The apple stays near the tree: Gaddafi/Gadhafi’s son warns of civil war

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 Yeah, where’s your Daddy?. Libyans want to see him. I read on twitter that they burned down the crackpot’s house. 

That was one of the strangest political speeches I think I’ve ever sat through.

He was completely and utterly detached from the reality of what is going on in his country.

To put it bluntly, most Libyans will just treat it as gibberish – it was completely meaningless to them.

The idea that they’re somehow going to sit down and have a national dialogue with a government that’s brought in foreign mercenaries to shoot at them is laughable.

I’ll bet this clown wears his daddy’s carnival clothes in secret. In any event, I do wish people would come together on how to spell this A-Hole’s name.


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  1. I’ll bet this assclown also requires a blonde nurse just like daddy.

  2. John Batchelorsays the assclown will be gone by the end of the week.

    …reports that Libya ambassadors to India and China resigned.
    Confirm the report that Gadaffi communicated to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to prepare an exit.
    Confirm that Gadaffi is surrounded by Zimbabwe mercenary bodyguards.
    The oil fields remain at severe risk. Am told that the old kingship of Al-Sanussi is preparing for swift re-emergence. Live by terror, fail by terror. Game Over Gadaffi.

  3. You know what’s really disgusting and scary? The fact that his psycho old man came here and had a special gathering for girls and young women……..and they showed up in crowd proportions, all dressed up, flashing their asses and spikes for him. THAT is really scary, because it is a total confirmation that our young women truly are nincompoops working on their own demise.

  4. I know UW. I don’t understand it at all. I suppose that the universe is going to have to deliver a huge slap before they wake up.

  5. this clown wears his daddy’s carnival clothes in secret

    He should be forced to spend at least a month living amongst the common people, outside of the lifestyle he is accustomed.

  6. “Charismatic and wildly unpredictable – almost to the point of madness – this is a man who clearly loves the company of beautiful young women (as illustrated by the 40 beauties of the notorious Amazonian Guard who act as his personal bodyguards) and yet leads one of the most conservative Islamic states in the Arab world.

    That contradiction could prove to be a leading cause of his downfall.

    The members of the Amazonian Guard have to be virgins. These brutal beauties are reportedly trained in martial arts and the use of firearms at a special academy, where they are turned into lethal and blindly loyal killers.

    Gaddafi’s conflicting passions for women and for Islam were typified on a state visit to Italy in 2009 when – having hit the headlines by paying 500 of Italy’s most beautiful models to attend a party – he confounded expectations by simply handing each of them a copy of the Koran and a signed copy of his famous Green Book, setting out his political philosophies and beliefs.”

    Read more:


  7. There goes the price of gas. I heard the protestors are at a port where oil is shipped from Lybia. We are going to be so screwed.

  8. FF, he’s no different than the other Islamic despots. Those Saudis love them their wild parties with the booze, the drugs, the girls and the boys. It’s just that way Islam is over there. Hypocritical bullshit. Gives them the freedom of their favorite passtime: killing, raping and torturing women. Remember, these freaks live somewhere between the 6th and 12th centuries.

    As for Gaddafi, he’s had his 72 virgins many times over. And he isn’t “almost” mad. He’s crazier than a rat in a coffee can, just like AhMADdinejad.

  9. Geez, it’s all so depressing. The world is being run by meglomaniacal, narcissistic madmen. Sigh. When will it end?

  10. When will it end?

    After they kill off all the women. Then they will kill off each other.

  11. Hah on the price of oil- we went up 10 cents overnight last week and are at $3.29. Where oh where shall we cut to come up with that extra money? What else shall I unplug? Maybe reduce the car insurance to state minimum and hope we don’t get smashed by an uninsured?
    I KNOW! Lent is coming! I can start early and fast completely an extra day every week and put that money in the gas tank!

    Damn maniacs over there disgust me- as do their “subjects.” As does their religion.
    Something terribly wrong with a “there’s nothing I can do but submit” attitude/religion.
    Libya’s leader- however you spell his name- is a madman and the world has been tolerating this creep for HOW LONG?

    Ok- back to the sofa

  12. Mom, good to see you getting up periodically. Take care of yourself. Our gas prices went up 4cents per litre overnight. We’re at almost $5.00 per U.S. gallon. Mind you, a large percentage of that is tax.

    Uppity, if they wipe out all the women, where will the get reproduction assistance, or did I miss the scientific advances in the stone age cultures that allowed men to mate and reproduce without women? They are the portrait of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Or do they intend to keep breeders in slavery to continue their line – seems to me there was a movie about that, and their women are already in a form of slavery.

  13. Fundamentalist religious “leaders” of all genres manage to get their rocks off while denying everyone else. Ours just cry on TV and beg forgiveness and go on collecting even more money for new and improved indiscretions and so on.

  14. Libya’s government just collapsed. Gaddafi is in Malta? Fill your tanks up asap.

  15. Aw too bad. There were still so many women left for gaddafi to force into sex.

    Buh Bye A Hole. And take your dumbshit son with you. Sorry sonny, you can’t be King.

    Yes, gang. Get thee to the gas station NOW.

  16. NeW POST UP. ht McNorman!

  17. Good riddance to pestilence.

  18. ROFL on that photo.

  19. NEW POST UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Pretty darned funny pic.

  21. If this guy’s smart he’ll put the pistol in his mouth, aim for the roof and pull the trigger Bud Dwyer style. QuadaffiDuck’s son here would be better off blowing his brains out by his own hand before the people do it for him. In any event look for this looser and his dad to be laying dead on a slab photographed for the media just like Saddam and his two sons were in a few days from now. Capeish?

  22. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Get with the program, man! He’ll go into a coma.

  23. If they kill the old man, I wonder who will take his clothes?

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