Break time and contest: Que Es the bigger thief? Dusty or Jack?

His target of choice?

“Towels, gloves, shoes, socks and children’s toys,” owner Jean Chu told ABC News, ticking off the list of various household goods her pet has brought home.

The sneaky kitty has snatched more than 600 items over the course of three years, including one pair of shoes that he stole – on two separate trips, one foot at a time.

Chu and husband Coleman explain that Dusty makes his rounds late at night. The Animal Planet show “Must Love Cats” actually documented the feline’s nighttime forays with a night-vision camera as a part of its show.

“He took my mom’s swimming clothes,” one five-year-old neighbor exclaimed.

Dusty’s record for number of items in one night is an impressive 11 neighborhood goodies.

What a cat!

Uppity Note: McNorman is starting to get into my head. I was just about to do a draft on Dusty when she did it. Get out of my head, McNorman!

But we have a problem: Jack Feels Slighted. He  says he has been stealing longer and we posted about him in 2009. I’m on the fence here.  So let’s have a contest.

Who’s the bigger thief? Dusty or Jack?


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  1. FF- saw your comment re the mod penguin down below- take a look at the left sidebar! There is a mod penguin there! What’s next? Moderator Peeps?
    Somebody pointed out the moderator penguin is using an old Mac- who do we know that comments here and uses a Mac???? Hmmmmm

    As for the cats- not even close to a friend’s dog. He would do snatch and grabs in the meat dept of the local grocery. One Thanksgiving he brought a fully cooked turkey home. HAH! Poor people must have left the bird to rest on a counter while they finished setting the table.

  2. Nobody is up yet? Well then- this little piece got me all in a snit for the day
    “BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s capital wants the United States to apologize and pay $1 billion for the damage done to the city not by bombs but by blast walls and Humvees since the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

    The city’s government issued its demands in a statement on Wednesday that said Baghdad’s infrastructure and aesthetics have been seriously damaged by the American military.”

    Uhm- so here’s what I think. We leave them all to kill each other off. And the next time we don’t send our troops. Fuck with us and we should send large parking lot maker bombs.
    If they are not directly involved with killing Americans – screw them. The more of each other they kill the less time they have to think about hurting us.
    PT today- bbl to see if anybody is up and about.

  3. Sounds like a plan to me, Mom. We didn’t belong there anyways and we should have left Saddam there to kill them when they complained. Seriously, I’m beginning to think that, since we can’t do a thing about the ME’s woman-mudering ways, why be there at all. Surely they will kill each other off, shite, sunni, whatever, just exterminate each other for their god. It’s what they seem best at. And what the hell. They hate us if we do something for them and they hate us if we don’t do a damned thing for them. So, why waste money. Later, we can go in and clean up, tap the oil, which is the only reason we bother, and then we can use some spots for our violent offender, pedophile pig and rapist prison population. We can send Bernie Madoff too. All women are welcome for transport to the USA as legal immigrants. It would be far less expensive to help them and free them than it’s been hanging out in region where they end up treated like dog crap. If the Islamofascists want to screw with us, we bomb them. This is what it is going to come to, I can feel it. The Western Civilization against the Caveman Middle East. The UN is run over with them and they are becoming more and more useless to the west, so why bother. We need a coalition of the west and we can give them the UN they have overrun. They can pay each other.

    Let’s face it. The only reason our government ever cares about the ME is the oil. Without their oil they would all be herding goats. We are sitting on a boatload of oil while other countries who want to rule the world are drilling a few miles from us right off of Cuba. We are truly assholes.

    I’m officially starting to lean very right on this issue. I have had it. There is no reason we should hae to sit here scared of these freaks when we are fully capable of fighthing back and winning. I can see Germany, France and the UK feeling the same disgust.

  4. And if you don’t think George Soros is behind all of this, then I can grow figs in Buffalo.

  5. Have some FUN today, gang. I for one am sick of reading and writing about throwbacks to the 7th century.

  6. Dusty and Jack remind me of Peggy, a lovely canine in my 1950-something neighborhood. Each Saturday morning her owners gathered up the stuff she had trudged home with, and traced her route which was well-known to them. It was a chance to say Hi to people we otherwise would not normally see, and a chance to reclaim our stuff.

