds us to her.

  129. Uppity, the link goes to a “nowhere found” page. I’ve read every post you every put up, but I do enjoy going over previous posts, nodding and mumbling that Uppity knew it would happen before it happened.

    Herlo, I’m fine. I drink and smoke too much and I’m damaged beyond repair, but I’m okay. I’m just hoping that I expire before I hit 65 – that’s when the term insurance that I’ve been paying through the nose (cause I’m part of that category that is high risk – wimenz doncha know) expires. The way I’ve got it figured – I die in the next few years, my kids can pay off all their debts and will have a place to live – granted they will have to pay municipal taxes, but it’s a better deal than paying 1.2K per month in rent, right? And they will have a windfall to pay off their student loans. Not bad for a scurrilous slut single mom.

  130. Like I said when I posted it, HT, you can’t see it, only mods can see it, it’s an archived Tab not a post.

  131. this shit drives me crazy.

    its intolerable.

    hey, but Glee sold more singles than Elvis.

  132. intelligent passion and passionate intelligence

    Holy Chit.

  133. sorry for the curse word… I really did intend to put a * in there, I swear.

  134. NoEmptySuits, on February 16, 2011 at 10:48 PM said:

    I couldn’t agree more, UW — one shouldn’t — and this country musn’t — refrain from calling an outrage an outrage.

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I can’t access it until I’m at my desktop and going thru WordPress. Will do that tomorrow. The happy threads on About, and Goofing 1 and 2 are fond memories. Coincidentally, as I recall, we spent much space discussing ME politics. Everything we feared is now materializing.


    I will never ever forget About. And the insight you provided as respects familial culture from another Land.

    and of course,the ambiance of Euripides and Daffodils. and DE and Mrs Swan…

  135. On my DFW Fox TV News tonight, the reporter said bho the fraud called Lara today. Wonder if he called her or her family upon her immediate return to the USA.

  136. Texas Playwright,

    he probably called to say STFU or else.

    the story has been gagged until it gets rewritten.

  137. Papoose!!! Loved that: “the story has been gagged until it gets rewritten.” Your inimitable style has been greatly missed.

    Ahhh, the About days, when we still had a scintilla of hope.

  138. Mind exercise:

    Place: South Africa
    Situation: white men protesting in the streets

    A young black reporter gets separated from the rest of his otherwise white reporters’ group, and 200 white male protestors brutally attack him, repeatedly sodomize him, and his injuries are so great he must be hospitalized.

    Would the press cover this? Would they be demanding systemic change? Would THIS isue be IMPORTANT???

    (we all know the anwer to these questions……)

  139. Her, if you’re still here, that guy in that video you liked is Pat Condel. He has lots of similar videos, they’re all about religion (he’s against it), but it seems like the last couple of years they’re all about Islam. He lives in the UK.

  140. Tonight when Hannity was doing his usual rant against The Fraud, he actually said that Hillary would have done a better job. He about fell off his own chair when he said it, but he DID say it lol

  141. Excellent mind exercise, lorac. Speaks for itself and it’s damning.

  142. lorac, thanks for the info on “Pat Condell”. I thought he looked and sounded familiar.

    And, I agree with NES, good “mind exercise.” Let’s see now where my “mind” takes me.

    Right off the bat I’m thinking, for him it would be labeled a Racial “Hate” Crime because he was targeted because of his race.

    No such luck for a woman targeted by the opposite sex – who viewed her gender as “deserving” of such an attack.

  143. I hope you are breathing Uppity! What a horrific attack on Lara Logan.
    This crime is prevalent throughout western cities also. The fact this has been brought to our attention in a vague indirect manner, shows how it is so easy to try sweep the incident under the carpet, to view a celebration of “change” in Egypt!

    I am familiar with a very similar story of a young woman, who was viciously raped at the hands of muslim men. It was a horrific crime; I have mentioned this crime briefly before….. She suffered both physically and mentally from the attack….. It was soooo horrendous she had the ends of her breasts bitten off. The main perpetrator was out of the country within hours, travelled on his sister’s passport, wearing a burqa! A web search of rapes on western women and you will see how widespread these crimes are? Pat Condell will be fully aware of these crimes throughout Europe I am sure!
    My thoughts are with Lara Logan, hoping she is able to bring her life back to normality.

    Plus did you see this UW?
    White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton will depart the Obama administration on Friday to form a new political consulting firm, he said Wednesday.

  144. Did I go into spam?

  145. This crime is prevalent throughout western cities also. The fact this has been brought to our attention in a vague indirect manner, shows how it is so easy to try sweep the incident under the carpet, to view a celebration of “change” in Egypt!

    I am familiar with a very similar story of a young woman, who was viciously raped at the hands of muslim men. It was a horrific crime; I have mentioned this crime briefly before….. She suffered both physically and mentally from the attack….. It was soooo horrendous she had the ends of her breasts bitten off. The main perpetrator was out of the country within hours, travelled on his sister’s passport, wearing a burqa! A web search of rapes on western women and you will see how widespread these crimes are? Pat Condell will be fully aware of these crimes throughout Europe I am sure!
    My thoughts are with Lara Logan, hoping she is able to bring her life back to normality.

    Plus did you see this UW?
    White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton will depart the Obama administration on Friday to form a new political consulting firm, he said Wednesday.

  146. I have to speak up for Simone Wilson. I read her piece before reading Salon’s (mis)characterization of it. She mentions the brutal assault in her first sentence, so in my eyes, the woman writing for Salon is the one sensationalizing and the one not writing about the rape. It is also quite clear in reading the original that Simone Wilson was making a snide remark about the MEN “celebrating” and in their “excitement” attacked Lara. She was NOT excusing them or diminishing the attack in any way.

