Cockroach Alert: Albert Wilding, Mother In Law killer. Pardoned after one year, kills wife, will be free in 2.5 years

How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

This  smiling POS is 81 year-old Alabama Cockroach Albert Leonard Wilding.

He killed his mother-in-law in 1970. He hit her with an unidentified blunt object, choked her and stabbed her numerous times — with an ice pick.

Then he Plea Bargained a 21-year sentence for “Voluntary Manslaughter”. Yes, that’s right. Voluntary Manslaughter. Then, after serving only ONE YEAR,  a fellow Cockroach, Governor LOUIE B. NUNN, pardoned his fellow Cockroach  without explanation. Fortunately for the world, Louie B. Nunn is dead, so he won’t be helping out any more woman killers. If he were alive today, I’m sure he would have “No Comment”.

Dead Cockroach and pardoning Governor

So what else does a Killer Cockroach do when a Sympathetic Cockroach Governor pardons him –but get married?

In 2000, 20 years later, his wife disappeared. Cockroach Albert Leonard Wilding told the police she just left him. He told them she took her license, credit cards and other personal items. Even though they found her license and credit cards in the home during a warrant search, he was not arrested.

The Cockroach and his wife owned a pet store together(God knows what he did to those animals) and the employees said he had a vile temper and was given to “Rages against his wife”. That didn’t move anybody either.

He continued to pay the premiums on his wife’s life  insurance policies until she could be declared dead in 2005–he paid a total of $30k on his ‘disappeared’ wife’s life — and then he collected $815,000 on her insurance policies. These were the type of policies his “disappeared” wife could have cashed in for a settlement herself at any time. I guess, being “disappeared,” she didn’t want the money. This didn’t move anybody either.

The fact that he already killed his mother-in law-years earlier didn’t move anybody either.  They simply didn’t have enough “Evidence”. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Finally in 2008, the case was reopoened at the urging of the deceased Judie Wilding’s family. The physical evidence was scant. Unfortunately for the Killer Cockroach, he was greedy enough to  rent a safety deposit box when he found out they were going to check things out again. He put his dead wife’s wedding and engagement rings in the box. These were the same rings he said she “took” with her when she left hiim.

Wilding’s trial was to occur last week. Instead, his cockroach attorney arranged another cockroach bargain. Wilding would admit to shooting and killing his wife accidentally. No kidding. This POS said that. He shot her when he found her packing a suitcase to get the hell away from him. In fact, he felt so awful about the accident, he dragged her body to the bathtub and then burned it the next day. Then he scattered different parts of her charred body in Lake Martin. The authorities accepted this plea. No kidding. Why? Because they had no body. Think about that for awhile. I’ll wait….

He was sentenced to 20 years, which is ludicrous enough, and who give’s a rat’s ass how old he is. Rotting in prison till his preferably-excrutiating death, when he deserves to be executed, should be considered a gift. But not to Albert. No sir. He couldn’t bear the thought of life in prison without hope of parole. That might kill him!  So this bag of crap whittled down that sentence and has an arrangement to serve five years in prison and five years on probation. Then he was given credit for Time Served since his arrest, and he will be released in 2 1/2 years.  Yes that’s right. Free in 2.5 years.

And you know  he’s just mean enough to live for 2.5 years, get out and kill one more time before he gets sucked down bodily into hell.

Hopefully, the prisoners will take care of the little problem of Albert Leonard Wilding inhaling and exhaling. From my lips to the meanest prison bastard’s ears. And make it really painful, please.

…..And they wonder why gun sales among women are increasing daily.


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  1. What a horrible story. Nice justice system. Yeah, he could easily live past 2 1/2 years. Her poor family. That kind of sentence is a slap in the face. Like OJ getting off was to the Goldmans & Browns.

  2. Should have read this one in the morning. God, I don’t even want to imagine how he killed his wife.

    It makes perfect sense to me how this kind of murderer could luck out with that kind of defense attorney, prosecutor and judge in that town in Alabama, doesn’t it?

    I’m beat. Think I’m going to go to lie awake now.