    It never occurred to me that cats would do this too, and do it better. What cat divulges its route?

  7. Hmmm now that I think of it- perhaps the peeps and penguins come from Bill’s forays? We know that’s the origin of the baby kittehs. Bill’s version of obfuscation – “Look- over there! Baby kittehs” meanwhile he sneaks in penguins and peeps.. just sayin
    Bet he wasn’t planning on a penguin moderator trying to usurp his authoritay.

  8. Here is something my two grand kitties do when they are arguing over the prime spot on the rug in front of the radiator (or maybe they are plotting against me?)

  9. I posted that one with what they were really saying. Somewhere on the blog. I’ll find it.

  10. I had a dog that brought home something very useful– firewood. And, yes, I burned it. Each day when I came home from work (during fire season, not during warm weather), I’d find a small pile of little logs and limbs by the back door. Sometimes I’d even find a few pieces of split wood so he was raiding someone’s woodpile. High King Ambrosius was an Old English Sheepdog. RIP.

  11. Ha! My cats are very vocal with each other and with their humans, but they don’t have SUSTAINED conversations like these two in the video do. Keep an eye on them, ProudMilitaryMom!

  12. I know for a fact that when mine disappear, they are having a meeting. And it’s about me.

  13. Wow, firewood. Now that’s a working dog. Woodpile raiding, pre-split! Good boy!

  14. My cat loves to carry things around in her teeth, but she can only manage lightweight things. You gotta admire those cats for lugging home the heavy stuff like shoes. My cat just started meowing this year, she’s 4 years old. Her meows are very soft like the ones in the video. I’ve wondered about this for some time. Does it take awhile for some breeds to realize that if they vocalize, you will respond? Of course other breeds never stop vocalizing.

  15. Uppity I commented on batshut crazy animals did it go to spam 😦

  16. It gets pretty chilly in old England, so gathering firewood is very practical in Old English Sheepdogs.

  17. Yeah it must have been your spam turn, Just. I fished you out of the water earlier this morning. Dried you off too!

  18. Gotta LOVE those herding dogs!

  19. BCL my mother’s cat used to deliver the mail. She did this singing thing when she brought something. When my mother died, she lived here for six years before she died at the age of 19. She would go upstairs and start to sing. Then she would sing all the way down the stairs and bring me a gift. She preferred pens, CD Roms and socks and shoes, but was not opposed to occasionally bringing down laundry. She would drop the item at my feet and be sooooooooo proud.

    She also know exactly how to turn on the BOSE radio in the middle of the night.

  20. Wow what a cat! Singing and delivery service right to your feet. Love her. My cousin’s cat also turned on their radio every morning at about 6 am whether it was a workday or a sleep in day. Knowing cats, that’s probably when he got hungry.

  21. BCL, yeah but her singing was garbled. Her mouth was full at the time. lol.

  22. Now I have a cat who brings gifts from upstairs to his dog. He doesn’t sing, he howls to let the dog know he’s coming with something. Then he drops it at the bottom of the stairs and the dog scurries off with it. Usually a slipper. I go thru lots of slippers. there’s also this little problem of the stealing of the dog’s toys. My dog knows every one of her toys by name and where it is at all times. Sometimes most of them are carried upstairs. Then she howls, cries, wimpers and carries on downstairs at the bottom of the stairs. Sometimes a toy lands in the water dish for the pleasure of watching it blow up twice its size while soaking up all the water. This sends the dog into a major crying jag, Then there’s the Up High thing. The cat gets atop the fridge and the dog can’t reach him. So the dog sits on the floor and whines until she’s exhausted. Then she gives up and lies down there. That’s when the cat flies over her, just missing her head.

  23. Evolution takes time Uppity. Garbled singing today can lead to beautiful singing in a generation or two.

  24. That’s just natural as cats are smarter than dogs, but dogs are more demonstrative and loyal, so it all equals out in the end. It’s just irritating living with it.

  25. Kosmoe is singing right now. That cat scared the bejeesus out of me when he first got here. Home all alone and all of a sudden I hear “Herro?” “Herro?” HERRRROOOOO?
    Damn cat- I thought some homeless drunk had wandered in and was calling “hello” Nope- just Kosmoe looking for me. Of course he wanted ME to come to HIM- he was not going to trouble himself to walk all the way upstairs to find me.