    Also, “It’s not like she deserved it, but well, she is hot, right?” was written by the Salon woman, not Simone Wilson, and is odious in its snarkiness. Wilson was covering what other publications wrote about Lara, past and present. She was pointing out horrific comments from both the left and right regarding the rape. The “it girl” remarks were frequently direct quotes from publications like the New York Times!

  147. Uppity, how can you be so mean to such a national treasure as Jimmeh Carter? Why, he’s the World’s Greatest Humanitarian. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

    Of course his only humanitarian cause is “Stop the Semitism!” 😉

  148. I think Uppity is talking about her first post & NES was the first commenter.

    HT, the twosome will undoubtedly rather have you than your insurance. You’re a great mom and have important things still to say and do!

  149. Andy L, ROFL!

  150. Joan Walsh rode to the defense of her friend Nir, all the while AC just sat there waiting for the Tea-Party reference, alas it never came. Maybe she can force one when she appears on fat Ed’s show. And don’t wait for the scoop from “Democracy Now”, their to busy wiping the Islamofacist love juice from Amy’s lower lip.

  151. zee, thanks for clarifying and duly noted!

  152. I love Sarkozy. And France. France will stay France and if my book sells? I’m going.

  153. Yemeni girl’s disappearance in Saudi blamed on Genies. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

    “Some people told police they saw her walking on a hill not far from her house then vanished again,” the paper said.

    “Her brothers and some residents in the village said she sometimes appears at night and then suddenly disappears…they told police that they believe she has been haunted and taken by jinn.”

  154. Genies? Geez, a fairy tale for an explanation. Surprise.

  155. Genies are in the Quran, believe it or not. Or so the trace of the story says.

  156. Well here is a surprise – not. The excerpt is only a snippet of how the whole thing confirms everything that YOU SAID, UPPITY, that also stinks about this story.

    (I apologize to anyone I may have offended by being so enraged – VILE – yesterday – and to you, Uppity, for dumping it on your blog. I could have said it differently and should have. I take the by email and have already had my rant, privately.)

    CBS complicit in news coverup

    “[60 Minutes] correspondent Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling, ‘Jew! Jew!’ as she covered the chaotic fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo’s main square Friday.”

    Powerful reporting on an important story. Two problems: It didn’t run until yesterday, and CBS didn’t run it. The quote is from the New York Post. And it was The Wall Street Journal that reported “the separation and assault lasted roughly 20 to 30 minutes.”

  157. Yup. CBS doesn’t give a rat’s ass. They are probably more worried about a lawsuit than they are about a woman. Yes, she wants privacy and she should have it, but this story is important and revealing news and CBS is NEGLIGENT in burying it. They are despicable.

    Don’t worry about the dumping, Her. It’s a really stressful time with all that crap going on.

  158. If you read Brownmiller, she reported that men from lower societal backgrounds are more likely to paticipate in gang rapes. Also, there are homosexual undertones to shading partners. Maybe we could convince the nuckle draggers that only homosexuals from “bad families”rape, we could eliminate rape in that part of the world. Because what is worse than being female? Being homosexual and from a bad family. And if they think women are so inferior and dirty—why don’t they just handle it themselves?

  159. […] on February 16, 2011 at 11:45 AM […]


    Make that “UPPITY STUPID WOMEN”:

    As you all know, Freemenow came here the other day and attacked us. This wasn’t the first time. The first time, I forgive. The second time, I am no fool.

    Just to let you know the kind of person she really is, this is a pingback from her post today targeting us and some of you specifically. Now I might be off base here but I have a problem with bullies and people who come here and tell people what to do, make that tell people what to “Fucking” do.

    So, does anybody think I did the wrong thing banning her?

    Blogging is NOT a roller derby. Or a trailer park. Click on her url if you even give a shit at this point. This is the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen a blogger do. Sorry, Freeme, but the world is NOT yours! When you claim to want people to come together, it’s NOT supposed to mean DO AND THINK WHAT YOU SAY!

    I am SO done with you! And get my name OFF your blogroll. And do not EVER come here again with your bossy bully crap. You can’t lead if nobody wants to follow you.

  160. I hate to click on that link, Uppity.

    Just to let you, I was getting some weird redirect message on my site earlier so I thought I would check it through Redbat.

    (You just put in the URL address and make sure the header doesn’t suddenly show a redirect “301” in it.)

    Then came here and saw this and thought hmmm? Think I’ll check yours URL addy too! lol!

    Yours is fine.

    My came up a couple of times “301,” but after a few times, it was normal again. Who knows?

    Just wanted to let you know – I wasn’t snooping – just comparing if the weirdness might be related.

  161. That’s interesting. 301 is usually a redirect. As in Moved.

  162. I looked. I’m seethingly speechless.

  163. Forget the hysteric. I’m interested in your error message. I don’t like what happened to you. Let me do some checking.

  164. Herlo…

    Let me know if it happens again and I’ll snoop for you. Sounds like it was probably more like your browser. Clean out that cache too.

  165. I know, Uppity. It happened several times intermittently when I tested it – and then finally it stayed the normal header code.

    Anyway, don’t want to get into it here. I’ll keep checking it.

  166. Thanks for the link, Uppity. I just read it.

    Hmmm, need to check into this further, may answer some questions about some things not adding up.

    I’ll let you know in an email.Thanks again.

  167. Well uppity I clicked on her site out of curiosity and there doesn’t seem to be much activity there–maybe she’s an unhappy soul and the green monster has gotten the best of her and she thought she’ d mosey on over to increase her business. You never know–people and their byzantine minds.

  168. Uppity, you did the right thing as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know why people think it’s okay to go to sites and shreik invective at the communities on those sites – definitely not civil discourse.

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