  3. It’s just a good thing he didn’t kill menz. He only killed a few worthless old wimmens so it is no big deal.

    He should get time off for good behavior if he doesn’t kill anybody in jail and only serve a few months so he’ll be young enough to marry his next victim. He’s got all that life insurance money to buy him some fresh meat.

  4. Up, it is 30 years from 1970 to 2000. He had an extra 10 years without murdering his family members.

  5. Gun sales to women are fine….an increase in common sense to be more picky about choosing a mate would help too.

  6. Yeah. I know. It’s her fault.

  7. Who would marry someone who already killed one woman? That’s just looking for trouble. But, it does happen… Muder and/or manslaughter has always been a dealbreaker for me. I’m only willing to overlook white collar crimes.

  8. LOL on white collar crimes.

    Maybe she didn’t know he killed before. I don’t imagine he broadcasted it. He moved from Kentucy to another state, so he was basically an unknown. Freaks like him know enough to do that. Most people don’t think “Background check”. Twenty years ago, you didn’t get that on the internet for 39.99 either.. You had to hire an expensive investigator to rip you off. That is, if it even crossed your mind.

  9. Speechless. But, then I ave been saying for 30 years that it is legal in America to kill your wife. And of course, that extends to her mother. So he really did nothing wrong, according to other men.

  10. Naw…I’m not blaming her…but stupid can get you killed. I know people that spend more time and effort picking out a pet than they do a spouse.

  11. jay, it’s not a question of stupid getting you killed – it happens all the time. It’s a question of why when any woman gets killed, without any investigation, it’s automatically assumed that she did something wrong. She wasn’t vigilant enough, she didn’t recognize danger, she wore provacative clothing. Having been married to one deadbeat and having not married to another deadbeat, I can attest to being lulled by smooth talking assholes moving in on what they think is an easy target, and history is littered with examples starting well before Ted Bundy. My case, not an easy target, however there are many, many women who do not have the resources I did. It’s not their fault – it’s the fault of the slime that prey on them.

  12. Absolutely, and I’m not assigning blame here. Still…there are a lot of evil people in the world, a lot. Beyond the obvious lesson that there are idiot judges who let killers like this slimeball walk the streets, you should know who you are sharing a life with. Too many people are too damn co-dependent these days. It’s what makes monsters like this thrive.

  13. And they wonder why gun sales among women are increasing daily.
    and louies’ own son Steve.Nunn (republican former Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services for the Commonwealth of Ky!!!!..)..stalked and killed Amanda Ross 29 …SHE FILED PROTECTIVE ORDER AGAINST HIM.BUT, IT DIDN’T HELP HER,,,he vowed to get her and he did…
    pieces of crap everywhere

  14. Yup, cackioo, it doesn’t matter. If someone wants to kill a woman it is not a problem. When they kill a woman, it’s front page sensationalism for a day, then they go back to celebrity nonsense. Every day, every single day, women are murdered, raped, brutalized. Every day we hear about Brangelina and Lindsay Lohan but nothing about the epidemic of femicide. Quite frankly, Brangelina and Lohan and those reality shows are only adding to the problem by diverting publicity to themselves rather than about the problem and that is the responsibility of the corporations who own the media.

  15. 6th century Islamofascist savage to organize a protest at the white house to implement sharia law.

    He’a also inviting two more freaks from the UK and someplace else to “speak”.

  16. I’ve been involved with animals for many years – if an animal attacks a human, it is euthanized – honestly, what is the difference – animals do gather and assess the weakness in their prey, then the leader gives them the signal to let them loose – only difference is the lead animal participates in the attack. In these cases, these guys are too cowardly to put their own lives on the line, they work through followers who are too weak and ignorant to determine how they are being used. I guess I’m just tired of this crap.

  17. Gadfly’s lipsticked virgin body guards

    Jeez, what are they fed?

  18. Jeez, what are they fed?

    Nails and body parts?

  19. Did you see the heels on some of the boots on the ladies? Maybe he likes getting smacked by them in high heels?

  20. I’m feeling like I could out-graphic you on the end I’d have in mind for this slimeball, Uppity.

  21. Oh Texas, I have no doubt you could do him up very well.

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