  26. Hey have you ever been unable to find your cat and you panic and go everywhere in the house, thinking he accidentally got out of the house…….only to find the cat is behind you with that WTF look on his face?

  27. Cats love to hide and they are so good at it. But my younger son used to do the same thing in department stores. Took years off my life everytime he disappeared.

  28. 25 lions have been rescued and put in a new home in Denver after a circus in Bolivia gives up it’s lions after a new law forbidding using wild animals in entertainment shows is passed. Bob Barker paid for the rescue. Did one circus have 25 lions? Yikes. (Story on Fox tv)

  29. love the penggy’s are back. 😆

  30. Don’t encourage them, Foxy. They are only showing up because spring is coming, the snow is going to melt and they are looking for homes willing to provide them with air conditioning and ice.

  31. Hahahahaha! ps fab banner! love that cat tucked in!

  32. Oh my- it is SOOOOOO NICE out today! It is close to 50 at least! I keep going out (and I opened a window a crack to air the house a little!

  33. My kitties “sing” while bringing me items as well. I will be on the phone and people will ask if there is a baby in the house — no just a cat letting me know a treasure has been unearthed and are on their way to share the bounty.

    Just for fun: I’m a cat… no wait, now I’m a bunny

  34. Aw Chit! I have that video and was saving it for easter.

  35. Omg! I love that Kitty-Bunny! How cuuuute!

    Uppity and Uppity-ites:

    I thought this was a really good idea that’s worth going viral. What do think?

    (I have copied the logo and linked it to their site if anyone wants to do the same on their site – it’s worth a try?)

    “One Job for America”

    “I had an idea. What if every business in America, large and small, created one new job? Imagine what that could mean to our country. Think about how many new jobs that might produce. I named the idea: One Job for America. And then my husband, Rich Silverstein, and I decided to try to make this real.

    I’m not an economist or a politician or an academic or even a blogger (until now). So stepping forward like this and taking a chance is new for me. But I believe strongly in this idea and I honestly believe it will work. Because most of us feel frustrated and sad about the job situation in this country and we wish we could help. We wish we could do something about it because so far not much has been effective. The problem seems insurmountable. Seemingly, the best minds in the country have been able to do very little.

    So here’s a chance for all of us to step up and, in the very best sense of the word, take responsibility. Maybe a better way to say it is that One Job for America encourages us to be responsible citizens and it gives us hope that we can participate in making this a better world. We can come together, as members of a national community, and try to solve this problem one job at a time. That sounds manageable. It sounds possible, doesn’t it? I realize it’s a little Capraesque. I think we could use some of that kind of optimism right now.

    I hope people won’t politicize this idea or think of every possible reason that it might not work. All you have to do is log on to the website,, and pledge to create one new job. And then, at a later date, come back and tell us what position you created and who you hired. It’s a leap of faith, I know. But if you do this and tell someone else about it and they do it too and so on who knows what we can accomplish. Oh, for larger companies we hope that you’ll think about doing this on a larger scale. The spirit is to generate new jobs. We want companies to start hiring again. And we want people to be hopeful again.

    This is a simple idea on its face and yet I truly believe it has the possibility of being profound. So log on to the website. Make a pledge. Tell a friend. Together we will bring back jobs in America one by one.”

    “One Job for America”

  36. Opps!

    I was sent the cat/bunny video from an Alley Cats volunteer yesterday – and thought it fit with the tone of this post. It just makes you smile.

    But then when I saw this morning post I kept thinking – I have seen this before – then it hit me – mcnorman – so now we are both in your head. Or you are in ours. Or mcnorman is controlling all thoughts.

  37. There will be punishments.

  38. “There will be punishments.”

    (I’ll take all my spankings on Skype – with NES as the “witness”)

  39. How ironic. I just got a hit from an old post that was crossposted at No Quarter in Nov 2008. The discussion about the Middle East and Hillary’s appointment as SOS is almost eerie. My hopes that Obama wouldn’t stop her from doiing something about the abuse of women, along with my thoughts about Obama as future president are almost in the soothsayer category. Here’s the mirror post from this blog.

  40. 63 degrees here and the sun just came out. A little windy but not too bad for spring (did I just say spring?). I’m in Ohio so if you live east of me, this weather is headed your way. Enjoy.

  41. A horrible story of despicable people allowed to adopt twins by a negligent system. See both videos. Second video is in lower left of story.

  42. Perhaps someone can find out what is in the water in ME. Ben Ali is in a coma.

  43. Just read your 11/22/08 post, Uppity.

    Wow. Says it all. Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward the song is: Hope and Change My Ass.

  44. 80 here BCL. Ugh…heatstroke is on its way soon.

  45. mcnorman
    Ok where do you live? No fair if you live in the south or the pacific west. We just came out of ice and snow and cold, cold, cold. It’s all relevant, I guess.

  46. The story about the adopted children is disgusting Uppity. And they were allowed to adopt 4 children in total. Children Services is disgusting since these parents were reported previously.

  47. BCL the southwest desert. 80 is cool. Most of the summer is 100+. We just had a -15 degree night two weeks ago.

  48. correction: in my comment to McNorman about the weather I meant to say ‘it’s all relative’.

  49. Indeed BCL.

  50. Wow, I didn’t know comas were contagious!

  51. Please read my comment on the pingback from Freemenow in the Batsh*t thread. This blog has been personally attacked. I want you ALL to go there. It’s just too bad I had to delete some of her horrendous comments last time she did this. But I’m sure plenty of you remember.


    Sicko pingback is here at bottom of comment section. Glad I don’t live next door to this woman.

  52. You do know it’s “quien es” not “que es”?

    que = what
    quien = who

    This concludes your Spanglish 101 for the day.

    Boy and I are back to the world of the living, although it seems that his ear is still bothering him despite finishing 10 days on antibiotics. Rats.

  53. Ah Chit. McNorman! You didn’t correct me! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  54. Yeah Herlo, reading my old post kind of gave me the creeps.

  55. Bad manners, poor judgment and tantrums appear to be contagious as well. That and there appears to be in upswing in the incidence of civil discourse allergies.

  56. Kind of reminded me of the playground at recess. With lotsa exclamation points!

  57. Poor Mom. That just sucks.

  58. You’re lucky I don’t remember if you should be using ser or estar. Too fried to remember.


  59. Now Allie, if you don’t stop picking on me, I won’t do my hoodoo and make you all well!

  60. Sorry UW. I thought it was cute? You know, like Fernando Lamas skits that Billy Crystal used to do? I honestly thought you had written it that way on purpose. I will fix next time and let you know beforehand. I promise.

  61. Ya basta Allie! Despues hacemos otra para ti, si? 😀 Y lo hacemos perfecto! Tuvistes una o un maestro muy bueno.

  62. McN. There will be punishments. To be honest, I wrote it late and should have checked. I’ll just send my uncle Louie over to Allie’s place and have her kneecapped.

    SCREEEEEEEEETCH New post up.

  63. I’ll just send my uncle Louie over to Allie’s place and have her kneecapped.

    Okkie dokie then.

  64. hasta la pasta.

  65. You don’t have to kneecap me. My right knee is wrecked anyway – and during my week of hell last week, I sprained it going downstairs. It’s still pretty angry.

    McN: I had pretty good Spanish teachers, yes, but it’s been many years. It took me awhile to get the gist of your prev. post. I still think if I were dumped in Mexico or Spain that much of it would come back and I could be relatively fluent.

  66. Hey Allie, you still have the OTHER knee!

  67. Uppity, this is totally unrelated but I’m not sure where to post this…..have you seen/read about the efforts of the new Republican governor in Wisconsin to roll back public employees unions collective bargaining rights? And it is for the unions of course which did not support him. So the Democratic state senators walked out of the session and left the state so a quorum could not be had, and the bill could not be brought up for business. Check it out please.

  68. sas,

    Rush Limbaugh was having hysterics over it yesterday. Good for those union government workers. If unions do not stand up to the theft of money from the poor to the rich we are all screwed for good.

  69. Sas, yes I have been reading about it and have decided I’m not the best blogger to deal with it. I’ve been on both sides of that coin and it’s my rather jaded opinion that neither side has anyone’s best interest but their own in mind, and however it shakes out, it won’t be good.

  70. SAS I will blog about the union issue today after I get home from the doctor and maybe UW will allow me to post it here or link to my poor neglected blog.

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